Best Actress: Natalie Portman was over the top again

The Best Actress Oscar has gone to Natalie Portman for her grueling, rib-breaking role in Black Swan, as was widely predicted. Kaiser and I were hoping that Annette Benning might win in an upset, but Natalie took it as expected after sweeping the awards season. She was a bit too effusive in her Golden Globes speech and got bleeped during her SAG Acceptance speech. She’s practiced and prepared for this moment, but she still got overwhelmed when her moment came and blathered on for a while.

Portman kissed her fiance and let him lead her up the steps. When she got to the microphone, her voice broke and she said “I truly wish that the prize tonight was to get to work with my fellow nominees, I’m so in awe of you.” She said she’s thankful for being able to do her job, and to her parents for “giving me life.” Then she rattled off a list of people she wanted to thank including Darren Aronofsky, calling him a “fearless leader and visionary.” She gave a bunch of names of people who helped her prepare for the role, and then thanked “My beautiful love, Benjamin Millepied, who choreographed the film and has now given me my most important role of my life.” Then she said “there are people on films that no one ever talks about who are your heart and soul every day.” She gave shout outs to her hair, makeup, camera people and more and thanked her friends and family yet again. Oh Natalie, you’re an actress and you had enough practice for this moment. It didn’t have to be another “conceiving the conception,” but it was.


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  1. truthSF says:

    Was I the only one completely bored with her speech?! I wanted her off the stage sooo bad. Her speech lacked any sign of life.

    That said…Congrats on her win.

  2. Oi says:

    I’m admittedly really bitchy and biased when it comes to her so here goes: Maybe she will shut up now. I haven’t heard what she said, but in written form it sounds kind of patronizing, especially when she was expected to win. Maybe she was trying to be gracious to them because she was so favored, but given her past speeches and behavior, it didn’t work that way.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I thought her speech was fine, and no different than many others.
    I don’t think she’s very warm or likable compared to some celebs, but I also think she gets over criticized sometimes.

  4. Dea says:

    Apparently she is not a great speaker, some people are just born with it. And she does not have that. But I will give her thumbs up for her role-playing in the movie. She did a great job and she is pretty so it works well to be a movie star.

  5. Yasmine says:

    Her politics are awful, and clearly her speech-making is too. Now I’m hoping that she’ll get the ‘oscar winner curse’. Poor Sandra Bullock didn’t deserve getting the curse, but Lord knows we need it with this one.

  6. cutelittlehappything says:

    Meh. She’s pregnant and hormonal. And she just won a freakin’ OSCAR! Give the girl a break!

  7. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Yay!!! I am so happy Nat won. Totally deserved. I love Annette Benning but this was just another year that wasn’t hers. Annette’s time is coming and something tells me Annette wants to win when she deserves to and she will.

    Anyway I don’t see this cold young woman everyone else does. I like her and she is fun and is warm to me. I liked her speech. It was so sweet and from the heart. I loved that she acknowledged the other nominees, I used to dream about giving a speech like this and the people I would acknowledge for sure are the nominees. 😛 Nat looked beautiful, Ben is hawt as can be. Amazing night for her.

  8. Carol says:

    My husband finally just muted her and then asked if I was okay with that. I was. She does have a tendency to blather. . .

  9. hellen says:

    I didn’t see the show, but in the photos she looks absolutely gorgeous.

  10. Jessica J. says:

    I’m with cutelittlehappything…let’s cut this girl a break! She seemed genuinely happy and pretty sincere.

  11. Javagirl1 says:

    Awww I thought she did good…
    Love her, but it might be just because I loved Black Swan so much!

  12. StrawberryGirl says:

    When I saw her walking up to stage with her BF, I was like “He is not going up there?!” Thankfully, he was just helping her.
    I thought she would never shut up! I hope it’s a long time before she is nominated again because her acceptance speeches are ridiculous. Not to mention before they announced her as the winner, she had that look like “Bitch, I got this.” It’s a shame she keeps winning because I look forward to her losing face.

  13. SweetReverie says:

    Congrats to Natalie. She looked beautiful minus the nipple tassle earrings. But her speech…it was nice, but it sounded so rehearsed. The words were beautiful, but I didn’t feel it.

  14. Tiffany says:

    Shy my tukus. She just does not have a pleasant demeanor. I really thought that Benning would be the upset. I saw both films and Annette was the better actress in her role. There was one scene towards the end with her on the couch with her kids. Heartbreaking. All Natalie did was dance, be wooden and have a orgasm. This one was a disappointment.

  15. Chris says:

    This makes up for the award she should’ve received for The phantom Menace. 🙂

    But seriously, Melissa Leo set the bar pretty low at the start of the night so everybody else’s speeches seemed relatively good.

  16. Harmony says:

    I’m so glad she won<3

    and hon, she won an Oscar. She’s pregnant. She can be however over the top she wants.

  17. Blank says:

    I knew it was coming, but it still makes me so annoyed. Annette Benning deserved it. But all of the nominees deserved it more than Natalie.

  18. Bobbie says:

    I’m not a fan, but whatever, I do like that she’s excited about her pregnancy. And after all, this confirms what she already knows, that she is way, way better and smarter and more beautiful than anyone else in the world.

  19. macey says:

    I think she’s getting over-rated and over-exposed real quick. Im already sick of her and I really liked black swan but i didn think it was all that great. it’s not like it will be an all-time classic or anything.

    These awards shows get lamer by the year. Its always about who is hot that season. it seems all the awards go to the same ppl at every show all year, same for the music awards. Its a shame for everyone else who is just as, if not more talented than the “it” person for the season.

  20. Venus says:

    Put me down with you and Kaiser as hoping that Annette Benning would win in an upset. Benning is 10x the actress than Portman can ever hope to be, and she was robbed yet again by the young “it girl” of the moment. But maybe, at least, this will finally get Portman to STFU. She’s so pretty until she opens her mouth.

  21. futureperfect says:

    Agreed. Bening was shafted. Again. Portman has a coldness about her that permeates every role she does… it foreshortens her range.

  22. lacy says:

    Natalie’s been in the biz for a long time. She’s been sheltered and catered to on a grand scale since she was a child and will continue to be because she is talented and worth her weight in gold to her profession. Good luck to her and her beau in their lives and with their family. She’s worked hard for whatever comes her way.

  23. Vera says:

    I liked it – it was a bit lengthy and over the top as far as thanking so many and looking near tears (did she cry? I don’t recall), but I’ll let it slide as she is likely quite hormonal. The dress was nice, not amazing, but the colour is good on her. But, even if she hadn’t been expected to win and someone else was to be expected, you’d think there’d be a better dress when you’re up for best actress?

  24. TeeTee says:

    I love her and have followed her career for yrs.

    Leave her alone, she’s pregnant!! this is a grand time in her life, Oscar, becoming a mommy and hopefully a wife soon.


  25. Andie says:

    I’m not a fan of hers, and I didn’t hear her acceptance speech, but I must say I really love the colour of that dress…it’s stunning.

  26. alex says:

    I really like her and think she deserved all the awards she have gotten but I am ready for her to go away now and have her baby. I am so happy to see how excite she is about her unborn child I was the same about my baby and she is 5 months now. Babies bring such joy and happiness to one’s life

  27. Cheyenne says:

    Bobbie: this confirms what she already knows, that she is way, way better and smarter and more beautiful than anyone else in the world.

    Maybe in her own mind, but I can’t think offhand of anyone else who would say the same. There are many women who are way, way better and smarter and more beautiful than she is.

  28. Flan says:

    Why can people only enthusiastic about actresses winning if they are either above 50 or are kids?

    This was well deserved.

  29. Angel says:

    Natalie deserved that Oscar 😀 She looked amazing, beautiful dress. Love her 😀

  30. Newbie says:

    She looks so gorgeous! I didn’t watch the show for the first time in years, simply because this year, the noms were pretty much ridiculous in some areas. The wool has been pulled off my eyes and I know realize that most of the noms are in hopes to bring tabloid sensations to the oscars, rather than for real talent (obviously, only in a few cases). But these pictures look beautiful. That color is great on her and I love that she actually looks pregnant. So many stars don’t look pregnant when they claim to be. They don’t gain any weight at all and they carry in a weird way, obviously leading lots of people to question whether they were ever pregnant at all…

  31. tracking says:

    I guess I can see how Portman rubs some people the wrong way, but to me she seems a little self-conscious and shy. As for the speech–boring yes. But I commend what seemed a very sincere effort to thank everyone who helped her get this. I didn’t get a whiff of diva there. It’s her golden year in every sense. She deserves it, and I hope she enjoys.

  32. Dani says:

    This bitch has so many offensive comments in her past and that arrogant attitude even though she is the cliche.

  33. kazoo says:

    i was really impressed by how many people she was able to thank, and also that she did thank the crew from black swan. that was really cool and not something that most actors do.

  34. serena says:

    The dress is beautiful.

  35. coexxi says:

    Even so I’m not NPortmans biggest fan I think she is a good actress. And some people who are “wishing she gets the oscar curse” are obviously in bad place in their own life otherwise I can’t imagine why would anyone wish a pregnant woman to get left in this stage of her life (even if he may be a douche).

  36. lisa says:

    The best thing about the Oscars is that for the most part we will never have to hear from a lot of these people again.

    So glad the Award Season is done..


  37. Ilovemee says:

    She really is a great actress and deserved this award. Black Swan was my favorite this year!

  38. Ruby Red Lips says:

    @ Cutelittlehappything – yes! Totally agree…give the girl a break!

    She’s fab – she’s talented, beautiful, intelligent and about to become a mum for the first time & now an oscar win, so of course she’s happy with her life – to all the ‘non NP fans’ (I’ll get in trouble if I use the word ‘haters’) – god jealous much??!!

  39. Quest says:

    Congrats Natalie, she looked good, but she bored me on the Red Carpet interviews and her acceptance speech. She seemed somewhat distracted or out of it.

  40. Eve says:

    Recently I saw a video on Utube showing a compilation of her (many) crying unstoppably moments in movies. That pretty much sumarizes what I think about her acting ability. She cries a lot, and that’s about it.

    And Black Swan surprised me…because that was the first time I didn’t love an Aronofsky film. Also the very first time I saw so many clichés in a film directed by him.

    The video:

  41. Maritza says:

    She deserved to win, her speech was fine because she mentioned even the hairdressers and the makeup artist. She looked gorgeous too.

  42. VV says:

    Those aren’t earrings. When did tassels become okay to wear on our ears?

    I went to bed before her win was announced, that show was just too painful to sit through. I really feel for those people trapped there in the theater last night!

  43. Jackson says:

    I thought she looked great, minus those earrings, and her speech was pretty standard fare. It didn’t bother me at all.

  44. emine says:

    when i look at Natalie i see a good role model for young girls , i dont know why you say she is full of herself , i must have missed something she did or said , i think she deserved winning the Oscar and i am happy for her and i also think the celebrity world needs more Natalies than KK’s or Hiltons , as for the person who wished for her the oscar curse all i have to say is you are a miserable person , no doubt .

  45. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    I think it was well deserved and she looked fabulous..

  46. Mandy says:

    This site has truly become bitchy. Girl did a great job and is pregnant! As if any of you would do a better job playing a ballerina or giving a speech in such a state of hormones. Spiteful and hateful ladies. Get a grip.

  47. stepmama says:

    I noticed that she did not thank her cast mates-not that this post is about Colin Firth but that is another reason why I love him-he thanked the other actors!

  48. Riley says:

    She was a total bitch the whole night. It was delicious.

  49. Eve says:

    As if any of you would do a better job playing a ballerina or giving a speech in such a state of hormones.

    @ Mandy:

    Not sure if you’re talking about Kaiser and Celebitchy or everyone who doesn’t like Portman’s acting and speeches. In any case, there’s no need to attack anyone just because they have a different opinion than yours. Oh, and we’re not (very well) paid actresses with a long career, so your argument (that any of us wouldn’t do a better job if given the chance) is one-sided and definitely not fair. We don’t have to be accomplished actresses to notice that someone else’s acting is “wooden” or limited.

  50. Mimi says:

    I was really hoping that Michelle Williams would be the upset win. She deserved it more than Natalie. Blue Valentine was a better movie and MW is simply a better actress.

  51. Isabel says:

    Yikes, that’s a little much. She looked beautiful and was truly honored to win the industry’s top award.

    I get the impression that there is nothing she could have done to be “right”?

    She gave recognition to the people who don’t often get recognition. I thought that was sweet. She’s also excited about being a Mommy. Good for her.

  52. Victoria says:

    Can’t he just abandon her at Wal-Mart already? These two are gross, and her typical “Oh gosh, golly, gee!” speeches are pitiful.

  53. Yael says:

    Hideous earrings, my living room drapery has some of those on it, i’d swear she stole two of those dangling thingies off! LOL…good for her and her bad speech, goes to shows you that just about anyone can get a friggin oscar, them actors have to toot their own horn…ok, portman won an oscar, NEXT…

  54. Abby says:

    I thought she did fine. I was waiting for another hee-haw laugh and I was disappointed. I’m sure she is delighted to go sit on her couch and put her feet up. 🙂

  55. Schnauzers!!!! says:

    Well unfortunately I didn’t watch it, but I pretty much knew that no matter what she did or said, nobody would be happy with her and if she didn’t win people would have been ecstatic.
    That’s just sad to me.

    I have said it before, I really don’t get the hate people have for this girl. Geez.

  56. DGO says:

    Can we just talk about the dress for a minute? Horrible colour on her, great cut. And the earrings were just horrendous.

  57. Jules says:

    I just hated her orangey lipstick with that purpley red dress. You just don’t do that. It’s all I could pay attention to during her speech. And very bad hair that had no style at all. She is gorgeous and can do much better.

  58. Aqua says:

    She looked lovely last night minus the earing though.I do hate it when stars thank their make up artist,lawyer,hair stylist I just walk out of the room.

  59. Solveig says:

    I think her speech was perfect and genuine, the award she received is well deserved, the dress was lovely, she was cute.
    Everything’s fine.

  60. Faye says:

    Agree with cute happy little thing: she’s super preggers and won an Oscar. Lord knows what would come pouring out of my mouth.

  61. Anon73 says:

    @ Venus — my thoughts exactly !!

  62. jayem says:

    I think she just comes off as really pretentious. Like referring to your significant other as “my love”. Twice. And she didn’t thank the other actors, of whom were Barbara Hershey and Vincent Gallo, who are both pretty legendary. I did like that she thanked the “little people”, but again, she made it sound haughty, with a I’m-gonna-do-this-cause-no-one-else-ever-does-the-right-thing kinda vibe. She just doesn’t have the charisma of Colin Firth or Sandra Bullock.

  63. T. Redd says:

    Same old chit. These first time princess mommies, high on hormones and Oscar wins, taking themselves too seriously. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  64. brenda says:

    I used to like her. Now I think she’s insufferable. When she thanked her parents “for life” my husband and I just looked at each other like we were about to puke. Maybe she’ll go away now.

  65. original kate says:

    i didn’t watch the show so i missed her speech but she looks gorgeous.

  66. Emily says:

    I’m surprised she didn’t research her family tree so that she could thank her great great great great great great grandmother for giving birth to her great great great great great grandmother, who she’d also like to thank for giving birth…

  67. Majosha says:

    I didn’t think her speech was that bad. She rambled a bit, but she seemed genuinely honored and was very kind about acknowledging her fellow nominees, etc.

    That said, I still think Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in Winter’s Bone was far superior to Natalie’s in BS.

  68. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    The movie was okay, she way okay in it.

    No, what? She’s up the spout? That changes everything, and her unborn baby is writing an updated forward for the next edition of Finnegan’s Wake? Wow, yes, it does make sense. Her being pregnant now makes her best actress in history effective immediately. What the hell does that have to with anything? Are we going to hop into the WABAC and make her retroactively pregnant at the exact moment when this maternal salivating over would have germane to the situation?

    Cassel, Hershey, Ryder, Kunis…I remember. If we’re consigned to her eternal servitude, I need less twitching and more ‘oh, pregancy minutes don’t exist, too? Isn’t it creative that we got Wiarton Willie–Godard here, to create with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?’

    That’s enough, jowls.

  69. bappi says:

    oh for god´s sake, let the woman be herself. she is an actress but she is also a person, and she was winning the biggest award her profession can give her… let her be excited and happy all she wants, people.

  70. LadyBert62 says:

    I cant decide about the dress – NP is one of those who sometimes I think is pretty and sometimes I think is not! I like the dress but perhaps because she is pregnant it doesnt look good. But then I have not seen her in anything that I have liked since she started showing the pregnancy!