Natalie Portman’s Globes acceptance speech: over the top or sweet?

Natalie Portman won best actress at the Golden Globes last night for her role as a damaged ballerina in Black Swan. She was wearing a pink satin Viktor & Rolf dress emblazoned with a giant red fabric rose at the bustline. The dress was prettier on camera, but it was a bizarre choice and didn’t particularly flatter her. It wasn’t awful I guess.

There’s some talk about Natalie’s acceptance speech, during which she went on about her co-star and now fiance, Benjamin Millepied, the “the ballet K-Fed.” Ben had a live-in girlfriend with a baby at home when he met Nataile on the Black Swan set, so it might not have been the best idea to make a reference to the way they fell in love, but Natalie did it anyway. (Update: The guy didn’t have a baby at home. My bad!)

At first Natalie gave a shout out to her grandma Bernice in Cincinnati and mentioned that her mom and dad were there at the Globes. She thanked them “for bringing me into this world and giving me such a wonderful life.”

Then she started talking about Benjamin, as she’s been known to do throughout this press tour. “Thank you to Benjaim who is helping me continue this creation of creating more life. Benjamin choreographed the film and also you might remember him in the movie as the guy when they ask ‘would you sleep with that girl?’ he’s like ‘no.’ He’s the best actor, it’s not true, he totally wants to sleep with me.” [guffaws]


Natalie thanked her manager and her fellow actors including “Mila ‘Sweet Lips’ Kunis,” which was cute. She then gushed over the film’s director, Darren Aronofsky, and that’s when she started to bug me.


Darren I met you ten years ago when we talked about this for the first time. Thank you for continuing to work on this movie and then to give me such a beautiful, beautiful gift with this role. Every time we finished our takes you would say ‘now do this one for yourself.’ And that gave me such beautiful inspiration as an actor to not just be a muse – that I could create on my own as well. I love you so much and you’re the most wonderful and I’m so grateful to you.

It’s pretty typical as far as speeches go, but it could do with some toning down. I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t win the Oscar, although it’s likely that she will.

Also, doesn’t Darren Aronofsky look like the creepiest guy at the porn convention?



Angelina’s poker face fail:

Here’s Natalie’s acceptance speech, which is from Hulu so it only plays for US visitors. Sorry about that!

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  1. Pearl says:

    Yes…Darren is totally creepy. Ewwwe to that stache. As for her speech, I thought it was ‘cringe-worthy’ rather than sweet.

  2. Tigger says:

    Ugh! I can’t stand her. She seems so full of herself. That speech was vomit worthy.

  3. brin says:

    It was too gushy and if she does win the Oscar, I hope she tones down the speech.
    Didn’t care for the dress, looked like she wrapped herself in a shower curtain.

  4. malachais says:

    Lol Ange and Brad are trying to look interested, they look more tipsy than anything else. I have yet to see BS so I will reserve judgement.

  5. saintdevil says:

    That speech will haunt her soon enough when Millepied pulls a Jesse James.

  6. Kaboom says:

    Darren seems to try to emulate Kevin Kline in A Fish called Wanda with that look.

  7. gaugustaus says:

    It was an odd speech. What she said about Benjamin was weird.

    I did enjoy when she was talking about her Grandma having a drink they cut to her Mom & we saw her shake her head and say no she won’t.

    Natalie was trying to hard. Blame it on pregnancy hormones, hopefully.

  8. Isabel says:


    Natalie, awww. I thought it was cute, you haters.

    She’s dope!

    Dress was gross though.

  9. renee says:

    I laughed out loud at your Aronofsky comment – too spot on. But then I felt guilty because I thought he is probably on anti-depressants or something and that could be contributing to the creepiness, non?

  10. Kiki says:

    I used to think this girl was incredibly articulate and bright. I watched this show last night and I felt sorry for her parents… Too much info.

  11. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    It doesn’t sound as bad as people make it out to be. I don’t know why people don’t like her but whatever. Nat seems sweet and I wonder since when is performing your ass off and being recognized for your work in a film a press tour? *shrugs* I just wanna lay down the facts. Nat is the spotlight because she gave an amazing performance, she is in and love and very pregnant she can talk about the man she loves all she wants. Winning the Best Actress Oscar is the hugest thing that happens to an actress and Nat is the front runner…she is gonna get a lot of attention.

    I don’t know where people are getting their info on Ben but again haven’t seen any really concrete proof of anything and comparing him to Kevin Federline is low. I mean low. It makes my stomach hurt…poor guy.

  12. albeli says:

    I still can’t get over the rose on her dress–especially the stem/leaf part. Tacky and cheap.

    Her speech did start to grate on me after a while, but so did Christian Bale’s.

  13. DD says:

    I thought she looked gorgeous, and her speech was cute.

  14. Aria says:

    OMG! Brad & Angie’s faces during the speech are priceless! Anyway, I really hate NP dress. I know it’s hard to be pregnant and look good at the same time but Angelina dressed ten times better when she was pregnant and she has no sense of style at all. I kind of like the speech…maybe a little annoying

  15. Kate says:

    I found myself questioning whether she really went to Harvard. Surprisingly rambling and inarticulate. Not well done. And I couldn’t get past the third boob dress.

  16. sisi says:

    She used to be one of my favorite Hollywood people, but this entire award tour she strikes me as so corny.

  17. kiko says:
    here is the link for everyone else ;)
    not a bad acceptance speech..but not the best..

  18. SN says:

    So embarrassing. Each time she opens her mouth.
    Soon she’ll give details about her sex life.

  19. louise says:

    I liked Natalie’s dress but the huge flower ruined it. Her boyfriend looks weird. He looks much better with a beard. It funny how pregnancy works. A week ago Natalie was barely showing now it looks like she’s about to give birth.

    Maybe it’s different on video but I don’t know why Brad and Angelina is being attacked. They are just sitting there looking. This is how most people looked when listening to peoples’ speeches.

  20. mln76 says:

    Surprise, surprise she’s a narcistic actress. Who thinks the whole world should stop because she found K-Fed deux. I have heard real life stories about her and yeah I think she knows how great she is which is what the speech reflects. I also think she is really talented so it’s hard to hate her. I hope Annette Benning wins though, now she is a Class Act.

  21. normades says:

    Team Bening!

    Angelina gives the best award show bitch face. Like when Anne Hathaway gave that awful speech at the Critics Choice Awards. Classic!!!

    “I wish I could bottle her smugness and spray it on my face whenever I am not amused.”

  22. KJ says:

    Eh, I think the speech only irritated people who already had a bad opinion of Natalie to begin with. She rubs people the wrong way because she can seem slightly condescending (same with James Franco, but sometimes I think that has more to do with people’s own personal insecurities, they think actors who pursue higher education always look down on everyone else, and while that may be true in some cases, I don’t think it should be applied across the board. I would hate to think what people would think of me as an actress because I would say I’m a lot more educated than most of Hollywood, many of whom dropped out of highschool to pursue their dream and craft). Also, there is a difference between being educated and being intelligent. I’m educated, and I hope I’m intelligent, but the two don’t always go hand in hand. I know a ton of dumb educated people. George Bush went to Yale, remember?

    I think people like Nat and James Franco can never win with some critics. They’ve already decided that they’re condescending and irritating, and whatever the actors do will only somehow serve to reinforce that opinion. It’s called confirmation bias. You only pay attention to the things that confirm your negative opinion, and ignore the ones that disprove it. I don’t know the girl personally, but she’s obviously talented and about to make a big transition in her life. It’s her first big award of the season and she’s earned the right to gush.

    I want to burn that stupid red bow though. The gown would have been beautiful without it. Now it just looks stupid.

  23. Amy says:

    Well said KJ. Natalie could save someone from a house fire and people would say she started it to make herself look good at this point.

  24. Juu says:

    She’s pregnant, she’s in love, she’s about to win an oscar… I think she’s just very happy.

  25. Sarcasm says:

    Oh yes, we poor stupid uneducated people hate the overprivileged Natalie Portman because we’ll never compete with her smart brain eloquent speaches and wealth.

  26. Trace says:

    I didn’t know Ballet K-Fed had a baby at home with his then girlfriend when Natalie came in the picture. Seriously, where are all the calls on her being a homewrecker?! I was rather indifferent to her before, but now she is plain annoying.

  27. bros says:

    is the baby at home with his ex girlfriend his baby?

    also, her dress was craptastic. I hated it and it looked like Barbie’s bath time. her speech was also a little TMI. we dont need to know how you got knocked up.

  28. SallyJay says:

    @KJ – WORD.

    I think Natalie is stunning. She’s also a gifted actress who happens to be intelligent and she makes no apologies for it. Why should she?

    Kaiser I adore your writing and I love this site but it bugs me that Benjamin Millepied is being referred to as “the ballet KFed”. I am a total balletomane so I know what I’m talking about here – he’s an incredibly gifted dancer, one at the peak of his craft. He dances for one of the most well-renowned and respected companies in the world. It’s also one of the most demanding and competitive. On top of which, he is a gifted choreographer. Give him some credit for that at least!

    As for what happened with his previous relationship – yes he had a live-in, fellow dancer girlfriend. Yes, the timing appears a bit iffy. But we don’t know the ins and outs of it! it’s all speculation and heresay. And truly, I think that the dancer in question must be appalled by the coverage of a very private matter. Which is why I’m not mentioning her by name! Shouldn’t we just let it lie?

    In any case, I truly wish everyone involved all the very best.

    And apologies if I’ve offended anyone!

  29. Vanessa says:

    It was ok. I do think it was a tacky comment about Benjamin in light of the way they met/fell in love. She should know better and i would have hoped she had more class than that.

  30. Chicoulina says:

    I hate the dress!!!It’s one of the ugliest dresses I’ve ever seen and I imagine it costs hundreds of dollars???
    She would of looked better wearing a sack.That fake rose is awful.I can’t beleive she wore that!

  31. garvels says:

    Kate-I agree but I do know several rich dumb people who go to Harvard to major in theater and art history.

  32. Anon says:

    I liked her dress, although the flower at the front was a little obnoxious with the glitter. But I thought it was appropriate for her body and the event.

    I tuned out of the speech by the end though. Mostly because of the way she addressed Benjamin.

  33. Liana says:

    As far as I know, Isabella Boylston (Benjamin’s ex) did not have a baby with him, but they were living together. And again, as one who knows Natalie, she does not like being called “Nat”.

  34. lady of the lake says:

    Just a little TMI by Natalie re Benjamin already. She always seemed so reserved, before. So – agree with whoever said – it’s just a bit of the pregnancy hormonals acting up. Think about it – probably the most exciting time of your life on two fronts – winning all these awards, and your body completely changing as you’re about to give birth! Double whammy! So – in that sense, she’s entitled – but yeah, probably time to cool it a bit on the gushing!

  35. anti says:

    i wish her the best but:

    1) that fella has crazy eyes and
    2) i did not realize that he was with a live-in girlfriend “with a baby at home”… yikes! i didn’t know about the baby. that’s really unfortunate because that would suggest a pattern with him.

    the springboard boyfriend

  36. Kelbear says:

    I liked what Natalie wore to the after party.

  37. justathought says:

    I liked NP’s spontaneous speech…the hello to her drinking Grandma was great! She was excited and happy…and frankly a breath of fresh air on a show that was darn boring.

  38. Kj says:

    @sarcasm – pretty much. I’m quick to defend Natalie when it comes to her supposed condescension because it’s something I’ve experienced before. “oh you think youre better that me because you went to university x.” Just as much as some educated folks can be condescending, pretensious assholes it’s equally likely that *some* educated people are labeled as such without being given a REAL chance to prove that wrong. There’s prejudice on both sides, and neither is justified,

  39. Courtney says:

    Um award show acceptance speaches are supposed to be either guhsy or waterworks so Nat’s wasn’t over the top at all. for the dress she could’ve done better but she’s still only 3 to 4 months along so there isn’t much to show because even though she’s short she’s muscular which means she distributes her pregnancy weight differently than somebody like Nicole Richie who’s short and thin or somebody like Natasha Richardson who was 5’9″ and Slender which is a trait she inheritted from her mother Vanessa Redgrave who was 5’10″ and 140lbs when not pregnant or in a film where she had to be thin

  40. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    I wouldn’t actually call Natalie, Nat to her face if I “knew” her like you “know” her but I am lazy, if I can avoid typing someone’s full name I do.

  41. Ann says:

    Team Bening!

    Portman was embarrassing!

  42. DGO says:

    Can we blame it on pregnancy hormones? How else to explain that speech and that dress?

  43. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Melissa Leo’s speech was pretty over-the-top gushy and noone’s bashing her for it. Why the double standard? Oh yeah, cuz Natalie Portman’s a ‘snob.’ I forgot… *eyeroll*

    And when did this magical baby with his ex show up?? This is seriously the first time I’ve heard that, and I totally call bullsh*t one that one. But, it’s damn funny how somebody pulls some crap outta their ass and suddenly people just start eating it up like fact. How about if you find out before just taking some random person’s word for it and start castrating the guy?

  44. k says:

    My guess is the relationship is not as solid as she would like it to be. Shotgun wedding + hormones + history of short-term relationships strung together + current relationship product of semi-homewrecking = disaster speech and dress.

  45. Beau says:

    I believe it was just excitement. She seems to be the happiest she’s ever been. Everything is going her way, and it can tend to make a person over-zealous in regards to their feelings. People, she’s on cloud nine, and she should be allowed to express herself as she sees fit. In another setting, she would be totally restrained, which is her true nature.
    One of the things I’ve always admired about her is her UN pretentiousness. To call her otherwise is just a jealous ploy, made by people who know nothing about her and are probably the pretentious types themselves.
    She’s a doll, and I’m enormously happy for her.
    The dress was magnificent!

  46. Mika says:

    I used to like Portman… I made fun of her for those Star Wars fanfic films, but I still liked her.

    Oh my god though, that speech was MORTIFYING. That was the most sickening mommy sap I’ve ever heard and I work at a PARENTING magazine. Uggghh Team Benning.

  47. willynilly says:

    “Surprise, surprise she’s a narcistic actress.”

    How did you get that from her speech? She’s accepting an award about HER work, she’s not allowed to reference the people in her life that supported her during its creation?

  48. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    It wasnt so bad.. I’ve heard worse.

  49. Celebitchy says:

    I’m so sorry I included the incorrect detail about this guy having a baby with his girlfriend. I should have looked that up to confirm, but I swear I read that and I was certain about it. Next time I’ll look it up!

    -edit- I know why I incorrectly thought he had a baby – Natalie had the “homewrecker” tag attached to her early on in this relationship, so I added that detail in my mind.

  50. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I didn’t think she gushed to much … it seemed a bit awkward but it could be pregnancy hormones. It sort of looked like she was trying not to cry and be composed as she normally is but the preg hormones were throwing her for a loop. Speach was a bit long but I thought it was sweet and I’m not even a fan of hers …

  51. TotallyDo says:

    So did anyone else feel personally awkward because of that awful speech Natalie gave. The only thing I could think after that speech was that Annette may really have a chance at that Oscar now because who really wants to hear Natalie talk about how some guy slept with her. Even she knew what she said was awkward when she started to laugh hysterically on stage. She was trying to be sweet and funny and likable, but rather missed the mark. Natalie you are not a comedian.

  52. Twez says:

    Darren Aronofsky is wearing my dad’s moustache from the 70s.

    Natalie’s speechifying was okay for me. The dress would have been a thousand times better without that bedazzled rose on the front.

  53. observer says:

    It struck me as over the top, but she has those pregnancy hormones raging, so she gets a pass.

  54. Mia Girl says:

    @SallyJay I’m glad you brought up that this Millepied guy is actually amazingly successful in his field.
    @celebitchy as much as I love ya, I think the whole “Ballet kfed” thing is a little strained and in the end stupid. Call him a douche, an a**hole, maybe even a climber but it’s not like he was lounging in a talentless existence and grabbed on to Portman. That Kfed dude was a backup dancer for goodness sake. It’s an important distinction.

  55. lmp says:

    she was probably really nervous and didnt have a speech prepared – who would get an acceptance speech perfect in those conditions.

  56. Liana says:

    I disliked Melissa Leo’s speech far more than I disliked Natalie’s. I haven’t liked Natalie since she was a complete bitch whilst living near me but my dad said that he ran into her right after the awards while waiting for limos and said she was really sweet and asked if I was still living in Sea Cliff. So, she gets a pass from me now, because she was nice to my dad and because it seems like pregnancy is softening her. Plus, I though she seemed like a hoot in the “No Strings” trailers.

  57. huh says:

    “just wanna lay down the facts.”

    yes. of course you do, LA…b/c you ALWAYS have the facts. B/c you just KNOW what is going on w/ all these people. You should really get your own blog to clear up all these misconceptions and give everyone THE FACTS!!!

  58. JenJen says:

    It’s Narcissitic, and I personally do not believe she was. Somehow this has become about Angie(of course). I don’t hate the girl,I used to like her. But I actually said out loud to my husband,”Why is she leaning on Brad? We get it, you have a man,or is she that tired or bored, who does that”? Then I saw later Kyra Sedgewick doing the same thing. Oh, I get it, it’s an insecure man thing. And the staring at at Brad for so long gave me the creeps. Maybe he loves the attention, I think they are both weird. No I am not a Jen-loon.

  59. Frankly says:

    Skip the K – We could just call him Ballet-Fed. Or Plie-Fed.

  60. lucy2 says:

    Aw, I thought Kyra and Kevin were cute together doing that, but I also have the general opinion that they’re one of the best, most real couples in Hollywood (please don’t ever prove me wrong, K&K!)
    Natalie’s speech wasn’t THAT bad – it was a little gushy and veered into some TMI stuff. But given excitement plus pregnancy, and not having a speech prepared, it could have been a lot worse!

  61. Michael S. says:

    The director is creepy looking; agreed! Nat is just weird and the speech was trashy. She thanks her parents for raising her and then makes the “totally wants to sleep with me” comment? Her fiancee looked “totally” embarrassed. He is probably a social climber. The baby will have a nice life though; she’s rich and can take care of it. But she probably won’t be with this ballet guy for long; he will move on after he’s used her up. And what about her crazy laugh??? sheeesh.

  62. No Really says:

    I guess non-fans are gonna hate anything she does. I didn’t know she even had a haters club. Anywyays…she did fine. Her speech was freshining. It was cool seeing her laugh about her man wanting to have sex with her. It looked genuine to me.

  63. Pwal says:

    Nat’s marriage to Benjamin ,,, i give it a year.

    Ballet dancers, especially if the are principle dancers in a company like the NYCB, are very high strung, and live to rehearse and perform.

    It will be difficult for the marriage to survive two narcissistic personas.

    Nat’s acceptance speech was awful and awkward and evidently embarrassing for her Mom ( who looks allot like Laura Linney) and for Benjamin.

    Nat’s comment about Benjamin’s acting skills in reference to his being able to nod his head “no”
    in response to Vincent Cassel’s character question
    “would you want to sleep with her?” was stupid and saturated BY her fragile adolescent -like ego.

    I mean we all can see that he slept with you you stupid cow!

    I see single Mom on the horizon for Nat.

    Spot on comment, K:
    “Shotgun wedding + hormones + history of short-term relationships strung together + current relationship product of semi-homewrecking = disaster speech and dress.”
    = an impending divorce, single Mom and a future of mediocre roles.
    I mean where can Nat’s career go from here?
    A string of meaningless adolescent comedies and
    B movie horror films.

    Darren Aronofsky was a good filmmaker.
    Now he has become a sadistic control freak.
    The cinematography in Black Swan was awful, boring, and showed the heavy controlling hand of the director.

    I hope that Portman does not get the Oscar for her role in Black Swan. And by the way, Nat gave barely a nod to Barbara Hershey in her brilliant depiction as the mother.
    Without Hershey there would have been no Portman.

  64. Delta Juliet says:

    I don’t fell strongly about her one way or another, but that speech was TOTALLY cringeworthy. I was embarassed for her when I was watching it. So was my husband and he doesn’t even follow celebrity gossip so it’s not like he cares either.

  65. Rosanna says:

    I usually can’t stand her… but this speech was SO sweet!!!

  66. JenJen says:

    Why all the hate? She is just a kid that loves to act and is marrying a gay guy. Give the girl a break.

  67. Solveig says:

    I think she sounds ok, not too cold, not too excited, perfectly balanced. I really appreciate the fact that she’s not gushing at all.
    The gown was distracting, tho.

  68. Camille says:

    I found her speech embarrassing to watch, she made an ass of herself.

    And I HATED her dress. Jane K from 30 Rock had a far more flattering maternity dress on. Natalie’s dress looked like a pink shiny towel that she wrapped around herself and then stuck a hideous red rose on it to stop it flying open.

    She had better work on a better speech for the Oscars or she may regret what she says in the years to come (should she win).

  69. ezra says:

    Natalie is normally stunning, however that dress, the speech and the laugh-she looked and sounded like a braying donkey. I too don’t have a good feeling about her new bf and baby’s father.

  70. MJ says:

    Ummm…nobody’s talking about Melissa Leo’s “over the top” speech because it was filled with joy and gratitude. Not cattiness at someone else’s expense. It was tactless and cheap. I don’t “hate” her because she is educated. I dislike her because she’s catty and insensitive. It’s one thing to talk about your man wanting to sleep with you; it’s another to talk about your man wanting to sleep with you while he’s with someone else. Even that insipid Angelina wouldn’t do that.

  71. Katie says:

    Her boyfriend is a small man and while I have seen magazine shoot pics of him where he looked attractive, I found him really unattractive last night. I thought she rambled (creation of creating) but I also feel like it would be easy to ramble up there. Personally I just don’t think Black Swan is all that. She was good in it but if the performance didn’t require so much from her physically, no one would be noticing it. I don’t think she deserves the Oscar but I think she’ll get it.

  72. REALIST says:

    I’m with Juu-she’s in love, she’s pregnant, and she’s about to win the Oscar. Happiness! Also, she’s probably the only person who went to the Globes who isn’t recovering from a wicked hangover this morning.
    No worries, she’ll practice her more formal speech for the big night..
    As for her much criticized maternity attire, she could walk around in a trash bag and look wondrous because she is positively glowing with joy.
    (Btw, the petal pink of the dress was lovely, not so sure about the rose; Natalie’s workin’ on it.)
    I’m really happy for her. To all you snarks and spoilers of joy,I hope you are wrong, wrong, wrong!

  73. moopsie says:

    angelina looks a little jealous, she could’ve force a little smile so it wouldn’t be so obvious

  74. Scarlet Vixen says:

    @CB: I just re-read my post and realized how bitchy it sounded. Sorry! I just sped-read your article and for some reason thought it was another poster who started the “Benjamin has a lovechild” rumor. Sorry for calling you ‘some random person’!

  75. Solveig says:

    I saw both Black Swan and Rabbit Hole recently, although Natalie’s performance is outstandig, IMO Nicole’s is far more moving. Rabbit hole is a low budget movie that maybe cannot compete against the overhyped movie that Black Swan is, but if I were Natalie (or the ones who think she has her hands on the oscar) I wouldn’t crow over her victory.

  76. Emily says:

    I liked when she talked about Mila (mmm, sweet lips), but the whole thing where she thanked her grandmother and parents for bringing her into this world? Overkill. Wanky, wanky overkill.

  77. vic says:

    Love her. She’s gushing,she’s happy. Seemed a little goofy but i think she was being sincere.

  78. Mouse says:

    In Natalie’s defense, I don’t know what kind of state I’d be in if I was in her situation. I think it’s obvious these two are trying to make it work because she’s knocked up. Nice try, but you can’t force it just because there’s a baby.

    That being said, she still sounds pretentious, smug, and utterly boring in this speech. “Creation of creating?” Natalie, you’re pregnancy is really bringing out your inner narcissist. Keep it up!

    The dress is hideous but I like the colors.

  79. MrsOdie2 says:

    Ballet K-Fed’s wig is SO bad! That’s a Travolta, right there. Unless he just happened to have a cat napping on his head.

    And why do we have to get a picture of Brangelina in this story? What on earth do they have to do with it?

  80. Dana M says:

    Not a very impressive speech for an ivy league graduate IMO . Especially the “sleeping with me” part…pretty tacky considering the speculation that they were having an affair while he had a live in girlfriend. And in some states, if a couple has lived together for more that six months, thats considered “common law marriage”. In hindsight, her pregnancy hormones may be raging. I know I said and did some really stupid things during my pregnancies. Nonetheless, she did look radiant and happy. I hope she has a nice birth and a healthy baby. And for the baby’s sake, let’s hope Ben M is not a goldigger super rat.

  81. SallyJay says:

    @CB – re my earlier comment, I LOVE YOUR WRITING! sorry, I had thought Kaiser wrote this article (I sped-read too).

    The “he totally wants to sleep with me” is a direct response to the line in the movie, “would you want to sleep with that girl” hence the use of that particular phrase.

    Anyway, whatever, she just polarizes opinion I guess.

  82. gabs says:

    Honestly it sounded like a ditzy speech and we expect more from her at this point because shes always throwing harvard in our faces.

    I feel bad that she mentioned the bf to endear herself to regular people like us and it backfired.

    Annettes speech was SO classy and old hollywood while natalie was taylor swift on crack. I usually like her but I was cringing.

    Team Annettte!

  83. skibunny says:

    Is Brad wearing eye make-up? Mila Kunis is stunning.

  84. big feet bunny says:

    is it really necessary to trash her speech? she stole another woman’s man and got knocked up with an unplanned baby who will suck the life out of her. that should be punishment enough. btw i am not buying them being oh so in love. puh lease. she got knocked up.

  85. The_Porscha says:

    I’ma be honest: I can’t stand this woman. I liked Black Swan, and thought she did a good enough job. In most other things, I’ve thought her acting skill middling at best. In interviews, I find her to be a bit condescending and slightly elitist because she name drops like Paltrow on an off-day. It has nothing to do with her education and everything to do with how she talks about it. Yes, there’s a difference.

    I put all of that out there to say that I was prepared, after reading all of the comments, for this speech to be the most ridiculous thing, and it wasn’t. I can’t stand the woman, but she really just seemed super excited, and perhaps a little nervous. There was TMI and bad grammar all up and down this speech, but I don’t think she was insufferable. I think “over the top” is in the viewer’s eye.

  86. Dea says:

    I think it was over the top a little bit but I would excuse her because she is so happy in fact. I think she deserved to win also.

  87. Isa says:

    “creepiest guy at the porn convention?” –Lol! I love this!

    Mila is just…sigh. I love her. :)

    Nat’s dress is horrible. And her hair is driving me crazy because it’s only poofed on one side!

  88. CB says:

    #68… Agreed. Obnoxious. Ingracious. Who cares who wants to sleep with you NP? You got knocked up, obviously.

    How ya gonna feel 5 years from now when that vid gets replayed in your face after Mille-Fed takes you for a lil ride?

  89. Hakura says:

    @Trace (#26)- I didn’t know Ballet K-Fed had a baby at home with his then girlfriend when Natalie came in the picture.

    I’m still not clear on the whole situation. Did he leave his then girlfriend/child FOR Natalie, specifically? Or did he & the girlfriend separate/break up before he started up with Natalie?

    Obviously if it’s the former, then it was wrong of both *he* & *Natalie*. If that’s the case, then it’s reminiscent of ‘Leann & Eddie’. Which makes her gushing romantically on an awards stage even more annoying.

    If it’s the latter, then… Just really stuck up. Great actress in most of what she’s done, but she’s a little boring to me.

  90. SEF says:

    “Hi, I’m Natalie Portman. I’m only 3 months pregnant but, if it wins me an award, I’ll wear a freaking tent and shout from the mountaintops about creating the creation of a new creation.”

  91. Michael S. says:

    And now she has made another awkward speech at the SAG awards. Her parents always look uncomfortable and her baby daddy has the bug eyes and frozen smile. Hope she can clean it up for a decent speech at the Oscars. She’s weird.

  92. Sarah says:

    Natalie Portman didn’t deserve an Oscar. Where’s the justice, honestly? Yes, she’s pregnant and engaged but that’s not Oscar worthy. I saw Black Swan and it was terrible. The lesbian scene in Black Swan was a weak and desperate input for people to keep watching this movie. I mean, I saw people leaving the movie theaters during this movie and I’m sure that’s what happened across the country. Her Oscar was the insiders ‘gift’ for the events which happen to take place leading up to the Oscars.