Oscar Fashion: Halle Berry’s crazy eyes in sparkly nude Marchesa


Is anyone else completely over Halle Berry? Everything about her was annoying me last night. Her interview on ABC seemed “Oh, I’m so sad and serious, look at me.” Her special tribute to Lena Horne bugged me too. And the Marchesa dress – ugh. When I saw her, I got déjà vu. I seriously feel like I’ve seen Halle wear this dress before, but I’m probably thinking about some older Armani or Elie Saab gown that was beige-nude and sparkly. Halle does sparkly beige-nude too much.

So… is it a pretty dress, regardless of what we may be feeling for or about Halle these days? Eh. I think Georgina Chapman was just like, “Screw it, just Super Glue some more tulle on this junk and call it a day.” I did like Halle’s styling, though. She may be crazy, but she knows how to put an outfit together. Simple hair, dark eyes, very pretty. I also like that Halle didn’t bring Olivier Martinez to show him off on the red carpet. I wonder where he was?



Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. RHONYC says:

    those earrings are fantastic! me likey & want-y. 🙂

  2. Venus says:

    She looks gorgeous, but yeah, she kind of wears the same thing over & over again. I guess she knows what “works” for her, but still. . . she’s in a style rut.

  3. Lisa Turtle says:

    I’m over her too. I think she’s unhinged.

  4. Cherry Rose says:

    Absolutely hate the dress. It looks cheap and tacky.
    Halle could have done much better. Usually she is one of the best dressed at the Oscars.

  5. Happymom says:

    Her makeup and hair look fab-she’s supposed to be a real piece of work-but she’s gorgeous. That said-hate Marchesa-way too much going on. The dress could have been lovely without the tulle.

  6. Eve says:

    Off topic: Kaiser, have you seen this already?


  7. beth says:

    that woman does not deserve that dress.
    i hate her.

  8. brin says:

    She looks amazing but she always looks the same….you are right, she’s done this look and even though she looks great, it’s the same look.

  9. Eve says:

    Kaiser, have you seen the post about Galliano’s racist rant on Dlisted today? I tried to post the link but the comment didn’t show up (not even with the awaiting moderation sign) 🙁

  10. nycmom10024 says:

    Frankly, I am over your Halle hate. I thought this blog was cele bitchy not cele hate. If you don’t like Halle or any of the people you seem to “hate” just find others to write about. This blog is becoming difficult to read with the constant hating on the celebs you choose to write about. Go in search of stories about celebs you do like. Just my opinion.

  11. Jackson says:

    You nailed it, Kaiser. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s all the same with her. She looked fine, although I am hating that rooster hair she keeps wearing. And yeah, her interview and presentation bugged me, too. Lol, the phrase ‘Scary Berry’ kept ringing in my ears.

  12. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Its a freaking wedding dress. I don’t think its appropriate for this red carpet. I have never been a huge Halle Berry fan, she is like Lindsay Lohan to me. I mean she is there, she does some mildly crazy things, she can be a bit of train wreck but its all still dull. I like her ok but again hasn’t really done anything move me.

  13. kelbear says:

    I didn’t like her interview on ABC. I can’t stand it when celebs talk in that soft voice crap.

  14. Quest says:

    Halle looked amazing and there is no denying how gorgeous this woman is.

    Her interview prior to the start of the show was the same old story about her being a woman of color and all that..blah, blah, blah… if only her inner beauty could match her outward beauty????

  15. guesty says:

    she does do nude & sparkly way too much. lol. the lena horne thing…it’s been done by you in ’02. duh.

  16. Diane says:

    Yep, completely over her.

  17. Venus says:

    @nycmom10024 — with all due respect, the name of this site isn’t “cele-fangirl” either. Perhaps you should search the intertubes for a site more to your delicate taste.

  18. Chrissy says:

    Totally over her as well. I saw her and literally said to myself, “Damn. Why does she have to be so beautiful?” I thought she looked stunning but she’s proven herself to be a nut … I’m no longer a fan.

  19. Wendy City says:

    I think Halle looked absolultely gorgeous. The color of the dress with her skin tone as well as accessories were just perfect. Not overdone and not one thing off. Her make-up was flawless. For her to be 45? years old she looked better than most there half her age.
    Whatever your opinion of how she handled the custody issue. You can’t deny she rocked it last night.

  20. Lynda says:

    I’d like to see her look real bad so I could hate her a little less. I had to clean up my husband’s drool off the floor from her. a real downer in my house.

  21. nycmom10024 says:

    @Venus one doesn’t have to be a fan. I think she is beautiful but no fan of all of Halle’s work or behavior. I just find the constant negativity, well, boring. So don’t write as many stories about Halle or Kim or whats the woman with all the kids and Octomom or any of the others. My point is there are plenty of celebs out there, if everyone agrees the collective “we” is over someone, let’s just move on for a while or it gets tedious, at least to me.

    Maybe it is just time for me to move on?

  22. Cheyenne says:

    Absolutely love the pixie cut. The dress would have been okay without all that dopey tulle tacked all over it.

  23. tango says:

    I always thought Halle Berry was so gorgeous. The crap she’s pulled the last 3 months has really dulled that for me. But I must give her props. Her skin looks beautiful and I do like her hair. Too bad her insides aren’t as pretty as her outsides.

  24. garvels says:

    She is an attractive lady and certainly knows how to wear a dress but I really can’t stand this crazy lady.

  25. flotus says:

    Love the dress, but not the woman in it!

  26. JuJuBee says:

    The bottom of that dress is hideous. Halle Scary is nutty, but absolutely gorgeous.

    @nycmom10024, everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree with it or not. It’s just that no one likes the moral police to come in and start pointing fingers.

  27. Rasputina says:

    nycmom10024 – First and foremost, the the bloggers aren’t here to cater to your tastes. Their blog, they write what the hell ever they want. If they enjoy ranting on certain actors and actresses, let them. You, meanwhile, can find a gossip blog that suits your tastes, Celebitchy still has a huge reader base.

    I hate it when readers tell bloggers what to do.

  28. Eve says:

    I bet she’s regretting now that whole campaign agaisnt her former boyfriend. Many people have turned on her because of that blatant attempt to completely remove him from her daughter’s life in the future.

  29. serena says:

    I always, ALWAYS, like Halle’s fashion. She is beautiful and knows how to show it.

    Wtf with the crazy eyes, STOP IT.

  30. dread pirate cuervo says:

    She’s so beautiful, but so f*cking crazy.

  31. spinner says:

    What you see is not what you get.

  32. luls says:

    ya’ll are either BLIND or just plain jealous!
    The woman is complete stunning PERFECTION, from head to toe, in those pics!

    (this coming from someone who is HARDLY a fan of her behavior as of late)

  33. im awful says:


    its effing called celeBITCHY. not celeHUGSANDRAINBOWS.

  34. Brittany says:

    Totally agree. Except I didn’t like her eye makeup…

  35. Justaposter says:

    Spinner EXACTAMUNDO!

    I don’t care how pretty she may be, or how well she wears a dress… IMO I just can’t get that ‘she be crazy!’ thought out of my head.

  36. skibunny says:


  37. truthtopower says:

    @ nycmom10024 – seriously? Even if Halle weren’t some crazy, racist nut job, she’s amazingly annoying because she comes across so stupid every time she opens her mouth. Especially during her interview. She always seems completely unprepared for any questions and I can’t stand her helpless, victim, poor poor me crap. So not only is her dress, hair, make up and entire look completely played out…. so is her pathetic, brainless vibe. Same, old, tired crap from her. AND – she sucks as an actress. She gives all women of color a bad wrap. Oh- and GO KAISER! there is a reason the rest of us click on celeBITCHY. So, nycmom10024, GET A LIFE. Peace out.

  38. umm says:

    ugh i agree…as gorge as Halle is, she needs to change it up and stop w/ the same effing silhouette all the time…that’s why it seems like she’s worn this dress before :SSS

  39. Solveig says:

    Just one word: BORING.

  40. DGO says:

    I don’t like the bottom half of the dress, and I agree she should have done some colour. She looked gorgeous in that red dress the other day.

  41. harfang says:

    I don’t think Halle’s crazy, I love her hair, and even though this is definitely not her best gown, it’s serviceable and she looks fantastic. I suppose if you’re vehemently “over” her, you might look for anything wrong with her appearance that you could find… which just sounds hollow from anyone really, because no matter how you feel about this person, she is unbelievably and undeniably stunning.

  42. Roxanne75 says:

    Let me just say I love this blog simply because every can be honest about their opinions, whether I agree or not. People here say what others on TV or in public are afraid to say and frankly, it’s refreshing the bitchy honesty here. I love to hate celebitchy and I hate to love it!

  43. ordinarygirl86 says:

    I’m sorry but when Halle came on screen all I could think was ‘crazy beautiful biyatch’. she seemed very controlled like she was trying to give off a nice and sweet vibe all night

  44. sam says:

    love the dress, don’t love the woman. She was clearly on her best beahvior last night trying to push down the recent backlash against her. Too late, Halle.

  45. CandyKay says:

    She is beautiful. And at this point, beautiful is no longer enough.

  46. DreamyK says:

    Totally over her.

    Her pulling the race card on Gabriel was incredibly low. Her and the “one drop” theory about racism, haggard. Her pimping her “blackness” last night..hypocritical.

    Go back and look at her TV ads, Mag covers etc. She had them lighten her skin. Also, yeah, she got a nose job to look less African American. But hey, she is doing that Broadway show to promote African American culture!!

    All calculated BS by Scary Berry to steal her daughter away from Gabriel.

    You suck, Halle. You and me are done.

  47. Jaye E says:

    We may not all agree with each other, but dammit, we have a right to our opinions and we have a right to express them. AND we have a right to express them ANYWHERE there is a “comment” box. Just because nycmom is over all the “Halle Hate” doesn’t mean she should be summarily dismissed and told to “go somewhere else” if she doesn’t like it. WTF is that? The Celebitchy writers have the right to write whatever floats their boats, and WE as the readers have the right to comment, good, bad or indifferent.

    Now, about Ms. Berry. She may very well be batshit crazy, but that bitch looked gorgeous last night.

  48. mia says:

    The best part of her outfit were those big ass diamond earings. Love them! The rest is a bit meh. Nice make up though. She pretty much always has good make up.

  49. Az says:

    I thought she looked great but I will never be able to take her seriously again. She is insane.

  50. nnn says:

    I don’t think she is crazy which in itself waters her responsability.

    I just think she is neither sympathetic, neither intelligent, very manipulative and as many people with a certain degree of power that have got through their head, controlling to the core.

    That’s why she thought she could control where and when and how and by who her child should be raised like she was the only parent in the child’s life.

    She has that arrogant outlook of people who don’t know compromissions, who think they are superior and can get what they want, whenever they want, however they want while dictating to others how to behave, what they can obtain or not stripping them from their right, hence dismissing basic fatherhood rights to the father of her child, expecting him to cave in and accept this disgusting injustice.

    It’s a pity because she is as beautiful as she seems cold and arrogant….and considering that she is an EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL woman, i sense that she is extremely arrogant and expect her entourage to bow to her and that everything she wants, how she wants must be done according her only wishes.

    And as a biracial woman myself from Europe, i find it cheap, easy, manipulative and offenssive that she had to distract us from her nasty motives, throwing racial considerations into the mix when they are irrelevant to the main subject.

    It’s about a father and a mother fighting for equal rights to raise their child. Plenty of couples around the world (and more and more), from Africa to Europe to the Americas have one Black parent and the other Caucasian. Race has nothing to do when you raise your child between separated parents whatever their ethnicity.

    I really don’t like that mindset at all and admit that she is absolutely gorgeous even in here, no question about that. She is just not a nice person at all in my book.

  51. Jeri says:

    I’m over her and I’d be surprised if Oliver isn’t also. He’ll probably still be around a little but the glow is gone.

  52. Camille says:

    I hated the dress, all of that extra tulle didn’t help things either, it just made it look cheap and tacky.

    Am over her, but then I have been over her since the hit and run stuff she did. I am glad others are finally seeing her for the awful person that she is.

  53. Liana says:

    I’ve been over her since “Catwoman,” but she is gorgeous.

  54. Emily says:

    I really like that dress. If she’s worn something similar before, well… It works for her.

    Is it just me, or is she really good at hiding her crazy eyes? Like, I think she’s nuts, but I rarely see it in her eyes, unlike someone like Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

  55. Maritza says:

    The dress is definitely appropriate for the Oscars its just that I too have a feeling she has worn a similar dress like this before.

  56. Kiki says:

    yah, yah, yah. gorgeous. she’s had a lot of work done and there’s no denying it. get the name of her plastic surgeon- that’s where the credit is due. i mean, no wrinks on the forehead, or anywhere else for that matter, eyes getting wider by the minute, nose getting thinner each year…..i don’t buy that black don’t crack crap. she’s crackin’, she has a better spackler than most.

  57. dj says:

    Pretty is as pretty does (I cannot believe I just quoted my mother! LOL.). But I totally understand that when I look at Halle B. now. Which I could not do last night.

  58. jane says:

    Yes, I agree with the hate. I understand bitchy more than once in a while, but with so much hatred, I’m starting to think the writers of these posts must’ve not had a great childhood or many friends growing up.

  59. Grace says:

    I’m also tired of her talking about race all the time as if she has been SOOOO discriminated against. She’s fortunate to be so gorgeous, so it is doubly sad that she chooses to play some kind of racist-victim card every time she opens her mouth.

  60. scrappy says:

    @ nycmom10024, yeah it’s time for you to move on if this article offended you that much, you should probably take @jane with you to.

  61. nnn says:

    @57 Gracie

    Agree, she acts like she has lived the biggest tragedy of her life. jennifer Hudson has lived it not Halle. Halle has been spoiled by life and is more fortunate than 99,99 % of women out there who struggle every day of their life just to have a home and some food.

    She is also 99 % more fortunate to have been the front woman of african american actresses out there for the past 20 years, though she is less talented than others who just happen to be less appealing by Hollywood standards because of a darker complexion or/and less beautiful features….Angela Basset anyone ?

    I am tired of her exploiting her well crafted victimhood image, resorting to the black card like it’s the ultimate Jocker to use as an excuse to abuse others who have less power than her. Everyone has been victimized one way or another, using it as a way to excuse your own vendetta to abuse another person is plain wrong.

    She is beautiful, healthy, rich living in a beautiful safe place. She should be grateful of her lucky star, count her blessings and enjoy a great life with a close knit family between her mother, her lovely daughter and a guy who is mature and man enough to take his responsability towards his child.

    She has been incredibly arrogant and dumb in all that mess, digging her own grave, thinking she could get away with it once again, the same way she got away when she schooled her husband on national TV, humiliated him, letting her friends do it on national TV like he waq a little boy and turned him as a punching ball for the public to hit on to avenge her, (as asshole as he is no man nor woman should be exposed by his betterhalf for public lynching. Do your thang privately between four eyes). Then she got away with the hit and run felony, blaming the victim and passing herself as the victim.

    She should have known better. Another one of her contemporaries, a beautiful young woman was at her place 20 years ago and revered in Hollywood and by the media, crowned as the next sexy african-american IT girl. She blew it when she denigrated her husband, an icon at the time on national TV, instead of doing it privately.

    Then Halle took her place in the heart of the media and Hollywood and now she blew it because of her incredible, insufferable ego.

  62. DeeVine says:

    Never liked Halle Berry. Beautiful (surgeon’s help, though) but overrated as an actress.

  63. jemshoes says:

    @ nycmom10024

    If you do decide to leave the CB forum, I’ll miss you (even though I don’t know you and we’ve never met)! 🙂 I’ve been reading CB for something like close to a year now and I recognise your name as one of the longer-time readers, too.

    I guess when you’re researching, reading and writing about celebrities and celebrity gossip like CB and Kaiser do, you’re always going to get over-saturated by one or two celebrities at any one time. I mean, even us, their readers, get tired of the celebrities who hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons! 🙂 So at the moment, saturation-point on Halle Berry and her dramas has been reached! But I do agree with the poster who says this is someone’s blog, and they are entitled to write what they want, how they want. I don’t always agree with Kaiser, either, but she makes me laugh and think, and that’s really the most a celebrity gossip site can do.

  64. lrm says:

    does she really look like that in real life? she is so ridiculously beautiful…i mean, look at her skin?
    dress is just okay, but of course she looks gorgeous anyway…
    she looks better as she gets older…personal and personality issues aside….

  65. JustBe says:

    I have never been a big fan of Halle’s work, but I’ve always been a fan of her looks and her styling. I don’t recall too many high profile events where she didn’t look absolutely stunning (except in 2010 where she would a glorified bustier (sp?) with sheer material draping down). I don’t see any evidence of surgery or botox or anything. I think she has excellent skin and excellent genes.

    I think that this was another good look for her.

    To touch on this thread’s current controversy, why can’t commenters comment on the content of a blog post? Especially if it’s done respectfully? I know that this and other blogs overdo it for a lot of ‘celebrities’, I don’t even click on Lindsay Lohan posts, but I don’t see any reason for fans (especially long-term, loyal fans) to offer some objective criticism. Is the accepted meme here that you can only post if you always completely agree with the blogger? Please!

    One more thing while I’m ranting, how or why would Halle Berry’s actions make all women of color look bad (specifically @ 36)? Why doesn’t she make all women look bad or all single mothers, etc. She is only responsible and should only be viewed as representing herself (and perhaps by extension her parents) not all women of color or any damn body else. I’m so over that line of thinking.

  66. trala says:

    I’ve seen Halle Berry in some movies (XMen, etc.) but could never get a sense of who this person was, I could not find any ‘umph’ behind her appearance, so to speak.

    After that (now years ago) she was on Oprah, talking about one of her ex’s as ‘sex-addicted’. While this is a serious enough topic, from the way she was describing ‘his problem’ a definite and solid impression arose in my mind: this girl is a nightmare! And not being able to divide her external look from her internal side I have never been able to look upon her as ‘a beautiful woman’ because really I don’t think she is.

    Well, this was YEARS before all the recent things about her have come to light. I’m just saying, a common sense and intuitive guy KNOWS when to run away from a woman, and let me tell you, this one sparks the spidey sense big time.

    She is emotionally very underdeveloped, just look at her interviews, her life, you will see that the most important thing for her is maintaining the outward image. Until the physical side cannot carry that image anymore… It is sad, really, but a true product of Hollywood culture, wouldn’t you say?

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