Disaster Movie’s Vanessa Minnillo wants an Oscar

Vanessa Minnillo has lofty aspirations, she wants to win an Oscar.  Minnillo is currently working on her second movie but is professionally known for hosting TRL and as a correspondent  for Entertainment Tonight, but mostly for being Nick Lachey’s girlfriend.

“My goal is to be acting and winning an Oscar,” the 27-year-old MTV alum told In Touch at the 4th Annual Pink Party in Santa Monica on September 13. “I want to be an actress with an Oscar and babies.”

In Touch Weekly

The former Miss Teen USA has been dating Lachey for a few years and the babies thing is probably on their collective agenda, but her last acting gig, Disaster Movie, was about as far as you get from Oscar material.  The people in that set of spoof movies aren’t on the Academy’s short list. 

“Seldom has a pic been more appropriately titled,” said Variety. The New York Times called the flick “the latest disposable parody of disposable Hollywood movies (with) a shelf life of about five minutes, tops.”

Los Angeles Times

Vanessa does have a movie coming out next year, a romance called Redefining Love, so the jury could still be out on her actual acting ability.  And she has no shortage of long term ambition.

Mannillo’s inspiration?  Julia Roberts.

“She’s phenomenal!” says Vanessa. “I would love to be just like her.”

In Touch Weekly

Julia Roberts won an Academy Award in 2001 for Erin Brokovich and was nominated in 1998 and 1999 for Steel Magnolias and Pretty Woman.

Vanessa Minnillo is shown at The 4th Annual Pink Party in Santa Monica, CA on 9/13/08. Credit: David Gabber / PR Photos

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  1. Mr. T says:

    She’ll be another Lindsay Lohan, a cinematic genius (rolls eyes). Well clearly she is not the brightest ‘actress’ out there is she?

  2. Anni says:

    riiiiiight :lol: :roll:

  3. Lara says:

    Yeah, I want an Oscar too. Where can Vanessa and I buy one?

  4. Bodhi says:

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Thats the funniest thing I’ve read in a looong time! she had zero intrest in the performing arts in high school, unless cheerleading counts

  5. Joana says:

    As if! And Julia’s not THAT good an actress to be a role model..

    Check your dates, Ceilidh – Steel Magnolias was in 1989 and Pretty Woman in 1990..

  6. what says:

    ah that dress – it hurts my eyes.
    her face hurts my eyes in general. something so fake about her.
    maybe she could get an oscar playing a character whose teeth you wanna knock out.

    (sorry about the venomous hate, i know it’s kinda random. i think she’s the only celebrity i feel this way about)

  7. Kat says:

    Hey Vanessa, save up your money and invest in some good acting classes. If that doesn’t work, there is always the casting couch.

  8. vdantev says:

    Souls roasting in Hell want ice cream.

  9. Ssshush says:

    Pft! Puhlease girly!

    The only thing she’s good at is looking pretty and snatching husbands!

    Oh yeah, and being really arrogant!

    I don’t like this girl AT ALL!

  10. DemLaw says:

    Not that I particularly like her, but aren’t we all allowed to dream? I don’t think it sounded like she said she deserves an Oscar, just that her dream is to win one. Yeah, she’ll probably never have her dream come true, but so what? A goal gives you something to work toward, so I won’t begrudge anyone’s motivation, however big a joke it may be. On a side note, she didn’t steal Nick, did she? I always thought Jess was more the reason for the divorce (cheating rumors or something)…

  11. I choose me says:

    :lol: Bitch Please!

  12. anony says:

    “Souls roasting in Hell want ice cream.”


  13. ThatBKChick says:

    She deserves an Oscar just for making up this line of fictional ish!

  14. Janie says:

    Smart stuff. I even believe all of it except Cele|bitchy » Blog Archive » Disaster Movie’s Vanessa Minnillo wants an Oscar