Hef is ending the show and his relationships with Kendra and Bridgett

The times they are a changing at the Playboy mansion. All the kids have to leave the nest eventually, and while Hef’s blondes aren’t exactly kids, they’re sure young enough to be his children. According to website What Would Tyler Durden Do, some major shiz has gone down at the mansion, and some big changes are ahead. Hef is breaking up with both Kendra and Bridgett. He’s staying with Holly, but the phrase “for now” makes you wonder. And the show will end after the sixth season.

– The sixth season will be the last for Girls Next Door. Hef has made the decision to end the show and his relationship with Kendra and Bridgett. He and Holly are still together, for now. Season 5 will be the last with the three original girlfriends. Season 6 will focus on finding replacements, maybe two, maybe three.
– The search is already underway. Two new girls, one 19 and one 22, were at the Playboy mansion this past weekend as possible replacements. They are not current Playboy or professional models, both have regular jobs.
– Miss October 2008 Kelly Carrington may be on the short list to become one of the new girlfriends.
– Dasha is not on the list to replace Kendra or anyone else. That story was put out by her people. There is no validity to it.
– Kendra is absolutely engaged to Hank Baskett. She has to deny it publicly for the sake of the show but in reality Hef knows and is fine with it.
– Bridgett really has not had sex in three years. She is dating someone but they have not slept together. It’s not clear why, maybe a lingering sense of loyalty to Hef. He would not care if she did. Hef adores Bridgett and wants the best for her, including a happy relationship, as long as its kept quiet for a few more months.
– Hef is with Holly, Holly is with Hef. For now. They have made no decision about their future. He can’t marry her but they have tried to have kids, so far unsuccessfully. She is not sleeping with Criss Angel. She does like spending time with Criss, but she also like spending time with Dave LaChapelle and other flamboyant gay guys. Feel free to reread that last sentence and draw your own conclusions.

[From What Would Tyler Durden Do]

Wow. Three years? Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend hasn’t had sex in three years. That was jaw dropping info to me. I’m sorry, but if I looked like Bridgett I’d be sleeping with every hot guy I could. Every moral I think I have would quickly be revealed to be a load of garbage based solely on my self esteem issues. I would be an absolute skank. Hef should dump her – for being so dumb.

And I hate to say it, but he should dump Holly for being dumb too. Anyone that voluntarily spends time with Criss Angel should be committed. They actually bring the guy in to play prison events as a form of inmate punishment. When prisoners are given the option of x hours in solitary or x hours watching Criss Angel do his act, 9 out of 10 choose the former.

I do not even want to imagine what the audition process must be like for this show. I mean you’re auditioning for a show and to be an old horny guy’s girlfriend. And yet it seems there are plenty of women who are more than interested in the job. So to speak.

Here’s Holly Madison, Hugh Hefner, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson at the Reality Awards in Los Angeles yesterday. Photographer: Fayes Vision. Images thanks to WENN.

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Meh, I think you would get man-handled more if you worked at Hooter’s than at the Mansion.

    Heard the Kendra rumors a while ago. The Bridgett thing is very weird.

  2. gg says:

    “He can’t marry her but they have tried to have kids, so far unsuccessfully”

    Why can he not marry Holly? Because she bought all her dresses from Fredericks of Hollywood?

  3. Roma says:

    Miss October 2008 Kelly Carrington was featured at the club I bartend at last weekend. Actually, she wasn’t being featured (the current Playmate of the Year was) but she was flown out as a companion. She was actually very sweet and they were both being filmed for a reality tv show, so maybe she’s warming up to be on Girls Next Door?

  4. Roma says:

    gg, he’s still married.

  5. Obvious says:

    GG. He is already married ot the mother of his children. She actually lives in the the same enighborhood if not on the proprty. They were married in the 80’s.

  6. bevtastic says:

    Yeah, Hef is already married, so he can’t marry Holly.

    What gets me is that last bit about “other flamboyant gay guys.” Are they implying that Criss Angel is gay?

  7. anony says:

    He probably still loves Kimberly Conrad most and no one can compete with her.

  8. gg says:

    Oh, he’s still married. Well that makes a whole lotta sense … LOL!

    Who in hell is his doormat of a wife?

  9. Jaclyn says:

    Bridgett is actually really smart, I read she has her master’s degree in communications or something like that. Wouldn’t expect that out of a playboy bunny!

  10. Tanille says:

    Roma i’m pretty sure the reality show they were filming was Jaide Nicole’s the current playmate of the year. She was on ET Canada the other day and mentioned her reality show. Ugh cant he go for girls who are at least late 20s!(thats still disgusting) but i mean 19 and 22! Kendra is too young and those girls are younger then her.

  11. Tina says:

    Kendra looks like a beige-and-yellow Doberman. But I heard that she has business smarts and has invested her money wisely.

    I also heard about Bridgett’s Masters degree; I’m pretty sure she knew what she was doing when she signed up at the Playboy Mansion and I’m sure she has a post-Hef plan already made. She’ll be okay.

    Out of the three women, Holly seems to be the most desperate. Look at her face in all her photos. This is a girl who wants the big diamond ring, the husband, the money, the kids, and the big backyard pool… and did I mention money?

  12. Alecto says:

    “I’m sorry, but if I looked like Bridgett I’d be sleeping with every hot guy I could.”

    You could look like Bridgett too if you wanted too. Just invest about a gazillion dollars in plastic surgery like she did. All three are sooooo fakey plastic.

  13. tony says:

    😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😳 😯

  14. vdantev says:

    -and there was a loud Hosannah !!

  15. crab says:

    I read in another blog that Bridgett is married and still talks to her husband on the phone and Hef knows it!!

  16. manda says:

    Allecto–Bridgett’s boobs are real.

  17. Roma says:

    Tanille, we did think it was Jaide Nicole’s show being filmed. We’ve had other reality shows shoot in the club but they were probably the nicest. The amount of gawking men were incredible!

    Yet when my bf swung by with some friends to say hello he branded the girls “disgusting”. To each his own.

  18. browning says:

    I had no idea that he was still married! That situation is sooo messed up!

  19. Ssshush says:

    Hugh Hef is married????
    MARRIED married????????

    Why’s the wife so quietly out of the picture then?
    Is she a golddigger maybe?
    (you know, waiting for the fortune after his death):D

  20. hah says:

    1) Read the news, Hef is broke and there aren’t millions to dig for..that’s why the girls are all leaving him.

    2) Several people have called Hef a “horny old man,” if that’s true, why hasn’t his third g/f had sex in three years?

    3) I hate Holly the most, she’s such a fake nasty biatch. Bridgett seems okay, definitely the smartest. Kendra probably fucks ten different people a day…

  21. Alecto says:

    Really her boobs are real? Ok then the rest of her is fake.

  22. snappyfish says:

    I used to like the show….as it was ridiculous escapism. We would actually say ‘let’s watch the whore show’. I am v v tired of all of this. I had always assumed it was for publicity.

    The thought that Holly actually wants a child with the crypt keeper is inane. It is all about money, she probably does care for him, his money and the playboy name. What else is she going to do. Bridget and Kendra were hired employees and made the most of this exposure.

    Period. They all sold themselves for a slice of fame. if you want to call what they have fame.

  23. smith1 says:

    Leave them all alone!!! They are all beautiful, and they all deserve the best, if it did not work out with Hef, let it be, and leave them all be…
    Hef obviously likes young girls, and no matter what ,he will always get what he wants due to money……..
    When he is done with the young one, off he goes with another…..More power too him!!!!!!!

  24. Ada says:

    Super! This should be all together, I hope that you will be together for life! They are pretty young and deserve to be Hef.

  25. John H says:

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