Mike Meyers “secretly wed” his long-time girlfriend, Kelly Tisdale


Okay, call me crazy but I honestly thought that Mike Myers had pretty much come out of the closet? Did I hallucinate that? First there were blind items about a “closeted funny man” and then there were all of those rumors about Mike Myers and men…? Well, here is just another reason to not put any stock in blind items: Mike Myers is secretly married – to a woman! It’s Mike’s second marriage after his 12-year-marriage to his first wife, Robin Ruzan. Shortly after Mike and Robin split, he got together with hipster tea-girl Kelly Tisdale, who used to date Moby (who I also thought was gay?). Kelly and Moby still have a tea shop together, I think. She’s pretty cute in the photos I could find.



Anyway, Kelly and Mike got married five months ago without anyone knowing!

Funnyman Mike Myers has secretly married his longtime girlfriend, Kelly Tisdale, in a private ceremony here, Page Six has learned. The famously low-key “Austin Powers” star and Tisdale were wed five months ago in a “beautiful” ceremony, confirmed a rep for Myers.

“International Man of Mystery” Myers, 47, and the 30-something Tisdale began dating in 2006, shortly after Myers split from his first wife, comedy writer and actress Robin Ruzan, after a 12-year marriage.

Tisdale dated musician and producer Moby in the 1990s, and they co-founded Lower East Side hipster cafe Teany.

Myers and Tisdale were outed in 2006 when they were spotted vacationing together in Hawaii. They’ve since lived at his shagadelic digs in SoHo. Tisdale confirmed the relationship to the National Enquirer at the time, saying, “We’re actually surprised you guys didn’t find out about us sooner.” We’re surprised we didn’t find out about the wedding sooner.

Myers and Ruzan filed for divorce in late 2005, after a relationship dating back to the late ’80s. They met at a hockey game in Chicago when Myers reportedly caught a puck that flew into the stands and used it as an icebreaker to make conversation with Ruzan. He moved to Chicago to be with her and married the brunette beauty in 1993.

Myers called Ruzan “his muse” and based one of his most popular “Saturday Night Live” characters, “Coffee Talk” TV host Linda Richman, on Ruzan’s mother, Linda Ruzan, whose maiden name is Richman.

Ruzan encouraged Myers to create the “Austin Powers” character after he seemed to play the goofy Lothario role in their Hollywood home. “Powers” director Jay Roach explained to People magazine in 1999, “I think she just got sick of it and said, ‘Instead of doing this to me, why don’t you just write a movie based on it?’ “

[From Page Six]

Congratulations to Kelly and Mike! I would crack a joke about no one knowing about the wedding because no one really cared enough, but honestly, Mike is really, really private, and I truly believe that many people thought he was a late-in-life gay man. So: Mike is straight, and really private, and married for the second time. Mazel tov!


Photos courtesy of WENN & The Independent.

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  1. brin says:

    Yea, baby….congrats! I’m sure she is very happy with Mike (being with Moby must have been a laugh riot).

  2. samihami says:

    I’ve never heard or thought that he was gay.

  3. Cool. I wish he’d make more movies.

  4. The_Porscha says:

    I never once heard rumors about Mike Myers being gay, but I also don’t read Blind Items, so perhaps that’s how I missed it. Nevertheless, good for him.

    Now, Moby has always said that he’s not gay but people assume he is because he’s somewhat effeminate on a heteronormative scale, so perhaps that’s where all those rumors came from.

  5. Darlene says:

    Please, as if he would be the first gay man to find a sympathetic woman who is also a good friend to marry.

    Beard, anyone?

  6. Kim says:

    I was just thinking this morning (for some weird reason) that Mike Myers was gay…i’ve been to Teany’s and it’s a lovely tea place

  7. Roma says:

    Not at all gay. My boy’s parents are film producers who have worked with Mike for years and told us a few months ago about this. I actually thought it was common knowledge?

    And I wonder if Robin kept their Toronto (actually Mississauga) house. It was insane.

  8. Tess says:

    Loved Mike M. on SNL. Coffee Talk was pure genius.

  9. Jaye E says:

    I’ve never heard any rumors that Myers was gay. I’ve also never read any blind items about a “closeted funny man”. I don’t think anyone should put ANY stock in blind items.

  10. anti says:

    moby is DEFINITELY NOT gay.

  11. fabgrrl says:

    I have heard a few gay rumors. But mostly I have heard that Mike Meyers is a very sweet, low-key and humble man, which I believe. Congratulations to the couple.

  12. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I’m glad I kept my Gaydar receipt because it’s going right back to Radio Shack.

  13. mln76 says:

    Oh I heard about this through a random friend a few months ago who said he met MM and his wife (thought I just missed the announcement). I too thought he was ‘out’ and mentioned it and my gay male friend looked at me like I was from Mars. So much for the accuracy of Blind Items 🙂

  14. Delta Juliet says:

    I never heard the gay rumors AND I didn’t even know he was divorced. I thought he was still with his first wife.
    Huh. I’m out of the loop.

  15. Riley says:

    i didn’t realize he got to divorce from his first wife. I thought they adored eachother and that he got most of his material from her family. I thought they were pretty much a low budget Tom Hanks/Rita Wilson kind of couple. His new wife is cute but doesn’t look like she would inspire a lot of comedy for him.

  16. Anti-icon says:

    Well this is a surprise. I thought everything you wrote, as well. I’ve always like MM’s humor, and wish him the best.

  17. lrm says:

    So I Married An Axe Murderer…we owned two copies of it, as we wore the first out and had to buy a second….
    that was back in VCR land….
    One of the best comedies ever.
    Love MM.
    don’t care if he’s gay, straight, married or single.

    In fact, when we used to rent the above film, guys at the video store in san francisco said it’s frequently rented, and by the same several couples, over and over again. lol. I don’t know if i’ts a cult classic per se, but it’s pretty awesome. (:

  18. KsGirl says:

    Huh. Yeah, I’m another one who thought that basically he had all but publically come out. I wonder if this is another beard sitch? Or if he really is just not gay?

  19. normades says:

    Didn’t Moby date Natalie Portman? Ew for her.

  20. hairball says:

    I didn’t even know he was divorced. The last I remember (obviously a long time ago) was a thing on MM saying how he’s so much better when his wife is around (first wife) etc etc. I guess not.

  21. lolas says:

    To Roma: how was their Mississauga house insane?

  22. Roma says:

    @lolas: It was just massive and gorgeous – at least from the outside. They used to walk their dogs and people would say hi but no one ever bothered them. I used to live in the neighbourhood when I first moved here but hardly saw them other than a friendly wave.

    Mike Bullard (only Canadians would know him) used to live in the neighbourhood too and was a gigantic ass.

  23. brenda says:

    I thought the same thing, Kaiser! I don’t know why I thought he had come out.

  24. Delta Juliet says:


    I LOVE So I Married an Ax Murderer. Hysterical movie.
    My husband and I quote it all the time.

  25. Kloops says:

    I am a little surprised too. Didn’t know for sure if he was gay, but it wouldn’t have surprised me. Guess not. Go figure.

  26. dweeb says:

    why does everyone on here think everyone is gay? I mean Mike Meyers? wtf??? wow……

  27. dovesgate says:

    New York Daily News was the one who ran the closeted funnyman blind and Gawker said it was Mike Myers. He never confirmed nor denied it from what I’ve seen.

  28. dweeb says:

    well then its true for sure

  29. Lady Satan says:

    Seriously people, why is it always “gay or straight”?

    He, along with other celebs like John Travolta, might be bisexual. There’s a lot of us out there, ya know! 😉

  30. Indigo says:

    I always thought the closeted funny man was Eddie Murphy (also got divorced around that time).

  31. MrsOdie2 says:

    He looks so puffy. Secret drinker?

  32. fwozbo says:

    You can say mazel tov but Mike Myers is not Jewish, contrary to his name.

    Also, is that his real hair?

  33. truthzbetta says:

    It’s so weird when famous people swap non-famous wives.

    Mike, you are so rich and funny you could totally pull someone that hasn’t slept with people you’ll run into all the time.

    I’d go fresh, but I guess sexually well known by your social peer group is another well worn route. On her part, these guys have nothing in common but fame and money so again, I’d go prenup and skip the marriage but I’ll concentrate on his funny movies. He doesn’t shove his life down our throat and brings it on screen which is mahvelous. To your movies, Mike.

  34. Camille says:

    I’m more shocked that he had split with his 1st wife, did not know that. Anyway, congrats I guess.

  35. ted says:

    Him, Seth Macfarlane, Tyler Perry and Matthew Broderick are all members.