Entire cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is returning for next season

There’s news that the entire cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, including classy alcoholic Kim Richards and recent divorcee Camille Grammer, have signed on for a second season of the show. I think this may speak to Kim’s need for a source of recurring income more than any desire to continue to expose her anxiety issues and her dysfunctional relationship with her mean sister. Here’s more, from Hollywood Life:


All of our favorite ladies from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are resigning their contracts with the show for a second season, HollywoodLife.com can exclusively confirm. Camille Grammer, Taylor Armstrong and Kim Richards were on the fence but they all said yes today.

“Taylor was hesitating because of the spotlight on her marriage which caused problems for her and her husband Russell, who is actually a genuinely good man,” says a source close to Lisa Vanderpump, another star of the show. “They actually have a pretty happy marriage but it wasn’t portrayed that way, but she wants another chance at showing how they really are in love with each other.”

And as for Camille? “She had the hardest decision to make after dealing with Kelsey so blatantly rushing to marry his mistress (Kayte Walsh), and she has her children to worry about,” reveals our insider. “But she is holding on strong for her children and we’ll be able to see how she deals with the grief in the new season. I’m sure she will show how dignified she can be in the face of her traumatic experience.”

“Kim and her sister Kyle obviously have a lot to work on, but they have both signed on as well,” continues our source.

“They are all very excited and will try to be more savvy about how they portray themselves. In reality, they get along better off-camera and want to show they aren’t just about shopping and cattiness.”

[From Hollywood Life]

Taylor was not hesitating no matter what she wants us to believe. She needs the money to continue hustling like the true grifter she is.

I finally watched the RHOBH “lost footage” special over the weekend and there were a couple of interesting scenes in there. I was practically crying when Lisa’s little teacup Pomeranian, Giggy, was having skin issues and the breeder told Lisa to put him down! (My mom lost her Shih Tzu very recently due to allergies to dust mites. He ultimately had to be put to sleep after he had a neurological reaction to the very toxic allergy medication the vet put him on.) Giggy turned out fine and remains one of the most pampered pets on television.

Also there was footage of Kyle viciously going after a drunk woman who was hanging on her husband at their white party. Kim spat at the older woman that she would put a “Manolo” in her eye. Leave it to Kyle to name drop a designer when she’s making threats. She also didn’t even scold her husband for not pushing the woman off. Maybe that psychic was right about him. I wouldn’t be surprised.

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24 Responses to “Entire cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is returning for next season”

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  1. pebbles says:

    Yay for Kim returning! She’s my favorite!
    Now if we can only get Kyle to leave the show…………..

  2. guesty says:


  3. Jacq says:

    I loved the way Kyle handled that woman! I’m sorry but she’s my fave. WHAT has happened to Adrienne’s face??!! Will it return for the next season, only we won’t be able to recognize it?

  4. arock says:

    kaiser, et al-
    i know shes not a celeberty by definition (lets be real, the definition is pretty loose) but can we please, please, please, get some junx on the “psychic” Allion DuBois???? that was one of the best, most self effacing tv train-wrecks in a long time. the electric cig, the crass cardigan, and her complete lack of self awareness when speaking…this must cow must be report-worthy. it would curl my toes to see a celebitchy shakedown. xo

  5. kmk says:

    It is going to be sickening to see Taylor lie, lie, lie in the new season. She probably feels stupid after seeing herself on the show always complaining about her marriage. Now she will FAKE it like everything is Dandy. I wish that someone on the show would call her out on her lies!!!Also~ Taylor is a LIAR!!!!

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    #1. What, exactly, does the “real” part of these housewives entail? They are mostly additives, preservatives, and plastic (silicone – whatever);

    #2. Why are they called “housewives” when many of them are not, in fact, actual wives?

    Answer: Because if they featured actual, real-life “real housewives,” no one would watch.

    (For me, nothing would change: I detest “reality” tv.)

  7. anne_000 says:

    “Kim spat at the older woman that she would put a “Manolo” in her eye.”

    it was kyle who did it, not kim who was not even in that scene. all kyle, going crazy again.

  8. Whitey Fisk says:

    I’m with arock. There’s got to be some dirt on the “psychic” from the dinner party. Let the digging begin!

    Didn’t she say the show Medium is based on her? Never seen it…but if predicting that a woman’s husband is never going to fully emotionally satisfy her is considered a psychic prediction, I should change my name to Dionne Warwick and get my own show too. I mean come on, does ANYONE know a husband who fully satisfies his wife emotionally?!

  9. Pepper says:

    Does this mean Cedric is coming back as well?

  10. bagladey says:

    I’m glad Kim is coming back, I feel very compassionate towards her. I could have done w/o Taylor because she’s fake, corny, boring, and I don’t like looking at her lip.

  11. AngelMay says:

    I hate to admit the psychic was sorta right about Kyle.
    As if Camille and Taylor wouldn’t be back. Bitches, please.

  12. Marjalane says:

    Of course they all want to come back! Can you imagine what these bitches would have to say about the ones who didn’t?! I will preface this with saying that this is not my finest thought, but I really hope Kyle has a boatload of problems dumped in her lap this season. She’s awful!

  13. jover says:

    Why i watched one episode and their house plants were more interesting and had more class – i sign on with your comments bellaluna.

  14. Az says:

    Oh Kim. I hope it’s worth it. And if anyone hung all over my husband the way that drunk-ass whore was hanging over Kyle’s husband, I’d kick her out of my house too.

  15. ordinarygirl86 says:

    I’d be threatening any woman hanging on my husband too and then I’d verbally beat his ass when the cameras were off!

    As for Kim, I knew she would come back to keep up with her ‘woe is me’ act while painting Kyle as the villain. The thing is that while Kyle has a nasty mean girl attitude Kim should be in REHAB not gallavanting around Beverly Hills! I mean it’s hard to pity Kim when she won’t save herself especially after everything that happened last season.

    Oh how I love Lisa! Can’t wait to see what happens with her sans Cedric, but I kind of wanted the rumors about him and Brandi Glanville coming onto the show to be true!

  16. Cha Cha Loca says:

    How unfortunate. Makes me glad I no longer have cable.

  17. Ron says:

    I nearly had diet coke come out my nose! Dignified and the housewives in the same sentence!!!????

  18. Kiska says:

    I’m surprised Kim is coming back after what she went through. I adore that girl.

    I saw the footage of Kyle going after that woman and it was hilarious. Maurico wasn’t in too big of a hurry to get rid of the gal either. I think he realized the camera was on him and did the wide-eyed innocent look. He is good looking but a major sleaze. I saw him on another show about real estate and he flirts and touches men too. Rico Suave!

    This season, I hope people get wise to Taylor and Russsell.

  19. Jeannified says:

    Yahoo!!! Love them all! I will be curious to see how Kim handles this season. Poor thing…I hope she has learned how to stand up for herlsef better. She was only being honest about Taylor.

    I wonder if we’ll see any of Cedric. Hmmm…

  20. bros says:

    oh man camille’s cheek implants look freakish in that picture!

  21. wunderkindt says:

    I wonder if ‘rent-a-husband’ Tennis Nick will leave his long suffering wife and move in with Camille so he can spend the divorce money.

  22. Kim says:

    Of course Kyle signed on – she is a fame whore! She hangs on Paris when cameras around to get in spotlight.

    Kyle needs to wake up and realize if not for Kim working when younger they would have been homeless! She supported the entire family for years so if Kyle is now supporting Kim – its well owed to Kim.

    Kim has her issues but Kyle would to if she was pretty much forced to work by her mother to support the family.

    Kyle should be more grateful.

  23. argirl says:

    I agree about the psychic! She’s so funny! She needs her own show. I’m super psyched they’re all back. 🙂

  24. gonzo says:

    oh kaiser, im so sorry for your mom’s dog…i had to put down my pitbull last year because of skin cancer. it still hurts.