Michelle Rodriguez big, black ball gown: inappropriate or gorgeous?


Yay! More Michelle Rodriguez photos. Okay, yesterday’s photos were from some kind of screening for Battle: Los Angeles, and now these are photos from the premiere. Michelle ditched the sparkly leggings and leather jacket for this too-formal black gown. I would absolutely love this gown minus the shoulder piece, and if Michelle was wearing this at an awards show. That being said, it’s really nice to see her in a proper gown, which she rarely wears. She has a lovely figure, and I personally think she’s really pretty, so I think she can do a girly look and pull it off. I actually love the way the gown is cut in the bodice.


We also have some new interview quotes too! More matriarch stuff – Michelle tells the NYDN, “When us chicks don’t remove our clothes and we don’t play the girlfriend, there are not a lot of roles out there… so I got to play it safe and take the roles I can.” She also trained with Marines, getting up at 5 a.m. to exercise every day: “For two weeks it was like full throttle. That’s where I got the abs for ‘Machete’ actually — those hundred situps, the 50 pushups and the 2-mile run every morning. But the shooting. That stuff I love, I could do that with my hands tied behind my back.”


Also, Bridget Moynahan is in this movie too. Her dress is way more occasion-appropriate:


Photos courtesy of Fame.

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25 Responses to “Michelle Rodriguez big, black ball gown: inappropriate or gorgeous?”

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  1. Isa says:

    I think she is pretty too, but I don’t like the dress on her, makes her look old….

  2. Rita says:

    Michelle’s dress looks like it weighs a ton. The top pic would have been quite interesting if that surboard was pointing the other direction. Bridget is always pretty.

  3. Arianna says:

    i think she is pretty too and it’s nice to see her “girly” here! but yes a little much

    is that a piece of food or something in her teeth?

  4. Kaboom says:

    Not bad, the shoulder thing looks a bit World of Warcraft though.

  5. beth says:

    she look like a one-armed quarterback in drag!!!

  6. malachais says:

    She looks beautiful, as does Bridget. It looks like she’s stepping on the dress in the second picture. Is there something stuck in her tooth?

  7. Quest says:

    The shoulder thing (meh) but the overall look is absolutely lovely (not for this occasion)

    I love Michelle, she is lovely. However, considering she can bench press my ass after 100 situps, 50 pushups and a 2-mile run, I wouldn’t even mention that she has something suck in her teeth (3rd pic)

  8. whybenice says:

    She borrowed a football pad for her lead shoulder cause you never know when you’re gonna have to make a run through the photogs.

    And I think Bridget looks fabulous. Brady is a moron.

  9. TQB says:

    Michelle’s face and hair look great, but I agree, the dress is bringing her down. It’s just too much fabric… everywhere. It’s nice to see her try to pull off a gown but sometimes you just have to trust your gut that if something isn’t your style, don’t force it.

  10. Isa says:

    Bridget looks awesome. Love her dress and her figure.

    Michelle is pulling a Kate Beckinsale and overdressing. Although Beckinsale usually picks better dresses.

  11. Bailey says:

    That dress is too much. I could see Carol Channing wearing that and looking fabulous.

  12. Cherry Rose says:

    I hate the dress. It just doesn’t seem to fit right on her. However, she did rock in Machete.

  13. bagladey says:

    IMO MR is too butch to carry that look off well. A woman who wants to wear a long, one-sleeved, fussy dress has to care enough to keep her big (wrong), centrepiece necklace centred, in the right place; and is that something (black?) in her teeth? Oh yes, and it’s inappropriate.

  14. sandy says:

    they both look nice.

  15. yadicakes says:

    maybe it was chewing tobacco stuck in her tooth? She is so bad ass that it is the only thing I can think of, not a piece of spinach

  16. Scarlet Vixen says:

    If the dress stopped around the knee and she had her hair up I think it would be much prettier and more event appropriate. The way it is the whole thing looks sloppy. I give her props for trying, tho. I have a pretty athletic build (13yrs in the military will do that, I guess), so it’s hard to find clothes that make me feel pretty and girly without looking (I feel) silly and cross-dresserish.

  17. Faye says:

    I like it, but I don’t know what the “dress code” of these things are. She looks really pretty though. I usually go, “really?” when some dude tells me how hot the think Michelle is, but she looks so radiant and genuinely pretty here.

  18. anti says:

    she’s got something stuck in her teeth.

  19. Days after Christmas says:

    What’s with the pastry puff shoulder?

  20. Ari says:

    She can wear whatever the hell she wants and I am not saying a damn word.

  21. Ron says:

    You know, any chance to wear a big-frilly-over-the-top gown, take it!

  22. harfang says:

    I’m with Ari. She needs a steamer, but other than that, pretty terrific.

  23. Ashley says:

    Not a huge fan of hers, but I’m trying to be open minded.

    HOWEVER, she was on G4′s Attack of the Show last night, and BOY was she weird.
    They asked her about aliens and the end of the world, and she got strange, and sounded really…Scientology.

    It’s here: http://www.g4tv.com/videos/51636/Battle_Los_Angeles_with_Michelle_Rodriguez/

  24. melinda says:

    I hate that dress on Michelle. It looks like someone was playing paper dolls and just slapped a super hero or video game character dress on her.

    Bridget looks great.

  25. lucy2 says:

    Parts of the dress are alright, but it’s way too much for an action movie premiere.