Paris’ new single ‘My BFF,’ other songs: ‘Paris for President,’ ‘Jailhouse baby’

Paris Hilton premiered her latest pop diddy on Ryan Seacrest’s show this morning. “My BFF” by Paris is not as catchy as her last major single “Stars are Blind” from summer, 2006, but it’s not bad and likely isn’t plagiarized. Paris’ Kylie Minogue-influenced album is finished and due out in the next “couple of weeks.” Paris told Ryan she wrote all the songs on the album, and that the titles include “Platinum Blond,” “Paris for President,” and “Jailhouse Baby.” You can listen to the first single on Ryan Seacrest’s website.

Paris Hilton’s reality show search for a best friend premieres tonight on MTV. She told Ryan Seacrest in her interview that she had a good time meeting people outside Hollywood, and that there were some who were on the show for the fame but that they were eliminated early on in the process.

It sounds like Paris has talking points because she pretty much said the same thing on The View last week.

She also talked about the film “Repo: The Genetic Opera,” which is out November 7. Paris said she has 9 songs on the soundtrack and its available now through iTunes. Ryan Seacrest says he really enjoyed the film, which Paris describes as “‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ meets ‘Blade Runner.'”

Paris discussed DJ AM and Travis Barker’s accident and said she’s received a couple of text messages from DJ AM. She also said she will never ride in a Learjet again.

Paris and Ryan Seacrest confirm new show
Paris and Ryan confirmed that they’re working on a semi top secret new reality show. They said the pitched the show to a single unnamed network and it was picked up right away. Ryan said “some of [this] plays into that Funny or Die video which Paris did, which was pretty genius. It seems like there would be a great opportunity to do something like that again.” Paris said she was talking to Funny or Die and “might have a VP announcement soon.” She said this current political process was “the first time I have really paid attention [to politics]. It’s crazy… I don’t know what to think.”

Sage words from Paris. Maybe she just doesn’t want to commit to a candidate.

Paris Hilton is shown out on 9/26/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. Codzilla says:

    Can I record an album, too? My voice sucks, but I DO know four chords on the guitar that I can usually play consecutively without f*cking up.

  2. Ron says:

    I wrote all the songs…..Paris Hilton writes music…. Notes on staffed paper. Oh I’m sure that happened.

  3. Rio says:

    Wow, that outfit is…um…inspired. By Pam Anderson’s brilliant turn in “Barb Wire”, but still, inspired!

  4. spoonman says:


    When will this attention grabbing loser decide to get pregnant and show Brittney how to be a real mom???

    She can’t sing, can’t make it in reality TV-maybe getting knocked up is what she will do good!

  5. Diva says:

    I hate that Paris Hilton is starting to grow on me. I watched her on Letterman the other night and she was cute. Plus, I’m loving the new hair and make-up. For the first time ever I think she looks pretty.

    Ugh… hate it. lol

  6. Jess Doherty says:

    She is so juvenile! Time to grow up already!

  7. vdantev says:

    You can only record a sucky pop album if you’re incredibly rich with no real talent or self esteem. Rules are rules.

  8. GS says:

    Good grief…is this no-talent over exploited twit still around? Seriously, though, I can’t believe there are that many trashy people out there that actually think she’s worth 1 minute of their time. No wonder our country is in so much trouble.

  9. I tried grabbing the feed for the RSS for your website but it is not showing up in Google Chrome. Does anyone have any suggestions?