Dita Von Teese is single & looking; says her look is how she deals w/ shyness

The fabulous burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, who recently performed a private show for Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony for his birthday, doesn’t have a boyfriend. Can you believe that? In the latest edition of Hello, Dita says that she would like to get married again at some point, but right now she is very single.

Over the years you’d imagine she she has attracted her fair share of unwanted attention. “Unwanted attention? I don’t think so,” she says. Currently single, Dita married Goth rocker Marilyn Manson in 2005. They divorced the next year. It hasn’t put her off marriage. “I love the ritual of being married. I was good at being married. I’d like to have a life filled with many great loves,” she laughs.
“I’ve learned not to look at romantic failures as failures – it’s all a learning process. I’m looking at that as a good thing now, and not so much having to find the man of my dreams.”

For now, she’s happy “seeing a few people.” “I love guys with good bodies and good looks,” she says, her green eyes widening. “I’m a little bit lecherous.” She’d like children if she could find the right partner, “one who inspires me. But if I don’t, it doesn’t make me less important in the world.”

[From Hello! Magazine print version, Oct. 7, 2008]

“Guys with good bodies and good looks.” Neither of which describe her ex husband! I’m still waiting to hear what the attraction was there. Well, live and learn. Dita goes on to say that she cultivated her 1940’s-inspired look as a way to deal with shyness. She says that she still gets teased about her look, but doesn’t let it get to her. She says she has her good and bad body image days, just like everyone else.

“I’m like any other woman in that I look in the mirror and am critical about certain things, but it’s important not to point out your flaws. A lot of people, if they are given a compliment, want to tell you everything that is wrong, when all you should say is, ‘thank you.'”

So true! I know I am one of those women who used to have a hard time taking a compliment as well. Now, I do that exact thing – smile and say thank you.

I was surprised to hear that Dita doesn’t have hundreds of guys calling her. She’s gorgeous, sexy, glamorous and successful – sounds like a major catch, right? Maybe men are intimidated by her line of work or something. Whatever the reason, I don’t think a woman like Dita is going to stay single for long, unless she wants to.

Dita Von Teese is shown at the Christian Dior show in Paris on 9/29/08 between Katie Perry and Lily Allen in the front row. She’s also shown with fashion designer John Galliano and his giant forehead. Credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Kaiser says:

    You know who she would be good with? George Clooney. Think about it.

    We should totally set them up. 😆

  2. anony says:

    Ha! But she seems real and Clooney seems to like the temporary thing. I get the impression she enjoys the long term relationship. It would be fun to see them together though..
    I always liked her. Then I met her (my friends owned an art gallery in Chicago and they got her to show up for 2 hours..some promotional/opening thing) and she was so sweet and normal. Oh, and she was not a diva at ALL. Made no demands. Hung out afterwards to chat with people (she did not perform she just showed up to be there and draw people in)and she was so nice.

  3. Kaiser says:

    “Made no demands” – That’s why she’d be perfect for Clooney! He hates needy women! (and he *allegedly* likes to pay for it) 😛

  4. anony says:

    And she has her own career going.. is not into drugs and all of that, Clooney isn’t either. And they both look like old time movie stars:)

  5. california angel says:

    I enjoy the fact that she presents an alternate idea of sexy, which is refreshing and inspiring. I only wish I could ever pull it off, but alas, I live vicariously through her. Her vintage look would pair very well with George Clooney’s old Hollywood style, good observation!

  6. kate says:

    i adore her.

  7. geronimo says:

    Oooh interesting, Dita & George! They do have that old Hollywood glam thing going on and I can already imagine them together on the red carpet. I like. 😀 Good matchmaking, Kaiser.

  8. spoonman says:

    I’m available Dita-blog me for a good time-I have $$, but not a great bod and a receding hairline!!! hahaha

    Hmmmmmmm, Looking for a guy with a perfect body and perfect looks-a bit idealistic. She is hot and can chose her next move, but really who cares at this point???

    To answer the question of why she married M Manson. Hey, by marrying M Manson she made herself an instant celebrity with the paparazzi! M Manson discovered this hot piece of ass banged her for a while and then moved on-that is his MO.

    A mismatch marriage like that is just as baffling as M Jackson L Pressley union. But we all know now that was for the press and M Jackson’s PR control after he screwed all those little boys…

  9. Exiled says:

    Is the young girl 2 seats down from her in those pictures, the girl from Harry Potter?

  10. Diva says:

    I just don’t understand how anyone could tease her for her look. She looks flawless allllll the time! If she just sort of occasionally dressed up in some random retro-wear, then maybe some scrutiny would be understandable, but she’s dedicated to what she is and it’s pretty much perfected.

  11. geronimo says:

    @Exiled – yes, Emma Watson.

  12. Kate says:

    Yeah, that is the Harry Potter girl, Exiled 😀
    Good eye!

  13. Kaiser says:

    Dita & Georgie, sitting in a tree…

    Seriously, it’s a wonderful match.

    *pats self on back*

  14. gg says:

    Not surprised at all – men are intimidated easily. Somebody that clearly spends all day just getting ready to appear somewhere for an hour or two doesn’t look approachable, and nice guys don’t usually pursue strippers.

    She’s pretty and all, but to me she just looks like untouchable plastic. Looks perfect from far away – why mess that up?

  15. MSat says:

    Actually, ER, in that article, she states that it takes her less than an hour to get ready to go anywhere, and when she is going out and doesn’t want to be noticed, she does tone it down a bit, wearing lower heels and less lipstick.

  16. ff says:

    Yay, more Dita pics!

    I’m not sure it’s just how untouchable she looks I think it’s easier to rejected by some people over others and it’s also nicer to think kindly of someone if you don’t know what they’re like (or haven’t been rejected by them) – or at least that’s how I see.

    I think she’s cute but I could understand her not being approached as much as you’d think.

    She’s also right about that compliment thing, most people don’t notice your imperfections until you point them out. Just say thanks, indeed.

  17. Amy says:

    Come on, she’s got great style, but it’s all borrowed from other people. Why are you talking about her like she’s freaking Audrey Hepburn or something? She’s just a Suicide Girl without the ugly tats.

    Sorry, I’m not trying to get into a flame war at all, as I love the CB crowd. We’re just gonna have to agree to disagree here. 🙂

  18. Diva says:

    Her look is borrowed from another TIME, not other people. She looks nothing like Audrey Hepburn and doesn’t attempt to. The whole persona is completely different.

    And she is no where near a Suicide Girl without “ugly tats” (whatever). Suicide girls are retro-goth, there’s nothing goth about Dita except her ex-husband. The only thing Dita and Suicide Girls have in common is taking their clothes off.

  19. Chamalla says:

    Dita & George! Kaiser, you crafty minx, you. I love it.

  20. Kolby says:

    Katy Perry, on the other hand – now there is someone who is trying to steal someone else’s look. Too bad it’s Dita’s and she can’t pull it off nearly as well. Oh, and Jill Sobule’s “I Kissed a Girl” is way better, ;).

  21. jess says:

    i agree with amy. CB is the only place i go to read comments because you guys are so damn grown up and logical its amazing. not all suicide girls of retro goth…or even just retro, or just goth. wide mix. that being said, i think people are enamored with dita’s “flawlessness” because she herself is not actually a very attractive person. just attractively pulled together and apparently a very sweet woman. if you were to pull off her makeup and give her a pony tail, she would be rather homely.


    that being said. ive never been a fan and i think she’s overrated. its interesting that she’s been able to garner so much respect, since her profession is taking off her clothes and making porn movies.

  22. silentA says:

    I love her. But there’s something strange about here – alien, I’d venture to say.

    Too porcelain, not real. Maybe that’s why she doesn’t get dates.

  23. the other Amy says:

    I think that dita meant perfect for her.
    I think we all have our own operating definition of a perfect type in a spouse. my husband is perfect to me but someone else my not see it that way.

    Dita is a beautiful woman. She is a classic beauty and I am truly envious of her. Its nice to know that she is down to earth and hasn’t let fame go to her head.

  24. Leni says:

    I think that as beautiful as she is, she is probably very intimidating. As for being made famous by Mason..I never realized mason existed until he married her. Oh I apologize, I did notice him for a moment when he was dating Rose McCowan. I love to look at glam women in the magazines and she has that “it” factor. Not real perhaps, but I can see real in my own mirror. I would love to spend an evening with her and watch her put it all together.

  25. anony says:

    @ Jess, – true she does take of her clothes technically speaking. I think maybe the respect comes from her demeanor during her ‘off’ time… There is a dearth of dirt on her (in personal life) and she seems pretty low key. She even spends quality time with her mom (who is gorgeous- no makeup or surgery just a lovely older woman)

    I have seen pics of her with no makeup and she wasn’t homely (to me at least) She might be considered plain in those when people used to seeing her made up compare the two looks, but I thought she looked good. Her skin is in good shape (*avoids the sun and I think she’s a non smoker..*) so that explains it.

    As for not being approachable I agree with some of you guys- then again a lot of times when I would go out with makeup myself I would get more guys just chatting and making nice. Male friends often tell me they prefer a natural look b/c it’s low maintenance but also shows more confidence.

    Regardless she’s beautiful. 😀

  26. Anon says:

    I can easily imagine the vast majority of men thinking about approaching her and being waaay too intimidated by her looks and image. And the ones who do approach her probably aren’t really the type she’s looking for..

  27. elisa says:

    I LOVE her outfit in the top pic…the subtly colorful suit, the cute shoes (although I couldn’t walk in those!), and the handbag…

    Her look is very retro, and she pulls it off well.

  28. vdantev says:

    Yo !! Dita, over here !! 😀

  29. gg says:

    I love how Emma Watson is all, oh no I’m not with *them* …

    Also perhaps there might be some second thoughts about doing Dita since she was married to a guy that looks just like a demon.

    I think she looks too much like a tranny. Can’t get past the painted on face in the daylight. And that dress is just hideous!

  30. vdantev says:

    you came down with the gay, right?

  31. Iz says:


    Lily Allen, Dita Von Teese, Katy Perry, Travis Barker, and Emma Watson all in the same place.

    Doesn’t get much weirder than that. But in one row alone there are some of the most fantastically gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen.

  32. Kat says:

    She is beautiful. Wished I looked like that.

  33. Amee says:

    “I enjoy the fact that she presents an alternate idea of sexy, which is refreshing and inspiring.”

    she doesn’t represent an alternate. she is conventionally sexy who’s packaged a bit differently. thats all.

  34. lindseey says:

    not that I think she’s ugly or anything – I think she’s gorgeous & she seems like a very well-adjusted kind person, and she always looks really well put-together, but I am kind of surprised that so many people like her look.

    I know some will disagree, but to me, she looks goth. Not like a sad, depressed goth, just goth. The dark hair, the overly pale skin… The vintage clothing… how is that not goth?

    I don’t understand how she doesn’t get bored with her style. I would just LOVE to see her without the white face powder, with a victoria-beckham-esque tan, with her hair unstyled, in jeans and a hoodie and sneakers. LoL. I would PAY to see that! Just ONCE! Please Dita! Surprise us one day!

  35. Jessie says:

    I am tired of these NOBODIES! She is just as important as Paris Hilton. LAME.

  36. Mark says:

    What self-respecting man is going to want Marilyn Manson’s sloppy seconds?

  37. california angel says:

    You do realize, Am ee, that I was just stating my opinion. It is really not necessary and just a bit rude to attempt to “correct” someone’s opinion. You do notice that I said, ” I enjoy…”, I was speaking purely for myself, and if you don’t agree with me that is fine, but don’t correct me.

  38. coco says:

    I think Dita and Michael Jackson would’ve made an excellent couple. They’re both shy, they love nice clothes. Also they’re both pale with black goth hair. Just imagine the king of pop and the queen of burlesque,ha,ha,ha! Too bad mike is dead now. 🙁