Sienna Miller wins her lawsuit against tabloid for photos of her in distress

Brit actress Sienna Miller is hoping that her lawsuits against a number of tabloids will restore her reputation. While the lawsuit over topless photos of Miller cavorting with married actor Bathazar Getty – the ones that got her branded as a homewrecker – is still pending, she did win a separate lawsuit against The Daily Star for publishing photos of her being harassed and cornered by paparazzi near an elevator of a public building. Miller was awarded $27,000 in damages and the tabloid was forced to print an apology.

Looks like some good finally came of Sienna Miller’s relationship with Balthazar Getty. Relatively speaking, that is.

The Factory Girl thesp has accepted roughly $27,000 in damages and an apology from Britain’s Daily Star tabloid after the tabloid published a photo taken of her in Los Angeles earlier this month in which she was clearly in distress and, as she claimed, being harassed by the paparazzi.

The photo in question was published Sept. 11. It shows the 26-year-old in the lobby of a Los Angeles building cornered by more than a dozen cameramen while waiting for an elevator.

Prior to the incident, as Affairgate was in its nascency, Miller’s team of lawyers at Carter-Ruck petitioned the U.K.’s Press Complaints Commission, which in turn appealed to the tabloids not to publish photos of the star that were obviously taken as a result of harassment.

In addition to the monetary settlement, the Daily Star issued an apology in today’s newspaper.
“We accept, as we said in the article, that Ms. Miller was extremely harassed and distressed by persistent pursuit and intimidating tactics adopted by numerous paparazzi in seeking to obtain photographs of her, including the very photograph that we published.

“We apologize to Sienna for publishing this photograph.”

That’s one down, one to go.

Miller lodged a separate privacy-violation action against the News of the World and Sun tabloids in July, along with the Big Picture paparazzi agency, seeking in excess of $180,000 for publishing the now-infamous topless photos of her and Getty on their Italian vacation over the summer.

[From E!Online]

What this stupid little ho fails to realize is that it was her choices that made her a target in the first place. She claims that these photos are an invasion of her privacy – but she wasn’t in a private place. As for the topless photos, if she hadn’t been prancing around half naked out in the open, there would be no photos. These photos weren’t taken in her house or even her backyard – there were out on the open sea on a boat, and on the outdoor balcony of a hotel she was sharing with Getty. It’s unreasonable of her to expect privacy in those locations. Besides, if she hadn’t chosen to publicly flaunt her affair with a married man, numerous times, the paparazzi probably wouldn’t be tailing her everywhere she goes. They’d just go back to terrorizing Britney Spears or something. Sienna made herself a target, but refuses to take any responsibility for her role in this whole mess. Since Sienna likes lawsuits so much, I’d like to see Getty’s wife, Rosetta, file one against her for being a complete slut. Is that too far fetched? Probably.

Sienna Miller is shown on 9/10/08 leaving a clinic in Beverly Hills. Credit: Homero Tercero/WENN

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  1. ShouldaWouldaCoulda says:

    She could redeem herself by giving the compensation money to Getty’s wife, who was the real victim in all of this. Otherwise she should just fade out. Her 15 mins are WAY over.

  2. ccatt says:

    i don’t think she flaunted her affair with a married man. while i don’t agree with the choices she’s made in her love life, i find it really strange that people think that she has no expectation of privacy on her hotel room balcony or on a private boat. she did not make out with b. getty on the red carpet of the oscars. the description of her sunbathing topless, which is common in europe, as “prancing around half naked” is quite judgmental and bitter. she was on a beach! in the water! this article is pretty hateful.

  3. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, if she was so wrong, why was she awarded money and an apology?

    I know I have the rap of defending all of the ZOMG HOMEWRECKERS, but seriously. Balthy is the lying, cheating douche. Sienna’s just a stupid woman.

  4. Scarlett says:

    i hate this heartless skank.

  5. KERRI says:

    OOOH!! It looks like she purchased a third hand with the easy moo-lah she made.

  6. Mr. T says:

    Skank is as skank does.

  7. gg says:

    She gots serious bad judgment. She was posing topless, not in a private place. Look at the photos – she’s POSING for the photogs. The money she got was for being harassed by paps another time.

  8. takeiteasy says:

    The girl is just following her heart, she’s too young & naive to know better. If she did know better do you think she’d have made the choices she’s made? Get real. No one makes themselves a target for this kind of treatment.

    And not expecting privacy on an open sea? Are you kidding me?

  9. lanette says:

    women are treated like shit and men get a pass.

    whatever she did nobody should be hounded by the press,,,they are animals. people need to stop acting like they never did something fucked up before…the only thing is we don’t have the press following us.

  10. liz says:

    CB, I completely agree with you!

  11. Sweet says:

    @takeiteasy: 19 is too young. You should know what you are doing when you are 26 freakin years old and have been involved w/ married men.. Natalie Portman is hardly seen by paparazzi and Keira Knightly. She does this to herself. *rolls eyes*
    I believe her vagina should win a lawsuit for distress.

  12. takeiteasy says:

    @ sweet: that’s my point. If she’s never been married how could she know what it means to be involved with a married man? She’s naive. Young is subjective.

  13. Gee says:

    So I have this theory that someone in the Sienna Miller camp was responsible for tipping off the pappo when she had all those naked shots of her spread around. They were really clear photos, and if you have ever been present where the photogs are snapping, even with a telephoto lense you tend to be pretty aware when the shots are as clear as the topless ones were of her. And then, to go out naked in public again just after the nude ones are out, and have another round of photos come out in tabs. Pretty gross behavior.
    I have this crazy theory, and it may just be crazy I know, but from my perspective, she stood to win either way if those shots got out. If the shots were out, then Getty’s wife would end up so publicly embarrassed and forced to divorce him, and if she did not dump him, then Sienna would get to sue the British tabloids for publishing the nude photos. It is kind of funny because before she dated Jude Law there were not too many shots of him, then when she was with him a ton, then afterwards not so many. I think her camp tips them off. She is not an A list actress so her paydays are not that much as far as high earning actors go, and her lifestyle is rather expensive, even with men footing most of the bills. If she wins the big lawsuits against the tabs in Britain she could really rake in some cash, not just the 20 or 30 grand from this piddly one. The other ones she could contend caused irreparable harm etc.

  14. Scarlett says:

    wow gee;) conspiracy theory i am in! i think you are right. when i saw the photos, i remember thinking, “she is asking for it!”

    i mean….come. on. with a married man, you are famous – i think you would know you need to be careful if you want it kept secret.

  15. geronimo says:

    ?? From the tone of this article, CB, you seem to be more offended by the fact she went around topless than had an affair with a married man. Really need to get over yourself here, this ‘flaunting herself’ and topless = slut thing is tired, lame and insulting. Don’t like Sienna much, don’t rate her as an actress but the outrage here is well and truly out of proportion. Miller has the right to sue if she feels some of the pics were intrusive – and I believe the ones through the doors of the balcony of the hotel room were. A bit of objectivity wouldn’t go amiss. Lose the puritan, it’s getting in the way of logic.

  16. RAN says:

    This article is pretty scathing. Not sure I agree with the other posters but I will agree that she’s entitled to run around naked/topless in her hotel room and with her new boyfriend if she wants to. The biggest complaint from most people is the homewrecking thing… but I think he’s more of the a@@hole than she was/is. He cheated… she just dated (and all that goes with that).

  17. drm says:

    I agree with the post-ers who opine that the offense taken at being topless is a bit OTT. Here in New Zealand they have just quashed the last law that made it illegal to be nude on many beaches. In South Australia where I lived for five years topless bathing is the norm on the beaches I went too. And yes there are families there too. In Canada (where I”m from) it is legal for a woman to be topless in public, just like it is for a man. Same/same. I don’t see what the drama is about being topless, just make sure you have SPF 30 on your nipples 🙂

    I don’t like Sienna Miller’s acting and I can’t quite work out what she sees in BG, nor how she manages to act shocked that photos of their relationship became so public. She’s either naive (as someone pointed out) or spectacularly arrogant. I suspect its a bit of both. I do however have sympathy for BG’s wife.

    I don’t think Ms Miller should be harrassed however. She’s really cooked her own goose here. Public sentiment is firmly against her and her movie career which as far as I can see was never that s*it hot to begin with seems to be going through a severe lull at the moment. All of this is probably punishment enough.

  18. karin ralph says:

    DRM miller is pure arrogant she is 26 years old and i have a 18 year old with more sense and morals. if you really look at some of the photos she always has some kind of smirk on her face, last week was seen in a cafe with a friend and they where giggling and running out of the back door thinking they had missed the paps, that what children do. getty does seem to have got himself another children in miller.yes, getty is to blame as well but miller only needed to say “NO” miller knew what she was doing when she got involved with getty, no thought for anybody but herself.married is married whichever way you look at it , get separated first and let your wife no that you are leaving and not let her find out in the newspaper. he is a total waste of space. so is she.

  19. Jeane says:


    I am still so shocked at the amount of grief this girl is getting. I never really liked her, think she is a horribly annoying actress, but all the hate directed her way is seriously out of proportion.

    She’s dating a married man, who may have been separated at the time, or told her that he was, we don’t know that!

    It seems to me Sienna Miller is getting the blame for every single scorched woman out there. She knows what it’s like to be cheated on. She went through a VERY public and embarassing ordeal with Jude Law. Besides, considering how many men (AND women, by the way) cheat on their spouses, she is not the only one sleeping with someone who is married. BG left his wife (maybe for Sienna, again, we don’t know that), so he was probably on the outs with his wife before, since most men do not leave their marriage, they just cheat.

    I have been the “other woman” once… or twice.. 😳 (and so has Oprah! the other woman club is in good company) and I am not a slut or a bad person (although I do have some issues, obviously).

    Aaaaaaanyway, my point is that I really don’t like Sienna Miller and I really don’t like defending her! Stop making me defend her by being so outrageously jugdemental!

  20. Jeane says:

    Oh and I wanted to add that I really think women should stop calling each other sluts and whores.

    Why isn’t George Clooney a slut for dating multiple women? Why isn’t David Beckham a total whore for cheating on his wife and 3 kids? Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie are STILL pitted against each other, while Brad Pitt hardly got any blame at all.

    This is where the idea comes from that men who cheat can’t help themselves, and it conjures up the image of the seductive temptress who lures him away from his family.

    The fall of paradise was all Eve’s fault, right? Seriously, feminism has a long way to go.

  21. karin ralph says:

    could somebody please tell me why miller is not suing for the photo’s taken on holiday in spain on a boat at sea. could it be because she was not with a married man. the photo’s in italy i am sure were organised by miller to get mrs getty filing for divorce, she met getty last year and i bet the affair has been going on since then, kept a low profile because mrs getty was pregnant. used rhys ifans as a smoke screen. miller wanted the divorce over quick so they could get married.

  22. pammy says:

    You know they claim Miller dresses in BOHO style, copied from Kate Moss.
    BO for Bohemian and HO for, you guessed it! HO for Miller!