Actress Joely Fisher adds to her family via adoption

Joely Fisher, star of the FOX sitcom ‘Til Death, has adopted a baby with her husband, Christopher Duddy. The couple have four biological children between them already. Fisher is the daughter of actress Connie Francis and actor Eddie Fisher, and half-sister to actress Carrie Fisher. She has been active in childrens charity causes, including serving as an ambassador to Save The Children, for the African country of Mozambique, and promotion of the Kids Care Clubs, a non-profit organization encouraging kids and parents to volunteer.

Actress Joely Fisher and husband Christopher Duddy have adopted a newborn baby girl named Olivia Luna Fisher-Duddy, her rep told

“The Fisher-Duddy’s other children Cameron 22, Collin 20, Skylar 7 and True, pushing 3, are blissfully happy and enjoying their new baby sister,” the rep said.

Fisher, 40, stars in the Fox sitcom ‘Til Death and appeared on Desperate Housewives. She and Duddy, a cinematographer, have been married since 1996.

Details of Olivia’s birthmother remain private.

[From US Weekly]

Joely and her family join the ranks of other celebs who chose to adopt, such as Mary Louise Parker, Meg Ryan, Madonna, Sheryl Crow and of course Brangelina. I guess “adoption fever” really has taken over Hollywood- and that’s not such a bad thing. If you’ve got the means to raise a child and give it a great life, why not?

Joely Fisher and her daughter, True, who just turned two at the time of this photo, are shown at the Horton Hears A Who! premiere on 3/8/08. Credit: WENN

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  1. spoonman says:

    I hope she adopted an American baby?

    It would be great to see an American orphan get a chance to have a charmed life for a change…

  2. Gigohead says:

    🙂 the little girl looks a lot like her grandmother, Connie Francis.

  3. KoreaMom says:

    Wow, spoonman 😯 …ALL children regardless of where they are born or their ethnic background deserve a loving home. Congrats to Joely and family.

  4. vdantev says:


    I think he’s trying to express my often felt frustration that these celebs always seem to want to adopt their kids from some third world desert fly-infested rat’s nest some 300 million miles away, when there are plenty of kids living in deplorable conditions here in America needing adoption.

  5. KoreaMom says:

    Vdantev, How many children have you adopted domestically?
    BTW I did read it was reported she adopted an African American child from LA.

  6. MJR885 says:

    Grandmother is Connie Stevens, not Connie Francis

  7. vdantev says:


    I don’t have to starve a kid to know it isn’t the right thing to do- quit adjusting your halo and deliberately missing the point.

  8. cara says:

    I read she adopted an American baby, from the LA area. Good for her. There are too many kids HERE without a home or a family (to love them AND scream at them) and that just sucks.

    I’d love to adopt some “unadoptable” American siblings if I could one day. Hence, I toke an occassional J and it prohibits me from doing so. Why not quit, well boozers can adopt, tobacco smokers can adopt, pill poppers can adopt…you get what I’m saying here.

  9. brista says:

    Although there are lots and lots of kids here in the US who could use good homes (especially older kids in foster care), I don’t see why there is anything wrong with adopting internationally so long as you aren’t adopting just for publicity.

  10. vdantev says:

    African American- whatever happened to just saying ‘black’ ? Anyone else notice this ? It only took what- 20 years to get people trained into this forced knee-jerk PC guilt mouthful of words when ‘black’ covered it all.

    What if the person was from Jamaica and not from Africa at all? Is it still okay to call them African American instead of Jamaican American ? There’s also a lot of white people native to Africa- shouldn’t they likewise be considered African American when they immigrate to this country ?

    I’m just looking for some logic here, people. A little rationale.

  11. sol suggs says:

    With a name like Olivia, she must be black but who cares, she will be loved just the same.

  12. Vicki Maynard says:

    Joely’s mother’s name is actress Connie STEVENS.. not Francis..(she is the singer!!!)

  13. nxghosting says:

    he looks very happy on his smiling face thanks for info