Angelina Jolie’s lesbian lover reveals details

Sex with Angelina Jolie must make people crazy. Angelina Jolie’s ex lesbian lover, Jenny Shimizu, has talked to the press before about her relationship with Jolie. She must not be able to stand it that Jolie seems happy with Pitt, because she’s dishing the details now (link has a topless picture of Jolie and is NSFW)

“And her amazing skin is so soft to touch. But it’s her mouth that made me beg for more—kissing me slowly and passionately with those full lips over every inch of my body. It’s unbelievable what she can do with that mouth. Brad is one lucky boy!” Slim, crop-haired Jenny, 38, revealed how the pair:

REVELLED in trawling strip joints and ogling the girlie action,

DASHED back home to re-live the sexy moves, and

CAVORTED naked in a moonlit Hollywood swimming pool…

Angelina was just 19 and wed to UK actor Jonny Lee Miller. But Jenny told us: “One night as we sat talking on Angelina’s hotel bed our eyes just locked and we kissed. A slow, lingering, magical kiss.

“Next day we both knew we wanted it to go further—when I went back to her room we fell into each other’s arms and slowly took off each other’s clothes.

“She was a little shy but I just kept pointing to each bit of my body and saying ‘Breast!’ ‘Thigh!’ encouraging her to kiss every part of me. She was so eager to please. It was such a turn-on looking down at her gorgeous naked body as I showed her how to make love to a woman.”

Soon Angelina was calling shots, too. heir ideal night was for her to dress in PVC pants with matching skintight vest and trawl strip clubs together.

“I even took her to dominatrix joints and she loved them all,” said Jenny. “The darker and naughtier the better.

“Then we’d go back to wherever we were staying, desperate to rip each other’s clothes off and act out the moves we’d seen. They were amazing nights.”

Thats pretty hot. Shizmu says that Jolie loves lesbian action and isn’t going to be satisfied with the role of mother and wife: “Angelina loves danger and dabbling in the dark side. That’s where she gets her kicks – not playing happy families with one man.”

We think Shizmu just can’t bear to be without Jolie, who she reveals waxes every inch of her body and doesn’t have a hair on her. She must not think she has another chance with the gorgeous actress or she would keep the details to herself.

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