How cheesy & hilarious is Kate Winslet’s new Lancome ad?


First of all, The Daily Mail is making a huge deal about how Kate Winslet was airbrushed to within an inch of her life in these Lancome print ads. Obviously, that happens, but given that Kate still looks like a version of her natural self, the airbrushing doesn’t offend me like it does when it’s, like, Megan Fox for Armani. Plus, I’m still kind of wondering if Kate’s seemingly odd face in the ads isn’t a combination of airbrushing and Botox/fillers.

That’s not all, though. If you need a really good laugh, check out Kate’s commercial for Lancome:

This is an Oscar-winning actress!! That was the best/worst fake laugh EVER.

Anyway, I guess the British tabloids are having a field day because the old Winslet, circa 2003, would have bitched and moaned and demanded that she be photographed normally, wrinkles and all. But the new, fancy Kate likes her face looking as unlined as a baby’s.


Photos courtesy of WENN. The Mail.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Isn’t that how everyone spends their day?

  2. Gabriela says:

    She has a little too much facial hair. Good for her she’s blonde, otherwise that would be a nasty moustache!

  3. luls says:

    how is sitting in a spotless beige room, or speaking on the telephone while naked supposed to sell lancome lipstick??
    and that fake LAUGH! hahahaha….. 😛

  4. Theresa says:

    quelle fromage!

  5. Celebitchy says:

    That was ridiculous but it did really make me want that lipstick set! lol!

  6. malachais says:

    sigh, How long has this been out? Has she even been given an opportunity to respond? Must be a slow today for the daily mail.

  7. Kids Today says:

    This looks like an SNL spoof commercial. Whoever thought this was good must be the same person who green-lit Snookie for the cover of Rolling Stone. This is so ridiculous!

  8. Jaded says:

    Epic cheeze!! She’s become a bit strange since her marriage broke up, like she’s trying too hard to convince everyone “that I’m single and sexy and loving it” wayyyy too hard. On the other hand, LOVING that shade of lipstick….

  9. Lemon Drops says:

    Its bad enough if the chick starts laughing during phone sex. Its even worse if she fake laughs during.

  10. benny says:

    Why don’t they just use animated models? At this point, after all the photoshopping and whatnot, there isn’t much difference.

  11. Nanea says:

    Who would put on lipstick on top of lipstick?

    The ad is awful.

    That said, I wouldn’t mind getting that set of lipsticks either! @ CB

  12. sickofit says:

    woah does anyone remember the lancome ads ca 1995? Those where the times…
    This ad is ridicule beyond weird.

  13. ordinarygirl86 says:

    It reminds me of those late night Call Girl commercials where they are in slow motion asking you to call 1-800-SPANK-ME HARD. Kate this is beneath you!

    That commercial made me LOL

  14. Jayna says:

    It must be a great ad, because I want to now go out and buy Lancome’s lipstick because it looks so creamy, and especially love that shade and want it. So, in the words of Charlie Sheen, WINNER.

  15. Alarmjaguar says:

    Why is it that every woman in Hollywood is starting to look like Madonna, at least in the photoshopped versions. Yuck.

  16. samihami says:

    I love Lancome AND I love KW…but that ad is horrible!

  17. Coco says:

    @Alarmjaguar I was going to say the same thing! From just above the tip of the nose up she is totally channeling Madge.

  18. jover says:

    I agree benny cosmetic ads from the 80s and 90s were so much better even for ads; supermodels and much less retouching and photoshopping – these lame celebs have nothing on Paulina Porizkova.

  19. Jess says:

    Oh sweet moses. It’s like Lancome’s interpretation of Blade Runner and Je t’aime Moi Non Plus combined. Ugh.

  20. Bailey says:

    I have that exact telephone with a much longer cord way back in my closet with the skeletons

    the lipsticks looks nice

    that reminds me… I need to vacuum

  21. lolas says:

    At first I thought the commercial was stupid (no one puts on lipstick like that) but then I decided perhaps it was meant to a be a bit over the top with the ooh la la and the blatant disregard for reality and now I don’t mind it. And LOVE THE ROOM. Oh, and I also think the lipsticks look good and might just buy it… Guess the joke’s on me.

  22. Andie says:

    She looks stunning but that ad is tres cheesy and tres strange. I used to like her a lot, but I suddenly feel like she’s selling out, and buying into the ‘youth is everything’ brand.

  23. scout says:

    I really like and admire her and am very disappointed she chose to do this ridiculous commercial! However, if you had not told me it was her, I would not have known it from watching this ad. It doesn’t even look like her!

    I do love Lancome products though, especially their lipsticks so I will be checking these new ones out soon!

  24. the H says:

    Ya gotta fake it to make it, people. It’s her career… change is inevitable. If she was stuck in her “old” ways she wouldn’t get paid. That is all it comes down to. Ageism in Hollywood.

    If that is botox and fillers sign me up!

  25. carrie says:


  26. spinner says:

    She. Is. Beautiful.

    I choose to believe her in regards to not having done anything to her face. And even if she did…so what?? She is lovely & keeps to herself.

  27. Kloops says:

    Yes, it’s awful, but I kinda want that lipstick now, so I guess it’s doing something right.

  28. Jayna says:

    @Kloops, exactly. Everybody can make fun of the cheesy ad, but I never watch these ads and want the makeup or whatever they trying to sell. This is the first time. It worked, so I call it a huge success.

  29. lucy2 says:

    Why why why is she doing this? I can understand signing on as a spokesperson, because for the most part she does low budget films and probably doesn’t make millions upon millions, but…this? No!

  30. lila says:

    Just plain vulgar. Does not represent French women at all. I don’t want any of these products. Lancome has lost it!

  31. apsutter says:

    I love that lipstick!! I love Kate but she has always had a lot of facial hair. If I was her I would get my whole face waxed…lol

  32. Paige says:

    OK nice lipstick set, but what is she doing on the floor!!

  33. Angel says:

    Oh hell naw. People need to back the hell up off of Kate. She can do no wrong, PERIOD. Ladies should be watching and learning, because this this is actually how a woman ages gracefully. Jealous swines, the lot of them!

    Also, that ad totally made me want those lipsticks. @lolas, IA that was the point and I liked it for that.

  34. Dr_Venkman says:

    I just imagined waking up in a completely whitened room, only covered by a sheet…half in panic, half bemused I grab the phone and call someone for help – only to find out, that a lipstick salesman left his goods on the table.

    I actually would laugh in almost the same tone – given the fact that I am losing it quickly…

    This ad was conceived on really really mean drugs, I am certain of that.

  35. Newbie says:

    ridiculous. and i like her, even.

  36. harfang says:

    Right. um. I’m trying to defend my Kate and I caaan’t. I mean, hell, the product is basically called “Totally Nude,” that’s bad enough. What happened to her not wanting to look plastic? She is so completely polycarbonate here. I can’t even defend her by mentioning that she has a right to put her kids through school later. What has she even ~acted in~ lately??

  37. argirl says:

    I’m surprised J.Lo let them use her dressing room.

  38. Emilie says:

    I love Kate Winslet – maybe even have a teeny girl crush on her but holy shit… wtf was that?