Enquirer: Sandra Bullock is afraid Jesse James will reveal her lesbianism


As you may remember, Jesse James has a publishing deal for his tell-all memoir. Many think that Jesse is truly going to “tell all” about his marriage to Sandra Bullock. Of course, many also think that Jesse is a piece of neo-Nazi trash. Anyway, this week’s Enquirer has an interesting/funny/sad piece about what Jesse MIGHT reveal in his book, and how Sandra Bullock is a mess about the whole thing. The most notable suggestion is that Jesse will reveal that Sandra is a “lesbian”. I put that in quotes because the Enquirer isn’t even saying that Sandra is truly Sapphic, they’re only claiming that Sandra didn’t really care about having sex with Jesse. Which, if true, I think most of us could understand, right? Also: I think the new thing is “If a lady likes to go to bed with a good book and her dogs, she’s a lesbian.” I guess I’m a lesbian then.

Sandra Bullock is terrified her cheating ex-husband will get revenge on her by lying to the world that she’s not only bad in bed – but a lesbian! With Jesse writing a tell-all book, Bullock fears he’ll boost his publishing payday by stitching together a pack of lies about their five-year marriage, sources say. But her biggest worry is that Jesse may have a secret sex tape of their lovemaking, according to insiders. According to Jesse, Sandra was not only uninterested in sex during their marriage, she preferred sleeping with their dogs, said the source.

“Jesse would always say that Sandra went to bed with a book or script and five or six of their dogs, leaving little room for him in bed and no chance to have sex,” the source said.

“He also told friend that he and Sandra had zero physical attraction, and they hadn’t had sex for months before they split. Sandra is on edge because Jesse could justify his cheating by creating the false impression that she withheld sex from him or is a lesbian.”

Publishing insiders say that Jesse’s book royalties are tied to how much he reveals about Sandra. She’s agonizing over the possibility that Jesse will spill heartbreaking details of her failure to conceive, and even accuse her of condoning his Nazi fascination.

“Jesse owns a large collection of Nazi memorabilia, including a surfboard with a life-size Hitler doing the Nazi salute that he kept in his office at the garage. He also had swastikas, helmets and Nazi uniforms at the home he shared with Sandra. While Sandra wasn’t a fan of his Nazi stuff, did she turn a blind eye to it? If Jesse tells the world she was OK with his collection, that could come back to haunt her, especially sinc eher late mother was German.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition]

See, I’ll always buy that Sandra didn’t know what was going on with Jesse sexually, that she didn’t know his sexual pathology, if you will. But what I always go back and forth on is whether Sandra knew some of the stuff with the swastikas and the “sieg hiel” salutes and all of that. Because it really doesn’t seem like Jesse was hiding any of that… and if Sandra did know, I will be very disappointed in her.



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  1. happygirl says:

    OMG Kaiser…you, too?? ME TOO!! Good book…dogs…yep! I guess I’ll join you in the lesbian bunch.

    Jesse is and always will be a douche.

  2. brin says:

    I wouldn’t believe anything he said and even if it were true, I’d go to bat for the other team, sleep with assorted animals and read a stack of books if it meant I wouldn’t have to sleep with him.

  3. ordinarygirl86 says:

    I highly doubt she’s a lesbian but if she is I wouldn’t be suprised after dealing with that douchebag!

    I agree with you Kaiser- I think she did know about his beliefs to a certain degree or at least had an inkling and turned the other cheek because she loved him. He never seemed to make it a secret which is why the tabloids found out SO much so quickly because he had pictures and was seen publicly doing
    these things etc.

    I do believe that she was blindsided by how much of a skeevy whore he was though and had no idea that he was having all these sexual affairs behind her back.

  4. Jayna says:

    No one will believe this. She was crazy about Jesse, end of story. She did everything to make him happy. Got interested in his stupid hobbies.

    Period, end of story. Jesse can’t be dumb enought to think that dissing Sandra will help him in the court of public opinion.

  5. newtsgal says:

    So because I sleep with 7 Australian Shepard and a Pappillon….oh a cat too!
    Does that mean I’m a carpet-muncher?

  6. Anoneemouse says:

    If she’s a lesbian it’s only because he turned her into one. And I don’t believe this story for a second.

  7. heb says:

    Who cares if she’s a lesbian? I mean even if she thought it would hurt her career….she ALREADY WON AN OSCAR FOR BEST ACTRESS! You’re good Sandra.

  8. Ron says:

    Sandy is a class act and this will do nothing but make him look like more of a piece of shit.

    Also I read in the last couple of days Kat VD is 29!? She look older than Sandy.

  9. k says:

    I’ve read that she did suspect something was fishy in the fidelity department. I would think she was more aware of that side than of his Nazi fetish.

  10. ordinarygirl86 says:

    One of my male friends watched The Proposal with me the other day and brought up a really interesting conspiracy theory-

    What if the entire Jesse James thing was planned to catapult Sandra back into the spotlight after her Oscar win? The Mghee chick came out of nowhere, then came the Nazi accusations followed with pictures, and then SUPRISE- she secretly adopted an african american baby and now she is once again “America’s sweetheart”

    I don’t believe any of that but his logic was basically that maybe Jesse wasn’t the only villain in the marriage and that Sandra isn’t quite as wholesome as we think she is and that MAYBE she was ok with Jesse’s antics when they were married.

    *Please do not attack me! Runs for cover as the daggers come out*

  11. TG says:

    With his barnyard jeans and soft feminine voice I still can’t figure out what she saw in him.

  12. JM says:

    I question the legality of this. If Jessie says all this stuff in his book WITHOUT PROOF, isn’t that slander? libel?
    And he is such a jacka$$ complaining she’d go to bed with her scripts. Ummmm, she’s an A-LIST ACTRESS! Of course she’s going to work hard to stay at the top of her game. Geez! After the way she’s been treated by men, I wouldn’t blame her if she decided to play for her own team.

  13. KatieM. says:

    I think Sandra should be consulting with her lawyers. If there is ANYTHING untrue in what he writes, she should drag him to court for libel. The guys is a creep. This whole “book” thing is likely an attempt at retaliation and to ruin her “America’s sweetheart” image. This guy has already humiliated her more than once, she can’t let it happen again.

  14. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    If I suspected infidelity, I wouldn’t be giving it up either. Maybe she was concerned for her health and thought it best to abstain until she knew for sure.

  15. Merry says:

    I totally agree with your friend’s theory!
    Always thought she knew and was ok with what was going on with Jesse.

  16. Linda says:

    She’s old enough to know you don’t tell your most intimate secrets to a bozo like that.

  17. TXCinderella says:

    Well, I guess that makes me a lesbian also. I like to go to bed with my two Jack Russell terriers and a chick flick or Sex & The City reruns.

  18. francesca says:

    I would not be surprised if something comes out that implicates her in at least some kind of involvement/awareness of the Nazi garbage.

    She has been far too quiet through all of this. I do not think she is as lily-white as some would like to think.

  19. happygirl says:

    @TXCinderella – LOL, me, too! Love my Jack Russell, although I still can’t figure out how he manages to take up more of the bed than I do! 😉

  20. Sarah says:

    I hope she is a lesbian. I hope she finds a woman who will treat her and the baby amazingly. Does that change my opinion of her in any way? Nope. She’s still a great actress and a sweetheart. Who she goes to bed with at night, is none of my business.

  21. The Truth Fairy says:

    BlindGossip – It was big news when this couple broke up, and now you’re going to hear some of the grossest behind-the-scenes details.

    There are photos. And a video. In them, the couple is engaged in various sex acts and using lots of filthy language. Since they were married at time, no big deal, right? Well, the man is wearing leather, a brown cap with a racist symbol, and a gun. He also has a little mustache as the result of a scatalogical act in which the couple engages on the video.

    When they broke up, he went to rehab, but curiously left after only a short period of time. Why? So that he could secure the tape. She was also extremely worried about the tape, as its publication would have certainly caused her pristine reputation to come crashing down. Her handlers rushed to the home, couldn’t find the tape, but were able to secure some revealing photos.

    So, in case you are wondering why she was so quiet after the breakup, it is because she is still vulnerable to being as condemned as he is. He still has the tape, she still has the photos, and the two will be eternally locked in a Mexican-style standoff.

  22. NoFrank says:

    Okay, wait — was it when she won the Golden Globe last year that she made the speech about her wonderful husband and said “…I think you’re so hot and I want you so much right now”? Or am I making that up? Because I seem to remember her saying something like that during one of her acceptance speeches, and he just sat in the audience looking smug. That doesn’t sound to me like a woman who isn’t fond of the cha-cha with her husband. I vote Jesse’s making shit up.

  23. Marjalane says:

    I think it’s naive to assume that Sandra Bullock was blameless and *shocked* at all this Jesse James crap. Celebrities live and breathe by their reputations and I would bet that Sandra was just as invested in protecting Jesse’s nazi stuff as he was. Whatever comes out about their marriage isn’t going to make her a bad actress- it’s just going to prove that some celebrities are better at discretin than others. I don’t care how many of you post that you once knew someone who was married to a serial killer and never knew it, I happen to think Sandy Bullock knew what she was married to.

  24. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    We all know that Jesse’s full of shit so why is everyone so riled up?

    She’s not gay, if she was, do we really care?

    She’s a great actress. End of story.

  25. devilgirl says:

    I am so sick of everyone who is single in Hollywood being accused of being gay or a lesbian. So what if she is?

    If I made the mistake of marrying a baffoon like James, you can bet I would be sleeping with my animals covering my bed to keep him out.

    I love how James cannot make it on his own doing anything, so he has to write a book about his life with Bullock to get him some cash.

  26. I thought she was suspected for the video of scatological play.

  27. Violet says:

    I wouldn’t be shocked if Sandra Bullock was a lesbian but I also wouldn’t be shocked to find out she just isn’t particularly sexual. She really does have a cup of tea and a good book vibe about her. I see people are thinking now that she knew what a creep JJ was but I don’t buy that.

  28. chasingadalia says:

    Whoops. I’m guilty of being a lesbian, too. Time for me to find a girlfriend, then. I call dibs on Liz Lemon. She seems to fit that category of book reading and tv watching at bed.

  29. AmyLynne says:

    I don’t really know if she knew about his Nazi stuff, but I don’t think so. I have had several close friends whose husbands were cheating on them and leading double lives, and I know from those friendship that the wives (my friends) REALLY did not know. They knew that their husbands had some very bad qualities, but I remember one girlfriend saying, “I can always tell when he lies.” It’s hard for me to understand because my marriage is different, but people really can be in the dark when it comes to their husbands. I just think that Sandra is one of those women and she did not know about the cheating or the Nazi stuff because he hid it, but of course I don’t know. It’s merely a guess.

  30. Cheyenne says:

    Isn’t that the usual way of dealing with rejection? If a woman doesn’t want to have sex with a guy, she’s got to be a lesbian. OTOH, women play this same game. If a guy isn’t interested in them, he’s got to be gay.

    As far as Bullock is concerned, maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, I couldn’t care less either way. All I can say for sure is I’m not gay and I’d do a horny toad before I’d do her ex. He totally creeps me out.

  31. TQB says:

    HEY, is this the Sandra electrocuting lesbians story from yesterday’s BEST EVER enquirer cover?? Hot damn! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

  32. Roxanne75 says:

    @Marjalane you are so right I completely agree! It’s all about reputations and PR. They are actors/actresses for a reason and they are good at what they do–Sandra is real good. If you can act and portray yourself as a goody 2 shoes then you are. Look who “Ms Perfect” was married too? HUH? She has another side. Not thats a bad thing…it’s just don’t judge a book by it’s cover. We are all human–just some of us have more money than others.

  33. Jackson says:

    You’re a lesbian!
    I’m a lesbian!
    We’re all lesbians!

  34. Liana says:

    not for nothing, but a lot of people collect WWII memorabilia as well as Nazi memorabilia and do not have Nazi leanings. There’s a good chance that THAT is how he explained away the WWII/Nazi stuff at the house. Or not. I like Sandra, so I am willing to give her the benefit of the doubt at the moment (or until something concrete surfaces).

  35. Jammin says:

    So francesca, because Sandra hasn’t wept to the tabloids and held pity parties, she has been ‘far too quiet’? Because she has kept a respectful and dignified silence, because she has handled everything that has happened to her with class, that means there is… ‘something wrong’ with her? Wtf? Are people so used to celebs milking breakups and giving interviews about their sordid lives, airing their dirty linen, that when someone comes along that shows class, the concept is foreign to them and they can’t deal with it? Since when did displaying dignity and class mean she has something to ‘hide’ because she isn’t whoring her life out and milking it? Very jaded, aren’t you?

  36. Shay says:

    If anyone believes that she didn’t turn a blind eye to his Nazi fascination, then they’re naive/born yesterday.

  37. jc126 says:

    I have no opinion on whether it’s likely SB was withholding sex from Jesse James, but I do think it’s highly UNlikely she did NOT know about his Nazi stuff. Give me a break.

  38. hmm says:

    Sandy has a ‘mousey’ face lol…she still rocks (and munches carpet) albeit w/ a mousey face hehe ;-P

  39. Chris says:

    It obviously matters to her box office numbers if she’s a lesbian or not. Like Travolta Bullock is a mainstream celebrity and a large portion of mainstream audiences like their leading men and women good and straight.

  40. OXA says:

    I think that they are just baiting her because she does not speak of her private life.
    Also if she is a Lesbian then its ok too.

  41. someone says:

    fransesca??? Im glad she kept quiet, shows she has a lot of class…

  42. malachais says:

    It makes me upset that not only does Sandra have to deal with Jesse flaunting his new girlfriend, but his new gf encourages him to write a tell-all book about his old marriage? That is just creepy/weird.

  43. curmudgeon says:

    She probably rationalized it. You know that thing we all do when a red flag pops up? You know like Oh my hubby has this obnoxious little collection, but its just part of the whole biker thing.
    Who knows. I cant imagine Sandy supported or encouraged it.

  44. Rita says:

    “If a lady likes to go to bed with a good book and her dogs, she’s a lesbian.”

    I’m always telling my husband he should read more books but thank God almighty Hammdong wasn’t reading in his thread!

  45. malina says:


    I would truly love Enquier. If only I was a fiction fan. But I prefer biographies or a good adventure books.

  46. spinner says:

    Come on…she knew all about him & was ok with it. There is a lot we don’t know about Sandra. Does that bother me?? Yes & no. I get the feeling that this was all staged & everybody profited from it.
    Something very odd about this whole thing & nobody involved is a Saint.

  47. jj says:


    I also agree with your friend’s theory. I have thought she was a lesbian for quite some time now and that all of the “scandal” was very well planned. I have been wary of ever posting a comment about it though because there are so many Sandraites who thinks she is perfect and won’t even consider that it may be true. GASP! Jesse was her beard; he never stopped having sex with the women that were his true type (the tattooed ladies), it was just well hidden until she wanted to move on. And then it all hit the fan and she came out smelling like a rose. He surely received a healthy deposit in his bank account. I have never bought the “wronged woman” story. I personally could care less if she is a lesbian; but if its true, shame on her for denying it.

    In Hollywood, if what you know about someone is bad, then you need to realize that what you DON’T KNOW is worse, because it is all about smoke screens and mirrors to keep up their image. So even though it may seem horrible what Jesse did to her, it would be worse for her career if middle America found out she was a lesbian so lets set up this whole scenario about Jesse. . . and Sandra will be “America’s sweetheart” once again. Also, she was previously connected with Keanu Reeves, Matthew McConaughey, and Ryan Reynolds, who are ALL rumored homosexuals. Just because they marry their beards, it doesn’t mean they’re not beards. I’m just glad its actually been put in print, even if it is the Enquirer, because I figured this out months ago. It’s really pretty obvious if you just look at the big picture.

  48. Missfit says:

    You know, she has shown lots of class. She has been very discreet, kept to herself, minded her own business, moved on with life and has been optimistic as best as she can. And since she didn’t take his punk ass back, he has to be a douche and sell her out like that, regardless if it’s lies or not. Although I think it’s bullshit of coarse. She’s probably worried to what moron will believe his stupid crap and who’d actually be dumb enough to buy his book. I know I’m not buying his stupid pathetic crap. She’s better off. She looked so pretty at the Oscars. Team Sandra! 🙂 Oh and P.S. Guys don’t always have to have the damn nookie to survive in life, my gawd, what is it with dudes who think with their man junk. I think I’m more like Sandra, I’m fine without sex for a while, I’m happy with my family. But no, I guess not some men…they don’t get a piece of ass, and they have to go look for the first bitch who is willing to give it up for free and stroke their f*cken egos.

  49. Bill Hicks is God says:

    I’m not buying her clueless act at all, on any front.

  50. Kim says:

    Just what i thought from day 1 of their marriage.
    Arranged marriage so focus off her being lesbian and allowed her to adopt a child because its way easier to adopt when married than if single. And it got him and his shop exposure.

    Jesse always told his lovers his relationship with Sandra was arranged and complicated.

    If Sandra ia gay i am saddened she feels need to hide it. Its not Jesses place to out her but i can see if he is pissed because he was made to look like ultimate bad guy for cheating when his wife wasnt sleeping with him and never was going to because gay.

    Perhaps she isnt gay and if so then certainly she wont care if he “outs” her. Why would you protest if you dont care right.

  51. Maritza says:

    I bet she’ll find herself a boyfriend soon just so those rumors will go away. Just wait for it in the tabloids.

  52. Jennifer says:

    I would think that any heterosexual woman, given the choice of either being with Jesse James or being a lesbian, would most likely choose being a lesbian…

  53. lacy says:

    Women are always labeled lesbians when they turn a guy down. Why is that? Do guys think women are such whores that we will (or should) have sex with anything that has a penis and offers it up to us? Or else be called a lesbian…..I wish I could be interested in women in that way. It’s not part of my genetic makeup, unfortunately. Poor Sandra. She really struck out with this bozo. Must have been going through a dry spell to ignore the warning signs.

  54. mimi says:

    Jesse James doesn’t have to write a tell-all book to embarrass Sandra Bullock. All he has to do is — be. Sandra has to live with the whole world knowing she married this guy.

  55. di butler says:

    I dunno what she does, but she has great publicists. In the 90s, she had a rep as a loose cannon and a party girl, now she’s Ms. Purity America because of her romcoms. But, considering publicists managed to rehab Angelina, and convice a world Julia Roberts is a sweetheart, they aren’t making enough money.

  56. Mags says:

    Kat responded on her twitter people will be disappointed if they think it is going to be just all juicy gossip tell all and he is not writing it just to sell (something to that affect). I’m sure she pushed/talked him into writing the book while on her book tour, she wants to bring Sandra down so she does not have to be compared to her their whole marriage. If you read her twitter she get’s angry fast when people put her and Jesse down.

  57. carrie says:

    i don’t see what she saw in him so i can understand why she wasn’t interested by him sexually and it’s also the shortest road to cheat her

  58. Mags says:

    Kat responded on her twitter people will be disappointed if they think it is going to be just all juicy gossip tell all and he is not writing it just to sell (something to that affect). I’m sure she pushed/talked him into writing the book while on her book tour, she wants to bring Sandra down so she does not have to be compared to her their whole marriage. If you read her twitter she get’s angry fast when people put her and Jesse down.

  59. Alboooz says:

    I em sorry to say, but Sandra was just to much for Jessi Jay, that Sandra deserves better man to look up to, and not Narci Bigot who are just roomers that he just occupied her time on her life, that Sandra have to keep dogs around her self just to keep him away!
    As sun as she finds the right man for her self, Jessi Jay will have to declare himself homosexual for sure.

  60. Cha Cha Loca says:

    Puleeez. That’s the best his dumb ass can come up with??? Even if this were true, who cares?! She’s still one class act, something he and that sack of shit he’s now engaged to will never be.

  61. mdf says:

    what about the blind on BG a few weeks back about a couple who split and the woman stayed quiet because her husband got his hands on the sex tape they made. the one that depicts nazi regalia and him giving her a dirty sanchez? The most widely guessed couple was jesse and sandra. Well no one is perfect. not even Sandra.

  62. Gabriela says:

    So that was funny. They reveal her lesbianism by wanting it not to be revealed

  63. original kate says:

    well i guess i’m on the “lesbian” bandwagon, too. if it means getting into bed with a book, the dogs and a glass of wine then count me in!

  64. Tia says:

    OMG, everyone wants to be a lesbian nowada`

  65. Dany says:

    LOL – I am a married lesbian who shares her bed with 5 cats, some books and a husband. And if he’s banned into the snore room one of the cats is escorting him… I mean – these are incredible conditions!

    PS: I do think that Sandra knew about Jesse’s Nazi mania – maybe she handled it like a lot of women do when they find out sth. nasty about their partners… close your eyes… then it will fade away…

  66. Jammin says:

    Butler, the Publicists such as Huvane sure aren’t getting even anywhere near their worth when they manage to brainwash people into thinking Jennifer Aniston is Miss Goody Two-Shoes butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth and an American “Sweetheart” when the reality is the exact opposite. Huvane must be worth more than Jen could ever afford since he has managed to brainwash and hoodwink people into believing shes a ‘sweet’ person who can do no wrong and is as pure as the driven snow. Aniston and Huvane (or Huvaniston as the manipulative duo are called) have all the tabloids in their pockets.

  67. Kiska says:

    First of all, he’s really grasping for straws to make Sandy look bad. Nothing he’s says matters anyway because he has zero credibility.

    Secondly, if she is a lesbian, who cares? Furthermore, after dealing with JJ, I’d turn lezzie too.

    Last of all, just because she hasn’t jumped on the nearest guy means she’s a mature woman who isn’t looking to rebound with some loser. Her priority is her son and she has dignity and self-respect.

  68. Jammin says:

    I really don’t get the hate for Sandra. She is a decent and classy lady. How can someone milk their divorce for 6 years, throw pity parties, bad-mouth her ex-husband, his partner and their children, use her friends to slam her ex-husband’s partner and call her vile names and just all-round use the press for sympathy; and everyone falls for it. Yet someone as classy, demure and dignified like Sandra doesn’t slam her ex-husband, or his mistresses, and does not utter one ill word about anyone, and people are jumping on her. What effed up world is this, where right is wrong, and wrong is right? Where the classy are villified, while the pity-party manipulative attention-seekers are beloved? I really don’t get the human race sometimes.

  69. Confuzzle says:

    Way back in the dark ages – pre Jesse – in the nineties it was oft rumoured that Sandra was a lesbian because she wasn’t seen with many male companions. Alicia Keys got that rumour too. Apparently women need men around 24/7 otherwise all they want is carpet.

  70. Hakura says:

    Besides not caring one way or another if Sandra is really gay, I seriously doubt she gives a damn if Jesse claims that she’s ‘bad in bed’. His only reference point is sex with filthy tattoo-covered prostitutes…He’s not exactly an expert on ‘good in bed’ himself, I’m sure. (All those neo-nazi types are just overcompensating for a lack of equipment downstairs, as far as I’m concerned.)

    @Jennifer“I would think that any heterosexual woman, given the choice of either being with Jesse James or being a lesbian, would most likely choose being a lesbian…”

    I’d rather sleep with Lindsay Lohan than Jesse James. THAT is saying something. *shudder* Would probably be at equal risk of catching an STD though….

    “But what I always go back and forth on is whether Sandra knew some of the stuff with the swastikas and the “sieg hiel” salutes and all of that.”

    Agreed. =/ She’s not a saint, so I always accept that it’s a possibility. I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with collecting WW2 memorabilia. My step dad’s family is of German descent, meaning my half brother is too. I got him a ‘mark’ coin from Germany (made during WW2, 1930’s sometime) that had the German ‘Hawk’ & a Swastika. I just found it fascinating, a piece of history, & not meant to be glorifying any of things the Nazis did during that period.

    But It becomes different when you ‘joke’ about the ‘salutes’, or have what appear to be ‘shrines’ to Hitler. Going after women who are openly ‘White Supremisist’ is the complete confirmation. Who knows if Sandra may have downplayed it, justified it to herself, or even condoned it/participated in the Nazi fetishism. I really hope not… I don’t want her to join the ever-growing list of celebrities I WILL NOT support in any way… With Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, & Chris Brown… & Tom Cruise. Creep me out.)

  71. sasa says:

    Love Sandra. Wouldn’t it be hot if she actually were a lesbian and hooked up with Michelle Rodriguez (who says she is not lesbian but whatever). Or some other pretty chick with a gorgeous body. Now that’s what I would call an upgrade. That or Keanu of course.

  72. dovesgate says:

    You know, my mother has a pretty extensive library on WWII, everything from Hitler to troop movements, Stalin to camp survivors. She even has an SS ring. She also has an interest in Russian history.

    She’s interested in the era and the psychology that would allow men like Stalin and Hitler to come to power. This interest doesn’t make her a Nazi nor a Communist.

    If, sometime in the future, I found out my mom actually was either one, I would be completely shocked. It would also mean that she’s lied to me for years about why she is interested. It is entirely possible to be duped in this way.

  73. Kloops says:

    No, to the lesbianism. Yes, to the knowledge about JJ’s interest in Nazi memorabilia, but she probably didn’t read much into it beyond juvenile interest. Maybe, to the knowledge of infidelity. She probably suspected but talked herself out of it because she’s Sandra Bullock and he’s Jesse Ew-Gross James.

  74. crtb says:

    I love how James cannot make it on his own doing anything, so he has to write a book about his life with Bullock to get him some cash.

    Jesse was a very rich man BEFORE he met Sandra. People pay him a lot of money for his motocycles. He isn’t as rich as Sandra, however he is a multi-millionair.

  75. Mocha says:

    Geez the man is really an insecure a*hole. Who the H*ell is going to believe what he says in that book. Jesse is a cheater therefore he is a liar and has no creditabily so no one will believe it. That is if anyone buys his book.
    Im sure its true he will get more money if he spills embarrasing info on Sandra. Even though its been over a year since the scandal he is still milking Sandra to get media attention. Guess he cant do anything else now that he is with a nobody. He just races cars and sell burger joints so he has to write a book about their private lives. Hes such a d-bag!
    About her being a lesbian, I dont think is true (not that it matters), however, if he had a problem with their situation he should’ve talked to her about it or seeked professional help instead of going out and cheating!
    What Jesse wanted -as they say- is “to have his cake and eat it too”, he wanted to screw around (like he did on his two previoous wives)& keep his bad boy rep & have the famous wife at home.
    Now he lost the best thing he did in his life and now instead of being with a great “lesbian” he’s stuck with a tranny haha!

  76. anonymous says:

    haha @Brin i second that!

    He’s a total dog and Sandra from all accounts is about the nicest person in Hollywierd so he can try and cover his ass all he wants and try and make her look bad to save himself after the fact but what he has to say is worth about as much as all the dog crap all his dogs combined shat!

    Some stupid publisher will pay him sure but just the fact that he agreed to write the book in the first place shows who he is, if he had even a TINY bit of class he wouldn’t even be going there and it proves he never really loved her at all. Sad.
    Whats he gonna do when he cheats on his new wife? write a book and say she was into him for whatever other reason he can make up too? i wouldnt put it past him.

  77. Lee says:

    Well…if I were married to Jesse James, I’d probably look elsewhere.

  78. Lucy says:

    The problem with Jesse is he is used to woman giving in to his every whim whenever he felt like it. So after he married Sandra he realized she was an assertive secure woman with a mind and opinion of her own that he couldnt control. So the idiot acted out his problems by cheating on her with sluts that he could use and control easily. This is why he loves Kat because she is easy & her only goal is to please him and do his bidding.

  79. Faye says:

    What’s up fellow lesbians? I have a bf but since the definition has been loosened, I’m jumping on the lesbian ship. A ship of loving animals, books and cozy beds. Who could say no?

  80. Lala11_7 says:

    I love how when anything bad is going on with an actress…Jennifer Anniston or G.P. gets thrown in for good measure…I mean…REALLY?!?!

    This is one rumour that makes Sandy interesting to me…

  81. truthzbetta says:

    Something is wrong with her sounding so innocent.

    Jesse James’ ex wife was a porn ho and he and SB had to fight for custody of a kid (unprotected sex) he had with the ho.

    I wondered why any smart woman would go for him until people started mentioning she was into it. The dirty sex and all. Sandy could not marry this guy without knowing a lot about how sleazy he was.

  82. mkM says:

    Isn’t Sandra Bullock German? Or, at least, half-German?

  83. vibius says:

    In regards to the “Id rather go sleep with my dogs” comments. No it does not make you gay, it just means you are not meant to be in a relationship with another human being. If you are doing everything you can to make sure he cant sleep with you, then you are either asexual or a lesbian. Either way you are lying to your partner by being in a relationship with them. Why would you want to be in a sexless marriage? Its one thing after a couple decades, or while you have kids.

    If this is even true then maybe she is not as innocent as we make her out to be. Yea hes horny scum, but she used him. Under this scenario hes an ass but she got what she deserved.

  84. Dana M says:

    Well, if she is gay (not that I care), let’s wait and see if any chicks start coming out of the wood work.

    I saw her face-to-face in the 90s at Antone’s when she was “dating” some local Austin band frontman. She is quite stunning.

  85. Scorpiana says:

    Look, I don’t personally know anyone involved in this trainwreck, but I do know this:
    1. Men cheat on good women all the time and it’s not always about sex; sometimes it’s a passive/aggressive way to assert a perceived dominance they don’t have in reality, a la, if I can’t make you do what I want or give me the attention I need, then I’m going to embarrass you by sleeping with someTHING waaaay below you, just to make you publicly cringe and pay me some attention;
    2. A lot of women are put on unrealistic pedestals by people with no clue as to the personal turmoil in their lives, or their human foibles, i.e., you always look and act so well put together, you must be perfect and therefore you can’t exhibit any human frailties (like secret sexual perversions or bad judgment in men);
    3. Sandra Bullock is an accomplished professional, wealthy woman, in her own right, BEFORE she hooked up with this Jagermeister-doused asshat, so of course, it was just a matter of time that he mistook HER real celebrity for his own;
    4. When women are in love, they have lapses of judgment that often come back to bite them in the ass(es): sex tape, anyone?; and most importantly;
    5. Jessie James is an ugly, micro-penised troll who deserves the wanna-be but still less than tranny (apologies to real trannies!), sperm-bellied goblin that is Kat. ‘Nuff said? *standing down from soapbox now* UGH! at this whole situation. Where’s my wine?

  86. tracking says:

    He’s like a child desperately needing to rationalize his own bad behavior. Creep.

  87. Jag says:

    – I don’t care if she’s a lesbian or hetero. I watch her movies because I like her as an actress.

    – You couldn’t pay me to read James’ trash when it’s published.

    – There are other sexualities, such as asexual, that people can be that aren’t the “big two.”

    – If I suspected my husband was cheating, I wouldn’t have sex with him, either. He’s so egotistical that he actually thinks she’d have to be a lesbian in order to not sleep with him? In his dreams!

  88. almond says:

    Fame is such a fickle bitch. This doesn’t even sound like normal people’s lives. Look at it this way, if the shit hits the fan, we’ll all have something to read about.

  89. Cel says:

    I don’t believe their marriage was arranged – the hoo-haa that the media made about her dating him and then marrying him was nuts, and I think her team would have found someone else more suitable.

    Sandra’s mother was German, so I imagine she either turned a blind eye to his Nazi stuff or he explained his interest to her in a way she believed and then later realised what an idiot he was.

  90. Liana says:

    Yea hes horny scum, but she used him.


    Really? How so? Used him for what?

  91. Chris says:

    Never mind the Bullock here’s the Sex Pistols.

  92. dread pirate cuervo says:

    So if I sleep with my dogs AND my fiance, does that mean I’m in the closet?

  93. nwad says:

    Always thought she was a lesbian. Still do.

  94. LDB says:

    Her smile hasn’t quite reached her eyes yet…I only wish the best for her. I think she is great.

  95. Sardondi says:

    Okay, after reading the first para, I have this question, and can read no further until someone answers it for me: exactly how was it these two clearly incompatible people ever got to a second date, much less to the altar?

    I mean, really, Jesse looks like the kinda guy who thinks a bj is today’s peck on the cheek, and he would expect that after the first date, or there won’t even be any more tweets, much less more dates.

    And Sandra? I can’t explain it, it just kinda comes off her like invisible rays or something – but she seems like the kind of rigid woman who’s going to put on pink Playtex gloves and safety glasses before Mr. Happy gets touched.

    Each of these folks had to know about the other’s sexual temperature before getting married: you just don’t go in a few months from the tearing off clothes stage to “AGAIN?! It was just LAST WEEK for God’s sake! Jesus, what is WRONG with you?!”. I suppose you can fake being hot for someone, at least for a little while…but why would Sandra go to the trouble for anyone, much less Jesse James?

    Look, Jesse’s a borderline greaser thug as it is. His body is one huge tattoo. A tat or two, even more tats, can be hot. But Jesse has a prison-yard’s worth of them, and they almost look like that’s where he got them. Tats can also be a huge yecch-factor, and by themselves could give great pause to even a 100%-straight woman who’s just 2 hours into a rescue from a lonely 5-years on Castaway Island. So for a girl who might have divided or confused boinking loyalties, over-tattage could stop the sexual healing train dead on the tracks.

    There IS one way their getting married makes sense to me: if one or both of them felt like some sexual-image recalibration was needed. If Jesse maybe needed toning down; Sandra maybe needed heating up.

    Could Jesse have thought he needed some respectability, maybe stop looking like he’d screw the crack of dawn? I know, I know: many guys would say he was already at the Mt. Everest of cool quotient, at least with men 18-40. He not only dated porn stars 10 times a week, he was MARRIED to one; and she was like the Queen of Porn in her day. Think about that: women who screwed for a living – professional sex-havers – arguably thought this guy’s junk was so desirable that they competed with each other to spend their free time with him so that they could, presumably, have non-work sex with him. How could this guy possibly need an image upgrade, huh? Pffft. Go figure. But maybe he wanted to clean up so he was more salable to sponsors for tv. That is at least conceivable.

    And maybe Sandra thought she needed to turn the public’s idea of her sexual temp up to above freezing. But I’m not sure that’s what she did when she married the guy who would, literally, screw any woman who would let him. Ouch, Sandy.

    What she really needed instead of committing to 12-Billion-Served Jesse, was to show how sexually desirable she could be. How? Prove her super-hot she-woman heterosex-iness so overwhelmingly, massively irresistible that it could defeat anything. Even the world’s most un-straighten-able example of uber-gaydom…..Ms. Rupert Everett.

    See, Rupert won’t even play straight in a movie. Well, usually not. But tell me it wouldn’t have proved Sandra’s woowoo had major juju if, a month after hooking up with Rupert, he showed up on Letterman and doggied Madonna on Dave’s desk, all the while screaming out “I gotta have me some Sandra! NOW!”

    Oh, yes, within a week Rupe would be chairing a symposium at MOMA on “The Problems Of The Heterosexual Male In The Metrosexual Marketplace”; hosting John Wayne Night during “Guy’s Week” at Turner Broadcasting, plus being shown building a “Man Cave” during commercial breaks; and doing a Dr. Drew 2-hour special as the only guest on “Coming IN – When A Formerly Gay Man Discovers Poon, Or, Sandra Bullock Has Powerful Stuff”.

    That would do the trick nicely. Of course, there would be hurdles. Sandra would have to be willing, for one. And she’d have to have the powerful stuff. Either a tricky proposition.

    So, why’d the two most ill-matched people in Hollywood ever get married?

  96. chasingadalia says:

    ROFL, Chris.

  97. Meanchick says:

    He could also reveal the location of the Holy Grail, but that doesn’t make it true!

  98. Laura says:

    My longterm boyfriend loves it when our two cats sleep with us (it doesn’t happen often, since we keep our snake in the bedroom and our elder cat likes to try to bust into her tank and eat her. And on that note, I would let the snake sleep in bed with us if I wasn’t scared of squishing her. Snakes are excellent snugglers).
    Also, I got him hooked on bringing a book to bed. Does this mean my boyfriend is a lesbian?

  99. Hakura says:

    @Sardondi – LOL! Your post just killed me xD You had me at ‘Pink Playtex gloves & safety goggles’ & ‘Mr. Happy’. I can actually SEE that.

    Honestly, I’ve been wondering how in hell they ended up together for years now… I still don’t know the answer to that. It’s the only reason I can even entertain the fact that maybe they had something ‘freaky’ they both participate in… As they don’t seem to have anything else in common.

    @Laura“Also, I got him hooked on bringing a book to bed. Does this mean my boyfriend is a lesbian?”

    By the Enquirer’s logic, he should start getting manicures & watching ‘Glee’.

  100. Dana M says:

    In that case, my husband is a total lesbian too!
    He reads in bed with cats.

  101. Dany says:

    OMG – Dana M! Thanks so much! You just gave me the explanation I was looking for! And my husband even wears his reading glasses when he’s lesbianing with his book and our cats!!

    PS: Anyone remembering Sandy’s hot kiss with Scarlett?

  102. JenJen says:

    I feel bad for her for what that Bafoon is putting her thru but never really liked her until she handled the break up so well. So there is a chance it was all set up, and won her some fans. She was always so over the top with and about him it became obnoxious. I have never thought she had any chemistry with men on or off screen, so it would make sense. I will never get passed the fact that she tried to take another woman’s child from her, porn star or not, not cool at all.

  103. DiMi says:

    1. Does anybody else think Kat Von D has had plastic surgery that made her look more like Sandra? I just noticed it because of the photo angles. Creepy… She is starting to look like the goth/trollop version of Sandra.

    2.This is just a way to attack single women over 40; it’s absurd because being a lesbian is not a bad thing, but the claim is designed to hurt her and her career.

    3. If he lied to the woman he made vows to, why wouldn’t he lie to the rest of us? He would.

  104. to says:

    why does apprecitiating the artfulness of Hilter era items make someone a racists or in favor of killing jews?

    Hitler was an artist and propagandist and he created the Nazi symbols to be artistically and pyscologically moving. couple that with their present and silly ‘bad symbol’ image and they become just a cool style for wannabe rebels (thinks 1990s dentists with Harleys).

    does anyone really think that most Nazi saluters, symbol wearers and collectors really want to kill jews??????

  105. Hakura says:

    @To“why does apprecitiating the artfulness of Hilter era items make someone a racists or in favor of killing jews? Hitler was an artist and propagandist and he created the Nazi symbols to be artistically and pyscologically moving. couple that with their present and silly ‘bad symbol’ image and they become just a cool style for wannabe rebels (thinks 1990s dentists with Harleys).
    does anyone really think that most Nazi saluters, symbol wearers and collectors really want to kill jews??????

    No, appreciating the historical & artistic value of an era (no matter how horrible) does not make someone a Nazi sympathizer. I mentioned it up in the comments somewhere. But my half-brother is partially of German heritage, & I came across a coin (mark) from Germany that was created & used during the war, so I got it for him. The coin has the German ‘hawk’ symbol, & the swastika on it, but that doesn’t mean I support *anything* that was done by the Nazis… It’s just getting the opportunity to hold onto a little piece of history.

    BUT. I *do* think there’s a difference in collecting historical memoribilia… & wearing the symbols on yourself/saluting. I do know that Jesse is a complete idiot, & that if anyone would stupidly go around doing things that made him look bad, it’s him. But… It’s Michelle McGee (the really gross looking woman he cheated with)… Having ‘White Power’ tattoos, & having particpated in Nazi fetishism for photoshoots… That swings it for me. Then Kat VD has been accused of making racist slurs/anti-semitic remarks as well.

    I won’t say that he wants to ‘kill jews’… but he obviously has a ‘type’ of woman he goes for, & when *they* happen to be white supremisists or nazi sympathizers, his collection of nazi items takes on a new meaning.

  106. Banshee74 says:

    Even if she was a lesbian, who cares…he would still be a douche bag.

  107. In My many year of experience, Women ALWAYS KNOW, that their men are cheating. Mine cheated on all of his wives, I wouldnt sleep with him on a dime. Besides that, he treats women like shit. Jessie James is the biggest pile I have seen Yet.

  108. Kolowrotek says:

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  109. Scott says:

    Nice post and pics, I really liked Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, hope she is over this guy!

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