Hugh Laurie’s house broken in to while he slept upstairs

Hugh Laurie and his wife Jo had a scary experience recently. The couple just moved to Los Angeles full time at the end of the summer, and already their home has been burglarized – while they were sleeping. Luckily no one was hurt and the only thing that was stolen was Laurie’s laptop. But the incident left them shaken nonetheless.

HUGH LAURIE’S LA home was burgled while the British actor and his wife JO slept upstairs. The thieves broke into the House star’s £2.2 million pad in the Hollywood Hills and stole his laptop. The incident made the actor late for a TV interview the following morning.

He told the TV crew: “We were in bed when it happened… I came down this morning and said, ‘Where’s the laptop?’ Then we realised.”

Police believe the burglary could be the work of a gang who have targeted other houses in the area. Singer FAITH HILL and husband TIM MCGRAW, plus movie mogul SHERRY LANSING, have all recently been hit.

He is said to have been left shaken by the incident. A friend said: “Hugh keeps thinking about what would have happened if he had woken up to confront the burglars. There are some crazy people in Los Angeles who don’t think twice about using violence. He was very lucky that he slept through it all.”

[From the Sun]

That is super scary. Several celebs have been robbed lately. It makes sense that a particularly ambitious criminal would target nicer homes, since they are more likely to have higher value items. However they’re also much more likely to have a lot of security surrounding the place. Everything considered, I find it really odd that this group of criminals has been so successful. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were robbed in February, and there have been several similar reports since then. Hopefully they’ll finally be caught soon.

Here’s Hugh Laurie at the airport on March 9th.

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  1. Syko says:

    It’s terribly invasive to have your home burglarized, you feel violated. He’s got my sympathy.

  2. kelo says:

    Not to be too flip here, but did he not have his alarm turned on????? Everyone in the Hollywood Hills have an alarm system. It’s crummy, but a reality.

  3. Kaiser says:

    They only took the laptop? Does that strike anyone else as weird? No flat-screen, no jewelry, no silverware?

    Maybe Hugh’s house is full of crap and the thieves didn’t want to bother.

  4. clare says:

    This is a good reason he should be bringing that cane his ‘House’character uses home everyday!

  5. Obvious says:

    Computers tend to have personal information. They could get money on EBAY or from tabloids for private pictures, witohut disclosing how they got them.

    It’s more lucrative. It doesn’t surprise me in the least, but I’m happy Hugh and his wife didn’t confront the theives and were not hurt.

  6. Codzilla says:

    Time to get a couple big dogs. Works for us.

  7. Anna says:

    I feel sorry for him, something like that once happened to me and to this day, I’m afraid of burglars.

  8. KattyBitch says:

    We had our house broken into last week while we were asleep. I woke up and wandered into the living room and accidently scared the guys off while talking to the cat. It’s the scariest thing to realize people were in your home. He’s lu7cky he only had his laptop stolen. THey got my bass guitar, my brand new tv, my brand new printer, portable DVD, our old digital camera and the most horrible of all- my purse before I discovered what was going on…they didn’t have time to take the computer- they left that sitting by my car in the driveway. We haven’t really slept a full night since, we’re scared someone will come back.

  9. vdantev says:

    I have swords in every room so… best of luck to you, thieves.

  10. WTF?!?! says:

    Yes, Kaiser, that struck me as odd, too. Surely there were plenty of valuable items lying about to pocket or stick in a case on the way out.

    And it was the missing computer alone that tipped him off that they’d been burgled?

    Still, I adore Laurie, love him on House and am glad they slept through it, too.