Victoria Beckham outfoxes all the other moms at the mall

I imagine that some unacknowledged rivalry exists between all the celebrity moms. There are competitions like, “who can wear the skankiest cougar heels to Whole Foods?” and “Who can look sexiest at the pumpkin patch?” And if any version of these competitions really does exist, then Victoria Beckham definitely won this weekend’s showdown, titled, “Who can look trampiest at the Build-A-Bear Workshop?”

The fashionista has once again defied gravity, this time on a shopping trip with her sons. The metallic platforms seemed innocent enough, but on closer inspection, Victoria made making her way through the shopping mall in a pair of dangerously thread-thin stilettos.

Unsurprisingly though, the ultra-skinny Spice Girl, who claims to be unable to concentrate in flat shoes, kept her balance. Perhaps it was the oversized handbag – and holding Cruz’s hand – that helped keep her steady.

And whereas most mums would be content to enter a toy store in a pair of jeans and trainers, the 34-year-old opted for a thigh-skimming bright orange shift dress and sunglasses for the Build-A-Bear workshop with sons Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 6, Cruz, 3.

Clearly unable to walk up any stairs, the fashion designer wisely chose to use the lift instead but appeared to have some trouble fitting in with her large entourage and shopping bags.

[From the Daily Mail]

I’m genuinely surprised she didn’t topple over and smush Cruz in those shoes. Not that having 60 pounds of Spice Girl fall on you would probably hurt a kid much, even from the magnificent height those shoes provide.

I checked on Build-A-Bear’s website to see if they have any Spice Girls bears, and sadly they do not. The closest thing they have is a Hannah Montana bear – which is almost as awesome. In fact I started writing this article thinking I’d somehow mildly tease Posh for being dressed so… well however you want to put it – yet going to Build-A-Bear with her kids. But I got so distracted by the awesomeness of the Pumpkin Fun Kitty that I don’t even care in anymore.

Clearly Posh was on her way to do something else (strip club maybe?) and was lured in by the intriguing idea of stuffing her own Trekkin Turtle and all other plans for the day came to a screeching halt. Or the Pawsome Panda. I don’t care what kind of whorish outfit you’re wearing, if you’re smart and you’ve got cash, you drop everything for a panda.

Here’s the Beckham family at Westwood Pavilion yesterday. Images thanks to Fame.

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  1. Wif says:

    Notice how coordinated the boys are. With their matching hairdo’s. Seems like a planned photo op to me.

  2. Anne says:

    Oh, man, I would love a good shot of those heels. Can’t be worse than the stilettos She must spend hours just practicing.

  3. KERRI says:

    I know she feels she needs to keep up with her fashion image, but, c’mon, those stilettos she’s wearing are not practical to wear in a mall full of children running around, not to mention how uncomfortable it must be lugging around that luggage and walking, walking, walking….

    She looks ridiculous. Save those shoes for evenings out with David.

    P.S. I do envy her body. 😡

  4. anony says:

    Wif- I noticed the boys seem to dress alike a lot… so maybe it’s just them. It’s funny they don’t rebel and decide they want to wear something different once in a while. Not sure if they think in terms of photo ops since they can safely assume every thing outside that they do will be photographed regardless, ha.

    She’s such a cute little bobblehead. She looks like she jumped off the dashboard of a cab.
    This hair looks good on her much better than the long weaves she used to wear. I liked her once I saw her in a few interviews. She’s cute.

  5. RAN says:

    Kerri took the words right out of my mouth – except for her P.S. 😉 😆

  6. Vibius says:

    Is she wearing orange makeup? Holly crap she needs to stay away from the fakebake spray.

  7. daisy424 says:

    “She’s such a cute little bobblehead. She looks like she jumped off the dashboard of a cab”. 😀 anony

    I have never seen anyone dress like her to go to the mall, must be a set up…

  8. jess says:

    i dont think she looks like a whore…if she wore that dress with flip flops or more casual wedge heels, no one would say anything. i dont think it qualifies as a stripper outfit lol. especially considering the top is fully covered 😉

  9. Sweet says:

    It’s funny because if someone else wears something like that there would be a mob screaming, “WHORE!” LOL! But with Victoria she always NEVER seems whorey to me despite all the minis and heels..she has that petite thing working for her.. oh and i wish i had that haircut.. damn thick hair..But i don’t want to be that skinny because i end up looking like sanjaya! 😀

  10. jennifer says:

    Oh goodness, the little kids and their teddy bears, even the oldest (who is fast approaching the age when he would rather die than hold a teddy bear) – tooooooo cute. 🙂

  11. drm says:

    She just looks really thin…that is the first thing that struck me about the photo, cute but very very skinny.

  12. Codzilla says:

    Why can’t she use some of her husband’s money to fix those atrocious boobs? Maybe she didn’t have the cash to do it right the first time, but holy sh*t, this b*tch is worth gazillions of dollars now. Fix your wonky tits! 😯

  13. RAN says:

    @ Codzilla 😆 “Fix your wonky tits!”
    Funniest thing I’ve read all week! You always keep me laughing 🙂

  14. Codzilla says:

    RAN: 😀

  15. czarina says:

    I hate to sound like the Voice of Reason, but it could be that the two older boys go to a school where they have to wear a uniform of some kind, which is why they seem to be dressed alike while the youngest isn’t.
    I don’t know what the problem is with her dress–she has worn either this one or the same style in another colour and gotten compliments.
    Yeah, the shoes make my feet hurt just looking at them. Yikes! And they are stupid to wear to a store (or anywhere out with your kids). I agree that for a dress up night, fine go with the crazy shoes…but you shouldn’t be tottering after your kids at the mall.
    I really thought she was getting better. I’ve seen her in flats lately, and was all excited for her sanity.
    I like Viki B a lot. At least she spends a lot of time with her husband and kids. Photo op or not, her kids are getting cool bears out of it!!

  16. So sad says:

    Her body and skin is ruined.

    She looks like she has been starving for years and baked herself in the sun.

    So sad to see a mother acting like such a fashion victim and ending up looking so rediculous.

  17. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    I live in Dallas, so I’ve definitely seen a similar look with a FEW moms, not many. If you think it looks ridiculous in pictures, you should see it in real life. It’s all I can do not to bust a gut laughing, they look so crazy. They can’t do anything. If a single kid has a meltdown, they can’t really deal with it without mussing themselves up, so unless they have “help” with them, they just try to ignore it.

    It’s insane. Truly.

  18. brista says:

    I think the dress is cute, a little short for my taste but then, my thighs touch and hers don’t. The shoes are ridiculous for the mall, though!

  19. insidescoop says:

    Eat something for goodness sakes!

  20. anony says:

    I read she eats 700 calories a day. Aww. That’s no fun at all.

    Daisy now I want to look for a Hula Girl bobblehead for my car dash. It might be tacky but they’re funny. 😆

  21. geekazoid says:

    Im havign difficulty figuring out what the benifits of being a rich celebrity are. You’re sickly skinny, you are sleep deprived, you’re constantly harrassed, you can’t trust friendships unless its with only another celebrity. Belittled and insulted simply for exsisting. Now why do people want fame so much again?

  22. vdantev says:

    Alien Blow-up Doll mom, that is…

  23. Tina says:

    Is this the same woman who told the press that she’s running 5 (or was it 7) miles a day every day of the week, and it has increased her appetite to the point that she is willing to have a slice of toast for breakfast? I heard that she would like to try for a fourth child, hopefully a girl. If she does have a daughter in the future, I hope she has the good sense to let go of the draconian dieting, let go of the stilletos (once in awhile!), and asically doesn’t give her daughter any horrible, life-scarring body image issues.

  24. Gracie says:

    If her legs were cropped from the picture, photoshopped into black and white, I could imagine them in a picture of the concentration camps of WW2. She looks emaciated from the hemline down. 🙁

  25. Jeanne says:

    And she just looks like so much fun to be around too! I’m sure three rambunctious boys just love being trotted around a shopping mall while mummy teeters on her fugly shoes buying more stupid looking clothes. She should be at a park somewhere with a soccer ball kicking it around with them instead. What kids want a Barbie doll for a mother?

  26. Carrie says:

    I agree with vdantev. She looks f***ing ridiculous. And that haircut is so unflattering.

  27. Kate says:

    I don’t think the dress is especially trashy. It’s cute. It isn’t exactly mall rat attire, but Posh isn’t known for sweatpants and flip-flops 😛

  28. Lindsay says:

    Anne –
    that site has lots of good pictures of the outfit and shoes.

  29. Alexa says:

    I know you’re all doing what’s expected, but I wanna say, “Leave Posh alone.” (lol . . .) After seeing her on interviews also, I can’t help but like her. She seems very “regular people” and maybe she stopped at this bear store on the way to something where she needs to be dressed like that. Hey – some women just really LOVE high-heeled shoes. Look how many high-heeled styles are produced each season? A lot of people must be buying them! (And just like some women “NEVER” wear a dress or skirt, some women “NEVER” wear other than a dress or skirt.)


  30. Alexa says:

    One more thing: that littlest boy is so damn cute! He looks just like his dad. And have you ever seen him dance?

  31. Ondurag says:

    Think of the issues she’s going give her sons, far less her daughter if she has one! Why talk about the unborn when there are sons there already. They’ll never settle for down-to-earth women. And don’t forget, unless she exercises to specifically strengthen her back muscles, she’ll be in for a hellava lot of back pain further down in age.

  32. Zoe says:

    She is utterly fabulous…she looks amazing, she is funny, intelligent, a great mother, very humble and shockingly down to earth when you meet her. Her whole ‘Posh Spice’ persona is just that…a persona. She can mock her image and does it well.

    She dresses like that because she can. She has the money, the time, the energy and body to look that fabulous all the time and we’d all be disappointed if she dragged the boys round the shop looking anything less than the superstar she is.

    Love love love her.

  33. aspen says:

    I’ve seen pictures of this woman where I felt she looked frighteningly skinny, but these are not in that number.

    She looks awesome. She knows she looks awesome.

    So the shoes are stupid. Dolly Parton looks ridiculous and wears ridiculous shoes all the time, but she LOVES doing it, so we all give her a pass to be tacky.

    I feel the same way about Ms. Beckham here. More power to her.