CO$ Narconon wants to rehab Amy Winehouse

Troubled-celebrity predators, the Church of Scientology’s Celebrity Centre, have made contact with the very troubled Amy Winehouse to try and bring her into the fold and rehab her through their Narconon program.  Winehouse recently said that she couldn’t continue living like she was and that appears to have been the COS cue to swoop in.

Amy has told mates she received a “welcoming” phone call from the religious sect’s “celebrity centre” in LA.

My spies tell me she’s now seriously considering joining Hollywood stars including Tom Cruise, Katy Holmes, John Travolta and Juliette Lewis.

I’m told the church recommended their Narconon drugs programme, which they claim has helped hundreds of addicts kick their habits.

One of Amy’s inner circle tells me: “She had a call from the celebrity branch of the Church Of Scientology. She thinks they got her number through one of the American music producers who worked on her Back to Black album.

“They told her they wanted to help her beat drugs and could tailor-make a programme so she wouldn’t have to go to a residential centre. She liked that idea because her husband Blake is out of prison soon and wouldn’t want to be away from him when he’s finally freed.”


It wouldn’t surprise me if Amy was receptive to the phone call.  As much as people around her might say they want her to get help, no one has actually done anything to get it for her.  She’s clearly in a desperate state and after her collapse at her God-daughter’s singing debut she admitted that “Life can’t go on.  I can’t do this anymore.”

The Scientologists have done their homework.  Telling Amy she could get clean without having to leave the comfort of home, and her Blake, any more than the occasional visit to their rehab facility in Hastings, E Sussex plays right into her never-waning need to have her pipe and smoke it, too.  It doesn’t take a psychology degree to see that Winehouse suffers from low self-esteem and problems with authority.  This is exactly the kind of person L. Ron designed his cult to prey on, rich and idle, with psychological issues who feel the need to be told that nothing is really their fault, it’s all the thetans. 

Amy needs help, but I don’t think it’s a permanent “best friend” appointed by the COS, Tom Cruise’s sister doing her PR, or Kirstie Alley going to dinner with her, although, that could certainly help in one way.  If we see Oprah coming to have a cozy, sit down interview with her in the country home she wants to buy with Blake, we’ll know we lost her.

Amy Winehouse is shown at The ‘End of Summer Ball’ charity event in Berkeley Square, London on 9/25/08. This was the night she “ruined her goddaughter’s debut singing performance.” Credit: Gabor Scott /WENN

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21 Responses to “CO$ Narconon wants to rehab Amy Winehouse”

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  1. someone says:

    Someone needs to step in and help, or Amy isn’t long for this world..

  2. Anony says:

    I don’t think she’d survive their program, which consists of dangerously high doses of minerals and vitamins, and up to 6 HOUR sessions in the sauna. Plus, you know, all the other scieno bullshit.

    I hope she has somebody in her life who sees through the shit…

  3. geronimo says:

    Christ. Now she really is f*cked.

  4. Anony says:

    Dangerous doses of mineral and vitamins and up to 6-hour sessions in the sauna.. Wit a side order of scieno’s million dollar soul-destroying program. That’s going to do her good.

  5. Syko says:

    In other words, CO$ wants to get their hands on her money.

  6. vdantev says:

    Vegetable oil and sauna ‘cleansings’ followed by heavy exercise and near toxic levels of vitamins and and potassium, with low protein meals and endless CO$ propaganda are NOT paths to getting free from drugs.

  7. geronimo says:

    Oh the stories I could tell about the CoS’s attempts to wheedle their way into the rehab business in the UK. Cynical promises of donations to reputable D&A treatment orgs, in a bid to have their own ‘methods’ endorsed by respected experts in the field, as a bona fide alternative to 12-step and other tried and tested treatments. And it’s a tough one because the addiction field is very underfunded and donations play a huge part in the authentic orgs being able to continue to provide their services.

    But what they wouldn’t give to have Amy as their recovered poster girl. So predatory.

  8. Kaiser says:

    Yeah, predatory.

    But CoS wouldn’t be trying to swoop in if Amy was surrounded by people who were anything other than rank enablers.

  9. geronimo says:

    I know, K, tragic all round that it’s come to this.

  10. elisha says:

    But if she’s open to it…. I think it’s OK. In other words, it can’t get any worse than it already is. If it takes THEM to save her life, so be it. What’s better: dead, or brainwashed by a cult?

  11. vdantev says:


  12. SolitaryAngel says:

    I agree with Kaiser and elisha; if this is what it takes to get her clean, then I’m all for it—-because it isn’t like the CO$ has to fight their way through all her family and friends who have HER best interests in mind, is it? You know what? Let the CO$ have her for now; if it works, then someone can “save” her from them later…if there IS a later for her. Maybe while they’re at it, they can re-program her to kick Blaaake to the curb! :D

  13. Jeane says:

    It’s hardly fair to blame her family and friends for not getting her any help. This obviously has been going on for years and it seems to me Amy doesn’t want to be helped.

  14. caffie says:

    You know, I’d much rather see her in Scientology and straight than in her own world obliviously stoned.

  15. Alecto says:

    If I were this f*ed up my mother would have kidnapped me a long time ago and hid me away until I was clean and sober the whole time beating the f outta me and telling me how stupid i was. I don’t see Amy’s family doing anything other than make excuses for her behavior.

  16. vdantev says:

    I have a stun gun, a closet that locks, and access to duct tape, plus I’m cheap. I think I can set her straight in record time. :lol:

  17. SolitaryAngel says:

    @ dante & alecto: You know, it’s funny you should mention that; when my only child, a boy, was around 8 or so, we had one of our alcohol and drug discussions. I explained to him that, should I EVER find out he was an addict (or even taking that #$%@ at all), that I would:
    1. Cuff him to a bed (picture the old-fashioned iron ones)
    2. Tell everyone who knows him that he took off on a trip or something otherwise plausible
    3. Keep him there until he was thoroughly detoxed and sane again.
    It must have worked, because now he’s 20 and amazingly he still remembers that conversation! And, more importantly, he is drug, alcohol, and tobacco–free!:lol:
    @ dante: just curious, HOW cheap? :wink:

  18. FunkyFresh says:

    Scientology is taking its cue from the Evil Empire, Disney. First John Travolta, TomKat Cruise, and Kirstie Alley. Xenu needs a new hottub, and his followers are going after Winehouse’s money.

  19. anastasiabeaverhausen says:

    Great, she’ll be clean and vapid and boring and dried out and sucked clean of any creativity and originality and talent.

    But hey, she’ll be alive!

    I think she should go through a solid, good rehab that ISN’T a cult.

  20. Wow says:

    Anyone here knows what the Narconon consists of, what the Church of Scientology consists of… all experts…
    so expert that they prefer a drugged/died singer than a rehabilitated and normal person.
    Well, I am not an adept of the CoS as you call it.. but I know at least 15 persons who finished their Narconon by 10 to 15 years ago: they are normal, successful, with their own life and family.
    The alternative in any country is being addicted of Pharmaceutical drugs (metadone) FOREVER…
    Before writing down stupid things, please get your data… not over the internet but on official sites:
    not someone else’s eyes, you have your own!

  21. mom says:

    Narconon, after five other programs is really helping my daughter. We are not Scientologists, nor has the religion been mentioned. My daughter has been in the program for three months so far. The sauna treatments were mild, and only lasted three weeks. She felt great after them; she starting sleeping well again, eating well again and exercising everyday. She looks beautiful.