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5 Responses to “Holly Madison lets it slip that Hugh Hefner “and I aren’t together””

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  1. Jackie says:

    I guess different strokes for different folks, but I can’t fathom why a 28 year old would want to have a child with someone who could theoretically be her great-grandfather. Who knows if Hef would even be alive to see this baby born? I’m sure everyone thinks it’s money, but I think he probably has something in his will for her anyway.

  2. KERRI says:

    This post has nothing to do with this story, but I must say that my eyes were bulging when Pam Anderson walked into Hugh’s birthday party, Au Natural, holding a birthday cake — then proceeded to press her, er, upper body against his.

    Oh, I could almost feel the pressure on her lower back supporting her, er, upper body.:roll:

  3. Danielle says:

    Now I think its actually very sad about Holly, Bridget & Kendra splitting from Hef. Holly i can understand, Kendra not so much and Bridget (she is my favourite) i think is just plain upsetting. I watch Girls Of The Playboy mansion often and its very sad that they are all splitting up.

  4. holly says:

    I love the girls next door! holly has always been my favorite but i am sad to hear that the other girls are leaving too! i hope it’s not true i love the show! i love the girls! i can understand what it like to love someone so much and have no one else understand. i wonder if kendra will date girls now? i wonder who they’d end up with. i feel sorry for hef it has to be hard to find people that really care about u not ur money

  5. Ada says:

    You have a nice girl, you can see that you love!
    How it is to have three girls? How do you not to ensure that they are happy?

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