Robert Pattinson talks about “flimsy floozies” & getting into an elephant’s mouth


Water for Elephants comes out next month, and Robert Pattinson’s promotional tour is beginning to pick up speed. On Friday, he appeared on both the Tonight Show, and a live MTV interview. For me, the saving grace of Sparkles is that he’s actually a decent-to-wonderful interview. I might take issue with his hair (ugh), his acting (not good), and the drama that surrounds Sparkles (overblown), but when I actually see him interviewed or read one of his Q&As, he’s very sweet and intelligent. Here are some of the highlights from his MTV interview:

Rob Pattinson doesn’t require much of his costars. During a live interview with MTV News Friday, the 24-year-old Brit — who plays Reese Witherspoon’s love interest in this April’s Water for Elephants — joked that he chooses his costars based mostly on appearance.

“I like hot girls,” he laughed. “I like being in movies with lots of hot girls.”

Not that Pattinson — who’s also shared screen-time with real-life love Kristen Stewart, as well as actresses Emile de Ravin and Uma Thurman — will settle for a leading lady who lacks intelligence.

“They’re all very strong, actually,” he raved of his former on-screen flames. “I always end up being in movies with very experienced and passionate people. They’re never just flimsy floozies.”

Despite the actress’ combinations of beauty and brains, Pattinson still feels a tad uncomfortable while shooting love scenes.

“The love scene in this, I was doing it when I had a really bad cold,” Pattinson explained of his steamy encounter with Witherspoon, 34, in Water for Elephants. “My nose was running all over the place…and Reese had this wig on, and literally, I was wiping my nose on her wig.”

As for his much-anticipated sex scene with Stewart, 20, in this November’s Breaking Dawn?

“It’s pretty funny,” he said.

When asked whether he was intimidated by Witherspoon, given her award-winning career, Pattinson admitted that he was — but only for a few minutes.

“Anyone who’s really famous and really great, it’s always going to be slightly intimidating,” he said. “But she has such a nice energy about her, and [the intimidation] is gone within the first couple of seconds.”

[From Us Weekly]

Okay, he made me laugh when he described the Breaking Dawn sex scene as “pretty funny.” Isn’t the sex scene supposed to be, like, incredibly hot and steamy and kind of S&M? And here’s Sparkles calling it “pretty funny.” That was the sound of millions of Twihards getting blue balls (or whatever the blue ball equivalent is for tween girls).

And here’s video of his Tonight Show interview. I like how nice he is about traveling through America, and how he sounds like his idea of a fun time is doing karaoke in an empty bar in Texas. He’s lovely:

And by the way, the Twihards have totally screen-capped the photo of Sparkles in the elephant’s mouth:




Photos courtesy of WENN & The Tonight Show.

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35 Responses to “Robert Pattinson talks about “flimsy floozies” & getting into an elephant’s mouth”

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  1. Isabel says:

    Oh, I just love it. Too cute. The fact that he called his love scene with KStew “pretty funny” makes me love him that much more.

  2. Maureen says:

    They seem really desperate for this movie to be successful. Guess Reese can’t have another flop of a movie attached to her name. I think it’s funny how they need to pull the twihards twines out to save a movie in which an older lady is his love interest.

  3. lisa says:

    I’ve tried to see it.. but I don’t find him the least bit attractive. He has cute personality.. but I just don’t get a sexy vibe..

    Maybe I’m getting old.. :(

  4. truetalk says:

    Seriously, how did they conceive d idea of Reese being his love interest? is it supposed to be a cougar thing?!

  5. Vee says:

    He is lovely and charming and humble. His recent interviews have been great. I think his acting is improving and I look forward to Water for Elephants.

  6. geekychic says:

    don’t care about his acting, but love his charm and interviews.
    i just like him.
    can he be an actor who never acts, but does interviews?
    maybe…i don’t know-they could be a team? stewart can act the movie out, and he could go on promotion tour instead of her. ;)
    to be honest, i kinda hope the film won’t be a huge success, mainly bc i’m irked with the fact that he can’t act even if his life depended on it-yet, he gets the praise and oooohhhh and aaaaaaaaahhs, and stewart is devil incarnate. hypocrisy of women fans.
    (yeah, yeah i know: she is a butchy lesbian who never smiles and always complains and whatnot……the fact that he complaines as much and has the same fashion sense and even more stupid arguments than her, well he’s a man, so he can-in twihard world)

  7. Steph says:

    my friend is a student at texas tech and she has TONS of pictures of him and his friends there in the bar as well as pictures with her and him. She said majority of the girls there (of course) were going crazy and followed him for a while out of town

  8. Marc says:

    Do you remember Xtina’s Hurt video? Reese looks like her twin sister. And patison looks retarded. He is the one I don’t get it. Why the hell is he so famous?

  9. Tigger says:

    Am I the only one who finds him repulsive? Seriously, I am so turned off by hm it isn’t even funny. I don’t know why, maybe it’s his legions of 13 year old fan girls who state that he is ‘the most handsomest, and hottest and talented guy evar!!!’.

    He can’t act, and doesn’t have much staying power. After Twilight, he’ll be gone.

    And also, WFE looks very cliche. It looks like a rip of of both Titanic and Moulin Rouge.

  10. Latisse says:

    Seriously, I thought he was weird looking too and then i saw him in person. Like up close and personal, I was coming out of this calc class that I was taking at NYU over the summer and he was filming remember me, and I literally ran into him, I was stunned completely speechless. I don’t know if its because we’re used to seeing celebrities among other beautiful people and that’s what diminishes their beauty, but up close and personal among all of us muggles…lets put it this way, i was so overwhelmed by how FREAKING hot he was that i hung around set for like 5 hours, no joke and I had ALOT to do that day. And also when I was right up close to him, i honestly could not speak, i couldn’t say actual words only mumbled syllables. YEAH, i was that girl.

  11. My Darling Pinkett says:

    Eh, I think he is a nice, sweet guy, but I don’t find him all that appealing. He’s not a very good actor, and he doesn’t impress me so far in the WFE previews and clips that I’ve seen. He doesn’t seem all that intelligent in interviews, but maybe that’s just me. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, I just don’t think he’s much to write home about. He’s not even that good looking, IMO. But yeah, I bet that love scene will be funny. He and Kristen have zero sexual chemistry, and I get major gay vibes off of her, so that’ll be interesting.

  12. Orlando Redux says:

    He’s Orlando Bloom Redux. A few years from now, RPattz will be hawking some crap cologne and talking about how he likes not being in the spotlight anymore. He has. no. staying. power.

  13. Cheyenne says:

    @#12: But he’s so purty. :)

  14. Aqua says:

    It will be interesting to see if R Patz can break away from the Twilight/type casting mold.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    @Aqua: It will indeed but I doubt it. He’s an okay actor, not an especially good actor, and I don’t think he has the range to expand beyond type. He could surprise us all, though, as Mia Farrow did in “Rosemary’s Baby”.

  16. Canuck says:

    You can tell from the “flimsy floozy” remark that he’s a musician and has a subtle sense of humour. He could have just said anorexic lightweight sluts with a venereal disease but instead he’s making references to an old jazz song.

  17. Layzo says:

    He’s no James McAvoy but he sure is a pretty eye candy. ;)

  18. jemshoes says:

    @ Latisse (#10)

    Haha! Thanks for sharing – what a great story! :) If that had been me, I would have done the same thing. And then daydreamed for hours about it!

    RP stays on my “nice guys who interview well” radar because he consistently gets it right: honest and disarming without being arrogant / conceited. He’s definitely eye-candy, too. ;)

  19. hairball says:

    I hope the guy can prove he can act. I saw some clips of WFE and hmm…..I am on the fence on his ability to pull it off.

    He seems like a sincerely nice guy with a good family, so I really hope he ends up having the talent to pull it off.
    I guess I’m in the minority who thought he had some really good moments in “Remember Me”. I hold out hope.

    I though am SICK to death of everyone screaming at and about him. It’s just stupid after a while. I will give him credit though for handling things well (ie: the atrocious Vanity Fair cover where they made him look like a godd*am idiot). That photographer should be fired.

  20. chris says:

    Rob’s interviews are always so entertaining. He has an astoundingly good personality. He always seems so articulate, intelligent and nice (but not the Disneyfied version, the real version). I also think he’s a good actor but I’m not fussed about people who don’t. He’s young and has plenty of time to prove his talent which is obvious to some but because people are blinded by Twilight, it’s not obvious to others. I don’t think it’s necessarily good to be 24 and hailed the greatest actor of all time. It’s just downhill from there in trying to keep that standard. I think it’s better when you steadily do good work and then get praised after a period of time.

    Also, how brave is he to be in an elephant’s mouth!

  21. harfang says:

    Well, this is kind of a pleasant discovery, thanks Kaiser. If K-Stew is gonna be stuck with this guy as her — not her beard, her lipstick? her press-on nails? I dunno — it’s good to know that he’s bright and personable. Even if he can’t act worth a toss.

  22. kazoo says:

    i saw a preview in the theater the other day & was surprised to realize the movie actually doesn’t look bad. i am surprised by the release date…seems more like a fall or winter flick.

  23. imho says:

    Pardon but Reese is a NO APPEAL & TRANNY looking cougar here.

  24. mia girl says:

    I think the Twilight movies are made in such a way that even Sir Lawrence Olivier would seem like a crap actor had he been cast. I can’t tell if any of them can really act.

    That said, I really love this guy for his interviews and personal style and am hoping that Water for Elephants is able to tell us if he can act… Honestly, he kinda reminds me of Brad Pitt, not in looks but in predicament… in Pitt’s early days he was so pretty that many couldn’t get past that and thought he couldn’t act. He was also kinda one note at the time, I guess finding his acting style. And now Pitt is a really decent actor. I think we may see a similar path for Pattinson.

  25. Newbie says:

    perhaps this will be the worst movie ever made.
    i actually want to see it. and I hated those twilight movies.

  26. hairball says:

    I agree about the casting of Reese Witherspoon. Not that she’s ‘old’, but in the book Marlena was like 21 years old.

  27. Canuck says:

    @Harfang: the word you’re looking for is “merkin”, even though I personally don’t think it applies in this case.

  28. Patty says:

    KS is often mistaken for a hipster dude so she fits with the rest of his female co-stars

  29. almond says:

    @20.Chris That’s a really nice way to look at things; realistic too. What I like about him is that even though he’s in an even worse situation fans-wise than KStew, he’s so endearing in interviews.

  30. almond says:

    Oh, he’s also more articulate and coherent than her, so I never get a headache when I listen to his interviews.

  31. normades says:

    I think this movie’s gonna bomb. Reese is washed up and can’t open a picture.

    I could be wrong tho.

  32. helen says:

    I met Rob Pattinson when he came in for a casting for a thing at the BBC which ended up being called the Haunted Airman. So he was totally unknown then. And I remember him as super nice, and incredibly striking looking and handsome- he was really young then and seemed quite bright and mature. I wish him well, I do :-)

  33. cara says:

    The BD sex scene is unintentionally funny cause Edward’s biting pillows and shizz while in sexual ecstacy like some harlequinn romance heroine, Meyers is a horrible writer. But I feel for his situation in some ways, cause Twilight made him famous, and yet it’s the same thing that’s caused him to have no credilbilty whatsoever.He seems to take it all in stride at least.

  34. cara says:

    @geekychic: God, yes. Twihard or Rob fans who flood all sites vomiting over Kristen Stewart drive me insane. I don’t find her to be a good actress and her interviews are pretty boring, but most of these fans in question will spew novel length posts about how evil and scheming she is and how she’s using Robert and he needs to be saved by them and only them. A weird mix of wanting to mother him(like he’s five) and do him. Their double standards and male chauvinism is both depressing and weird.

  35. anncatherine says:

    I think he is fascinating. Yes at some angles his face is almost grotesque but from others angelic. His interviews are often funny always charming. I have watched him in Little Ashes and How to Be two small budget films he made as well as Remember me and thought his role choices were intelligent and in the case of Little Ashes quite brave, in that film I think he pulled off the portrayal of an intense Salvador Dali very well. Cut him some slack about Twilight, nobody expected it to be such a blockbuster. Anyway we love Edward Cullen