Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie & all six kids were walking around NOLA


I’m not even sure how to describe what’s happening in these photos. It looks like a photo shoot. A photo shoot with a really bad stylist, but a photo shoot nonetheless. I can’t even remember the last time I saw photos of Jolie-Pitt outing where ALL of the kids were present. Once again, I’m going to try to Guess the Biological Jolie-Pitt Child, but I’m pretty sure that Angelina is holding Viv in most of these photos, and Brad has Knox, and Shiloh is walking around. But really, who knows? At this point, Viv is a little Shiloh-doppelganger and Knox is pretty Shiloh-esque too, although… if you told me one of these kids was Fax Cannes, I would believe you.



Just a few things I wanted to point out:

*Knox/Mystery/Fax seems to be wearing Shiloh’s outgrown “Montenegro Style” castoffs – little blazers and polo shirts, etc. Adorable.

*Empress Zahara is wearing skinny jeans and an oversized dress? Note that, stylists: dresses over jeans are BACK.

*In some of the photos, Empress Zahara seems to holding little Knox’s hand and mothering him a bit. Who knew? Empress Z will train Knox as her minion soon.

* I love how “tough” both Pax and Maddox look. They’re like little gangsters. Like, the Asian kid version of West Side Story kind of gangsters.

*I have no idea what Brad is wearing. Why is he so covered up? Why does he have Beckham Hair?







Photos courtesy of Fame.

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  1. Bee says:

    What a beautiful family! All of the kids look happy and loved.

  2. Cheyenne says:

    Angie’s holding Vivienne, Brad is holding Knox, Shiloh’s wearing the brown-and-black striped shirt and Miss Thang looks like she is wearing one of Maddox’s shirts over her skinny jeans. All the kids look cute.

    Love the photo of Angie kissing the top of Maddox’s head.

  3. Dee says:

    I want to be Empress Z when I grow up.

  4. SHump says:

    All those kids are frickin gorgeous. Just adorable. I don’t mind Brad’s tracksuit, but the hair is a bit greasy ick. Like he’s finally simmered down the ick on his face and decided to replace it with greasy, unwashed too long hair. But I’d still say yes.

  5. olivia says:

    Is it possible that the timing of the NO visit and photo op was planned to ‘coincide’ with the release of The Tourist DVD release?
    (The Turista DVD is being released on March 22. Surprise!)

  6. lisa says:

    The family is gorgeous. Those kids are super cute and amazing how calm they all are with the people probably staring.. Cute. and the twins have gotten so big.. Viv does look like a carbon copy of Shiloh.. she a cutie.

    Love looking at them.. My favorite family..

    @olivia. Brad was scheduled to be shooting this film months ago. the family has always been together when one of them is working regardless of where.
    Seeing the family together..well I don’t see how that equals DVD sales. People that were going to buy it will Highly doubt seeing 6 young children will make people spend money. But maybe seeing children will make people buy a dvd that is already available on cable.

    but hey who knows..

    they have the right to walk outside their home. In LA it is less likely to see them, but in NOLA when their house is pretty much on the street, hard to avoid. But I’m not surprised by the comment. But I’m sure it is only made towards them, not the countless celebs that are seen every single day.

    Cute family.. and Angie looks really beautiful. little make up and all.

  7. Gwen says:

    Shiloh, Viv and Knox look like clones :D

  8. Girafe99 says:

    Fax Cannes, just too funny. @olivia my cynical friend!

  9. Trish says:

    Staged photo op, pimping the kids out as usual.

    Sorry to say it but this family looks as if they belong on the “People of Wal-Mart” blog. They are one of the homeliest, most miserable looking & worst dressed families I have ever seen.

  10. tracking says:

    It is a treat to see the kids, which is why this is in fact successful PR.

  11. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @olivia – Yes, because Lord knows seeing pics of kids strolling out with their parents makes me want to rush out and buy a DVD! C’mon now. Is it really beyond the realms of possibility that they fancied a family stroll on what looks like a beautiful afternoon? Good grief.

    The family looks great. Brad and the greasy hair/jump suit combo makes him look like a wannabe gangster a la Snatch. LOL. And Angie looks really good, naturally beautiful.

  12. nnn says:

    @ Olivia

    You think people will make the connection : Seeing Jolie Pitt in Nola 3 days before the release of the DVD will induce the act of buying it against their will ?

    Do, you think a pic of the JP kids will trigger the buying reflex of some people who previously didn’t want to buy the DVD ?

    LOL, you are not very bright, aren’t you ?

  13. bite me says:

    they went to a grocery store

  14. olivia says:


    Now what would make me say such a thing? Just because she spent months in LA where there are paparazzi crawling every square mile and somehow not one picture and now as soon as she arrives in NOLA there are not only instant family walking down the open street pictures, but they just happen to be in matching color coordinated outfits? Geez why are you so jaded? :)

  15. hopeso says:

    Love the Jolie-Pitts, great to see them all, so big miss Viv & mr.Knox.

  16. Rudypatudie says:

    Olivia wins

  17. nnn says:

    @ Trish

    Some people give few importance to looking good and prefer being and feeling good to appearing good, which is what specialists of photo ops do…they are always perfectly dressed up even for a simple walk to make sure they are at their best and give their best profile with the perfect hairstyle. Nothing of that sort in here, apparently they didn’t even care about giving their best shot for that ‘Photo Op’….

    Also, we all know they are richer than most of us, enjoy things we will never enjoy ourself and seem pretty happy together.

    The fact that they dress like normal people or homely according to you won’t erase the basic fact that they sleep in better houses, and have access to the best of the best in the world, whatever clothes they have on.

    Again, apparences won’t change the fact that their world is a gazillion much better than yours or the so called Walmart folk world…even if you think you dress better than them.

  18. Cheyenne says:

    @Olivia: I realize the sight of this family obviously enjoying their time together is enough to make you start shitting brickbats, but it shouldn’t affect your inability to see colors as well.

    @Rudypatidue: Wins what? The booby prize for the dumbest comments? Can’t argue with that.

  19. lisa says:

    Funny if the kids were walking around in really over the top clothing then we would get the HOW CAN THEY SPEND THAT MUCH MONEY ON CLOTHS WHEN THE WORLD IS HUNGRY.


    Whatever they do the critics will find something. If there was just a pic of Brad/Angie with one or 3 kids..then it would be. Why do they have all those kids and can’t take care of them. or Why don’t we see them out with all the kids.

    now here they are and the complaint is photo op or that the kids are not dressed for a fashion show.


    OH if I knew we were being judged on the comments I would have tired harder to win that prize.

  20. MeriJaan says:

    I like how the twins are dressed….so cute.

  21. Crash2GO2 says:

    I like how the kids hold hands. But yeah, WTF is up with Brad’s hair? Is he going for the Tom Brady douche look or what?

  22. Louise says:

    @olivia: The only person who mentioned the dvd is you. Most people probably didn’t even know it was coming out, unless they already planned to buy it, until you brought it up. I will never understand why the haters claim that photographs of the kids makes people waste money on something they had no intention of buying. Also LA is probably the only place I never see them photographed. I think the LA paps or more harrassing and aggressive than other others. Everytime they go to NO, or any other place they are filming, they don’t hide and are left alone buy the paps and the public. If they called the paps like Kaiser and others claimed, wouldn’t Brad wear something different and wash his hair from all of the gel from the movie? Wouldn’t the kids wear something nicer instead normal clothes? People really don’t make sense.

  23. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @olivia – i see it differently. But if you choose to believe they all set out with the deliberate intent of being photographed so that The Tourist dvd will sell well, more power to you.

    @Trish – I hope I have a family that look as “miserable, homely and badly dressed” as they do someday. Maybe you should hope so too. Maybe then you won’t be as resentful and hateful as you sound.

  24. Zelda says:

    I think this WAS clearly staged, but I think it was possibly done almost as trade for all the other shots they would try to get.
    I’ve heard of celebs doing such placating of the press from time to time. In fact, before Pitt, back when it was just her and her first kid, I think I remember gossip that Jolie was doing just that. Driving the price of the average paparazzi pic down by increasing supply, while simultaneously having more control over the product.

    Just seems the most likely scenario to me.

  25. P.J. says:

    The whole idea of publicity is to get your name/photo out there any which way you can. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you’re in front of a camera. Think of all the stars who are photographed walking out of Starbucks with a cup of coffee. Not exactly earth-shattering news, is it? The goal is to be noticed, and that’s what the J-P’s did. It’s part of the job.

    By the way, did anybody else think it wasn’t a coincidence that Bradley Cooper’s movie just came out, and his breakup with Renee which apparently happened a while ago was just made public?

  26. jen34 says:

    Except for Maddox, they all look like they came from church. I think Z is wearing a tunic, not a dress. She’s just a tiny girl and it’s a bit long. Photo op or not, they all look gorgeous and happy.

  27. Mimi says:

    OMG! Lil’ Vivienne is sooooo gorgeous. And Knox looks just like a little Brad circa Legends of THe Fall with that long hair lol. Never noticed how pretty Zahara is. Beautiful little faimily except for Brad’s hair. Ugh

  28. bluhare says:

    So what if it’s a photo op. So what if a DVD is coming out in a couple of days. So what if you don’t like their clothes.

    You people are on a roll today.

  29. anonymous says:

    Brad and Angie have beautiful kids, Zahara have such beautiful eyes. But,my goodness Knox the twin is strikingly handsome.

  30. Sue says:

    P.J.@ if what you said is true then celebrities can’t leave their homes and do normal thing without it being a Photo op then Jennifer Garner is the QUEEN BEE of publicity because up until she started filming her movie the bitch was on the top of her game being photograph every day with her kids and did it all looking like the world’s best mother.

    I see were your coming from and your point what celebrity needs Starbucks every day or needs to go to the gym when they can get or use an at home gym but I don’t think if a celebrity is photograph from time to time it’s for publicity sometimes you can keep from being seen and other times you can’t.

  31. Samigirl says:

    Cute, happy family. Its obvious they love each other. I’m digging Knox’s little blazer :)

  32. Cheyenne says:

    @bluhare: Female First has been telling Olivia that Brad being in New Orleans while Angie and the kids were in LA was a sure sign that they were splitting up. Poor Livvy was loopy with joy. Then she saw these photos and reality bit. Some people think this family has no business being happy together.

  33. Mary Jane says:

    Although it’s clear they both adore their children (who are all sooo darling! And that Knox!), does it not seem there is a real lack of “affection” (sorry — I can’t find the right word… “chemistry?”) betwixt A&B recently?

  34. hatekyle says:

    @trish: the only thing miserable i sense is you.

  35. Alicia says:

    Beautiful family all eight of them–including “Gangster Brad”, but I think his hair is just wet, like he just got out of the shower and put the first thing on he could find. Until the time Angelina landed in New Orleans, you had not seen the children for nearly three months, unlike other families and children who are seen on a regular basis,dressed to the nines with close-ups inside stores, on slides, etc., etc. If this is a photo op, I hope for more.

  36. jinni says:

    I think Vivienne looks like Toby Maguire’s daugther at the age.

  37. Trillion says:

    Dang, if this family is not seen in their entirety, they are overprotective parents with secrets to hide and if they go out in public, as all families do, they are only doing to to seek publicity. Why even waste energy to hate on them? There are plenty of awful families to apply it to. I don’t even need to name names!

  38. Chris says:

    “outgrown “Montenegro Style” castoffs” is the best quote of the week!

    The 3 kids look so much alike its crazy.

  39. zxc says:

    I can’t stand them. They are so fake. She is a psycho who buy children and he’s alcoholic. They are still together cos they have no choice. They stuck.

  40. Claire78 says:

    Love them!

  41. Zelda says:

    cue “Jolie had an affair with Tobey Maguire” accusations in 3,2,1…

  42. Folly says:

    I cant believe we are seeing this children for the second time this year and you people are calling it photo op,and we see suri pictures practically everyday and no complain,oh sorry,i forget its brad and angelina

  43. Jen says:

    Zahara is absolutely beautiful…she is going to be SUCH a gorgeous woman when she grows up. And just like Shiloh, the twins have gotten cuter and cuter as they’ve gotten older.

    They really are a pretty bunch, aren’t they? Truly disgusting. ;-)

  44. Tiffany says:

    Shiloh, Vivanne and Knox…Jon Voight alert. Insane how they all look alike. @ Kaiser, he is filming in NO so that would explain the hair. For the commenter who committed on how they are dressed, since this a family that never put stock into it, that comment seemed bitter and out of left field. You can bet that one of the shirts those kids are wearing cost more that what I spend on groceries in a week.I have always like them and I like seeing the photos. Also, I went and saw The Tourist on opening weekend and paid full price. Not the worse movie, but the has done better. She is the only actor who’s movie I see on opening weekend. What actors movie do you always see?

  45. Lucky Charm says:

    @ zxc “She is a psycho who buy children and he’s alcoholic. They are still together cos they have no choice.”

    Geez, who pi$$ed in your wheaties today?! You know all this as a fact because you live with them, right? First, she’s not psycho, she’s a busy professional – mom, goodwill ambassador, has a demanding job, and spends a lot of time volunteering for charitable organizations. Secondly, she has never “bought” a kid, and that is a disgusting, demeaning thing to say about adoption. Are you saying that EVERY other adoptive parent, celebrity or not, has also “bought” their kids? For that matter, since I had to pay the hospital and doctor for the birth/delivery of my children, does that mean that I “bought” my children too? Because money was exchanged when I brought my darling babies home with me. (And trust me, as a mom, there have been times that I would have been glad to get a refund, if I’d known that I had “bought” them!) And because he’s pictured once in a while with a drink in his hand, that makes him an alcoholic? As for saying that they have “no choice” but to be together, hahaha! If either one of them didn’t WANT to be with the other, they wouldn’t be. They have a choice, and they CHOOSE to be together and raise their beautiful family.

    I suggest that you go back to bed, and this time make sure that you wake up on the right side.

    It’s nice to see the happy family all out together, it looks like a beautiful day for a walk in their neighborhood. The kids are getting so big now! I’m glad that I can go for a walk with my family, or do anything else outside of my house, without a ton of papz wanting to take my picture.

  46. Cheyenne says:

    @Crash: Nix on the hair, it looks like a 1950′s poster shot for Greasy Kid Stuff. But I think it is for the part he is playing in Cogan’s Trade. He’s playing a low-level mob enforcer. I read the book by George V. Higgins when it was released and it was quite good.

    Lucky Charm: as a mom, there have been times that I would have been glad to get a refund, if I’d known that I had “bought” them!

    ROFLMAO and thanks for making my day. I can definitely relate. It gets better, though, trust me. As the old saying goes, grandchildren are God’s reward for not killing your kids.

  47. Anne says:

    I beg your pardon, adoption is NOT buying children! No No and a big NO!!!! How crass one must be to think that way. Adoption is one way to become a parent and have a family with kids, and it is a joy for those able to adopt.

    I see a happy together family of eight out enjoying the beautiful New Orleans weather like everyone else around them in these pics. They are not over styled in any designer clothes like for any formal photoshoot, they are casually dressed like most adults and children are in their every day life. And they are out in a city where unlike surreal LA they can live a somewhat normal life.

    Anyone who thinks this is PR for a dvd sale is inhaling some wacky weed. lol

    Luv seeing them. They continue to thrive as a couple and family while multitudes of others are failing.

  48. Estella says:

    I agree that all but the twins and Angie are poorly dressed. Zahara’s tunic/dress thing appears to be ripped at the bottom. All the clothes do look like they could have come from Walmart. That is not necessarily a bad thing but it’s weird that the twins and Angie are more dressy than the others. I never have understood this family’s appeal. Hopefully, the children are getting proper love and education while jetsetting around the world.

  49. Dea says:

    The most beautiful family on earth. Can’t get enough watching the photos and how amazing they look alltogether.

  50. WhiteNoise says:

    Knox is rockin’ that suit.

  51. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I’ve avoided posting on a Jolie thread thus far in order to avoid all the vitriol. However, my mom was looking at a picture of the family in people magazine and asked what happened to Shilo’s front tooth. It never even occurred to me that she’s far too young to be missing a tooth. I’m assuming she was rough housing with her brothers or something and it got knocked out?

  52. aa says:

    Wow you are really naive people if you think they are one big happy family. She adopted all her kids in the same way Madonna did. She went shopping somewhere to third world country. And let’s face it their career are going down. They are aging in ugly way. It is/was all about their beauty. They are not very talented she’s not Meryl Streep he’s not Paul Newman. This whole family thing looks bizzare to me. I don’t buy them. And yeas they stuck in this very public/tabloid relationship. She can’t leave him, he can’t leave her. People would not forgive.

  53. serena says:

    I have a lot of comments here:
    firts, Know will grow into a beautiful boy, I can picture him and be already in awe for the hot guy he will be.
    Second: The natural children of Brangelina are very similar to each other, just Knox has darker blonde hair. And Vievienne would always have that grumpy expression and dress like a little lady.

    Pax and Maddox rocks, their style too. And I just find Pax adorable, for whatever reason or just his face (I love asians.. sigh).

    Empress is just amazing, like always. Is Shilou taller than her?

    Shilou is just so cute, she’s my favourite. I love her unique tomboyish style and her new hair do.

    Brad, please, just wash you hair and stop with the Beckham thing.

  54. newtsgal says:

    Wasn’t just last week some mag was trying to say how out of control and evil and mean all the kids were? They look like a very loving wonderful family to me

  55. rkintn says:

    I think they look great! I love the fact that Angelina is wearing flip flops:)

  56. Flan says:

    @Trish: walking outside with their kids means photo op?

    that’s just ridiculous.

  57. javagirl1 says:

    OMG I don’t know how they tell their biological kids apart! Still cute though, and that close up of Zahara! What a beautiful little girl!

  58. flourpot says:

    Wow, some of you people are nasty.

    Don’t you mean who pi$$ed in your Lucky Charms today?! hehe :)

    As for AJ “needing to eat”… girls always been skinny. Always. Check the back photos and try not to look at her distracting bits while you do it, k? Some people have thin parts, naturally. Leave ‘em be.

  59. someone says:

    I see Shiloh is still dressing like a boy, wonder if they still call her John…the threee bio kids look like carbon copies of each other.

  60. Amy says:

    I used to have the same sneakers as Knox in middle school: the Adidas all stars! All my friends had them too; they were in vogue for quite some time (still are, but now they are mostly marketed as men’s shoes).

  61. lisa says:


    honey either step away from the edge or jump.

    Brad and Angie are in no way on a downward track in their careers. And that will not be true because you have issues with them. And what exactly do they need forgiveness for from “people”.

    Since you and your kind have been waiting for that weekly break up and it has not come. so now the script is they are stuck together.. Well I will say there are a lot of people that would love to be stuck the way they are.

    Move on.. the man didn’t leave you for her.

    @anne thank you for your comment. It is offensive to any adopted child that their welcome to a family is being compared to slavery. Adoption no matter where it happens is not a free process. Money is involved and lots of home visits and checks. In fact an adoptive parent has to go through more then a parent having a child naturally. These are their children. and the fools that scream buying children should really STFU. They demean the process for everyone in their effort to attack this couple.

    Grow and stop reaching for straws to attack. They are a couple that together are raising a family. Why that bothers some people here just beyond reason.

  62. Get Real! says:

    Dear aa,

    Please take your hate and go back to Female First or whatever hate site you came from. The fact Brad has a beautiful family with Angelina is really getting under you skin isn’t it?LOL. The crap you haters come up with is disturbing. All I see is a happy family enjoying New Orleans beautiful weather. Yet tabloid hags like YOU make a family walk sinister. You are a perfect example of what 6 years hating does to ones brain.

  63. Becca says:

    ok….what is a Fax Cannes Mystery Jolie-Pitt????

  64. spotted says:

    ”All of the kids look happy”

    Lol – there is not one single picture of happy looking kids.

  65. Just Me says:

    Olivia: Whew, out of breath, just returned from pushing my way to the front of the line at WalMart to get that DVD.
    Everybody was there because of these pix.
    Gosh I hope that old guy wasn’t hurt when I elbowed him!

    Trish: Dang nab it, saw twelve people wearing similar outfits, all of them with their kids too! Can’t begin to imagine what they were thinking of, I mean couldn’t they leave a couple of their brood home.
    Is there a rule about the number of children a family can take outside?
    Nope! By golly, it’s legal! Who knew!
    Oh! Wait! That’s why they are called a FAMILY!

    I seem to recall all of my children saying, “me too” when my husband and I were going out for a walk or to a store.
    We even had one daughter who tied the ends of her long shirt on the side – ripping it when she did it!
    And to think, we were having a photo op! Who knew?
    Why! Only you who are a participating followers at the Detective Clouseau School of Logic!

    spotted: Strange as it seems to you, it is NORMAL for kids not to constantly smile!
    Our kids were happy but they did not walk around 24/7 with a smile any more than I do!
    Or, even you.
    However, should I be in error about that and you do have a smile plastered on your face 24/7, seek help!

  66. Get Real! says:


    I have seen SEVERAL pictures of the Jolie-Pitt children smiling/looking happy on other sites. These are NOT all of the pictures taken in New Orleans. Talk about grasping straws.

  67. Isa says:

    Viv reminds me of Angelina’s mother SO much in these photos!

  68. Bellatrix says:

    I’m with Kaiser. One of them MUST be Fax. He’s the stand-by stuntkid if any has a cough or temporary misplaced their aura of perfect karma. Everybody knows that.


  69. Eve says:

    *I have no idea what Brad is wearing. Why is he so covered up? Why does he have Beckham Hair?

    @ Kaiser:

    Yes, he looks like David Beckham sporting “The Alfafa” (credit to Michael K for saying that about Beckham).

    And instead of bashing Olivia for her saying this was a photo op (it looks staged indeed but like Zelda said it) I’d really like to thank her for giving the news about the DVD release of The Tourist because I didn’t know it until now! HA!

    Now I’ll only have to wait a little more for its release here…Yes, I’m totally going to buy it.

  70. Kim says:

    The blood children look so much like Jon Voight its crazy!! Adorable family.

  71. lisa says:

    @just me.

    clapping as I ROTFLMAO

  72. DD says:

    Cutest set of family photos ever – (minus Brad – wtf?)
    Zaraha consistently has the best style and Angelina looks so very elegant, I love her outfit.

  73. MrsOdie2 says:

    What is the weather in New Orleans like? They all look like they’re dressed for different seasons.

    Does Angelina have a weave in, or is her hair really that long?

    Their sunglasses are cool.

  74. Rosanna says:

    Beautiful people, beautiful family. It’s pretty evident how AJ prefers Maddox. They are all so beautiful, even the grouchy twins :)

  75. kazoo says:

    Estella, could it be that AJ & BP let the older kids pick out their own clothes, but still dress the twins themselves (or the nannies do LOL)? when children are allowed to dress themselves, they seem to put outfits together way differently than an adult would.

    jon voight has some strong genes. wow. the twins & shiloh look more like him than even AJ or her brother do.

  76. sarah says:

    Love these pictures!

  77. javagirl1 says:

    @Just Me: okay your post really made me laugh out loud! Too funny! :)

  78. Eve says:

    @ Just Me:

    Whew, out of breath, just returned from pushing my way to the front of the line at WalMart to get that DVD.
    Everybody was there because of these pix.
    Gosh I hope that old guy wasn’t hurt when I elbowed him!

    LOL! Well (and a true story), I’ve never elbowed anyone for a product but I was once at the store and I had my eyes on a particular DVD when this guy decided to stand beside me aaaand…guess what DVD he pulled (from the shelf)? Yes, the one I wanted — and he was looking uninterested, but you know…wouldn’t return it to the shelf. The HATE!

    spotted: Strange as it seems to you, it is NORMAL for kids not to constantly smile!
    Our kids were happy but they did not walk around 24/7 with a smile any more than I do!
    Or, even you.
    However, should I be in error about that and you do have a smile plastered on your face 24/7, seek help!


  79. Kloops says:

    Mad props for taking out 6 kids at once. Not my idea of a good time. Fax is a cutie.

  80. Camille says:

    Utterly gorgeous and really photogenic family :D , its nice to see pics of them.

  81. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    I’ll try it again.I’ve avoided posting on a Jolie thread thus far in order to avoid all the vitriol. However, my mom was looking at a picture of the family in people magazine and asked what happened to Shilo’s front tooth. It never even occurred to me that she’s far too young to be missing a tooth. I’m assuming she was rough housing with her brothers or something and it got knocked out?

  82. argirl says:

    The Brangaloonies are out in full force today. I love reading your passionate comments. Keep ‘em comin’. :D

  83. Maritza says:

    Shiloh, Vivian and Knox look like identical triplets. All the kids look so happy, gorgeous family!

  84. cruiz2 says:

    Finally, normal healthy Hollywood kids with parents! No high fashion clothes here (Suri), just about being kids. Johnny Depp agrees cool parenting & it shows. Nice family. Re-cycle those hand-me-downs stars!

  85. sandy says:

    loving this entire family, so glad we get to finally see photos of the jolie/pitt clan. gorgeous. the haters don’t really believe what they are saying, it’s called distracting from the original topic and trouble makers, but it’s all good because, wow!look at how terribly happy and proud brad is of his family, he has what he always wanted and loving every minute of it. go brad!!!

  86. All of them look gorgeous except for Brad, and I know the hair/goatee is for the new movie, but what’s up with those golden douchebag sunglasses?

    Hide those glasses, Angie.

  87. Newbie says:

    some of you need to back the hell up off the “haters”. anywhere else on this site, it’s perfectly fine to state that you think other actresses/actors look tattered, anorexic, etc. it’s okay to say that you don’t like their look, their movies or their product. and it’s totally normal to analyze their conduct, body-language or relationship. But WHOAAA! Not here! Anyone who has anything remotely negative to say, down to Jolie’s giant ape-feet, is practically denying Christ in a room full of orthodox Catholics. please. calm. down.

  88. Newbie says:

    also…not that this is news some of you can handle before at least 12 cups of coffee, but yeah…celebrities stay together for many, many, many, many, many more reasons than just “wanting to be together”. Especially celebrities with a lot to lose in the event of a break-up (ie, money, fame, career, etc.). I’m not saying that’s necessarily the case here, but I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy theory to guess. weirder things have happened in this biz…

  89. Freya says:

    Click on the 2nd picture from the top, to make it bigger. Vivienne is a VERY pretty girl!

  90. mln76 says:

    the photos are obviously staged maybe to preempt any breakup rumours caused by the prolonged separation? Oh well I love them even if they are a bit fame whorish (HAHA)

  91. DeeVine says:

    I’m sure the team of nannies were told to step out of the frame and walk 10 steps away from them.

  92. Cheyenne says:

    mln76: the photos are obviously staged maybe to preempt any breakup rumours caused by the prolonged separation?

    You keep on believing that, honey, if it will help you sleep better tonight.

    BTW, if you’re trying to impersonate another person who posts on this blog, you’re doing a piss-poor job of it.

  93. Catherine says:

    A gorgeous family.

  94. Newbie says:

    @nnn: LMAO @ “LOL, you are not very bright, aren’t you?”
    I’m sure it was just a typo, but it’s killing me!

  95. Vanessa says:

    The photos are very obviously staged. The fact that she is able to go completely under the radar for months proves us that she absolutely CAN avoid the paps when she wants to, and that when she is all of a sudden photographed, with all her children and Brad, looking like a Benetton poster, it is obviously because she wants to, come on…Even the most hardcore fans have to admit that she is VERY aware of her image and VERY good at shaping it whichever way she wants.

  96. Jammin says:

    aa “She went shopping somewhere to third world country” (sic)

    So? How is that a ‘bad’ thing??? Are you saying that somehow people from third world countries are somehow LESS deserving of being adopted? You sound like a hateful racist bigot. I applaud her for giving someone in a dire circumstances a home, instead of rich pampered American babies.

    Btw, Madonna copied Angelina, so I think you meant to say that MADONNA adopted the same way Angelina did.

    This family has been together 6 years and counting. In all photos you can see they are still in love and happy. I bet the truth hurts you. You are truly naive and pathetic if you think after 6 years and still looking in love, they aren’t happy. Either that, or you are desperately trying to convince YOURSELF that they aren’t happy because you can’t face the truth. Either way, I feel sorry for you.

    The Loonifers are truly out in force today. :lol:

  97. Jammin says:

    Olivia, go back to Females Last and talk about how Jen loves having fingers shoved up her ass in public for pr. You loonifers are so sad. After 6 years. So sad. :lol:

  98. Solveig says:

    March 21st, 2011 at 12:02 am

    the photos are obviously staged maybe to preempt any breakup rumours caused by the prolonged separation? Oh well I love them even if they are a bit fame whorish (HAHA)


    Kudos to mln76 who is a fan but still able to see the obvious.

  99. Vanessa says:

    Yes, I agree with Solveig. I think it is normal to like a celebrity but still be rational enough to realize they aren’t perfect and have flaws. The thing with the hardcore Brangelina fans(the ones they call brangeloonies) is that they have completely lost any sense of impartiality.Everything that BP and AJ do is without reproach and if you point out anything that is less than a praising comment, you are labeled a jealous h8ter…Nothing is black and white, there are many shades of grey. It doesn’t have to be extreme. I feel like on one hand you have the extreme fans who think the family is perfect, never fights, never has problems, are all ideal human beings with zero flaw, and lead a perfect life full of unicorns and rainbows, and then on the other hand, you have the extreme antis, who have all these weirdass conspiracy theories, one more out there than the other…I personnally think that this couple is probably in it for the long run and that they love each other. However, as in any family, I am sure there are tensions some time, but that is life, and you work through the tensions. However, they are definitely very very good at manifacturing their image and marketing themselves and I am sure a lot of preparation goes into these “impromtu” outings.

  100. normades says:

    @Trish: Whatevs. I dunno what planet you live on but if they look miserable and poorly dressed you obvs don’t get out to a real Walmart often. WTF???

  101. lisa says:


    They have had break up rumors for years. If as you say the pictures are staged.. good for them.

    People in the media love to post the most silly stories about them. So if they are out and about to say FU. Good.. I just saw Jessia Alba out with her family for a photo op. Oh and Sandra B was out with her baby for a photo op. I also saw the Beckham at the airport all dressed up looking like they came off a magazine cover.. Photo op and lets not forget Hugh Jackman that I see weekly with his daughter in the snow, at the park, walking to school.. photo op..and least we forget all the people in the picture with the JPs with strollers and groceries.. They must have known the JPs would be out and wanted to get their pictures taken.

    Their house is on the street. The paps are out in force to get shots. That is the fact.

    anyway I hope we see them all the time. Beautiful family.

  102. Liana says:

    I have to go take my dog out for a photo shoot now.

  103. tourist dvd tomorrow says:

    Thanks, Olivia, for getting the word out about The Tourist DVD being available starting tomorrow, March 22. I’m mad that I preordered it because otherwise Angie would have come to my house to get me to buy it- NOT. Photo-op? Nope. I don’t see Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, Sandra bullock, Halle Berry, or any of the many photo op addicts anywhere.

  104. so proud says:

    Brad is so happy & proud- THAT is hot! The whole family is adorable. I love that they support New Orleans- fabulous city & even more fabulous people!!

  105. Ismail Baino says:

    I saw first time Angelina family photo.they are a idol parents,all kinds are looking very happy with their parents.

  106. Louise says:

    I can’t get over how stupid the haters sound. Every week the tabloids claim they are about to break-up regardless if they are photographed together or not. So I’m baffled why anybody would say these photographs are to stop breakup movies. Tons of couples have broken up the past few months. So clearly celebrities can leave. Besides the haters claim that being together is destroying their careers and Brad and Angelina violently hate each other, it would be easy for them to walk away since they don’t love each and kids and only care about public opinion.

  107. Sakyiwaa says:

    @just me: LMAO!

  108. Huh says:

    Boy, Shiloh is already almost as tall as Princess Z. Is it early for Shiloh to be losing baby teeth or no?

  109. Sakyiwaa says:

    tell u what Kaiser and everyone else who thinks it’s a STAGED photo op (like my fam never walked around my neighbourhood… obviously these people have spent MONTHS indoors and prolly thought a nice walk through the town on a lovely Sunday would be great, but no…Angie always has an ulterior motive, so…)…so what?

    i MISSED seeing them so much. i’m real glad they’re still going strong. Brad and Angie are my eternal HOTTIES! i don’t care if they aren’t DRESSED TO THE NINES. they don’t have to do that to please me. i don’t care… whatever this is…I’M LOVING IT! :)

  110. Sandy says:

    @ zxc “She is a psycho who buy children and he’s alcoholic. They are still together cos they have no choice.”

    You are a troll right!

  111. cara says:

    @aa even so, as courtney love sang, you get what you want and you never want it again. These two can’t leave eachother, you’re spot on.

    Regardless, I love this family. I doubt it’s been all beds and roses even with their $$$$ and staff. ANd those of us who’ve created families know, it’s when you hang in there through times when all you want to do is leave, that makes the family stronger. I feel that thats where the JP’s are.

    Plus, Pitts that stable force that had to replace her mom for her.

    Lovely family. And they wouldn’t be half as lovely without their brown kids. (and I say that as a multi racial adoptee)

  112. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Huh&MorticiansDoItDeader: aww. Nope. it’s not too early for Shiloh to be losing her teeth. my cousin lost his first tooth at three too. though,knowing her tomboy nature, she may have been roughhousing it or it may be genetic even.

    Personally though, i think Shiloh looks like the type to be a real early bloomer. sorta like how Angie just shot up in growth and maturity, looks n all. but nope, the tooth loss is not weird at all.

    Zahara is BEAUTIFUL! and Shi and Viv too. but Empress Zee stood out for me today. aww, these children will Forever and Always be my Fave celeb kids…!

    @Becca; FAX CANNES MYSTERY JOLIE-PITT is a figment of Kaiser’s overactive imagination ;) (also, a prop for when she can’t figure which twin is which cos she’s not ‘loonie’ enuff, lol!)

  113. tango says:

    Lovely family. I hope these photos end the stupid rumours that Vivienne and Knox have Down’s Syndrome so that’s the reason they’re never photographed out in public.

    As for fashion choices for the kids. I expect that every kid from Shiloh aged up has a say in what he/she wears. And since Angelina could really care less about clothes, is it any wonder that her kids seem to feel the same? It’s kinda refreshing to see kids in average looking clothes. Though I expect even “average” looking celebrity kids clothes cost more money then we think. I’m tired of Suri Cruise in the kiddie couture of the day or Willow Smith trying to make some sort of funky fashion statement.

  114. Sakyiwaa says:

    @marco: Kindly go to the appropriate quarters for the real definition of “exploitation of children”. Thank you.

  115. Sakyiwaa says:

    Marco’s post is gone now… ah well…

    “I have to go take my dog out for a photo shoot now”


  116. original kate says:

    i miss new orleans.

  117. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    They do look like clones, cute ones but clones nonetheless

  118. Are you people for real? says:

    So according to the haters this is a photo op to preempt a prolonged separation? LOL. Brad was in New Orleans a whole 10 days before his family joined him. How is that a prolonged separation? It’s not like he was away 3 months like when he filmed Troy. Angelina was finishing up the editing of her film. I think Angelina and Brad do a damn good job scheduling and making sure their family stays together. Haters you need to get a life. You spend a awful amount of time/effort analyzing the life of a family you claim to dislike. So according to Vanessa taking your kids out to enjoy beautiful weather is a crime. Yup, taking your kids out for a walk is a surefire way to shape your image. (eyes roll) I will be shaping my image in about 2 hours Vanessa, LOL.

  119. Vanessa says:

    #119 I didnt’ say it was a crime, did I?
    And yes, of course, it does shape their image, just read the comments on some fan websites and you will see it works very well with some…
    And unless you are a celebrity, your last comment makes no sense :-)

  120. Cheyenne says:

    @Solveig: If they walk out of their house it’s obviously for a photo op? The paparazzi are going to follow them around no matter where they go. What do you expect them to do, hole up inside the house 24 hours a day?

    The stupidity of some people posting on here is mind-boggling.

  121. RHONYC says:

    * I love how “tough” both Pax and Maddox look. They’re like little gangsters. Like, the Asian kid version of West Side Story kind of gangsters.


    lmao! so right kaiser!

    i love how in the 8th pic how both mad & pax are checkin’ around the corner for any interlopers…especially how mad is at the ready with his ‘slap a hoe’ pimp hand! :lol:

    those 2 lil’ dudes keep the interest going. ;-)

  122. Melanie says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful family family family! God bless em so much so much beauty. I am crying now.

  123. flotus says:

    I could care less whether they are happy together or not. That is certainly their business however, please don’t try and force your opinions on ALL of us!

    Brad looks disgusting! Since he has been with Angie, he has aged 25 years. Could he not take a moment to wash his hair? Nasty!

  124. Are you people for real? says:

    Vanessa you have some issues. These people are PARENTS, they are supposed to spend quality time with their children. I get it’s hard for you haters to grasp the concept the Jolie-Pitt’s are a happy family. If you want to talk about NOT making sense, I suggest you re-read the crap YOU posted earlier. The Jolie-Pitt’s are just living their lives trying to raise their children and work. Yet people like you want to make their everyday actions evil in some way. To me that speaks volumes about you and it isn’t good.

    Flotus, Brad’s hair was wet. So is it crime to leave the house with wet hair? The man was happy to be reunited with his family. I doubt he gave a damn about his hair.

  125. Vanessa says:

    #125 Ok then LOL! I see no point in arguing with a person like you. :-) You have a nice, relaxing day now. It’s just fun gossip, nothing to get so overly high strung about LOL…It REALLY isn’t that important…

  126. Melanie says:

    @Flotus: How dare you Mr. Missy! I challenge

    you to a duel!

  127. Solveig says:

    March 21st, 2011 at 9:04 am

    tell u what Kaiser and everyone else who thinks it’s a STAGED photo op (like my fam never walked around my neighbourhood… obviously these people have spent MONTHS indoors and prolly thought a nice walk through the town on a lovely Sunday would be great, but no…Angie always has an ulterior motive, so…)…so what?

    Yes, so what? Many other celebrities do the same, it’s part of their job and althought I don’t like the idea of photo ops, I get that for them is “necessary”. They (the celebrities) live on their image, and very few of them do not use this kind of free publicity (and the ones I like are usually those “few of them”, especially if they are talented too).
    I’d really love people to aknowledge this truth as mln76 does.

    Ps: looks like I always miss the best comments, sigh. What did Marco say?

  128. flotus says:

    Wet??? And you know this how?

    It must be exhausting defending this family!

  129. gg says:

    Truth is, there are hardly any papps in New Orleans or any other city besides a few S. California cities including LA and also NYC.

    Everybody I have spoken to yesterday online is extra thrilled about the lovely weather and the first day of Spring. New Orleans is a gorgeous and interesting city to walk around in, even if you live there. So, I really cannot see why the family wouldn’t have a walk right about now. Even if I’m way offbase, arguing about this is ridiculous. Go outside and have a walk, people! :lol:

    That little Zahara is growing up to be quite a classic beauty. She is stunning.

  130. flotus says:

    Melanie, I will meet you outside in 10 minutes! ; )

  131. Are you people for real? says:

    It must be exhausting trying to come up with ways to criticize this family. I know his hair was wet because other sites have CLOSE-UP pictures of them arriving home and you can see that his hair had dried some. Carry on hater with your lies that Brad has aged 25 years BLAH BLAH BLAH. Whatever gets you through the day.

  132. Melanie says:

    It is so exhausting making up comments about my favorite family. I am so tired right now. Crying again.

  133. flotus says:

    HATE is an awfully strong word, sweetie! Just because I said something about Pitt’s hair and his aging, makes me a hater? Please!

  134. anon1000 says:

    brad is disgusting to YOU. don’t try to force your opinion on me. I think he is HOT!

  135. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne I am sorry to disappoint you but I said it. I still am a loon though. After watching the video it looks like they did notice the paps and threaten to turn around if they didn’t back off a bit so maybe I am being unfair. I just think they had to know that the 8 of them walking down the street would cause a stir even in a low key city like NOLA. Because they are famous enough that the paps follow them anywhere.

    @Lisa ITA with you. To think about the number the media did on them last year simply because they weren’t photographed for 3 weeks. I don’t blame them at all for letting themselves be photographed in order to avoid nasty and untrue stories about their children and family.

    And although I sarcastically called them famewhores they have nothing on Jen Garner and her pap walks with her daughter every other week.

  136. aging is a crime says:

    He IS old!! He will be 48 in December. Quite frankly, if my husband looks half that good at that age, I’ll be more than pleased. Angie has proven herself to be not so shallow- she seems very happy these many years despite brad’s grey beard & wrinkles. I actually like his hair – reminds me of the great character work he did in Kalifornia, snatch, & Jesse James.

  137. Vicky says:

    “It’s pretty evident how AJ prefers Maddox.” Stupid Comment!

    They look like a normal family with alot of cute normal kids. Looks like they let them wear what they want and that is a good thing!

    And stop with the “empress Z” comments she is just a cute little girl no better than any other.

  138. poopie says:

    the last time brad pitt was cute/good looking was as the thief in Thelma & Louise. it’s been down hill from there and the greasy lounge singer hair ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!WUWT?

  139. CoffeeTalk says:

    I have one moment of boredom on my day off after a week-long vacation and I’ve been sucked into a blackhole of insanity that I didn’t think was possible.

    Now I know why I never ever ever looked at Brangelina threads before. Mostly it was because these people are boring as heck and I have zero interest in them but I saw over 130 comments-what could possibly warrant that kind of attention?

    Some pictures of them walking down the street? Really?

    What a waste of ten minutes.

  140. lucy2 says:

    Cute kids, wish the paparazzi would leave them alone. I do think the Brange has staged/encouraged photo ops in the past, but I don’t think this is one of them.

    Angie needs a haircut, and Brad needs a full makeover – that hair! I know it’s for a movie, but still.

  141. Cheyenne says:

    mln76: it looks like they did notice the paps and threaten to turn around if they didn’t back off.. I just think they had to know that the 8 of them walking down the street would cause a stir even in a low key city like NOLA. Because they are famous enough that the paps follow them anywhere.

    Good lord, who wouldn’t notice 50-something cameras shoved up in their face the minute they opened the front door? What are they supposed to do, hole up in the house wherever they are? Of course they know they are famous enough that the paps will follow them everywhere, but that doesn’t mean they are inviting all the camera coverage. I’m betting they are sick and tired of it. I don’t care how famous you are, you wouldn’t want a camera stuck in your face every time you went out of the house either, not to mention having your children harassed. And those kids have as much right to spend time outdoors as any other children.

  142. mln76 says:

    @Cheyenne I was pointing out that they were pissed at the paps and tried to get away from them. I think that accounts for some of the awkward body language. Like they noticed the paps in front of their door and were like WTF do we do now.
    I don’t think they invite or have to call the paps. The paps follow them wherever they go unless they do covert actions. I just think they were aware that when they walked out that this would be seen and remarked upon. I still love them and I don’t blame them for making a public statement of unity but they knew they’d be papped.

  143. Lucky Charm says:

    @ mln76, I agree with this: “I just think they had to know that the 8 of them walking down the street would cause a stir even in a low key city like NOLA. Because they are famous enough that the paps follow them anywhere.”

    BUT, they made the decision that taking the kids out for a neighborhood stroll on a beautiful, sunny day was more important, to heck with the paps and just try to pretend they aren’t there. They have two choices: Either take the kids outside to do fun stuff and just ignore the paps, or keep them locked away forever. I really enjoy seeing pictures of this lovely family, but on the other hand I know it must be so intrusive for them.

  144. mln76 says:

    @LuckyCharm I also think they are a beautiful family. Glad to see them out. The rest really doesn’t matter :)

  145. Kim123 says:

    I’ve decided to not read the comments. I’m happy to see the family altogether.I’m loving Zahara”s skinny jeans and the pic of her holding her baby brothers ‘ hand. I have the People magazine where there is a pic of her when she was about 8 months old with Angie.Seeing her chubby little face then and the pics of her now with her fanily warms my heart. I’ve seen several different videos and the kids are very calm and well behaved despite the horde of paps. In one video I stopped counting after 50 clicks of the cameras.Fortunately the paps weren’t screaming their names like they sometimes do. I recently saw a video of them screaming at Reese and Ryan’s kids asking about Reese getting married.hopefully they will have a peaceful time in NOLA and have some shrimp po boys(smile)Oh yeah the reason I decided to not read comments about the pics because I happen to read some vile racist comments about Zahara, Maddox and Pax on another site.It makes me very sad that these kids will always be thought of as “less than” because they are adopted and not white.

  146. olivia says:

    The Jolie-Pitt Family’s Big Easy Outing
    Update Monday March 21, 2011 09:35 AM EDT

    Pitt is filming in New Orleans for the next few weeks, but Jolie and the kids headed back to L.A. Sunday night.,,20475100,00.html

    told ya Loons!!

  147. mln76 says:

    @olivia first off why does this make you so happy??? Is your life really that empty that the only thing that makes you feel good is that they are spending time apart due to work? That says more about your state of mind then the state of their relationship.

    second off..there are several ffers who complain about the kids being taken out of school and have said they should leave the kids in one place while they film. Now they are doing that and you are complaining. Get over it.

  148. Cheyenne says:

    @olivia: By the time you finish pulling your hair out over a divorce that was never yours, you are going to be bald as an egg.

    I’ve said this before to several people and now I’m saying it to you: Your name is not Jennifer Aniston, the man who dumped you is not named Brad Pitt, and the woman you got dumped for is not named Angelina Jolie.

    For heaven’s sake, drop this unhealthy obsession you’ve got over the failure of somebody else’s marriage and try to make a life for yourself.

  149. Eve says:

    @ Mln76:

    I beg to differ…I think Olivia is doing a great job at keeping us updated on the Jolie-Pitt’s news — not one, but two news on the same thread. She’s even faster than the fan sites I visit!!! :)

  150. Katherine M. says:

    mln76 said: . . . there are several ffers who complain about the kids being taken out of school and have said they should leave the kids in one place while they film. Now they are doing that and you are complaining. Get over it.

    LOL! So true. There really are these pathologically bitter, nasty women who just take off on Jolie and her family for anything and EVERYTHING.

    There is NOTHING in the world that Angelina could do that would not attract a barrage of criticism from this cacophany of nitpickers. If she saved their mothers’ lives with CPR they would be bitchin’ she wrinkled the blouse.

    None of us – I repeat – none of us know what and why this family does what it does. We certainly don’t know what they are thinking. If anyone thinks they do because of nonsensical tabloids and gossip or reading into snapshots or 53 second videos then they are just fools and I pity the fools.

  151. Are you people for real? says:

    Poor Olivia, LOL.

    You do realize that Angelina is editing 2 films, One in English and one in the Bosnian/Serbian language. She started editing work in mid Jan….do the math. I thought it sounded a bit weird for her to be done that quickly. So Angelina and the kids flew out for a weekend visit. If this is making you cream in your panties Olivia…says alot about your life doesn’t it?

  152. jasmine says:

    …they look like a beautiful family!

  153. sandy says:

    THERE ARE TWO SANDYS ON THIS SITE? i was here first, lol,… #111 is someone else, i didn’t type that, anyway love this family.

  154. Folly says:

    @eve;cosign.i think olivia hate angie so much and still prove herself to be source of useful informations e.g(tourist dvd coming out)and now angie’s whereabout,keep it coming may also try and calm down, you are not jennifer aniston and i am sure neither angie nor brad offend you personally. Angie looks great and those kids are really cute,as for brad,i dont like the hair but he is still Hot

  155. mln76 says:

    @Katherine M

    If she saved their mothers’ lives with CPR they would be bitchin’ she wrinkled the blouse.

    OMG too funny it hurts.

  156. anonymous says:

    IT’s ALL business, whenever one of them has a movie coming out they do these outings, its so obvious..and everyone does it, it goes with the nature of the business, when someone has something to promote they have to do what is ‘face time.’
    He has a movie coming out soon so they come out from hiding and let people know ‘hey we’re still here.’
    It’s like clockwork, nothing new.
    Hopefully his movie will do well and even if it doesn’t it doesn’t matter becus its a cool 20 million in his pocket either way just for doing it.

  157. flotus says:

    I will tell you what speaks volumes about someones life……the NEED to constantly DEFEND this family! You must be exhausted!!!

  158. mln76 says:

    @flotus I guess if you think us loons are exhausted you must be doubly so…Hate takes more energy ;)

  159. Cheyenne says:

    Depending on the logistics of moving with six kids (I get exhausted just thinking about it):

    If it was a shoot that was projected to last for several months in an overseas location, I’d pack the kids up and move.

    If it was a shoot like this one that is projected to last for several weeks, I’d say hell to the no, especially since it’s a only a two-hour flight away and the kids can visit on weekends.

    In the end you do what’s best for the kids. That’s what being a parent is about.

  160. REALIST says:

    You can always bet that the Jolie-Pitts (and Lady Gaga) will get around 100 comments.
    Only weigh in-I think Brad is holding Knox. I remember seeing a picture of him all sleepy in Italy with his mom. He is the looker of the twins-you think Brad was a charmer when he was younger-Knox is going to be a total lady killer!
    Oh, and even if it is a group pic, obviously their parents let them show their own style once they acquire one-I think that’s cool.

  161. Victoire says:

    Shiloh is my favourite, but they are all gorgeous :D

  162. sandy says:

    it’s funny but, most fans (and they do have a lot) would never forget jolie/pitt exist, the less we see of them the more we want to, and because they are not fame seekers like most other celebrities, we rarely get to see them, boo!!!

  163. Mu says:

    Beautiful family. Bless them. I love these pictures!

  164. sirsly says:

    my first reaction from these pictures is EMBARRASSMENT for brad & angelina — so phony! ;-D

  165. Lolita says:

    This looks like a 3 ringed circus.. maybe she can adopt another two and have another set of twins.

  166. crazydaisy says:

    I think they all look great! Brad must be growing his hair out for another role. As long as he doesn’t have the scraggly beard thing going, I can deal with the hair.

  167. Vesper says:

    Reading celebrity gossip articles and posting is supposed to be fun. We are all entitled to our opinions without being criticized.

    Whenever anyone has mentioned any small comment that isn’t a compliment to this family they are labelled “haters”, made fun of, called names, and in general been bullied. For grown adults to act this way is sickening.

    How ironic that those calling people haters are the very people who are putting out hateful comments to anyone who dare make any remark that isn’t 100% complimentary to this perfect and untouchable family.

    And before u call me a hater, I love Brad and Angie’s movies and I respect their efforts on a humanitarian level, and w/ raising their family, but like anyone else they are not perfect.

  168. Jammin says:

    Vesper, you and others who complain about being ‘bullied’ are WAY off base here. I can guarantee you, NO Brangelina fan thinks they’re perfect. But if someone posts something that is completely ridiculous and petty, expect it to be pointed out to you. Its as simple as that.

  169. lisa says:


    I wonder why your complaint is directed to the JP fans ONLY and not the posters that are quick to call fans loonies because we support this family.

    And anyone that does not say something negative about this couple is labeled a loonie.. The finger is always pointed at the fans. But when comments are directed toward this couple with an obvious double standard.. you don’t say a word.

    I don’t think they are perfect. But I don’t think they are any less perfect then all the other celebrities that are on this site. Yet they can do the exact thing some other celebrities are doing and it is blown out of proportion. People come here and say the most vial things about their children. Every single nasty tabloid story is posted here commented on as if it was gospel and true.. simply because it is about them.

    I can’t wait for you to preach to the posters that attack the fans because they are posting positive comments that go against the negative.

    but I won’t hold my breath.

  170. Zelda says:

    I don’t understand why we must believe this is a photo op and photo op= bad = evil, evil family, or think that this family is nothing but innocence who live in a beautiful bubble of perfection and light…

    Why can we not think this IS a photo op (it looks very staged. It does.) AND like them?

    These people need to give something to the paps, or they will be followed even more than they are. I think there is a certain amount of “we gotta do this” on the faces of the people in the pic, but the reality of their life is that they WILL be better off offering the occasional photo op.

    The photo op theory is not incompatible with the good family theory. Has everyone lost their minds? Why does everyone sound so irrationally biased on the issue?

  171. lisa says:


    Great post..

  172. readerbeans says:

    dude. you guys need to stop offending each other

  173. mln76 says:

    ITA with Zelda…Lisa great point.

  174. nnn says:

    It’s funny, i think those who scream photo ops are gladly park in here en masse each time, the JP just breath…

    It’s seems they are the first consumers of the photo ops running quick in here to lurk those pictures and consume them to the core, then whine about being victims of their own greed and inhability to resist to that fatal attraction the JP exercised on them with panache and every time..

    The JP own them inspite of their disgust at each photo op. And it’s the fans who are the loonies and act unhealthy ? LMAO

  175. Maeve says:

    If Angie & Brad go out of the house at all in New Orleans — it is a photo op. It doesn’t matter how many kids they have with them. You can’t see their house in LA from the street and you can’t see their house in France unless you are in the air. It is much easier to move around undetected.

    The children only have a small courtyard for outdoor play in NOLA and the house isn’t that big. It is right on the street in the French Quarter. The children aren’t babies anymore. Maddox is in the 5th grade and the twins are 2 and 1/2. Of course they want to go out. That is probably why Daddy is alone all week.

  176. Gems says:

    Why are the lil dark children dressed like drug dealer & bum. It is so sad for them to feed into that stereotype. Their lil white children are dressed preppy.

  177. Newbie says:

    WHY isn’t it ok to think they’re stupid/ugly/ridiculous if a person feels so inclined? I guess it doesn’t make it true, but it just shows that people view things differently and variety is the spice of life, yo! If some of you feel like you’d like to sell your souls for an autographed copy of “Hackers”, then fine. But this is a site that’s fun on every other thread because people are allowed to EXPRESS THEMSELVES. Why does it matter so much (to some of you) that some people don’t like them? So much so that you’ve got to cyber-bully them out of the park? Who really gives a shit? Geez. Someone says they don’t like Brad’s hair or whatever and it’s like they’ve gone and killed Santa Claus in front of 1,000 starry-eyed children. Trying to explain why you couldn’t sit through the film “Alexander” shouldn’t make you feel like you’re on trial in front of a biased jury. In one Jolie-Pitt post, I counted at least 4-5 times when a poster said they didn’t like something about the photos, or the clothes or whatever, and then they apologized, as though they’ve done something evil. (???) It’s easier to slit my wrists and do push-ups in salt water than it is to explain this concept: What the hell is wrong with not agreeing with you that these guys are the be-all, end-all? I don’t hate them, but I don’t want to be skewered because I won’t worship them.

  178. Saphfire says:

    As a poster Jammin above said, no one is being bullied. Simply people can’t handle the fact that not everyone dislikes them. In fact, if there is any bullying its the haters bullying the people who like them for daring to have a different opinion.

  179. Nancy says:

    Knox looks so much like Angelina. Vivienne is twin Brad’s

  180. Haley says:

    Is it only me or are the white kids getting better treatment from the parents because If you notice the asian kid is wearing an undershirt like come on now and the black kid is wearing rally crappy the green shirt and the jeans i mean if it was as hot as it should be for the boy in the undershirt why is she wearing jeans under her dress?? is Angie trying to suffocate her to death? If you notice Brad Pit and Angelina are carrying the white babies but the black and Asian babies have to walk? Now is this really fair? And if you notice also the white kids are the ones carrying the food while the asian kid is holding his stomach apparently from hunger. Does this mean shes feeding the adopted kids less? This is definitely a case that shouldn’t be ignored.

    • Me says:

      Wow…. you really are reaching aren’t you? You are a moron. I guess Shiloh is a minority too? The twins are still babies, why wouldn’t they be carried necessarily? Take your head out of your ass and stop claiming racism when there is none, it’s like crying wolf.