Randy Quaid is taking his crazy to the stage too

Remember how Randy and Evi Quaid got arrested after squatting in the guest house on that mansion they owned over ten years ago? (They also got arrested for failing to pay a $10k hotel bill, but that was prior to this.) Then they fled to Canada and applied for asylum, saying that the “Hollywood Star Whackers” who had supposedly murdered David Carradine, Chris Penn, Heath Ledger and some other celebrities were out for them too. Well celebrity megalomania and paranoia has become performance art, and Randy did some sort of musical performance in Vancouver, Canada, featuring the song “Star Whackers.” Maybe Charlie Sheen was his inspiration. Radar Online reports that Matthew Modine was in the audience at Randy’s performance but that Randy’s wife, Evi, wasn’t there. She was probably afraid of being targeted by the “Star Whackers.”

Randy Quaid but that did not stop actor Matthew Modine from going to watch the fallen star perform Star Whackers in Vancouver, RadarOnline.com can reveal.

The Full Metal Jacket and Memphis Belle actor was in the crowd of around 500 at The Commodore Ballroom on Friday night to watch Quaid let loose – although their was no sign of Randy’s wife Evi at the popular venue.

And when all the bands came on stage to do an encore Randy mysteriously bolted from the club and was nowhere to be seen.

Vancouver based music critic Robert Collins told RadarOnline.com: “I was standing right next to Modine and he seemed to be enjoying Quaid perform but there was no sign of Evi at the gig.

“It was a bit of a strange experience to say the least because word just got out around Vancouver that Quaid would be a special guest at the venue the day before.

“He introduced himself as Randy Quaid and spoke briefly about the effect the Star Whackers had on them.

“Randy actually performed two songs, the first was Will We Be Together Then? and that was not bad he has a decent voice.

“Then he started singing Star Wackers and to tell you the truth it was pretty bad – he had a crazed look in his face and was yelling the lyrics.

“At the end he just collapsed on stage all sweaty and you could tell it was an act – the audience was not cruel and seemed to appreciate his efforts when he finished though.

“Although his band members appeared on stage to perform an encore with the other bands Quaid was nowhere to be seen and he left the venue pretty quickly apparently – Matthew Modine did not hang around for a long time either.”

RadarOnline.com was first to report that Randy and wife Evi faced criminal charges last year for running out on a hotel bill. Their odyssey has grown stranger and stranger and the couple is now in Canada seeking asylum.

“If they have the need for you to die, that will be a cinch, easy as pie,” Quaid sings.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, Randy and Evi brought the Star Whackers phrase into prominence in an interview with Good Morning America last November. They claimed that the Star Whackers were plotting against them, all working together to “take the money” they’ve earned in their careers. They also blamed Star Whackers for mysterious deaths of various celebrities.

“We are refugees — I mean that’s essentially what it is — Hollywood refugees, seeking to be left alone by the criminals,” Evi said. “I genuinely feel like these people are trying to kill us.”

[From Radar]

At least Randy (and presumably Evi) are still alive. As terrible as it sounds, I honestly expected them to meet their end somehow. Usually people who are as obsessed with death and murder plots as they are don’t fare too well out in the world. Canada has apparently been good to them. Hopefully their generous healthcare system has provided the Quaids with the pharmaceutical assistance they so clearly need.

Here’s a link to a photo of Randy performing.

Also, here’s Matthew Modine in January. He’s 52! He’s still so cute and has my vote for HGF (ok, using older pics than this one):


Header is from 2008. Photo below of Randy and Evi from 2007. Credit: WENN

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  1. Jackson says:

    Aw, he’ll always be crazy Cousin Eddie to me.

    And WTF? Is that what Matthew Modine looks like nowadays? Of course coloring the gray is a personal choice but, damn, he’d look so much better if he colored them.

  2. brin says:

    What a fruit loop….poor Dennis!

  3. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    ****pounding my head on my desk****

    Time to go! Time to go!

    Ya’ll are crazy. Not Charlie Sheen crazy (some acting some bipolar some drug) but like you have permanetly checked off the planet.

  4. journey says:

    can’t wait for the lollapolooza-like get together/concert/performance art of all the crazy old hollywood guys, charlie sheen, randy quaid, mel gibson, and who else? know there’s more crazies than just those three in hollywood.

  5. Ron says:

    Where are Ruby Sue and Snots in the show?

  6. Zvonk says:

    Mathew Modine looks the same age as my dad (70)

  7. filthycute says:

    I guess Crazy is the new S*x Tape.

    And just for kicks, my favourite Randy Quaid line: “Sh*tter was full!”

  8. Hautie says:

    Oh how I love Randy. It goes all the way back to the movie “What’s up Doc?”.

    I can’t figure out if he has dropped his basket. Or that wife of his has been dropping LSD in Randy’s drinking water. But something is tragically off.

    It is so hard to understand how her crazy has rubbed off on him. But that girl is batsh*t insane. And he seems to know, it but has not try to put a stop to it.

    He is like a parent who knows Jr. is mean crazy b*stard, but still makes excuses for him killing the neighbors cat.

    “Yes, I know he killed that poor cat… but he is such a good boy normally… and he goes to church on Sundays”

    As if that excuses the horrific behavior.

  9. lucy2 says:

    I read a lengthy article and interview with them a while ago, and left it pretty convinced that his wife is the one who brought him to this point – she sounded like a real wackadoo, and just about all his problems traced back to her. But he’s an adult who should know better. They’re both ridiculous.

  10. MaudeLebowski says:

    Hautie, I love What’s Up Doc! One of my very faves!
    “I am Hugh.”
    “You are me?”
    “NO! I am Hugh!”
    “Stop saying that. Make him stop saying that!”

  11. harfang says:

    There’s a stunning, riveting story about Randy and Evi in that Vanity Fair with Depp on the cover, I think it was January. If the thing is online I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who likes famous people, psychological thrillers, real-life train-wreck humor, or all three.

    After reading the article and its highly talented author’s conversations with Randy and Evi, it is my belief that Randy is only batsh*t in the sense hat he is crazy in love with Evi, who genuinely is batsh*t — paranoia, delusions, and probably more. But she has that off-the-cuff, fun kind of craziness at times, and I think that’s what has Randy hooked. (Plus she’s probably rather good-looking if you’re Randy Quaid.) He reminds me of Pat Buchanan: he’s living a life and supporting a belief system that he sees through, but it’s as though he’s made his bed and wants to lie in it — see the thing through. I hope he makes it out alive, he seems like a good guy, and of course he’s a terrific character actor.

  12. fallen says:

    Get him outta my city! he even calls up local radio stations with his crazy antics, and they just laugh at him. It’s kind of sad actually.

  13. poopie says:

    M.MODINE looks TOTALLY AWFUL ! he’s 52? good god, he looks to be in his 70′s! guess it’s all that good healthy california living… and he’s one to add to the crazy train…

  14. Hautie says:

    I also read that article in Vanity Fair.

    I agree, that you could tell from the interview, she was completely off the rails. And Randy knew it but did not do much about it.

    As if he was apologetic about it all.

    And she has been on a campaign to alienate him from everyone that could do a intervention. No more friends or family. Then slowly killing his career with her crazy behavior.

    But obviously she likes his income. She will wear something utterly bizarre but have on a 3000.00 dollar pair of shoes or boots with it.

  15. MJ says:

    They’ve done a couple of smaller performances here (Vancouver) over the last 6+ months as well. They both seem mentally ill.

    However, after watching the BBC Panorama specials on Scientology (both are on YouTube, seriously check them out!), I feel like they could be onto something with their “Starwhackers” theory! ;)