Jonny Lee Miller flashes ink for Ellen charity

Jonny Lee Miller, star of the television show Eli Stone, showed some skin on Ellen, Monday, for a very good cause. Ellen is currently raising money for Breast Cancer research and she offered $1000 to the cause for each tattoo Miller could show her.

Jonny Lee Miller had to flash his flesh on U.S. TV on Monday when talk show host Ellen DeGeneres offered to pay $1,000 to a breast cancer charity for every tattoo the actor showed off on her show.

Miller showed off six tattoos on his wrists, arms, stomach and left shoulder before covering up.The reluctant star told DeGeneres, “The rest you don’t wanna see.”

[From FemaleFirst]

Ellen was either impressed or so thankful for not being shown the rest of them that she increased the total by $1000 and gave $7000 to the charity. Miller got off easy, Ellen has been dunking people in water to raise money for the charity recently.

Angelina Jolie’s first husband is hot. I haven’t watched Eli Stone, but I’m thinking I may have to start. Lawyer shows haven’t been my thing since LA Law, but Eli Stone has a speculative paranormal aspect which could make it interesting.

Miller and his wife, Michelle Hicks, are expecting their first child, who’s sex or intended name he wouldn’t divulge, but he assures Ellen it won’t be a wacky-celebrity name.

When asked Monday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show whether they’re having a boy or a girl, Jonny quipped that the couple are just “hoping [it's] human,” then admitted that while they do know the sex, they’ve opted not to share the news.

Similarly, the couple have chosen a name but Jonny says it’s “the kind of thing we don’t discuss with people” because “even your friends that don’t want to offer an opinion, they kind of do just by their facial expressions.” They’ll say “that’s a good name!” or “I like it!” when it’s clear they don’t really mean it, the 35-year-old Eli Stone actor joked. When pressed by host Ellen DeGeneres, however, Jonny did reveal that he and Michele have chosen a “normal” name.

[From Celebrity Baby Blog]

Degeneres thanked Miller for helping her to contribute to the charity by giving him a baby onesie with tattoo art sleeves for the soon-to-arrive Baby Lee Miller. So starts the internet search for my next baby shower gift.

Jonny Lee Miller is shown at the Chelsea Football Club Hollywood Party on 7/16/07. Credit: John Cronise/ WENN

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  1. Kaiser says:

    Honestly, I know I’m supposed to defend everything about Angie & Brad :wink: , but JLM was always my favorite of Angie’s men. He so f-cking hot, I would die. :P

    As for Eli Stone, I just watch it in the hopes that JLM will be shirtless – and he is, occasionally.

    ps…you know he still likes the rough stuff! Man, I’m making myself hot just thinking about JLM and knives and bondage. *swoon*

  2. Ailanirooks says:

    gr8 statements above bro

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