Amy Winehouse: “Girl, you’ve got to sort yourself out or you’ll be dead soon”


Every so often, we get a new batch of Amy Winehouse photos, and I go searching for any news about our beloved Amy. There’s not much to tell this time, though. These are pics of Amy out in London last night, where she left the Abbey Road Studio and went to her favorite bar. I actually think Amy looks… kind of good. For her, you know? She doesn’t look falling-down drunk, she’s not posing with her butt sticking out, her crack tittays are harnessed (and looking bigger?). Sure, she’s wearing a sweater and no skirt or pants. But the sweater is long, so all in all, it’s not bad. I will admit something, though: when I first glanced through these pics, I thought for a second that I was looking at Snooki. I mean, look at her! Amy and Snooki are kind of the same, only Amy is more pulled together (yikes).

Amy Winehouse might have been looking a lot healthier as she headed to Camden for a night out, but she seemed to have forgotten her skirt. The overly bronzed singer was spotted leaving Abbey Road Studios towards her favourite Camden haunt in an oversized Fred Perry jumper, and nothing else.

She did remember her ballet slippers but her legs and surgically enhanced cleavage were on full display as she strolled down the street. Perhaps Amy was a bit overexcited by the warm London weather yesterday and took the opportunity to show off her extensive fake tan. The 27-year-old was wearing a long-sleeved pink, grey and black argyle sweater that she designed herself for Fred Perry. But when she jumped out of a taxi to hit the pub, Amy flashed her pink knickers to photographers due to the incredibly revealing outfit. And she looked to be regretting her wardrobe choice later in the night when she was seen putting her arms around herself to keep warm.

When she was inside her favourite drinking spot, The Hawley Arms, she jumped behind the bar and decided to start serving the customers. And after an evening of drinking, the Back to Black singer left with her burly bodyguard and called it a night looking relatively sober.

The troubled star has been appearing happier and healthier over recent months and posed for her first promotional shoot in over three years earlier in March.

She appears to have turned a corner after finally kicking her well-documented drug habit and recently told Look magazine: ‘I’ve finally escaped from hell. Before I came out here I looked at a photo of myself in the paper and was horrified. My skin was a spotty mess and I was so pale and skinny. I thought, ‘Girl, you’ve got to sort yourself out or you’ll be dead soon.’

[From The Daily Mail]

There’s part of me that misses the old Winehouse, the one who would slam full bottles of rum and try to make out with random men and women, all while her crack tittays fell out and her ballet slippers got increasingly more mangy. But mostly, I’m really glad that Amy has kind of pulled herself together. Once again, pulled herself together FOR HER. If the craziest thing she’s done lately is wear a sweater dress, fix her crack tittays and play bartender for several hours, then she’s doing really well.




Photos courtesy of Fame & WENN.

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  1. Franny says:

    She’s looking a lot better, and healthier. I’m glad for her. Her talent is right up there with Adele, and I’d love to hear some new work from her. Haha, she still has those ballet slippers on!

  2. malachais says:

    I love Amy, she looks alot better I hope she releases new music soon!!

  3. The_Porscha says:

    Those damn ballet slippers, I can’t.

    And I’m with you. For HER in particular, this is a spectacular boon. I’m just surprised she still has a center of gravity with those boobs. DAMN.

  4. Green Is Good says:

    Trashy, yes. Healthy? Definitely. Good for her.

  5. Sassy says:

    Amy DEFINITELY looks 100% healthier and seems to be more self-confident. I am in recovery, & I know HOW HARD it is to, as Amy says, ‘finally escape from hell.’ That is well-spoken, & a better analogy I couldn’t say myself. I hope she’s “working a program,” because it sure looks like she is…just sayin’ from the pics. Let’s applaud her!!!

  6. the original bellaluna says:

    That sweater looks like something girls wore in junior high in the 80’s. (Remember the pink/grey/black phenomenon? And the argyle-preppy trend?)

    I think she got herself some new ballet slippers. At least they’re clean.

  7. says:

    I like how she equates not having a layer of Snooki color on as being on death’s door.

  8. Riley says:

    I don’t like her makeup but her face looks quite pretty. As my grandmother used to say, there is some color and life in those cheeks 🙂

  9. Johanna says:

    I thought of Adele too. These women sing with such emotion. You can feel the heartache in their songs & they can help mend a broken heart.

  10. Samigirl says:

    I love that the woman who sings Rehab is a better role model than the cute freckly redhead from The Parent Trap.

  11. OtherChris says:

    Seriously, what’s with the shoes.

  12. lisa says:

    I’m truly happy for her. It seems like she seeked help on her own will and privately. I am rooting for her and really hope she keeps it up. She is truly talented.

  13. ordinarygirl86 says:

    I agree for Amy- she looks great! I mean she has always been a little ‘off’….but that voice makes me forget how much of a kooky nut she is. I just hope she hasn’t ruined it with all her crack shenanigans from before

  14. Jillian says:

    Her ‘Blake’s Girl’ tattoo appears to be partially removed.

  15. margaritachum says:

    I like that sweater and i love to see a healthier Amy.
    I hope she keeps thinking that way.
    She’s got talent and an amazing voice.

  16. Enny says:

    @Sassy – Let’s applaud you, too! Good luck with your recovery.

  17. melinda says:

    She looks great… for Amy Winehouse.

  18. Sassy says:

    @Envy..I can’t see your entire name as is obscured by the #16, but please let me know if I have it right. Thanks SO MUCH for your kind words…they mean alot! Yes, I’m now at day 114…yay!!

  19. Macey says:

    I always wondered what the reasoning beyond the ballet slippers is, if there is one. Just curious.

    and Im with everyone else, Im totally LOVING Adele’s new CD. Never heard of her until now and but Im addicted to that CD.

  20. KJ says:

    I swear she’s gotta have like a drawer full of those ballet slippers. Good for her. I do love Amy’s music and hope she continues to recover and put out some new material soon. She’s a wonderful song writer.

  21. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Damn I am proud of her. Addiction and Alcoholism is such a hard life to live.

    Trust me.

    Go girl

  22. Erika says:

    Amy Winehouse needs to have a chat Lindsey Lohan, one (ex?)crackwhore to another.

  23. Alarmjaguar says:

    I’m sorry, did that say she designed the sweater? It is an argyle sweater, what’s there to design?

  24. LBeees says:

    I hope she gets back in the studio at some point, because the return of winehouse album is going to be EPIC. She has one of the most soulful, emotive voices since Billie Holliday.

  25. Stubbylove says:

    Damn – girl really likes the huge tittays!

  26. TeeTee says:

    looks like she’s on the mend, I miss her music..

    come on back AIM!!!

  27. Sparkly says:

    She looks like that Snookie chick.

  28. REALIST says:

    Oh, good news! I heard she had slipped back into her old ways, but maybe not, or she bounced back.
    I think helping her niece’s career has really helped her; I remember hearing a story about a time that her niece sang at an event (pre-niece’s career start) and Amy just burst into tears because she remembered her own potential and how she had completely squandered it on drugs. So, if she can help her niece learn the ropes of showbiz and show her that drugs can ruin a singer’s career, that’s good. She is also showing love and getting it back, which I believe is the key to recovery. If she hangs in there, she can even be a role model(!) to her niece about the power of love and support in helping people who are lost in one way or another find their way back.
    I wish she’d steer clear of the alcohol, but the pub culture in Britain is hard to avoid. I spent the summer there BEFORE they changed closing time from 11 pm; people just drank faster to get their drunken fix.
    The first album was fantastic! Try to stay healthy while you work on this one, Amy; we’ll give you all the time you need.
    XO-A fan, definitely.

  29. dread pirate cuervo says:

    @Sassy, 114 days is huge! Keep it up! I celebrated 4 years last month & I can tell you, sobriety just gets better & better.

    Amy looks great. See, Lohan? It’s do-able.

  30. RhymesWithSilver says:

    Great to see her back in the land of the living. I was really just waiting to open the paper and find out she was dead for a while there.

  31. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    @dead pirate cuervo..

    Tell me how

  32. searching4grace says:

    Hey, she’s wearing more than Lady Gaga has on occasion. Good for her!

  33. Anastasia says:

    Amy’s my girl.

    I did read somewhere that she buys those ballet slipper shoes in bulk and has tons of them. They get nastied up pretty quickly on the streets of London. I don’t know what her fascination is with them, but….whatever.

    She does look a LOT better. What I’m really hoping for is a new album, but, baby steps.

  34. Chica T says:

    Love Amy! More music please

  35. kwoww says:

    love her!! cant wait for some new music from her..the english-retro music scene was started by her, she needs to now comeback around and show the followers how its done.
    the ballet slippers are clean, what more do you want!

  36. sandy says:

    i am pulling for Amy, she has so much talent, we don’t have that many left.(talented people, that is.)

  37. dragonlady sakura says:

    I’m rooting for you, Amy. The world needs your soulful voice, so keep up the good work on your recovery.

  38. Emma says:

    Umm yes, that orange tan is much better than the pallor…

  39. Lem says:

    Amy Amy Amy
    Although I’ve been here before
    Amy Amy Amy
    You’re just to hard to ignore

    Creative energy abused
    All my lyrics go unused

    She’s in the studio? She’s in the studio!

  40. Becca says:

    every time I see Amy wearing ballet slippers I imagine her stepping on broken glass and syringes.

  41. Kelly says:

    Im almost wetting myself laughing right now. Thank you, herniated ballet slippers!!

  42. wunderkindt says:

    She’s gained weight, looks 100% better.
    Hope she stays this way. Those slippers need to go.

  43. munchies says:

    thats gigantic rack. i never thought her implants are that HUGE.

  44. CeeCee says:

    she had a boob job ages ago, after she first got out of rehab, ditched Blake and got back on track.

  45. flourpot says:

    Ballet slippers are comfy. Like – seriously orgasmic toes comfy. I wear them around the house for slippers. Did I mention they were unbelievably comfortable? They are.

    Can’t wait to hear new music. She’s a true talent.

  46. TXCinderella says:

    She actually looks better than she has in a very long time. Despite the bubble gum pink stick, she looks pretty here. Glad she’s getting it together and back on track.

  47. fishbone says:

    I used to love Amy and though I do look forward to hearing new music from her I will not pay for it. I saw her in Dubai last month and it was one of the worst concerts I’ve ever attended. She put zero effort into her songs and was off-time and the time she actually did spend on stage (she would take off randomly for full half-hours to 45 minutes and leave her backup dancer to sing to us) she looked at her fucking nails and disinterestedly played with her hair while singing. It was to the point the crowd at the back was booing. We paid like 600 dollars for our tickets and were really upset at how bad she was.

  48. gg says:

    Okay, Ima have to fess up and admit I used to wear black leather ballet slippers on the street and bought a new pair every six months. I wore white and pink leather ones too. They do herniate. I wore them just because I was a performer and loved ballet and my friends did it. When you first buy them, the smell of the new leather is intoxicating if you’re into ballet at all.

    I would imagine the satin ones are even more delicate than the leather.

    And if you’re wondering about the style of her sweater, Fred Perry is an institution – all their stuff is preppy looking, except their fine skinhead wear.

  49. Crash2GO2 says:

    So apparently she’s managed to go from drinking herself under the table and hard drugs to just drinking moderately? I hope she continues to be successful. Some people can do that. But it’s not really a good idea, as drinking lowers your inhibitions toward using other drugs.

  50. Laura says:

    Wow, I think she looks beautiful!!