John Travolta’s charity for his late son Jett called a “joke”

There are two stories in the National Enquirer this week about the Travoltas. The first is that Kelly Preston, who just “gave birth”* at the age of 48 to her third child in November, wants another baby supposedly. This story sounds like either a fabrication or wishful thinking. It’s hard for me to consider the Travoltas in any kind of normal context (i.e. they want another child like a regular couple) without thinking of the batsh*t comments that Kelly gave in an interview in January. She and John are Scientologists, and the nonsensical drivel she spouted on The Today Show kind of brought it home for me how brainwashed she is, and how there might be something to those rumors that she’s a beard for John. She just doesn’t seem all “there” which can happen when people are reprogrammed.

Anyway I do feel a lot of sympathy for the Travoltas after they lost their 16 year-old son, Jett, when he suffered a head injury following a seizure two years ago. They’ve been through so much, and John started a foundation in Jett’s honor following his death. According to public records the foundation has only raised a paltry $39,350 in donations in two years, and has only given out around $29,200 in grants. It sounds like Travolta started the foundation and forgot all about it, because he probably makes more than that for one appearance.

The Jett Travolta Foundation is getting flack for raising just $39,530 in the two years and three months since Jett’s heartbreaking death, the Eqnuirer was learned.

The Foundation was started after [Kelly and John’s] 16 year-old son Jett died on January 2, 2009, following a seizure during a family getaway to Grand Bahama Island.

The actor reluctantly admitted the teen had been battling autism – even though that condition is not recognized by his Scientology church.

The Travoltas’ tax exempt organization in Jett’s honor is supposed to provide assistance to children in need. But shockingly, only $28,000 has been given in grants – plus a donation of $1,200 to a child described as having “medical needs.”

With all of the star’s wealthy friends, critics are wondering why more money hasn’t been raised.

“John can spend $40,000 on fuel for his private jet in a weekend or two,” a source told The Enquirer. “For the Jett Travolta Foundation to raise so little money in over two years is a complete joke.”

[From The National Enquirer, print edition, April 4, 2011]

As the Enquirer notes, Scientology doesn’t recognize autism at all and it took until Jett’s death for John to acknowledge his son’s medical condition. The Travoltas’ richest friends, like Tom Cruise, Lisa Marie Presley, and Kirstie Alley, are all Scientologists and they’re not about to give money to a foundation that could promote “psychiatry” in any way. (See this Wiki article for background.) Travolta is probably conflicted about helping this charity he founded as well, in that he wants to honor his son but has been taught by his cult that psychiatric medication and psychology are to be opposed at all costs. Scientologists believe that their quack methods are the only way to address any kind of “psychiatric” problem, and it’s unclear what they believe falls under that umbrella. John probably realizes that Scientology failed in his late son’s case and it may eat him up inside. He’s never going to talk about it, though.

Alternate explanations could be that the foundation is a front for Scientology, and that they plan to help and “support” kids by trying to indoctrinate them. It could also be the case that John funnels all his extra money into the cult and was told by higher ups not to donate to his own “psych-promoting” charity. (See the video in this post for the lengths Scientologists go to in order to oppose psychiatry. Around 1:45, head David Miscavige talks about breaking “the dark spell cast across earth by psychiatry.”)

*I put that in quotes about Kelly giving birth because there’s doubt surrounding whether she had the baby herself. I think she did give birth, as I explained in this post.




John Travolta is shown on 2/5/11 at the Goldene Kamera awards in Berlin. Why can’t he just ditch the weave already? Credit:

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  1. whitedaisy says:

    The Jett Travolta Foundation doesn’t even mention autism in it’s mission statement.
    What a sad testimonial to an unfulfilled life.

  2. pebbles says:

    I am sad now. Will have to listen to “Miss You” again.

  3. Rita says:

    What a tragic mess. Sharing values and a belief system with “friends” in an organization that apparently views your child as an inferrior creature to be disgarded for the convinience of the organization. No wonder JT’s “dong spa conflicted”.

  4. lucy2 says:

    That’s sad, the foundation could have been something wonderful that really helped kids.
    Probably all their money is tied up in Scientology, which though it claims to be charitable, doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

  5. Theo says:

    Well no one wants to indirectly donate to the Shurch of Cienthologhee

  6. alexandra says:

    This is a bunch of hooey

  7. snappyfish says:

    The “Church” of Scientology teaches that those with Autism and Psychological problems are brought on by themselves. It is part of that “thetans” that inhabit the body. They don’t believe in “children” that everyone is actually whole beings that inhabit our bodies while we are here. This explains why the Cruises treat Suri as an adult

    This is a very dangerous organization. The saddest part is that the Travolta boy was not given the appropriate treatment and now he is now gone.

    I am sure that he was well cared for but the boy was Autistic and they said he had “Kawasaki disease” which he never did. This is much like the people who don’t believe in medicine that allow their diabetic children die by withholding insulin.

    Very sad

  8. Anti-icon says:

    This story is rather a non story, isn’t it? I mean, the Travolta’s established a charity, but obviously it is one in which they have either lost interest in; or had no interest in it to begin with.

    That isn’t fraud. It suggests many things to me: mainly that someone wanted that charity for autism established at the time that it was established….but that upon further reflection, it is NOT something they want to put energy into. It takes a lot of commitment, energy and administrative support to run a charity.

    Having said all that…..Scientology is MOST ABUSIVE on the “nobodies” who work for Sea Org, the “branch” that keeps all its “celebrity/high income” members in POSH, comfortable religious supportive environments….except for those pesky e-metered tell-all sessions with the church.


  9. mommyesq says:

    We need a super-rich psychiatrist to try to get into the “church.” Man–they’ll be totally torn! Take all that money…from a PSYCHIATRIST!?!?!?!? Good Zenu, no!

  10. Snowpea says:

    Girl please! Their family vacation in the Bahamas probably cost more than $39,000!

  11. aenflex says:

    One day these two, and many other, consenting adults will have to reconcile with themselves. Any parent who lets any religion determine the levels and methods of medical treatment they allow to be imposed upon their children will have to reconcile with themselves one day, if and when something happens to that child as a result of their choices. Personal choice is personal choice – it’s personal. I have very mixed feelings on parent’s making religion-based-medical-choices for their children.

    Oh, and $cientology sucks. But we already knew that.

  12. Mary Jane says:

    I think I’m disliking JT almost as much as I used to like him. Hell, I e’en got my dad to buy tires for my red Camaro from his father Dub in NJ back in the day (’82!). I think he was CoS back then, but I had no idea what it was and didn’t care (and prob still dont!)…

  13. ol cranky says:

    ” I mean, the Travolta’s established a charity, but obviously it is one in which they have either lost interest in; or had no interest in it to begin with.”

    how sad that a charity established in memory of their own child is one they had no interest in or lost interest in very quickly.

  14. Kate says:

    Everyone can bitch about his religion and presume he’s gay because some asshole wrote an article but come on. The guy lost his son. I say leave the poor man alone.

  15. filthycute says:

    Shame on him for continuing to fail his son! This makes me utterly sick.

  16. Vicki. says:

    I like John travolta, fat, gross, scienweirdo whatever. But don’t ever get your hair colored on the same day you’re hyping to be photographed under blazing lights.

  17. Jag says:

    Honestly, raising almost $40k and donating almost $30k is better than some of the “known” charities out there, so I don’t have a problem with what they’ve given. I also don’t have a problem with them not raising much, because it’s not like they’re raising a ton and only giving out a piddly amount, again like some other people we’ve read about. I agree with some others who said that they haven’t raised much probably because people don’t want to donate to Scientologists; I certainly wouldn’t.

  18. Newbie says:

    I think this is sad on many levels. We don’t actually know what’s causing this charity to “fail”, do we? It could be many things. Regardless of what church he belongs to, we should respect the fact that his son was taken from him, and if he’s human at all, he’s probably upset about it. I’m with Kate. Let’s leave him alone. At least in this.

  19. Daniella says:

    The fact that the whole organization/religion/cult/whateverthef*ckis founded on the “beliefs”, i.e. hallucinations of someone with schizophrenia who refused medication says everything.
    I am not in any way putting down people who suffer from this chronic mental illness at all, I actually volunteer with a local schizophrenia organization and I see, first hand, what non-compliance to meds can do with someone with this illness. It can ruin lives.

  20. Bobby the K says:

    I’ve always found it hugely ironic that the CoS uses celebrities as bait for new recruits. But these celebrities are completely screwed up!

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