OJ targeted by white supremacist groups in prison

Even though he has yet to be sentenced and sent to the prison where he will serve his time, O.J. Simpson is already a marked man. The National Enquirer has interviewed legal insiders that said O.J. is going to have an extremely rough time and should expect to spend a good deal of it in solitary confinement – not out of punishment but for his own safety. The effect is still nearly the same though.

Members of the Aryan Warriors have already threatened Simpson’s life. They’re an enormous and very powerful gang throughout the prison system. The Enquirer also claims Simpson is suicidal and under constant surveillance. His situation certainly sounds grim. It seems like either he’s a dead man because of someone else of by his own hands.

“I’m a dead man!” the disgraced gridiron great declared when he phoned pals shortly after his conviction. Even as he sat in his dank Las Vegas jail cell just hours after jurors found him guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping, guards worried he would be marked for death. For his own safety, he was put in an isolation cell dubbed “the hole” by prisoners.

“He’s scared to death – so much so that he won’t eat, and he has been given medication for depression,” disclosed a source. Simpson has plummeted to such depths of despair, revealed an insider, “he was put on suicide watch. Someone is watching him nearly every minute in case he tries to strangle himself with whatever he can find in his cell.”

“O.J. has two major things working against him as he heads to prison – he killed two white people and he’s a celebrity,” a Nevada prison system insider told the Enquirer. “He’s a target for the Aryan Warriors, a very powerful and deadly prison gang whose members want to finally deliver O.J. fatal justice. They’re waiting for him to arrive – it’s going to be like tossing meat to the wolves. He’ll be dead within weeks.”

[From the National Enquirer, Oct. 20, 2008, print ed.]

Simpson being on antidepressants isn’t that unusual. I have a friend who’s a social worker in the mental health unit of an L.A. prison and she said almost everyone in the entire system is on at least anti-depressants just to get through the experience.

It definitely sounds like O.J.’s life is clearly in danger. Being a celebrity is always super dangerous in prison. I cannot even imagine what would have happened to Michael Jackson had he been convicted. O.J. definitely has a rocky road ahead of him.

The pessimistic part of me thinks he’ll probably end up serving such a small amount of real time that it won’t matter. But no matter what, he’s sure going to cost the state of Las Vegas a lot of money between all the extra security he’s going to require. If nothing else, he deserves to do his time. I’ve always thought a long prison sentence would be much harder than death.

Here’s Simpson at Johnnie Cochran’s funeral in 2005. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. Kayla says:

    The entire world knows he murdered his ex wife Nicole Simpson. This man is a killer! A killer who was allowed to roam free! The least that should happen to him should be to serve time. Is he afraid of dying? Well, now he knows how Nicole felt, probably for years and years. No one has sympathy for you O.J. wife murderer!!! JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!

  2. Syko says:

    Why is this not tearing at my heartstrings?

  3. Baholicious says:

    Syko, Hear, hear! It’s not tearing at your heartstrings because your heart knows a false chord when it hears one.

    Justice is about to be served. It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with a man who thought he was above the law finding out what it’s like to be victimized.

  4. Jess Doherty says:

    How does that saying go? “what goes around……?”

  5. geronimo says:

    For shame. Let him get what’s coming to him but not from the SAW.

  6. daisy424 says:

    😛 Panty raid in OJ’s cell everyone 😛

    *edit, didn’t mean to disappoint you Geronimo, personally I don’t care who gets to him first, I’m an equal opportunity type of gal.

  7. anony says:

    Boo hoo. No pity for him.
    He’s scared but ALIVE. Two people are not because of this sociopath.

  8. geronimo says:

    After the last few comments, I feel free to say you deserve George Bush and everything he represents. So astonished that people I respect think this is ok. I loathe and despise this man and wish him nothing other than eternal damnation but at no point am I ever going to support him being taught a lesson by a notorious white supremicist group.

  9. Jinxy says:

    I am not a fan of white supremacist prison gangs, but good luck guys!

  10. Anna says:

    I don’t think he’s suicidal nor will he ever be. This man is far too conceited to even think about taking his own grandiose life. The antidepressants he’s taking? He’s probably just going through rough times, doesn’t mean he’s a whimpering heap of depression.

    Nevertheless, these gangs seems awful and very dangerous. I wouldn’t wish their wrath on anybody. I hope OJ stays alive in jail, simply because I think he really needs to do the time for his numerous crimes. He needs to feel the consequences.

  11. dovesgate says:

    Nothing would have happened to Michael Jackson. Pedophiles don’t get put into the regular prison population, they are protected because even the people who thought nothing of peddling drugs to kids don’t tolerate someone who sexually abused them. Alot of pedos get put in state-run “hospitals” since they are more secure and at least half the people there are just like them. The rest are so bat-shi* crazy, they don’t care who they are locked up with as long as they get their meds.

    O.J. will more than likely get tons of special treatment simply because of his celebrity status. He’ll be able to hang with the other special custody inmates instead of the regular population, he’ll have separate shower and eating times. Even if he were put in with the general population, I’m sure he’s got enough money stashed away to buy plenty of protection from black gangs within the system. He might even be able to buy a transfer to another prison in another state.

  12. mark says:


  13. RAN says:

    I’m not buying the “suicidal” crap – it’s just another bid for public outcry and waves of pity. Anyone remember a certain white Bronco with a gun and a “clearly distraught”/”suicidal” OJ in the back? He was so distraught that he felt the compelling need to tell us all that he was going to commit suicide. That fell through though. One single little word made him feel sooo much better — acquittal.

    I hope he rots. I’m not sure I believe the white supremacist prison vendetta, but he truly deserves whatever his fate has waiting for him. In all reality, it might even be a story that his camp is putting out, to sway the judge to give him a light sentence. Or… maybe he’s setting himself up for appeal ala Nick Hogan – ‘I can’t live in prison because of the cruelty… let me live under house arrest’. Waaaaa

    I have sympathy, but it’s for Nicole and Ron’s families, not for this monster.

  14. Dirty Martini says:

    Promises, promises……

  15. jess says:

    this man has cost the US people so much in tax dollars. if he can afford it, why don’t we make him pay for his undue burden on the state. ugh.

  16. jennifer says:

    “I’m a dead man!” the disgraced gridiron great declared

    So’s Ron Goldman, OJ.

  17. Anony says:

    Geronimo- I hear you on not wishing cruelty such as hazing by scary neo nazis n prison. But this man is insidious- he was jocular in the court. Giving restaurant recommendations to strangers (I heard an interview on the radio a well respected source). He is without remorse.
    He thought he is above the law. Clearly, he’s wrong. And he has the audacity to play the tired ‘race card’ and say he is being persecuted.

    Perhaps you misunderstood me (or others) saying it’s hard to conjure up pity for him. I cry seeing commercials or movies with people suffering much less hearing real life accounts. Seeing people suffer is difficult AND I put my money where my mouth is and work with people weekends (domestic abuse) because it makes me feel less helpless like I am not doing something.

    Please do not make sweeping generalizations or assumptions all of us who live n America are cud chewing pea brains who support mindless violence a la Bush. It is inaccurate and entirely unfair. I recall you taking umbrage when an article on here recently used the term ‘Irish twins’. You were right to point out that was a bit of a stereotype/generalization. Here I am simply asking for the same consideration 🙂

    Anyway, I like you and am not biting your head off but I also do not feel bad someone who has been such an unmitigated monster in life (beating/ likely killing his ex wife, Goldman..) and also beating his current GF Christine Prody… I feel we must face he consequences of our actions. And that is between God and Oj. No, no Aryan gang has the right to ‘mete’ out justice but I feel more for underdogs and people who are truly disenfranchised.

    Besides he’ll be safe in solitary.He will likely not get attacked if that remains the case..

    Sorry this was so long…

  18. Shane says:

    As a law student, I know for a fact that his case will most likely go to a new trial. Lots of problems with it. All white jury being the biggest problem when the case goes through appeals.

  19. spooge says:

    Gosh how awful.. that poor man having to endure such horror and degradation, my heart really goes out to…..
    ….. bwa ha ha…. oh man…. I almost got through that with a straight face…

    Bye OJ… see ya in hell.

  20. RAN says:

    Why does it have to be about the ‘all white jury’? Is there some sort of compelling argument that says a black jury or a 50/50 mix would have arrived at a different conclusion? Aren’t we ALL considered human beings with operable intelligence?

    That racist nonsense is old and ridiculous. Yes, I know… racism still exists in some form everywhere, but I guess I’m far too NON racist to understand why that’s such a big deal.

    Shane… before you ask, I’m not picking on you or your post, it just raised the thought in my mind.

  21. vdantev says:

    Don’t worry, they’ll tuck him away in segregated/protective ward away from all the bad men.

  22. Jeanne says:

    Aw,is the big, bad killer scared? I’ll bet Nicole was scared, no terrified, before he cut her so bad he just about decapitated her. How could he know what scared is?

  23. Daniel says:

    wow. karma is a BITCH! lol! I hope he doesn’t die. I hope he’s raped, beaten, and hounded for years! Dying is too good for him. Now he’ll know what it is like to be a victim. Screw OJ!

  24. MsTriste says:

    I used to work as a nurse in a county jail, and part of my job was to keep murderers from trying to kill themselves. I quit the job because morally I felt that was wrong – why were tax dollars being spent to keep these sociopaths alive when they wanted to kill themselves? Why not let them kill themselves and save us all money?

  25. CeeJay says:

    O.K. So, nobody else is going to call Jaybird on this one? Las Vegas is not a state. It is a city in the State of Nevada.

  26. Rio says:

    I was in elementary school in Los Angeles when the Brown/Goldman trial happened, and remember very vividly following it– from murder to Bronco to trial– on TV. The verdict came at recess, and a classmate ran onto the playground screaming “NOT GUILTY! NOT GUILTY!” After recess we were asked by our teachers to write about our feelings on the verdict in our class journals– and I remember every kid, no matter what their background, opened with “How?” I know mine certainly did.
    So I’m not going to shed any tears for OJ Simpson. Do I wish prison rape on the man? Hell no, I wouldn’t wish that on ANYONE and am actually disgusted when people bring that up in a joking manner. Do I wish rec-yard murder? No, I don’t. What I DO wish is that justice of some sort is done, and that he gets to spend his waning days in prison. He did *this* crime, beyond any shadow of a doubt. Let him serve *something*. It may not be related to the Goldman/Brown murders but it will ease the minds of the families.
    The racial makeup of the jury should play no part in it whatsoever. A classroom of black and Hispanic 4th graders knew what justice was, and it was damn disappointing to us to see that adults didn’t.

  27. geronimo says:

    @Anony – Sorry about the generalisation, and I think you know I don’t think of Americans in those terms!

    What took me aback was people endorsing violence towards OJ by a group whose remit is violence and hatred towards non-whites. I do understand the anger towards OJ but will never agree that retribution via this particular source is acceptable.

  28. Anony says:

    Thanks for clarifying that, G. Have a good weekend..

  29. xxx says:

    As a person that lives in Las Vegas OJ can be tried 10 times and the outcome will always be the same. This is an old boys town, he’s screwed no matter what. He’ll never get out of it.

  30. aleach says:

    oj WAS in fact found innocent of murder…maybe he did it, maybe be didnt but he was found innocent and thats that. i know this guy is about as low as low can get, but the jury obviously (who wouldnt) had that in mind when they went into this. hell, ANYONE who looks at oj on tv probably has those murders in their mind.
    i cant beleive that any of you would wish for him to be murdered in prison. thats sick. i wouldnt wish for ANYONE to be murdered in prison. the point of prison is to go there and serve your punishment. NOT to be killed by other inmates.EVERYONE has the right to feel safe and i know thats not the case in prison which is a shame.

  31. aleach says:

    oh and concerning my last comment, he was found innocent, but he should have just layed low. he obviously does think hes above the law. idiot….!

  32. rottenkitty says:

    No, he was NOT found Innocent. He was found Not Guilty. It’s different. We don’t have Innocent or Guilty. We have Guilty or Not Guilty. And Not Guilty does not mean Innocent.

    And he was found to be responsible for their deaths in civil court.

  33. RAN says:

    Amen rottenkitty

  34. WTF?!?! says:

    Doubtful, Shane. His lawyers were present for voir dire, they okayed every one of those jurors or they wouldn’t have been seated. That’s a dangerous claim to make, that a bunch of white folks can’t discern truth from fiction because of the color of their skin.

    No judge would overturn the verdict based solely on that, there would have to be a procedural or glaring civil rights error. An all white jury his lawyerssaid could serve isn’t reversible error, it was their choice. The term “jury of his peers” means in the jurisdiction the crime took place, not LA or Florida or wherever OJ lived before prison.

  35. aleach says:

    ok my bad! he was found “not guilty”. im NOT saying he didnt commit the murders, im sure that he did…BUT what i am saying is that he had a trial, was found NOT GUILTY and good or bad, thats how our justice system works. do you think i am defending this guy? uhh no way! but for people to say that he should be raped, killed, etc in jail is frightening to me. thats all.

  36. vdantev says:

    Judging by the reaction here, he might have an appeal case based on the idea he couldn’t get a fair trial because of the prejudice he didn’t ‘get what he had coming’ in the murder trial.

  37. Ray says:

    Interestingly, almost all of these postings are anti-Simpson!

    Where are all the dummies and racists whom have supported this thug for years?

  38. kim says:

    The charges of kidnapping and conspiracy to commit same are ridiculous. Who ever heard of a six-minute kidnapping? Rapists and robbers detain their victims for far longer but are never charged with kidnapping. This is an example of selective prosecution, and the convictions on these two counts will undoubtedly be reversed upon appeal.

  39. Jodi c says:

    Well lets just throw the white inmates in all the head lines that we can…. who made threats? oh of coarse they made death threats cause the inqirer said so.

  40. Ray says:

    The kidnapping charge resulted from simpson’s “Don’t let nobody outta this room”, heard clearly on the tape.

    When you block an exit, and forcebly detain someone, with men brandishing guns, you are kidnapping. Period.

    I agree LV DA hooked Simpson for everything he could find. I don’t believe the DA thought they could convict on ALL charges, so thew the pasta against the wall.

    Interestingly, the JURY convicted him of all counts! They would have convicted him on other, weaker, charges if given the chance.

    It is our society, taking care of business that LA juries won’t.

  41. Bran says:

    Damn! You all are so cruel. I know he killed two peopled but i can not find it in my heart to wish eternal damnation upon him. Besides there are never any headlines of this magnitude when a white man kills an African American or two. If everyone got what they deserved the bloggers who are wishing death on OJ or most people in general would potentially be deceased. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

  42. joemamma says:


  43. sherwood Luvett says:

    Well, I am also glad to see OJ going to prison for a long time. I don’t understand how the race issue on the jury can be a valid point for a new trial. The black community has been demonstrating and screaming for equality for 50 years.
    Well, it’s happened, everyone is to be treated equally under the law. So, why is it that when things don’t go the way they want them, the first thing to be brought up is the color of the jury. Someone said that OJ could have commited the murders on live TV and, given the right jury, could have gotten off……
    So……… there he goes, off to prison to get less than he deserves. Put him in general population and have a betting pool on how long he lasts…

  44. OC says:

    Whoa, the mob with their pitchporks and torches are in full force…… The biggest myth of the 20th century is that OJ killed Nicole and Ron. OJ didn’t do it. The real killer was interviewed in the book BLOOD OATH by Carl Jaspers and Steven Worth and the same story was corroborated in Steven Singular’s LEGACY OF DECEPTION.