“Yet another fashion catastrophe from Jennifer Love Hewitt” links


Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s latest catastrophic outfit. [ICYDK]
Candace Swanepoel is, like, radically thin. [Celebslam]
Carrie Underwood attached a mushroom to this dress. [Go Fug Yourself]
Kingston Rossdale gets all the ladies‘ digits. [The Blemish]
Leo DiCaprio makes $5 million a day (for one commerical). [Crazy Days and Nights]
Angelina Jolie in comic-book form. Sketchy, very sketchy. Get it? [LimeLife]
Lady Gaga‘s latest airport look. Not that bad, honestly. [The Frisky]
Mathew Knowles is secretly pissed that Beyonce fired him. [Bossip]
A dachshund stuck in a sweatshirt! Aw. [INFDaily]
Emily is moving to Austin to be with Brad the Bachelor. [Bitten and Bound]
Lindsay Lohan in another jewelry store, pre-heist. [Radar]
Ryan Gosling & Sean Penn to work together? [The Celebrity Café]
Abbie Cornish is topless & bland on the cover of Esquire. [Celebs]
Gisele Bundchen‘s latest fug photoshoot. [CityRag]
Amber Heard is a bunny. [Starpulse]
Will Ferrell‘s latest movie, with a creepy poster. [Moviefone]



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  1. Samigirl says:

    I guess I’m a grandma because I kind of like the dress. It does totally remind me of stuff my MiMi wears though :))

  2. Juice says:

    why would she wear that??? I don’t understand. It must be a joke. It looks like something a grandmother might wear

  3. X says:

    I sort of like it on her too. *shame*

  4. mln76 says:

    The color is gorgeous but that length on those legs is an epic disaster.

  5. aasparuh says:

    i love that dress! adore it!

  6. Ron says:

    I saw her at LAX last friday. She looked really cute. Wearing black jeans, a tank, and a cute jacket with grommets. I should have taken a pic. I had not seen her in person in about 10 years, she was adorable.

  7. Quest says:

    Love the color and it matches the cups but she belongs on “Little House on the Praire” with that dress.

  8. Erika says:

    Actually, I think it’s quite pretty. Granted, I would belt that dress, or wear either a top or a skirt in that color, but not both, but whatever … there’s nothing “catastrophic” about this outfit.

  9. melinda says:

    Very matronly. Here she goes again with the shoes with ankle straps. Didn’t she see the comments on the last post? lol

  10. lilibet1 says:

    Needs a wide belt with it to hide the old lady style elastic waist and she so needs to stop wearing ankle strap type shoes as they make her legs look chunky!

    Other than that it’s fine!

  11. Andraste says:

    Maybe she joined a Mormon polygamist sect?

  12. Marjalane says:

    I hope there was a boy scout nearby to help her across the street.

  13. Keljo says:

    I kinda sorta like the bag she’s carrying…from what I can see of it. Looks likes fairies, perhaps.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    Please tell me she’s in costume on-set.

  15. brin says:

    That was my first thought….auditioning for “Real Housewives of Orem”?

  16. islandwalker says:

    My quess is she is dressed for a character. Crikey. Judgemental much people?

  17. brin says:

    “Amber Heard is a bunny”….Leann sends a cease & desist twitter.

  18. Photo JoJo says:

    Is she part of an FLDS cult now?

  19. Ally says:

    Maybe at night, to a premiere? But in the daytime, just weird.

  20. Keljo says:

    I commented earlier that I liked the bag. Found it pretty quickly on line…it’s a Prada…definitely out of my price range, but I still like it!

  21. danielle says:

    If she’s not in costume, I agree with Kaiser. Catastrophic!

  22. Heatheradair says:

    I get the “concept” she’s trying to pull off here, but the length is what makes it granny. And the shoes bisect what little leg remains…

    (d’oh – I’d actually just PLANNED to say that her hair looks gorgeous and her makeup looks great and the bag is cute and I actually like that daiquiri ice color on her, but damn — the bitchy got the best of me)

  23. LadyBert62 says:

    I think it is a pretty spring dress – it is a tad long by today’s standards – but I still like it.

  24. TXCinderella says:

    That dress makes her look really frumpy!

  25. filthycute says:

    I think she looks beautiful. She’s classy and cute.

  26. Melanie says:

    Yay! Elastic waists are back in high fashion. I am heading over to the Goodwill right now.

  27. Audrey says:

    I don’t like the dress on her at all – definitely frumpi-fying. And the shoes are horrible in so many ways. But did anyone check out her nails? Each one is a different color.

  28. almond says:

    The hem hits her legs at the worst point. Coupled with strappy shoes, her legs never stood a chance. That look would be recommended to those who have long, thin shins; but for her, it’s a disaster.

    I will say that dress is lovely and so is the bag. I would wear them, no problem.

  29. Liana says:

    Looking forward to Will in another somewhat serious turn. I worked on “Stranger Than Fiction” and it was amazing how good he was!

  30. Ellie says:

    Remember when she was in Party of Five? My goodness she was so slim and had a good fashion sense. What the heck happened to her? She always look ridiculous.

  31. escapee says:

    Lose the buttons and it looks like an Amish dress.

  32. Laurie says:

    Does she still claim to be a size 4?!!!

  33. Faye says:

    Hem it, and it would fab.

  34. truetalk says:

    she looks like madea

  35. MoP says:

    I love the dress. And JLH for FTW – girl is climbing into a Bentley.

  36. Nanea says:

    The color of JLH’s dress is not bad – but those buttons on the shoulders? Just no! And the thinner fabric on the arms? Meh!

    The shoes with the silver straps? Has she been to a ballroom dancing rehearsal?

    Does she own a mirror, and did she use it before going out?

  37. sorrento says:

    Easter Sunday, 1981

  38. Novaraen says:

    No…not pretty. The color is okay…but honestly her legs are so unfortunate in a dress that length.

  39. Isa says:

    She is not aging well at all!

  40. SD_R_SR says:

    I mean, honestly, she just needs to learn the difference between vintage and granny.

  41. Crash2GO2 says:

    Seriously. SERIOUSLY. Has she become Amish and just not told anyone??

  42. Leticia says:

    Truetalk, Madea. Funny!

  43. Kloops says:

    Oh, ew. No. All wrong unless you’re 65+, or LDS, then it’s adorable.

  44. Confuzzle says:

    Nanna, do you have any idea how much fat is in one of those overpriced drinks?

  45. skuddles says:


  46. The Truth Fairy says:

    I think she is trying to hide a major weight gain. Check out her calves …. they are huge!

  47. Christopher Brooklyn says:


  48. Coco says:

    Don’t see anything wrong in that dress.

  49. Bailey says:

    She has totally gained weight. I see ham hocks and her cankles have grown.

  50. MaudeLebowski says:

    Didn’t they finish shooting Big Love? No sister-wife guest roles there, J.Lo.Hew.

  51. Kasey says:

    My first guess is weight gain camouflage. Nonetheless I don’t think she looks horrid, just surprising considering that outfit is probably not in keeping with any current style/trend I’m familiar with. However, I’m not one that follows or sticks to fashion codes I’m all about comfortable and/or what I think is cute.

    I DID note however, that her nails are fake and each a different color which makes me think she’s either in character or mentally trying to get in character.

    In any event, THIS time, I think she d be cut some slack.

    On another note, anyone else think she could have worked for the part of Stephanie Plum?

  52. Stacia says:

    She’s wearing a granny dress.

  53. naomi says:

    i kinda like the vintage style she’s going for but the dress doesnt really suit her…specially with those heels! the colour is really nice though. I guess if you’re gonna go vintage you gotta do it all the way..

  54. みく says: