Told you so: Jennifer Aniston is trying to win back Bradley Cooper


Several weeks ago, I wrote about a hilarious and suspicious item in The National Enquirer. It came right on the heels of Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger’s breakup, and it was all about how Jennifer Aniston was trying to ride the B. Coop pony once again. Remember, Aniston and Bradley had a minor little thing back in 2009 when they went on some dinner dates. After those dates, Bradley went out of his way to deny that he was dating Aniston, and shortly after that, Us Weekly published an “exposé” about why Bradley and Aniston didn’t work: he thought she was fake, insecure mess.

Anyway, I wrote about the item, and I honestly thought there was probably something there. It seemed like it was perfectly plausible that Aniston was trying to get on Bradley, and it was perfectly plausible that the National Enquirer story had merit, especially when the “source” was saying all kinds of bitchy things about Renee Zellweger (and how Renee “stole” Bradley away from Aniston, because Aniston is always The Victim, Forever). Many of you disagreed with me, throwing a huge pity party for poor Jennifer who WOULD NEVER EVER look at Bradley because… I don’t know, something about Angelina, probably. Well, I told you so. Look who’s publicist got this dropped into People Magazine:

Is it more than a friendly connection? A month after splitting with Renée Zellweger, Bradley Cooper is getting back in touch with Jennifer Aniston.

“In the past few weeks, they have stayed in contact,” a source tells PEOPLE.

The two were first linked in 2009, when they stepped out for dinner in New York, but they didn’t really seem to click until now.

“Jen always had a soft spot for Bradley, and she thinks he is very attractive and charming,” the source says. ” Jen appreciates that Bradley is low-key, loves dogs and is focused on his movie career.”

Cooper, 36, is back in L.A. after promoting his new thriller Limitless in Europe, and the source says the actor plans to spend time with Aniston, 42.

Adds the source: “They have a lot in common.”

[From People]

I earned this, so I’m going to enjoy it: hahahahahahahahahahahaha, suck it. I was right. Here’s what I don’t know: who is pushing this? For the Enquirer story, it was obviously a Team Aniston plant, but I feel like People Magazine wouldn’t have run this story if they didn’t get a nod from both Bradley and Jennifer’s people. We’ll see. If this story stands unchallenged for the next 24 hours, Aniston has gotten herself another Bradley. BUT: Bradley could end up denying this still, like he did before. We’ll see.




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  1. Angelina says:

    Jen does seem to have bother landing a man. She should go for Benicio Del Toro he seems to be pretty easy to catch

  2. Melanie says:

    You called it! Pathetic. I am turning in my Faniston card if they get together.

  3. galaxy.girl says:

    I think they would be cute together.

  4. Marjalane says:

    Good God. What a bunch of shits live in Hollywood. Have they no ability, (or interest) in dating outside of their own incestuous actor pool? Besides the fact that no one ever takes the time to “get over” anyone else. I mean, if this is true, I’m actually going to have to feel bad for Squinty Zellweger,and that’s not an emotion I’m comfortable having.

    Also still not entirely confident that Cooper isn’t a gay douche. I get both vibes from him, just not sure if it’s one or both.

  5. Cali says:

    Oh my, why post that horrible pic of her? I think she is actually pretty and could do better, but it seems like Hollywood women only like to recycle the same guys over and over and over…

  6. Zombie Nurse says:

    Relish it. You have indeed earned it.

  7. lisa says:

    I really should not comment.

    :/ does that count?

  8. truthSF says:

    Really…I know she has a summer movie to promote and it’s her and her publicist thing to create a Fauxmance to keep the general public interested in her, but shouldn’t Brad take a break after that fake sh*t he and Renee were trying to shove down our throats for the past 2 years?!

  9. IsabelSinn says:

    I totally agree. I have always had a soft spot for Aniston… don’t much know why, but I think they’d look good together.

    Didn’t Cooper deny he was with Zelwigger for a bit too?

  10. lolly says:

    Hopefully I’m not the only goss hound going to comment about the “Jen DESERVES to be happy!!! I hope its Jen and Brad forever!!!”

    …oh…hang on a mo…

  11. N.D. says:

    She has to learn to let people go.

    She spent 5 years spring cleaning after Brad Pitt, she did John Mayer twice, now she’s going to do another first date with Bradley Cooper who publicly claimed he isn’t so much into her the last time they went out?

    I hope it’s his publicist who’s sreading this, not hers.

  12. whitedaisy says:

    He got it right when he though she was a fake, insecure mess.

    Aniston reeks of desperation.

  13. Louise says:

    I think this makes her look more pathetic than the Brad Pitt stories. I don’t think Brad is into her considering they only went on a couple of dates, he moved on to Renee a week later, and practically screamed that they were never involved. I think Jennifer likes being needy and pathetic. When John Mayer made comments about her after the first breakup she ran back to him. Now she’s trying to run back to a guy who drop her like a hot potato to date somebody else.

  14. brin says:

    Yay….I knew you would write about this the second you saw it. I just don’t get it…it didn’t happen the first time, why would they try again?

  15. Days after Christmas says:

    Isn’t he gay? I don’t get why she’d want to be with him if his only true interest in her is as a beard!

  16. bluhare says:

    She’s starting to overdo the botox. Look at her forehead in the first photo. Should be all wrinkly with expression. It isn’t.

    And he looks like if you stuck a pin in him he’d explode.

  17. makula says:

    He is so greasy and hairy… eww.

  18. Sigh. says:

    But wait, if JA snags BCoop, and JTimb is looking for a 3 way with Cockburn-Wilde and Kunis (dibs on the band name “Wild Kunis!”), and GButts is clearly on a mission to bed all of womankind – where does that leave Jessica Biel?


  19. hoganbcmj says:

    How wrong am I for secretly thinking these two kids would be cute together? Imagine how much fun we’d have hating them as a long-term couple with kids …

  20. bored says:

    I don’t get the problem? i think Bradley Cooper is just the man to get her fans to get over brad pitt cause a lot of them still haven’t let it go. they can swoon all about brad and jen all over again. *gag me with a spoon* Plus, they would look good together.

  21. Matt says:

    @ Marlajane I also get a Gay Douche vibe from Bradley. Plus as I’ve said before he is tee total and Aniston well… isn’t.

    I’m not buying this yet.

  22. WhiteNoise says:

    I just don’t get Cooper’s appeal.

  23. lolo says:

    ALL LIES!!! Boy! you people believe anything in the mags. LOLOLO

  24. Kaiser says:

    Sigh. – I think Biel is trying to nail down Gerard Butler right now, but after he finger-bangs her publicly and dumps her (that’s how he rolls, he calls it “The Aniston”), she’ll turn to someone else. Not B-Coop. Perhaps Gyllenhaal? I think Jakey would be up for Biel.

  25. Sigh. says:

    Kais —
    Sounds freaky…
    Like the word “weinerschnitzel.”

    Your head is in the game, I like it…

    *Oh, and that GButts and his Bollywood Biscuit story has gotten even seedier within 24hrs. It went from they “had a nice chat” on set, to they disappeared for days. I called it, they needed to get more salacious.

  26. Cheyenne says:

    Zellweger “stole” Cooper from Aniston? How can somebody steal a man from you that you never had to begin with?

  27. Catherine says:

    I wish she would find someone to be happy with so that all these magazines would just leave her the hell alone.

  28. tpass says:

    Her rep said that this is a old rumor and there is no truth in it.

  29. naturegirl says:


  30. Jenny says:

    I can see the People headline now–
    “Jen–Five Years After Brad 2.0”.

  31. Cheyenne says:

    @tpass: I figured this story was bullshit and for her sake I’m glad it is. She already used up her desperation quotient chasing Mayer the Player after he dumped her. She can’t afford to look that ridiculous again.

  32. Ell says:

    Old rumour recycled – comfirmed, much ado about nothing as usual.

    Oh well Lainey says all gossip is a buffet, you and pick and choose, snack away.

  33. Kim says:

    does he really need another beard so quickly??

  34. Bored says:

    People magazine recycles old stories? I bet we will see them on a date soon. lol

  35. You don't say says:

    Anniston uses People like her own personal publisist. She gives them photos of her parties and leaks all kinds of stuff to them, so, from her history, this looks like something that was planted, just like the original dating story. Maybe Cooper was not fast enough to deny it this time and Anniston’s group got in the pre-emptive strike to deny before he did to spare the embarassment like the first time.

    Or, who knows, she might just wear him down so folks don’t lose faith in the stories about her in People. She does not want to make it look like they lie and lose her best free PR source.

  36. mary mary says:

    Seriously… who cares… Besides, she too effin old for him. He’s 36 and she is 42. She’ll be a menopausal mess while he’s still in his hot prime. P)

  37. N says:

    Kaiser, I love you. My children have been positively wretched today so I popped on here for a dissociative moment and found myself laughing. Thank you!

  38. lisa says:

    I know she and her PR guy read the blogs (she admitted this so I’m just repeating).. Maybe they read the comments and felt that they were not pro relationship.

    I never thought they were ever a couple. but who knows. These are adults and if they want to date do it. Stop the cat/mouse games.

  39. someone says:

    Most of you people would rather believe a rumor about Jennifer than know the truth!! I think they are just friends, and I don’t think she ever dated him..I think I read that they went out to dinner one time, and there were other people there…

  40. Photo JoJo says:

    Can’t say I blame her. BCoop strikes me as a giant douche but man he’s hot.

  41. Kira says:

    This, after the Clooney joke? She’s trying so hard . . .

    I know her fans always says that Aniston is a victim of the intrusive media/reporters, but I doubt it. She has more power than people realize. I doubt People magazine would do anything to piss her off after she invited them to her birthday party, and did a cover for them.

    Case in point, I saw a You-tube clip the other day where reporters were talking about how powerful stars really are. One reporter talked about how Rebecca Romjin had him fired. Another reporter talked about how Aniston had him fired when he asked her an awful question. Stars run the show and these magazine pretty much cater to them. So, it seems obvious that she tries to get people interested in her private life, and then complains about how invasive the media and tabloids are. These PR games is what makes her so fake to me. I know the other stars do the same thing, and it’s pretty annoying all around.

    Here’s the You-tube clip:

    Start at the 3:40 mark.

  42. Josephina says:

    Bradley Cooper and Jessica Biel…
    Now THAT’S a hot couple!!!!!

    I cannot picture Aniston with any male Hollywood star…seriously.

    There are tons of musicians that she has left to try out.

  43. Pink Elephant says:

    Wow. Good luck! The only way for her to win his non-public attention is a gender-changing operation.

  44. Becky says:

    I agree with @JoJo. He looks like a jerk, but he certainly is hot! I hope for JA’s sake that the story is true and that she’s hitting it. He may be a douche, but he looks like he’d be a fun fling.

  45. I Choose Me says:

    “But wait, if JA snags BCoop, and JTimb is looking for a 3 way with Cockburn-Wilde and Kunis (dibs on the band name “Wild Kunis!”), and GButts is clearly on a mission to bed all of womankind – where does that leave Jessica Biel?


    😀 *wipes tear* Daww, that whole comment was gold.

  46. Anaya says:

    My thing is I would like for Jennifer to find a great guy mainly so the rag mags can lighten up on the Poor Jennifer pity parties they throw. She seems like a nice person and the same with Bradley. If it’s meant to be it will be. If not ehh who cares. 🙂

  47. Louise says:

    I’m not buying the Aniston denial. People Mag is not the National Enquire or Star. They get their ducks in a row before running a story. They either investigate a story or go with what the publicist told them. They don’t re-run old rumors. It’s obvious that she gave the okay to run this story. This story didn’t come from Bradley’s camp because Jennifer is the bigger star. They aren’t going to ruin a relation with a, for gossip sake, an A-lister for a rising -B/C+lister.

  48. Cheyenne says:

    @Louise: This could be a typical plant-and-deny story: plant a story in one publication and deny it somewhere else. Aniston’s publicist has the technique down pat. He’s done it many times.

  49. Sue says:

    You know what I love. Jen has been seen once with Brad going out to dinner. They were never together, always just friends. However the press is so crazy about Jennifer that the poor thing cannot even go out on a date and it is worth over 1,000 stories on goggle. I love it because that is star power. Not one other star in hollywood has the power to do this. mention one other person in hollywood who could go out on one date and get over 1,000 stories?

  50. Heather says:

    I think they look good together.

  51. koala says:

    she’s WAY too old for him… men like younger women, not older women! get it straight, laurie smith of denver!!!

  52. garvels says:

    Ha ha ha ha! You were sooo right! I wonder then, when will the Aniston/Cooper beard contract expire?

  53. Amanda G says:

    I think they would make a great couple, but considering both of their dating track records it’ll probably last a year or two and then fizzle.

  54. LuckyLilGem says:

    Hope Jen finds the right guy for her. Seems like she’s on a path to replace Brad Pitt. She wants an successful papparazzi loving A lister like John Mayer and Vince Vaughn. Maybe she should take a page out of Reese Witherspoon’s book and marry a Hollywood agent.

  55. Kosmos says:

    Judging by Jen’s past many years after Brad, I didn’t realize it was so difficult for a beautiful, talented, and popular actress to find the right guy. Even if she does have her insecurities, surely she’s not that different than a lot of other people. I can see how being in the spotlight could hold you back from dating certain people, but it sure didn’t hold her back from going all out with John Mayer, probably her very worst & most embarrassing choice.

  56. lucy2 says:

    I could see it being a plant and deny story too. I could also see it coming from BC’s camp as well – he got a LOT of attention the last time all those rumors started, and he’s got a movie to promote too.

  57. Tiny dancer says:

    – where does that leave Jessica Biel?


    hahahahaha I can’t stop laughing

  58. She says:

    I kinda feel like Jen and Bradley is a bad match i really don’t have a a good reason just my gut don’t sits right like she needs another vince

  59. Cheyenne says:

    @Kosmos: Dating John Mayer was the worst mistake she ever made and the way she handled the breakup (running after him after he dumped her) was idiotic. It gave her a name for being desperate that she hasn’t lived down yet.

  60. JenJen says:

    Same name, sounds good.

  61. tracking says:

    Melanie, cosign! tpass, let’s hope!

  62. Team Bradley just dug this up in order to promote his Limitless thing.

  63. tracking says:

    could be a trick,
    maybe that’s true and they’re friendly enough that JA has no problem with it. She seems nice enough and astute enough to play along at the ‘plant and deny’ rumor level to help him out at this critical juncture in his career (and benefit a bit as well). If it becomes more than that I’ll know I’m just stupidly naive about all these hollywood bitches.

  64. Anne de Vries says:

    I find him her male equivalent, inoffensive and bland (OK, since I read he’s going to be The Crow maybe I find him kinda offensive) so in that respect I think they fit. It does whiff of desparation though..

  65. Micki says:

    My mama said:” Never re-heat an old soup”. And a soup that showed at lest once NO interest to be with you. I don’t care for “stolen” BC, because if the attraction was there he won’t move on the way he did. I just wonder whether she’s nursing her “soft spot” for him or waiting for her chance to dump him herself.

  66. Leticia says:

    She really loves the name Brad. Maybe she has a Brad tattoo somewhere on her body and needs to make it work with a Brad.

  67. Cokie says:

    If this is true, I feel for Bradly Cooper should he get involved with her and then dump her. We all saw the outcry of the pitchforked Aniston fans when Mayer announced that he dumped her. I think it would be easier dating and dumping Taylor Swift, than running the gauntlet of Aniston’s pitchfork fans.

  68. mln76 says:

    People is rarely wrong and they don’t just print rumors. I remember the Reese/Jake story was loudly denied by them for a week and then announced almost immediately. People mag isn’t really a tab. I also don’t think it’s even a plant and deny (not that Jen/Huvane are above that) I think someone in their camps just leaked the info early… it’s likely that they are planning on rolling out this relationship to be timed with the release of her next movie.

  69. Glyrics says:

    Not team Brad(ley) on this. She needs a younger guy to look younger, and on certain levels, he qualifies. Not in the important ones though

  70. insidescoop says:

    what baloney! Jen has a soft spot for him b/c he is “low-key, love dogs and career focused.” you’ve got to be kidding me

  71. Bee says:

    @kira thanks so much for providing that link. It provides insight into what entitled babies many celebs are. As far as that rape comment directed at Jen goes, say what you want about Angelina but she could answer eloquently about any cause she’s supporting.

  72. whatyousay?! says:

    what do women find appealing about him? he has really thin fish lips, a needle nose, and a small chin…and he always plays a bastard in his films so that its even harder to like him.

  73. anonymous says:

    Jennifer Aniston could have landed a husband years ago but she is keeping her fingers crossed that Brad and Angie might break-up Hollywood style. She still competes with Angie, no one is going to waste their time on something if they don’t want something from it. She is in love with Brad Pitt. Earlier this year JA spoke about traveling overseas this year, now Brad Pitt is slated to move to England alone in July no Jolie, I be;ieve Brad Pitt still sees his ex behind Angie’s back.

  74. CoffeeTalk says:

    Micki: There was nothing to “re-heat” because there was nothing there in the first place.

    They never dated. It seems that only the Aniston fans realize this. Maybe because the people who despise her very existence want to make her seem even more pathetic in their eyes. Aniston fans get it: there was never a date. Probably because dude is gay and they just might be friends.

    They didn’t date 2 years ago (or whenever that was) and they aren’t dating or trying to date or pretending to date or whatever now.

    Unless I see photos of him shoving his tongue down her throat or vice versa, there is no reason to believe any of this nonsense. And even if it was a plant-and-deny, that means NOTHING IS GOING ON. So in the end, the speculation is a bunch of horse malarkey.

    Can we get this story updated? It’s been denied-challenged within the first 24 hours.

  75. mln76 says:

    @CoffeeTalk taking the who out of the story. We all know that celebs don’t always fess up to relationships and actively deny even when there is something actually going on so it’s not all people who ‘hate’ Jen saying this. Especially since it took about a year for Cooper to admit he was dating Zellwegger even when they were regularly papped together.

  76. Maritza says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he is just substituting one beard for another.

  77. Maria says:

    he is hot! i’ll bang him, LOL

  78. Kim123 says:

    People Magazine is 90% accurate when it comes to their favorites. They love Jen . FYI the entire Jolie Pitt clan is going to Europe according to an actor in Angie’s movie.I guess the tabloids are dusting off their Brad 2.0 headlines from before.

  79. KattyKat says:

    LOL! They have a lot in common? So Cooper a fake insecure mess now, too? Is he now a pathetic “let’s milk the poor poor pitiful me story 6 years later” loser? Really, unless she is truly that pathetic, that woman needs a new publicist.

    I don’t like her because I don’t think she deserves her position in Hollywood. She can’t act and any “hit” she has is on the shoulders of her leading man or leading dog.

    I don’t know if she is insecure but you can see the fake and vapid 10 miles away. Cooper doesn’t seem vapid but some guys like them dumb.

    I hope he denies it like he did last time.

    Then again, maybe he just wants to get laid and she’s pathetically waiting.

  80. KattyKat says:

    @whatyousay?! I think he’s totally hot but I agree with you because I don’t usually like actors or anyone mainstream – so there has to be something wrong with him.

    I don’t think Depp, Pitt, Clooney, Affleck, Reynolds et all are hot. I tend to like musicians. Oh, BC has very blue eyes which can make me forget a plethora of sins – like his hair color (does that qualify as red, I don’t like gingers).

    I did think GButt was hot for a second but he is way too slimy and I am sooo over him. The Aniston could get me over BC pretty quickly, too.

    I don’t get slimy from BC but I do get “not settling down”. He doesn’t tweak my gaydar but the metros have made that less accurate. The guy who played the groom in the Hangover tweaked my gaydar a lot more but he’s allegedly dating an Olson – I think coming out is better for one’s rep than that.

  81. crazydaisy says:

    It seems strange she hasn’t found anyone serious in all these years, but maybe she just likes to play around, like a guy.

  82. kira says:

    @Bee. Agreed. It just shows you that Aniston, and many other celebs, aren’t exactly who they pretend to be. I mean firing someone because they made you look bad is a bit extreme.

    Celebs definitely hold all the power. My ex-roommate was an entertainment reporter and she told me a lot about how the interview process works. It’s always interesting to see how different celebs are from the image they try to cultivate of themselves.

  83. spinner says:

    Even on friends, Jen always seemed like a cold fish with men. I really do think Jen prefers women but wants to make as much money as possible before she owns up to it. Bradley Cooper seems totally gay to me. If anything this would be just another bearding relationship. Oh well.

  84. Kim123 says:

    Really what’s gay about Cooper. I don’t see it. Although I was taken aback by all the crying on Inside the Actors Studio. He cried about 10 times.

  85. Jan says:

    I do believe Jen may still regret not having started a family like Brad ALWAYS wanted. Since you never heard him being a cheat, he was probably a great husband and she regrets the end of their marriage. (Which is why Chelsea felt free to talk crap, those two drink and she expresses how she really feels) But it must be difficult to find someone new, if you tend to compare them to what to once had. Not to mention the constant public scrutiny.

  86. Lee says:

    Love her, and love him, but she is too old for him and his star is just really starting to rise.

  87. Estella says:

    This makes sense. Both are equally annoying to me.

  88. Cheyenne says:

    @#73(anonymous): Take the chains off your brains, honey. You’ve been reading way too many tabloids.

  89. Art says:

    Hey! Stop with the “she is too old for him” stuff. I am six years older than my husband. He was 25 when we met. We’ve been married for 12 years now!!!!!

  90. MaudeLebowski says:

    Woof. He is just ugly.

  91. dahlia1947 says:

    she’s WAY too old for him… men like younger women, not older women! get it straight, laurie smith of denver!!!
    Men like older women too so SHUSH!! And Jennifer looks great for her age! I like Bradley’s eyes. He just has this type of sexiness and should I say aloofness or something?

    Like he’d probably kick you out of bed right after but the time with him would have made it so worth it!! 🙂 I can definitely imagine having the wildest time with this one!

  92. MrsOdie2 says:

    Bradley Cooper’s people know that anything with Aniston’s name on it is going to sell magazines, and since he’s promoting a film, anything that gets his name in the press will be a-okay with them.

    Aniston is 42. She should find herself a well-kept, handsome, rich 50 year old who is looking for a younger woman and doesn’t want kids. Someone who has no interest in being a fame whore. Someone who works outside of Hollywood, or at least behind the scenes. I used to know someone who worked for her in the financial arena, and he could not say enough nice things about her.