Megan Fox’s Official 2011 Face comes out to support Brian Austin Green


These are photos of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green at this weekend’s Long Beach Grand Prix Celebrity Pro Race. BAG is into racing and all of that stuff, and Megan is a good wife about supporting his interest. She usually comes out to cheer him on, which I think is nice. Despite my complaints about her, I think she really does adore BAG, and she puts a lot of effort into their relationship, you know? She’s not just phoning it in. She makes the effort to show up for him.

So now that I’ve said something nice, can I say something mean? First of all, I think we’re witnessing the debut of Megan’s Official 2011 Face. It’s new and improved! Not so much, actually. She was so much prettier several years ago, before all of the work. Look at her 2011 Nose – it doesn’t work on her face at all. Secondly, even though I think Megan came out to support her husband, the photos of her greeting him after the race are kind of ridiculous. Like, she knew the cameras were on her, so it’s like she was moving in slow motion in the music video in her head. Smile, pose. Embrace, pose. Look loving, pose. Kiss, pose. Still, they’re happy and good for them. BAG looks nice too. And I’m not going to say anything about Megan’s cutoffs. Meh. Her hair looks great, though.





Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Bubbling says:

    I cannot believe that someone that naturally beautiful like she was would just go and jacked her face like that intentionally…insane

  2. Brittney says:

    Her “natural” face when she first emerged on the scene wasn’t natural, either, so maybe that explains her extra work; she thought it would continue to be an improvement. She probably still thinks it was.

    That said, these pictures actually aren’t so bad (aside from the forced posing and wtf nose). It’s the best I’ve seen her look since she began this awful plastic (re-)re-invention. Maybe it’s finally settling? Or maybe it’s just the angles.

  3. tracking says:

    Her new nose ruins her face imo (what a shame). Some of the photos are giving me Angelina and Billy Bob flashbacks. Make it stop!

  4. Quest says:

    The best pics I’ve seen with her in a long time but she is really looking frail thin in that last pic

  5. Kevin says:

    Gotta say, don’t care for her that much, but those damn Daisey Dukes are talkin to me.

  6. she won me over some time ago, I like her :) too bad she’s addicted to plastic surgery

  7. “I cannot believe that someone that naturally beautiful like she was would just go and jacked her face like that intentionally…” she was NOT *that* beautiful naturally! she improved her face. at some point she went over the top though. she was cute before. she turned into a sex bomb only after surgeries. she would’ve never made it without improving her face (not that I’m sayng it was worth it. it wasn’t. she shouldn’t have done anything. if she didn’t make it – oh, it happens. it isn’t worth it. especially considering she met BAG (as in ‘the love of her life’) before all that)

  8. xxodettexx says:

    yeah she says stupid things in interviews and thinks she is above “it” all, but how different is she from most actors? they like the attention and we willingly give it to them… i like her bc she at least keeps her interviews interesting, i get so many laughs from reading just portions of any one of her interviews! :)

  9. Faye says:

    BAG should tell her to stop effing with her face. That nose…She’s still really pretty, but maybe she thought she was TOO pretty and deliberately made her nose look silly so she could have a flaw. That’s my theory.

    That aside, they are a cute couple.

  10. searching4grace says:

    Ohhh..makes me want to watch Pinocchio. These pictures are cute, though. She doesn’t get many random, walking down the street followed by paparazzi pictures, so I think the Megan Fox overload is over. Thank goodness.

  11. Eileen says:

    Her “Official 2011 Face” LOL hilarious Kaiser~!

  12. yes!i!can! says:

    you people are smoking something. she is so pretty!

  13. clorismetchum says:

    i agree with @yes!ican! i think she’s a lovely lady, and i’m tired of all these jealous hens squawking about “oh, she’s a surgery nightmare, oh she’s dumb, blah blah blah give me another twinkie and a picture of jon hamm”. it’s ridiculous. her face is as gorgeous as ever, and i’ve read her interviews, she comes off as quite smart if you ask me.

    also, can i get a sex tape of these two please? i think i’d explode.

  14. Exiled says:

    The picture before the kissing one … her eyes are like “are the cameras on me” ok… let me kiss you now.

  15. YAY says:

    She’s very pretty. I saw Diablo Cody interview her once and let’s just say, Megan and I could totally be friends! She’s hilarious.

  16. whatyousay?! says:

    “before and after” aside, she does look pretty hot in a “i would so bitch stare her down” way ;)

  17. samihami says:

    I like that she seems to be so devoted to her husband. She certainly has her flaws, but she does seem to be a loving wife.

  18. jover says:

    agree could be a trick she was never that beautiful – people despise her because with little talent and massive pr she got to the top of the heap, and then she opened her mouth and displayed what a brainless, conceited, nasty, ungrateful human being she truly was. Does she realize she’s another disposable hollywood celebutard, uneducated, talentless, and with nothing interesting to say – and thank God, the public, even the fanboys, are over her.

  19. DetRiotgirl says:

    I got over my negativity towards her a long time ago. Honestly, she seems like she might be funny in person. Plus, she really does look devoted to BAG and I think she is very pretty. I admit, I kind of like her now that she isn’t everywhere anymore.

    There, I said it.

  20. Zoya says:

    She looks dirty and emaciated, and her body is like 90% gristle. I don’t think she’ll ever look fresh faced again… hard to believe she’ in her mid 20′s. also she seems too insecure not be a doormat in her relationship, which makes me thinks BAG is an abusive asshole.

  21. danielle352 says:

    I judge these hollywood types based on what they say, not what they look like.(I try to anyway)

    What I like: she’s been quiet lately, she does seem to love BAG (and his kid!), she isn’t at “the opening of an envelope” (I think that’s Kaiser’s term right? For the Kardashians?), and yes, I think she’s naturally beautiful, pre and post surgery. I’d be VERY curious to know what she has actually had done besides her nose and some weight loss. (My face changed drastically in my late teens early 20s, I could look back on my own pictures and pick out a “new face” in those years in particular. Anywho, I might be alone there, but it’s valid nonetheless.:-))

    What I don’t like? Nothing right now. I’m waiting for the next interview.

    Oh, and someone said she looked frail? I was looking at her arms and legs, and doesn’t she seem to have gained weight?

  22. Juu says:

    She’s beautiful on those photos. I hope she’ll stop with the surgeries and stick up with that 2011 face.

  23. Heatherrr says:

    People arent as mean in this thread.. yaaay! I like her, yes she is insecure and probably has lots of surgery but what do we care? She is still hot you guys!!
    And her husband – DAYUM! I’d support that anyday. Aint nooo effort here.

  24. Kim says:

    She is still pretty but looking waxy/to botoxed-shame at her young age.

    Her chin job is to tight esp because not needed on someone as young as her.

  25. almond says:

    While the nose is a bit on the ridiculous side (that tip!), I think she is still quite pretty, even beautiful sometimes; if I saw her on the street I’d definitely look closer. Her hair also looks really nice, which might be interpreted as a sign of improving health.

  26. Estella says:

    I love Megan! She’s my… what’s the word used for Hot Girl Fridays?…forever biscuit!

  27. pinns says:

    She looks skinniest in the first pic to me, he has his arm all the way around her and is holding the front of her hip with no trouble – TINY girl!

  28. dahlia1947 says:

    The picture before the kissing one … her eyes are like “are the cameras on me” ok… let me kiss you now.”

    you’re so right. She’s giving a side eye, like she’s waiting for her cue. :D

  29. Newbie says:

    I never jump on this bandwagon, but…Jealousy. Yeah. I said it. So she had a nose job. She’s had fillers put in her lips. I still think she looks amazing, both facially and bodily (he he he!). Her interviews never strike me as vapid or stupid. She says what she thinks and it’s pissed some people off. Oh well. While it’s obvious that she got a nosejob, her lip fillers look pretty good, imo, and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Not saying everyone has to feel the same way, but I think some of you are going overboard on the intense hatred.

  30. Newbie says:

    Skinny she may be, but “gristle” she most certainly is not. Her legs and her arms have muscle tone and a healthy “plumpness” to them. And sorry, but “dirty”? Really? Where and how, exactly? Her body looks scrubbed clean, and her hair has a really nice sheen to it. I still call jealousy.

  31. Amanda G says:

    Forget her, B.A.G is hot. Who would have ever thought that the tall, skinny, dork from 90210 would turn into such a handsome man?

  32. Shadowd says:

    I like her simply because, she got with B.A.G. before she became famous, stayed with him during the fame, and she appears to really like spending time with B.A.G.’s son. It would have been easy to move on to someone when she was at the top, and I suspect her PR people would have been happy if she did, but she worked on her relationship with B.A.G, and to me, that shows she had the maturity or at least the intelligence to know fame does not last for most.

  33. me says:

    Wow, some people are so clueless.
    She started having surgery in early 2007 already. She started by plumping up her lips, then she had her first nose job, then in 2008 she had a boob job, veneers, chemical peels and botox. In 2009 she had her second nose job, more lip plumping, jaw augmentation. Then early 2010 she had more botox, an upper lip implant, her THIRD nose job (she got rid of the “flaring” nostrils and now has that arrow looking nose)more botox and cheek implants / fillers.
    I can’t tell what she’s had done this year, but she’s definitely looking better than she did last year. Her peak was after her first nose job and lip plumping. I hope she doesnt have anything else done, or she’ll really look damn fugly.

  34. Laura says:

    I do not find Megan Fox attractive. I *get* why others do, but I do not. I think it’s because I first saw her in Transformers with that awful spray tan (even her slamming body couldn’t get my eyes off it), and the distaste from that combined with her dumb, bitchy interviews put me off her.

  35. lee says:

    I think she’s already fugly. The nose is whittled away and looks horrible. The cheeks and lips look like an older woman. I guess karma got her.