Gwyneth Paltrow: “I am traditional in a 1950s housewife way”


Another day, another Gooptastic interview. Gwyneth Paltrow sat down for an interview with The Daily Mail, and shockingly, she managed to get through the whole thing without giving a soliloquy about juice cleanses. Our little Goop is growing up! Not really, though. She’s still a self-absorbed bitch, and we, the peasants, must cling to every Goopy morsel she deigns to toss us. The Mail interview is super-long, so you can read the whole thing here, if you want your eyes to roll a million times in ten minutes. (Sidenote: why is Gwyneth speaking to such a peasanty publication? Discuss.) Here are some of the highlights:

Life lessons from Brad Pitt‘s mother: ‘My life can be surreal sometimes – like singing at the Oscars. I think, “What’s going on?” It is so crazy. I’ve been doing way too much. But last week I was at home with my children in the kitchen, and I threw a tea towel over my shoulder – as soon as I do that I feel grounded. Funnily enough,’ smiles Gwyneth, ‘Brad Pitt’s mum taught me that (Brad and Gwyneth were engaged during the mid 1990s). It’s the best tip anyone’s given me because it’s always there while you’re cooking. So I got chopping and put the pans on the stove. It’s so tactile, I felt like I had just got back into my own body.’

Guilt about being away from her kids: ‘I don’t feel guilty unless I am tipping the balance badly,’ she explains. ‘For example, before Christmas, I went away five times, just little trips, but it was too much for my son – he was very upset and started crying and acting up. I felt horribly guilty. He’s little and he needs me. But I have just been with them for seven weeks solid, so I am fine with being away this week.’

Gwyneth on “fish fingers”: They’re always home-made. ‘I make a batch and freeze them,’ she explains. ‘But I think the main thing for mothers is to not stress yourself out. I honestly think that even ordering a pizza and sitting down together as a family is great. You’re not always going to have time to cook a meal from scratch. What I do at the weekend is make batches of stuff for the week, such as vegetarian chilli and spaghetti with meatballs. You can make a really delicious pasta or grill a chicken breast in ten minutes. We don’t have family dinners every night,’ she continues. ‘When we’re in London, sometimes I’ll go out with friends or with Chris, but we always have a family dinner on Sunday night.’

Does Chris cook? ‘No, I am the cook,’ she smiles. ‘But my son can perfectly crack an egg and Apple is into baking, which is good because I am a terrible baker.’

Gwyneth made her father’s illness all about her own food drama: Gwyneth was distraught when Bruce was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, and she became obsessed with an extreme macrobiotic eating plan, hoping that, perhaps by osmosis, adopting a rigid diet would somehow save him. ‘It’s obviously ridiculous,’ she confesses, ‘but I didn’t want him to die and the doctors said he had to be healthier. He literally had a hot dog before his surgery, and I was like, “Come on.” So I started to read about how powerful the body can be if you do not poison it with processed food and white sugar – there are cases that show that sometimes people can heal themselves.’ (Gwyneth reverted to a moderate diet when pregnant with Apple.) She tried and failed to get her dad to change his eating habits. ‘After his operation, with his radiation treatment, he had a hard time eating, so I prepared a healthy lunch for him – gluten-free soba noodles. He took a mouthful and said, “It’s like biting into The New York Times.”’ She looks emotional. ‘Even before he got sick, it was always my worst fear that something would happen to him because he was my rock. He was so funny, just cool and awesome.’

Gwyneth on her dad‘s death: ‘It was devastating beyond belief and I am still very traumatised at the memory. I still feel it in my nervous system.’ She is quiet for a moment. ‘I wish he was still alive and it’s a real weight that I carry, like a black hole. My friends say, “He’s always with you,” and I say, “Oh rubbish. No, he’s not, he’s dead.”’

She’s interested in basically every fancy religion: ‘I am interested in Jewish and Christian mysticism and Sufism. I’m also interested in cause and effect and karma and God. I don’t feel my father around or anything. I don’t know if I will see him again. He never got to see his grandchildren. That really sucks because he would have been the best grandfather.’

On having any more children: As we’re talking, a young father walks out of the restaurant, an adorable baby in his arms. Gwyneth is smitten. ‘It makes me want to have another one, he is sooo gorgeous!’ Would you have another baby? ‘I don’t think so. I don’t know if I can go there again, not sleep and be depressed for two years.’ (She suffered a bout of postnatal depression which she says ‘was terrible. I felt like a zombie.’)

On winning her Oscar at the age of 26: ‘You grow up wondering, “What if I get an Academy Award one day?” You get one and you are 26 and you think, “OK, now what do I do?” I worked really hard, and by the time I had children I was ready to leave acting for a while. There was a lot of freedom in accomplishing that early on.’

She’s a 1950s housewife: ‘I am traditional in a 1950s housewife way – cooking, making sure everyone’s fed and everything’s in order. I think a wife has a responsibility to make a home and to protect the family… I also believe that a wife should have the choice to work or not. My mother was a less traditional wife than me; she was working to support the family.’

On Chris Martin as a parent: ‘We co-parent. We do it together. I don’t know what the word strict means; I expect them to have good manners and to behave nicely – sometimes it is such a war to get them to say thank you. The other day, while we were out having dinner, a waiter gave my daughter some juice, and she didn’t say anything. I said, “Apple? Baby, where are your manners?” and she said, “I left them in my suitcase.”’ Gwyneth laughs. ‘It was hilarious. I try to make life as normal as possible,’ she continues. Can you actually go to the supermarket with all the attention? ‘I just do it. I tune it out.’ Are the children aware of their parents’ fame? ‘Some kids in Apple’s class are starting to say, “Your mummy is a movie star,” but I don’t think she fully gets it yet.’

On how “civilized” England is: ‘The children are at school there and I love London. It is a very civilised, beautiful city. I appreciate its parks so much and love the culture. There are also some great restaurants,’ she says, returning to her favourite subject. ‘I am obsessed with Tapas Brindisa (in Borough), which has some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in my life.’

On how privileged she is: ‘They [her family] will all be up and waiting for me. I’ll cook and we’ll play in the garden with the dog. I’m aware that I’m a very privileged person and I’m very grateful,’ she says.

On the idea of not being rich: ‘I think it would be an adjustment,’ she says with candour. ‘Chris Rock, the comedian, said that men cannot go back sexually, and women cannot go back in lifestyle, and that’s very true. But as long as I could cook good food and be with my family I think I would be absolutely fine.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Honestly, I didn’t find this interview as soul-crushingly smug as some of her ones last week. I mean, she’s still a smug, elitist bitch – “I love London. It is a very civilised, beautiful city. I appreciate its parks so much and love the culture.” Because no American city has parks or culture or beauty, right? I also found her comments about being a “traditional” wife and all of the stuff about Chris to be fascinating. I don’t think her marriage is like that AT ALL, and I kind of believe that she’s just flat-out making all of that up. I think she’s really trying to promote an image of herself that she hopes the peasants will buy. She’s aiming for the Jennifer Garner demographic – women, mostly mothers, who like Garner’s wholesome, girl-next-door image. This feels like Gwyneth trying to do that and failing miserably, just because the real Gwyneth always comes out.




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  1. jc126 says:

    I have no doubt she’s sincere on the Dad stuff. That pic of her in the taxi after her Dad died suddenly spoke volumes.
    Is she ever even photographed with her husband anymore?

  2. KJ says:

    So she enjoys a nice wife-beating from time to time?

    I will say this, her face is looking way less worked on then it did around award show time. Whatever she did either wore off or settled in, because now she’s back to looking like a well-aging human instead of a wax figure.

  3. Andrea says:

    “Oh rubbish” Good Lord, the Gooper strikes again!

  4. normades says:

    Yeah she’s 1950’s housewifey for staying in a loveless marriage.

  5. Quest says:

    “I love London. It is a very civilised…”

    Bloody blasphemy old girl, you are but a mere peasant when you walk the streets and parks of London.

    This interview made me queezy-bad

  6. Rhiley says:

    I couldn’t get through this whole interview. I am gooped out this week. But of course, the tea towel thing was so weird and pointless, except to name drop Brad Pitt. I am sure she wanted to say, “Remember, I was with Brad before that bitch Jennifer got her claws on him. He called me his ‘angel’at the Globes. Of course, I am everybody’s angel.” Oh, and you know because of my fascination with Gooppy poo and Fishmonger I thought the frozen fish fingers was very, ahem. Girl, loves her fish.

  7. Chereth Cutestory says:

    The only thing I really dislike about her right now is that she’s EVERYWHERE. Will someone please pull her aside and talk to her about “over-saturation”? Think of the children!

  8. kazoo says:

    “Yeah she’s 1950’s housewifey for staying in a loveless marriage.”

    First thing I thought when I saw the headline!

    Why is she okay with name dropping everyone else except her husband? And WTF does ‘civilized’ mean in this context?

    I do feel bad for her regarding her father. They were very close, and for him to die suddenly while on vacation with just her…that’s got to be heartbreaking.

  9. whatyousay?! says:

    ok, i have been defending what this lady has been trying to say but now i’m done; she’s gone off the edge now.

    …she’s like Kimmy Gibler—doesn’t know when to shut-up and the more she says the worse it gets.

    –but her hair looks good for once–props to hairdresser.

  10. original kate says:

    “I’m aware that I’m a very privileged person and I’m very grateful”

    sounds like someone’s been reading the gossip boards while “grounding” herself with a tea towel.

  11. Zoya says:

    Condescending people are always so insecure and desperate to be liked and she’s a textbook case.

  12. Hakura says:

    GOD, make it STOP….

  13. krissy says:

    I think that part about her dad is a good follow-up to today’s Cate Blanchett post..

  14. gobo says:

    Sigh. After all the snarking and being annoyed by her I’ve come to a realisation. The only thing that might have helped her go away was if this book flopped. And you know what? I bet it doesn’t. I bet it sells really, really well thus justifying her goopiness to herself. This is not the last we will see of this kind of f@ckery from her. I’m done. I’m going to just ignore her.

  15. Hakura says:

    @WhatYouSay?!“…she’s like Kimmy Gibler—doesn’t know when to shut-up and the more she says the worse it gets. –but her hair looks good for once–props to hairdresser.

    Translation: The woman in an insufferable pain the ass… But her hair looks nice =) (That totally amused me for some reason. & YAY for the Full House reference!)

  16. Elizabeth says:

    If you keep this up, Kaiser, you will start to make her sound sympathetic!?

    No, not really, I’m enjoying it all immensely – keep up the hard work, everyone – I live for the Goopy comments!

  17. Lenore says:

    I just feel kind of sorry for her at this point.

    The way she comes across IS curiously 1950s – in the sense that she comes across as so damn desperate to be perfect, to be liked, even to have just the right flaws that make her accessible and approachable. I can’t help but picture her in Technicolour, ironing little Apple’s school uniform while wearing a full skirt, pearls and heels, or lifting a perfect roast out of the oven, hair just-so at all times, and smiling, always smiling her perfect American smile, determined to ignore the little itchy voice in the back of her head that says she’s not happy, and that her husband is probably screwing that hippy chick from the record company (among others) precisely because she’s so not uptight and can break wind without immediately freaking out and ordering a colonic cleanse, and when that little voice gets too loud, all she can do to drown it out is do some more aerobics, or have her hair done, or perfect another recipe, anything to avoid facing the fact that all the trappings of perfection have not made her happy and never will.

    All she can do then is to try to make herself and her family and her life even more perfect.

    And all the while, Chris – who is quietly distancing himself from all his wife’s activities and didn’t even turn up to see her sing at the Oscars, for goodness’ sake – is probably exhausted from constantly reassuring his wife that yes, she’s talented, yes, she’s pretty, yes, she’s a good cook, yes, she’s still hot, yes, hotter than when they met even after two kids…and he’s just thinking, “Jesus, all I want is a burger and a beer. Gwyneth, shut up.”

    That’s the impression I get anyway.

  18. Sue says:

    Kaiser @ you’re so right She’s so aiming for the Jennifer Garner demographic – women, mostly mothers, wholesome, girl-next-door image. Someone needs to tell her actions speak louder than words and if she is so wholesome and down to earth then her actions should speak for themselves. The fact that she feels the need for the last 5 months tell everyone how “NORUMAL” she is says a lot making it seem less true.

  19. curmudgeon says:

    Does she really have NO idea what she implies about the world when she uses words like “civilized”? I would suggest she spend some time with Kate B. But am afraid Goop will ruin her.

  20. danielle says:

    I laughed at the “I honestly think pizza’s ok as long as you’re with your family” – cause I think the honestly in front means she doesn’t think it’s ok at all. Mmmmm….pizza….

  21. citysuede says:

    um, Brad Pitt’s MUM? she isn’t british is she??? over here we call them mom, mommy, momma, not MUM

  22. original kate says:

    @ krissy: i thought that, too. and then it hit me: goop talks about her father’s death all the time because she believes it is the thing that makes her like the rest of us. that way she can say, “see, peasants? i have lost, too, just like all of you. and although my loss was the greatest loss ever now you can relate to me.” not to be insensitive but her father died quite a while ago and she milks it every chance she gets, always with a little reflective sigh and a tear. it kind of grosses me out a little.

  23. Johnny Depp's Girl says:

    Oh I’m sorry that in America and we swing from branch to branch and answer to men called “Tarzan”….

    And apparently we are not cool cause we dont say “Rubbish” we say “Dammit”

  24. Mshuffleupagus says:

    Pet Peeve: Non-British people who say “mum”. Next she’s gonna be saying that she wants her best friend Jay Z to become her “flatmate”.

    And if Goopy g*#damn mentions that she sang at the Oscars or the CMT awards ONE MORE TIME I’m going to throw up blood.

  25. Alix says:

    Yes, nice name drop there.

    But boy, Brad Pitt’s mom must be a genius for coming up with the whole teatowel-over-the-shoulder routine! I mean, who would ever think to do that???


  26. Betty says:

    Jeezz……. is there no end in site with GP shoving her cookbook down everybody’s throat?
    I was at B&N and checked it out to see why she is pimping it so hard. I don’t understand why in this day and age, somebody would spend their hard earned dollars on a celebrity cookbook. The recipes are nothing special and nothing I can’t find on the internet for free. JMO Just Google, print, put into a binder. Voila….

  27. JenJen says:

    I am surprised she didn’t call the book “My Father’s Daughter and I could have been Brad Pitt’s Mother’s Daughter In Law, if I wanted to”. Also, surprised she didn’t claim that Mom Pitt taught her how to cook those Mid-America country strong meals, but the subliminal message is there.

    She is so self-consumed she can’t even see the irony of her daughter refusing to say thank you because “she left her manners in her suitcase”. Can’t wait to see how Apple turns out due to Goopy’s cluelessness.

  28. KLO says:

    I just realized that Beyonce’s song “Why don’t you love me” was about her “best buddy” Gwyneth.

  29. Novaraen says:

    *eyeroll* Nothing about GOOPY is traditional! She’s still very full of herself, isn’t she?

  30. momoftwo says:

    So the tea towel thing is just so over the top trying hard to be a domestic goddess.

    But to defend her about her dad’s death, my dad died over 5 years ago and when I think about it, it can still devastate me to think about that time when he was sick and the time after he died.

    Who’s to say how long after someone’s death you can still bring it up. And my father in law is battling cancer and my husband is doing just what Gwyneth did. He’s eating healthier than ever and trying to convert his dad to healthier diet. You are so helpless when someone you love is sick, you think you can change the outcome somehow…

    But yes, Gwyneth drives me crazy too!

  31. Leticia says:

    1950s housewives didn’t sprinkle the F word throughout casual conversation as GP does.

  32. sapphire says:

    WHY is Goop suddenly spreading her elitism all over every publication and interviewing up a storm? It started with “Country Strong” and suddenly she’s all over the planet?

  33. Circe says:

    Ehn. Of course she’s a smug bitch, but in her defense I would like to say that London? Pretty effing awesome.

  34. Kim123 says:

    Well mentioning Brad Pitt’s mom added web hits, there are about 30 articles so far if you google her and Brad Pitt’s mom.Maybe she will bring up Afleck’s mom next time.

  35. You don't say says:

    Brad Pitt and his family must have had quite an impact on his formers. The last two keep talking about them more than their own families, partners and the like. Right after she split from Pitt, she basically called him and his family a bunch of uneducated rubes, now Mrs. Pitt helps her stay grounded with her, homey, midwestern ways. So which is it.

    I feel for any daughter who was a daddy’s girl who lost her father as I did and it is crushing. But it almost seems sadder as she goes on and on about her deceased father, her former boyfriend and his mother but does not mention her own husband (much) or her own living mother. Her words cry lonliness and unhappiness to me.

    Also, we backwards Americans do have some civilized cities and quite a few nice parks and other things that have brought us out of the stone age (and I am an Anglophile, but I don’t insult my own heritage in being one!!)

  36. curegirl0421 says:

    @ Lenore…

    Spot. On.

    I feel sorry for her, and I’m really glad that I don’t feel the need to try that hard in my own life. I wouldn’t want to be her, not for a minute.

  37. AngelMay says:

    Bringing up Brad Pitt’s MUM! A little slap at Angelina, no?

  38. Ellie says:

    I wish she’d just shut up. The more she opens her mouth the more I can’t stand her. Blah!

  39. Dana M says:

    I love America and god bless Texas- I couldn’t live anywhere else. Austin is the center of the universe in my book. But I have to say that London is amazing.

  40. Janna says:

    This is why I love Gwyneth. She adored her father. I lost my father and miss him so much. I relate to her pain. And I laughed and understood when she said someone said, don’t worry, he’s always with you and she said, bull shit, he’s dead. That’s so true. You wish you felt their presence, but you don’t as time goes on. Re her being a cook with her kids, I believe that. She is so into cooking and she didn’t work much for years. I believe she was on movie sets forever and when she got married and had kids she enjoyed the other aspect of it.

  41. Janna says:

    And, truthfully, I have a thing for English men and London rocks. Amazing city. English men are so well-mannered. Love their accents.

  42. Zoya says:

    @ Lenore: spot on. and like those 50’s housewives, it’s sad how double edged her behavior is. her whole life is about putting on a perfect show to feel superior to others which makes her so unlikable, and yet the reason she’s putting on a show in the first place is because she’s so unhappy and lonely and desperate to be liked.

  43. flounder says:

    I actually like her a little after this interview.

  44. Hakura says:

    @Leticia“1950s housewives didn’t sprinkle the F word throughout casual conversation as GP does.”

    I know, it’s a shame, right? (Especially considering how women were expected to behave back then. A nice ‘Fuck’ would probably cause everyone within earshot to faint.)

    I so wish I had the opportunity to travel to another country. (I think that’s probably the only thing I’d ever be jealous of Goopy over.) I don’t think they realize what a gift it is to see so many places.

  45. Roma says:

    Since when has “sticks” become such an uncouth word that she can’t even use it in conjunction with fish? They must be fish fingers, not sticks.

    “First, I like to start with a piece of extremely rare wild – not farmed – mako shark. I know, this means that they should be called shark fingers but I don’t want to scare the children. Next you lightly batter them in a homemade ginger beer batter; if you don’t have time to make it yourself you can order it online from the mostly lovely woman who makes it out of her home for only $20 a bottle. It’s okay if you don’t make it yourself, us housewives are busy. Lightly fry it in triple processed organic coconut oil and you have a delicious treat for your kids on those days that you’re just a little too busy for a full home cooked meal.”

  46. EdithP says:

    If by “50s housewife” she means put on a happy, good front and then get stinking drunk and scream at each other behind closed doors, then I believe it.

  47. Blank says:

    Respect lost. I used to think that maybe people were too hard on her, but she just name dropped Brad Pitt’s mother. I mean how weird is that? GP cheated on her Brad Pitt! I feel like his mother won’t appreciate that. It must have happened a long time ago.

  48. Mary Jane says:

    Gosh, this woman has the WORST stylists! She looked great doing the casual jeans thing (airport, N.J. pics — she may have e’en dressed herself) but she looks like CRAP on the red carpet! She has long legs (although un-shapely, and egads! those knees!) but she looks great in a pair of jeans.

  49. willynilly says:

    Ya, I don’t understand the hatred. She’s still trying to find herself which is difficult to do when you’re sheltered. And I doubt any of us could find some interesting interview answers after doing dozens for over the last week or so on the same topic.

    And being a housewife isn’t a bad thing. Feminism means doing whatever the &*^% you want to do, Goop included.

    As for the civilized London….it IS. NY may have culture, but I would hardly call it civilized.

  50. Gal says:

    Oh, how I wish she could get through ONE interview without name dropping. Brad Pitt’s MUM, Chris Rock, etc. I used to like her so much and now I just feel sorry for her. I agree with the person that said she is like a 1950’s housewife – staying in a marriage because that’s what you’re supposed to do. Where is her PR person to help her SHUT UP?

  51. loveyourwork says:

    Gywneth is just trying to be the best (everything) that she can possibly be.

    Yes, it is tad grating, but I think people overanalyze her motives.

    Her ambition and determination are impressive.

  52. Hakura says:

    @WillyNilly“And being a housewife isn’t a bad thing. Feminism means doing whatever the &*^% you want to do, Goop included.”

    I can say that no one here thinks there’s *anything* wrong with being a housewife. It’s just the ’50’s Housewife’ that makes it a negative thing. Back then, the ‘ideal’ women were subserviant robots who smiled blankly as they scrubbed the pots while the husband dozed in the living room after dinner.

    Nothing wrong with the the concept of a housewife in general.

    She just needs to stop talking. She’s digging herself into a hole. (She already started far enough down.)

  53. TheMango says:

    Notice how she avoids talking about Chris as usual. I say like the HGF, there could a weekly opposite (in terms of personality) for smug, elitist, bitchy celebrities hehe. I’m thinking Bitch of the Week (BOF) or something along those lines.

  54. geekychic says:

    @35-You Don’t Say:
    Well, i’m extremly connected with my dad; in a pretty conservative society, he made us, his three (only) girls feel like most wanted and loved (through my life older people asked how he copes with not having a boy, and he would shut them up so quickly with his witty naswers), and the way he raised me, and let us to be spoiled while we were little…he is, hands down, most influential person in my life. even my significant other never questions that.

    on the other side, while i love my mom, her parenting ways just didn’t do it for me. She hhad and has some problems and half of my complex stem from her.

    so, i can talk about my dad whole morning, and say nothing about my mom, and it doesn’t mean i’m lonely or unhappy.
    it just means that my dad is the most awesome in the world.

    don’t care about goopy, except for the late dad thing. whenever i start thinking about that, depression rears it’s ugly head.

  55. kazoo says:

    “As for the civilized London….it IS. NY may have culture, but I would hardly call it civilized.”

    Please explain what civilized means.

  56. HotPockets says:

    The thing that I adore about Jennifer Garner is she seems sincere in her efforts to be a normal, loving, wholesome mom. I also love the names she picked for her kids. I think I first started loathing Goopy because she named her kids Moses and Apple. That just screams to me, “LOOK at my kids, they are special and unique, more unique than your offspring, so they even have more original names, too!”

    You know that’s her reasoning behind those terrible names!

  57. lrm says:

    um, i don’t think ‘Moses’ is that unique or odd of a name??? and it had sentimental value to her.
    apple is a weird choice, but i’m told it’s more common in the UK.

    And, her kids are half english and live there…so it’s not that weird.

    however, name dropping brad pitt’s mother about a towel?
    wow. just wow.

    i cannot believe i read this post-i swore i was done after the other day.
    i feel sick in mmy stomach a little after it, actually.

    i wish she had stuck to acting.

  58. mln76 says:

    I can’t hate on her for not being over her Dad’s death you never get over it.

    Now that I’ve said something nice on namedropping Brad’s “mum” I think it’s a win-win for her- more attention for her cookbook and a passive aggressive dig at her hubby who told Rolling Stone it intimidates him that she was engaged to Brad. By the way as tacky as it was to bring up Jane at least she didn’t make a joke about his babies to sell a movie like what’s her face.

  59. Tess says:

    There are certain great cities of the world you just fall in love with, you know? Don’t hate on her for loving London.

  60. Patricia says:

    I know I am in the minority here, but I just can’t hate her. I honestly don’t understand how what she says is so horribly offensive. She’s definitely different; but considering her life, I think she’s right on key. I wouldn’t expect anyone living in poverty to relate to my middle class lifestyle either. She’s not a crackwhore – she works hard, takes good care of her kids and is proud of her accomplishments. I can’t help but admire and support her for that. She also tries to help others, and although I have no desire to attempt her diet, or exercise program, or even her cooking, I respect her for her convictions and remaining true to them despite the overwhelming criticism.

  61. Estella says:

    I love Gwyneth but she offends me with statements like this: “But last week I was at home with my children in the kitchen, and I threw a tea towel over my shoulder – as soon as I do that I feel grounded.”

    I wish she’d stop lyin’ and pretending to be “everywoman.” Just be the beautiful, elitist, narcissistic, privileged celebrity that we all know she really is (and that she enjoys being). Then I could continue living vicariously through her…

    But the tea towel. I. Just. Can’t.

  62. the other mel says:

    God, I cannot stand this elitist, self-absorbed, entitled twit! ‘Rubbish, mum, mummy, civilised’ — is she now a proper fake English woman, ala Madonna? And she’s all over the fucking place lately! Can’t. Stand. Her.

  63. original kate says:

    “he’s just thinking, “Jesus, all I want is a burger and a beer. Gwyneth, shut up.”

    @ lenore: LMAO at this. i think goop is a very insecure person because she tries waaaay too hard to be perfect all the time, for everyone. i would feel badly for her if she were not so damned pretentious.

  64. Shoe_Lover says:

    @ Mshuffleupagus plenty of non British countries use Mum instead of Mom. Like here in Australia for example.

  65. Truthzbetta says:

    She did name drop Brad Pitt. Girl was spot on, the “tea towel” (whatever the fuck that is) story was just to remind everyone of how she was once in Brad Pitt landing territory.

    She IS as bad as we think. How did she ever get famous? I can’t recall. She’s supposed to be so good at everything and I saw her ruin a fish on a talk show so I know she can’t even fry a damn fish. I’m moving on to stalk Gwen Stefani b/c this is wax figure boring.

  66. Becky says:

    Gwyneth’s new “I’m a traditional wife and mom” routine reminds of a similar phase her friend (or former friend) Madonna went through several years ago before she and Guy Ritchie divorced. At the time, Madonna was big into talking about how Guy “wore the pants” in the relationship, how she was just a regular Mom, etc. She even wrote a children’s book to show how domesticated she had become. I’m actually surprised Gwyneth hasn’t written a children’s book yet-maybe that will be her next project(:

    I agree with Gwyneth that every mother should be able to choose whether or not to work but unlike Gwyneth that’s not reality for most women. So nice for Ms. Gwyneth that she has the choice to be “traditional” and not have to work to help support her family-I guess when you’re married to a very wealthy musician you have that option! Isn’t funny that her “choice” to be more traditional happened when she hit her late 30’s and her film offers decreased? What a coincidence!

    P.S. She really looks like Faith Hill in the pics at the book signing.

  67. Camille says:

    She repulses me now. Incredibly insufferable. She also can’t seem to stop herself from name dropping can she? 😆

  68. Lara says:

    Both Gwyneth and Jen Aniston have Stephen Huvane as their publicist. So, maybe it’s the go-to PR strategy when they’re desperate: name-drop what’s-his-name for a little added kick. Isn’t that why Aniston did her People magazine interview and cover: “Jen: 5 years after Brad!” last year? Looks like Gwyneth is taking a similar strategy. MAJOR fail on both accounts.

  69. MaudeLebowski says:

    What do you bet that Chris has to google new accolade ideas before every meal, to make sure he has a new and even more effusive compliment to give the probiotic sun-dried mac and llama cheese?

  70. MaudeLebowski says:

    “I appreciate its parks so much”

    But do they make your heart skip a beat?

  71. jemshoes says:

    This has possibly – possibly – been the least insufferable excerpts of a Goopy interview I’ve read in a long, long time. She’s Gwyneth when she talks about her love for her father, and I really feel for her. But as soon as she starts talking about her food, family and lifestyle, she’s Goopy all over again.

  72. foozy says:

    that little speech of hers was given for the benefit of brad pitt……
    if you’re bored with your husband, that’s your problem sweetie!!!

  73. jennifer says:

    The thing she says about not thinking she could have another kid because of no sleep and being depressed for two years?? That probably makes a lot of mothers feel better about themselves, because it is a fairly common thing. And imagine Paltrow, with all the help in the world, feeling that way. Wow. Post partum depression is no joke. I found it weird for her to say “men can’t go back sexually” …when her husband is rich? What’s that mean? “Expect rich men to sleep around?” She probably wasn’t thinking about the implications of how that sounds coming from her, wife of a rich man. What she says about her dad is very sweet. Anyone who has lost a loved one can relate to that. I hope her book does well, I think she put her heart into it.

  74. Liana says:

    “As for the civilized London….it IS. NY may have culture, but I would hardly call it civilized.”

    * * * * *

    Sorry I haven’t been around. I had to slog through the jungle streets of Brooklyn foraging for my food. I killed a lion on Wyckoff Ave – my family will eat for weeks, not me, though, since I’m vegetarian. I also had to avoid a band of headhunters. I think they’re cannibals. Man, I can’t wait for civilization to get here.

  75. janie says:

    i dont hate her for loving london, what a great city. i hate her for being so pretentious a few years back when she said the conversation is more intelligent there at dinner parties, etc.
    maybe she will cure cancer next year like blythe said she could do IF she wanted.

  76. Westcoaster says:

    Gwyneth misses her father,no one can argue with that the two of them were very close and she mentions Brad Pitt’s mother and the “life lessons” she learned from her.But did Gwyneth not learn anything from her own mother Blythe? or are they not on speaking terms?

  77. funny_girl says:

    She was pretty good as Sylvia Plath in the film “Sylvia” years ago. Sylvia thought she had to be the perfect housewife, the perfect mother, the perfect wife, have the perfect career..
    Sylvia was chirpy and perfect on the outside but depressed most of the time inwardly, battling the pressure.

    I wonder whether this is what Gwyneth is really like..Especially as she mentions that she’s a “traditional 1950s housewife” type and a perfectionist! And she had post-natal depression a few years ago.

    I know she goes on about her dad a lot but all celebs play the PR game so i think she does get bashed an awful lot here-reminds me of the hate perez hilton used to give jennifer aniston. these people are just that..people!

  78. really says:

    I hope she “traditional 1950s housewife” put all her cooking all over Matt Morrison!!!!! Made it HOT!

  79. Claire says:

    @ Irma “apple is a weird choice, but i’m told it’s more common in the UK.”

    Erm, don’t know who told you that, but no. Not at all.

  80. Ally says:

    This reminds me of noted gasbag Phyllis Schlafly, who led a jet-setting lifestyle, flying around the country, meeting with big important people, writing books on national defense, and giving speeches telling women feminism was evil and they should be homemakers… while she did the exact opposite.

    Yes, actresses who do two movies a year and have busy days of wardrobe fittings and one school run are just like 1950s housewives.

    Really, I do expect the woman who played Sylvia Plath (and well) to be less ignorant than this.

    Also: yet another swipe at Blythe Danner. What, she was a working actress (a miracle in itself) and managed to support the family? This is why Fishsticks raves exclusively about her dad all the time? So weak and passive-aggressive.

  81. Gecko says:

    “I also believe that a wife should have the choice to work or not. ”

    Why doesn’t anyone ever say that husbands should also have this option? Sauce for the goose, and so forth.

    Just sayin’.

  82. Denise says:

    I am sorry, but no, NO American city has the culture London has… simply because London is ancient and the US is well, a rather new country.
    I am not from London, but I do live in Europe and when I lived for 4 months in the US, there were many things I liked, but one that I truly disliked: the lack of beautiful, old-vintage architecture, the Gothic windows, the baroque details, the all-around romantic, cultural vibe that Europeans cities have and that America completely lacks. I am not slamming the US, it’s just that they have a different aesthetic, a different vibe, more modern, sharp, sky-scarpery, but definitely not cultural.

  83. kazoo says:

    “I appreciate its parks so much”

    But do they make your heart skip a beat?”

    HAHAHA. That quote (and mocking it) will never get old.

    @ Liana. <3

  84. HotLatino says:

    I don’t get all the hate against Gwyneth at all, I like her, I don’t get it, people dislike Gwyneth but like scum like Nicole Richie!!!!

  85. Jennifer says:

    @ Denise- New Orleans has a culture-heavy and “old world” vibe. It isn’t modern-styled at all, and this has nothing to do with pre or post Katrina. Any stroll thru the Quarters and several other wards in NOLA will prove that. Los Angeles is steeped in Latin American culture, though you may not be able to see it if you never leave Sunset Blvd or West Hollywood. Portland Oregon has a rustic/blue collar/old school vibe. New York City isn’t “cultural”? Yes it is.
    Yes America is young but to assert our cities have no cultural vibe just doesn’t collide with reality. That said, obviously other cities in the world are far older than cities in the US (or Canada). But culture is unavoidable when you have had millions of immigrants, a war and more than one generation in any city.

  86. Hawk says:

    With all this nicey nice talk about her domestic life, you just know she’s going to divorce Chris Martin any day now.

  87. Cleo says:

    Oprah has a ton more money and her best episode and the only one I ever want to watch is when she gifts the audience with “some of her favorite things” which are usually pretty indulgent. I don’t care if Gwyneth Paltrow is privileged. It doesn’t piss me off. She’d be more fun if she was bitchy – maybe she is saving that for the movies where she can collect a paycheck for being really entertaining.

    I thought Bruce Paltrow was more successful than his wife.

  88. Denise says:

    @ Jennifer,

    I haven’t visited New Orleans, but I have been to New York (and Chicago, New Jersey and Minneapolis) and to me, it was all very modern and nice but no, I would not describe it as ‘cultural’ AT ALL… but that is how I see / feel it (and all my friends from Europe).
    To me, culture doesn’t necessarily mean
    ethnic diversity (that exists in NY, for sure), but valuable, historical architecture, art, just overall aesthetics and living history. I think that’s what Gwyneth meant when she said London was cultural, that it is a historical city, not that many immigrants are living there.
    To say that New York has a cultural vibe (in the first meaning of the word) is like saying that Athens has a futuristic vibe… it doesn’t.
    I actually loved New York and considered living there for a longer time, but there was always something missing, at first I didn’t realize what it was exactly… something that other big metropolitan cities have , like Barcelona, Istanbul, Budapest, London… it was basically the magic of the old times, the warmer, nostalgic feeling and romanticism that a culture-loaded city offers you.

  89. OregonAmy says:

    Gwyneth, I think I am the only one here who likes you. As someone who also likes Angelina Jolie, I enjoyed the story about Brad Pitt’s mom, very sweet. I highly doubt you were “name dropping” but giving us a cute story about Brad Pitt’s mom. I am a 38 year old mother of two who is supporting my family right now, and I aspire to be as fit and funny as you. Having first watched you on Conan back in the day 6 years ago, I think you have a great sense of humor and are very entertaining. I think people mis-read you for some reason as they also do with Angie. I know that the haters will slaughter me when they read this post, but I guess I will take one for team angie and team gwenyth.

  90. Jennifer says:

    @ Denise, I get what you’re saying. I’ve visited Bucharest Romania, it was a distinctly old vibe I’ve felt nowhere in the US. I still think New York has a lot of architecture and locations with rich historical context which to me equals “culture”. Same goes for New Orleans. The Missisiipi River, Congo Square, the birthplace of Jazz, the French Quarters …these are all steeped in rich history and culture. It was a center of the American slave trade . That is a dark chapter and it can be felt when one walks thru the French Quarters especially. Los Angeles holds structures and the history of when it was still Mexico. If you are looking for *oldest* cites in the world, definitely they can’t be found in the US, sure. But I do think that for all its youth, the US has packed a punch when it comes to making history. Therefore it does hold culture which can be felt.

  91. Crash2GO2 says:

    Oh Goopy, I got news for ya. Women CAN go back in lifestyle. I’m living proof. Can’t remember the last time I’ve been to a beauty salon for anything other than a basic haircut. And I live in one room after having owned houses since my early twenties. It’s called divorce and a recession. You should try it sometime.

  92. aashe says:

    @ Denise…what about Boston? And some of it’s suburbs? And general New England? Vermont, NH, CT….

  93. Flan says:

    Just go away, annoying troll

  94. Michelle says:

    I recently read an article by someone explaining why people do not like GP and why she is so annoying in general and basically what the author said is that Gwyneth was “born on third base and acts like she hit a triple”. It hit home as that is what I find annoying about her. She has been privileged from birth and nepotism got her started and has benefited her again and again. That is fine, it happens everyday, everywhere, but her deluded idea that her work ethic and her “working her ass off” got her where she is shows that the is totally out of touch with reality. She does not seem to be very self aware because of this fact and it makes her come across as smug and overly pleases with herself rather than confident.

  95. Holly says:

    I don’t understand how you can all judge Gwyneth, I’m sure you wouldn’t like your life to be judged..and just because she is a famous person doesn’t mean she can’t have a ‘normal’ family. Just because she is a celebrity and is able to afford the most expensive things does not mean she is a self-absorbed bitch..also as she is a celebrity doesn’t mean that she can’t be a traditional housewife, i’m sure she can cook and clean like a average human being! & Everyone has different opinions on things, so she may look at London different to people that live in the UK because there might not be parks and as many civilized people in America.Her marriage might not be considered ‘normal’ to a lot of people, but to her it will be normal. No-one is perfect so nobody has the right to judge her and her life.

    • katniss says:

      no ones attacking her for her lifestyle

      its her arrogance and naive, insensitive and out-of-touch comments no one can stand.