Angelina Jolie got a $10 million modeling contract with Louis Vuitton


I always wonder why Angelina Jolie doesn’t “model” more. It seems like more brands would be seeking her out to be their face, but Angelina’s endorsement contracts have been relatively small (compared to other A-list women). Angelina had a three-year contract with St. John, and a multi-year contract with the Japanese beauty brand Shiseido (I’ve included one of her Shiseido commercials below). Even though some say Angelina didn’t really help sales of St. John, I tend to think that most celebrity “endorsements” of brands simply help define the target audience for the brand – Angelina helped give St. John a boost in profile, although perhaps not in sales. In the end, I think Angelina doesn’t so many endorsement deals because she’s got other junk on her plate.

Anyway, Angelina just scored a big one – one of the best campaigns to front, right up there with Chanel. Angelina is the new face of Louis Vuitton!

Angelina Jolie just bagged a lucrative endorsement deal. E! News has learned exclusively that Jolie is set to be the face of an upcoming worldwide ad campaign for designer Louis Vuitton. The print-only campaign, which is scheduled to launch this summer, will be marketed globally…

A source familiar with the deal between Jolie and the French fashion behemoth tells E! News that the actress will get paid “close to $10 million” for her high-end endorsement deal, believed to be the most lucrative of her career.

We hear that Annie Leibowitz will do the photo-snapping honors within the next couple of weeks.

A rep for Louis Vuitton had no comment. Jolie’s publicist did not return calls seeking comment.

Jolie, who last year ended a long-term endorsement deal with St. John and recently launched a jewelry line, has long been a fan of the brand, often sporting its handbags in public.

Past celeb endorsers of L.V. have included Jennifer Lopez and Madonna.

[From E! News]

Louis Vuitton is wealthy. It’s rich. It’s brand says exclusivity and luxury. Angelina is a much better fit than a lot of the girls they could have gotten (Blake Lively, Madonna, you get the picture). I like it, but you know, I’m a Brangeloonie, so of course I’m going to love it. I can’t wait to see the ads! But they should have gotten Mario Testino – I LOVED his shots of Angelina for the St. John campaign.






Vintage shots of Jolie by Testino & Leibovitz.

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  1. bite me says:

    hmm actualy la jolie as the face of st,john did increase sales.

  2. Rita says:

    I always thought it was spelled futon with no first name which made it even more intriguing. Anyway, I think she’ll be great if the Gerbils don’t get into the stuffing. ($10 million dollars to sell furniture sounds like a lot).

  3. soso says:

    Pliz this woman can sell anything, even a table cloth. The first picutre DAMN!!!

  4. Ron says:

    She is totally worth it. She photographs beautifully, she wears the clothes, and she still has that movie star mystique.

  5. skibunny says:

    She does photograph beautifully. All the pictures above are gorgeous. Photoshopped or not!

  6. dorothy says:

    She really is a very beutiful woman.

  7. Mitzi says:

    A nice bit of pocket money on the side Ange – don’t spend it all at once…

  8. WhiteNoise says:

    The pics are stunning but… Louis Vuitton? So Angie’s ok with fur and fur farming then…?

  9. carrie says:

    yeah! she needs some money! come on !
    she only wins 15 millions $ per movie and her husband is a truck driver and she needs money to raise her 34 kids and their 56 nannies and her 3 castles and she needs free Vuitton outfits

  10. K-MAC says:

    she is one BAD-ASS BITCH! Dayum! I love her 🙂

  11. Reality says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Louis Vuitton is just tacky? I hate their monogrammed bags so much, and their shoes are always hideous. I’ve coveted a couple of their dresses, but like Versace, the brand to me is vulgar and screams nouveau riche.

    Those black and white pictures are lovely, but I don’t think AJ suits the brand. I’d pair her with Valentino or Gucci myself.

  12. JM says:

    That first pic is just DAMN! WOW!

  13. Cheyenne says:

    She could put on a Pillsbury flour sack with three X’s on it a make it look like haute couture. Those St. John’s outfits looked dowdy on everybody else who modeled them.

  14. Raven Sparrow says:

    There’s nothing to say, the woman has a goreous face. Just beautiful.

  15. SolitaryAngel says:

    Love the first pic, but the beach candid is my favorite of all time, I think. Wonderful!

  16. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    She’s gorgeous. I think this is a great fit for both Angie and L.V.

  17. BeckyR says:

    Simply beautiful.

  18. Richie says:

    She is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  19. HotPockets says:

    She was the most beautiful back when she did these photos, circa 5-6 years ago. Now she just reminds me of skeletor whenever I see her.

  20. someone says:

    She looks great when she photoshopped to the max..and Louis V…please!!!! but they love uber skinny people for models.

  21. vivien says:

    those commercials are amazing, the first one is my favorite!

  22. Roxy75 says:

    @Reality-I completely agree with you!

  23. silken_floss says:

    She’s flawless, absolutely flawless!!

  24. zxc says:


  25. bite me says:

    hmm it appears that this might not be true

  26. billy bob says:

    dont matter, she really is good looking. what makes me wonder a little bit, is the lack of spontaneity between her and Pitt vs the pics of her and Billy Bob. even in Jonny Lee Miller’s pics there is a lot of affection and photo shoots. are there any more between her and Pitt than the W mag ones? i think that it would look nice to show them together in a photo shoot and put all to rest.

  27. Kim123 says:

    I don’t trust Ken Baker @E but Great if its true- I read the celebs that get these deals only work a 10-14 days a year on photo shoots and promo work.She donated her St Johns salary to charity.billy bob – I hope you are joking AJ was w/ JLM 18 months and with BBT 2 years so I guess the” spontaneous” photo shoots didn’t work. She is in her 7th year with BP. OT I am sooooo tired of this Royal Wedding Coverage

  28. jean says:

    Celebrity endorsements are designed to define a brand for a target audience, not define a target audience for a brand.

    Does anyone else see the hypocrisy in shilling luxury items that costs thousands of dollars while supposedly fighting for the rights of people who have nothing, some of whom are literally starving to death? She is helping to represent the items as a symbol of wealth, elitism and hedonism. Very sad.

  29. Trace says:

    Love her or hate her, there’s no denying how beautiful she is.

  30. kyp says:

    Thanks God I don’t like LV. I’ll not give a cent to anything this woman endorses.

  31. Isa says:

    It must be great to still be in such high demand after being in the business for so many years. Even greater that you can donate the money to charity because you don’t need it yourself.

    The first photo is awesome, she would do great for any brand, like someone else said, she could sell anything.

  32. Solveig says:

    I don’t get the fascination with this brand, it’s tacky in an upper-classy way.
    Probably the money will go to charity…? As Bono did last year (same brand same photographer).
    *and I remember reading in some AJ’s thread – here in CB – about Bono’s hypocrisy for modeling for LV and giving the proceeds to charity, ah! Let’s see if there’s some consinstency now that the model is AJ.*

  33. Rosa says:

    Too beautiful! Angelina is a woman of style and substance.

  34. Cheyenne says:

    @kyp: I honestly don’t think your puny little contribution would be missed all that much.

  35. Kim123 says:

    jean-I think using the money you get from”shilling luxury items” to donate to causes that help those with least is a good thing.So is using your celebrity to bring awareness to the plight of refugees- JMO.

  36. bored says:

    I’ve always like that top picture. My fave of Angelina. lol i’m still hoping she gains weight.

  37. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Am I the only one who thinks Louis Vuitton is just tacky? I hate their monogrammed bags so much, and their shoes are always hideous.”

    no, you’re not the only one. I think their “initial” bags are hideous. the ONLY reason people buy those is BECAUSE of the blatant display of the brand.

    you can get bags in those sizes and shapes from any store like Target, it’s the initials that drive people to purchase that stuff.

    while I do agree that (most of) those pics are gorgeous, the head-shot of her with her pinky in her mouth (I HATE that pose on anyone…Lohan does it all the time in her pap shots – UGH…) makes her look like a Real Doll. It’s TOO photoshopped and therefore creepy.

  38. apsutter says:

    I so agree with poster #11! Louis V is very nouveau riche and tacky. Anyone that gets the slightest shine to their name and little bit of money runs out and buys their tacky bags and ugly shoes. I think she would be beautiful for Valentino as well. She’s beautiful and looks like an old hollywood kind of movie star and her photos are always stunning! She should be working with the best of the best.

  39. Brittney says:

    This news just made my day… but I’ve been an Angeloonie for going on fifteen years now.

    The fact that Annie Leibowitz is taking the shots (she always does Angie justice) is the second-best part for me. The best, of course, is knowing I’ll get to see (and cut out) her beautiful photo shoots in magazines. I have all her St. John ads (and every magazine cover), and they were gorgeous.

    Not to mention — I bet you she’ll be putting aside a sizable portion of her earnings for her foundation. This is almost as much as she’d make doing a film, and she has to do much less work; I’m sure she had family and UN interests in mind when she made the decision.

  40. Eve says:

    The woman has one gorgeous face! If this is true, I’m looking forward to seeing the ads (even though I, too, find Louis Vuitton tacky). She photographs beautifully.

  41. V says:

    I understand your obession with this woman but, LV is tacky as hell for a long time. The brand suffers from cheapening down every year because all the nouveau rich in the third wolrd countries (and secretaries all over the world who want to marry their married bosses) are buying it. In high fashion, LV doesn’t mean prestige anymore, certainly not among the real rich. It’s mass production of cheap luxury for the street — nothing bad in democracy of fashion, just want to point it out the whole LV thing is not that glamerous as Kaiser described.

    LV was so worried about their brand cheapening down so fast years ago and tried to hire advertising agences to improve their image. The result is to hire Madonna. Do I need to say more?

  42. Kim123 says:

    AJ has adopted 3 kids Maddox in 2002, Zahara in 2005, Pax in 2007 so now she’s a kid hoarder? I guess Marie Osmond and Mia Farrow both with 5 adopted kids are hoarders too-Antonella.

  43. Glee says:


  44. HAHAHA Jolie is doing ads now. classy. she’s probably gonna donate all that to her charity ‘Jolie For World Domination’

  45. miri says:

    Kim, she has 3 adopted kids against 3 birth children (2 of them in a single birth), and she’s a kid hoarder??
    if she had more adopted children haters would be saying that they value the adopted more than the others, or if they had more birth children, they would be saying that they need to adopt more, because they prefer the birth ones.
    She can hardly step on a foreign country without people speculating, and don’t forget that the adopted ones are all of them OLDER than Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.

  46. Solveig says:

    I’ve never seen those Shiseido’s ads before. Better than Zoolander’s series of poses, LOL! (and are also slightly similar too – not so much “slightly” – p0rn ads).
    And anybody who says that she hasn’t had some work done in her upper lip must be blind.

  47. Jollyjolie says:

    Amazing woman, Brad Pitt you lucky bastard!!

  48. hopeso says:

    And worth every penny if it’s true.

  49. Toe says:

    If you guys hate LV, how about Coach?? I hate Coach as much as LV.

  50. jdao says:


  51. UglyCute says:

    OK I don’t get the hate on fur train. If you wear leather then I don’t see how you can judge.

  52. Whatever says:

    What a waste of money. She was pretty 10 years ago. But now she’s just a sad bag of bones who needs the photo shop wizards to make her pretty again.

    Ugh….so many homeless could be helped with that kind of money. Bet she’ll buy another castle or something just a ridiculous.

  53. hatsumomo says:

    Uhg! I HATE the Lv brand! Its everywhere and I’ve personally always hated the way ‘brands’ need to show off their name as part of the design of their product. It is tacky as hell. When I was shopping for a pair of eyeglass frames, the only pair I could find that I liked were Candie’s, and they always have their logo etched on the left side of the frame. I ended up buying the frames, and just took a bit of black nail polish over the logo so you cant see it unless you get really close to my eye-wear and run your finger over it. I prefer to wear something that shows my personal taste rather than a bunch of logos that scream ‘TACKY!’.

  54. Tazina says:

    She has the perfect lips for cosmetics commercial. Gorgeous! BTW these are the lips she was born with. She’s never had them plumped up, no need to. (Look at her childhood photos).

  55. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Louis Vuitton is not my favorite brand, but if this means I get some super glammed up pics of Angelina then I am so excited!!!!!! Angelina is freaking stunning and amazing plus we know a lot of the money she earns will go to charity. Loves her.

  56. Lois says:

    Stunning! This woman is breathtakingly beautiful.

  57. Freya says:

    “I bet you she’ll be putting aside a sizable portion of her earnings for her foundation. This is almost as much as she’d make doing a film, and she has to do much less work; I’m sure she had family and UN interests in mind when she made the decision.” (Brittney)

    I agree, so I think Angelina should get more of these contracts. Not much work for her, and people benefit.

  58. Jollyjolie says:

    who would want to put a HOMEWRECKER in their ad? hmm??
    Louis vuitton

  59. strawberrygirl says:

    I’ve been about 3 feet from her. I have the pic to prove it! She is just as stunning in person, as she is in these pics.

  60. louise says:

    It’s amusing how just because it’s Angelina Jolie something is horrible. Angelina wore about 5 or 6 pieces of her jewelry line the past year and nobody said a thing. She releases the collection and everybody says how ugly and horrible it is. Now she may be a spokesperson for Louis Vuitton and all anybody can say what a horrible line it is. I don’t remember attacks when Madonna did ads. A lot of celebrities, who also do a lot of charity, do ads for luxory brands. It’s baffling that only Angelina is attacked for doing so.

    I don’t know if Angelina helped with St. John. Some reports say she made a huge difference and others say no impact. I doubt that Angelina will make an impact considering LV is already a big name. It’s more about attention than sales. Also most of these photos were taken about 5 years ago. I think it shows that she didn’t have massive amount of plastic surgery and lost 30lbs. She looks pretty much the same and has always been thin.

  61. K says:

    Don’t like LV either. Leather for handbags are cheap and looks tacky! Almost cried today as mum loves LV so got one for her for Mother’s Day:-( Had to stop by Chanel to cheer me up afterwards.

  62. Katherine M. says:

    Louis Vuitton tacky? Are you kidding. Just because some tacky people may buy it does not render a product tacky.

    Louis Vuitton started making quality luggage over 150 years ago. His sons had the LV logo created and put on their merchandise in 1896 to combat counterfeiting of their luggage – yes that sort of thievery has been going on forever.

    I seriously don’t know how anyone can call LV tacky and but not say the same or worse about Gucci. Gucci has become synonymous with Eurotrash sensibilites. LV luggage has barely changed over the centuries.

  63. TurquoiseBlue says:

    She’s gorgeous and makes a great model, but the Shiseido commercials kind of make me giggle. Total cheese.

    I don’t like Louis Vuitton either. I’m sure they’re great quality but those are some really ugly bags.

  64. anonymous says:

    Angie is really photogenic and takes some stunning pictures too bad we don’t see them. Angie had better take advantage of this little notoriety and publicity because JA I am sure is coming with something even bigger, she never fails to squash Jolie’s party, just watch! And the saga goes on. I’ll be nice to see that JA for once don’t even bother she could show people that she has finally moved on with her life. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  65. Solveig says:

    @Katherine M., agree on Gucci, but to me LV is tacky as any brand that shows off its logo in its products. Logos are for people like the ones in Jersey shore, not for supposed classy ones.
    And above all I don’t like that print, it reminds me of the paper wrapped around panettoni.

    @Tazina (54), she was born with full lips, but lips don’t change shape during the years, except that they got thinner. In her case I see obvious upper lip plumping and lower lip reduction.

    Anyway, there’s something that baffles me about AJ’s actions. I mean, she’s involved with the poors but contemporaneously she distances herself from us mere mortals with this LV ads and jewelry – ugly – design and sale and her overall smug attitude. Don’t want to be judgy, but this really sounds like a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, some sort of inability to live among common people unless she can – apparentely – help them and feel better about herself (and her privileges).

  66. Disbelieving says:

    @Jean. I see it and I agree. Totally and completely.

  67. miri says:

    the white diamonds perfume from Elizabeth Taylor made her one of the richest actresses around… and I bet that reeked of “homewrecking” (burton, fisher both), and guess what? with that money she made, and the charities she helped during her life, many people with AIDS and infenefited from Taylor’s actions.
    Not judging the lady, divorce infidelities are too common in Hollywood to become obsessed with a woman who is doing something good with her life. Some of the riches people are some of the ones who give the most in time and quantity of money. They have adopted effectively chnging some children’s lives, very probably they helped Brad’s sister in adopting from Ethiopia, they give money to help children and displaced people, and even go to those places and help or monitor whatever is being done withe the money they have given/raised…
    Check out what Barbara Huttonn, one of the richest ladies of the XIX century did for charity, I bet it will be an interesting read.

  68. hatekyle says:

    Wow she gets that elusive $10M contract for LV while Jen is signed up only for bottled water.

  69. lil says:

    Many people do buy LV fakes (see this linkout fakes in the EU ab: , but also many peopledo buy the originals ad they use it in a way hat cheapens the brand.
    But the latter not only applies to LV, but to Channel (remember years ago when Victoria Beckham went to ski dressed head to toe in Chanel!!! it looked even weird.

    In regards rich people giving and still living in privilege as Solveig criticizes, of course that must only apply to angelina Jolie, she should go and live ina tent or a hut and dress in a sack to really keep people content about her and Brad’s charities and living as celebrities, of course they never mention how she used to have a very low profile when she was single, and her (their) high profile now it is due more to her living with Brad and them being followed by paps, and having to protect their children. other rich people who give of course do not have to live in a hut, look at HW types: call out Oprah, or George Lucas, Elton john, etc, and they are know philantrophists. BRad even go into the World’s top 25 best givers getting number 17, under Sunil Mittal. Other Mittal, Lakshmi(steel business), I do not know if they are related, threw her daughter a days long wedding party in Versailles, but of course doing that is much better than being charitable, not givin up a penny to poor children while living your rich life is better than giving A LOT while enjoying your life and working.
    This double standard, of course,only applies to angelina.

  70. kira says:

    UGHHHHH, so much money for so little. What a bitch, I hate her! Yes, I’m jealous. I can’t even afford the LV knock-offs, unless they are really ugly and about to fall apart. 🙂

    I always find it funny that people hold Angelina up to these crazy high standards. If she’s nothing less than saintly, then she’s a fake. And, if she does charity, then she’s uppity, holier than thou. Just admit it, you hate her ass. Stop trying to act like you are being all reasonable.

    Honestly, I hate her, too, but for different reasons. I want a teensy bit of her money! I bet if I rifled through her couches, I could find enough scrap money to live off for a year. I bet . . . 🙂

  71. mln76 says:

    I am as a loon excited to see the pics but if the adds are like Bono’s (yes that was me along with Fortune Mag who called Bono out) and feature her airlifting designer bags to help the poor I’Ll be sorely disapointed.

  72. foozy says:

    go angie!!!!!

  73. foozy says:

    LV is damn lucky to get her. wonder what took them so bloody long…

  74. jemshoes says:

    I personally dislike those brown-and-yellow-mustard monogrammed LV bags, but then again I dislike all high-end, luxury brands. Give me a cheap $40 faux leather bag that I can tote around for a couple of years and I’m a happy girl. 🙂

    AJ is beautiful and photographs well!

  75. lucy2 says:

    Her St. John photos were always very pretty, but she seemed an odd fit with that brand.
    Don’t care for LV, not my style.

  76. sandy says:

    it should be against the law, to be this beautiful, i don’t say that about many women, the woman is gorgeous, JA can try all she wants, it’s the highest form of flattery to constantly try to out do the best, the original, she never comes close. AJ could sale anything, she’s a class act.

  77. canuck says:

    Vuitton makes some great luggage, but much of their everyday stuff is tacky, just like Gucci. The Japanese love it though, and I believe she’s big in Japan. If this is true, she’ll be one of a long list of celebs who endorse for them in print ads, Keith Richards, Agassi and Graf, a bunch of soccer players, Gorby, Deneuve, Connery, Madonna etc.

  78. 6 says:

    Are the pictures beautiful? Yes. You can’t deny that she has been tweaked over the years. I agree with whoever said that lips get thinner with time not fuller nor do they stay the same. She self admitted to implants so why is it so hard to believe she had other surgeries? There is a video montage of her through the years and you can tell that she has had minor things done. I don’t get the insane denial that she couldn’t possibly have gotten surgery done. She makes a living off of her looks, like everyone else in that biz. If this were any other celeb people would be all over her plastic surgery. Regardless of the surgeries, she does photograph very well.

  79. Solveig says:

    @lil (70), you totally missed my point.

  80. Chris says:

    Now that she has that sorted is there any danger of her being in a good movie? It’s been awhile.

  81. gabie says:

    This kind of job is more suitable for her.People can buy! butr as an actress she is nothing.

  82. Hakura says:

    In reference to the pictures ALONE – I’m with SkiBunny. I’m not a Brangaloonie myself, but damn she looks beautiful in these pictures. I’ve always thought her ‘genuine smile’ (something you don’t get to see often) is the most gorgeous thing about her.

    @WhiteNoise – “The pics are stunning but… Louis Vuitton? So Angie’s ok with fur and fur farming then…?

    … I’m curious about this too. I mean, perhaps it was part of her contract that LV wouldn’t produce any such items during the time Angie is modelling for them? Otherwise, I don’t see her taking the job…

    @Jean“She is helping to represent the items as a symbol of wealth, elitism and hedonism.”

    A valid point, to be sure. But knowing what we do of Angelina, at least a portion of the money she makes is probably going to some charity… (I know she’s not a saint, but it’s just what she normally does). I could be wrong, of course.)

    @UglyCute“OK I don’t get the hate on fur train. If you wear leather then I don’t see how you can judge.”

    Loathe though I am to try to answer this (God knows I’m far from the best person to do so), my personal issue with fur is that MOST animals that are killed for fur are ‘wasted’ (with the exception of native people/eskimos)… With Leather, generally, the animal it came from was eaten or applied to another purpose (thus not wasting any part.) Animals killed for fur in the ‘market’ are only killed (& in massive numbers) to make ‘pretty coats’. To my knowledge, the rest of the body is wasted.

    And of course we can’t ignore the horrific inhumane conditions ‘farmed’ fur animals are kept in… & inhumane methods of killing them. That’s why *I* have such issue with fur.

  83. DeeVine says:

    She is beautiful but I don’t think she should model for LV as she is not known to be “fashionable”. St John is more her style (old rich lady look)

  84. P.J. says:

    Brad & Ange are not shy about telling the world when they donate to charity, so we’ll see what Angelina does with the $10 million.

    I sincerely hope she gives it to the neediest and doesn’t blow the money on another chateau.

  85. Katherine M. says:

    April 22nd, 2011 at 10:10 pm “. . . if the adds are like Bono’s (yes that was me along with Fortune Mag who called Bono out) and feature her airlifting designer bags to help the poor I’Ll be sorely disapointed”

    I agree with you. I found those ads completely off putting bordering on offensive. I am sure Jolie has deeper sensibilities than that. You’d have thought Bono would. I have always wondered how Bono agreed to those pictures – maybe he had no artistic control. I am sure Jolie will have final approval.

  86. Katherine M. says:

    ” . . . She self admitted to implants . . .”

    No she didn’t. Are you talking about Lara Croft when they made her wear a padded bra because they insisted Lara be a size D cup?

  87. crazydaisy says:

    Money could go to Fukushima victims, maybe. (Or any slew of current victims of wars and natural disasters. There’s no shortage lately.)

    Those Shisheido ads feel icky to me. Her lips almost sticking together as she oh-so-slowly parts them. What was she thinking? “I’m so beautiful, suck my d*ck?”

    Isn’t it kind of shallow and hollow, getting all painted up and selling your beauty like that? And I LOVE AJ.

  88. Josephina says:

    A few people here have tried to “downplay” her beauty by saying the pictures are 5/10 years old that she is too skinny, etc. Yeah…OK.

    Well..if you saw “The Tourist” she LOOKS EXACTLY THE SAME TODAY. Really folks, she really is that pretty and breathtakingly beautiful. The candid pictures taken of her while she is traveling around the world as a UNHCR ambassador prove this fact over and over again.

    Her skin, high cheekbones, eyes, eyebrows, pouty mouth, bright smile, long hair and her swagger are all her. The combination of the above is what makes her such a threat…all that beauty encompassed by one woman…and she is only 35 yrs. old. Brad Pitt is one lucky man. He made sure he had babies with her!

    She will probably age well like Sophia Loren.

    Don’t hate…congratulate. That eyebrow move of hers is totally badass.

  89. DD says:

    As beautiful as she looks in it, that shiseido commercial was painful to watch. The poses were a little too over the top self-indulgent. I don’t know how she does those shoots without rolling on the floor laughing. I’d have a hard time keeping a straight face for sure.

  90. harfang says:

    Take that, haters. Oh, and Annie Liebowitz is my secret baby mama.

  91. Hakura says:

    While I don’t think everyone who has a negative comment in response to Angie is a hater, I do agree that these are current pictures. (Anyone who’s seen her premiere or ambassador pictures could tell).

    I personally don’t think she’s the *most* beautiful woman in Hollywood, but there are so many types of beautiful, that I can’t even really choose. Aesthetic beauty aside, I fully admit that Angelina’s work to help others is a very beautiful quality. =)

  92. nnn says:

    Angelina was always supermodel material, her bone structure in the first pic mainly reminded me of Talisa Soto who was a supermodel in the mid 80’s.

    Jolie has those sophisticated exotic features and thats’ why she was clicked in FORD Model Agency when she turned 15.

    She is a very beautiful woman with a brains who doesn’t focus and isn’t obsessed with maintaining her physical beauty rather than catering to her brains. Which is rare in Hollywood, especially at her age.

    Only Charlize has the same outlook about beauty. She has that african charm and humility going on. They are both humble about their beauty while others flaunt it left and right trying to get some recognition through physical beauty and sound like idiots and empty shells at the same time.

  93. lisa says:

    The Black and White pixs are my all time favorite. That Vogue shoot was all kinds of stunning. BUT that picture with she and Brad (he is on the bike looking at her in that black trench) SHIT..

    Annie does great pics of Angie.. or the could have gotten Brad to do the photos. NOW I would pay to see just the behind the scenes of that. 🙂

    Angie is gorgeous. FACT. and people can scream plastic whatever. Look at pictures of her when she was 16 or 18.. the woman never had an awkward stage of looking bad. Always stunning.

    OT: YEP I too am tired of the Royal wedding talk. Friday can’t come soon enough.

    And the people that see her up close and personal always talk about that beauty.

  94. Wholesome1 says:

    Yay! : )

  95. khaveman says:

    I just think the brand is boring. And the woman who used to carry someone’s blood in a vial around her neck etc. seems to be signing with ‘conservative’ brands — I think it’s an effort to counteract her freaky past. All about image now. The tattoos are hideous.

  96. Crash2GO2 says:

    She’s beautiful and all, but I so don’t need to see all that side boobage.

  97. Caz says:

    These photos are all a few years old? She looks much better with more weight on her. LOL at the $10 mill fee. Her genuine smile is gorgeous. Amazing bone structure. She has depth, personality and intelligence that other vapid actresses don’t. That’s why so many like her. Ange doesn’t talk about her hair and body issues like other actresses – she actually has something to say.

  98. Janna says:

    I saw her in that movie with Johnny Depp, the Tourist, and she was devastatingly beautiful.

  99. nnn says:

    to khaveman

    And before that past, she had also a past. Funny that you have to chose one specific past to justify your own opinion.

    Before the vial Jolie was a teen who was already a model. She is just doing exactly what she has been doing since she turned 15.

    So your logic is illogic. Her life didn’t began with the so called vial with the blood of her love which is not even a sin to begin with, just a atypical thing to do between two people who have decided to acknowledge their love in their way.

  100. tracking says:

    She has looked a little rough in recent red carpet pics, but these pictures remind me how amazing she can look when styled/photographed well!

  101. anneesezz says:

    I guess that’s how much it costs to make this miserable woman smile. Every picture I see of her with the “happy” family she looks so unhappy. But, how can that be, she has the most amazing, well behaved children on earth, right?

  102. goane smith says:



  103. Kim123 says:

    In every pic of her with her family there are 10-20 paparazzi in their faces screaming at her kids. The videos are on youtube.Yet despite that, the kids appear to be well behaved, holding hands.

  104. DrM says:

    Beautiful…I love AJ but she could use about 15 pounds…cmon Ms Angie eat something love…

  105. Camille says:

    Utterly gorgeous woman, one of the most (if not *the* most) beautiful women in HW. She has a ton of charisma to top it off.

    Good for her if this story is true, she is an excellent model.

  106. Sakyiwaa says:


  107. Sakyiwaa says:

    @annessez: “looks miserable with her kids”…
    Well, i’d like to see you grinning from ear to ear every time you step outside, with 20 papz screaming you and your kids’ names… i applaud them and their kids even…for the mere ability to remain CALM…

  108. Jessica says:

    Love, love, LOVE HER. Just wish she would gain some weight back – the St. John’s ads were stunning. She’s too skinny now.

  109. RHONYC says:

    i just watched ‘Salt’ for the time…TWICE in 48 hrs.

    hail to the queen of action films!


  110. Shoe_Lover says:

    @ Reality- I totally agree. LV have lost their exclusive feel because there bags are the ones counterfeited the most

  111. Newbie says:

    I love that desert shot by Leibovitz. When she’s smiling, she looks awesome. But those commercials are some of the most idiotic and stupid that I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. And yes, she DOES use fillers on her upper lip. She’s always had large lips, but the shape has changed in the past several years. A person’s top lip is rarely bigger than their bottom lip. And hers is getting there. Don’t believe me? Go watch The Bone Collector. Her lips are still big, but they have a cupid’s bow and her top one is smaller than her bottom one. And there aren’t tell-tale “bumps” underneath her top lip at the corners of her mouth. Those first shots were done by Leibovitz in 2005 (I think), and included ones of her and Maddox. Those were lovely, and she was lovely in them. She’s definitely had work done since then.

  112. Sakyiwaa says:

    @Newbie. No. She hasn’t had any work done. Solveig keeps saying this too. Anyone can see this woman gains and drops weight like a yo-yo. Really… one’s physique CAN radically change under such constant adjustment.AJ herself has stated that she didn’t think her big lips were such an asset until the modelling agencies fell in love with them. Her father and brother both have lips like that.

    Plus, she HAS stated on the record… that she hasn’t had any work done. And as a long-time fan, I’ve observed that La Jolie is often honest to a fault.

    She does ACTUALLY have a beautiful face…naturally.

  113. lisa says:

    She is a beautiful woman. She was beautiful as a teen and now. She has not had work done. Looking pics there are changes in her face because of age and when she gains or loses weight. She has never been a person obsessed with her looks. Something she gets ragged on for all the time. She is a natural beauty. I guess because we see so many women who have had work done some need to assume she has too. She has been accused of using fillers/botox and who knows what else. Then we see a video and her head moves, she has lines around and under her eyes.. she was accused of having a tummy tuck. Then we see pics of her with a small bump after her pregnancies. People rag on her about her veins; something that has been the case for years. YET the nonfans think they have discovered something. A flaw. She had them forever. Look at any film or photo and you see them. They were not an issue then. but now they are a big deal.

    I believe her when she says she has not had work. Looking at pictures over the years it is clear that she does not need to lie. She is beautiful. That is a fact. Like it or not.