Kate Middleton’s dress is done & other royal wedding updates


This morning, I was startled to see that MSNBC had sent the two hapless cohosts of Morning Joe to London to (presumably) cover the royal wedding. It’s like MSNBC wants to ensure that the English hate Americans in total. Attention, UK: Please do not judge us based on Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. We Americans recognize that they’re awful people, and we apologize for sending them in your general area. Truly, I’m sorry.

So, yes, everyone flew to London over the weekend, because now so many American television personalities are now reporting from the tops of double-decker buses and in front of Buckingham Palace. It will be interesting to see if any of the network news anchors are based in London this week – I suspect that such a “soft news” story will only warrant the anchors flying in on Thursday. And while the Americans seem enchanted by British royal tchotchkes, it’s being said more and more that the British aren’t really that interested in the royal wedding. Considering the Americans seem really, really into it, perhaps they could push it back until later in the day, just so Americans don’t have to get up at such an ungodly hour (4 am)? No, they won’t do that.

So here is today’s royal wedding updates. According to Us Weekly, Kate Middleton’s dress is done. A senior palace source says, “Kate will have no more fittings… The next time the dress goes on is Friday morning!” And we still don’t know who designed the damn thing. Sophie Cranston of Libelula said she’s not the designer, so people are still considering Sarah Burton for McQueen, Bruce Oldfield and Alice Temperley. Out of those three choices, I would say Oldfield is still the best bet, because his designs are so boring, but I also think Temperley might be a solid possibility. Her designs are frilly, romantic, girlish, and kind of cheap-looking, which Kate probably loves.

What else – no beer is going to be served at the royal reception, but there will be wine served, so it’s not like the royals are shunning alcohol. Prince Harry is going to host an early-morning breakfast the next day, which makes me pity the poor Buckingham Palace servants. And HuffPo has a detailed list of the wedding guests, including some not so great celebrity and political attendees:

David Beckham, Elton John and Mr. Bean actor Rowan Atkinson will mingle with dozens of royal guests at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, according to an official guest list released Saturday that includes one uncomfortable presence – the Bahraini crown prince accused of a brutal crackdown on protesters.

St. James’s Palace also released the seating plan at Westminster Abbey, which showed that relatives of William’s mother Princess Diana are sitting across the aisle from the royal family, joining the Middletons in an exception to the traditional division of a church into a bride’s side and groom’s side. There was no explanation of the seating arrangement, but the Spencers have not had a good relationship with the royal family, especially after Diana’s brother Charles Spencer attacked the royals during a speech at her 1997 funeral.

More than 46 foreign royals are seated behind the British royals. They include Bahrain’s Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, an invitation that could prove awkward in light of his government’s rough treatment of mainly Shiite pro-democracy protesters. Some human rights campaigners have started to petition Foreign Secretary William Hague to revoke the invitation, saying the prince should not be allowed to attend the occasion. At least 30 people have died in Bahrain since mid-February, including four who died while in official custody, and many well-known activists and lawyers have been imprisoned.

Other foreign royals who are attending include those from Denmark, Norway, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and Morocco. Only a handful of celebrities are invited, including the Beckhams, director Guy Ritchie, soul singer Joss Stone, and Atkinson – a close friend of William’s father Prince Charles.

Although about 1,900 guests have been invited to the couple’s wedding ceremony at Westminster Abbey, half of them will sit in the section of the abbey where views of the altar are restricted, and they will have to rely upon video screens to follow the service. Queen Elizabeth II and other royal family members will sit in the front row across the aisle from Middleton’s parents and brother James. They will be closest to the abbey’s sanctuary, where William and his bride will stand.

Foreign dignitaries, the Middletons’ family friends, British government and defense officials, families of British soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, William’s army colleagues, and people who work for William’s charities will be seated around the abbey.

Palace officials said that only crowned heads of states are traditionally invited to royal weddings, and that political leaders who are not from the 54-member Commonwealth of nations, such as President Barack Obama or French President Nicolas Sarkozy, weren’t sent invitations.

About 600 of the guests will then attend a champagne and canapes reception at Buckingham Palace hosted by the queen.

[From HuffPo]

I also saw that neither of the past two prime ministers got invites – no Tony Blair, no Gordon Brown. I understand why Gordon didn’t get invited (he’s ridiculously boring), but no Tony Blair? I thought Blair was tight with the royals (according to him)? Guess not. It’s also interesting that the Spencers are being kept separate – physically – from the royal family. From what I understand, neither Harry nor William has much to do with the Spencer family at this point, so it’s not like the Spencers are going to really know anyone there, you know?






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  1. Jackson says:

    I hope no network anchors do the news from London. Come on, this is a fluff story. ‘History in the making’…yeah, but history for the sake of history. The only impact this marriage has is on how much money in tourism it will generate over there. As much as it spawns gossip and sells magazines, it is not ‘news’ nor is it ‘newsworthy.’

    But ITA on the Joe and Mika comments. Bleh.

  2. TXCinderella says:

    Prince William is so handsome. A face that handsome should not have a bald head. I’m not saying bald men aren’t good looking, but in this case, Wills needs some hair!

  3. kazoo says:

    i have a feeling we’re going to feel really underwhelmed by her dress.

    oh, also kaiser. i read that prince charles is having an afterparty and that harry was heavily involved in the planning. i think that will be more interesting than the wedding.

  4. lisa says:

    I’m not following the wedding preshows that much. I will be working so will have to catch the wedding after

    I have to say I like the way Kate dresses. So sick of women wearing clothes that are too tight and trashy looking. She looks so classy and well put together. Never over done.

    Very Refreshing.. hope her style becomes a trend.

  5. Rosanna says:

    The dress will be as plain as her, granted.

  6. Nina says:

    I really wish someone would take Kate’s eyeliner away from her. Didn’t anyone tell her that lining your lower lids makes your eyes look smaller? Ugh.

  7. BeckyR says:

    I think Americans forget we beat back British rule–through a long war– to become the independent United States of America. We do not bow or curtsy to British royalty. The wedding, however, is highly interesting, particularly now with most news very depressing. I just can’t imagine average Americans actually making the trip to “be there” for this event. London is crowded and expensive when thre is NOTHING special going on!

  8. Ally says:

    I think the Bahraini prince already said he won’t be attending, what with the rioting in the streets of his country and all.

    Harry’s breakfast sounds like the hangover-cure after an all-nighter of partying.

  9. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    @ Jackson – I couldn’t agree more. @ lisa – I also agree that her fashion sense is modest and classy.

    But I still don’t like her. I just fail to harbor any respect for that woman.
    Well, except the respect I’d have to give someone for being so steadfast. She saw her goal and sister held tight until she got it.
    Didn’t matter how many times He stepped out on her or how much she appeared to be a doormat. Or a lazy socialite, even if in a demure sence. Gotta step right you know!
    Whatever it takes to get that crown, sister. You go girl.

  10. cookb says:

    I love Will & Kate – I wish them a long and happy life together

  11. sally says:

    I can’t wait for this to be over so I don’t have to hear anymore about Prince Tedious and Ms. Do Nothing.

  12. Cheyenne says:

    I was absolutely delighted when Charles Spencer kicked it to the royals at Diana’s funeral but how long are the royals going to hold a grudge? Jesus please us, it was 14 years ago. And how come neither of the princes have much to do with the Spencers? They are, after all, their grandparents.

    @kazoo: I devoutly hope we are all underwhelmed by Kate’s wedding dress because that poufy mess Diana wore at her wedding was a catastrophe.

  13. hellen says:

    ” how come neither of the princes have much to do with the Spencers? They are, after all, their grandparents.”

    Nope, Granny Frances and Grandpapa Johnny are dead and gone – only ones left are Uncle Charles (whom the Queen will never forgive for his funeral tirade), and Aunts Sarah and Jane. Frankly I am surprised they are all not sitting behind a column in the back of the abbey.

    Also, Tony Blair was probably overruled by the Queen (he was a Team Diana guy) and EVERYBODY hates Cherie. I think Princess Anne once tried to kneecap her at Balmoral.

  14. Amy says:

    Ditto on Diana’s dress (every time I see it, it reminds of Glenda from the Wizard of Oz). Did anybody actually like that?! I don’t know how much of a say she had in it and well she was only 19 years old so maybe it seemed like a good idea at the time?

    Kate will hopefully pick a more sensible dress.

  15. Lisa Turtle says:

    William & Harry have stayed close with Diana’s sisters (she has two older sisters, Sarah and Jane), and despite his unpopularity with older royals, both young princes still adore their Uncle Earl Spencer. The boys are close with their Spencer cousins as well.

  16. Chickie Baby says:

    Amy–you must be far younger than 30 or else you would remember that Diana’s dress was “IT” for that time period. It ushered in a decade of big dresses and big hair, and spawned a whole era of similar fashions for weddings. Even during the late 80′s, bridemaids’ dresses were still big with poofy sleeves and lots of ruffles. Ah, memories…they make me want to hurl just thinking about it.

  17. Delta Juliet says:

    The other thing with Diana’s dress was that the church was SO HUGE, a smaller dress would be lost in the space (that was the thinking, anyway). The train was 25 feet long for crying out loud.

    I didn’t like it personally, but it’s not like this was a “regular” wedding with an average wedding dress. That was the freakin’ fairy tale wedding. (Not the fairy tale marriage though)

  18. Delta Juliet says:

    One thing I’ve noticed about Kate…she certainly seems to enjoy the attention more that Diana did. I’ve been watching the old videos that everyone has been showing lately and Diana always seemed to have that shy, demure expression on her face, like she was uncomfortable in her position. Kate is glowing in every shot I’ve seen of her. She seems much more enthusiastic about the publicity.

  19. CooCooCatchoo says:

    I couldn’t sleep last night, so I watched a two-hour “pop up video” style show about Charles & Diana’s wedding. There was a ton of extra footage that we didn’t get to see that day, and it was kinda fascinating :) Queen looked so giddy and happy all day… and everyone looked SO YOUNG lol! Our Diana… she looked so beautiful, sweet and lovely. The dress was huge, but I think it needed to be a big, princessey gown to make a statement. It was frothy and huge, but she looked exactly like a fairytale princess. And her tiara – so sparkly, gorgeous. She took my breath away. Sad to know how it all ended – she was 19, just a girl and she was lied to and manipulated the whole time. They got what they wanted – a virginal aristocrat who gave them two boys. Prince Charles was too immature to be a proper husband. But Diana got those boys – they’re great kids, thanks to her influence. So I’ll be watching on Friday to acknowledge the good job she did.

  20. CooCooCatchoo says:

    BTW – Kate’s flouncy-hemmed coat, the camel colored one – love it! She’s lovely.

  21. TG says:

    @Chickie Baby – I am over 30 and I think that dress was hideous. I realize her being a princess it should have been over-the-top, but it still could have been a classic look that if you look back in 100 years it would look interesting and not hideous. I watched the other rolyal wedding stuff this weekend and all the ones they covered over the last 30 years or so have been disappointing to me anyway. I guess you can’t please everybody though.

    But if Kate is starving herself surely she is going to put on a fab dress else, otherwise, what would be the point.

  22. P.J. says:

    I love the look on Kate’s face when she looks at William. You can’t fake that, she really loves him, and she looks so happy…

    Re the news coverage: EVERYBODY is going to be there!! I have a release from NBC Universal saying they alone are sending “more than a dozen anchors,” with Today.com, NBC News, MSNBC, Access Hollywood, Bravo, E!, iVillage, Telemundo and even the Weather Channel, Twitter and Facebook.

  23. TG says:

    Oh and did anyone else notice when the Prince and Kate gave their first engagement interview how he looked embarrassed and was trying to cover for Waity’s lack of work these past 8 years or so? I thought that was funny.

  24. You don't say says:

    Glad I am not the only one who hated Diana’s dress. It was grotesque, especially those horrid sleeves. It was just too much dress, though I did like the long train. What I think is a shame is that this is not really Kate’s wedding. It is Diana’s son’s wedding. It is time to let go of the past and let this couple be themselves, not try and make-up for his parents unfortunate marriage and be the one’s that make it work, unlike his parents. Too many ghosts are in attendance for my taste.

  25. JulieM says:

    Diana’s dress was the perfect dress for a 20 year old virgin who was being led to the slaughter. Looking back, it really was dreadful but Chickie Baby is correct. That dress set the wedding style/standard for the entire decade.

    The only thing I will be interested in on Friday will be the dress. I hope Katie’s bones don’t stick out if it is tight fitting and I also hope that she doesn’t faint going up the aisle due to hunger.

  26. Tiffany says:

    I was watching the NBC special on Sunday. People, Irecommend that you all watch it, itis the biggest piece of PR crap I have watched in a long time. Kate was the reason Wills graduated from St. Andrews, he realized that Kate was the one after their breakup( yeah, it had nothing to do with not finding another royal to marry him), not liking the Waity Katie moniker, her ‘career’ and how her family made sure she worked, on and on. Kids, get online and watch it, unintentionally HALARIOUS!!!

  27. Snappyfish says:

    Diana wanted to be a princess as much if not more than Catherine. She preyed on Charles & pretended to love all the things he did until the crown was on her head. Then she stopped doing all the things she “loved” before the wedding & then spent the better part of her life trying to upstage the royal family. Let’s not forget those things shall we?

    She finally came into her own & did wonderful things for the operation halo & it is sad to think of all the wonders she might had done had her life not been tragically cut short.

    William & Catherine should never be compared to Diana & Charles but instead to Victoria & Albert who actually loved one another.

    As for Catherine’s style. It is classically lovely and any attempt to say otherwise is pure snark.

    Save that where it is warranted, like Ice T’s wife.

  28. eternalcanadian says:

    Hope Catherine doesn’t lose any more weight in the next 3 days least the dress hang off her bony shoulders. She really looks unhealthy now. Makes me wonder just how confident she is about the marriage and how soon William will be faffing around…

  29. TG says:

    @JulieM – It might have set the wedding dress style for the entire 80′s but that does’t mean it was in good taste. It just means there are a lot of copy cats out there with no original thought. Just because everyone else copied it doesn’t make it a lovely dress or even a model we should copy. I do agree with what was said above that Kate’s style is classically lovely, at least her public style. That see-through dress she wore to get Wills attention with the straw in her hair wasn’t lovely. But just look at what Leanne Rimes wore this weekend and compare it to Kate and anyone will see the huge difference in taste and style.

  30. P.J. says:

    @You Don’t Say: Yes, the ghost of Diana will be at the wedding. But once they start their new life, Will & Kate aren’t going to repeat the mistakes of Charles & Diana. They are very different people, with a much more solid relationship.

    Diana was unprepared for the spotlight: Kate has been living in it for years. Charles gave Diana little to no emotional support: William is totally protective of Kate. They share the same friends and like the same things. And probably best of all, they don’t have their parents’ baggage: Charles’s affair with Camilla and Diana’s difficult childhood. This marriage will be different, for sure.

  31. aenflex says:

    Im sure I wont watch, but out of respect for Diana I wish them well.

  32. Angie says:

    @Snappyfish…Thank you! Someone else who remembers Diana they way I do! And I too am tired of the comparisons between the two couples. Geesh.

  33. Truthzbetta says:

    Yeah right, Charles Spencer kicked the royal family at Diana’s funeral. Eye roll. I wish he’d done better.

    During her life, the orange headed brother kicked Diana by demanding the Spencer tiara that first made her look like a princess back. After a decade or something he said “it had been on loan.” I’m sure daddy who died to make him earl would have been so proud Charles did that to sis. But fellas named Charles never did treat Diana well.

    But this wedding is not even close to Diana’s day. Diana, like Marilyn Monroe can be copied but her era is gone. Thinking someone is special just and only b/c they’re royal and famous really didn’t last beyond her death. Like movie stars are not worshipped as they once were even though they’ve yet to realize what celebrity is right now.

    I could care less about this. I agree with Becky — so happy we are free of royalty and anything that keeps me from bowing to a baby born from the lucky royal vag or someone who marries a guy who lives off the tax payers … and keeps me nice, equal, and luckily American is good.

    I won’t celebrate the elite power structure that says marrying for money and position is the way to achieve. It’s ummm 2011. I checked. Monarchies are elitist, backward and in our rearview mirror.

  34. truthzbetta says:

    “The Americans are really into the wedding.”

    Huh? The Brits are making it a gov’t/bank holiday and will be thronging in the streets as if this matters. I don’t know anybody who’s even going to watch. The news has no idea what people do want anymore.

    This is their Brit thing and people here respond to American Idol news more. Even I do and I quit watching Idol due to Jello.

  35. citysuede says:

    i like her beige coat too….cut very well. at least waity didn’t have to be “certified” as a virgin. i cringe to imagine what that entailed….how does one get ‘certified’??

  36. adam says:

    i wish them very well in there furtur indevors and may your wedding be all that you hope for and to all of you who are bagging on them how dare you you need to grow up

  37. Circe says:

    I was in London over the weekend. MSNBC are perched precariously over Trafalgar Square whilst Lord Nelson looks on disapprovingly (facing the other way, but I like the idea). Also, there’s a bunch of tents in Green Park and in front of Buckingham palace. Otherwise, the media circus is pretty much non-existent.

  38. viper says:

    @ Lisa ‘Hope her style becomes a trend’

    Um, why so that we peasants can be even more broke then we already are? She can wear all those cloths because she’s an elitist. If she weren’t she too would be wearing what the majority of the population of the planet also wears – which is not to your liking.

  39. crazydaisy says:

    i LOVE them both!!! Move over Brad and Angelina – we got us some real royalty to ogle and sigh over on Friday!

    May they be as happy as they look together, always. We watched Wills grow up and now he’s in love with a beautiful, dark-haired commoner who he will make be a princess.

    I’m sure Di would be so proud!

  40. JulieM says:

    TG: In my comment I stated that Diana’s dress was, indeed, dreadful. But it was, for the times, the perfect dress for the fairy tale virgin. It did influence bridal fashion for the whole decade, whether we favored the style or not. And it was in good taste in that her boobs weren’t hanging out and she was completely covered. As for style, looking back, dreadful. Just ghastly. Who can forget her stepping out of that coach a big ball of wrinkles.

  41. francesca says:

    That “Shop” button, pop-up thing is supremely annoying. Seriously.

  42. Patricia says:

    Funny- You read that the brits cant stand the royal family and then next their defending them. I’m an American I have a vote and you don’t. This wedding is so over reported as if they were the only royals in the world. I was glad to see that queen Nor seemed less than impressed on pierce Morgan show. Watch, first the wedding, then the baby, then signs of trouble and then divorce, oh but there will be splashes of Do-gooding of coarse. well you all have high hopes for your future but you’ve gotta get through Charles and Camilla first. Good luck with that one.

  43. sophie strydom says:

    Congratulations to the royal couple and their wonderful compatriots! It was a beautiful wedding, the dress was perfect and whosoever criticizes anything, is simply nasty. I loved the crowds out there! It showed you are still a nation!
    God bless you all!
    South African