‘Transformers 3′ trailer: Is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley worse than Megan Fox?


In the scope of this gossip website, very few of you probably care about Transformers: Dark of the Moon as an action movie. What really matters here is the rightful absence of Megan “Trash Talking” Fox, who got herself fired (although she says she quit) from a very lucrative franchise and, let’s face it, the best break of her career. Of course, the entire Tranformers franchise is merely amplified popcorn fare, but slo-mo boobs are really the extent of Fox’s talent. So after disinfecting Fox’s newly-vacated set trailer, Michael Bay recruited a new vacant bobblehead, Rosie Huntington-Whitely (a Victoria’s Secret model that appeared in one of the Bay-directed commercials), who was only too happy to wash Bay’s Ferrari and even put some extra plumping into that upper lip of hers just for the occasion of filming:


As far as the trailer is concerned, Whitely is ridiculously glamour-trashy as the love interest of Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf), who could never score a pimped-out, collagen-filled babe like that in the real world. Then again, Sam couldn’t have scored Fox’s Mikaela Banes either, but at least Fox looked less plastic in the first two Transformer movies than she does these days. What truly bothers me about this trailer, however, is that we get just a brief glimpse of Francis McDormand but no peek at John Malkovich. C’mon Bay, you’ve gotta give a little something to the ladies too.






Movie stills courtesy of AllMoviePhoto and Apple

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19 Responses to “‘Transformers 3′ trailer: Is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley worse than Megan Fox?”

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  1. beth says:

    all i see is her giving endless blowjobs to michael bay in his trailer. i might be very wrong about that though, but i blame michael bay for giving me the impression that that’s the kind of girl he wants on set…

  2. Sue says:

    I don’t know how you can judge Rosie from the trailer when she didn’t speak in it, Fox never spoke in ether trailer for 1 and 2 when she was in them and the movie not about Rosie or Fox they were extras in the film easily replaceable and a dime a dozen they bring nothing to the film but a pretty face.

  3. KO says:

    Personally , I think she’s gorgeous. She has unique features that really work. But not down to see another Michael Bay flick.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    She can’t act for shit, but she must be doing something right (she’s got DSL’s and an unlimited supply of CFMs) because she’s with Jason Statham. *un-sheaths hater shank*

  5. flourpot says:

    Am I the only one that was yelling “DROP HER!” Drop her!!!! when she was sliding down the floor in the collapsing skyscraper? Meh, just another plastic barbie.

  6. Bubulle says:

    Who cares about Rosie or Megan it’s all about the robots. The trailer looks good.

  7. Jezi says:

    I’m a little bothered that Megan Fox isn’t in it. I kinda liked her in this role. Her and Shia had some chemistry & worked well off one another. I mean it isn’t a part where the actress will win an Academy Award so….

  8. original kate says:

    “all i see is her giving endless blowjobs to michael bay in his trailer”

    her lips certainly look like she’s been giving endless blowjobs.

  9. Aries_Mira says:

    Maybe Michael Bay should start by hiring actual actresses. The kind who can, y’know, ACT. I love the Transformer universe, but Bay has f*cked it up royally with pathetic attempts to salvage the story line by over-doing the special effects and too much cleavage.

  10. jover says:

    Slomo boobs and vacant bobblehead – too good. Hey it’s transformers not Gone with the WInd or the Godfather. At least Rosie looked better in her recent UK vogue spread than megafarse’s crappy I’ve got nothing going on inside my head poses for Armani.

  11. Bonfire Beach says:

    Shw would’ve been perfect in The Human Centipede, but not the front. I know that was really bad, don’t yell at me.

  12. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I’m normally a big fan of scifi/action/mindless gore and zombie movies. I fell asleep during both of these movies (cable, wouldn’t pay good money for them). I don’t understand how you make big explosions and robots boring, when I like both of those things, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Michael Bay fails on so many levels as a director he should win an award.

    I’m not going to completely judge this new girls acting ability from the trailer but in the 5 seconds she was shown she was basically a carbon copy of a blow up doll. It doesn’t inspire much faith in her ability to act or her intelligence.

  13. louise says:

    Considering that she doesn’t say anything, you can’t tell if she’s a bad actress. But in her defense, she’s a model not an actress. The trailer looks really good but I get the feeling that it’s going to be more like 2nd than the 1st.

  14. truthzbetta says:

    These movies all start to suck when the chick becomes interchangeable and the schuck doesn’t. Sign of either a crap director, a storyline that’s become gimmicky, or both.

    Even Indiana Jones movies couldn’t do it for me after the women were getting into Bond girl territory.

    This looks flaky.

  15. tooey says:

    Massively happy that my son is over his Transformers phase and I don’t have to watch this crap. That girl’s upper lip looks like an inner-tube.

  16. ViktoryGin says:

    Am I the only one that finds this girl just f*cking ugly?

    I don’t even consider her “uncoventionally” attractive. She just has a rather offputting face.

    And considering that she wasn’t hired for her acting chops, my judgement will start and end here. No point in giving her the benefit of the doubt.

  17. harfang says:

    The movie looks pretty fun actually, the ‘Formers are well done and overall the trailer has managed to pique my interest. Maybe not enough to shill out $20 for a ticket and nosh at the theater, but still. This week’s new Kollagen Kween is not even allowed to speak in the trailer despite being the female lead, so there doesn’t seem much to say or guess at about HER.

  18. honeyv says:

    @ViktoryGin I find her incredibly ugly! And oh, so lame with those gross over plumped lips.

  19. Hanh says:

    Trout mouth! Wow her lips are WAY OVER plumped. Lisa Rinna copycat anyone?