Jim Caviezel blames Jesus for his career slump


Several weeks ago, we finally gave in to one person’s fervent requests for Jim Caviezel to appear on Hot Guy Friday. I found some recent photos of him, in which I discovered that the once attractive young man had turned into a very dour and hard-looking older man. I said what I thought about him – that he reminded me of a certain kind of (Republican) politician, that my Douche Meter detected notes of sketchiness in Jim. Some of you yelled at me, but whatever. Jim bugged me for a while. It’s not because he played Jesus in Passion of the Christ – I’m not going to hate on the dude for taking a role in a movie. I think what bothered me, at the time, was the way Jim promoted his work in the film by acting like he was in fact The Second Coming.

But that was then, and this is now. Nowadays Jesus gets shoved under the bus as Jim pursues a new career path. Okay, Jim isn’t really shoving Jesus under the bus, but he does seem to blame his super-amazing portrayal of Jesus for his career slump, and yes, he compares his career slump to crucifixion. True story.

Actor Jim Caviezel has claimed his Hollywood career was wrecked by playing Jesus. He said he was ‘rejected in my own industry’ after taking on the lead role in Mel Gibson’s controversial movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’. Since playing the son of God in the 2004 film he said offers had dried up and he is shunned by many within the industry.

Although a box office hit taking more than $400million worldwide it was condemned as being anti-Semitic. Gibson, the film’s director, was later accused of making anti-Jewish remarks after being arrested for drink driving. Caviezel said he was warned against taking the part by Gibson who warned him he would never work in Hollywood again.

‘He said, “You’ll never work in this town again.” I told him, “We all have to embrace our crosses”.’ Caviezel told an audience of churchgoers in Orlando, Florida.

Since Passion of the Christ, the 42-year-old has only appeared in a handful of films. Prior to playing Jesus he was considered one of Hollywood rising stars and appeared in The Count of Monte Cristo’ and Angel Eyes with Jennifer Lopez. One of his biggest hits was in 2000 with time-travel thriller Frequency opposite Dennis Quaid. Caviezel, a devout Roman Catholic, said he knew playing Jesus would be risky.

‘Jesus is as controversial now as he has ever been,’ Caviezel said. ‘Not much has changed in 2,000 years.’

He said he wasn’t worried about the stalling of his career. During his 20 minute talk, Caviezel spoke of the troubles that have dogged Gibson.

‘Mel Gibson, he’s a horrible sinner, isn’t he?’ Caviezel said. ‘Mel Gibson doesn’t need your judgment, he needs your prayers.’

Caviezel said that his faith is his guide, both personally and professionally.

He said it was no coincidence that ‘in my 33rd year, I was called to play Jesus,’ and joked about his initials also being the same as Jesus Christ.

The actor spoke about the film and its negative effect on his career while at a megachurch in Orlando to promote a new audio book of the Bible.

Caviezel plays Jesus and other Hollywood stars, including Richard Dreyfuss, appear on the CD. Pointing to a DVD of his famous film, Caviezel said ‘This is The Passion of the Christ.’ Pointing to the CD boxed set of the new audio book of the Bible, Words of Promise, he said: ‘This is The Passion on Steroids.’

[From The Daily Mail]

If Jesus was an actor, I think he would be more like Tom Hanks, right? Just a thought.

Anyway, I was looking through Jim’s IMDB page, and I tend to think his career “slump” is kind of overblown. Let’s face it – he’s not some world-class actor, and when you think about how little most actors work, Jim has a decent career these days, mostly on television. Jesus enjoys basic cable, apparently.



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  1. Kimble says:

    Holy Rollers always put me off and I remember him definitely coming across as one during the film promotion.

    I don’t think playing JC ruined his career per se – him coming across as if he thought he was JC probably had more to do with it

  2. DGO says:

    I personally have a problem with films attempting to depict God. It seems blasphemous and egotistical. My two cents.

  3. Mairead says:

    Ian Ogilvy could have told him that playing Jesus was a career-killer.

    And the fact that “The Prisoner” was a disappointment didn’t help matters either.

  4. guesty says:

    Dour? Ummm…perfect description.

  5. Janna says:

    CB has it right. I don’t think the role hurt his career as much as the way he promoted it did. It turned me off to him somewhat. I never saw the movie anyway. After reading it was a bloodbath, I had no interest.

  6. Photo JoJo says:

    So… playing the Son of God in a movie that was widely regarded as anti-Semetic at the time of it’s release, was directed and produced by a man who is a known anti-Semite NOW turns out to have been a bad idea, eh? Wow, color me stunned. :\

  7. lucy2 says:

    I don’t see his career trajectory as all that different from most other actors. You have a hot streak where you have a couple of mainstream hits, then drop off the radar a bit as you get older and someone else becomes the hot new thing. He’s still working, should be grateful for that.

  8. RHONYC says:

    my fiancé made me watch ‘Frequency’ and i thought it was a very good movie. i really enjoyed it.

    i have never once wanted to see ‘The Passion of the Chris’. i don’t know why. i guess i feel like, if you’ve seen one jesus movie, you’ve seen them all. i dunno.

    ‘Jesus enjoys basic cable, apparently.’ that was hilarious Kaiser! :lol:

  9. NancyMan says:

    I blame too much sun and a sour looking deposition.
    Smile Girl!

  10. Anne says:

    He was great in The Thin Red Line. I have always felt very guilty about finding this douche attractive. He’s so off the wall rightwing; he and I could not ever have a conversation. About anything.

    He knows Hollywood and should not be surprised. The political comments he has made over the years would be bound to piss off many people in that community.

    I gather religious films/programming in the US is a very lucrative business so he’ll be fine. Bless him.

  11. Rhiley says:

    Well, looking at how orangey and leathery he is, I would conclude self tanner ruined his career, and not Jesus.

  12. SassyOne says:

    Wow. Having never seen the above reviled flick, and only having seen him in one sci-fi where he was hot, younger, and scantily clad, I thought HGF!!

    So now we see that he is an off- the -rails-crazy-right- winger. Whatever. He did look good then, even if he actually is bat shit crazy now. HGF is all about fantasy, no reality required, isn’t it?

    Most def not his agent, or whatever the original joke was, LOL.

    On an aside, am I the only one who thought Seth Meyers was freaking adorable in his roast at the WHCD? Just sayin’.

  13. Julie says:

    Leave Jesus out of your troubles, jim.

  14. dinaice says:

    Jim Caviezel, he is one of my favorite actors, have you watched him in ‘The Thin Red Line’. He is truly a gifted actor. I liked him in ‘The Passion of Christ’ too. I have not had an opportunity to watch him in his recent projects, and hope to soon.

  15. MikeyAngel says:


    Am I the one person with the fervent requests?

    I love, love, love him in the Count of Monte Cristo. I love The Count of Monte Cristo, it is one of my favorite movies. Bottom line. He was all tortured soul cute in Angel Eyes. He played a good supporting role in GI Jane. I thought he played Jesus well, although not hot at all, which is probably good cause if I thought Jesus was hot I might have some serious issues, right? I like the guy. I HATED the pics posted of him on HGF, but appreciated them being put up. He is a devout Catholic, and a conservative republican. I am a Catholic and a republican, although neither devout or too conservative. So, he is up my alley. Shoot me, ok.

  16. mia girl says:

    ” Prior to playing Jesus he was considered one of Hollywood rising stars and appeared in The Count of Monte Cristo’ and Angel Eyes with Jennifer Lopez. ”

    I liked him in both films but I would not really say that he was ever considered a “rising star” at that time.

    It seems more like audience pandering to be telling parishioners of a mega church that Hollywood shunned him because he played Jesus.

    I think he is talented and I wonder if in fact he has had opportunities (plenty of great cable dramas out there – look at Timothy Olyphant) but he just did not get to A list film status and that is what really bothers him. Hmmm, vanity and coveting? WWJD?

  17. irishserra says:

    He was in a mega-church promoting his new audio book AND complaining about his career slump? Uhm… Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t that venue seem a bit inappropriate for such activities?

    Oh, wait… for a minute there I almost assigned some kind of dignity to churches these days. My bad.

  18. Qq says:

    Oh so No One is going to acknowledge that thus mofo is Maroon, like same color as his leather jacket?

    Oh ok

  19. Catt says:

    His acting to me was always so dry. Never liked him as an actor at all.
    Plus, in these pics he has on Mom jeans. Fail.

  20. Jen34 says:

    I liked him in High Crimes with Ashley Judd. He nailed the role of a good husband who was really a creep. I don’t think he’s aged badly; I just don’t think he is all that attractive.
    Something about his eyes scare me. As a pp mentioned, I wouldn’t blame Jesus for his worries. He’s had more success that most actors.

  21. Brandy says:

    I always wondered who that (other) fine piece of man meat in G.I. Jane was…now I know. Though his fictional character’s craziness was oddly alluring, his real-life religious nuttiness is decidedly not.

    On the brightside, if his acting career ever completely dries up, I’m sure he can easily reprise the role of Jesus at The Holy Land Experience theme park :)

  22. Chickie Baby says:

    His perception that his career is in a slump is probably because he’s not looking at the right roles that suit HIM. Willem Dafoe played Christ back in the 80′s and his career has never slumped–he’s been working forever in lots of different projects.

    Mr. Caviezel is well-suited for crime thrillers and TV dramas (wouldn’t he be great in “Damages” on FX?) so maybe he should be looking at those roles. He’s an excellent character actor, but just not really leading man material anymore.

  23. Ari says:

    He was really good in the Count of Monte Cristo but that was the only movie I really liked him in. He was terrible in Angel Eyes (or whatever it was called with JLo)

  24. MoMo says:

    Isn’t there some alleged curse that all actors who have played Jesus in a movie
    were never successful ever again? Like it’s a career ending move, like winning best supporting actress at the Oscars.
    I remember reading that once.

  25. Ashley says:

    Even before the Jesus thing I thought he was incredibly bland and suspected that he would eventually fade into oblivion. Let’s forget about this JC douch like he never existed. Guy Pearce is so much hotter and better in every way!

  26. OMJ says:

    It’s the awful dad jeans that ruined his career, not ol’ Jeebus. Seriously, show your dong, Jimmy- you’ll be surprised what’ll happen to your career then.

  27. Sakyiwaa says:

    Ok, Jim, like ‘Jesus’ didn’t do anything…
    It was Mel Gibson…
    Plus, u didn’t have THAT much of a career to begin with, if u get my drift…

  28. Ol cranky says:

    Isn’t he one of those devout actors whose religious beliefs preclude him from doing “love” or sex scenes and other sinful activities? If so, I’d say the unwillingness to portray a character engaging in an activity or anything else he doesn’t personally condone would be the thing holding his career back.

  29. Catherine says:

    Wow, Jesus is one busy guy guiding the careers of men like this. With all the s**t going on in the world, at least we know Jesus is spending time purposely ruining this man’s work.
    Do people really think if there is a Jesus, that he has loads of time to take care of your trivial problems? Go pray on that…

  30. environ says:

    Playing Jesus didn’t hurt Willem Dafoe.

  31. GeekChic says:

    @irishserra, Get out of my brain, lol! You stole my thoughts exactly!

    In my experience, people who are this self-righteous are always hiding some inner (or outer) sketchiness. I mean, really, calling a slight career slump his “cross to bear?” Really? He’s comparing making slightly less money to being tortured and murdered in a horrible fashion? Ugh! Get over yourself, Jim!

    ETA, @Catherine, exactly my thoughts, as well.

  32. foozy says:

    say whatever you want people. love him. he’s great!

  33. jay says:

    Yeah the megachurch thing totally hits my irony button. Stand up and preach forgiveness, help for fellow man, being conservative and keeping the status quo. Then drive off in your Beemer. Yep, that’s what Jesus would do.

    He was good in Count but like many who go beyond conservative into bullying their point of view it turns people away. Can’t stand all that rhetoric; it totally takes away from the bare essential of faith and railroads it right into power, domination, and ultimately the opposite of it’s intent.

    And yep, ignoring that someone is so prejudiced, to the point they’d rather another didn’t exist, and choosing to work with them, well, it does tend to impact your life a smidge, dude.

    Oh, by the way, not being all that talented does too.

  34. Norah says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that he refuses to do sex scenes because he’s married and a devout Catholic, and refuses to ‘cheat’ on his wife even for a role? That might put a dent in your career too, just sayin’.

  35. TXCinderella says:

    I like him in nearly everything. He doesn’t overdo the acting. He was wonderful in My Name is David, High Crimes, Count of Monte Cristo. He may not be smiling in these pics, but I think he is still good looking.

  36. Rachel says:

    I saw him give a personal appearance once, and though I don’t want to give details because I don’t like to share my life on the internet, I can say that he was both weird and douche-y. I actually left mid-way through the appearance because he both angered me and made me creeped out.

    I don’t know what he’s like in his personal life, but in public he came across as a jerk and a weirdo. I can’t even watch him in movies any more.

  37. Katija says:

    I can never keep him and Bruce Campell separate.

  38. Mairead says:

    I have to correct something I said earlier – I got Ian Ogilvy confused with Robert Powell.

    I had forgotten who had played Christ in “The Last Temptation of Christ”. Although Willem Dafoe has a decent career now (including the now-iconic fish commercial “Look Katie – prawns!”). But as he was really only at the beginning of his career Dafoe was probably better able to recover.

  39. garvels says:

    I think the guy always turns in consistently above average performances and I have been surprised not to see him in more movie roles. Maybe he should support Chavez like Penn,hire prostitutes and goddesses like Sheen or perhaps, come out in support of gay marriage, so he would be more accepted in Hollywood. I have seen some of his interviews and he is straight up about being a strict Roman Catholic how is that any different than other actors coming out as athiests. We are allowed to hold diverse views in America,aren’t we??

  40. jay says:

    Can’t stand Penn, think Sheen is need of major anger management and mental health issues support, most certainly do think gay marriage is something that is worth supporting, based in large part on rights being equal and seperation of church and state, and yes, everyone can be diverse. No problem there. But it still doesn’t negate that he hasn’t been offered, apparently, enough, in his opinion, roles of substance because he played Jesus. Please. The old meme of Jews run Hollywood isn’t gonna cut it. He should look to see if his attitude, his choices in work, or if he just didn’t fit were closer to the truth. Whatevs. He’s not a bad actor but he’s no Newman,either.

    Diverse away.;-)

    eta: Being strict in his religion is his choice; but as we are taught (or should be), those choices do impact your life’s path and where it takes you and if your choices are taken askance by others that you rely on for your living, well, it was.your.decision to choose; accountability is an interesting thing. He doesn’t have to function to please another but, as with anything, choices will have impact, be it beneficial or detrimental. No way around that. Simple and plain. (thanks Babershop)

    I’m not sure that’s clear, and it’s not a diss by any means on his religion or any one else’s but it’s always easy to hide behind the idea that you’re persecuted and punished for your belief if others don’t go quite the distance you do within that framework. Again, diversity. Works for both him and those who don’t agree with him. Makes for interesting convo, I guess. Just don’t try to impose ONLY your viewpoint and by law, for Pete’s sake. But that’s a whole other conversation….

  41. Newbie says:

    Well. I know that being religious is not very popular nowadays. But the man has a right to choose to believe what he wants. And if (really?) he decided that he doesn’t want to do sex scenes in movies than that’s his call. If I were an actress, I don’t know that I’d be willing to do it either. When you get that close to your cohorts, chemistry and feelings are likely to happen, at least at one point or another. There are lots of ways to portray intimacy than actually doing the entire deed on the screen. It’s not a surprise to me that this often leads to off-screen romance and cheating. Hello. Anywho…about the whole portrayal of Jesus ruining his career: I think it’s safe to say that that probably had a part in it. Hollywood is extremely liberal and they don’t really tolerate religion or feelings about deity or moral rules. Funny how that is, since “tolerance” is a wonderful speech we get from most of them on a daily basis. Hmm. The fact remains that while this was a controversial film, the story of Jesus in history states that it WAS the Jewish people that were blood-thirsty to see him dead. And thus, had him killed. It’s no different than admitting that America abused African Americans as slaves or that Germany killed millions of Jews and Gypsies. It’s unfortunate, to put it lightly, and doesn’t necessarily reflect on modern society’s views or people, but it still happened. I can totally see Hollywood squirming at the subject. Hollywood is not a religious place. I’m just saying.

  42. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Don’t blame it on Jesus! Blame it on that bath you took in Lindsay Lohan’s cracknyne self tanner.

  43. garvels says:

    jay-good point. Actors for the most part should keep their personal views on religion and politics to themselves and just do their job and act. By doing this, the audience would focus only on their performances and not their personal lives. Regards.

  44. Ron says:

    I hate to break it to him, but he’s not a major talent. And he let his personal views get into his work which is always a mistake. You absolutely never bring up religion or politics with your work, it can limit any career, not just an actors.

  45. Solveig says:

    I still don’t understand what was controversial (and anti-semitic) in The Passion of Christ, probably because I already knew that the Jews wanted him dead and above all I knew that something like a crucifixion wasn’t a piece of cake (in real life).
    Few days ago I was watching again The Thin Red Line and J. Caviezel was so beautiful, he really had the eyes of an angel, now not so much. Truth is that he’s not a great actor, anyway, not the worst, and there are lots of more successful actors whose acting skills are worst than his. Success in HW is not a matter of talent, but a matter of choices and luck.

  46. malina says:

    I love the title. You bring everything to the whole new level.

  47. Erin says:

    I used to love Jim Cavizel too but I think his hair also isn’t working for him…he was SUPER hot in the Count of Monte Cristo though :p

    I saw Passion of the Christ and disagree that it is anti-Semitic. It does portray exactly what happened during the crucifixtion (sp?) and is extremely bloody and hard to watch but I imagine the actual event was equally horrific if not more. But I did not see this anti-Semite theme that everyone went into hysterics over…just my opinion.

  48. MoMo says:

    This was the curse of Jesus article I read. It is from 2004. The author mentions that, as mentioned above, Dafoe (and Bale) are two actors who didn’t fall into obscurity after playing the part.

  49. luls says:

    WOW! IM AMAZED at all this HATE on this thread for an actor who played Jesus so well…. kinda makes me think that he may have a POINT after all, to what hes sayin to us ;)

    BTW, Passion of the Christ is NOT anti-semitic! yeesh! All the characters and their lines are BASED on the BIBLE. But I guess if you ACTUALLY watched the movie and READ the Bible, u would know that!

    (The violence may or may not have been exaggerated, we can never know. However the AMOUNT of torture Jesus received is unrelated to anti-semitism! He WAS tortured, regardless how much.)

    If you are a Christian who thinks that the Bible is anti-semitic, then sorry to break it to u, but u are in essence, either an atheist or a Jew.

    Sue me.

  50. luls says:

    @Newbie. Love ur comment! expresses perfectly, my opinions regarding this topic!

  51. Corina says:

    As I recall, he had some serious bad luck on that movie set, and generally in life around that time. Hit by a motorcycle, hypothermia, somehow the prop whips (do they have those?) or real ones ended up actually whipping him a couple times, and he dislocated his shoulder carrying the cross.

    I believe he decided he was officially cursed after literally being hit by lightning while doing the sermon on the mouund scene. I figured that’s what he was referencing when blaming Jesus.

    (for what it’s worth, that doesn’t really seem like what Jesus would do, nor do I think he would particularly care about that movie)

  52. girl says:

    Meh, I wouldn’t really read him as saying “we all have our crosses to bear” as comparing his career, such as it is, to the crucifixion (sp?). It is a common saying in catholic circles (maybe even in other christian circles too). My apologies if you are referring to something else he said.

    I think he was pretty good in the Passion but otherwise I don’t think I was incredibly impressed by him as an actor. He does have striking eyes though.

  53. mln76 says:

    I think I’d have an easier time believing that The Passion wasn’t anti-semetic if Mel Gibson didn’t turn out to believe that Jews were the source of all the problems in the world.

  54. Mel says:

    It is such a shame that people have to twist words around just suit their own stuck-up egos.

  55. Drew says:

    The entertainment industry is very influenced by the Jews. If they were offended by his portrayal of Jesus in the movie that could have deep sixed his career.

  56. oh hey says:

    I didn’t see Jesus Chainsaw Massacre, but he’s been good in other films. It’s sad that he doesn’t get the fact that if you limit yourself to what you’ll do in a role because of religious beliefs (which he’s entitled to do), you won’t get much work in Hollywood.

    Might I suggest he hit up Tyler Perry?

  57. Apple says:

    Kirk Cameron has carved out a good career starring in Christian funded movies. Go star in some holy roller movies and you will be fine.

    And like a poster above, Jim won’t do love scenes beyond a chaste kiss.

    Neal McDonough is a christian conservative and refused to do any love scenes in Desperate Housewives. Marc Cherry fired him becuase he couldn’t do anything with him.

    You limit your career choices you can’t go and cry that you are being passed over for big payday movies.

  58. Chris says:

    But I thought America was supposed to be a devout Christian nation. If anything wouldn’t playing JC be a boost to someone’s career? Jim’s lack of range is probably the real reason for the career slump

  59. ctkat1 says:

    He announced that he wouldn’t do any love scenes (kissing or sex) since it would be cheating on his wife. I don’t know if he has other rules about swearing, violence, drugs, or immoral behavior on screen, but that wouldn’t surprise me. I remember when the announcement came because I thought he was going to have a hell of a time getting work.
    At the time he was really good looking, and the good looking guy is almost never cast in a role that doesn’t involve a female romantic interest- he doesn’t look like or have the talent of a “character actor” who doesn’t typically get a romantic foil.

  60. Ashley says:

    OMG “Jesus Chainsaw Massacre”! That’s awsome:)

  61. Mouse says:

    Wow, I didn’t recognize him. He does look wizened and leathery. And he has Margot Kidder lips, ew. Liked him in the Count of Monte Cristo though.

  62. Newbie says:

    “You absolutely never bring up religion or politics with your work”

    WHAT?!?! Let me see if I understand correctly. Hollywood isn’t supposed to bring their feelings about religion or politics into a movie? Yikes. That means that there are literally hundreds of movies on these subjects that “absolutely never” should have been made. Give me a break. And an actor is supposed to leave all their personal beliefs behind when acting? True in theory. Not realistic and not likely. The point of big-game, award-hunting material is to get across certain emotions and themes in a movie. There have been countless movies about the flaws of the Bush Administration. There are countless movies about WW2 and the slaughtering of innocent people. There are countless movies about the inner struggle between wanting to believe in deity and coming to the realization that there isn’t anyone out there looking down on us. To name a few that have these themes: The Contender (a movie with a clear theme about “evil” conservatism in government), Fair Game (Sean Penn/Naomi Watts movie about the government’s involvement in Iraq and government’s unwillingness to see how war wasn’t that important, and the consequent problems caused to a CIA agent) Schindler’s List (movie about WW2 depicting Germany’s slaughter of innocent Jews, which is an ongoing theme used in other movies about conservative leaders who wish to cleanse the population. Though to be fair, not all conservatives are like Hitler, but such is usually exaggerated at one point or another), The Others (a thriller movie with a basic theme: hollywood tells us that there isn’t a God through the story of a religious woman and her children, who find out they’re dead and that they actually have no idea if heaven, hell or limbo exists, and that they actually don’t mind not knowing). Case in point, Hollywood has NO qualm about being extremely heavy-handed, preachy and condescending when it comes to agenda that they approve of. It’s usually the left-wing stuff that ends up getting a lot of praise and awards, and I can think of several actors off the top of my head that have no qualms getting behind the personal issues at hand. To be open, I love all the movies that I listed, and this isn’t a place for me to state my political or religious beliefs, or to convince others to join my school of thinking. I don’t care to start a religious/political debate of any sort. But to say that Hollywood is a place that’s clean of all political and religious argument and propaganda is ridiculous. It’s quite the opposite. And only in one direction. There aren’t a whole lot of films (at least critically acclaimed and accepted by the general Hollywood hoopla of entertainers) that support conservatism, strong religious beliefs or even make accounts of religious persecution. There ARE films about religious fanatics persecuting others, but I haven’t seen much the other way around. These topics make Hollywood uncomfortable and even angry. It’s really not a stretch to say that there may be some truth to what this guy is saying.

  63. Vee says:

    I love this guy! The Count of Monte Cristo and Frequency are great movies. I wish him well.

  64. Mairead says:

    If you are a Christian who thinks that the Bible is anti-semitic, then sorry to break it to u, but u are in essence, either an atheist or a Jew.

    Pardon? I don’t think acknowledging that the New Testament may have been edited with a bias towards the Roman and against Judaism- means a person doesn’t believe in God.

    I’ve never seen The Passion, but I can understand any disquiet Jewish people might have over it. For centuries they have been hounded and murdered as “Christ-killers”, despite the fact that the New Testament itself states that the death of Christ was in line with scripture and must therefore take place. Anti-semitism is still bubbling violently under the surface pretty much everywhere .

    On Caviezel’s morality: although I think that the obligatory sex scenes in films are tedious and only serve to hold up the plot, I’ve very little patience with two men who won’t do anything romantic onscreen having absolutely no qualms about representing murder. Just more grubby hyper-Catholic obsession with what’s going on under the covers than any real moral fortitude.

    Also: what newbie said.

  65. SassyOne says:

    @ Mouse / #62…

    “…Margot Kidder lips…”


  66. Magsy says:

    Well too bad for him then. Maybe it’s time for a career change. If he truly was a man of faith then he would realize there’s always better things ahead. To link playing the role of Jesus to being a career killer seems kinda whack and ungrateful.

  67. danielle says:

    Thought he was good in Frequency – a great movie. He sounds like a nut tho.

  68. Gretchen says:

    I grew up with him. He is definitely an odd guy who you can’t really have a conversation with. Kinda cocky and weird mixed into one. Never was popular, only annoying.

  69. Verónica says:

    James Caviezel, eres precioso, el rostro de Cristo más varonil y parecido al de la Sábana Santa, para los católicos eres un orgullo . Que Dios te bendiga a ti y Familia siempre.

  70. Vic says:

    I think this actor’s career will be boosted by Person of Interest. I never saw this man before Person, now I’m watching all of his movies (The Passion of the Christ being the one exception not because of any of the controversy. I’ve tried. It’s a difficult movie to watch.) I’ve since watched the Thin Red Line, The Count of Monte Cristo, Madison, Pay it Forward, Frequency (not to crazy about that one and he looked terrible), GI Jane, High Crimes, Unknown, I Am David, Deja Vu, Angel Eyes, The Prisoner series, and I’m enroute to purchase the dvd about the golfer.

    He is absolutely stunning to look at, even now. His eyes are just gorgeous. His physique–tall, trim, broad- shouldered, fantastic chest. Seeing that much of him is quite enough.

    I think he is tremendous actor. I don’t share his politics, but I respect him for the lines that he has drawn regarding love scenes. I think that takes a tremendous amount of courage in Hollywood. Perhaps we’re ready for someone who has the strength to grab the pendulum and pull it back a tad. Sorry to mix metaphors, but Hollywood has pushed the envelope enough.

    There was a time when love scenes were highly suggested or hinted and left to the imagination. Did you ever watch a Hitchcock film? This man isn’t done yet by any extent. In fact, with Person of Interest, he’s probably winning new fans and will earn that coveted role and respect that he so richly deserves.

  71. Jennifer says:

    I have to say I worked with this guy and he was ungracious, rude, late, and dismissive! What a horrible guy and to think he’s so Christian, etc. What a fake!