Reese Witherspoon looks amazing on the cover of Vogue

It’s always funny how we’re so amazed at the way celebs looks so gorgeous in magazines. Even on an average day walking around the grocery store most celebrities manage to look a hell of a lot better than the rest of us. Yet somehow it’s always a little astonishing to see just how amazing they can look when a team of professionals has at them for a few hours. Sort of like going from a 10 to a 12.

Even though she’s gorgeous on an average day, Reese Witherspoon still manages to look extra amazing on the upcoming issue of Vogue. Reese talked about her relationship with longtime boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal – who she’s kept pretty quiet about – for the first time as well.

“He’s very supportive,” the 32-year-old says in the November issue of Vogue. “Suffice it to say, I’m very happy in life, and I’m very lucky to have a lot of really supportive people around me who care very much for me, and, you know, that’s all you can hope for in life,” Witherspoon adds. “I am very blessed in that way.”

(Gyllenhaal, who moved into Witherspoon’s $5 million L.A. home in August, has been “trying out what it means to coexist as a family,” a source recently told They began dating last year.)

The mom also says she loves to travel with her kids, Ava, 9, and Deacon, 4. (They have accompanied her to trips to Europe to visit Gyllenhaal, who’s currently filming Prince of Persia.)

“I’m very lucky I get to bring my children to great places, and they get to see the world with me, and we get to grow and learn and experience things together,” Witherspoon tells Vogue.

[From Us Weekly]

Reese has long admitted that she’s very type A, but she still seems to do a good job of focusing on the things she should be grateful for. She strikes me as someone who works hard at her career, but the relationships in her life always come first. Us also had a quote from Vince Vaughn about what a great mother Reese is, and a few other ass-kissy quotes from Reese about Vince. Considering they supposedly fought like cats and dogs while filming “Four Christmases,” I found that pretty hard to believe from either of them.

Here’s some of the shots from Reese’s spread in Vogue.

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  1. Bodhi says:

    How long have they been together now? They still seem like a strange couple to me, but they seem to be really into each other

  2. CiCi says:

    i think she looks AWESOME in the spread, but not so great on the cover.

  3. Exiled says:

    I wonder how many years she practiced that half dimple smile to get it ‘just right’ I know when I was a kid, I worked on the Billy Idol snarl :)

  4. Holly says:

    I’m sorry, I don’t care much for beards.

  5. ff says:

    Are her nails yellow in that ‘cafe’ shot?

  6. Skank Basher says:

    Reese is one of a VERY few Hollywood Class Acts! It would appear that she conducts herself like a real lady, both personally and professionally. And, no doubt, her kids come first in her life. I don’t think Jake would have gotten so much as a toe in the door if he hadn’t shown her he was up to the responsibility of being a positive addition to her children’s lives. :-)

  7. Syko says:

    I don’t think Reese ever looks amazing. I always think she looks as if she smells something bad and is slightly curling her lip. And longtime boyfriend? Since last year? I’m sorry, several years is long term. Since last year is not.

  8. Kelly says:

    In Hollywood, “since last year” is long term. She may not be “glamorous” like some of the other actresses but she definitely has class. She does her films, promotes them, supports charities she believes in and seems to be a very hands on mother. She’s not whoring the press.

    @Skank Basher, I agree w/ you 100%

  9. whatevs says:

    I’m just glad she’s wearing lipstick, even with her constant smirk. I’m so sick of seeing her pale, chalky face and matching lips.

  10. Ling says:

    She looks fine… but don’t you think this article is a little “Cult of Personality”-esque? How can anyone bring themselves to care this deeply about someone’s freaking headshot?

    Or is it just a slow news day?

  11. Kristin says:

    She always looks amazing. Stop being haters.

  12. Best of British says:

    I think she’s beautiful, classy and a great actress. And a very good role model for her kids. I love the dress she’s wearing in the balcony shot – sooo gorgeous. But who is that fug dude they have in two of the pics with the long hair – yeurk, he ruins it by looking like some 14th century gimp :|