Bristol Palin’s new face was probably for her reality show with Kyle Massey

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The last we saw of Bristol Palin she was looking almost unrecognizable with some very obvious facial plastic surgery, probably involving lipo to her neck, a chin implant, an eye lift and a blowtorch. It was ridiculous how fake and plastic she looked, as if someone melted her down and molded her back up again. Well now we may know why Bristol did that to herself. She’s reportedly set to star in a “docudrama” aka a reality show with a fancy name, along with her friend from Dancing With The Stars, Kyle Massey, and his family. Apparently Bristol will move to LA with her son, Tripp, and live with Kyle and his brother as some sort of staged plot for their show. It’s better than that rumored reality show she had cooking back when she briefly reunited with Levi Johnston.

You can’t get a more unlikely pairing than this!

Bristol Palin may not have won Dancing With The Stars, but being on the show led to a close friendship with fellow contestant Kyle Massey, which in turn has led to a ten episode docu-series starring the unlikely duo. has learned the series will follow Bristol’s move with her son, Tripp, from her native Alaska to Los Angeles – where she’s living with Kyle and his brother Chris!

Slated to air on the BIO Channel in late 2011, the episodes will feature Bristol, Kyle and Chris working together on a small charity project.

“Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to,” Executive Vice President of Programming at A&E Network and BIO Channel, David McKillop, said.

“Her personal life has been playing out in the media for several years but this will be the first time she’s opening up her real life, with her son and her friends the Massey Brothers.”

Kyle, 19, starred in Disney’s That’s So Raven and currently voices Milo in the animated series Fish Hooks – and he narrowly beat Bristol in Dancing With The Stars, placing second while she placed third.

[From Radar Online]

I doubt Bristol will be the next Kim Kardashian, but she’s sure trying to look like her. Meanwhile Bristol has a memoir coming out this summer. I’m hoping no one watches her reality show, I mean I’ve never even heard of the Bio channel, but she has a built in fanbase with all those people who think her mom has two braincells to rub together. Plus I’ll admit she came across well on Dancing With The Stars, and Kyle seemed like such a nice guy on that show too. This is a logical next step for her, I’m sorry to say. As would be pulling a Heidi Montag and crying to the tabloids that plastic surgery morphed her into a Pinocchio-looking version of herself. There are no takebacks with plastic surgery, and when you’re 20 years old and perfectly cute it seems like an incredibly dumb decision. Just like doing a reality show. Just like her mom.

Chris and Kyle Massey are shown on 4/29/11 and 5/8/11. Credit: Bristol Palin is shown on 5/3/11




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  1. gee says:

    I think this is odd. I like her, but the obvious lipo, the moving in with two guys with her child, the LA relocation…

    She could go in a better direction, like educating people on safe sex, working with teen mothers, showing the world that (in her case) with help she can have a reletively normal young adulthood while still moving to LA, but she refuses to. Instead she wants to be part of the freak show. I wish she wouldn’t do it this way, it seems low class.

  2. nanster says:

    Unfortunately for her, Bristol looks a lot more like her mother now.

  3. Steph says:

    If she really did have plastic surgery, it doesn’t work at all with her face shape. She was pretty before so I don’t understand why girls feel the need to have to go under the knife.

  4. Samigirl says:

    So, she’s moving herself and her son to LA so she can live with a “friend” and film a reality show. Stellar parenting.

  5. bunkins says:

    she looked so much better before

  6. HotLatino says:

    I’m really pro plastic surgery (I had PS myself) and she looks really good now, she looked very fat before, now she looks slim, I like her now, haha,

  7. OXA says:

    Kyle is dirtying his name working on any charity with Bristol involved. Her last one she started is under scritiny as she paid herself $262,500 while paying out ONLY $35.000 in grants to actual teen pregnancy counceling services. Read it and see the documents here.

  8. BT says:

    People certainly were happy to vote for the man who has a single brain cell [and as to whether or not he even has a single brain cell is up for debate!], which is one more than you say that Bristol’s Mom has. Y’all just hate Bristol and her Mom because they are conservatives.

    Bristol, you look fabulous!

  9. xxodettexx says:

    i have many reasons i dislike palin but overall i dont hate bristol; and i really dont see the plastic everyone else is seeing… i see the same nose, chin, eyebrows, just a matured face, which typically happens to growing teens…

    just my two cents and trust me: i am a hardcore atheist, progressive commie liberal [haha] but i just dont see the plastic on her…

  10. tango says:

    OXA – The Candies Foundation was NOT started by Bristol Palin. Per the actual website for the foundation:

    “The foundation was launched in June 2001 by Neil Cole, head of the Candie’s fashion brand.”

    By your reasonsing, Bristol was 10 years old when she established a foundation to combat teen pregnancy. Boy, what a visionary.

    Bristol Palin is a paid spokesperson for the foundation. Not a principle founder, nor does she make decisions on how the money is awarded or spent. Take those appropriate complaints on how they use their money to Mr. Neil Cole or the board of the Charity.

    And while you’re at it, just boycott anyone famous having anything to do with the charity since it’s obvious they’re just ripping off people:

    “Celebrities that have participated in the campaigns include Bristol Palin, Hayden Panettiere, Beyoncé, Ciara, Jenny McCarthy, Vanessa Minnillo, Ashley Tisdale, Hilary Duff, Ashlee Simpson, Usher, Rachel Bilson, and Teddy Geiger.”

    So get your facts straight on who founded the charity and makes the financial decisions for it before you start accusing someone of doing something immoral or illegal.

  11. bros says:

    she now looks like a cross between snooki and Jaquelyn from Real housewives of new jersey. congrats, braindead idiot.

  12. Blue says:

    I liked Bristol’s face before, she’s starting to grow on me now seeing hef without her mom. That’s why ppl didn’t like her. Also she looked like a hypocrite. Anywho moving your kid too live with 2 guys is not the best idea. Omg what if one of them knocks her up!?! That would be a killer show.

  13. Relli says:

    @ BT, your post does make sense AT ALL, maybe you need to write down all you angry thoughts and then edit. Because i am fairly certain you are trying to drag the president into this, in which case we should tell you that Bush isn’t president anymore.

    She looks like a brunette Sarah Chalke. But i am still not buying what she is laying down. AND THAT BT has nothing to do with conservative issues, she just not interesting. As a very wise professor told me if your not interested then its probably not being marketed at you. PASS

  14. Franny says:

    I mean…I get why she did what she did to her face. I feel I have a similar face – chubby cheeks that kind of morph down into a chin. If I had money at my disposal, I would totally do the same thing. For her, like me, it was probably the first and only thing she saw when she looked in the mirror or pictures of herself. If she stops here with the surgery, I don’t see the problem with it.

    Edit: I totally laughed out loud at Relli’s comment about Bush.

  15. Nanea says:

    If giving more attention to the surgically altered Bristol means taking attention away from Caribou Barbie, I’m all for it.

    It doesn’t mean anyone has to watch though.

    Did we ever find out if nominating the Barracuda was an early sign of dementia on John McC’s part?

  16. ladybert62 says:

    well in my opinion, she looked better BEFORE the plastic surgey. And I hate her fake hair. And so now she is going to live with 2 men in LA? I am sure her mother is now on heart medication for palpitations! ha ha – Wonder how long before Ms. Bristol has baby #2?

  17. Trillion says:

    Nice one, Relli. First laugh of my day!

  18. dahlia1947 says:

    Most of these women who get surgery look sooo much better BEFORE.

  19. OXA says:

    I stand corrected, she did not start the foundation but fronted for them. Bristol Palin cashed the checks for 7 times what they paid teen pregnancy groups.

    Here are the documents.
    Thanks for the education and suggestions of who I should boycott.

  20. Lindsay says:

    BT, I’m a conservative and can not stand this crop of neo-cons wrecking the definition of conservative. Sarah Palin is not conservative, she’s a bad bumper sticker quote.

    As far as Obama, he is no different than Bush so don’t be so smug.

    He is into spying on Americans, the same way Bush was into warrantless wire-tapping.

    Obama is just fine with all kinds of war, where is the difference from the Bush doctrine? The man ran as a anti-war candidate and yet, we’re still in Iraq. Bringing home a few battalions is not ending the war, that would be PROLONGING. Now we are involved with a 3rd armed conflicted in the Middle East, even worse Congress has not authorized war with Libya. I’m not a supporter of the Iraq war, at the very least it was authorized by Congress. The President, regardless of how cool you think he is, is not allowed by our system of government to take us into an armed conflict without the authorization of Congress. Otherwise known as a Declaration of War. Checks ‘n balances, folks. On the off chance someone here thinks it’s a good idea to bomb folks without a Declaration of War, that’s not how a Constitutional Republic works. We are not the armed wing of the U.N. or at the mercy of NATO and it makes me sick to my stomach to think my countrymen are fighting for anything other than our own national defense.

    Equal rights for gay folks? Ending DADT is equal rights? Struggling with gay marriage (Obama’s words, not mine) is not equal rights.

    *that youtube clip gets me misty*

    Also, the poor girl wrecked her very cute face. Yuck.

  21. DGO says:

    I have no respect for Bristol. She keeps making one stupid decision after another.

  22. Erika says:

    So … somehow this turned into a political debate. FYI, y’all, Bristol Palin is not a political figure, and neither is her mother – she gave that up when she resigned mid-term.

    Bristol is what, 20 years old? An immature 20, at that. She’s from a small town in Alaska, she had a kid before she was out of high school, and she became “famous” just as she was starting to “show” her pregnancy. Sounds pretty traumatic to me.

    If she has even one responsible role model or friend in her life, that person needs to stage an intervention before Bristol ends up O.D.’ing on drugs or plastic surgery, or both.

    Poor girl.

  23. hairball says:

    “Because i am fairly certain you are trying to drag the president into this, in which case we should tell you that Bush isn’t president anymore.” — HA HA

    Who the f*ck would watch a reality show about an unwed mother with no discernible talent????

    That’s a lot of pooped filled diapers to watch her change. Set your DVR people.

    F*cking MORON.

  24. original kate says:

    i thought bristol purchased a house in arizona and was planning on going to college there? oh, right…she’s a palin, so she’ll take the way with the least amount of work and the most amount of money, hence moving to LA and getting a reality show. i guess they really will be the beverly hillbillies now.

  25. Kim says:

    She looks so scary! Terrible surgery. She has the personality of a postage stamp – i cant imagine her show being interesting.

  26. LMS says:

    Her poor son. No stability for him, immature parents with poor judgment.

  27. lucy2 says:

    I was wondering the same thing original kate – she made a big fuss about buying her Arizona house and everyone said “good for her!” for going to college, and now…? LA and reality TV. What a surprise.

    “Bristol is the kind of personality BIO is drawn to” – then clearly BIO is the kind of channel I will not be watching.

  28. Confuzzle says:

    How to add 10-15 years to your face in only a few steps!

  29. Hakura says:

    I want to preface my opinion with the fact that I’m only referencing her appearance. (I can’t stand her as a person, & disagree with pretty much everything she’s done/said. She’s a hypocritical, overpaid under achiever who’s been rewarded by society for her irresponsibility. & I don’t like her mother at all.)

    I’m really shocked I’m in the minority, but I think she looks great… Especially the shape of her face/chin. I can’t tell if all the negative comments are based on how she actually looks, or just disapproval that she had surgery. (Or dislike of her mother.)

    @HotLatino“I’m really pro plastic surgery (I had PS myself) and she looks really good now, she looked very fat before, now she looks slim, I like her now, haha,”

    … She was never *fat*. You’re not doing the cause (plastic surgery) any good making such a shallow, judgmental statement. She’s skinnier, so you suddenly like her, now? This is why women are so screwed up about weight in our society. =\

  30. dj says:

    Original Kate – Thank you very much!

  31. DarkBanshee says:

    I must wonder what was that plastic surgeon thinking…I mean,standing there with an unconscious Palin,scalpel in hand,her jugular vein within reach,how did he/she resist the temptation to cut her effin’ throat??

  32. bigfun says:

    she traded in white meat for dark i dont know how massy pulled that one off but just go to show i guess he will stick his field mouse into anything