Chaz Bono on Shiloh being a tomboy: I would love to talk to Brad and Angelina

Chaz Bono’s new documentary, Becoming Chaz, airs tonight on the OWN network. Chaz, 42, was of course born Chastity Bono, and was the cute little blonde girl shown on the Sonny and Cher show in the 1960s. He’s since made the transition from female to male and part of his story is told in the hour and twenty minute special. Advance reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and critics say the show brings up thought provoking issues of gender identity and sexuality as Chaz is shown removing his breasts and taking testosterone to transition into the man he feels he was meant to be. (He has not done anything below the belt to affect that area other than taking testosterone.) Chaz also has a memoir out today called Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man.

E! has a new interview with Chaz promoting his show, and he’s just as outspoken and articulate as we’ve heard in the past. He does deign to comment on Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s tomboy style, although E! kind of glosses over the part where he says he doesn’t know the family and wouldn’t make assumptions about a child’s gender identity. I think he means that he’d like to talk to Brad and Angelina about the big hoopla the media has made over Shiloh, but people could make something else out of it.

On Cher accepting his change
“I think that she is moving in the right direction,” he says. “I don’t get the impression that she’s 100 percent completely comfortable, but I think she’s on the road to being that.”

Why he didn’t get the money from Cher to have his breasts removed
It’s that very reason that Bono borrowed the $10,000 he needed to have his breast removal surgery from his AA sponsor rather than from his mom. “I didn’t want to go to my mom with it because it was something she was struggling with,” he explains. “It’s like why rub her nose in it?”

He hasn’t had genital surgery
While Bono is now legally recognized as male that doesn’t mean he’s also undergone the bottom genital reassignment surgery. He’s too weary of today’s options. “At this point, I’m not happy with the technology and I don’t really feel comfortable doing anything about it,” he says.

However, he isn’t ruling it out completely. He’s attending an upcoming transgender medical conference in Atlanta, where he says, “I’ll be really interested to talk to some of the doctors to find out what’s on the horizon.”

On his engagement
By Bono’s side through the entire journey is his fiancée, Jennifer Elia. They plan to marry some day. “We got engaged two years ago and we kind of just tabled it because so much was going on,” he says. “I think that once we get through this we can look at it again. I think in probably typical guy fashion, I think it’s absolutely absurd to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for one day. So I would like to do as little as possible.”

On being a role model
For now, he’s concentrating on lending his voice and face to the transgender movement. He refuses to call himself a role model. “I see myself as just somebody who’s gone through the process,” he says. “For me, part of the way that I got through my fears is by reading books and seeing documentaries of people who transitioned before me. So I look at myself as one of those people who are just out in the community and the difference is that I just have a little bit of a larger reach.”

He volunteers for a support group for children with gender identity issues and their families. “I relate to these kids,” he says. “The difference between them and myself is that I didn’t articulate it and fight for it and say, ‘No, no, no! I’m a boy!’ I have so much respect for these kids that do.”

On Shiloh Jolie-PItt
Bono doesn’t know Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and wouldn’t assume anything about their daughter Shiloh’s choice to dress more boyishly, but the media’s attention to the story did shed some light on gender identity. “I would love to talk to them at some point,” Bono says, “to at least let them know we have this resource for them if they ever need it.”

Even so, Bono says, “People get too freaked out about kids and what to do with kids. If you just let kids do what they need to do they usually have the right idea.”

[From E! Online]

Maybe it would be better to say “no comment” with regards to Shiloh, because you know that the media are going to blow it out of proportion. (Hell, I did.)

I’m really interested to see Becoming Chaz and to learn more about his story. I’ve read that Cher appears in it briefly, that you can tell she’s conflicted about and that it hurts Chaz that his mom is only gradually coming around to the idea that he wants to be a guy. It’s got to be a tough situation to deal with all around, and he’s brave for being so public with his story. He’s the highest profile person so far to come out as transgender and it must have taken a lot of courage for him to go public like this.

Chaz on Oprah:

Chaz telling his fiance how to inject him with testosterone. (He’s shirtless, which maybe isn’t the best decision.)

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  1. mln76 says:

    I watched Oprah yesterday it was so interesting I congratulate him because I think this is what has truly made him happy. I also felt for Cher who had to grieve the loss of her daughter the part where Chastity tells the story of her being sad about her old voice on a voicemail message broke my heart a little.

    Now about Shiloh that was really irresponsible to mention her. I am sure she was asked but there is not anything but a puerile and malicious motivation from the tabloid press to label her and her mother dysfunctional. If Shiloh decides when she is older to ‘come out’ as transgender that his her decision and place and I for one will be happy to support her, but there is no reason for people to judge her now. Especially since most people just are labelling her that because they have an irrational hatred of her mom.

  2. Darlene says:

    I love Chaz. He’s so brave to step out and tell his story. I just set the show to record on OWN. Thanks for telling us about it; I don’t watch that channel so I had no idea it was on!

  3. Eleonor says:

    The only thing he should have said is his last sentence: “people get too freaked about kids”.

  4. embertine says:

    I know what he means about the below-the-waist surgery. I’m a cis-female, but if I was trans I would probably not consider having genital surgery because the options for transmen are not nearly as good as for transwomen.

  5. Ruby Red Lips says:

    I admire him greatly, it must be one of the most difficult things to realise, its still a very taboo subject which is sad.

    In regards to Shiloh, FFS! The girl is 4!! Its disturbing the media is obsessed with labellling Shiloh as a lesbian / transgender just coz she wears tom boy clothes. FFS she may grow up to be a girly girl or she may not…she’s only 4 years old – its really sickening

  6. Addie says:

    Why even bring up Shiloh??
    She is a CHILD as her biggest concern in life at this point is playing, cartoons and her being with her family.

    It is reckless to just throw Shiloh’s name around giving the tabloids a reason to print false stories about her.

  7. WhiteNoise says:

    Good for Chaz, the doc sounds really interesting and glad it’s getting such a positive response…but OMG and FFS on the Shiloh comment!!

    Absolutely out of order for the interviewer to bring her into it and for Chaz to comment upon it. How the fuck is it ok to talk about a 5year old’s – ANY 5yr old’s – possible sexuality issues???

  8. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Not appropriate to bring up Shiloh.

    But I really love his story. And how awesome would it be to have CHER as your mom?

  9. Emily says:

    I like what he said about Shiloh. I agree that the interviewer had no right to bring it up, but it seems to me that Chaz basically told them that he doesn’t know anything about her. Just in a more polite way than I would have, if I were in his position. I’m looking forward to watching his show.

  10. N.D. says:

    I think his comments are respectful. Still saying “this question isn’t appropriate for you to ask and for me to answer” would have been better.

  11. V says:

    He said a lot in his own interviews. It’s about him, not Brangelina. You people are the only ones who focus on Shiloh, and start attacking Chaz for no reasons. It’s better to drop the misleading headline.

  12. lucy2 says:

    I give him a lot of credit for being open to talking about this and sharing his experience. It will probably help others facing the same thing.

    The media needed to drop this Shiloh thing before it began – it’s ridiculous.

  13. Becca B says:

    The media need to STOP with this “What if Shiloh is a lesbian?” thing! I was a tomboy as a kid and it didn’t have anything to do with my sexuality. I just had more fun playing with cars and wearing short hair. Nothing wrong with that. I grew up and I like guys.
    So please, leave the poor child alone.

  14. k says:

    Good for him and all of that, but he seems extremely self-centered to me. I feel badly for his fiancee; everything’s all about him.

  15. someone says:

    Im not a big Brangalina fan, but I don’t think Shiloh should have been brought into the conversation..a lot of little girls are Tomboys as a child…

  16. TQB says:

    I really admire how Cher has handled all of this. She has never been false or pretended it was easy to accept Chaz’s true identity, instead allowing the world to see her struggle and work for it. I’m sure some parents can sincerely say “OK, you’re gay/trans/bi and we love you” but for many it isn’t that easy. Cher is a role model to show that it’s OK to be uneasy and have mixed emotions, as long as you commit yourself 100% to working through them TOGETHER with your child.

  17. Roxy75 says:

    no thanks

  18. jennifer says:

    The way media pontificate on Brangelina’s kid, like she’s a freak, is bizarre. You’d think no celebs ever have any girl that isn’t the sterotypical “girl”. I’ve seen J. Roberts and G. Paltrow talk up the whole “boys and girls are *SO* different!” thing on talk shows. Maybe celebrities really do tend to have girly girl offspring though, considering their DNA probably exacerbates their kids’ chances of fitting into gender stereotypes. Outside Hollywood plenty of girls only wanna wear boys’ clothes and wrestle. Big whup. A certain amount of little girls are tomboys, and a certain amount of little girls will grow up to be lesbians, whether they are tomboys or not. The only celeb I’ve heard say her kids aren’t girly is Thandie Newton. And I remember Keenan Ivory Wayans saying something about how his daughter isn’t girly, but rough and tumble.

  19. lolalola says:

    As a role model, does he have to be morbidly obese? Isn’t he worried about shortening is life–now that he has been able to find a happier, more authentic way to live?

  20. Brittney says:

    Gender identity and sexuality are two entirely separate concepts, and I wish people would stop conflating the two, especially with regards to Shiloh. That said, there’s no possible way that any of us, even her parents, can know who she will grow up to be. They’re doing the best possible thing by letting her choose her own identity, rather than forcing gender roles upon her.

    Chaz’s comments will certainly be taken out of context, but it was still inappropriate to offer resources to a family of a child that young. I’m sure it won’t bother them any, though. They seem to have the clearest heads of anyone regarding this situation.

  21. jc126 says:

    Not appropriate for the interviewer to bring up. Someone should punch whoever that is right in the head for starting speculation about a TODDLER.

  22. JuJuBee says:

    Yeah the Shiloh speculation needs to cease. She’s a little girl of only four years old and her sexuality is already being questioned? Sick. I was a tomboy through and through. I preferred to play guns and football in the streets. I grew up to become a straight feminine woman who still has tomboyish tendecies. To this day I would still rather hang out watching a baseball game than attend a baby shower. Shiloh’s parents are doing right by her, allowing her to express herself.

    I applaud Chaz for allowing his life to be put out there in the hopes it educates people about being transgender.

  23. Corina says:

    @lolalola Chaz seems to have struggled with his weight for his entire life, so I doubt he’s so obese by choice. I’m sure feeling like you’re the wrong gender & being a child of 2 celebs didn’t help, & he probably turned to food for comfort. Plus the hormones & drugs he took could very well have made him gain weight. I’m sure he wishes he wasn’t morbidly obese, but it doesn’t make him a bad person or a poor role model. You can find qualities to emulate & avoid in any famous person, but I think he’s doing much more good than harm.

  24. curmudgeon says:

    THe Sonny and Cher Show was on in the 70s, not the 60s.
    As for people angry about the speculation about Shiloh, its already there. People are already thinking it. It’s the elephant in the room whether you like it or not.

  25. spinner says:

    The oddest thing about this for me is that when I first saw a pic of Shiloh, I thought she looked so much like Chastity Bono when Sonny & Cher used to bring her on stage. hmmmm….that said…I find this whole story extremely disturbing. Chaz is still the same ol girl she used to be.

  26. hairball says:

    Bringing up Shiloh is SO out of line.

    He needs to lose weight – obviously – but it seems at a critical point. To move and even breathe must be difficult with all that extra weight pressing on your heart and lungs and joints.

    I hope one day he can also become physically healthier for his sake.

  27. ZenB says:

    I feel sorry for the fiancee because as a lesbian she wanted a woman and now she has Chaz – but I’m glad Chaz has a fiancee. If Chaz and the fiancee break up, who is Chaz going to date? Lesbians like women and straight women like men. The last thing I would want is to find out some dude I’m dating has a vagina. So not my thing. That is a definite deal breaker HUGE.

  28. Kim123 says:

    Way to go Chaz now there are over 200 articles online about Shiloh and Chaz. If Brad and Angie needed your advice I’m sure they could find your number.I can only guess what will be in the tabloids next week during Cannes.I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt . Maybe he didn’t know mentioning a Jolie Pitt would cause a firestorm of media attention.The tabloids had moved on from the Shiloh tomboy story but I have no doubt it will resume again and AJ will be the villian.

  29. filthycute says:

    This confused she-male needs to shut his trap about CHILDREN. How dare he?

  30. Solveig says:

    I’m not into this kind of thing, I mean, I’m not into those people who exploit their drama on broadcast tv. But in his case I do really think that his story can help those people who are afraid to make such a decision, and above all would make “common” people more comfortable with the ones who decide to change their body to fit their inner personality.

  31. Newbie says:

    LOL! Oh man. Hollywood is so glamorously vicious. If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, I guess. I’ll probably come back to this thread simply because the Brange fans are going to shit themselves over this. My opinion? Not an appropriate conversation. But since when does anyone in H’wood stop to consider that? Their little girl will be fine. But in all honesty, I think they’ve brought such media criticism of her upon themselves by dressing her like a boy from the moment she was born. She was wearing boy-ish newborn clothing in the official pictures in People. They’ve dressed her in girl things, too, but the majority of what they picked out for her was male oriented.

  32. Kim123 says:

    Newbie- Well the majority of Zahara’s clothes were tshirts and pants too- Mostly hand me downs from Maddox until she was 3 or 4. So I guess they wanted her to be a boy too,right.Why did they ever dress Shiloh in dresses or “girly things” ? I would love to hear your theory

  33. Zoe says:

    I admire Chaz for being true to himself. That said, bringing Shiloh into this is tacky. There is a difference between being a tomboy and being trans. I have always been a tomboy and never had the desire to take hormones or go through any kind of transition. The media needs to leave Shiloh alone, she’s just a kid. STOP with the guesses and judgement, people! You’d think it was 1911.

  34. Iggles says:

    I don’t think Chaz’s comments were bad. Though, the media twists everything around so it would have been better not to answer the question.

    ZenB – You’re right. Straight women date men. Trans guys are men and there are plenty of straight women who are open to dating them. Myself included.

  35. nnn says:

    Bringing up Shiloh latent sexual tendencies because of her clothes is just PEADOPHILIC, period !

    Peadophiles perceive children in a sexual content, just like that. Normal adults don’t even have the slightest thought about it.

    You see a woman dressing in skimpy clothes you perceive her as a sexual object, you see a woman behaving and acting in a manly manner in a wooing context, you assume her sexual orientation.

    For Shiloh a bunch of dangerous adults with no morality whatsoever adults are seeing one single child dressing boyishly like millions of others in the country, doing children stuff and yet, like a bunch of obssessive peadophiles lurk at the child clothes, including her underwear to speculate on her sexuality like she was already having sexual intercourses or envisionning a sex change and living her adult life with a woman !

    How sick is becoming the american so called culture with such sick adult individuals making peadophiles tendencies and peadophilic related comments the new way of talking about children ?.

    If you feel there is nothing wrong with that and that this new tendency doesn’t mark a dangerous setback for children protection and a friendly appeal to peadophiles who are probably rejoicing that other adults are now publicly advertising that it’s ok to perceive young children in the same way they do, then you are the one with a major problem and a eadiphile apolgist or sympathiser !

    Sorry you can’t have it both ways. Either you tolerate it and endorse that peadophilic way of thinking that is beacoming dangerously mainstream an ok, eitheir you condemn it and you act like any sane adult to make sure that this habit isn’t becoming a go ahead for all the peadophiles to think that way.

  36. Corina says:

    Where did anyone on the interview mention Shiloh’s sexuality? Seems like the rest of the media – and commenters like us – are the ones bringing her future sexual preferences into the discussion. The interviewer asked Chaz about Shiloh’s clothing and gender identity, which likely has absolutely nothing to do with her sexual proclivities as an adult.

    Nothing in this article had anything to do with children’s sexuality – Shiloh’s or anyone elses’s – until everyone got up in arms about a person who had gender reassignment surgery daring to answer a question about a child who dressing boyishly. Chaz didn’t bring it up, and he didn’t make any assumptions, he just made a comment about how he happened to be there if perchance they wanted to talk.

    @filthycute: Chaz isn’t a “confused she-male”. You sound confused on appropriate ways of referring to individuals who are transgendered.

    @nnn: It’s spelled pedophile. I think I agree with your point but I’m not entirely sure as to who you’re saying is in the wrong. Chaz? Brad and Angie? Celebitchy? idk!

  37. AENFLEX says:

    everything ive ever seen him in portrayed him as a kind person, a very hurt and confused but ultimately kind person. i have nothing but good feelings about him and the awareness he helps bring to this issue.

    @ #35 – -you are NUTSO.

  38. Kim says:

    So she is making the assumption that because Shiloh is a Tomboy she is a lesbian??? She is so messed up! Poor Cher!

  39. The Bobster says:

    So are its boobs now moobs? Or are they ioobs?

    And what about the mansierre thing?

  40. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:


    That is not a “pedophilic” comment. Like someone said earlier, gender and sexuality are two different things. Also, commenting on GENDER IDENTITY is not pedophilic. Gender Identity is not, at all, related to being sexually attracted to one gender over the other. It is literally saying that the people with GI do not identify with their GENDER…so I could be a female that identifies as a male and NOT be sexually attracted to males…or I could be attracted to females. It doesn’t matter when it comes to my gender identity.

    Also, pedophilia is diagnosed by “over a period of at least 6 months, recurrent, intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children (generally age 13 years or younger).” So as inappropriate as it is for the media and other people to speculate about Shiloh’s gender identity and/or sexuality….it’s not pedophilic unless they are crossing some line where it becomes less “clinical” (e.g., speculating if Angie and Brad are positively reinforcing whatever behaviors and are turning Shiloh into some social statement…which is bs, but whatever) and starts turning into really, really, really creepy (e.g., if they start trying to say Shiloh is being sexually active or stuff).

    And yes, some children are diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. It’s rare, but it happens. And you know what? That is not pedophilic in the least bit.

    Sorry, rant over. I just get upset when people throw around buzz words and don’t realize that there is a clinical definition for them.

  41. nnn says:

    @ 36

    No I am not. Those who are speculating about a child sexuality and gender issues are though. Those who think it’s ok to even go there are as dangerous since they make it no big deal to share the same mindset as people who perceive children only a potential sexual partner with a sexuality/sexual orientation already set.

    Anyone who is just thinking just one second about a child sexuality because of his/her clothes when the child is by essence deprived of sexuality at this age, is adopting the peadophilic mindset. Plain and simple.

    Anyone who tolerate it is at the very least irresponsible or at most sympathetic of this mindset shared by peadophiles.

  42. Amanda G says:

    I’ve seen some interviews with Cher discussing her son and she seemed supportive, but still confused the “he/she” part. Chaz’s show sounds fascinating!

  43. jude says:

    Really surprised the doctors haven’t insisted on Chaz losing weight. I can’t even look at him without feeling disgust and I think it has to do with the weight.

  44. Madison says:

    I don’t get this dude, he’s an out and proud lesbian until about 30 and then decides NO I’m really a dude. She was born a girl and she will die a girl.

  45. Julie says:

    Shiloh is a baby – she knows nothing about such things.Little girls like dressing up and some have favourite clothes! THE SICK PEOPLE SHOULD LEAVE HER ALONE! TEAM JOLIE!!!

  46. Hakura says:

    I agree entirely that the issue of Shiloh should never have been brought up/asked about. It’s ridiculous to make such assumptions about a child, especially one as young as Shiloh. She’s not even old enough to *have* a sexuality to express. But I do think the way Chaz answered it was as respectful as it could be.

    I dressed like a boy all the way through elementary school I had a boycut hairstyle, & was mistaken for one a lot. But that didn’t mean I had a ‘gender identity crisis’. It meant I was more comfortable in pants & a Tshirt than I was in a dress.

  47. Hakura says:

    @Madison“I don’t get this dude, he’s an out and proud lesbian until about 30 and then decides NO I’m really a dude. She was born a girl and she will die a girl.”

    It’s really not unusual for a transgendered person to struggle with their sexual preference. Most of the people who have participated in documentaries say they knew something was wrong (their mind not matching their body’s gender) since they were as young as 5 years old, but don’t understand the cause until much later.

    Chaz knew ‘she’ was attracted to women, but it took much longer for ‘her’ to confront the issues ‘she’ had with her gender identity. I know being part of the ‘Lesbian’ community, there are a lot of women who looked & acted very masculine… It’s not difficult to see how Chaz related to them, & probably felt like she fit in.

    I can’t even imagine how difficult & scary it is to realize you’re in the wrong body. He was probably in denial for a long time.

  48. Sloane Wyatt says:

    I wish I could email Celebitchy directly because I am so against giving space to speculation on a year old child’s gender identity. Doesn’t matter that CB is quoting another article.

    CB and every other site should have ended their quote of Chaz’s interview at “On being a role model” and refrained from printing Chaz’s answer to the intensely inappropriate “Sh” line of questioning. For Cripe’s sake, swear words are didacted and bleeped! I feel so strongly that I am complaining to E Online as well.

    Media will print whatever they think we will put up with. Honestly, this is extremely offensive to discuss a little girl’s gender identity. This is completely out of bounds, CB.

    Celebitchy, your previous stories were cute and light about a little girl being a tomboy and innocent, and I really enjoy your site. Why didn’t you rise above and set a good example?

    What happened to using good judgement, Media? God knows, the media HAS decided against salacious and just wrong stories or details before.

  49. Solveig says:

    What GrandStudentSomething said (40).

    @Sloane Wyatt, I agree with you for the most part of your post, or maybe for its general sense, because I for one dislike threads on kids who never asked to be celebrities and who live a overexposed life, and I usually never comment on threads about kids.
    On CB’s defence (not that they need my help) I’d say that they are just reporting what Chaz Bono said and that that answer was quite stupid and unfortunate. I mean, I hate every kind of censorship, and since Chaz’s answer was respectful enough, I don’t see why CB should’ve have cut it off of the rest of the article.
    Unfortunately Shiloh’s attitude has ever been an “issue” some people – especially fans – love to discuss to, in this case at least we have a person – Chaz – who can talk on his first hand experience.
    Of course the title is a bait for the Branges’ fans, but its the aim of a site like this to get more and more visits.

  50. Sloane Wyatt says:

    @Solveig, thanks for your thoughts. I don’t feel it is censorship to leave a victim’s name out of story. It was a wonderful interview with an obviously caring and compassionate man, and it would not have taken ANYTHING away from his story to simply leave off the E online reporters’ questions and answers speculating on a 4 yr old’s gender identity. Responsible editing by responsible journalists who manage to publish compelling, accurate stories is done every day. I don’t think that is too much to demand.

  51. mln76 says:

    The fact is there has already been inappropriate discussion on the media, not brought up by fans but by a tab cover last year that insinuated Angie was turning Shiloh into a boy out of some sick jealousy/ compensation for her being the first born biological Brange. Also because way back when Brad mentioned she likes Peter Pan. If anyone ever goes to a fansite there is rarely mention of Shiloh’s choice of clothing( Unless you call the obsessed haters on FF fans) IMO.
    The have handled the whole issue well Shiloh always looks happy and loved. The only people who bring it up in the media do so because they know it will get more attention than Gwen Stefani’s son wearing nail polish or Kate Hudson who for years never cut her son’s hair, not because they want to have a deep discussion about trangender issues.

  52. truthzbetta says:

    Why not keep celeb underaged kids’ names and id’s out of the public conversation?

    I have no idea who Liz Taylor’s kids are and she fueled great gossip for over a half century. 8 marriages, no weird kid gossip.

    There is a way to have fun w/celebs without bringing their kids’ names, identities, candid pictures and lives into the equation.

  53. Solveig says:

    Perez Hilton’s stories about Miley Cyrus were an extreme case of tastelessly vulgarity, stupidity and almost criminal journalism, I wouldn’t compare it to stupid generic insinuations.
    Problem is that it’s a “cane che si morde la coda” as we say here in Italy, that is “a dog chasing its tail” or a Catch-22, don’t know if it makes sense to you Anglophones. If people stop paying attention to any kind of story regarding underage celebrities’ kids, magazines wouldn’t print stories about them.
    In my opinion celebrities themeselves shouldn’t put their kids on the cover of a magazine, no matter if that cover is official.

  54. Bopa says:

    Being a tom boy growing up doesn’t mean you want to be a man. I grew up not liking skirts and dress and still don’t like them. I liked to rip and run and I felt that skirts and dresses held me back because of “skirt rules”. I dressed tomboyish until I was about 17 and then I broke out of it. I’m a lot more girly but just in pants.

  55. Confuzzle says:

    Bravo, Chaz, for being brave enough about sharing your story. Too many trans people have been beaten, bashed and murdered. They need a voice.

  56. Kelly says:

    I thought it was very interesting that Chaz, earlier, said that her dad, Sonny, was very supportive of Chaz’s coming out and planned changes. Republicans are sometimes stereotyped as being anti-gay.

  57. Hakura says:

    @Sloane Wyatt – I agree with Solveig‘s answer, entirely.

    @Truthzbetta“There is a way to have fun w/celebs without bringing their kids’ names, identities, candid pictures and lives into the equation.”

    What you say about Liz Taylor is a very good point. Unfortunately the way the media focuses on celebrities has really changed over the last 15-20 years… Especially in regards to their children. (One could argue they become ‘celebrities’ themselves, though neither they or their parents are given any choice in the matter.) It seems the fascination with celebrity children really picked up with the information age… where everything became so accessible.

    Unfortunately it’s not something likely to change, so long as people continue to purchase magazines/tabloids containing pictures. The paparazzi is going to keep doing what it can to make a profit, even if it’s incredibly wrong.

  58. mln76 says:

    Well on the Liz Taylor thing at the time her kids were famous according to Furious Love tabloid reporters went so far as to find her adopted youngest daughter’s biological mother and stage a confrontation with Liz Taylor.

    BTW no matter if the kids were on the covers of mags or not everyone would have known Brangelina’s kids names and faces unless the press instituted the same policy that is in many European covers where the faces of the kids are blurred out. Also a celeb like JLO who actually does ads with her children doesn’t get as much criticism because the press uses the children as a surrogate to attack Brangelina. In this case its more about the dislike of the parents and the realization that any information about the family sells.

  59. NoFrank says:

    What fascinates me is, Cher is such a gay icon and has always been upfront about her support for gay rights. From everything I’ve read, she was fine with Chaz being a lesbian (as opposed to Sonny, who went to his grave pissed off that his daughter was gay) — but she’s NOT fine with Chaz being trans. The hell?

    Look, you already processed the fact that your kid is gay. Chaz didn’t die. S/he is still your kid, still has your kid’s personality and memories and love for you. The equipment doesn’t matter, what matters is that your child is healthy and happy. You were fine with your child being a healthy happy gay person, but you aren’t fine with your child being a healthy happy opposite-sex person? Yeah, it’s out of the ordinary but all things considered? This is not a tragedy and I’m not sure I understand why Cher is treating it like one.

    ETA I agree with everyone who says that the proper response to that slimy question about Shiloh would have been “I don’t think it’s proper to speculate about a small child, especially when that small child is not mine.”

  60. Solveig says:

    May 11th, 2011 at 8:18 am

    BTW no matter if the kids were on the covers of mags or not everyone would have known Brangelina’s kids names and faces unless the press instituted the same policy that is in many European covers where the faces of the kids are blurred out. Also a celeb like JLO who actually does ads with her children doesn’t get as much criticism because the press uses the children as a surrogate to attack Brangelina. In this case its more about the dislike of the parents and the realization that any information about the family sells.


    Suri Cruise is on the cover of many magazines, as much – or even more – as Brangelina’s kids. And criticism towards that child and her parents are often quite rough. Magazines talk so much about Suri that we feel like we are entitled to judge her behaviour and we feel like we know her personally. Is it normal?
    As you said, in many European countries, kids are not on the cover of gossip – nor reliable – magazines, and candid pictures of them are always blurred.
    Finally, I stand by the idea that if celebrities would avoid putting their kids on the cover of magazines like People, we – as pubblic – probably would feel less entitled to talk about those kids, and NO MATTER if those celebrities are Angelina and Brad, Jennifer Lopez, or Christina Aguilera.

  61. Ari says:

    I find it totally understandable that Cher is a bit shell shocked. It’s easy for anyone in a certain generation in this day and age to be used to it and she made great strides accepting her daughter was gay to begin with. But we are talking about changing her entire scope of how she will accept her child gender-wise. It’s easier to deal with this issue when your child is younger and you have a hand in it but when they are much older and you are so used to them genetically being a certain way…its a big deal. So sorry but I get why Cher would probably miss her daughter although now she has a son, I do agree that as long as her child is happy and healthy that’s all that matters but I respect her place in that child’s life as his mother and at least she is trying.

  62. kira says:

    All the speculation about Shiloh is SO inappropriate. Chaz should have said, she’s just a little child and it’s inappropriate for me to say anything there.

    And, some of the people who say things about Shiloh sound off. How do you know “they are dressing her like a boy”??? This is the stuff that the ant-Brangelina people love to say. Dressing her like a boy because Angelina is SO jealous of her daughter. What an active fantasy life people have! There’s no evidence of that. From what I see, Shiloh wants to be like her brothers, Zahara dresses in more girly clothes, and Vivianne likes dresses. As Brad said, they let the kids pick their clothes. It amazes me that some people will say stuff about the kids b/C they dislike the parents. You’re stooping real low there.

    I think the kids should be left out of it. And, it doesn’t matter who the parents are, what they did, or if they deserve it, or even if the kids were sold to the magazine covers. The kids are STILL innocent individuals and don’t deserve it. They are liable to grow up with complexes b/c of all the speculation and negative things said about them. I wish the media would just drop it. Sorry, rant over– 🙁

  63. Rico says:

    With a mind affected by hormones artificially injected into a bloated body that is evading what natural law coded for, who gives a cr@p what Bono thinks

  64. Newbie says:

    @Kim123: No theories, just calling it as I see it. They debuted her wearing a boy’s infant clothing. As a hardcore branganatic, you should know that. I said clearly in my post that I believe the kid will be fine (well, of course, she’d probably be better if people stopped talking like this in interviews). I don’t agree with the interviewer in asking this sort of question. And I think Chaz Bono should have answered differently. But there’s no denying that Pitt and Jolie have dressed their little girl like a boy from day one. I don’t claim to know WHY. I’m just pointing out the obvious. As for Zahara, I remember a couple of pap shots of her as an infant, and she had bracelets and dresses on. Again, I don’t know why they chose the clothing they did for their children as infants and toddlers (they’re both old enough now to choose their own), I’m just pointing out the fact that of course the media will harp on it. One more parting example: their girl twin has had her ears pierced and has been wearing girlie clothes from birth. ??? Again: no theories, as I don’t even know where to begin as to WHY. Just observation.

  65. kira says:

    “There’s no denying that Brad and Angelina have dressed their little girl as a boy from day one”

    What BS. Anyone can google Shiloh and see that you are full of it. When she was on People magazine, she was wearing a baby t and nighties. All babies wear that! You can’t call that boy’s clothes. And, there are pics where Shiloh is wearing white dresses. Stop making stuff up because you obviously have a thing against the parents. It says a lot about YOU and nothing about Shiloh or her parents.

  66. Hakura says:

    @Rico – You can disagree & give your opinion.. without being an asshole. If you can’t manage that, then STFU, & GTFO.

    @mln76Re: Liz Taylor – My God, shouldn’t there have been privacy laws regarding adoption (so that others can’t obtain such intimate information.)

    @Gina“Children should always be off limits and it should be illegal to publish their pictures in magazines, blogsm, etc…unless they are blurred out.”

    That really is the way to go. Like you mentioned, it really is exposing the child to risk. There are so many nutjobs out there, who could use such pictures for any number of creepy/gross/obsessive things.
    @NoFrank“Chaz didn’t die. S/he is still your kid, still has your kid’s personality and memories and love for you. The equipment doesn’t matter, what matters is that your child is healthy and happy. “

    I just don’t think everything is so black & white, in this issue. Our identity is so greatly affected by gender, it’s the first thing you notice about someone. She’s a mother, & the child she’s known & loved her entire life… Is going to cease being her little girl, forever. It’s like she’s having to start over, getting to know Chaz as a man, & her son.

    I definitely don’t think Cher has any difficulty with Chaz’s sexual preference. (She was so supportive when she believed she was a lesbian, before realizing she was transgender.)

  67. capepopsie says:

    I haven´t read the entire post, it´s so long, but about Shiloh, I have to say, like so many others, she´s just a KID. I used to be a typical tomboy climbing trees, having my knees scraped, playing mostly with boys etc. Today people say, visiting my home, that it is so feminine. I LOVE pink in all shades and lace, so what I want to say, I´m sure Shiloh will be just fine. Her behaviour now is not profetic of what´s to come.

    As for Chaz Bono I truly hope he will find peace and happiness and love in this difficult situation.

  68. Sakyiwaa says:

    i’m so tired of this dialogue. Shiloh is a human being. full stop.