Salma Hayek vs. Uma Thurman: Who looked more righteous at Cannes?


All of the opening ceremonies and stuff were held last night at the Cannes Film Festival, and of course, all of the jurors came out for the first film in competition, Midnight In Paris. Now that I’ve looked through the photos, I have to say that Uma Thurman stole the show. She had some competition (I’ll get to that), but Uma is BRINGING IT. I think Uma – who has always loved fashion – must be looking to boost her profile a bit with the fashion show that is Cannes, and she decided to go all out as a member of the jury. So for this premiere, she wore this AMAZING white Versace. It has feathers. And it makes her knockers look terrific. I wish more women with curves (or even without curves) would realize this universal truth: Versace makes your body look awesome. Maybe you won’t look classy, maybe you’ll look kind of trashy or tacky, but your body will look awesome. Also: I love the pop of the green earrings.




Uma’s biggest competition, style-wise, was Salma Hayek, who walked the red carpet for some reason…? Who cares why, I suppose. She’s Salma, her knockers are awesome, and she can go anywhere she wants. The dress is Gucci. It’s deceptively simple in design, but I bet you Georgina Chapman at Marchesa would have found a way to screw it up. Not Gucci, though. I really like this look on Salma, but I still think Uma wins.




By the way, does anybody feel like getting pregnant?


Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. Minx2 says:

    I like them both but .. “I see London, I see France.. I see Uma’s..”.. Exactly WHAT do we see on the pic where she’s sitting down??

  2. kazoo says:

    i love both dresses! uma’s would make a fantastic wedding gown. i love the front slit.

    i like uma’s styling better than salma’s, so uma wins.

  3. Tabby says:

    They both look damn hot, although I agree that Uma is better – and usually I am a through and through Salma lover. The cut of the dress over her boobs is slightly wrong, it’s like it need hitching up a couple of cm.

  4. bros says:

    uma wins. she doesnt seem to age!

  5. Kaiser says:

    Minx – Yes, I didn’t know what to say about that situation. I think it may be either the lining of the dress, or maybe her Spanx? Or her biscuits. Who knows?

  6. brin says:

    A tie….love them both.

  7. N.D. says:

    They both look fantastic. Can’t choose.

  8. jill says:

    A cloud of women & other gender(s) nearly fainting while Jude Law arrives at the Midnight in Paris party.

    And I was one of them.

    Jude is too sexy !

  9. Quest says:

    They are both gorgeous…absolute perfection.

  10. Spaniard says:

    Uma hands down.

  11. Victoire says:

    Uma wins… But Salma’s dress is not bad either =)

  12. gee says:

    They are wearing the crap out of those dresses! A+

  13. Hautie says:

    Is it wrong that I think Jude is the prettiest of them all?

    I like Salma’s dress best.

    But I love how squatty Deniro looks standing next to Uma.

  14. the original bellaluna says:

    I’d shank a skank for Uma’s earrings!

    @ Kaiser – It appears to be her biscuits. Oh dear. Uma, no!

    They both look lovely, but has anyone else noticed Uma’s Cannes theme thus far: white.

  15. really says:

    UMA not only brought it, she parked it in the SLAM DUNK SPOT.

  16. Jackson says:

    Wow, they both look beautiful. Love both gowns as well. I do think Salma’s girls look a bit too squished though, so Uma wins.

  17. mln76 says:

    I love Uma’s earrings and her dress but yeah that pic where she is sitting is a bit scary I don’t exactly know what that is I am seeing but it makes me uncomfortable .

  18. You don't say says:

    Uma’s is better, but the slit is a bit much when sitting down and I am not feeling the feather trim. Uma is a graceful looking woman.

  19. geekychic says:

    do not like uma: never thought she is a great actress and never understood all the hoopla about her looks. considering that i do not remember any movie in the last five-ten years* she was in, that was a hit or just astounded me, i find it logical that she is BRINGING IT, as You say, bc she needs all the attention she can get.uh, she just irks me. and the dress is nothing new, seen thousand times already.
    *oh, kill bill 1 and 2, i suppose. not a tarantino fan, so no, i do not find these legendary.

  20. harfang says:

    Brutal question. Absolutely brutal. I’m gonna chicken out and vote DeNiro for his “How all you press bitches doing, where’s the food at?” expression. No no, I can do this.

    I’m biased against all white and towards Salma, even in a face-off with Uma apparently, but I have to go with Uma as well. The sit down pic is discomfiting only if it’s not the likes of Uma effing Thurman, I mean who cares. It’s like if SWINTON pulled a muffshot, to me it’s very meh. (What looks like a full Brazilian is however creepy to me personally.) The fit of the dress’s top is really something unique, it should look ill-fitted but it doesn’t. Adore the earrings contrast, and the feathers work somehow. Salma looks amazing and I’m glad she was there, she doesn’t need a reason.

  21. Maritza says:

    It’s a tie, they both look gorgeous and the dresses are equally beautiful.

  22. Kaye says:

    I just spit Pepsi all over my keyboard reading that “Does anybody feel like getting pregnant?” line paired with the pic of Jude Law. Too early to laugh that much. :)

  23. They are equally gorgeous. Why would you even ask who is more rightous? I just can’t see the point, people would be just are interested in a statement that they are both “rightous” and you could state, “What do you think?”

  24. BW says:

    I learned a long time ago, always, always, ALWAYS, do a sit down test in a dress or skirt before you buy it. Uma loses on the sit down test.

    Deniro wins for not wearing Dustin Hoffman’s glow in the dark sneakers with his tux.

  25. Amy says:

    Salma was there because she did voice work in Puss in Boots I thought?

    And the rumors are that Carla Bruni wasn’t there because she is pregnant (and apparently trying to hide it?).

  26. OtherChris says:

    Uma by a mile. Salma is gorgeous but she can’t carry off those kind of dresses like Uma can.

  27. stephanie says:

    what minx2 said.

  28. shockedandappalled says:

    Uma wins this one… Salma and Jude both look great as well, but Uma’s styling is so fab, especially the hair and jewelry. And let’s face it, she is tall, lean and elegant looking. Salma is curvy, earthy and stunning, but definitely not the most elegant looking creature given she is short and squat and her boobs are just a bit too big for my taste.

  29. Eileen says:

    Both are gorgeous but Uma wins-LOVE the white with turq earrings!!!

  30. aenflex says:

    tough call. uma by hair for me, but salma’s face is better

  31. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Amy – Yes. Salma was there to promote Puss in Boots with Antonio Banderas.

  32. sarahk says:

    Huh….am I seeing biscuits in that second picture??

  33. girlnone says:

    Look how tiny Robert De Niro is next to Uma!

  34. Judy says:

    Uma is gorgeous here, but WTF! Is she auditioning for a remake of Basic Instinct! Wear a thong woman.

  35. Rasputina says:

    De Niro. Sorry but no contest there. He looks adorable. I want to be his granddaughter.

  36. Eve says:

    I think Thurman’s wearing skin-colored panties.

    P.S.: I prefer Hayek here. I like that dress, it even makes her look taller (or less short).

  37. Crash2GO2 says:

    Uma defines the term ‘willowy’. I just love her.

    I like to think we are looking at her modesty bloomers in that sitting down pic. :)

  38. junipergreen says:

    Out of all these comments, mine is only the 4th to comment on the Uma-Crotch. That doesn’t even look like panties! Otherwise, though, she looks absolutely amazing. I love Salma’s dress, too, but somehow it falls sort of flat.

  39. alma says:

    both look great! and i love Salma’s hair :D

  40. Az says:

    I love Uma when she wears that summer style. Remember that Chanel jacket with the silk top, faded jeans and embellished sandals a few years back? Flawless. I still love that look. When she gets it right, she really gets it right. And her body is insane.

  41. Cheyenne says:

    I’d say Thurman. Love the dress and the earrings.

    (Note to Thurman: when you sit down in a dress with a slit that high, you have to cross your legs.)

  42. yadicakes says:

    Uma’s is a little more simple than Salma’s and simple is usually better but I do LOVE Uma’s jewelry! It seems emeralds are the jewels of the summer. Angie was wearing emerald jewels in her Cannes affair also. Nice little change from white diamonds

    Both of these women look beautiful

  43. Hanh says:

    yeah not panties. The discoloration matches her natural skin tone. We’re getting a Brazilian crotch shot.

  44. lrm says:

    personally, I think Uma IS more righteous period, so she wins on that.
    Salma is a biatch with a tude….and yes she is forever physical goddess perfection with latina passion about her….she’s beautiful. but i dont like her.
    And I could say the same about her-cannot remember the last movie she was in, but i remember she played freida kahlo the same way i remember madonna played eva peron; it’s just kind of ethced into your memory.
    Uma-she is not always a great actress; but many are inconsistent in their roles. But she’s usually solid and ther eis something otherwordly about her beauty. She is etheric. Yes, I used that word about an actress.
    My vote is Uma.
    she was cute in that film with meryl street=Prime. sweet romantic comedy that doesn’t end in the typically hollywood fashion.

  45. bagladey says:

    Uma wins. Salma’s dress is more beautiful than Uma’s but Uma looks more beautiful than Salma.:)

  46. MuñekitA says:

    Both Dresses are dreamy GOURGEOUS! I’d give anything to be there wearing them!
    but oh Kaiser… the best part of this post was the end…”By the way, does anybody feel like getting pregnant?” jaja i mean…that made me laugh so hard that everyone here at work looked at me like saying… “this crazy b*tch”

  47. RHONYC says:

    in pic # 3…is that a peek of the top of her holiest of holies?!?!

    my word!

    salma wins on that alone. plus you know her man who owns like all of the couture brands wasn’t going to let his wife be shown up by anyone.


  48. Jb says:

    Hello! For real? Selma all the way!!!!

  49. Ron says:

    They both look great! Good for Uma, she’s been hit or miss lately, I bet she has a new stylist.

  50. skibunny says:

    Uma wins hands down. One can tell she knows she’s lookin hot! As for Salma. I’ve never found her to be anything special. Just short.

  51. Jilliterate says:

    I normally favour Salma Hayek, no contest, but holy crap, Uma Thurman looks amazing here. And you’re right, those earrings are like the cherry on the excellent-looking sunday.

  52. sandy says:

    both of these ladies look great in their own right, it’s great to see more real woman instead of the every day fake drama, but uma is wearing the H. outta that dress, selma is beautiful, curves and all, a real woman’s body.

  53. wunderkindt says:

    It’s a tie!

  54. Mary says:

    Uma is class A.

  55. fallen says:

    LOVE Uma’s dress.

  56. serena says:

    Both gorgeous.
    But Uma wins.

  57. KLaw says:

    Uma wins, but OMG the comment about Jude Law cracked me up!!! Thanks for the big laugh!

    p.s. I’m sure she is wearing nude-colored panties. That’s the only thing you can wear under white clothing.

  58. dj says:

    Uma by a landslide. She does not always get it right fashion-wise. Salma needs to not wear these strapless dresses. Her “girls” need much more support than this style can offer. she looks fantastic in halter styles.

  59. Talita says:

    Uma… a million times better

  60. Trashaddict says:

    I like Uma but she looks like an ostrich. Salma looks like a delicious cappucino ice cream sundae. Her dress, her hair and her skin tone all complement each other perfectly. Renaming myself Salma Envy.

  61. Newbie says:

    I love both of those looks a lot, but I have to say that Thurman came in a few degrees hotter. I love that white dress.

  62. wifeyskarsgard says:

    Perfection to both of them. I want Salma’s dress, its gorgeous! Jude Law is Yummy also.

  63. crazydaisy says:

    I’m going with UT.

    Salma Hayak would look better with less heavy makeup and less hairspray or whatever makes her hair always look so stiff. She’s gorgeous but tries too hard to be glam. She is naturally glam with a knockout bod but always overdoes it.

    Uma’s statuesque physique + the feathers make me think swanlike and graceful. Just lovely.

  64. thinkaboutit says:

    Uma dazzles. White suits her so well, and with her height and exotic features, no one came come close, especially squat Salma.

    Also, Salma’s dresses always wear her, and for her husband to be a billionaire fashion mogul, I wonder why it’s taking her so long to figure out that a TAILOR is your best friend when you’re petite with a knockout curvy figure. The squished boobs is her signature, but it’s not working. Her hair is kind of awful and so is the sparkly makeup. She should use her resources much better!

    Whoever mentioned her awful attitude, yes it’s true, she is a MAJOR bitch…one of the worse based on stories I heard from friends who worked on Ugly Betty. The show used to film at the Woolworth bldg and I work nearby, and met some great behind the scenes staff at the coffee shop who LOATHED working with her and loved to gossip about how awful she was. She is probably much worse now that she is a billionaire by proxy.