“The Herpes blind item everyone is talking about” links


The blind item that everybody‘s talking about. The more graphic description is at Gawker – [Gawker]

An A-list celebrity of ‘substantial fame internationally’ knowingly exposed a sex partner to the herpes virus…the suit doesn’t name the celeb. The suit claims the celeb—a male who is worth in excess of $100 million—’entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires.’ The suit claims the celeb told the plaintiff he had ‘no venereal diseases.’ At that point, they watched porn and engaged in… (unprotected) intercourse. And, it was all videotaped! …It didn’t end well, because the plaintiff contracted herpes. The suit claims the celeb knew all along he had herpes and lied to the plaintiff in order to satisfy his desires. The plaintiff—not identified as either a man or a woman—is suing for more than $20 million.

This story bothered me more than I care to admit: Tom Sizemore‘s girlfriend is missing. No one has seen her in weeks. Police are talking to Tom. [Celebs]
Miley Cyrus isn‘t dating mini d-bag Patrick Schwarzenegger. [Hollywire]
A discussion of Kim Kardashian‘s butt implants. [Amy Grindhouse]
Kermit the Frog hangs with Johnny Depp. [PopBytes]
This dress looks like toilet paper to me. [The Frisky]
Will & Jada Smith are Oprah‘s last guests? That‘s so boring. [Crazy Days and Nights]
Jennifer Aniston‘s dog technically owns NYC real estate. [LimeLife]
Angelina Jolie‘s Today Show interview. [ICYDK]
What in God‘s name is Chris Brown wearing?!? [Bossip]
I forgot that Sam Lufti is suing Brit-Brit. [Bitten and Bound]
Elizabeth Jagger does the Playboy. [IDLITW]
More Lady Gaga photos. [INFDaily]
Will Ferrell won the Mark Twain Prize. [The Celebrity Café]
Miranda Kerr returns to her day job. [Hollywood Rag]
First there was Banksy. Then there was Hanksy! [CityRag]
Gisele Bundchen is the richest supermodel! [Starpulse]
What Bridesmaids says about female-driven comedies. [Moviefone]


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  1. Roma says:

    If you read through the document I think it’s beyond clear that this is Charlie Sheen. Well, except for the exaggerated “worth $100 million” part.

    Gawker was all over this and people confirmed that Sheen was in Vegas at the time.

    And the funniest thing? I installed the Charlie Sheen blocker so my own post has black boxes all over it. Well, I’m amused.

  2. The Truth Fairy says:

    I think this is guy-on-guy. The play wrestling part gives it away.

  3. Psyren says:

    Who would be dumb enough to touch her without protection anyway? Isn’t it common knowledge that she’s had the herp since she was 15? And even if it wasn’t common knowledge her reputation alone should’ve raised a few eyebrows.

  4. mln76 says:

    well Lainey thinks it could be Leo D and there are so many guesses on Blind Gossip they listed all the stars who were in Las Vegas in April they included Keith Urban (who went to sex addicts rehab) and Ryan Reynolds (he really is an internationally known A-lister) but if they are exaggerating the A-list label I’ll vote Charlie for the win.

  5. Kaiser says:

    CB & I were just talking about whether it’s Charlie. If you read the whole report, it seems like the celebrity is someone with an image to uphold. If it was Sheen, why wouldn’t the man or woman sure him outright? Why would it be so hush-hush?

    It’s gotta be somebody better than Charlie.

  6. Roma says:

    The last page states the plantiff is a “she”. Unless it’s a mistake.

    My first thought was gay due to the wrestling and the fact that a bug chasing website wanted the video. But the “she” really threw me off.

    The drugs, the watching porn, it just reads like CS. I do think he has something of an image to protect only in the fact that he’s an out of work actor and didn’t he say he was clean by then? Plus this lawsuit would open up for ALL of the other women he’s slept with to sue.

    PS: It states that the A-lister is known for both film and tv. A lot of people have been throwing out singers and Tiger but it doesn’t work.

  7. mln76 says:

    well whoever it is is an idiot for not just paying this person hush money.

  8. Vivi says:

    When you think about it, there aren’t that many $100 million A-Listers. We can discount anyone like Colin Farrel.

    I would guess… Justin Timberlake. That was the first name that jumped to mind, and he seems like the type to lie about what he’s picked up.

    Urgh. just use a condom bitches. Couldn’t she take him to court and have him arrested over this? I read about a German popstar who knew she had HIV but had unprotected sex with various men, and she was convicted of grevious bodily harm.

  9. OXA says:

    Tiger was in Vegas that weekend too.

  10. Melinda says:

    I wonder what Eyes for Lies thinks about the disappearance of Tom Sizemore’s girl friend.

  11. SassyOne says:

    @Roma… I think you are correct! Wasn’t he quoted at some point of his mania describing something as ‘nefarious’ ?

  12. lucy2 says:

    According to Dlisted, Jamie Foxx, Michael Jordan, Tyler Perry, Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman or Colin Farrell were all in Vegas at the time – of those only Jordan and Perry are probably worth “in excess” of $100 mil, and I’d say Jordan is the likelier subject by FAR.
    It’s clearly a guy, but I still love that you accompanied it with a Paris photo!

    Really sad/scary about Sizemore’s girlfriend. Nothing good comes from that sort of life with those sort of people.

  13. Rita says:

    I don’t think it’s Charlie either. It makes sense that one of his pornstar goddesses would make the claim, however in that case the Herpes would be a “chicken and the egg” thingy….first come, second served.

    @kaiser, She might not be suing outright because there have been some “blackmail” discussions and the “quiet” lawsuit is a shot across his bow or peen as it were.

    Also, if they know how much the guy is worth, +$100 mil, they have to know who it is. The $100 mil might be a diversion….and why is Paris heading this thread?

  14. Suz says:

    Leonardo dicaprio! this comes out the same day a his split from Bar, its not a coincidence

  15. normades says:

    I second Leo.

  16. the_blonde_one says:

    Reading the documents: what does it mean when it says ‘John Doe and Does 1-30 inclusive’ and then throughout the document mentions various numbered ‘does’?

  17. Rita says:


    Sounds like she’s not monogamous and past the little buggers off to her party friends…chicken and the egg.

    A Doe my dear is a female deer unless it’s a he who does many Does and they all got “crotch cold sores”… had one on my lip when I was a child,….noooo thanks!

  18. Rita says:

    OMG, it’s looking more and more like it’s Tiger Woods. He dropped out of the Players Championship today with a “leg” injury…..article didn’t say which leg.

  19. jc126 says:

    I bet Sizemore’s girlfriend just went off and ODed somewhere. I hope he didn’t kill her, obviously.

  20. Embee says:

    Could it be Josh Duhamel? He watched porn with the Atlanta stripper. And he has done TV (Vegas) and recently film. While I doubt he is worth $100m if you count his wife’s wealth that might get them close…

  21. lu says:

    I say Nicolas Cage, and Sheen isn’t a international star A list , he just got famous.

  22. You don't say says:

    There are few 100 mil actors known for film and TV and I don’t think Leo has done much TV or has he? But he does like Vegas and he does like to hang with his posse (mostly without his now former girlfriend)…well now, let’s think about this again.

  23. brin says:

    TMZ is reporting there are sex tapes in
    “HerpesGate” so it’s just a matter of time before we find out.

  24. aenflex says:

    roma you are f’ing funny!!!

  25. normades says:

    Actually after reading the Gawker bit I’m convinced it’s 2 guys. I change my vote to Travolta.

  26. Lilly says:

    It says International

  27. Lilly says:

    ’substantial fame internationally’

  28. phlyfiremama says:

    Tom Sizemore: does anybody else remember his freaky role in “Natural Born Killers” as the police detective scagnatti, who strangled a girl in his hotel room? Creepy!

  29. Roma says:

    Okay maybe it isn’t Sheen but it isn’t Tiger or Justin Timberlake – it clearly states TV and movies.

    And Leo is not known for TV even though I loved him in Growing Pains.

    Sorry, I love blind items. The whole MV thing on CDAN was an obsession.

  30. tvcon says:

    Either Leo or Jordan even though Foxx is thought to have to diseases as well.

  31. Venus says:

    @The Truth Fairy — Agreed. If you read the whole blind (what’s here is an excerpt) it is pretty clearly guy on guy sex. As you point out, the play wrestling & also the watching porn while laying side by side & self-gratifying (ie, m@sturbating).

  32. HotPockets says:

    I think it is Tiger Woods as well. He is internationally known, probably worth 100 million (after his divorce settlement) and just dropped out of that tournament. I was just at the gym watching some press conference Tiger was giving and damn, did the guy look panicked. His ex probably found out about all of his cheating because she got the herps too and no wonder she attacked him!

  33. DeeDee says:

    If it’s 2 guys, my vote is John Travolta. If it is guy/girl, I think it would probably be Leo D, or Tiger Woods. Any of those 3 have way over $100 million, and all 3 probably have diseases. (Travolta from spa dong, and the other 2 for their daliances with many skanks)

  34. the original bellaluna says:

    Don’t give a f*ck – Am I the only one (besides you, Kaiser) worried about Tom Sizemore’s GF? I don’t know who he is, nor do I care; why is she “missing?” And under what circumstances?

  35. original kate says:

    is it wrong to hope it’s paris?

  36. danielle says:

    I just love that all the sites are using Paris Hilton pictures for this. And I’m with everyone else…with Sizemore’s history of violence his girlfriend going missing is very disturbing. Hope she’s ok.

  37. HotPockets says:

    oh and I forgot to add on that theory, he probably swings both ways 😉

  38. exgci says:

    John Travolta

  39. Rita says:

    If it’s Travolta and Tiger that means butt herpes and that will certainly affect your golf swing….Gotti’s going to be pissed.

  40. Blue says:

    Why is Tiger Woods name being dropped, he’s not on tv or movies. Why can’t a guy and girl masturbate or play wrestle. That’s scary that the gf is missing, those usually don’t end well. Hopefully she’s found soon.

    Edit: or Michael Jordan

  41. doubit says:

    Arnold schwarzenegger

  42. Rita says:

    If there’s a video of Schwarzenegger shouting “I’ll be back” after wrestling with Travolta without their Sumo diapers before watching a porn flick, the Church of Scientology will have to take up a special collection and the Democrats are assured of keeping the white house in 2012.

  43. Ruby Red Lips says:

    Leo D all the way..tho I wish it wasn’t! Can’t wait for the reveal, which will def occur soon!

  44. Heatheradair says:

    Actually, it’s not “internationally” it’s “INTENTIONALLY.”

    So, this is just an A-lister of considerable fame.

    I have NO guesses. But I don’t think it’s CS; there would be less of a hush around it if he were the case since everyone knows he’s nearly out of cash AND “plaintiff” could stand to make more money selling the story for the press it would get……

  45. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    Leo or Jamie Foxx (wouldn’t he be considered A-list)? He did win an Oscar and he was also on In Living Color.

  46. hollywood101 says:

    George Clooney

  47. ERM says:

    Mickey Mouse without a doubt!

  48. eternalcanadian says:

    ” male who is worth in excess of $100 million”

    So let’s check out Forbes to see who has a net worth of $100 million…

    Also, the description of the sexual activities makes me positive it was another male because of the word “play-wrestling.” Do women play-wrestle as foreplay? Just curious. 😛

  49. ZenB says:

    The plaintiff is a woman: “The plaintiff hereby demands a jury trial for HER claims…” Also the repeated use of the term “sexual intercourse,” I’ve never heard that used for anything other than vaginal sex.

    Not to be a bitch but what is the evidence that she got it from this guy or that she did not already have it? She has unprotected sex with some actor or famous director she seemingly just met? I’m not judging morality, I’m judging prudence. I don’t know some dude I just met who does illegal drugs to boot is clean because he SAYS so. No glove, no love as they say.

  50. gloaming says:

    It could be Arnold Schwarzenegger- ergo the impending Divorce??

    But please let it not be Colin Farrell.

  51. ZenB says:

    Charlie Sheen and the Governator aren’t A-list are they? I like the Clooney and Leo guesses. Nic Cage was never on TV and he has to be at best A- List.

    What happened to Tom Sizemore’s GF and why was she dating Tom Sizemore in the first place (goes to judgement of prudence above and also applies to anyone dating Sean Penn, Sheen or Andy Dick).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he killed her (accidental beating).

  52. Incredulous says:

    You can sue someone for not practicing safe sex? Consensual unsafe sex? What the feck? (Irish semi-polite version of the OTHER F word)

  53. Melinda says:

    Just went to the Forbes list, I’m guessing Tyler Perry.

  54. mia girl says:

    Just read the entire document… some additional details/clarifications for all us CB posters…

    @Heatheradair is right, it does not say A-list celebrity of international fame… it says “A list celebrity of substantial fame INTENTIONALLY…” So we can take international fame out of the equation.

    The Alist celeb is listed as having primary residence in LA (the plaintiff’s primary residence is Las Vegas)

    As others have pointed out, it also cites the Alister’s fame is from “appearing widely on TV and in film” (so we can nix sports stars)

    Funnier even are these details/clues from when the plaintiff arrived to the Presidential suite in the LV hotel… “Upon Plaintiffs arrival, the parties made small talk about fashion, politics, sex and Plaintiff’s desire to begin an acting career” OK, so who is talking about fashion and politics?!

    Also, the porn was actually images on the Alist’s cell phone.

    The DOES 1-30 that some are mistaking for others she may have slept with and infected are actually other Defendants she is citing in the case as having knowledge of the Alisters herpes… so does that mean this man has a fairly large entourage?!

    And finally the last sentence does indicate that the plaintiff is a SHE. No gay sex.

    All that said, I have no idea who this is – but some of the above guesses are pretty good!

  55. Allison says:

    Mel Gibson maybe? It said he hit his wife. And I think he’s still considered “A-List” and is really wealthy. It wouldn’t shock me if he were gay.

  56. lucy2 says:

    You make a good point, Zen B. I’m guessing this would be a very hard case to win, because as you said, how can you prove it was from him? And if you accept a verbal “no STDs” you’re asking for trouble.
    I’m betting whoever is suing tried to get a payday first, and when that didn’t work is suing to prompt a be quiet settlement.
    Not saying the guy’s not a total dbag for this, not at all, but just that if you lie down with dogs, you might get fleas.

  57. truthzbetta says:

    Jamie Foxx and George Clooney both make sense out of the guesses.

    I’ve heard Foxx talking about how he doesn’t even worry about diseases, he just goes for it and when he ends up with something he gets shots “that clear it right up” (ewww) so if he had one of the many incurables it wouldn’t be a surprise since he obviously goes unprotected very often. So often he thinks nothing of broadcasting that fact on his radio show.

    Clooney had a vasectomy he used to mention on t.v. appearances way too often. Two reasons to have that, to avoid kids (which he admits he doesn’t want) and so you can have unprotected sex which again can leave you with an incurable case.

    Both of them fit the profile and are such hounds even protection wouldn’t protect them. Yet they both have made public statements that sound like they push for the unsafe sex.

    This is going to be some darn good gossip when we find out who the fiend is. Who could the louse be?

  58. Leigh says:

    @Incredulous Its not the consensual unprotected sex that is grounds.

    Its the contention that knowingly withholding of positive STD status voids consent and turns the situation into an assault. If I remember correctly, this has been used for civil suit and criminal charges numerous times with respect to HIV.

    Side-note that multiple sites state that ‘bug-hunter’ sites are leading the bidding war for the video(s), which is almost exclusively a gay-fetishist realm … make of it what you will

    @phlyfiremama Don’t forget Tom Sizemore’s role in Strange Days. I found that his most disturbing role

  59. ZenB says:

    @lucy2 – my point exactly. He is still a dbag – I live in LA, I assume all “A-listers” are dbags and “C-listers” are DBAGS, until proven otherwise.

    Also, I think you can still get herpes with a condom but in legal terms you have a much better case with a condom.

    @mia girl I’m slow today, I kept thinking you had figured out the guy’s name was “Alister” and was w/racking my brain for who I “knew” named “Alister”.

  60. khaveman says:

    I agree with Incredulous. Some person believed someone didn’t have an STD and had sex, not demanding a condom. The only crime is the one you commit against yourself/your health. You have to protect yourself. It’s probably blackmail or just wrongful lawsuit. Or is it? Don’t know the laws these days. They may address this.

  61. ZenB says:

    OK… I’m really liking the Ryan Reynolds guess. I think (would have to re read) that the document said that the A-lister had recently been in a long term relationship. Leo was still seeing Bar at that point and as far as I know Clooney is still with Elisabetta. However, was Ryan Reynolds known for TV? I think TV is the clue.

  62. ctkat1 says:

    My money is on Leo D- the A-Lister is obviously aware of the suit, and the fact that he and his long-time girlfriend broke up at the EXACT SAME TIME ALL OF THIS HAPPENED is a pretty incredible coincidence. Add to it that he is “A-List”, “known for his work in television and film”, definitely “worth in excess of $100 million” and certainly has a reputation that he would want to protect from something like this.

    There are a lot of “A-List” actors out there, but the ones who have in excess of $100 million? That’s a pretty small group- Leo D, Tom Cruise, Tyler Perry, probably John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Brad Pitt, George Clooney… basically to make that kind of money, you have to be an actor/producer and have your own production company that turns out money-making films.

  63. ZenB says:

    @Melinda, glad to see I’m not the only one thinking “directors”. I’m going to throw out Michael Bay – known for TV Commercials and worth a TON.

    Has Tyler Perry done TV. Yes, I am sticking to the TV thing because its what kills most of my guesses.

    OK, I’m about to make everyone sick with my directors: Quentin Tarantino.

  64. truthzbetta says:

    Males try to play wrestle females to push for sex all the time. It only takes one man-child for such douchebaggery.

  65. Kaiser says:

    Not that it really matters, but TMZ does say “substantial fame internationally.”


    Let the cracked-out detective work continue!

  66. arock says:

    kaiser, this should make you happy- radar reports john travolta was one of the celeb in vegas that weekend. he matches the criteria…hmmmm….?

  67. truthzbetta says:

    Is Paris Hilton wearing a bumpit in her fake hair?

    So she has fake eyes since she was a teen, fake tatas, and as usual a weave. Plus a bumpit?

    Still, fake eye color is vying for the top spot as the most pathetic of all. Who would fake their eye color?

    Her Herpes Simplex-10 (Beverly Hills Cop reference) is her most authentic attribute.

  68. bluhare says:

    I don’t think the person who filed this lawsuit has any intention of taking it forward. Perhaps s/he just wants the person to cough up some $$ to keep his name out of the papers (or internet blogs in this day and age).

    What I think is incredible is this idiot let him/her TAPE IT!!!!!

  69. Incredulous says:

    @ Leigh (no quote button?) Oh right, gotcha, it is a viable premise to build a lawsuit on. I’d add, though, that it seems a somewhat spurious application used for good in this case but seems easy enough to abuse for the forces of bullshit settlement payout shenanigans, especially under American law.

    @ Large (hehehehe) Anyone bit the bullet and checked out these bug hunter sites for plausible guesses? (You have my respect if you do)

    @ Khaveman *shrugs* Stupid is stupid and some people learn you only have to mess up once the hard way. I am reminded of someone I know who genuinely tried to argue that his visiting prostitutes was safer because “These girls are cleaner than normal girls.”

  70. lucy2 says:

    Yes, Ryan Reynolds did TV, but I’d be surprised if he was worth in excess of $100 million.

    Michael Bay – I’d buy it was him. Ick.

  71. Kim says:

    I’m going with Charlie.

  72. mia girl says:

    @ZenB LOL! Sorry that my lack of hyphen threw you for a loop!

    @Kaiser – Yup TMZ is saying International – they might have initally misread the document or frankly by virtue of being A-list with 100+M fortune you must be known internationally.

    @Incredulous – LMFAO No way am I going to a bug hunter site, but am so not above wanting to hear all the details if you do. Ha ha

    I will say one thing, this has certainly taken the spotlight off of guessing who is Jan Jones’ baby daddy! Or maybe they are the same guy! ha ha

  73. Slim Charles says:

    Not “internationally”.

    It reads “John Doe, an A-list celebrity of substantial fame, intentionally wielded his influence, money and notoriety…”

    It also said he/she used his notoriety to attract his prey. “Notoriety”, when used correctly, means an unsavory reputation. Travolta doesn’t really have an unsavory reputation.

    I hope it’s someone more unexpected than Charlie Sheen.

  74. beth says:

    herpes is ALOT more common than you think. many peoplehave it, but don’t know it, cause the symptoms aren’t visible. then they pass it along unknowingly…

    if you have cold sores, you have the herpes virus in you. it may, or may not be sexually contracted. although i’m not sure if it’s the same strain. all the same, i think it makes you vulnerable to cervical cancer.

    i have to look that up, again. i forgot. willingly. cause i’m cold sore-prone and that has scared the shit out of me.

    and yes, ive had unprotected sex more times than i care to admit in my teens and early 20s. when i thought i was invincible.

    more importantly, Tom Sizemore’s lady friend is MISSING!!!

  75. veronica says:


  76. jill says:

    agree on Charlie. the plaintiff is Bree Olson. that’s why she abandoned Casa Warlock, no?

  77. Lia says:

    If the plaintiff is a guy, then I’m thinking it’s Travolta. If it’s a female, then it could be anybody. I would never have put Sheen in an “A-lister” category, so I’m thinking it’s not him.

  78. Bex says:

    It reads to me like guy on guy action. Tommy boy is one of the few 100mil plus celebs and haven’t we seen Katie-bot with herpes sores on her lip, just saying…

  79. Faye says:

    I hope they find the poor woman alive. That’s a long time to be missing. Please keep posting anything about this story, I’d like to know what’s going on.

    As for the blind item, ew and that top picture of Paris is hilarious.

  80. normades says:

    This from Gawker:

    “Although the legal document at one point says “her” it does so in the legal boilerplate – and since these suits are usually filed by women against men – I suspect the paralegal simply forgot to change the gender to “him.”

    TMZ makes a point of saying it’s bug chasing sites that are bidding on the tape, which means that it’s gay male sex – since:

    1. There are no hetero bug chasing sites.

    2. The men who frequent bug chasing sites do not want to see images of a woman engaging in sex. ”

    I still think it’s Travolta (tv and film). Tyler Perry is not well known outside the US.

  81. normades says:

    or Vin Diesel

  82. Luls says:

    I wonder if Paris sleeps in her contacts? She must really believe her eyes are blue after having them for 10+ years now! 😛
    Also, this is a woman who wud SERIOUSLY benefit from a nose job. If I was born with a nose like that, I’d certainly shave it off. I’m not sure whether or not to admire her for not touching it, becuz she certainly proves VAIN enough to be able to maintain fake hair and eyes her whole life.

  83. Nibbi says:

    the simple fact that PH is finally gaining weight and looking a little bloated a lot of the time now that she’s older makes me feel there is some justice in the universe. terrible, i know.

  84. labyrinth says:

    um ‘she’ could be transexual as in she-male, most definitely sounds like a man on man romp…

  85. danielle352 says:

    I think it might be Charlie too. He only sleeps with women in the adult industry, why? 1. He’s a porn addict 2. He has herpes and non porn star women are more likely to make trouble about that. Guess not this time!


  86. Lucy says:

    @Kaiser: remember what you wrote last Friday about GC’s birthday?
    “George Clooney’s salt-and-pepper ass is 50 YEARS OLD today. Can you believe it? Can you believe that we haven’t read his “he died tragically during a herpes outbreak that came out of nowhere” obituary at some point?”

    hahaha…I don’t think is GC because he was shooting in Detroit. I checked the Forbes list and other actors appear before him (Brad Pitt, Travolta, Cruise, etc). Also, the Plantiff said that Defendant said he was in a monogamous relationship for several years (it cannot be Clooney unless he was lying to Plaintiff- if he is the defendant, of course…).

    I think the Plaintiff is a male, read number 48 from the report…Maybe I misinterpreted, but I thought it was a male…
    ps: this whole thing proves how many people try to achieve stardom in Hollywood…It’s the 21st century people! if you want to be a star, go take acting courses or do a reality show or a sex tape…

  87. Roma says:

    My mother is now trying to guess. I kid you not.

    And her guess: Will Smith.

  88. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @Beth, herpes of the mouth and genitals are different strains. The latter is called herpes simplex II, the former herpes simplex I. However, you CAN give someone genital herpes if you perform oral sex on them right before, during or right after an outbreak.

  89. A BIG, HUGE fan of his, but.... says:

    ditto Roma.:-(

  90. beth says:

    Hi MorticiansDoItDeader!

    May 13th, 2011 at 10:13 am
    @Beth, herpes of the mouth and genitals are different strains. The latter is called herpes simplex II, the former herpes simplex I. However, you CAN give someone genital herpes if you perform oral sex on them right before, during or right after an outbreak.

    See, this is the part that got me confused… if they’re two different strains, how come simplex II can turn into simplex I when it travels from mouth to genital? Confounding no? It’s like a boy can turn into a girl when he walks into a shopping mall.

  91. Whitey Fisk says:

    For those who didn’t read the actual suit, the herpes was exchanged “on or before” April 1, 2011 in the presidential suite of a Las Vegas hotel. Revolta was INDEED in Vegas for an industry event (Cinema-Con) on the date in question. He presented an award at Caesar’s on the 31st, and there are shots of him in Vegas on 4/1/11 as well. I don’t know how to do links, but one publicity shot is here:


    Woo, this is juicy stuff!

  92. Kim says:

    Hugh Jackman or Travolta. What i cant get over is who would be stupid enough to film it’let their be proof??

  93. Hakura says:

    I’m trying to keep up with all this mess, but keep getting lost.

    I thought the plaintiff in this case was definitely referred to as a ‘SHE’? If that were the case, I’d think that sort of rules out Travolta.

    A ‘transvestite’ would still be considered ‘male’ for all legal purposes…Unless it’s someone who’s had a sex change recently or something.

  94. MyCatLoves TV says:

    Herpes Simplex I is USUALLY oral and Herpes Simplex II is USUALLY genital. My ex introduced me to the wonderful world of cold sores and my first outbreak landed me in the hospital. It was terrible and it was then I learned that I had been hit with both strains but all above the neck (thank God). When your doctor lays that at your feet you do a lot of reading. I didn’t sue anybody but I sure was p*ssed off. That was a million years ago and I almost never get a cold sore because of the wonderful meds there are today to stop them at the first tingle. Still…as mad as I was to have a sore on my lip (my ex was a carrier who never had an outbreak), I can only imagine how angry the plantiff must be. But, seriously, does anyone really expect the truth when a guy wants to get down your pants?

  95. Hakura says:

    @MyCatLovesTV – God, I can’t imagine how pissed you must’ve been. & you’re right… You just can’t expect someone to always be honest with you, when a certain answer means they get laid, & the other means they don’t.

    I honestly had *no* idea you could contract both 1 & 2 ‘orally’. If you don’t mind my asking… Does that mean you’ll only ever experience symptoms/an ‘outbreak’ (*if* you ever experience symptoms/outbreak) in the location you originally contracted it? (So if you contracted both types orally, you won’t have any symptoms down south?)

    A major thank you for sharing that information, it was a lot I didn’t know. I’d never even thought about it.

  96. LunaT says:

    I don’t get why the description of what they did together means it was two guys. Yes, only gay guys wrestle(ever have a tickle fight w/your sweetie?), watch porn together, and get each other off w/out intercourse. Only gay guys. Nobody else. Maybe I’m being assuming by saying this, but….if you’re hooking up w/some guy you don’t know, the guy is really rich ie gets what he wants when he wants it, you’re in Vegas and probably not sober…there’s a good chance things are gonna get wild. Hetero or gay.

    That being said—what an ass for lying about having the herp.

  97. beth says:

    @MyCatLovesTV: “Herpes Simplex I is USUALLY oral and Herpes Simplex II is USUALLY genital. My ex introduced me to the wonderful world of cold sores and my first outbreak landed me in the hospital. It was terrible and it was then I learned that I had been hit with both strains but all above the neck (thank God). When your doctor lays that at your feet you do a lot of reading. I didn’t sue anybody but I sure was p*ssed off. That was a million years ago and I almost never get a cold sore because of the wonderful meds there are today to stop them at the first tingle. Still…as mad as I was to have a sore on my lip (my ex was a carrier who never had an outbreak), I can only imagine how angry the plantiff must be. But, seriously, does anyone really expect the truth when a guy wants to get down your pants?”

    Do you think it’s advisable to give oral now that we have it in us? i mean, meds only prevent an outbreak but it doesn’t eliminate the virus. the virus lives on in us, permanently. spawn of satan.

    imagine saying to the poor boyfriend, ‘I’m sorry, honey, i can’t blow you now or ever because i have this condition…’

    very sorry to hear how unlucky you were, MyCat.
    more so that you contracted BOTH the strains. how do you manage now, if you don’t mind talking about it?

  98. Hakura says:

    @LunaT – I agree with you entirely, none of those descriptions of activity would be particularly ‘strange’ between a guy & girl.

    I’m not sure why everyone thinks it’s gay guys, even though the PLAINTIFF is referred to as ‘she‘. (I think that rules Travolta out of this running xD) It does sound like it could be Jamie Foxx… At least he fits the criteria.

  99. LuckyLilGem says:

    Tom Cruise?

  100. ZenB!tch says:

    Sorry about the slightly different name. My usual “ZenB” seems to be attached to my work computer and won’t post from my home computer – back on topic

    “Michael Bay – I’d buy it was him. Ick. ”

    LOL! Ick is the point. It has to be some arrogant b@$t@rd and no one is more arrogant than Michael Bay: except maybe Will Smith – the document made me think the guy was unmarried but I could have misread it.

    Hmmm… Was Bradley Cooper in Vegas on April 1?

    The document definitely says “her” on the last page so sadly, it can’t be Cruise.

  101. Bubulle says:

    I read the entire lawsuit and I find suspicious that the a lister only ask his partner about his STD but ask nothing about contraception. I mean a huge A Lister that worth over 100 million bucks who is willing to have unprotected sex with a perfect stranger doesn’t care if his partner uses contraception. Sounds weird no ? I totally believe it was guy on guy action. I think this lawsuit is just a very elaborate plot to extort a huge amount of money from a big celeb who has a lot to lose, 20 million bucks for herpes really, more like 20 million bucks for not outing you.

  102. Caz says:

    My money’s on Jay-Z and yes, am also starting to agree that this is an extortion attempt, same as a lot of clever people here are starting to say. The discussion on this topic is much more lucid on this site than others… people elsewhere are getting too hung up on the legal specifics. If this doesn’t get revealed within a few weeks, everyone will call BS and go onto something else.

  103. Lucy says:

    @bubulle: exactly!!! no worries about getting preggos?! hmmm… I keep thinking it is guy on guy action and
    TMZ is saying now that before or April 1st means that it could be several months before April 1st. So, nobody should make assumptions about celebrities/ A-list stars based on who was/ was not in Vegas on April 1st, hmm…

  104. PAULBERTO says:

    Robin Williams? He’s done that before.

  105. ManicPixieDreamGirl says:

    That’s why you gotta keep your numbers low & NEVER f^&k without a condom. ESPECIALLY IN HOLLYWOOD!

  106. Genial, he encontrado muy util tu blog, que platilla usas?, puedo poner un link tuyo en mi web? un saludo!