Pippa Middleton was the “sister who sparkled” who should have married a prince


I finally got a chance to read Us Weekly’s cover story this week, after only reading a few excerpts from it yesterday, in addition to People’s cover story. Us Weekly is all about Pippa and Kate Middleton (whereas People was just about our new princess, Pippa), and it’s kind of interesting. Honestly, it’s always difficult for me to really relate to sibling rivalry stories because I’m an only child. I only have sibling rivalry with my mother’s cats (still, to this day, that is true). But it’s not like Gaga Kitty (Charlie) and Heifer Kitty (Susie) are really noble rivals for me. But it sounds like Kate and Pippa do have a healthy sense of competition:

Good-natured scene stealing is nothing new for Pippa Middleton. Although Duchess Kate and her suddenly-famous younger sister and Maid of Honor, 27, are “best friends” according to one family friend, that doesn’t mean they’re unlike most siblings. “There is a healthy competition between the two,” royal watcher Katie Nicholl says in the new Us Weekly.

“Certainly when it comes to looks, like who is the slimmest or better looking, there is a little friendly rivalry.”

Kate, 29, and Pippa squabble over “weird things,” says a family source. “You’d see them fight over who had the worst headache or period pain!”

And it’s no wonder that Pippa has grabbed headlines for her sexy, elegant style, her chemistry with Prince Harry during the royal wedding — and startling pics of her partying in a purple bra and a white bikini.

“She was the sister who sparkled,” Nicholl, author of The Making of a Royal Romance, says. “She is an extrovert, compared to Kate.”

Indeed, as fellow students at posh boarding school Marlborough College, “none of the guys noticed Kate,” a source says. When Kate began attending St. Andrews in Scotland (where she met Prince William), Edinburgh student Pippa frequently visited to mingle with her sister’s noble new pals.

“She dated a couple of the St. Andrew’s lads and tried to get in with a lot of William’s friends,” the source says. “She wasn’t sleeping around, but she flirts with the most well-connected men.”

[From Us Weekly]

For my money, all you need to know about the Middleton sisters you could have figured out on Kate’s wedding day. Kate was an awesome enough sister that she allowed her sister to have a beautiful, flattering maid of honor gown. And Pippa was gracious and selfless enough to behave beautifully during the whole wedding, ensuring that Kate’s Day went perfectly. So while they might be competitive, I’d say that they really do want the best for each other.

However, the rest of the Us Weekly article is really interesting, because so much of it is reinforcing this idea that Carole Middleton has hatched some kind of nefarious plot to see her daughters married off to the richest, most high-profile man. Us Weekly says that Kate was already going to attend St. Andrews before Prince William even announced he was going, and they also try to dismiss the stories about Kate having a poster of William on her wall when she was younger. Carole also convinced Kate to hold out for William over the years. A source says, “A lot of Kate’s friends were telling her to move on. But Carole would literally tells Kate, ‘Hang in there.’”

However, sources also say that compared to Pippa, “Kate was not a social climber” and yet Pippa “was happy to take a backseat because she supports her sister.” Plus, now that Kate’s a duchess, Pippa “will be at the top of everyone’s guest list from now on.” So both Kate and Pippa (and Carole) kept their eyes on the prize, and now they’re on top! Hazzah!





Photos courtesy of Fame & Pacific Coast News.

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  1. Robinson says:

    She is very cute!

  2. danielle says:

    Not sure I buy this “Carole grooming Kate” thing. Mainly because Carole didn’t marry rich herself – she made her own money (with her husband’s help). Pippa and the son both seem to have the same entreprenurial spirit.

  3. LunaT says:

    Oh, Gawwwd, I’m guessing the next bit up will be about how their mother is a madam and her daughters are really high class call girls. Again, more speculation about something I, and I assume the majority of the people on earth, know nothing about. If their mama does want her girls to marry well, how would she be any different than any other mother? I know my mom was never pushing the idea of me dating a guy who lived in his parents’ basement and worked part time in a convenience store. Guessing Carole wasn’t down w/that route either.

  4. mary jones says:

    Shes ugly and looks 40 she had to try harder she wasn’t as pretty as Kate. She probably had to be more outgoing to make up for that unfortunate man face.

  5. aenflex says:

    to me kate is more beautiful than pippa, but both very pretty girls. I would want kate for a study partner and pippa for a party partner.

  6. klimp says:

    kate is far prettier than her

  7. The Truth Fairy says:

    Pippa is UGLY

  8. JaisyMaisy says:

    Pippa’s a total Butter Face.

  9. MSat says:

    I will never give a shit about these people. Honestly. The twit who married the prince is famous for marrying a prince. Her sister is famous for…being the sister of someone who married a prince. She is Nicole Richie. she is Kim Kardashian. With an English accent.


  10. KateNonymous says:

    What I think is weird is the “Pippa was so mature and gracious to remember that the day wasn’t about her” theme. Really? That’s remarkable? Because I suspect that, Bridezilla-type shows not withstanding, most wedding attendants are pretty good about that. It’s not like it’s a surprise that the bride is the actual bride. People may cut loose at receptions, but during actual wedding ceremonies, most bridal parties seem to be made up of adults.

    And that’s when dealing with ordinary weddings. It would be even weirder to see bad behavior at a royal wedding of this magnitude, IMO.

  11. tomas says:

    Kate is the prettier sister, by a mile. That being said, the only fascination going on with Pippa is by the MEDIA who are trying to create more stories. I think the People Mag with Pippa on the cover this week saying she “stole the show” (are you kidding, people mag?) will fail miserably because I don’t see any readers being enamored with her like the media is…

  12. brin says:

    Rubbish, all rubbish!
    *spoken in the Queen’s English*

  13. Photo Jojo says:

    That story makes Carole sound like the White Oprah of the UK.

  14. Sarah says:

    I don’t think that Carole is responsible for her daughter marrying the Prince, it just happened. I do, however, think that she is the mastermind behind both of her daughters’ understated makeup. Seriously, they both LOVE the tons of eyeliner/blush look.

  15. Ginger says:

    I just don’t get it. I still think that Kate is much more attractive than Pippa.

  16. Zzzzzzzzz says:

    @Sarah, I agree with you. Why does there have to be some dastardly plan behind Kate’s relationship with William? He went to a regular – if high brow- university, met a girl, they fell in love. Not an unusual story by any stretch of the imagination. And I still like Pippa. I actually find her more attractive than Kate.

  17. KimnotKardashian says:

    The media can stop trying to make Pippa happen anytime now…

  18. txdislyx says:

    They both look much older than their age. Have they had “procedures” on their faces? It seems that all the injections people are getting are making them look older- not younger.

  19. Kiki says:

    The photoshopping is awful

  20. Julie says:

    Why are they building her up for? The media should stop manufacturing minnows for us as stars. Kate is the real McCoy here not Pippa !

  21. Melinda says:

    It bothers me that the media has to say “Pippa stole the show.” Do people really dislike Kate that much that they need to put her down on her wedding day. Very tacky. I also like the fact that Pippa wore a beautiful bridesmaid dress. It shows that Kate does care and wants her to look good and isn’t a petty jealous bi*%h.

    As far as Carol encouraging Kate to seek out William and “snag him.” Yawn. Please, people over think these things and have all of these theories to make a villian/ martyr in pretty much every scenario whether or not it’s actually the case. (The villian is usually the female) They aren’t the first college students to fall in love and get married and won’t be the last. Let’s move on.

  22. LunaT says:

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz(I added some extra zs :)) Thank YOU! Well said. Two people fell in love. Not unusual or out of the ordinary. Why does there have to be some conspiracy behind it?

  23. Gossip girl says:

    This whole premise is bitchy. Pippa is prettier so she should have married a Prince? Get out of here. Supposedly, Kate and Will are in love. Are we so jaded that there needs to be some drama created around their marriage? They have been married for less than three weeks.
    Pippa looked great in the dress her sister chose for her. It says a lot about Kate that she didn’t put her sister in some sort of horrible, frumpy horror show.

  24. lucy2 says:

    I don’t get the media’s fascination with her. She looked great and did well at the wedding. And…?

  25. Mika says:

    I hate when people try to sell sibling rivalry, it’s just another shitty form of “frenemies”. If it exists, it’s generally over after everyone is past puberty.

  26. spanx says:

    I think the media is going to play this family for all the scandal they can while they’re hot and in the news. I wouldnt believe any of it and I bet there will be tons of stories like this one just b/c the wedding and f/u stories had so many viewers.

  27. RHONYC says:

    in the 2nd pic she looks like a brunette Marsha Brady. with a whoooole lotta rouge.


  28. Melissa says:

    I would love to see what every single person writing a nasty comment looks like. Chances are you aren’t a tenth as pretty as these girls.

  29. Micki says:

    So at high school noone noticed Kate and because of it it was Pippa actually, who tried to force herself into her sister’s circle of friends.Sort of strange.Probably she got pass BECAUSE of Kate and not because she’s such a sparkling social climber.

  30. Susie #1 says:

    I only have sibling rivalry with my mother’s cats (still, to this day, that is true). But it’s not like Gaga Kitty (Charlie) and Heifer Kitty (Susie) are really noble rivals for me.

    Thank you, Kaiser. Love this comment, made me smile!

  31. Heavenbound says:

    Ok the chick has an amazing body (saw the pics with her and her sister in a yacht) But that is all … She is pretty ugly and her sister is not that great looking either, just like her balding prince. Meh…

  32. Gal says:

    Kate is much prettier than Pippa.

  33. Devon says:

    “Suddenly famous”? Pippa is not suddenly famous. She’s been in the British mags for YEARS partying with Kate and William. I have Tatlers from years ago that had Pippa on the most invited list…she’s not suddenly famous.

  34. Venus says:

    I really hate the way both of these girls do their eye make up — the heavy black liner on the bottom of the eye is soooo 80s.

    @28 Melissa: Hi Carole Middleton! So nice for you to join us!

  35. Whatever says:

    I’m laughing at the description of Kate’s mom. They make her sound like she’s living in a Jane Austin novel!

  36. beany says:

    give me a break – this one looks even worse than her older sister, remind you of a 43-year-old mother of two …

  37. thinkaboutit says:

    Okay, first the papers try to convince us that Carole is low-class, has offensive manners, and was raised by coalminers…now they would have us believe that this same gauche and unrefined woman has the skill set to groom future princesses? Okay, it can only be one or the other…or neither, which is what I’m going with.

  38. guilty pleasures says:

    Both beautiful in their own ways. Kate married her prince, don’t we all?
    Happy wishes to all. And their mom seems like a wonderful lady, kind, devoted, hardworking.
    Can’t we just take a moment and revel in a fairy tale?

  39. mary simon says:

    I want to see Harry marry Pippa!

  40. HotPockets says:

    I just got married two months ago and my Bridesmaid’s dresses were quite cleavage-y. Everyone dubbed it the “BREAST wedding ever.” I think all those boobs on display distracted from everything else, but it was memorable, more so than Pippa at the royal wedding.

    Sarcasm, but really, I don’t understand why this is such a story.

  41. snoots says:

    I read this description on here awhile back about someone else but it applies to Pippa – low hanging fruit.

  42. Dingles says:

    She’s the definition of “socioeconomically pretty.”

  43. NJMDPS says:

    Enough already. Makes me happy I am an only child. They are both pretty……..we all are at 20 something.

  44. Jaxx says:

    Don’t all mothers want their daughters to marry well? Don’t see a thing unusual about that.

    And Pippa did not outshine Kate. I agree totally with Kaiser that Pippa supported her sister beautifully on her big day. And Kate went up many points in my estimation that she was willing to dress her sister so beautifully. They both looked lovely but Kate stood out by a mile with her chaste dignity and poise.

    I wish them all well and think all the sniping about Carole pushing her daughters into being social climbers is just jealousy and sour grapes. They obviously fit in the the royals or they wouldn’t have been accepted into their gilded circles.

  45. MeriJaan says:

    I am dumbfounded. She is fugly! What’s the world coming to? No wonder there are so many ugly people walking around thinking they are the sh!t. People keep putting them on pedestals!

  46. Cherry Rose says:

    My, the blush is strong on that one.

    Meh, I do think that Kate is the prettier sister, but compared to many other women, they wouldn’t even register on the meter.

    And Pippa can’t have Harry, he’s waiting for the day he meets me!!

  47. eternalcanadian says:

    Are we still on about Mama Carole plotting to get Catherine to hook up with William at St. Andrew’s?

    I am not sure how the university admissions system works in the UK, but here in Canada you have to apply months in advance, often needing interviews with the department you want to study in. There’s no way when William made his announcement he was going to St. Andrew’s that Carole and Catherine would have had time to apply, interview, and get accepted by the start of the term. Not to mention applying to the very program and taking the very classes William was.

    On the other hand, wasn’t Catherine going to Edinburgh University and when William made the announcement she quickly transferred to St. Andrew’s?

    And how is it this so-called smart woman ended up in the utterly boring art history program when there’s all kinds of programs?

    At least she didn’t transfer to geography when William did. Now that would have totally supported the “she followed William” conspiracy. 😉

  48. poof says:

    So what. What mother does not want her children to do better than her? People need to leave this family alone already.

  49. beth says:

    ok, i have a confession to make. i am a very attractive girl – nothwithstanding the lack of boobs – but my older sisters, and i have three of them, are far, far prettier. if we walked into a room, everyone will be silenced. it has happened for as long as i remember.

    now, everyone falls heads over heels with all of us at first sight, and we all know why. between ourselves, we actually analyse the situation, and understand we have been very lucky to be dealt the hand we had by fate.

    we have also been the subject of ‘who’s prettier than who, and who deserves which better-looking guy’ by possibly well-meaning friends and relatives, and i can’t tell you the amount of eyerolls we’ve accumulated between ourselves. people fail to realise that underneath it all, there’s a person with unique likes and dislikes, and since we are lucky enough to be in the position to choose, we are extra picky. i mean, who wouldn’t after all the guys who only wanted us for one thing or another: trophy girlfriends, trophy lays…

    we are lucky enough to have male role models in our lives to set a certain high-standard, and we’ve chosen men who are MEN. sometimes we luck out with a real-looker, but not always, because in the end, what has mattered to us is how that person made us feel. i am lucky to have such very, very wise older sisters. looks only go so far.

    in the end we all get wrinkly, and saggy, and old, but there are men who will still love us when we are no longer pretty. oh, we’ve had a lifetime of youth to test that out 🙂

  50. ZenB says:

    @mary jones – my thoughts exactly.

  51. beth says:

    not that i’m old. just that in my early 30s, i no longer consider myself THAT young.

    i guess what i’m trying to say, is saying who’s prettier than whom, is a very kindergarten-mindset kind of statement, IMO, because even though it flatters the prettier one, it will always make the less pretty one inferior-feeling by no fault of her own. the prettier one did NOTHING to deserve it, she was just born with it, just as the less pretty one did nothing to deserve that either. the shoe could have fallen on either feet, and that’s just the way it goes. it would be kinder to judge a person by their attributes. just saying.

    and yah, yah, i know this is celeBITCHY, but i think a certain amount of fairly doled-out kindness should still be accounted for.

  52. ZenB says:

    Regardless of what she looks like, I like her better as an example of 20-something womanhood than any of the so-called celebrities the US has been spitting out lately. At least she doesn’t look like a hooker (Kardasshian) and doesn’t appear to have a jail record (Paris, LiLo, Nicole whats her name).

    Other than Leighton Meester (sp?) or Blake Lively* what 20-something American woman on the cover of a magazine is not some sort of horrible reality television creation?

    *I’m not a Gossip Girl fan they are literally the only 20 something non-reality women I could think of.

  53. caitie says:

    What I think is abysmal is the sisters supposed rivalry over who is ‘slimmer or prettier’! Pathetic! Oh no, you couldn’t be rivals over anything else, like careers or achievements. Because a woman is just a piece of meat after all! I think they are both fairly attractive but not supermodels, and why should they be? They look normal for their age, the public is just used to seeing ageless fembots!

  54. khaveman says:

    Lovely girls. I hope they succeed at whatever they attempt in the future. They both work hard to stay fit and pretty and to dress well and are a breath of fresh air. Wanting to marry well is EVERY person’s dream, and Kate and William truly love each other.

  55. riri says:

    They are both vert plain and ordinary looking women.

    As for:
    “Pippa was gracious and selfless enough to behave beautifully during the whole wedding”

    What exactly is she being praised for doing?
    Neither the bride nor her sister need to do anything much.

    How was she selfless and how could she had been “no selfless”?

    Same for Kate- she wasn’t required to do anything beside repeat some words and say I do.

    The only ACTIVE thing that seemed to be going on was that Kate lost tremendous amount of weight before the wedding.

    I am not even sure that’s a good thing, but that was all.

  56. riri says:

    re: 55

    “They both work hard to stay fit and pretty and to dress well”

    You can’t really work hard to be pretty. You are either pretty or not.

    You can pay PR people to claim you are pretty, but people do have eyes.

    As for you praising them for working hard to stay fit and trying to marry well.

    Is that a joke?

    You do know we no longer live in 16 century and women are expected to do more than diet and plotting to “marry well”.

    By the way, it is quite debatable whether marrying into a dysfunctional family that lives off tax-payers money and is famous for being bums is is actually “marrying well”.

  57. sandi says:

    i find her very unattractive..at least from the neck up. the woman looks like a piece of old shoe leather. also, i’m really,really, really over hearing about this family…i am very curious as to why no mention was made of the spencer girls, my gosh they are beautiful

  58. blouson says:

    I suspect most of these quotes came from people who knew them at school…

  59. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Beth: I very much liked your posts. 🙂 I was the ‘pretty’ sister. Still am I guess, though my sister’s life is certainly more enviable than mine as far as a successful career and marriage, etc.

    So yeah, looks count for almost exactly nothing, and being pretty simply means you have to weed out more yahoos than most girls. I am getting better at weeding.

  60. Andie B says:

    Prince William is not stupid, and has gone for the sister who is quiet and discreet, but still has a nice personality. She is the prettier sister as well, but that doesn’t mean Pippa is ugly. Regardless of how wonderful Pippa is, Kate is the woman William fell for, and I’m sure Pippa will marry some rich, aristocratic, well connected man.
    lucy2: And?…she married the second in line to the British throne. That’s the media’s fascination with her. In Commonwealth countries and the UK it’s a big deal. It’s also a big deal to many other people around the world who enjoy watching celebs and who love a fairytale.

  61. Hakura says:

    I’d just like to take a moment to gather all the nasty comments for review –

    @Mary Jones“She probably had to be more outgoing to make up for that unfortunate man face.”
    @The Truth Fairy“Pippa is UGLY.
    @JaisyMaisy“Pippa’s a total Butter Face.”
    @Heavenbound“But that is all … She is pretty ugly…”
    @Beany“this one looks even worse… remind you of a 43-yr-old mother of 2”
    @MeriJaan“I am dumbfounded. She is fugly! What’s the world coming to? No wonder there are so many ugly people walking around thinking they are the sh!t. People keep putting them on pedestals!
    @Sandi” the woman looks like a piece of old shoe leather.”

    Good lord, people are just viscious. That, or the meaning of the word ‘ugly’ has changed, & I wasn’t notified. I agree with Melissa, I’d love to see what *these* people look like. I wonder if it makes them feel better to tear someone else down?

  62. Hakura says:

    @Gossip Girl“This whole premise is bitchy. Pippa is prettier so she should have married a Prince? Get out of here.”

    Exactly how I feel about this ridiculous nonsense.

    @Beth“ok, i have a confession to make. i am a very attractive girl – nothwithstanding the lack of boobs – but my older sisters, and i have three of them, are far, far prettier. if we walked into a room, everyone will be silenced. it has happened for as long as i remember.”

    I do agree with some of what you said, but… I can’t help but be a little annoyed by the overt bragging. (Like your mere presence causes a room to go silent, in awe of your beauty…) There’s definitely nothing wrong with self confidence, but sometimes it just comes off… arrogant. I doubt that was your intention, but still.

    Plus the term ‘Prettier’ is such a blanket description. Not everyone considers the same features ‘pretty’. Just because one person doesn’t find someone attractive doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t find them beautiful.

    @Riri“You can’t really work hard to be pretty. You are either pretty or not.”

    Really? So I guess the multi-billion a year industry for cosmetics, hair products, body shapers, & plastic surgery…. are pointless?

  63. jemshoes says:

    LOL @ Kaiser, your comment about sibling rivalry with your mother’s cats!

    The Middleton sisters sound like most sisters with healthy sibling rivalry.

  64. kikay says:

    Kardashan of UK w/ a small ass and flat chess nothing more nothing less.

  65. really says:

    Kate won the prince, which obviously other “hoes” could not do! So that speaks mountains for Kate, and as for her very cute sister …. lets hope she gets a clue from Kate and marrys extremely mega well-off!

  66. Dudette says:

    She looked really beautiful at the wedding. And the day after as well, in that electric blue Zara blazer. She’s got a great sense of style and dresses very elegantly. It’s probably wishful thinking but she and Prince Harry would make a fine pair.

  67. Liana says:

    And how is it this so-called smart woman ended up in the utterly boring art history program when there’s all kinds of programs?

    * * * * *

    Maybe she happens lo LIEK art and art history.

    @beth – I know your pain about everyone falling for you the second they see you. I, too, silence a room by walking in it. Of course, it’s usually because I tripped on something on the way in, made a lot of noise, and was wearing two different shoes.

  68. Isabella says:

    UGH I live in England and I am sick of hearing about this Pippa girl and how great she is. The truth is she is very unatractive but gets called pretty plainly because of all the hype of the Royal wedding.

  69. duh says:

    She’s so boooring!

    In Polish her name is a vulgar version of the word VAGINA. Go figure.

  70. Dudette says:

    @Isabella – I think you’ll find that the Pippa hype is not just media inspired. In fact the media is only following on from what happened on the social networking sites; there are dozens and dozens of Pippa-related pages on Facebook with some having hundreds of thousands of likes! I hear twitter almost crashed on the day of the wedding with Pippa-related messages! How does one explain that? The truth whether one likes it or not,is that this young woman struck a chord with people watching the wedding, for whatever reason. Whether the attention will last or not is another thing entirely but like someone else said upthread, I’d rather her with no prison record, drug/alcohol habit be talked about than the Lohans and Hiltons of this world.

  71. sandi says:

    ugh, i should stick to posting only on D-Listed, since those who comment are hysterical, and celebitchy seems to have way too many people who only want to talk about butterflies and rainbows…as for wanting to know what i look like, well, let me put it to you this way: i’ve never been called ugly, beautiful, sexy, stunning, yes. do i need lose some weight, absofrigginlutely! will i always be a catty, nasty bitch who enjoys it, yes! if that makes me an ugly person, be glad you do not know me in real life, as i would make you cry and enjoy it.

  72. MeriJaan says:

    @ Sandi – OMG, I love u…lol!

  73. JulieM says:

    Sandi-I love u 2!!! butterflies and rainbows, and sparkly unicorns too! What a bunch of hype for two sisters who have been called “The Wisteria Sisters” for years. Well, at least one of them snagged her man.

  74. Isabella says:


    Sorry to break it to you but the fact still is that all these hype and interest, especially from the public, started pre and post royal wedding. No one knew or cared for this Pippa girl and it wasn’t until when the royal engagement was announce that all this media frenzy and interest started on the Middleton family members.

    PS. Sandi LOL well said, totally agree.

  75. Isabella says:

    I have to say also that I have noticed some people getting easily offended on the behalf of these celebs which is quite idiotic and weird. These gossip websites are here to freely express your personal views for some harmless fun, not to have some random person personally criticise you if you don’t agree with their opinions and telling you what you should and should not say. This website is called CeleBITCHY, the hint is in the name of what this site is about, if you don’t like it then thats your problem.

  76. beth says:

    I knew I was going to offend someone when I said this. Usually it’s my sisters who dazzle, i’m the least attractive of them, but (ok, I’m going to sound arrogant now, but it’s the truth), I’m still above-average in terms of attractiveness. however if it’s any consolation, I have no boobs and I am a total nerd, so I ruin everything when I open my mouth. I just wanted to say things as it is. I don’t want to feel apologetic for the fact that this is how we are, just as I don’t want an girl who perceives herself as unattractive feel compelled to apologise for the fact she’s not up to society’s standards. the value of a person lies in their character. beauty is an asset for a woman, and oftentimes a weapon… and many other women feel threatened by it. rightly so, though, because many women use it to compete with other women for men. i guess that’s how it is. it takes some humility to try to hold back, and acknowledge that sometimes two people really deserve each other and you should just try not to manipulate the situation just because you can, and to realise if you’re doing it for the ego-boost, you’re the female version of a total douche.

    i’m sorry i have offended; i did not mean to. i think what i’m trying to say is, we have met so many, many people who seem to equate the value of a human being with their mere physical appearance, and have treated us almost deferentially. mostly they want something from us, by association, be it glamour, popularity or whatnot.

    i, in particular, resent that. coming from where i am, i have had boyfriends who don’t look like supermodels but people come up to me and tell me i can do better, and i just want to slap them and tell them, what a fool they are to judge a person by their appearance. one of my exboyfriends thought i’ve lowered my standards by choosing him; i thought i lucked out.

    the reason i stated an extreme fact is because i have very little insecurities about my appearance (nothwithstanding lack of boobs), i can really see things as they are when it comes to people’s motives in wanting to have anything to do with me.

    walking in a room like that and getting that kind of attention may sound arrogant, but you’ve seen girls like that before. some of these girls have seen everything, and they understand a bit more of what that kind of beauty can achieve and what it can’t.

  77. Ashley says:

    I have a rivalry with my mum’s cats too. I thought I was the only weirdo to fight with them.

    Anyway, first off Carole Middleton did not marry a poor man. Carole Middleton was born and raised on a Council Estate. Michael Middleton’s father worked with the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) and was commended for his work during WWII. His great grandfather left money so that the Middleton’s could attend Marlborugh. He may have been a lowly dispatcher but he came from money.

    Second, not only did she groom Kate to marry William, Kate took a gap year when William announced he was taking a gap year and went to South America when she heard he was going to South America for his gap year. Pretty fucking strange coincidence no? Why did she not only take a year off if she was set on ST. Andrews but why did she try going to the same village as him to do charity work?

    Also she chased him around St. Andrews. Friends from that time said she made sure to integrate herself into his circle. If he was in a cafe, she would be there. If he had to stay after class, she would be there. It’s nutso, but I guess she really wanted that Prince.

    As for Pippa, before Waity married William the upper classes put a firm ban on any of their male sons hanging out with them. It’s kind of snobbish but they refused to have a Middleton marry into their families. And the boys would make fun of the Middleton’s by making fun of their mums job as a flight stewardess. Pippa is known for getting down with anyone with a title. She wants to marry up and James wants to somehow make himself a millionaire. They have high aspirations.

  78. beth says:

    May 13th, 2011 at 12:11 am

    @Beth: I very much liked your posts. I was the ‘pretty’ sister. Still am I guess, though my sister’s life is certainly more enviable than mine as far as a successful career and marriage, etc.

    So yeah, looks count for almost exactly nothing, and being pretty simply means you have to weed out more yahoos than most girls. I am getting better at weeding.


    glad to hear you’re becoming an expert at weeding out the weirdos, lol. i am tired of apologising for talking about being attractive – i don’t really talk about this IRL, cause it does seem, like Hakura said, arrogant, and i actually agree with her, it is, and it’s too much. but when i hear people talking about who’s prettier than who, it irks me so much. it’s very devaluing to the person deemed less attractive even if they are much, much more attractive compared to everyone else (except. to this one person they’re being compared to), but then people miss out on the fact that this girl may be compared to someone who may not even have half the character she have. Unlike beauty, character is hidden, and unseen until circumstances call for it to come into play. Even so, many people are oblivious to it, and failing to see strength where it matters, continue to place a high price on prettiness. Judging value by beauty alone is a very poor way to assess the value of a person; it can be devastating for girls, though, because for centuries we’ve been judged by it, and in the not-so-distant past, we’ve been commodities, our worth measured by our youth, fertility, beauty.

    i am not above appreciating anyone’s hotness, but i am careful not to make someone feel they’re less valuable because they’re less attractive.

    truth be told, beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and it’s not always physical – a lot of times, it’s an energy the person gives off. and the energy usually comes from a good place, i’d like to think, from a sound value system.

    and thanks, Crash.

  79. Kim says:

    So what if Kates mom groomed her to marry a prince. This is no different than any mom grooming her daughter to marry a particular type of guy they think fit for their daughter- be it based on religion, class, ethnicity, etc. She simply wanted the best for her daughter.

    Pippa seems to have a better personality than Kate/is more outgoing but Kate is definitely prettier facially.

  80. Ashley says:

    eternalcanadian – in the UK you have until June to make final decisions. Obviously people apply earlier, but UCAS allows you to add choices pretty late. If he announced it in May, she would have had time to add it to her list of choices (you get 5).

    I used to think it was impossible;e for her to “choose” his school, but decisions begin January. If you’re Prince William I’m sure you get in right away. And there was talk for some time that he would not be attending Oxbridge. I mean it is odd that he didn’t attend either (the best schools in the UK), but judging from some articles he’s not smart, like at all. Even though he got the best education, his teachers extended deadlines etc. They did the same at St. Andrews. He should have been dropped but they made concessions for him (letting him makeup tests), and even allowed him to change courses (which means he should have been in school for 5 years not 4).

  81. Hakura says:

    @Sandi & Isabella – I didn’t imply that it’s wrong to criticize someone, or even to be a bitch about it. (This IS CeleBITCHY).

    It’s just all the ridiculous, immature “OMFG UGLY” -type comments, that belong more on a middle school bathroom stall (than on this community, where most of the contributers are capable of expressing insults in a more intelligent manner.)

    I could care less about these people, but I can’t understand tearing into someone for no reason. She’s not a supermodel, but she’s not a dog like people are implying.

  82. Ashley says:

    Looking at most of the comments, it seems as if most the people on here haven’t been reading the UK papers for the past 9 years. Gushing about Kate being beautiful, wow people really are shallow.

    How about the fact that she is what it wrong with women today, who want to be Stepford Wives and go to school but have no intention whatsoever of using their degree (a real life Dunst from Mona Lisa Smile). Fine if you want to be that shallow but don’t take places from people who actually want to learn and have a career.

    She also has no personality to speak of. She’s wanted nothing more than to be Princess William. She’s THAT kind of girl who’s entire life revolves around a man. Even her “friends” are all his friends (it’s no wonder he couldn’t get away from her when they broke up). I wish they would stop calling her a role model because she is far from it unless we want to push woman back into subservient housewives who do not have a brain of their own?

  83. Crash2GO2 says:

    @beth: Again, I agree with everything you have said. I have been very much in love with a man, who, if you don’t look too closely, could be mistaken for someone at least 20 years older than I. And not ‘in my attractiveness’ range as they say. And we actually had people stop and stare. It still infuriates me to think about it. He used to joke that they were asking ‘why is that girl taking her accountant out to dinner?. lol

    I’m still looking for his replacement. 🙁

  84. caitrin176 says:

    beth–I too find your statements about your room-silencing beauty to be arrogant,and offputting.Mainly b/c they simply seem uncalled for, having no particular connection to this specific topic/ thread. You do *not* say that you feel these 2 sisters are being,say, unfairly judged by their looks alone, in a way that devalues them as people; you talk instead about how fortunate and grateful you yourself are to have your choice of men, because of the good fortune of your exceptional beauty,and how you resent people’s assumption that,when you date a man less stunning physically than yourself, you are lowering your standards for him.You mention that you are wise to what some men want you for…nothing but a trophy type girlfriend–but that there are others who appreciate you for who you are, both on the surface and well beneath it.All of this is very nice for you, but—why do you feel the need to make your central reply all about your looks? You made *no* remark about the Pippa versus Kate story whatsoever;the story of your beauty and its effect on your personal life had no direct connection to the sisters– at all.(You don’t,for instance,mention any firsthand experience of sibling rivalry among you and your sisters, which would actually be related to this story.)All I could bring away from your reply was that, pretty or not, you are extremely preoccupied with your looks—even more so than all of the other people who responded to this story by saying negative things about one or both girl’s physical appearances are. People who boast abt their own looks to absolute strangers,from the safe invisibility of the Internet,are no less self centered,and tedious, than those who do so “IRL.” It is one thing to discuss personal matters like this among those you are quite close to, but to tell people who you’ll never see,and who will never see you back, does come across as highly and unattractively arrogant and insecure.

  85. JulieM says:

    Ashley: Excellent comments, I really enjoyed them. This is fantasy land here, OH aren’t the Middleton sisters just wonderful! I have been reading the UK press for the past few years and up until two weeks ago, these two were regarded with contempt. They both turn up looking nice at The Wedding (and I do mean that) and all of a sudden they are role models for young women everywhere. Just wait until Waity (by the way, the word police say you are not allowed to use that nickname anymore) starts pushing her weight around and there are some disgruntled employees. Kate will be torn down to size, just like Diana and Fergie were. It will happen, count on it, now that she does have the ring.

  86. Crash2GO2 says:

    @caitrin176: In Beth’s defense, if you actually read her post, she did address the Pippa vs Kate issue in the same way many people here did. As in, why do people assign personal worth based on physical beauty? All of the ‘Pippa is a dog’ type comments were far more distasteful than her post about how she and her two sisters are not, and how people react to that. Perhaps she made the mistake of not apologizing for her beauty or acting meek enough about it for some’s taste? I rather like that she didn’t, but people’s mileage may vary.

  87. MyCatLoves TV says:

    Just glad to be a brunette get a prince in this day and age.

  88. Peter says:

    Both Middleton-girls look quite good, although I think neither of them is an absolute beauty. Kate is shy, quiet, friendly and loyal and I think she therefore fits better to William than the more sparkling and outgoing Pippa. William has looked for a stable woman that can make him happy, not only now but also in the long run. Perhaps not such a bad idea after his parents example…

    And then again the story about Carole’s plot. William was surrounded all his live by woman, woman and many more woman. It’s therefore rather naïve to think that a mother can plan to let him marry her daughter. If William had just fallen in love with another girl, he hadn’t even talked to Kate.

  89. beth says:

    i should learn to be more direct; sometimes, i tend to approach issues in a roundabout way, and by the time people get 3/4 through my comments, they’re just burning too much behind the ears to notice the point i’m trying to make. at the very last few sentences. ha. 😀

  90. janna says:

    neither sister is very attractive. ah well. good luck to them.

  91. eternalcanadian says:

    @Ashley thanks for the info about UK university admissions. I still think there was some plotting to weasel into William’s life. Just too many coincidences that can’t be “fate.”

    Also @Ashley’s comments about Catherine’s friends also being William’s friends are spot on. Where are her own friends that could care less about sucking up to William? That’s a real problem because when there’s issues in the marriage she will have no one to turn to, including her own mother and sister. She is too ingrained in William’s “circle of trust” she has lost her identity and individuality. Catherine is completely dependent on William, and I think she will go spare in short time while William will feel suffocated because she is around all the time and he’ll begin to seek out other company soon.

    I mean look at how he was all those years he was “dating” Catherine. He was always flirting and hooking up with other women, going to visit them without telling or taking Catherine (Anna Sloan and Jecca Craig). He also pursued several while “officially” dating Catherine because he was trying to get someone better (and blonder as most of the women were blonde). I mean the guy invited seven of his ex-lovers to his own wedding! They all have been tight chums for all those years. That’s seven women that have had sex with him–not just kissing and fiddling. And Cathering puts up with this? Of course she does because guess what, if she can stomach all the cheating and stuff she gets to be Queen! 😛

    Frankly I’m surprised at William being a cad like that as he saw how much it hurt his mother when his father wasn’t faithful. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Catherine pursuing William via the gap year, St. Andrew’s, etc., not to mention just putting up with William’s public infidelity and flirtings will just make her a bitter old woman before her time. I wish Canada would get out of the Commonwealth as we do not need or should support such a monarchy. 😐

  92. beth says:

    @celia: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1386914/Royal-wedding-Wills-paid-200-Kate-slave-university-auction.html

    OMG, OMG, he’s soooo hot with all that hair!
    instead of scandalous, i actually found that ‘courtship’ incredibly romantic! not to mention the off-the-charts lust factor that he publicly admitted for her by paying for her – bids can be sexy and for a good cause! 😉

  93. elle says:

    Pippa was gracious enough to take the back seat? LMAO…she is not good looking and too much of an attention seeker for her to be taken as anything more than a good lay…truth is Kate is waaaaay more pretty and carries has that reserved quality in public that is portrayed by royalty. OMW..how awful pippa must be or me to be defending Kate..lol

  94. ZenB!tch says:

    @Sandi – I don’t think Lord Spencer wants us to know what is really going on with his girls and they are Prince Harry’s first cousins so we can’t marry them off to each other in the blogs.

    I come here specifically to be bitchy (see user name and photo). I would be bitchier about Pippa but our 20 something gold diggers are so much tackier that I don’t care if she looks like Pippin in drag instead of Pippa.

    OK… off to bitch about my fave targets: Johnny Depp’s clothes, Brangelina, Aniston and Goop. Hey, I haven’t seen a good Jess Simpson story in a while. I enjoy talking smack about her too.

  95. Hakura says:

    @Beth – I apologize for not responding until now, I completely missed your reply. I definitely wasn’t ignoring you (it probably looked that way when I answered someone else & not you).

    I do understand your point. & Like I said, it’s not arrogant to feel confident in regards to one’s appearence.. & you shouldn’t feel the need to ‘apologize’ for your confidence. It was probably just the ‘the room is silenced by our overwhelming beauty’ thing that rubbed me the wrong way. xD It made confidence sound like arrogance. It just came across ‘overtly’ braggy, when that probably wasn’t your intention.

    To be completely honest, I probably walk around with my nose in the air sometimes myself. (I’ve been very fortunate physically, with a nice ‘shape’, & never had to stress over weight), & only have one feature that I’ve ever disliked (I have a small hump on the bridge of my nose, from breaking it as a kid.).

    I probably have a tendency to be a snob sometimes… & I *do* have high standards (always have.. But that’s less about looks than it is about what kind of person the guy is. If he has ANY manners to speak of, manages to be on the lower end of the ‘idiot’ scale, & respect me (& the fact that I don’t just ‘hook up’ right of the gate.)

    Again, I do hope you see this, I feel bad for missing your message.

  96. beth says:

    I enjoyed imagining you as you described yourself…
    gay much? 😛
    i hope you don’t mind…
    you sound like the kind of girl more than one guy has walked into a french door, for.
    that is awesome. 🙂

  97. Jennifer Anderson says:

    Kate is far prettier than Pippa. However, Pippa wore a revealing gown for the wedding, hence all the media fanfare.

  98. Hakura says:

    I enjoyed imagining you as you described yourself…
    gay much?
    i hope you don’t mind…
    you sound like the kind of girl more than one guy has walked into a french door, for.
    that is awesome.

    I don’t mind, I’m flattered =) After one of my very best friends (in highschool) made an offer (as she was bisexual), I had to come to the conclusion that I’m not, myself. (bisexual/gay) But that certainly didn’t make me feel any less flattered that she could think of me in that way. Though I have to say, as stupid as men can be, I can really see the appeal of being in a relationship with another woman, who can relate/understand you. (It’s like men are a completely different species who don’t understand basic feelings.) xD

    I know I’m lucky, even though I don’t look like a supermodel. (but the traits you described, it sounds like you really do have the build to be a model. Only the one’s who model lingerie have large chests. You rarely see a busty woman on the catwalk.)

    I guess the only other sucky thing is that for an long time, my features hadn’t really matured, (like…until I was 20) & people thought I was still a kid. (God, so many hostesses almost got smacked with those ‘kid’s menus’.) xD

  99. Tiffany says:

    personally i think kate is much more prettier that Pippa, last week my bf though Kates sister was hotter, i disagree, i looked at pictures of both of them together, and kate is the perfect princess, i wouldnt want to see pippa as the princess.

  100. Jonathan says:

    Who in there right mind thinks this woman has any ass. she is flat and ugly why do u weird people obsess over something ugly, really people she does not have any ass its just skin, eva mendez has ass, jlo has ass, kim k has ass not pipea. You people are brainwashed over nothing, TLC wasting resources on nothing, pipea has no shape to her ass so lets get to real topics.

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  102. Fue McCormick says:

    Pippa Middleton: Ugly Outfit No. 2 (that black and mauve thing)

  103. Anita says:

    Kate may be the prettier of the two, but that dress Pippa wore was a big hit compared to Kate’s.