Angelina Jolie will not be answering any questions about Bin Laden


As we saw yesterday, Angelina Jolie did the photo call for Kung Fu Panda 2 wearing this beige Ferragamo sack. I kind of hate the sack, but everything non-sack-related, I adore. Angelina’s face… when the light hits it, you get it. It’s the “aha moment” in Oprah speak. “Aha, that’s why she’s considered one of the most beautiful women in the world!” So, these are just some additional photos from the KFP photo call, because Jolie didn’t make any red carpet appearances last night, boo! I know Angelina and Brad are due on the Tree of Life red carpet on Monday, but I don’t know if she or Brad will make any kind of appearances before then.

Yesterday, I read this funny story that I just wanted to share. New York Magazine covered the KFP press conference at Cannes, and their description of what went down is kind of hilarious. All of the reporters just wanted to ask Angelina questions, and she even fielded questions about international incidents. Like she’s the president.

Press conferences are a strange beast of journalism in any case, but try going to one about a cartoon Chinese bear featuring random, impertinent questions from reporters from seemingly every continent on the planet, except for maybe Antarctica. Then throw in the incongruous pairing of Angelina Jolie with Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman, and you might get close to the bizarre experience that was the Kung Fu Panda 2 press conference at Cannes this morning.

The questions centered mostly on Jolie’s children, Jolie’s motherhood, Jolie playing tough women, Jolie playing a tigress, Jolie’s great popularity in China, what Jolie thinks about bin Laden (“I’m here in the context of Kung Fu Panda; I’d rather not get into such a heavy issue”), and when Jolie was going to come visit China. No one asked when Jolie was going to adopt a Chinese baby, but we got there five minutes late.

The last time the Kung Fu Panda gang was at Cannes, Black accidentally spilled the beans about Jolie’s pregnancy, and then Hoffman spilled the beans about her due date, overtaking the news cycle. This time around, both kept mostly quiet, seemingly amused by the single-mindedness of the room’s hive mind. Not prompted by any question, Hoffman leaned into the mike and said, “I do feel if we had a male director, I would have had a bigger part.” Later: “Since I finally got asked a question … ” One reporter asked the group, “Where do you find inner peace?” Hoffman replied, “I’ve never been so at peace as I am at this moment, being this famous, in front of all these cameras, and sitting next to Angelina.”

When another reporter asked the group about their favorite cartoons growing up, Hoffman said, “Being perhaps the oldest person in the room — if anyone is older, please stand now — I remember the first film I ever saw was Bambi.” No one stood. He also cited a rendition of Pinocchio in which the puppet lays too close to the fire and has his legs burnt off. “What version did you see?!” asked a horrified Jolie.

[From New York Magazine]

Other Brangelina stories – they’re being sued by a former secretary who worked at their French estate. The chick is suing for $75,000 for… I’m not sure. She was fired for “absenteeism” but she claims she was on sick leave. Meh. And there was also this story in the Enquirer this week:

When BRAD PITT filmed a totally uncredited cameo for the new Bosnian War film/ love story baby-momma ANGELINA JOLIE’s directing, it was just for a giggle – he and Ange thought it’d be fun to see whether moviegoers would spot him in his blink-and-ya-miss-it role playing a soldier shot by a sniper – but suddenly, Brad’s brief scene’s NO laughing matter.

Director Jolie just fired the first shot in what’s shaping up to be “World War 3” with the film’s producers! Said a behind-the-scenes insider: “Trouble started brewing when Angelina turned over the final cut of the film, which still has the working title of ‘Untitled Bosnian Love Story’ – but at three hours screen time, it’s way too long. It needs to be cut to two hours and a half, or less. After viewing it, editors recommended cutting Brad’s surprise cameo. It’s a short, valiant death scene – but not significant to the story line, so producers told director Jolie to chop it.”

Angelina’s “Tomb Raider” response: I’LL BE CHOPPING, BOYS – BUT IT WON’T BE BRAD’S SCENE! “She was furious, and immediately pulled rank as the film’s director and writer,” said the source. “She told the powers-that-be that Brad’s scene stays… period! Angelina knows that because the news that Brad shot the scene leaked to the press, fans will thrill to the challenge of trying to spot the superstar – so she’s flatly refused to ‘kill’ her live-in’s death scene.”

And why would producers kill a built-in publicity coup like that? Stay tuned.

[From The National Enquirer]

Once again, meh. I might have to turn in my Brangeloonie Platinum Membership Card, but I am so not excited about Angelina’s Bosnian film. I think the whole thing – while made with good intentions – sounds like a hot mess, a disaster of epic proportions. I’m not looking forward to the release, because I feel like Angelina is going to bashed soundly, and she will deserve a great deal of it.

Sigh… let’s just go back to looking at pretty pictures.






Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. teri says:

    Why would anyone expect her to?

  2. Happymom says:

    She looks beautiful-although she could stand to gain about 15 pounds, but I’m going to save my love for Dustin Hoffman: he is fricking hilarious.

  3. teri says:

    I can’t wait to see the movie she directed. I’m sure fans around the world will be seeing it.

  4. Addie says:

    Well answered on the Bin Laden thing.
    What a bizaar and unnessesary question to ask in CANNES AT A KIDS MOVIE premier.

    Love the jewlery in the last picture!

  5. brin says:

    Yeah, I love that Angelina does a lot of humanitarian and charitable work, but I really just like to look at her and Brad. *Bows head in shame*

  6. Jnet says:

    She is a beautiful woman for sure, mostly when she is wearing no makeup and just has street clothes, she doesnt look particularly comfy on the carpets, but knock off the mother theresa act lady sheesh! its boring and its fake feeling.

  7. junipergreen says:

    Angelina is gorgeous. Dustin Hoffman is awesome. And why the hell would she be asked those sorts of questions anyway?

    But this is what I want to say: the phrase “baby momma” needs to die in a fucking die. Ugh.

  8. phlyfiremama says:

    Good grief, that woman is so incredibly beautiful & fascinating. No wonder Brad fell for her so hard! I remember seeing a picture of her years ago in Paris-she was on a carousel with Maddox, and she looked up at Brad & it was like “OMG!” such an amazing picture. Whatever else her issues might be, she has channeled her energy, time & money into accomplishing truly significant works improving the state of humanity. Anniston? Still doing smart water ads. Team Brangelina!!!

  9. tango says:

    Well played Angelina. When I hear these type questions, I cringe. They aren’t applicable to either the situation or people involved.

    It’s like when famous people break up and reporters ask celebrities at random movie premieres or events their opinion. Why? Does that C list celebrity really know Tiger Woods? Does that television actor know Sandra Bullock well enough to be qualified to comment on her marriage and state of mind.

    I wish more celebrities would decline to comment on things not appropriate to the situation or people involved.

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    I am a “MAY BABY!” Why is SHE wearing all of MY EMERALDS?!? (My birthday was on Mothers’ Day, FFS!!!)

  11. Toot says:

    I don’t think Angelina has put herself or wants anyone else to put her on a pedastal. She’s found something she’s passionate about and fully works for it. I don’t understand the “Mother Teresa” comments.

    As for her movie, I’ll give it a shot if it’s released here.

  12. Kaboom says:

    Well she played a professional killer in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, so she has some expertise on the matter of taking out high profile targets – at least in the “I played it so I know what I’m talking about” manner some other actors are approaching the use of their pieholes.

  13. Runs with Scissors says:

    I’ll definitely be seeing her film. Don’t know why anyone would just assume that it won’t be any good. Because it’s Angelina? Because she’s a woman? Whatever.

  14. N.D. says:

    If her directorial debut is going to be a disaster it’s certainly won’t be of epic proportions as it’s a small independent production that as of yet has no plans for US release at all.

    Enquirer story is bizarre as usual :) Considering that she and Brad are producers as well along with Graham King and put their own money into production the cut-Brad-now argument would make a weird scene. Was Brad one of those “boys” that asked her to cut him from the movie? And how would his blink-and-you-miss-it scene become so crutial for the whole length of the movie that it just HAS to be cut? Is everything else in it plot moving?

    BTW the movie is definitely finished, there were special screenings for the cast&crew last month.

  15. lucy2 says:

    Ridiculous question, good answer.
    No interest in a 3 hour love/war movie, not for me.

    “I wish more celebrities would decline to comment on things not appropriate to the situation or people involved.” Me too! And about their own private lives too.

  16. Love the Viking says:

    Not cool, Jill, totally not appropriate.

  17. Toot says:


    Typical. To have so much bitterness in your life is sad.

  18. Hanh says:

    I don’t really care if she’s faking it. If she’s full of herself, or whatever. As long as she keeps doing good and making a difference with her huge charity contributions and using her fame to highlight special issues, who the hell cares the reason as long as she helps people. I’m jealous too.

  19. Praise St. Angie! says:

    LMAO at original bellaluna…I’m a May baby too…and I think that jewelry she’s got on is quite pretty. I don’t usually wear gold but I’d wear this stuff.

    if I could afford it…anyone know the prices on her line?

    oh, and the only movie that needed to be 3 hours long was the Godfather.

    Titanic, LOTR…could have cut at least a half hour from each and it would have worked.

    EDIT: Geez, Jill…you don’t have to like her but to wish death on her? I’m sure her kids would love to hear that. that’s a pretty disgusting thing to say.

  20. Lisa Turtle says:

    No surgeon could make a face like Angies. A face like that is rare. There are many “pretty” women, but to me when you see Angelina’s face, its like gasp- really!?!?! How??? And feature for feature she could have turned out odd looking, but somehow everything just came together and there is a beautiful balance about her face which makes it all the more striking.


    @ Kaiser: You’ve got me really worried about this Bosnian love story… The unholy-love-triangle taint is finally weaning, and the JPs are starting to get positive press again, and now they’re gonna throw it all away with some half-wit movie attempt? ehhh… I hope to eat my words.

  21. Cheyenne says:

    They usually shoot five or six hours of film to make a two-hour movie.

    @Jill: Wassamatta, hon — date stood you up last night?

  22. N.D. says:

    It could have been worse with Ben Laden question. They could have asked her what she thinks The Tigress would have to say about it :D

  23. mln76 says:

    Dustin Hoffman is just the most hilarious guy, you can tell he’s been in the business long enough not to give flying f—k.
    As for the film I don’t know if its going to be good or not I hope so but its a heavy topic… people have their knives sharpened and basically want it to be terrible so no matter what she actually comes up with unless it’s Citizen Kane it’s going to be lambasted in the press. Just my opinion.

  24. sharylmj says:

    WOW JILL!!!! She is a mother of six small children, why would you make a statement of that!

  25. Toe says:

    @ Jill. Really? REALLY???
    This is CeleBitchy, not FemaleFirst.

  26. Kaiser says:

    Jill was already banned. Here’s a reminder: don’t feed the trolls.

  27. Brittney says:

    @Lisa Turtle — “There are many “pretty” women, but to me when you see Angelina’s face, its like gasp- really!?!?! How???”

    EXACTLY. That’s a fantastic way of putting it.

    I’m a bona fide Angeloonie and have been for 15 years. I recently found my old collection of magazine covers of hers (hundreds, embarrassingly, and I still buy the major ones). Looking at them, I was in awe, all over again, at how flawless and captivating she is in every single one of them. The more Photoshopped she was, the less beautiful the cover was (I’m looking at you, Cosmo July 2004). And over-shopping notwithstanding, that’s pretty damn impossible.

    To combine the physical beauty with such authentic compassion? I don’t care what anyone says about her, she’s one in a zillion.

  28. lolo says:

    Talk about being PHOTOSHOP. WOW!!!

  29. Liana says:

    I like her. I liked her, then didn’t, and now I like her again. I had the rare and lucky chance to meet her at a charity event and she is actually really nice, quite funny, and very caring.

  30. mln76 says:

    She has an amazing face and it looks natural to me she’s got laugh lines and small crinkles around the eyes not a lineless, bland ‘perfect’ face but a beautiful one also tons of character.

  31. sandy says:

    taken down a notch? why? because it appears she has it all? she is generous to a fault, in time and money, i might skip the movie too. but good luck with that.

  32. futureperfect says:

    Just because a person is a journalist does not mean they are going to ask intelligent questions. (See: just about any journalist tasked with asking questions of celebrities — I’m looking at you Guiliana Rancid.)

  33. DiMi says:

    I’m of two minds:
    1. On the one hand, it IS a legitimate question given that she is an advocate for war refugees, including Iraqi war refugees, and Bin laden’s actions contributed to wars that have produced many refugees.

    2. On the other hand, she’s just an actress and model. I’m tired of people feeding into her self-important persona.

  34. Folly says:

    I hope the movie wil be good,i am worried too mostly on how those bosnia women fired up then,i really hope she do it right.She really løok gorgeous in those pictures,i cant wait for monday red carpet photograph

  35. futureperfect says:

    @DiMi — agreed, it’s a legitimate question to ask what is a UN rep’s opinion of the ‘death’ of Bin Laden (I truly believe he was killed some time ago, put on ice, and defrosted in order to make an event out of it), but the timing of it…. While she’s arm-in-arm with a person in a panda costume to promote a kid’s movie? That’s just stupid.

  36. kim123 says:

    NAtional Enquirer has never got a story correct concerning Angie . Kaiser- The film was good enough for United Talent agency to represent her as a writer and director.Also Sir Anthony Hopkins is mulling over her next script on Churchill. So I’m looking forward to her directorial debut. I guess I’m fortunate I just came online so I missed Jill’s comment.Lastly Angie looked better in the video than in the pics from the photocall

  37. doubit says:

    I actually can’t wait to see her movie. She’s signed with an Agent to direct more movies so she must’ve really liked it. I think certain people already decided they wouldn’t like it from the very beginning… before she even started filming it. LOLOL

  38. tomas says:

    Why would the press want to ask an uneducated actress a question about bin laden anyway??

  39. says:

    Wow, the movie does sound horrible- I kind of like the dress, though, with the belt. And the light colors make her eyes pop, instead of darks and reds.

  40. Jaxx says:

    I LOVE her. Period. Always have, always will. But it absolutely amazes me how much people project onto her. She has never put herself on a pedestal or thought of herself as Mother Teresa. I guess the people who say that about her know they would have done that if they’d accomplished as much as she has. For her it’s just following her heart.

  41. ADS says:

    @TOMAS (No’ 40) I think they asked her because of Angie’s rebranding as a liberator of poor orphans/plane flighing/jet setting freedom fighter sexy woman. She’s also a UN ambassador and is on the board of CFR (Council of Foreign Relations). Even if it’s really all about keeping up appearances with her, I’m assuming she was asked because the press believe her answer is worth hearing.

  42. Catherine says:

    I wouldn’t answer the question either. Quit talking about the scumbag and focus on her movie. She looks incredible in these pics.

  43. Newbie says:

    I’m glad she answered that way. Not a good time to be talking about that.

  44. Sakyiwaa says:

    lol. poor timing, journalist!
    yup! she’s beautiful. lovely face close-ups! her face is why i fell for her in the first place. like i took one look at her in TR eleven years ago and jux cudn’t stop looking…:)

  45. Kim says:

    Angelina is a pretty girl but way to overbotoxed and to much filler. She has the mannequin plastic look going.

  46. Liana says:

    Why would the press want to ask an uneducated actress a question about bin laden anyway??

    * * * *

    You have to go to college to have an opinion? Some of the smartest people I know never went to college and a couple never graduated high school.

  47. Brittany says:

    2nd pic: prob the prettiest i have ever seen her

  48. louise says:

    Cannes is known for bizarre questions and press conferences. Dustin is really funny. It must be funny and frustrating to be so ignored. It reminds me of the Today Show interview.

    @Kaiser there’s a huge difference in loving Angelina and loving to hate on her which you do. I can’t remember the last time you did a story without insulting her or saying the most farfetched rumor is true. It’s extremely dramatic to call the Bosnian movie an epic disaster for no reason. I don’t think it’s going to be great because of her inexperience but I don’t know why you want it to fail so badly. Besides it’s a low budget film with no stars. It’s not supposed to be a huge blockbuster but a small arthouse film that’s going to have a very limited release.

    It sounds like the woman is suing because they are celebrities. According to the story Brad and Angelina didn’t even fire her and the secretary is mad that they didn’t stop it. Which makes me wonder if they are still leasing the home since somebody else did the firing.

  49. DD says:

    I love the main picture. Stunning.
    I will definitely go see Jolie’s first directorial debut, even if it’s bad. Got to support a strong woman on her way up!

  50. jc126 says:

    I have to agree that sometimes she is really breathtakingly beautiful, startlingly so.
    I do not think she is uneducated, particularly about world affairs, and I like her response to the bin Laden question.

  51. wifeyskarsgard says:

    She did a great job on the questions and she looks gorgeous as always. As for the movie she made I will be seeing it no matter what anyone says, and judge for myself.

  52. Hawk says:

    Not a big Angelina fan, but come on, what kind of question is that to ask at the Kung Fu Panda premiere? I know Angie has this whole world embassador thing going, but she’s not the President! We need to hear her opinion on every world event?

  53. Crash2GO2 says:

    Hahahahaha!!! I love it when the loonies call out Kaiser for not loving Angie ENOUGH.

  54. Julie says:

    Cool answer.As for jill ,she’s way out of line and demented.By the way, Angie has been confirmed to have one of the highest I.Qs in the world. Quite liked Kaiser’s write-up.

  55. Julie says:

    Cool answer.As for jill ,she’s way out of line and maybe on something or she got stood up.By the way, Angie has been confirmed to have one of the highest I.Qs in the world. Quite liked Kaiser’s write-up.

  56. Linda says:

    She’s smart to not answer that question, a lot celebrities say things about politics and then have to backtrack on it the next day.

  57. annie says:

    she’s just too beautiful

  58. truthSF says:

    She really does look lovely in these pics…especially the face. It’s always a good thing to see pics of Celebrities un-photoshopped to hell and back.

  59. lisa says:


    Calling a spade a spade is not loonieness. It is the truth.

    As a fan I don’t care or expect everyone to like her. But I too am smart enough to get and recognize a backhanded dig.

    Her film has not been viewed by the public. YET now it is a “supposed disaster or epic proportion” that will fail. I am sure if another female had directed her first film that comment would not have been made. It was made because it was Angelina. Basing the end result of her effort on the assumption of a group of women (or one in this case) with and agenda is unfair.

    This again is an example of how it works with women. There are countless male actors that Direct their first films. But you will not see male bloggers counting it out before it is seen. Only happens with women. Sad but that is always the case. And more so because it is Angelina Jolie.

    I hope the film plays in my area because I would love to see it. I have been reading the responses from the actors and the people worked on the film. All of whom have talked about how good they think it is. Yes they have a vested interest, but they have seen it. So have the studio.

    Kaiser it would be much better and FAIR to write a review AFTER seeing a film. NOT before there is even a trailer out. (The comment about her film was a bit off.. considering she was not talking about it at all during her promoting of KFP 2 anyway)

  60. mln76 says:

    @Gina I am sure Brad wants her there by his side(just as he’s been for her promotions) It’s not just about the press this is a big night for him why shouldn’t she be there? Anyway if she doesn’t show up the story would be about how she wasn’t there.
    @lisa Kaiser is writing a blog she has to be a bit snarky but she is clearly pro-Brange…I am a fan too but I don’t think she walks on water she is tough enough to take a bit of criticism.

  61. Folly says:

    @gina,i am sure you wil be one of the people that wil say there is trouble in their relationship if he show up without her,they’ve been working redcarpet together for the past six years

  62. Mrs Odie 2 says:

    I don’t think that people doubting her directorial ability has to do with her sex. I think that there’s a reason “what I really want to do is direct” as a cliche and a running joke. All actors think they can do the big boss’ job better than the big boss. It’s nothing personal, but here’s another actor who thinks s/he has more to offer than just looking good. Time will tell if she’s right. I, personally have no interest in war movies. Life is depressing enough just watching the news.

  63. gatekeeper says:

    Jolie is political so it’s a natural question.

  64. nnn says:

    Yes it’s a natural question if you ask the question to Jolie the UN goodwill ambassador.

    It’s just not appropriate and was out of the context when done during a professional representation of her other core business as an actress.

    It’s like asking a president during a specific political exercise where political questions are raised a private question about his kids or wife.

    It was just not the right time nor the right environment to approach that matter.

    I remembered when Jolie was pregnant of he twins and was in Irak, a CNN journalist was asking questions about the situation of refugees in Irak, then the personal hollywood like question pop out as if rumours were right about her pregnancy and Jolie was taken aback by the fact that a politocal journalist would go there and become Hollywood tabloish. The journalist gave her appologies.

    It’s the same approach. Just not appopriate when she is Jolie the UN Goodwill ambassador doing her job and receiving a journalist whose questions should be strictly about her core business and what she is thinking about the situation of refugees.

  65. lisa says:


    I don’t think Angelina is perfect at all and never said she was. But to knock something she has done before it has ever been seen. NOT RIGHT. And as I said these things are only done to her. That is my complaint. Be snarky all you want. But be fair and balanced.

    I don’t like the double standard.

  66. CoffeeTalk says:

    I’m glad she didn’t respond-she’s an actress at a photocall for a kid’s movie. The question was wholly inappropriate for the setting. And she isn’t exactly the authority on terrorist policy in this country so it was best she kept her trap shut about it.

    Beside that, I don’t think the Bosnian film will be good simply because she’s given no real indication that she’s wanted to direct in the past and this seems like a pet project. Actors often delude themselves into thinking they can direct just because they’ve been directed. But directing is a whole other world and an entirely new can of worms. Some people are adept at it and others just aren’t.

    We’ll see how her pet project turns out.

  67. mln76 says:

    @ CoffeeTalk actually Angie directed a film years ago a documentary I don’t remember the title but aparantly it’s shown in some schools.

  68. ADS says:

    @67 She may have a natural aptitude for direction. I hope she does just to shut people like you up. Not very bright criticizing something you have not seen.

  69. lisa says:

    The film is called A Place in Time..

    and like every Director regardless of your background..must direct his/her first film. In this she is not different than anyone else.

    Everyone has a first. And we see tons of people with the title of Director that are not good at it either.

  70. Crash2GO2 says:

    @lisa: Loonie as in ‘Brangeloonie’ as in Brandgie fan as in Kaiser is one too. :roll:

  71. lisa says:


    I understood your use of the term..

    and again..

    Calling a spade a spade is not loonieness (Loonie as in Brangieloonie or as in Brandgie”

    It is STILL the truth.

  72. Eve says:

    @ Wifeyskarsgard (# 51):

    She did a great job on the questions and she looks gorgeous as always. As for the movie she made I will be seeing it no matter what anyone says, and judge for myself.

    Totally agree with you.

  73. CoffeeTalk says:

    ADS and lisa: It’s an actor trying to direct. It doesn’t matter that it’s Angelina Jolie specifically. And I didn’t know about her documentary. I don’t follow her career, so there you go.

    I’m treating her as I would any other actor trying out directing for the first time, especially one who has a personal attachment to the subject matter so I agree with you, she’s not different than anyone else.

    I used the general term “actors” in order to get across that she isn’t being specially targeted-she’s the subject of the original post but I’m using that post to make a general point about actors who think they can direct.

    And yes, there are terrible directors who direct lots of things. What does that have to do with the subject at hand? That Angelina could be a bad director but still direct stuff…?

  74. Coffeetalk says:

    ADS and Lisa: I didn’t know she had filmed a documentary-I don’t follow her career so there you go.

    I used the general term “actors” for a reason. You’re right, she isn’t different from anyone else. I would say this about any other actor with a pet project they want.

    And yes, there are tons of bad directors. What does that have to do with the subject at hand? That Angelina could be successful as a bad director…?

  75. anon1000 says:

    Angie and Brad have been on the red carpet for over 6 years supporting each other’s films. for those who wish she was not there to “lets Brad Pitt and his costars have the spotlight so that it can be about the movie and about the actors in it, instead of being all about Angelina again” is code for the haters to spam every thread with their talking points of their breakup and anticipating the “official announcement” that they have wasted at least six years of their lives (and counting) waiting for.

  76. Newbie says:

    @Crash: LOL! I was going to say the same exact thing! Kaiser, if you love Angelina, you must love ALL of her and all things that her almighty claw…I mean, hand, touches!

    @Lisa: Kaiser is merely saying she has a hunch it might not do so well. She may be right, and she may be wrong. It’s only an opinion. Not a gypsy’s prediction by way of crystal ball (although I do hope you wouldn’t take it any more seriously if even that were the case). Are you concerned that her voicing her opinion will drive people away from seeing the film? It certainly won’t. Even if Jolie’s film is considered shit here in America, it will do very well internationally. I don’t get how it’s offensive for Kaiser to say she’s wary of it? Maybe it’ll do great! In which case everyone will renew their brangeloonie cards and issue you a personal apology? Those who want to see it are going to see it. Those who don’t, won’t. I really think it’ll be alright. When she does a hit movie or a flop, it almost ALWAYS makes money. No worries.

  77. lisa says:


    Brad obviously enjoys her with him on RC as she does him and having each other support.

    A RC is all about appearance. Being seen. It has never been about talking a lot about the film. Brad will talk about his film at his press junket. That is where the focus on the film will be. Angie will not be at the junked just like Brad is never at hers (except for A Mighty Heart because he was a Producer) The Press junket is the Film talk.. not the RC where you have seconds to minutes to answer in a sound bite. Besides there are NO interviews done on the Cannes RC anyway. All about the pictures. And those pictures will be EVERYWHERE.. and in the caption it will say something about them being at the promotion of TOL..There will be talk about her dress in fashion sections and again they will mention Tree of Life.

    Award shows are SHOWS that SHOW the STARS. the media makes it about there relationship because that is what the blogs will carry. Seriously do you really think Angie and Brad planned her putting on lip gloss and the media going silly over such a thing. That is not their fault. It is the media and the public that is eating that shit up. Look at the rags. If Angie does not attend the RC of TOL that will be the headline. Vanessa is not with Johnny.. Javier is not with Penelope. YET nothing about a break up or cheating. It that had been Brad or Angie the gossips sites would be all over it. And there would be cries of trouble, cheating fighting.. you name it. I will bet my Mortage payment on the fact that Johnny/Penelope won’t be on any covers come next week.

    That is the difference. Angie can have a great time with Jack and nothing. If she had been as fun and open with Johnny the nasty would have started. It did before they even set step on the set.

    She and Brad have different standards attached to them. Brad will promote his film. He has already done an interview talking the film and only one hit at he and Angie. The public wants to see them together. On the carpet, off wherever. That is a fact. and they both seem to understand it and still find ways to stay private in the mist of all that.

  78. Jollyjolie says:

    ^^well said Lisa, well said {{clapping}}

  79. Louise says:

    Wow Crash and Newbie get a grip. Not one person said Angelina is perfect or everybody has love everything she says and does. I think it’s obvious that Kaiser isn’t a fan but loves attacking Angelina, same in the way she loves attacking Mariah Carey. Not malicious hate just sarcastic, fun hate. There’s nothing wrong with that but I don’t know why she calls herself a fan when she really doesn’t like anything about Angelina and says all of the tabloid rumors are true.

    Gina, it’s really ridiculous to demand that Angelina not show up because of the attention. If anything it would be a much bigger deal if she did’t attend. The press is really quick to announce a breakup when they aren’t together for 5 seconds. Besides you should be more concerned about Sean Penn and Scarlet Johannson. If they attend together that’s all anybody would be talking.

  80. lisa says:

    Just a note to all the JP fans.. just saw this on a fan site. credit jjb.. and those fans that always get the information FIRST and CORRECT.

    FilmDistrict to release Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut

    ‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ to hit theaters Dec. 23

    By Variety Staff
    FilmDistrict will release Angelina Jolie’s directorial debut, “In the Land of Blood and Honey,” GK Films announced Sunday in Cannes.
    Pic, which is also written by Jolie, will be released in the U.S. on Dec. 23.

    It is being released around Awards season.. I guess someone sees this as a great effort on her part and feel that she has done a good job.

    Bravo Ms. Jolie..

    LOVE the title too.. and I love how she has not said much about the film. When all the ducks are in a row the news come out.

    Classy all the way.

  81. lisa says:


    NO not her history. Tabloid gossip..
    there is big difference. and your comment goes to show how little you know the difference.

    and with that I’m done with this.

    The fans have a great treat in December with Angie’s film being released..

  82. nnn says:

    The reason why the media speculates on Angelina and her costars more, is because of her history. The reason why Penelope and Johnny aren’t speculated about, is because they have given the media nothing to work with in that regard.
    You are joking, right ?

    Before the infamous triangle there was one : Nicole, Peneloppe and Tom Cruise…with two children involved at that and a subsequent divorce !.

    So your analogy IS A BIG FAIL. And i won’t even talk about Peneloppeas a softporn actress in in softp*rn TV movies that are sometimes still on TV at night and her reputation before she went in the US and trade up her image inspite of her the first rumours of her dating her co star Tom Cruise when he was married to Nicole, right before the divorce.

  83. olivia says:

    The Land of Blood and Honey……

    This a a book about Israel..

    The Land of Blood and Honey
    The Rise of Modern Israel

    Martin van Creveld………..Google it. Plagiarism much?????

    And check out what the book is about:
    “In this crisp volume, he skillfully relates the improbable story of a nationless people who, given a hot and arid patch of land and coping with every imaginable obstacle, founded a country that is now the envy of surrounding states.”

    And Jolie wanted to do a film about:
    “The film is specific to the Bosnian War, but it’s also universal. I wanted to tell a story of how human relationships and behavior are deeply affected by living inside a war.”

  84. Liana says:

    I just think they are becoming a parody of themselves and a laughing stock of many in the business with their antics, as well tabloid fodder, just like Snookie and the Housewives…I would think they would want to avoid that…sigh…

    * * * * *

    Are you for real? I’m IN the business and both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are quite well regarded pretty much across the board. And their “antics?” What? Being with their family? Showing up to support each other on the red carpet? What antics? What an utterly ridiculous statement.

  85. Crash2GO2 says:

    @lisa: I think you get it, but you don’t want to admit. I wasn’t calling anyone crazy. ‘Looney’ happens to be short for ‘Branjelooney’ which is the term used for REALLY BIG AJ and BP fans. Now stop trying to pretend you don’t get it, and stop trying to pick fights. Or not. Whatever. It makes for entertainment that’s for sure. :)

  86. Joe's Mom says:

    @Liana – Seriously! (Regarding the “parody”, “antics” comment).
    Also, I have to say, Dustin Hoffman is so funny, I’m still smirking.

  87. Katherine M. says:

    Liana, you live in the real world and unfortunately there are those who live in some alternate bizarro universe they have constructed that satisfies some need to see Angelina and Brad unsuccessful and unhappy. Sadly, it is more than likely a reflection of themselves instead.

  88. Katherine M. says:

    Olivia, dear. I see no plagiarism or even similarity between the two blurbs you posted. Perhaps you were trying to make some other point but it escapes me.

    As for Land of Blood and Honey. THAT is exactly what the word Balkans means. It’s a combination of two words – honey and blood. Commonly used to describe the Balkans and a seemingly apt title for Jolie’s film.

  89. Camille says:

    “As for the film I don’t know if its going to be good or not I hope so but its a heavy topic… people have their knives sharpened and basically want it to be terrible so no matter what she actually comes up with unless it’s Citizen Kane it’s going to be lambasted in the press. Just my opinion. ”

    I agree. It will get butchered no matter what it is like.
    I imagine that the film will be a little indie arthouse film that will be in limited release or something, not some major blockbuster (at least I hope it isn’t …). I plan to see it and make up my own mind about it anyway *shrugs*.

    @Liana 30#: Great to know! Lucky you in getting to meet her :) .

    I don’t think AJ is any kind of saint :roll: and she’s not perfect- NO ONE is, however that face of hers is just stunningly beautiful and I could look at photos of her for hours. She has charisma for days too. :D

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  91. Anitra Hurta says:

    Do you have the actual interview for that Dennis? I would love to hear exactly what Matt said.