Linnocent hired a new publicist to help with cracked-out image


It’s been a hectic week for Linnocent, what with her cracked-out sentencing (three years of probation, ha!) and her partying at the Marmont, the release of tequila-and-antibiotic-soaked probation report, and all of those braless, selfless hours that she’s been mandated to work at the Women’s Center. Then, yesterday, there was this suspicious little item on Radar:

Lindsay Lohan has hired a new publicist in an attempt to rehab her image. The troubled starlet has hired Hollywood publicist Steve Honig of The Honig Company, whose clients include Fiore Films, the production company that is producing Lohan’s upcoming role in the mob bio-pic Gotti: Three Generations.

Honig will handle all of LiLo’s public relations and publicity. Lindsay hasn’t had a full-time publicist since she parted ways with Leslie Sloane several years ago.

Lindsay formally pled no contest Wednesday to a misdemeanor grand theft charge, and she’s eager to put the past behind her and move on.

In a statement to, the Mean Girls star says: “I am glad to be able to put this past me and move on with my life and my career. I support the judge’s decision and hold myself accountable for being in this situation. I have already started my community service at the Downtown Women’s Center and thank everyone there for their warm welcome. I hope to be able to fulfill my obligation without any press attention. I think the media spotlight should be on issues such as homelessness and domestic violence instead of on me.”

Lindsay has an uphill battle to stay out of trouble given her past history. Lindsay will be on probation for three years in connection with the grand theft.

[From Radar]

Hiring a new publicist? How is she affording this again? Oh, right. She’s a hooker. Meanwhile, there’s some confusion as to whether Linnocent has been fired from Gotti: Three Generations, because she no longer appears on the cast on IMDB. The Gotti producer – the same one who sounded like Linnocent is giving him beejs on the regulartells The Wrap that Linnocent is still attached to the film, but IMDB hasn’t been updated. Ten bucks says she never ends up doing it. All of those beejs for naught!



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  1. the original bellaluna says:

    Dude. A “publicist” won’t help unless you stop the cracknanigans. NO ONE can put a gloss on the kind of f*ckery you perform. NO. ONE.

  2. danielle352 says:

    Ugh gross!! That last photo is just wrong Kaiser. So, so wrong.

  3. sapphire says:

    Wear a bra and clothes that fit. Deflate your lips. Put down the redbull/vodka and crack pipe. Kill the skanky extentions and take the paps off speed dial. This might be a good start.

    If she’s still attached to the movie, the producers may be footing the bill.

  4. Quest says:

    ITA @the original bellaluna.

    If only the new publicist can make her at least wear a bra to cover up those unsightly tatas, we’ll all be happy – there is no need to advertise damaged goods.

    LL can read Celebitchy and we can all give her advice for free.

  5. LittleFATMe says:

    What a shame. He body used to be bangin’ and her breast were amazing – now it’s all sorts of homeless and dirty. Sad.

  6. brin says:

    Is she paying the publicist with 10% of her crack?

  7. Jessica says:

    I’m just waiting for her to die

  8. Ruby Red Lips says:

    The sad thing is that many people out there will believe all the cr*p the new publicist spouts out on behalf of Linnocent…

    But there is no way in this world that Linnocent can manage 3 years w/o cracking out so tailate parties will continue

    Re the Gotti film, agreed, she won’t be in it, its just great publicity for the film

  9. Quest says:

    @brin – it’s gotta be 10% commission from what she makes from her clientiel. That’s the only way she will be able to pay unless the publicist is a he – then it’s a no brainer for LL (literally)

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Quest – We should charge for this shit! We are spot on, no doubt about it! :D

    OY! Hi @ brin, Ruby Red, sapphire! Did we party or what?!? ;)

  11. OXA says:

    I think Lindsay Lohan makes Tara Reid look good.

  12. fluffyrabbit says:

    I wouldn’t care if she adopted 15 special needs kids, became an ambassador to 10 poverty stricken 3rd world countries, AND donated a kidney to a dying child as she will always be a ghetto, crack-thieving hooker that I have zero desire to ever see in so much as a subtitled foreign commercial for tampons.

  13. sapphire says:

    @Original Bellaluna-I am working on a second day of hangover. Shouldn’t have had the forth Cosmo>

  14. brin says:

    @bellaluna…Hi, girl, yes we did! Can’t wait for the next tailgate.

  15. RocketMerry says:

    Man, her boobs hang low! does she not she that?!

  16. bigchili says:

    ITA @Quest. My first thought was please, please get her to put a bra on & you’ve done your job.

  17. the original bellaluna says:

    @ brin, sapphire, and all my crack-tailgating ladies – Can we throw down or what? :D

  18. hottathanholywatta says:

    with so much great fresh talented actresses like Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Kiera Knightley and Anna Hathaway why is a no-talent lying druggie getting any work, Hollywood has chewed her up and spit her out. Quite frankly she’s like the pathetic loser that is the butt of every joke and who everyone laughs behind their back as she sits there grinning completely oblivious. GO AWAY LINDSAY- go to the trailer park that you and the rest of your white trash family crawled out of

  19. bagladey says:

    On top of being a thief, a liar and an addict Lindsay is just so trashy. A woman who turns up for official appointments, (even if they are at a homeless shelter), braless, in a see-through shirt does not know the difference between “appropriate” and “inappropriate”, which is pretty backward (retarded) for a 24-year-old. I have never seen a photo of one of Charlie Sheen’s porn star “goddesses” in a real-life situation with her breasts exposed but EVERY DAY there are photos every where of Lindsay’s bare sagging breasts. At least the “goddesses” make people pay to see theirs.

  20. logan says:

    I’ll do his job for a fourth of the cost. First, put on a damn bra. Nobody wants to see that day after day after day. Second, stop taking drugs. It just makes you look stupid. Third, stop the drinking and partying. You are an adult now, not 17. Fourth, stop the stealing. If you want something that bad and can’t afford it. Do with out. Fifth, stop putting filler in your lips. Again, makes you look stupid. Sixth, accept a responsible job. Nix the photo spreads that make you look like a porn person. Seventh, cut all ties with your family and druggy friends for a period of eight months. I will be waiting for my check.

  21. piedlourde says:

    Geeez, YOU NEED A BRA, Lindsay! Hoist those octogenarian, gravity-ravaged puppies up!

  22. OhMyMy says:

    @logan: well said. Unfortunately I think she’s way too delusional to listen to common sense.

    Good luck with that new job dude. You’re going to need it. We all already know what a self-absorbed a-hole she is. Can’t unring that bell…we cannot unsee what we’ve already seen.

    Good luck trying to wrest control away from Dina and Mikey. They’ve been playing around for too long and I’m pretty sure the family is living off the money they make selling these b.s. stories.

    Maybe having a publicist whose first and primary concern is for the studio is probably not going to work out well in Lindsay’s favor but she probably doesn’t have to pay for him so anything is better than nothing.

    We’ll see.

  23. Liana says:

    gah. That’s all.

  24. futureperfect says:

    In the past few years, Emma Stone has (deservedly) been put in place for all the good roles reserved for husky-voiced gingers who inevitably go blonde in Hollywood. Good riddance! Have never been sure what talent people observed in the Lindsay Lohan of days of yore… she was in a few reboots of Disney classics and a Fey vehicle that any number of young actresses could have easily nailed. So, what is it that people mourn in terms of Lindsay’s ‘wasted talent’? She makes a great forensic porn model, as many of her photo shoots attests to, but… in terms of her ability or potential, she’s really not all that. People throw in comparisons to RDJ (immense talent) or Angelina Jolie (immense beauty) in terms of a possible career rejuvenation, but what does Lohan have that isn’t already well represented by any number of D listers? Even her drama seems manufactured and badly played. I wish it amazed me that someone so incredibly mediocre generates so much interest, but such is life these days…. Is total obsolescence too much to ask for?

  25. Madisyn says:

    Good Morning @ bellaluna, @ brin, @ Ruby Red, @ sapphire, I’m still a bit buzzed from our tailgate. (of course, noshing on the leftovers yesterday was my fault)

    “The Gotti producer tells The Wrap that Linnocent is still attached to the film, but IMDB hasn’t been updated”.

    Uhh, UPDATED? She was already on there. If she was announced and her name WASN’T YET on there and they had to “update” it, that would make sense. You don’t have your name up there and then removed and say it “hasn’t been updated” Sh!t, my nine year old nephew can fib better than that! Lie Lie Lie

    “Ten bucks says she never ends up doing it”.

    I’m bettin the ranch!

    Poor, poor crackie. All these film roles promised, all these BJ’s performed, all this publicity she generates and then she’s dropped from them like a hot crack pipe. Too bad, so sad.

  26. Rio says:

    Okeh, fill me in here…when was she actually last IN a movie? “I Know Who Killed Me”? Good God, that was when I was still in college, and that was…uh…a while ago.

  27. Duh says:

    She is so disgusting, and she never really stood a chance with the sorry excuse for parents she has. I think they have even helped to drag down her image. Plus, the CA justice system barely slaps her on the wrist everytime she commits a crime. Someone will have some splaining to do if she ends up killing somebody.

  28. Green Is Good says:

    Lilo is clearly allergic to brassieres, but not to peroxide.

    Countdown to the day she get those puppies hoisted up to her neck?

  29. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – Olo! (MegaMind)

    Yeah, that flick will never get filmed with Linnocent Blohan involved. NO. NOT. E-V-E-R.

  30. gg says:

    She’ll have to actually LISTEN to a publicist and behave, which is not possible for her. never worked before.

  31. Madisyn says:

    @ futureperfect, “Have never been sure what talent people observed in the Lindsay Lohan of days of yore… she was in a few reboots of Disney classics and a Fey vehicle that any number of young actresses could have easily nailed. So, what is it that people mourn in terms of Lindsay’s ‘wasted talent’”?

    Well said, ITA! Many people have said in the past, it was Fey’s WRITING, not Blohans acting. ANY actress could have played the part. Keep in mind, she was a 17 year old, playing a 17 year old. Huge stretch, right? Look where Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried are in comparison to Blohan, one end of the sprectrum to the other.

    “Even her drama seems manufactured and badly played”.

    Again, well said. I can just picture Mother Crackhead and Baby Crack planning their next crack shenanigan for a quick buck. Of course, its poorly thought out and just makes her look like the twit she truly is. Instead of concentrating on getting her act together and focusing on anything other than her next crack heist, she just wants to call the paps and get photographed coming and going from various bars and getting her picture taken on the court house red carpet. Its a shame really.

    @ Green is Good, I would actually prefer a boob job hoisted up to her neck than this catastrophic mess.

    @ bellaluna, what does “Olo! (MegaMind)” mean? Is that good or is that “Lohan”?

    @ gg, “She’ll have to actually LISTEN to a publicist and behave”

    Like you said NOT GONNA HAPPEN! I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts (with crack sprinkles on top) that that is why Leslie Sloane packed it in “several years ago”. I believe there was still lots of money then, so thats not the reason. Like when Sheen’s publicist said basically, I’ve had enough. Can you imagine what poor Ms. Sloane had to go through? I mean if you have an irratic client who WON’T LISTEN, why even bother trying.

  32. dorothy says:

    You can’t resurrect a dead career.

  33. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – It’s Megamind’s version of “hello.” (It’s good – I have a toddler who loves it – sorry!) No Lohanese here! :D

    (Not sure I could even master Lohanese, beyond “child;” “work/ing;” “Linnocent;” “will be vindicated;” “done nothing wrong;” “not guilty;” “charity work;” and “no prior convictions.”) Beyond that, I’m lost!

    Maybe we should ask @Innocent?…

  34. Splat says:

    I seriously have doubts about this Publicist scheme… and I say scheme cause that is what it looks like.

    Lindsay as Madisyn pointed out is connected by her so called “Publicist” through the movie.

    This looks like a “you do this for me, and you get to ride the Valtrexx train” Choo Choo!!

    Snortcake and Orange Oprah Dina are desperate to have the public believe that Snortcake is in demand (This of course depends on if we are talking about the many lonely women at the Chateaux Crowbar Hotel & Spa, or the hundreds of Doctors located on street corners and alleyways everywhere that Lindsay owes debts too)

    Unless Snortcake has found someone willing to finance (buy her services ~ cough)her insurance to actually be in a movie, then it likely is more one of Orange Oprah’s delusions that she likes to feed to the media that her little Snortcake is in demand(that is if we don’t count Johns everywhere).

    Let’s face Snortcake’s constant partying since she was charged with theft and while awaiting her hearing scream to insurance bonders for movies that “Bond this girl, and your going OUT of buisness!!!”

    No bonding company is going to finance insurance for Snortcake, alll her partying shows she is a RISK and can’t be trusted….period!

    The only way Lindsay will get insured is if someone backs her to the full amount of the insurance bond Like Mel did for Robert, otherwise good luck with that.

    The other thing is that the Producers of this Gotti movie have said he has a deal with Lindsay, but we have never heard anything offical on it other than his blurb in the media, so I think this is more hot air.

    Remember when Otrange Oprah also said Lindsay was up for a role in Wonder Woman, and then again in Superman…and that turned out to be another one of Orange Oprah’s delusions from the crack fumes.

    I mean I am sure When Dina told Ali that Lindsay was getting a “$100 bucks a Trick” and Ali remarked ” Oooh…magic is for me!”, Dina probobaly nodded her Botox frozen face and said to Ali “That’s right sweetie, magic”.

    Speaking of Magic, where is Innocent? Usually Innocent is here to tell us how wrong we all are and how Snortcake is doing great and not partying… and is taking her Sobriety seriously and is now on the straight and narrow side of the law, and is volunteering to help Obama fight the drug war in Columbia, and has asked to personally serve on the front line ~sniff~.

  35. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna, “Yeah, that flick will never get filmed with Linnocent Blohan involved. NO. NOT. E-V-E-R”.

    Conspiracy me thinks, maybe, Pacino said “If Blohan’s in, I’m Out” Ya think? Or, Fiore is promising Travolta, Pacino and cast “No worries, she won’t be in the film, I’m just trying to generate publicity, she’s uninsurable”. What are your thoughts?

  36. the original bellaluna says:

    @ Madisyn – It would be like insuring a triple-time DUI offender (no semblance – HA!) who has been convicted of triple-ax-murdering people’s careers. AND hari-kari’ing her own career. (Oh, wait? WHAT? Blohan DID hari-kari her own career? REALLY? For real?!)


    (stuck in mod – sorry!)

  37. wunderkindt says:

    Will some explain that harikiri idea to drunken coked out Blohan and then hand her a sword before she decides to drive?

  38. Ghostwriter says:

    Three years’ probation. Wonder what the odds makers are taking on whether or not Lilo will successfully complete it.

  39. Madisyn says:

    @ bellaluna regarding “Lohanese”.

    You forgot “the Judge played hardball” (only Judge Revell who had any balls to actually stand up to this twit and try to make her take responsibility) and my personal favorite “I think that’s all PROPAGANDA and what people are reading”. The delusions of White Oprah, PRICELESS! You can’t make sh!t like that up.

  40. Madisyn says:

    @ splat

    “Snortcake and Orange Oprah Dina are desperate to have the public believe that Snortcake is in demand”.

    The way I see it, these movies she ATTACHES HERSELF to only do a disservice to her because they never pan out. Instead of laying low, getting yourself together, and letting the bad press die down, it makes her look not only desperate but truly pathetic. Anyone in the movie making industry knows this twit is toxic. No producer, director, or casting agent worth their salt will even utter her name. The only “demand” Blohan is in, is when the court demands she appear.

  41. lucy2 says:

    Why would she need a publicist when she can crack-tweet all day while under house arrest, and Dina calls all the gossip sites herself?
    sapphire, I think you’re right about the movie paying for the publicist. They’ll get a lot of publicity because every story will mention that film, even though we all know she’ll never be in it.

  42. Cherry Rose says:

    I’ve noticed that Innocent only replies on posts that have to do with Lindsay’s legal troubles. Otherwise, he/she keeps quiet.

    And no one is going to take Lindsay seriously anymore. She’s become a joke of a joke.

    And I agree with others regarding her talent. Pretty much any actress could have played the roles Lindsay has been in. It’s not like she was in movies like Girl, Interrupted or Black Swan.

    Hollywood is very aware of the reputation Lindsay has and of her partying ways. Unless she has someone who will pay her insurance, she’s not going to be in any movies anytime soon.

  43. Liana says:


    Lindsay is fine. She gave her bra to a homeless woman, that’s how dedicated she is to her community service. She’s really doing well. Now, if she drinks, she needs to avoid driving and hitting children. If she only hits people 16 and over, she’ll be all right and not violate her double secret probation. She has to avoid the bitter police officers who are out to get her.


  44. dorothy says:

    Really her best bet at this point is to get her GED and go to a community college with the plan of becoming a hairdresser. Emprace the fact that she had a few good acting years and get on with her life.

  45. Crash2GO2 says:

    Heehee @Liana! Thanks for the interpretation ahead of time!

    LL probably doesn’t wear a bra because she’s an exhibitionist. If it wouldn’t get her arrested I’ve no doubt she’d be walking around topless wearing just her ‘signature’ leggings. *roll*

    Exhibitionism is all about getting people to LOOK AT ME. Doesn’t matter what it’s about. She’s gotten FAR more media attention for being bad than she ever got for being normal. That’s why she’s a hopeless case IMO.

  46. kasper says:

    the expression “lipstick on a pig” came to mind – and that was before i read about her hiring a publicist.

  47. Hakura says:

    I’m sure Lindsay isn’t the one paying for this shiny new publicist. It sounds as though ‘Fiore Films’ hired the guy to make Lindsay less ‘toxic’ to be associated with in the press, for the sake of their already awful Gotti movie.

    Will be interesting to see how the guy handles the PR-equivalent of a ‘malfunctioning parachute’ or ‘nuclear radiation’.

  48. debsa says:

    Ms. Lohan is ‘uninsurable’ and the new director of “Gotti” indicates he hasn’t finalized his cast as yet…

  49. Liana says:

    Not sure how crappy this film is going to be now with Barry Levinson directing and doing a rewrite. I mean, the man directed “Sleepers,” “Avalon,” “Bugsy,” “Rain Man,” and recently did “You Don’t Know Jack.”

  50. Jenna says:

    my GOD wearing a bra is just so… BASIC!