Christina Aguilera blames intervention on ex employees, Matt Lauer calls her out

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Christina Aguilera and her yarn hair were on The Today Show this morning to promote her reality competition show The Voice. She really looks like a washed up drag queen now and she should put some work into toning down her look. XTina doesn’t listen to advisors, and I’m sure she thinks she looks hot with shiny red lipstick, heavy liquid eyeliner and comically fake eyelashes. To Matt Lauer, XTina repeated her same old line about how people are judging her due to her inability to do her job or remain sober enough to remember her address or the lyrics to the National Anthem. She worked this into a discussion about the contestants and how they need to beware of the press now that they’re semi-famous, as if it’s all the press’ fault for noticing that Aguilera has been a drunken mess. When Matt asked Christina if anyone had tried to stage an intervention after her public mishaps, she blamed that on “ex disgruntled employees” and said that anyone who was her true friend wouldn’t dare question her when she’s falling down drunk. At least that’s what I got out of it, and it’s consistent with what the tabloids have been reporting about how she fired everyone who told her she needed help.


On what she would tell the contestants about fame
I just hope to be a positive influence in all of that. I think it comes from a great place, because this was a year of many highs and lows… going through a divorce in the public eye where many things are going to be magnified and speculated about and judged and these people need to know that… ‘Hey if you want a career in doing this you have to roll with the punches…”

On if “the people who loved her tried to intervene” after her public mishaps
I think there were some definite ex disgruntled employees along the way that, you know, whenever things happen like this to you, some people just want to kick you when your down. You know, for me, I’ve been in this business a very long time… You’re going to have your high moments and your low moments.

Right now I feel that I’ve found my true friends and the people who really are there for me and have stuck by me…

When you’re going through a hard time you don’t need people judging and ridiculing you. The people that are around you are going to be the ones to support you and love you through whatever you’re going through.

Lauer calls her on her BS: “You did have those people, you had friends, because there were people who were not attacking you, who were genuinely concerned about you.”

[Laughs and sticks her hand out] Well, only I know that. On a deeper level of whose intentions were what and after you’ve been in this business for quite some time you’re able to weed out – Ok is this person on a power trip, feeding frenzy of ‘this is what’s good for you’? Some people like the drama of creating it around you to make themselves look better, like ‘I saved her,’ when really you just have to be a friend and support.


She’s so snotty, self absorbed and condescending and I’m sure those people who are “ex employees” became so when they tried to call her on her bullsh*t.

Meanwhile XTina is still drinking up a storm, because she doesn’t have a problem, get it? In Touch had details of one of her recent benders with her boyfriend, Matt Rutler, and how she screwed up a charity gig.

Christina Aguilera shocked onlookers by snubbing Mary J. Blige at the music legend’s Belvedere-sponsored FFAWN benefit concert on May 1. “After warbling through one son, Christina left the stage without even acknowledging Mary or the charity,” an eyewitness tells In Touch…

Christina and boyfriend Matthew Rutler, 25, arrived at the after-party at the Gansevoort Park Avenue hotel drunk – and three hours late! “She’d had bottles of champagne and vodka delivered to her room, where she and Matthew stayed for hours drinking,” and inside source tells In Touch.

The following night [when she wasn't invited to the Met Gala] she spent the evening drowning her sorrows in a NYC pub. “She and Matt split a bottle of champagne, a bottle of red wine, and several beers,” an onlooker at The Spotted Pig tells In Touch.

[From In Touch, print edition, May 23, 2011]

So Christina’s true friends party with her, they don’t tell her she needs to quit drinking once she starts screwing up important gigs. This is a woman who is heavily in denial.



Christina is shown on 5/16/11 in New York. Camel toe! Credit: HRC/WENN and Fame




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  1. RHONYC says:

    ‘Christina Aguilera and her yarn hair’

    HA! :lol:

  2. Rose says:

    What on earth is she wearing?

  3. Quixotic1205 says:

    Her face has that bloated-I’m-a-raging-alcoholic look. Christina, your liver is crying for help.

  4. lucy2 says:

    Ugh she needs to get it together. Too much talent to waste away on booze and silliness.
    She’s got a pretty face, why does she insist on caking it with clown makeup?

  5. Cat says:

    They also don’t tell her that shiny leggings are not pants.

  6. Roma says:

    I’m surprised she and Lindsay aren’t all BFFs – they could get wasted and blame all of their problems on someone else.

  7. brin says:

    She looks awful. She was probably still hungover from last night and didn’t change clothes (who would wear that on a morning show?). Go Matt!

  8. Stephy2585 says:

    Wow. Maybe I’m crazy but…I totally disagree with you on most of with the above.
    I think Lauer looks like a total ass. WHY would you agree to do an interview with a celebrity you obviously weren’t impressed with?? He contradicted her, mocked her about the anthem, and came off like an arrogant ass…She impressed the hell out of me during that interview. She was poised, professional and graciously laughed when Lauer (IMO) crossed lines.
    I think she did a great job and demonstrated real grace under fire.

    And PS, WHO among us hasn’t encouraged/facilitated a friend getting very drunk which lead to a big screw up?! I know I have been both the friend laughing with/at my drunk friends and the friend getting my drunk on too.
    Perspective time—>
    Her mistake = messing up a lyric or two, not driving drunk and/or killinged or injuring someone…

    Give the girl a break.

  9. MollyB says:

    She looks . . . rough.

  10. Hautie says:

    That is a lot of cleavage for early morning TV.

    Of course she is a hot mess. And I bet Lohan is p*ssed that Christina is stealing away some of her attention!

    There is only room for one drunken hot mess in LA. And Lohan wants to keep that position!

  11. hottathanholywatta says:

    “I’ve been in the industry a long time” – Im sorry who are you again???????? – you maybe had 2 hit records, dissappeared and spawned a kid, made a shitty movie that tanked along with a few CD’s that were garbage and you think that you’ve been in the industry a long time? If you are Madonna or Cher you can say that not when you haven’t done ANYTHING worth listening or watching. SIT DOWN, your time is up and thats why you look like a drag queen with a drinking problem

  12. lilred says:

    I guess I’m just weird because my friends are my friends because they will call me on my s*it,and will always back me up also.

  13. mia girl says:

    In Christina’s world:

    Friends who care for you and try to help are out for themselves and famewhores.

    Sycophants who take advantage of you (by letting you drink up at the bar) are your real friends

  14. CandyKay says:

    Agree that she has that terrible bloat that can be seen on the faces of alcoholics. Kathleen Turner had that at one point, before she finally got sober.

  15. flourpot says:

    agree w/Stephy. Lauer was out of line with the way he phrased his questions. She may be arrogant, in denial and looks like crap but she stayed poised and gracious. Personally, I’d of walked off.

  16. thegreatdefender says:

    Um, isn’t that they way Gaga looks all the time? How is it that she can do it but Xtina can’t She looks slamming hot the way a rock star should look

  17. LuEmMa says:

    The people who are “standing by her?” Those aren’t friends, Sweetie. Those are drinking buddies. There’s a difference.

  18. RHONYC says:

    “you know, you know, you know”


    we went through this shiz yesterday with Douchebag James.


    p.s. – i think she’s gaining weight on purpose to compete with Adele’s look. jussayin.

    we see you, Aguilera! ;-)

  19. PrettyTarheel says:

    “Leggings are not pants.”
    Pretty sure the Fug Girls made that one clear many many many times over. However, apparently Xtina doesn’t bother with the fashion rules that so many of us follow. Much like not getting falling down drunk before work, or listening to our friends when they express concern, pants are for the unwashed, plebian masses who don’t have real friends.

  20. flounder says:

    My goodness…she’s gone from terribly skinny to a bit bloated. She needs to get herself under control.

  21. teehee says:

    This is the same widget that said “Shoot him”, when a man coughed as she was answering a question in an interview. She has a skull as thick as pavement. It got her this far but it is also backfiring.

    Oh and about the leggings for pants thing– here in Germany we wear leggings but always with a short fitted skirt, or very long shirt, or mini shorts, so that it is appropriate and flattering.

  22. Ellie says:

    What is it with these people her and that Mariah Carey dress like they are shopping out of a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog. They overdo everything so that the expensive designer clothes that they are wearing look cheap. She is such a pretty girl without all that crap. What a shame.

  23. The Truth Fairy says:

    Matt Lauer was being glib …. again ….

  24. XIOnce says:

    Ah. The swelling of a hungover face. PS: I totally think this is her idea of “toned down” She looks like she gives her self dragulator makeovers on the daily.

  25. bluhare says:

    @Roma: SNAP!!! I was thinking the exact same thing. If she dumps the boyfriend I bet they hang together.

  26. Sassy says:

    She looks really bloated, and I think she is in denial about her weight. With fat arms, you don’t bare them, you hide them. With thunder thighs, you wear a flattering skirt. With pudgy knees and upper legs, you drop the hemline to cover up the pudge. The pix of her in the leggings is obscene. The double chin on this formerly stick like woman is a sign that something is wrong, wrong, wrong. I wonder if she is having or has had a mental breakdown.

  27. TeeTee says:

    she won’t wake up until she hits rock bottom–blame yourself, NOT ex employees.

    her face is huge and she looks old and hard. she wants YES people, I couldn’t and wouldn’t work for her..she nds to look in the mirror, her face, hair and those outfits are horrendous, her brain is clouded w/booze.

    what a waste. Matt was doing his job.
    too many people have sugarcoated stuff for her.
    she nds to be shocked and sober the heck up.

  28. Onyx XV says:

    ITA with hottathanholywatta and Roma.

    And – this is mean, but I’ve always thought she was really ugly. I mean, not just mildly unattractive, but really f*cking UGLY. She looks worse now and has sort of almost become a caricature of herself. She’s one of those has-beens that just kind of needs to politely, quietly fade away into isolated obscurity.

  29. Marc says:

    This post is pretty hatefull. She seems to be on track again. She gets good press, The Voice is successful. Why are you so mean? BTW it’s her life, her friends, her hair, her make-up, if you hate her change the channel, don’t read articles about her.

  30. Dorothy says:

    Those ‘friends’ who looked out for her were her friends! People who remind the wounded of things they need to do for themselves are threats because they choose to not enable. This is why they are ex’s. I believe this is why Jordan is out of the picture because he didn’t care to be an enabler. Sooner or later, this boyfriend and other friends who hang out with her will turn their backs on her and rat her out to the tabs and bloggers (as close sources to the camp). DENIAL is not the river in Egypt!

  31. TQB says:

    ugh, you know I’m like the #1 Xtina defender, but, girl you do NOT dis Mary J!! Respect!

    All very horrifying and sad. So much talent being drown in booze. Very sad that she had people who cared enough to risk their jobs to help her and she just kicked them aside for a set of enablers.

  32. devilgirl says:

    @Marc- I agree.

  33. jennifer says:

    I think she comes off sweet and personable. She holds her own and has her own opinion of what went on in her life but that isn’t being stuck up. I really like the concept of the show she’s going to be judging. I think she seems like a good person with a definite wild streak- not unlike a lot of people. Like she has given a lot to women and children in domestic violence situations. Under all the sexpot image, I think she’s actually a smart woman, because she has been around quite some time now, which takes more than just talent. (which she has and then some. )

  34. facciabella says:

    I remember a blind item recently saying that a female artist was going to set up “a mental breakdown” circa bald Britney so that she could have a comeback n win the ppl like Britney did..wonder who that could be.. (*_*) and before ppl say who would wreck their body to do the same ppl who starve, do weekly colonics, do coke..have sex parties..these ppl live by different rules ..that is to rules..

  35. Kimbob says:

    Yep..girlfriend is in denial. Yes, her face is bloated, her BODY is bloated. It’s easy to look at her & tell she doesn’t do any exercise. Right now what’s keeping her “half-way together looking” is her AGE. In a few more years she won’t be able to rely on her youth for the “buoyancy,” & her bad habits will “tell” on her as she’ll look even worse for the wear.

    One other note…why oh WHY can’t she pick ONE outfit to be interviewed by Matt Lauer where she can SIT DOWN & NOT HAVE TO KEEP PULLING A STRAP THAT KEEPS FALLING DOWN. I have the feeling that she just rolled out of bed & did her best to look presentable & yanked one of her floosy outfits out of the closet that obviously didn’t work too well. Also, she needs a total makeover, as her look is not fresh and detracts from how she presents. Too burlesque…yuck!!!

  36. FakeJohnLocke says:

    What exactly is the problem with this interview? She comes off fine. I guess just bringing up “Xtina Aguilera” calls for a referendum on her… but if you actually watch the stupid video… what’s the problem?

  37. DreamyK says:

    Let’s not forget the drunken misadventure of Christina going to a party at Jeremy Renner’s house and violating his bed.

    Jeremy’s peeps later said that was not true, but I think it is. Too many details.

  38. vickie says:

    something tells me that tina and her thunder thighs are not going to age well.

  39. Hakura says:

    Quote“I just hope to be a positive influence in all of that. I think it comes from a great place, because this was a year of many highs and lows…”

    Bitch, you’re not a “positive influence on anyone. You’re just a glorified Lindsay Lohan in a drag queen’s makeup.

    Quote“When you’re going through a hard time you don’t need people judging and ridiculing you. The people that are around you are going to be the ones to support you and love you through whatever you’re going through.”

    Translation – “Your true friends are the ones who value their paycheck more than your health, the yes-men & women of show business, who ‘know their place’, & go on about their business refilling your vodka at the snap of your fingers. Only disgruntled employees are stupid enough to think they’re better than me. I showed them, didn’t I?”

  40. Me says:

    I dont usually care if a celebrity gains weight and usually its for the better… but this girl… she’s charting snookie territory!!!!

  41. Lynnie says:

    Why do chubby girls like this get to have dainty little ankles?! I’m thin but have thick ankles. It ain’t no damn fair…

  42. jo says:

    Hope she buys her boyfriend a chin..

  43. Kirsti says:

    I think her staff has been feeding her Caltein bars.

  44. Sunday says:

    WOW….She really needs to lose those leggings STAT… Someone´s looking a bit porky..

  45. nicole says:

    Meaty arms.

  46. givemeabreak says:

    Thegreatdefender, you are out of your mind! Have you seen Gaga’s body?? She is in incredible shape. She works her ass off on stage and is huge into yoga.
    What does X-tina do besides drink her career away and sit in a chair acting like she knows everything about music. If she knew anything her last record would have done something other than flop.

  47. Dizzybenny says:

    it sucks that she’s like that!
    I think she has one of the best voices in the business and she’s waisting it.
    I think she would be great doing pop/jazz type songs being sensual without being sexy.
    Something to a Sade look.

  48. Kelly says:

    CandyKay -

    Actually Kathleen Turner was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and was on heavy steroid which caused her puffy face and weight gain.

  49. Roxie says:

    Probably the reason her face looks so bloated.

  50. Bopa says:

    Alcoholics tend to bloat. This isn’t post baby weight that kid is too old and she’s been thinner than this since his birth. She’s killing her body and it shows.

  51. FakeJohnLocke says:

    What a bunch of lame bitching in these comments! It’s like, wow.

  52. Magsy says:

    At least Anna Nicole kept her looks even when she was heavy and drugged out.

  53. Catherine says:

    Matt Lauer is a massive a**wipe and is better suited for a gossip column than a news show. He is a joke, but she looks like a puffy alcoholic who can’t even speak in coherent sentences.

  54. Lala11_7 says:

    I always wonder about the folks who bitch about the people bitching on here…to me, THAT’S funny…

    Regarding Xtina…

    I’ll just sit back and sip the tea…and watch…

  55. Cali says:

    She creeps me out with how fake she looks. Fake hair, plastered on makeup, comically fake eyelashes, tacky tacky tack…

  56. TXCinderella says:

    Ugh, she looks terrible! I’ve watched her on The Voice. She comes across like she is Miss Thang. I don’t think so.

  57. Amanda G says:

    She looks terrible, I’m sorry. Many women can carry extra weight really well and others, like Christina, just look bloated and unhealthy. It doesn’t help that she’s not dressing for her current body either.

    I agree, that Matt was pretty rude in this interview. She handled herself fairly well…although, I think she’s in denial.

    I’m glad she’s working on a new album. I still really love her music.

  58. Butch says:

    Lauer was a d-bag. He couldn’t wait to talk about the “down” part of her year. Glad as hell when she said “oh, only I know that”, and she’s right. I don’t drink (that much) so I never gained the booze weight. It’s unpleasant to see women who drink to much.

  59. kazoo says:

    @The Truth Fairy, LMAO! tom cruise would surely agree.

    maybe christina will seek help when she starts to lose her voice. i totally believe the main reason mariah’s voice isn’t as good now as before is because of her alcohol abuse.

  60. Kisha says:

    I love Xtina. She is a true artist and can really sing. Unlike many of her counterparts she’s stayed under the radar with details of her personal life. It wasn’t until her divorce that now she’s described as a washed up drunk. She remained a professional during this interview with that hack Matt Lauer and she also does a great job of supporting new talent. I like her on “The Voice” and find she knows what she’s talking about when she offers advice to the contestants.

  61. Xtina Lives:-) says:

    1.) Sorry B****y, but I gotta go with Stephy on this one. I think Xtina is on the way back. Rock bottom has probably been reached (ie: The Bed Incident) and we’re watching the uphill part of this journey. NBC would not have hired her for The Voice if she wasn’t semi-lucid and insurable. I thought Lauer did a good job of posing the hard stuff to her up front so she could show how she’s pulling herself through the messy of life. She’s doing ok to me – not great; ok. If you listened closely after the live interview, they caught him on mic telling her she did a good job. I agree. He wasn’t hating; he was just doing his due diligence as a journalist at the network that employs them both.

    2.) She’s from Western Pa. stock. Not to stereotype, but the body type is appropriate to her age, current life situation and background. I did not say healthy; I said appropriate. Look up a few of the chicks she went to school with back in the day before Jeanie. Xtina is par for the course for the crew she would be rolling with if she weren’t a working diva. As for the makeup tragedy and spaghetti strap wardrobe malfunctions, I blame the same. She’d be shopping for 3-seasons-ago discount Juicy Couture irregulars at Gabriel Brothers (Go Gabes!) with that boy on her hip were it not for Mickey Mouse and I would still love her for it. Keep doing you, Boo.

    3.) She might be drinking her way through a life transition and it’s showing at some very inopportune moments and public events, but does that really make her an alcoholic? An alcoholic is someone who HAS to drink to function and then can no longer function because they have to drink (ie: Linnocent). What episode of The Voice has it even looked like that is the case?

    4.) One of the statements she said in her interview is true, true, true, true, true, especially for celebs…”Some people like the drama of creating it around you to make themselves look better, like ‘I saved her,’ when really you just have to be a friend and support.” Not all sycophants are Yes Men or people who have your interests – best or otherwise – at heart. Many are insecure and sociopathic hangers-on who need a reason outside of themselves to exist. Rather than work on their own crap, they see you going thru it and decide to make you their project when you don’t live up to the way they’ve envisioned your celebrity in their sick little suck-up heads. Then, when you keep doing you, keep going to work and moving forward, even through the messy, the stuff that’s supposed to topple your star, the stuff that WOULD topple their star were they in your shoes, the FIRST thing they do is drop dimes to the blogs and tabloids about your “self destruction” and “sudden alienation” of “trusted advisors”.

    Ken Paves anyone?

  62. thegreatdefender says:

    Why does weight have to be an issue at all. She should be judged by her talent alone and that is pretty amazing.
    She has rock star looks, and tru Gaga is thinner but that wasn’t the point at all, so gimme a break

  63. Mimi says:

    I gotta go with Stephy2585 on this one. I don’t always like Christina’s actions or bitchy behavior but she handled herself well in this interview. Lauer wouldn’t have pulled that shit had it been someone like Chris Brown sitting across from him. Props to Christina for showing a little class for a change.

  64. ms. lisa says:

    Her face is so bloated from being an alcoholic, and in the above interview, it is clear that she’s in denial.

  65. K-MAC says:

    what in the Sam-Hell happen to her? She looks horrid!

  66. islandwalker says:

    I like her. Always have. Don’t care what she does on her own time. She can sing and I think she comes off very thoughtful and articulate on the Voice. I never care what someone looks like so make-up or horsey face or man hands…don’t care. This site ( Kaiser) has always loved to hate her. To each his own.

  67. BeckEye says:

    For Stephy and everyone who thought Lauer was out of line, Lauer had every right to bring up the things he did. Lauer didn’t “agree” to interview Christina; her agent booked her on his show so she could plug her TV show. She doesn’t get to pick the questions. If you’re a celeb and you’ve publicly done stupid things, you have to expect to get some questions about that stuff.

    Christina should be able to handle it (and she did), considering that her advice to the contestants on “The Voice” was ‘Hey if you want a career in doing this you have to roll with the punches…” She’s in the public eye and when she screws up, everyone is gonna talk about it. That’s just the way it goes. And you people wouldn’t even be reading a site like this if you didn’t enjoy healthy doses of celeb gossip, so I don’t get why this is such a big deal.

  68. HotPockets says:

    The WORSE part is when he says, “Some of these contestants coming off The Voice will even be more famous than you were after 10 years of your career.”

    Damn, he isn’t a fan.

  69. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    She’s got enough sycophants, why do the journalists have to added to her cadre of fanatics? It’s an interview, not a love letter–and I don’t mean that I think that means an interviewer should go foraging for tears a la Barbara Walters, whose sense of intergrity is something along the lines of ‘condescending papparazzo head cheerleader fame-licker’. It means she’s had a few professional bust-ups lately and it’s not out of the question to wonder if she has now composed herself to the point where her employers, her protegees, her and her would-be audience could reasonably have confidence that she’ll live up to the standards that cemented her spot on that kind of show in the first place. And wouldn’t it be a shame not just to everyone else, but herself primarily if her gift were to be cut off at the legs because the expiry date of her exploits came before she realized that those hands that she thought were pushing her down were actually trying to pull her up? I don’t know how much she spends on booze, but not spending it would be cheaper, everybody wins! Look, I hate her music and the way that she sings (take it down a thousand), but I have true respect for her talent and I want to switch the radio and television away from her singles for years and years to come. If you’re going to emulate your idols, don’t make it so through your personal life. You got a right to sing to blues, don’t live them.

    And try not being a mega bitch while you’re at it. I had forgotten about that ‘shoot him’ thing. Obviously you can’t believe everything that you hear or read, but in all honesty I don’t think I’ve ever heard a positive word about how she treats people. Let the damn people make eye contact, what IS it with celebrities and eye contact? Conjunctivitis isn’t airborne.

  70. Dingles says:

    If those leggings exploded, everyone within 30 feet of her would die.

  71. HotLatino says:

    Matt Lauer is a nobody, Xtina, on the other hand, is a legend and she doesn’t have to answer to that d-bag

  72. gg says:

    !! ack !! The tights! No! please!

  73. marisa says:

    she is in DENIAL.

  74. Beachi 206 says:

    She is reallly looking terrible. Why does she think that hair color is attractive? Calling her “in denial” is only the half of it.

  75. Vesper says:

    @ Xtina Lives:-) Have u ever heard the term “functioning alcoholic”?

    Xtina has been going thru a downward spiral for awhile, both professionally and personally. I agree she looks bloated from booze not just overweight. Her face looks horrendous with the bloating and transvestite makeup, but when she goes more natural (like some scenes in Burlesque), she is very pretty.

    Her wording when she talks about drinking sounds like Denial for Alcoholics 101.

    As for Matt Lauer, there was absolutely nothing wrong with his approach to the interview. Is he supposed to step on eggshells because she’s a “star”? He asked her directly about her new show, her songs, her struggles, and the last year of her life. He didn’t focus on the negative. If she wanted someone to kiss *** she has hired help (or should I say, “friends”) for that).

    I hope she turns it around, she does have as an amazing voice, and her son deserves better.

  76. Gigohead says:

    Love how these google ads appear from alcohol addiction on this page. Hey, Christina, even the google bots know more about you than you do yourself.

    seek help!

  77. Mrs. Odie 2 says:

    Wouldn’t an “ex disgruntled employee” be a good thing? Surely she means disgruntled ex-employees.

  78. orion70 says:

    It’s horrible, but she really looks like a blow-up doll up there.

  79. sammib says:

    Getting drunk does not make you an alcoholic. Guys need to calm down on that one ok? She’s getting pissed cos she’s having a bit of a hard time – we all do it, we’re just not photographed doing it. Her voice is awesome and I’m NOT a fan, but it is.

    She is butt ugly though – it’s like they have to cover her face with a layer then paint on a new one LOL!

  80. riri says:

    While I agree with her, that some people love the drama and to pretend to “help” while they really want to feel good about themselves next to a person falling down…

    I do wonder if her ex-husband gave her stability and calm that was very good for her.

    She was in such a better state when she was with him. It seems his support and love was good for her.

    I wish her the best. She’s got a great voice and deserving of her career, unlike so many other “singers” these days.

  81. Hakura says:

    @FakeJohnLocke“What a bunch of lame bitching in these comments! It’s like, wow.”

    Actually, what everyone has been saying in these comments in that she’s one of the few artists in the business with real talent. She’s been very fortunate, has a beautiful child, & for some reason, still a career… That she’s squandering. She disrespecting the industry blatantly… But also the fans who support her. She’s not being a good role model for anyone, especially not spewing arrogance, & insulting everyone’s intelligence

    She has a lot more reasons than most people… to remove her exceptionally large head from her (consistantly growing) ass.

    @Dingles“If those leggings exploded, everyone within 30 feet of her would die.”

    ….Now there’s an unfortunately necessary addition to her insurance policy. (Gotta say, I wouldn’t be too heartbroken if they had blown while Matt Lauer was sitting next to her. He may have had some points, but he was being a dick.)

  82. Liana says:

    Matt Lauer is a nobody, Xtina, on the other hand, is a legend and she doesn’t have to answer to that d-bag

    * * * *

    Then maybe she should avoid being interviewed. Then she wouldn’t have to answer anyone’s questions.

  83. Caz says:

    This drunken mess is a PR ploy. Her last album tanked, not sure how well Burlesque did and it’s a cluttered market for female singers. She has no other angle of interest other than this. Sad. She was strong and articulate years ago. And talented. Onya Matt for calling her out. I feel sorry for her if her record company is making her do this. I feel sorry for her if she’s doing it of her own accord.

  84. Jackson says:

    Wow, I didn’t realize I could wear my workout pants with high heels. Then again mine aren’t shiny and painted on.

  85. The Bobster says:

    She’s taking on the look of a 42-yo Elvis.

  86. skeptical says:

    meh…. i still think she has a powerful voice. I also think she’s very full of herself. Big head is big.
    But Xtina isn’t the one with multiple DUIS and thefts etc etc etc.
    So while both Xtina and lilo have Cabbage Patch Kid hair, really bad bleach jobs, and a fugly sense of fashion, I do think the resemblance ends there.

  87. Bopa says:

    It’s not even about her body weight. I don’t think anyone is calling her fat. Her face looks strange and it could either be bad plastic surgery or the fact that her drinking is causing her face to bloat. If it seemed like I was poking fun at her weight that wasn’t my intention. Her body looks fine to me it’s her face that looks strange.


    Getting drunk doesn’t make her an alcoholic but she’s had a few too many incidents lately for her to just be a “drunk during a special occasion” or “drunk once in a blue moon stumbling out of the club” type of person. If she’s saying herself that some of her people made it an issue then they would know better than us that there is a problem.

  88. jenna says:

    She needs to NEVER wear leggings again… Or get rid of the saddlebags. One or the other. She used to be so hot!

  89. Conando says:

    That MJB story is completely FAKE. She stayed for the whole concert and there are pictures of this and her meeting JHud’s friend afterwards (which Jennifer tweeted about).

    And the “shoot him” incident is really being taken seriously? Like for real? She and the reporter laughed about it on camera ffs. I guess she’s not allowed to ever be sarcastic or makes jokes though.

    And everyone who’s ever collaborated with her and actually knows her have had nothing but great things to say about her, but again, feel free to ignore them and go on thinking she’s a horrible drunken mess that everyone hates if that floats your boat.

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