Blake Lively is officially Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend now


This morning there was a curious little item in Page Six about how Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted together in Cannes late one night. I bought the story, mainly because I think Blake is working her ass off to ensure that she’s Leo’s Next Girlfriend. Because that’s a role she actually pull off, you know? Acting is SO HARD. Can’t she just lay around in a bikini beside Leo? Anyway, these are new photos of Blake and Leo together, FINALLY. I think he’s been riding her (I’m being blunt, I know, but it’s true) for months, and these are the first photos we have of them looking couple-y.

Here’s what I think: I think Leo either knew or didn’t care that he was being photographed. He’s on a yacht or something, chilling with his boys and with Steven Spielberg. So maybe he just really likes Blake’s technique, or maybe she looks better in a bikini than most models (true story), or maybe… I don’t even know. Whatever it was, Leo decided that he was okay with publicly, officially declaring Blake his Next One with this photo op.

Lainey doesn’t think it’s happening. I just think Leo isn’t big on PDA. The hug was enough. The hug says, “I’m happy to be in the same frame with this chick, think whatever you want.” And look at Blake’s face. She knows she just won the prize! This is bigger than any movie role, honestly. The chance to be The Girlfriend. It’s all she ever dreamt of. I’m kind of rooting for her, honestly. I hated Leo and Bar. I hope Blake manages to figure it out.

PS… I love the photo where Blake is telling a story and all of the dudes are watching her! Spielberg is all “Seriously, Leo? This bitch?”






Photos courtesy of Fame.

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166 Responses to “Blake Lively is officially Leonardo DiCaprio’s girlfriend now”

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  1. BG says:

    He is officially gay.

  2. bros says:

    well played lively, well played.

  3. kazoo says:

    lol. i just commented on the pics in the previous post.

    whatever! it’s work related. i refuse to believe otherwise. *puts hands over ears* i can’t hearrrrr youuuuu!

  4. Eve says:

    My biggest fear is that now she’s going to get roles in high profile films therefore taking the opportunity away from talented actress (talented actresses = pretty much everyone else since she can’t act to save her life).

  5. mia girl says:

    This is the happiest I have seen him look in pictures in a long time. Maybe he admired her tenacity and finally said, what the hell!

    We can all snark on Blake, but she obviously has something that attracts all these industry folks to her. Whatever it is, it’s working. how long it will last… remains to be seen

    Edit: @BG to your point, I once heard that Leo and Lucas Haas are longtime luvas. ha ha

  6. blackswan says:

    I just turned green!

  7. normades says:

    Yes this is a perfect for her. Leave the acting to the real actresses.

  8. Mari says:

    Guess she’s happy being the rebound until he finds another foreign supermodel.

  9. Relli says:

    Mind officially blown.

    But yeah Kaiser i think your right, Leo version of being photographed with someone is other peoples sex tapes. I always felt Bar was just a replacement for Gis, he really loved her as annoying as she is. Also this clearly states that Leo is a body not a face man.

  10. beth says:

    i don’t care either way, but i still don’t get blake’s appeal at all. she looks like a tall piece of walking ironing board… but this is me judging her without seeing her in motion at all. that is to say, i’ve never watched The Town or Gossip Girl. Must Figure This Out.

  11. almond says:

    She looks desperate and so budget even with what is probably a several $k outfit. He looks pudgy and douchy, so… great couple, I guess.

  12. luls says:

    WOW! First the Chanel gig, now this! This is really tuning out to be her year isnt it!? look at her ECSTATIC face in all these pics! lols :D

    tsk tsk tsk… im disappointed in you Leo. You’re intelligent, VERY good looking, and talented! (Whereas Blake is NON of these things)

    Your choice in women suggests your lack of character/emotional maturity, however. (same applies to George Clooney)

    Brad Pitt & Johnny Depp are the only ones amongst their peers/age group with real prizes on their arm.

    BTW: Im totally jealous of her beautiful pink Chanel purse!! And yes I gotta admit, that shes gets to shag LEO.

  13. Eve says:

    @ Normades:

    The problem is that from now on her chances of getting more roles have just increased immensely. So she’s going to ruin many movies in the future if this turns out to be true.

    P.S.: My first comment is being held by the big, mean moderation machine.

  14. KLO says:

    Could be just friends. I hug some of my male my friends like that.

  15. HotPockets says:

    I have never seen a victory grin that big in my life.

    Also, is it ok that I don’t find Lainey on Lainey gossip funny or entertaining? Everything that is quoted from that site annoys me.

  16. Kim says:

    He needs Lasik eye surgery! If he dumped Bar for this tranny he is crazy! Well i think he is gay so perhaps Bar wasnt into being his beard anymore.

  17. Eve says:

    @ HotPockets:

    I read your comment and immediately imagined her (mind) speaking like Stewie from Family Guy:

    “Victory is mine!”.

  18. teehee says:

    You know you always want to believe, that guys have some kind of standards.

    Then this stuff happens.

    Over and over and over again.

  19. audrey says:

    Ew.. I seriously do not get the hype about this chick. I think she is pretty average, in looks and talent.

  20. Jezi says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I refuse to believe he would go for her. Maybe a easy lay but not gf material.

  21. normades says:

    @Eve: Maybe not. Katie never got a push from being with Tom and Bar didn’t get too far either.

  22. Anna says:


    That looks like a friend hug though, but I still think it’s going down. I’m surprised that Leo’s getting papped with any girl tbh he’s always so secretive.

  23. Victoire says:

    OK I’m offically not Leo’s fan anymore

    This thing is good for her and so bad for him.

    And I agree mostly with every previous comment =)

  24. BG says:

    Someone coughhercough called the paps. Let’s see if she’ll get pictured with him again after he sees this or he did it because his ex is there too. They all behave like teens.

  25. sisi says:

    jeebus her teeth are white…

  26. Jana says:

    I really like her after her supporting role in The Town. Excellent acting. I really thought she was in her late thirties and impressed me with her portrayal of the character. I like that she fought for a role that most wouldn’t even think of in their twenties. I didn’t think she had it in her.

  27. Kate says:

    Why is he always with “GIRLS?” Can’t he be with a WOMAN? I get the feeling he himself is a just a BOY…or a douche who LIKES LITTLE GIRLS.

  28. gobo says:

    I didn’t think she had it in her.

  29. Maritza says:

    I hope she doesn’t try to pull a January Jones on him because he will make a disappearing act.I’d love to see him settle down and have a family, he is looking old lately.

  30. zesty says:

    Wow, if that’s true he sure doesn’t waste any time. But it kinda looks like a friend hug to me.

  31. carrie says:

    she was more than correct in THE TOWN even if she’s too young for her character but Dicaprio looks happy to see her ,she looks happy and seems to have something to say them

  32. GQ says:

    lol her expression

    get it, girl

  33. brin says:

    In that picture with the three guys it looks like she’s telling a fish tale only it’s about Leo….
    “I caught an A-list actor and he was this big!”.

  34. Iggles says:

    Yeah, she signed on to be his new beard…

  35. says:

    Ok, it’s official. After 15 or so years of being a loyal Leo fan, I am officially done! He’s a tool who seems to be perpetually in a mid-llife crisis, even though he’s way too young!

  36. duh says:

    He’s so lame!

  37. RobN says:

    Totally non-sexual friend hug. If they’re actually sleeping together, then they’ve got a remarkable lack of chemistry.

  38. louise says:

    Sorry but these photos don’t scream dating. It’s just a hug.

  39. CIdee says:

    Ugh. Downgrade. And not for nothin’ but that girl has the WORST fashion sense in America. Nay, the world. What is that nasty ass scarf wrapped around her purse strap? And that hair….again, I say UGH.

  40. Kimberly says:

    I don’t think they’re together at all!!!

    Leo has f’cked many actresses and models, and this bad actress is no different.

    wham bam thank you Blake!
    that’s it.

    Maybe if Blake embraced her wrinkles and face lines she could get more adult roles and work on her “craft”.


  41. Lantana says:

    To me, DiCaprio looks like an old man in a young man’s body; his face gives it away, i.e., that he has an elderly “look”, but also his body language is much like an old man’s (in real life, not Hef). So anyone he’s with is going to look weird. Either he’s a pervert like it’s him with a too-young-for-him woman or a pervert like it’s his mother’s old friend from back in the day.
    And wow, are the posts hitting, it took me about 2 or 3 minutes to type this, and I saw a typo (hes instead of he’s) so I edited it and when I started typing the first time it was at 18 and now it’s at 41! [number of posts on this subject]

  42. Annie_Grey says:

    Calm it down, Blake. You’re sending out really loud “I’m desperate to be your gf” signals.

  43. Relli says:

    @ kazoo…. snap!

  44. lilred says:

    Just a hug.

  45. Solveig says:

    No, wait.
    Wait, no!


  46. kira says:

    I agree with Eve. If she pulls this off, we can look forward to seeing MANY more films with Lively. It’s funny how Hollywood works. Date an A-lister, and all the focus is on YOU. Think Lively has become a playa’ in the fame game.

  47. Kimbob says:

    The pics tell the story. YES…Leo looks happier than he has in quite awhile. YES…Blake looks ecstatic. It’s called chemistry. I know, I know, but while everyone else is scratching their heads not understanding, whatever, because these two look happy. I say good for them both.

  48. Dee says:

    Well played, that’s all I can say.

  49. Elizabeth says:

    @ Carrie and @ Jana

    I saw her in The Town and she was very good. A very gritty role. I’ve questioned some of her fashion choices but she was good in that film.

  50. Camille says:

    I hope these 2 are together. They will make for really good gossip hehe.

    I never liked Leo with Bar either Kaiser.

  51. Jordi says:

    I’m calling the moniker right now: Bleo.

  52. Mizz Tickles says:

    Unless Leo has had the snip, I think Blake will get pregnant very quickly.

  53. beth says:

    to be honest, if this is how you play the Hollywood game, good luck to all them players –
    it’s not just letting them f*ck with your body, it’s your mind too.
    some games will end up owning you.

  54. truthzbetta says:

    Butterface. I’ve about had it with Leo.

    It might be superficial to judge a guy on how he treats the ladies, but I think it’s actually a big deal. Not cool enough to be a bad boy, not good enough to be likeable. He’s become two of the worst sins of all: old before his time by chasin’ this kind of loser tail, and just plain cheesy.

  55. endoplasmic_ridiculum says:

    I may eat my words a week from now – but I also just don’t see them as dating. I too think Giselle was “the one”.. she’s the type of Bi#*ch that a guy like Leo would find hard to get over.
    Guys tend to over romaticise the one who nearly took their eyes out with a stiletto…

  56. snarky_pup says:

    Serious. Downgrade.
    If this is more than friendship, it won’t last. Blake can’t compete with supermodels in the looks dept. Leo has his choice of anyone, including the girls in SI and VS. Why would he pick Blake? I refuse to believe this.

  57. a little old? says:

    Leo started dating Bar when she was 19 and Giselle about the same. At 23, Blake is a little old for Leo. Well, Bar & Gis lasted with Leo til their mid 20s, so maybe he will keep Blake for a couple of years.

  58. truthzbetta says:


    His yacht wear is lame.

    Lame and sleazy gal pal; lame and sleazy guy; lazy, crap clothes with a wrinkly top button on the shirt and jeans that look like they belong to an ex-convict older ne’er do well brother. This for a yacht with Spielberg at Cannes?

  59. Chris says:

    I think it’s funny how people try to portray her as some kind of man starved desperado. She’s an international movie star for Pete’s sake.

  60. Francesca says:

    He hugged her like a sister not a lover. If he’s doing more than sisterly hugging, well, good for him. Maybe he is growing up.

  61. Francesca says:

    He hugged her like a sister not a lover. If he’s doing more than sisterly hugging, well, good for him.

  62. Dingles says:

    This is a guy who obviously loves beautiful women who are less intelligent than he is. I guess dating a vapid actress *cough* is a refreshing change from the endless vapid model marathon he’s been on since the mid-90s.

  63. mia girl says:

    Those pictures you linked to give me more reason to believe my gay friend who swears that Leo and Lukas are the real couple (and have been on off for a long time), and that Blake is just the latest girl/beard for Leo.

  64. junipergreen says:

    Wow, does he have a type or what?

  65. poof says:

    @GQ LOL at get it girl.

  66. Liana says:

    Also, is it ok that I don’t find Lainey on Lainey gossip funny or entertaining?

    * * * *

    Cosign. I really don’t care about her opinion on anything.

    I wouldn’t mind having Lively’s abs. I’d like the rest of me to be what I already have, though. I just don’t think her face is all that pretty and with all the shit I’ve heard about her through the industry grapevines… I don’t know.

  67. Char says:

    He downgraded from his upgrade. That Bar chick was far more gorgeous than either Gisele or Blake.

  68. ZenB says:

    Olivia Wilde: your move!

  69. sepa says:

    Can we just drop this gay thing please already. It is being used like something that doesn’t matter anymore. Everybody knows he is not, if you are looking to peace him off, guess what, he is not reading any gossip post. It seems that every handsome hollywood guys called gay as if they are trying to pissed them off. Do you really think they come here and read? Anyways, HE LOOKS LIKE A BOY IN THAT PICTURE. WHEN DOES HE START LOOKING LIKE MAN. He must have really baby face for so long now.

  70. ZenB says:

    “We can all snark on Blake, but she obviously has something that attracts all these industry folks to her. ”

    She has a great body from the neck down. You know Spielberg is looking at her boobs. He’s the perfect height for her. Poor Leo has to see her big honkin’ nose and beady… um eww… no wait… poor Blake has to see his non-dwarfy yet oddly Herve Villachaize like face. Leo wins this round.

    I’ve never gotten his appeal as an “attractive man”. Talented sure, I loved him in Inception but hot, never. I hated Titanic.

  71. CJ says:

    He is gay

  72. ZenB says:

    @sepa if you believe the blogs every actor is gay so why not Leo? I don’t believe the blogs.

    He has a baby face with more wrinkles than I have. He and I went to the same HS but I was a couple of years ahead. Actually this explains my attitude perfectly, he’s will never be hot to me but I oddly root for him anyway. LOL.

    PS: my fave part about saying that to peeople who can see me is that they always assume same year or a couple of years behind him: thank you Estee Lauder! :P

  73. sepa says:

    Ya sure.

  74. mzjask says:

    i dont want to be mean, but UGH i cant stand her anymore. she seems like with the more plastic surgery she has the more brain cells she is losing i mean seriously i am just so over her idk what ppl see in her and LEO my god WHYYYYYY?!?!?! you need a little brunette in your life hunnie, and blake you needa BOUNCE!!!

    [ok, im hating whatever]

  75. Solveig says:

    “Yeah, this is one of those “I hear a camera click, let’s touch!” kind of hugs. They have about as much heat as a soft dick in a cup of cold tap water. Crisis averted!”

    MichaelK is a wise man.

    Now that I’ve calmed down a bit I believe that this is just a photo op, just another chance for her to climb to the top of the list. Nothing more.
    Anyway, I like Di Caprio as an actor, he can screw whoever he wants.

  76. beth says:

    actually it’s quite hard to tell from these pictures – her bodylanguage suggests she’s up to it; his, more profesional – like, i like you enough to be this close to you, but let’s keep some distance between us… in the first photo, he isn’t pulling her to him, like i imagine ben affleck *eyeroll* will do, his other hand isn’t even that excited to be anywhere near her, and the look on his face is so, hey dude, today is such a nice day and it feels good to just hang around and hug some people… and then in the third picture, IF there’s actual physical desire, the hands would be inclined to wander possessively elsewhere; IF he were trying to hide their new coupledom, chances are they wouldn’t even hug… it will give them away. but then again, Leo is a good actor, so who knows…

    i think she has a crush on him and all, and he’s just being nice. what do i know, right?

  77. Roma says:

    @Chris: International what? Go to any country in Europe and ask them who Blake Lively is.

    Moving on.

    That’s not how you hug someone you recently started boning. Not. At. All.

  78. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Uhhh Its just a hug people. Leo has never been PDA with any girlfriend and he isn’t gonna start now. Plus Leo ONLY dates models we all know this. If he is gonna break the cycle and date a actress it ain’t gonna be Blake freaking Lively. At least I hope not.

  79. HotPockets says:

    @ Eve, exactly. She looks like such a deviant in that picture. VICTORY you biatches..

  80. OtherChris says:

    To quote my 90-something grandmother: Mattress back.

  81. Vera says:

    WHAT. What is this?! No! Nonononono!

    I have slowly been warming up to Blake Lively since The Town and now that there are better Green Lantern trailers she looks like she may do alright in that. But this – this is just wrong. I would rather Leo be gay than be with her. I doubt it will last, but on the off chance it does…No. It is just wrong.

  82. AngelMay says:

    Leo you in danger, boy.
    You got yourself a clinger.

  83. Lisa Turtle says:

    can’t believe people have such strong opinions on Blake Lively… She has done so little to garner positive or negative attention, she’s just kind of there, existing, not doing much but not hurting anyone. Blake is promoting Channel in Cannes. She DOES have a reason to be there.

    I think some of the negative reactions to Blake must be brought on by the fact shes blonde and her body looks like ALL THAT. She’s like the cheerleader/conventionally beautiful girl/ Real Life Barbie that everyone feels threatened by. Plus being Malibu Barbie comes with a bunch of negative stereotypes: dumb, slutty, etc.

    Leo is totally grimy. I don’t see why he’s always scoring the most coveted roles in Hollywood, to me he is never suave or debonair. He has an aging babyface, a pouchy belly and soft body. Leo does have a great career. But, I can’t see Blake Lively throwing her self desperately at him and thinking that would work.

    I think Leo is casually persuing Blake. They met, there was a potential to be co-workers, they flirted. Ultimately Baz Luhrman didn’t want to be threatened by a Blake-Leo hookup overshadowing his movie and/or wanted to have Leo all to himself. Leo ended things with Bar, and has since been making himself available to spend time with Blake.

  84. sepa says:

    Hey LISA. How is your barbie. I can’t wait for what will be her reaction tomorrow when she flips the papers to look at her dress reception, she will end up seeing her EX. photo along side with her dress picture IMAO.

  85. kazoo says:

    @ mia girl, honestly i’d buy that more than this. LOL. they are ALWAYS together. i’ve seen lukas with a gf looking person maybe once.

    @ lisa turtle, are you going to keep copying and pasting the same silly, long rant?

  86. HotLatino says:

    She’s so pretty and talented, I like her, I don’t get all the hate aka jealousy hahahaha

  87. fizixgirl314 says:

    wait… isn’t she out of his league??

  88. Ken says:

    she’s glowing, awwww. Um, her teeth that is!

  89. Ur mom says:

    Y’all do know it’s common practice to “date”/be seen with/ whatever for movies right? Cough*twilight* cough

    It’s also more common now with the luxury brands to do WHATEVER they think will get public attention. When I saw this photo it screamed Channel ad.

    How much did they pay Blake to carry that bag and Leo for the photo op? Hey I’m sure he got to do Blake outta the deal so win win

    This is so staged and lame. I call 90 days tops unless he/she has some new project to promote…I don’t follow either of them. Leo is not attractive IMO (not masculine). Must be a sweet talker

  90. mln76 says:

    Leo is an amazing actor but he’s just as arrogant as he is talented he isn’t a nice person(he’s never even pretended to be nice) he isn’t interested in finding someone his equal he would never deign to have a relationsip with Kate Winslet she’s too damn smart. Blake is exactly his type arm candy that he can manipulate until he’s done with her.

  91. Roma says:

    @Lisa Turtle: Who says I can’t be a pretty, dumb, slutty cheerleader just like Blake yet still dislike her? Not everything comes down to jealousy.

    But you’re right, I wasn’t a cheerleader. I was just a pretty, dumb, slutty volleyball player. Maybe that’s why I hate.

  92. Crash2GO2 says:

    Meh. They look like just friends to me.

  93. Wendy says:

    He is not with her, he is just there, he does not even look interested.

    This click looks like a average “Becky” who is about 21-27 years old – after that she will look like a stick with wrinkles and lots of blonde hair, and a non- moving forehead (aka – Audrina Partridge’s Mom) – Scary!

    Bar is way better. Unique, classy and not an average Becky – he is a Scopio man he is weird and alone right now he knows this one wants fame, I bet you Bar dumped him. He looks depressed.

  94. Nancy says:

    @ Love Angelina I agree!

  95. Chris says:

    @Roma: in·ter·na·tion·al (ntr-nsh-nl, -nshnl)adj. Abbr. int. or intl.
    1. Of, relating to, or involving two or more nations.

    Blake is famous in the USA, Australia and the UK to name a few. That makes her an international movie star.

  96. Cqct says:

    ….I’m going to vomit…

  97. beth says:

    what’s “mattress back”?

  98. Chris says:

    For my two cents, I’m saying he’s hit that, or expects to, but isn’t into it. Body language is all off.

    For all the snark about Lively, she seems like the sort of girl who could have sex with a dude and then just hang later.

    Also, all those people have a rocking buzz going. …I want to be drunk on a boat so bad now.

  99. Eve says:

    @ Normades:

    @Eve: Maybe not. Katie never got a push from being with Tom and Bar didn’t get too far either.

    I sincerely hope you’re right here. Because I find this girl utterly annoying. And she seems to have that kind of ambition that irks me: that she’ll do anything and anyone to get where she wants, and she wants the very top (no pun intended). I wouldn’t mind if she was sexually active because she liked sex, it’s the “sleeping with someone to become famous and rich” that I find questionable.

    Now, regarding what you said about Tom Cruise…his fame and power in Hollywood wasn’t the same anymore (back when he hooked up with Holmes). Not only that, but it definitely went downhill after all that couch jumping and COS related news/interviews/videos. DiCaprio, on the other hand, is at the top of his game right now. And even if Refaeli didn’t become a supermodel, she still got many modelling jobs and a lot more recognition than if she ever could on her own — think about it: most of us didn’t even know she existed before she started dating him.

    @ Beth:

    I think “mattress back” means something like her back has the marks of a mattress, because she lies in beds a lot? I’m just guessing here.

  100. Victoire says:

    you’re just being rude right now, for some of us English is not first language, I don’t know which language Roma speaks, but still… =)

    It’s OK that people disagree but there is no need for provocation, hmmm Kim K is internationally famous, but she’s still a girl known as sex tape star aka plastic fantastic

    So anyone can be famous, but just few of them for real quality =)

  101. b says:

    such a downgrade

    at least Bar is pretty

  102. Chris says:

    @Victorie: I made a point that was disputed and have backed it up. Blake is an international movie star. She’s not a reality TV or internet D grader.

  103. loveyourwork says:

    I really like her after her supporting role in The Town. Excellent acting. I really thought she was in her late thirties and impressed me with her portrayal of the character. BHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

    is this person for SERIOUS??

  104. Lalo says:

    Well…It proves that if you stalk long enough, ran rumours long enough, you might get what you want.

  105. dahlia1947 says:

    Some say that this is just a “friendly hug” that’s all, but I think theyre together. He’s smiling and he never smiled with Bar.

    And she’s smiling from ear to ear cause she KNOWS she’s caught a big one!

  106. dahlia1947 says:

    I don’t like how people talk about his face being wrinkled. Um he’s an ACTOR. And a very intense one at that.

  107. Jess says:


  108. Reese says:

    I think She thinks she’s caught “The Big One” but it’s really just rebound vagina. (which still kinda works in her favor) Really there’s no where to go but down from Bar Rafaeli. This is a multiple level DOWN GRADE

  109. LuckyLilGem says:

    They hit it. Look at the body language in the hug photo. It’s a very intimate hug- their feet are toe to toe directly facing each other.

  110. darlene says:

    omg she is eating that sh*t up, just look at her smile, she’s all I MADE IT!!!

    Please let this be over quickly. Please.

  111. Ameeka says:

    Blake Lively is fugly. I thought Leo got over fugly girls after Giselle. Bar was pretty, hate to see her go. Blake looks like she is going on 30.

  112. Zoya says:

    LOL she would…
    She’s very ambitious and will stop at nothing to get A list status. besides, bearding for an attractive actor is nothing after letting a fat disgusting creeper like Harvey Weinstein crawl over you…

  113. riri says:

    Beauty wise- Leo peaked with Bar and went back downhill.

    I thought he was into upgrading and looked forward seeing how can you top the beauty and body of Bar.

    I’ve never seen him smile and happy with Bar, though.

    Perhaps in some way, dating an actress is better (substance wise) than another shallow model?

    Though Blake is pretty vanilla and not educated or did anything that I know of beside her Hollywood life.

  114. Emily says:

    Ugh. Good for her, I guess. But f$&k me, this chick annoys me. I’ve just re-watching Gossip Girl, and her mumbling is currently driving me crazy.

  115. pato says:

    unfollowing hin right now!!! LOL

  116. kiki says:

    I dont think this guy would ever settle down coz he lacks commitment

  117. blah says:

    First of all I’m convinced that most actors (male or female, good or bad)slept their way to their roles. At least this one is sharing her bed with a good looking man.
    Secondly, I haven’t seen him smiling like that in years during his relationship with that unemployed cheap looking model he used to date before.
    And he has never been so close to her and relaxed in any candid or official pic of them together I’ve seen.
    Therefore, if this girl is good for him, it’s their business.
    Besides, if she doesn’t have any talent, I don’t think she will go far. Look at Refaeli’s career… she went nowhere despite the massive coverage she got from this relationship.

  118. riri says:

    I guess Leo goes for fame-whor@s.

    That is the only thing the 3 girls have in common.

    They all use relationships for publicity and make a career out of PR.

  119. DeeVine says:

    A friendly hug and she’s now his girlfriend?

    Geez the gossip crowd really is trying to make this happen…I know, I know everyone is going to say it’s Blake’s PR team at work, but it’s also what the gossip rags want to hear, hence the eye-catching headline. Whatever sells…

    Her smile? She always smiles like that. If Posh smiled like that after a hug, then I’d be suspicious.

  120. normades says:

    @Eve: Yeah here’s to hoping she won’t get a bounce. I tend to think no. Movies are huge risks these days and a producer won’t pick an actress for a lead if s/he doesn’t think she can carry the film. I think she will continue to get a lot of “girlfriend” roles in ensemble casts.

    ..and this situation smells like “end of contract” to me. He ended (broke up with) his contract with Bar to be on the DL with other chicks who he’ll test out. This is one big audition for Blake and she sooooo wants the part.

    Look how HAPPY she looks.

  121. Katherine M. says:

    I saw Lively in a little fluff of a movie and I thought she was delightful. She was very attractive and appealing. I don’t remember much about her acting because it wasn’t a movie that called for much. But I certainly don’t remember her as bad.

    I can’t read this whole thread so I don’t know what’s up with all this negative crap being thrown at her. No one call tell what’s up from a few milliseconds captured in photos. She and Leo seem friendly and affectionate – is it more? We’ll see.

    Oh, and stop with this silliness about the paps must have been called – there are some people who are literally trailed by paps on a regular basis and Cannes is swarming with hungry paps with a newly single Leo one of their bigger targets.

  122. ctkat1 says:

    As Tina Fey said:

    “Talent isn’t sexually transmitted.”

    Blake can sleep with him, but it won’t make her a better actress.

    I think she’s probably a sweet girl, moderately talented, very nice to look at, who is trying to build a career any way she can- she doesn’t have the talent to build it on, so she’s using fashion and high-profile boyfriends, etc. to try and make it happen. It’s not the worst strategy out there.

  123. really says:

    Blake looks a zillion times better than “bar” ……Blake should take him and make his cute gay ass her baby daddy! If she is smart.

  124. ordinarygirl86 says:

    She wants Leo BUT I’ve seen a pic of them all on the yacht where she is KISSING his buddy Lucas Haas on the mouth (or very close to it) right in front of Leo!!!!! (Someone above linked it)

    I think they are just friends but Blake would drop Lucas in a hot minute…

  125. SallyJay says:

    @Katherine M – CO-SIGN. I think she’s beautiful. I know these things are subjective but that body! and her face is lovely too. I honestly don’t get the negativity towards her. Why the hate?? And if you’re judging her on her acting chops, well to be fair, Gossip Girl doesn’t really showcase anyone at their best, it’s hardly Meryl Streep territory. But she does a decent job with that part, she’s light and appealing. And she was good in The Town. Whether they’re dating or not – they look happy, they’re not harming anyone, so good for them. There’s far too much unhappiness out there.

  126. Alexandra says:

    I have never ever liked this Blake Lively. First time I saw her in the GG series, I refused to believe that she was the main character. She looked so plain, with that big nose, tangled hair and no acting skills. In time, she has massivly improved, due to her NOSE JOB and BREAST IMPLANTS. Yeah. I have heard in a couple of magazines about her desperating over Leo, but seeing them here only makes me want to vomit. Leo has been my fav actor since… forever, and, well, of course jealousy speeks for me. But I am dissappointed. Seriously, Leo? Blake?? Come on… Can’t you hook up with Scarlett Johansson or some other pretty girl? Oh, wait, I forgot, you only like long and skinny legs, plus manly faces… SAD.

  127. April says:

    I like the girl, and I honestly don’t understand why people hate her. And stop the beard talk, show me the picture of him kissing another guy or it never happened.

  128. Ann says:

    Great PR!

  129. katiemarie says:

    I really really hope this is not true. She’s not good enough for Leo and she annoys the hell out of me – so smug and bland. She’s ALL about her looks, that’s it, there is nothing else there.

  130. Esmom says:

    Girlfriend is trying way too hard to impress everyone on that boat. It’s like she’s furiously pedaling to keep up with the A-listers…soon enough she’ll lose steam and fall behind. Permanently.

  131. dorothy says:

    Why does he always go for the gorgeous stupid girls?

  132. Roma says:

    @Victoire: Don’t worry, english is my first language but thanks for backing me up!

    @Chris: Blake is known from Gossip Girl. I’d even accept Channel muse.

    But a small supporting role in The Town and a couple of Traveling Pants movies does not make her an international movie star.

  133. MeriJaan says:

    Sorry, but I just dont see her attraction. Bar is super stunning and she is just blah.

  134. dread pirate cuervo says:

    He’s using Blake as a “cease & desist” to Bar, but Blake doesn’t know that yet. If he’s going to settle down, I think it’ll be Pizzaface Diaz after she’s done riding A-Rod. Also, is she wearing Capezio’s? WTF with the shoes?

  135. ViktoryGin says:

    Hollywood is game that must be played. I’m not going to knock Blake for her hustle. Time has proven that the crown goes to the most ambitious, not the most talented.

    With that said, Bitch won’t last for two reasons:

    1) She is an A-lister in the same sector of the entertainment industry. Though, I don’t think that she can compete with him professionally. That she is an actress and not a model is an implicit threat. And something tells me Leo is too controlling and demanding to be comfortable with that. He WILL be the bigger star. Period.

    2) The girl loves the camera and will go to the opening of a Campbell’s Soup can. Leo is much more low key and seems downright paranoid of the media.

    Consequently, my call is: toot it and boot it.

  136. Ari says:

    There are so many comments posted so I am sure this was said already but I really think this was totally for some film they will be doing soon and they all met up or maybe it was a quick audition. This looks nothing like a relationship brewing of any sort. They would never admit it anyway. No one works that way in Hollywood any more (they suck.)

  137. Hazel says:


  138. anoneemouse says:

    Um no. More like “flavor of the month” than girlfriend.

  139. Hanh says:

    Leo makes my gaydar go off.

  140. WAAAIT... says:

    Now that I’ve seen the pics Kazoo linked in, I think I figured it out. There are one of two things happening here…or a combination of both.

    She is an actress. On a yacht with famous actors and a famous director. Could it be that she is doing a final audition (aka, “telling a story…”) and was just told she got the part (aka, “I got Leo face”)? Maybe it isn’t peen she is getting, but it is a role with very famous peen in the film as well.

    Otherwise, I think she is a hired hooker and that is why she is all over both Leo and Lucas. Wasn’t there a blind item that she screwed harvey weinstein and that he promised to make her famous? (Hence her being everywhere and no one understanding the appeal).

    She is not Leo’s GF. No way.

  141. Eve says:

    @ Zoya:

    She’s very ambitious and will stop at nothing to get A list status. besides, bearding for an attractive actor is nothing after letting a fat disgusting creeper like Harvey Weinstein crawl over you…

    Thank you for the mental picture…*BARFS*

  142. C-DUB says:


  143. The Truth Fairy says:

    READ THE BODY LANGUAGE: they are into each other

  144. Luna says:

    I just like Leo for his films.
    I just don’t like Miss BL for her.

  145. Oh the Humanity says:

    they are SO going to have Mind-Blowing sex!!

  146. serena says:

    He can do better. A lot better.

  147. ADS says:

    This isn’t Blake’s PR at work as why would Leo play the game for some C-list actress? This is either the normally po-faced publicity shy Leo being caught off guard hanging with a friend or this is some bearding shiz going on. Sorry, no in-between with me. Lol.

  148. Ur mom says:

    Ughhh why are all the gossip sites falling for every fake PR setup and advertising “candid”?!?

    I hate these fake couple! Sorry Blake- just cause Uncle K gave u the Channel cotract doesn’t ur not budget. Flashing a quilted channel bag while hugging Leo doesn’t make you A list.
    Thank you, come again!

  149. alynn says:

    good job Blake! Your dream movie star is now officially your boyfriend! Let see how long they’ll be together…he sets the bar so much lower.

  150. Newbie says:

    @Liana: Ooooh! Do tell! (I’m thinkin’ you won’t share *hangs head*, but I’m not above a little beggin’)

  151. beth says:

    “@ Beth:

    I think “mattress back” means something like her back has the marks of a mattress, because she lies in beds a lot? I’m just guessing here.”

    hey Eve – thanks!
    I think you mean, lies in bed as in ‘missionary position’ but you’re just too nice to say it :)
    i LOLLED at the mental image that was my own finished imagery to yours.

  152. Chris says:

    @Roma: Come on Roma, The Green Lantern is gonna be putting up some big numbers.

  153. Addie says:

    I am hoping that Carey Mulligan
    can bring Leo from that teenage boy phase of “I’m gonna get myself an the top IT girl/supermodel” into a mature way of thinking with a partner he can have an ACTUAL indepth conversation and meaningful relationship with.

    Carey Mulligan is very down to earth and mature for her age,he could learn a thing or two from her.

  154. ViktoryGin says:

    @ Addie,

    Muligans too homely. Leo’s too superficial. ‘Nuff said.

  155. honeyv says:

    She looks so dumb. And all fake. She’s like trying so hard to impress them but all she wants is to steal Leo’s fame. IS THAT SIMPLE.

  156. Eve says:

    @ Beth:

    You’re welcome. And I’m not exactly too nice to say that (I love making naughty puns, for instance), I just didn’t know exactly what the expression meant but tried to figure it out (from the context). I had googled it but couldn’t find it anywhere so I wrote that. Pretty close, uh? :)

  157. beth says:

    ^ Eve, yah, i thought it was pretty close, and really apt… well, good to know you’re not thattt polite – that can take the fun out of everything :P

    anyways, i was about to suggest someone recommend it to urbandictionary, but apparently it already exists!

    i mean, ‘figured’…

  158. Marilyne says:

    I hope she’s the good one (not really but…) cause I don’t think he can go any younger than that after her! :s

  159. ladyzuma says:

    theyre just friends…no romantic involvement..through the pics we can see its just a friedly hugs and touch,….he’s too old for her…

  160. Bekah says:

    i’ve been a fan of Leo since January (btw Im quite young so..) and his film Titanic was amazing! am i the only one that thinks he and kate should get together? because thats perfect chemistry! always makes me smile when i read about them, but i dont think they ever willget together as shes got kids and is busy , as does leo (minus the kids part).

    the thing with dicaprio is that he likes blond, tall and slim girls with either lack of talent or is using him for the fame. tbh i dont personally like this girl (especially cos of those ‘nude photos’) but we should all cut her some slack- i wouldn’t mind getting together with leo or atleast hug him! that would be AMAZING!

    my point is, if they are happy together then we should all leave them to it- as dedicated fans or not. and if the relationship does not work out, we’ll be the first to say ‘i told you so’.

  161. Hal says:

    Its obvious that Blake Lively is dating Leo just to get to the top. She knows that she has no actual acting talent so she dates one of Hollywood’s most decorated and brillant actors to ever live. With her in the picture, her reputation will grow and she will be offered high profile roles on movies. I know that plan will fail because she isn’t even that smart to begin with, so her whole slutty career move will flop eventually. And no I’m not a hater

  162. CP19 says:

    Uh, she doesn’t date ‘high profile’ guys that she f**ks to get to the top. She was in a 3 year or so relationship with a co-star on her TV show, and they were notorious for ditching the paps and for being intensely private—much like Leo, who is though seemingly shallow, superficial, and immature…but also is known for going to great lengths to keep his private life private. She is his type: IT girl, beautiful but with a sometimes questionable face, and definitely draws in public curiosity. Hate it or love it, you’re all doing the same thing on here…whining about how much you hate her or him (i.e. read are jealous of) or defending one if not both of them. Personally, I think he is a great actor who wins great roles, but I think he is a pathetic little boy in regards to dating. Though good looking and talented, his dating habits leave a lot to be desired as far as personal character go—but good for him for being able to snag hot actresses and models. As for her, so far I have enjoyed the light roles she has won, and I think that GG doesn’t showcase her properly (though at times he character has some acting challenges), but I also see a lot more roles popping up for her that will allow the world to see if she can really cut it talent-wise. As far as plastic surgery and nude photos…stop taking drugs. Before now she was never plastered in tabloids like all of the train wreck blondes before her (enter Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Heidie Montag, and her much younger co-stare Taylor Momsen). Neither of them has had a sex tape or serious scandal. All in all, it is their business and regardless of our opinions they both have everything on Earth going for them…seriously, I’d put money on the fact that, that is what most of you conscientious objectors are really not liking about this new pairing.

  163. Sideniro says:

    Ha I am deffinetly not worried. They will be done and he will be mine(: I love Leonardo dicaprio oh so freaking much. No offense to Blake I’m sorry I don’t find her attractive whatsoever maybe shebhas a great personality. But not worried.

  164. Miranda says:

    Wow. Blake looks freaking psychotic! Blake in my mind isn’t that attractive. I mean she’s average but that’s it. And she’s had a nose job and a boob job. Btw she’s 23. Too much work done to be 23. Just saying. And Leo is such a man cougar. He’s never dated someone any where near his age like ever! I dont see what he sees in her and I really doubt Blake sees anything in Leo. She is an actress keep that I mind and shed do anything(or anyone) to be more famous. And really, some of you think that he’s gay? There’s no way in hell. I have a gaydar that’s never off and it’s not going off on him. :)

  165. fejeansam says:

    i dont like him for leonardo, kate winslet is the best for leo