Kelsey Grammer files for sole custody of his children, Camille will ‘fight like hell’

I would have sworn that everything was all settled in the Kesley Grammer divorce, but Kelsey has just thrown a wrench into the works by filing for sole custody of his two young children. Let me get this straight: Kelsey goes off to New York to “work,” replaces his wife Camille with a younger model behind her back after 14 years of marriage, immediately marries the side piece, and then thinks that he’s entitled to sole custody of their two young children. That sounds about right. I wouldn’t presume to say that the children are better off with Camille. She seems like a self absorbed piece of work and we do know that she has four nannies. Kelsey may be influenced by his new young wife, though, and could be filing for custody in order to create some sort of plot for his reality show. I wouldn’t put it past him. Here’s the news from various sources:


In court papers filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Kelsey, 56, is requesting primary physical custody of Mason, 9, and Jude, 6 – the two children he has with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 42.

The filing, which offers Camille time with the kids during half of their summer and half of their winter break, asks for the new custody agreement to begin after July 2, one year since the reality star filed for divorce from the now remarried actor. – From People

“She will fight like hell to keep her children with her, being raised by her, exactly where the children wish to be,” a close friend of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star tells PEOPLE…

“He abandoned his family and got married within months of separating from Camille, all of which speaks volumes about his parenting and his respect for his current children,” says the friend, who describes Camille, 42, as a “loving and compassionate mother.”

“Camille looks forward to a full and complete professional evaluation,” the friend continues, “which she is more than confident will show her to be the more appropriate person to be primarily responsible for the custody of the children.” – From People

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Meanwhile Camille tells RadarKelsey is being insensitive to our children.” They also quote her crazy alcoholic “psychic” friend, Allison DuBois, who says “Camille is an excellent mother, and Kesley truly doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Good luck with that battle Kelsey, you are going to need it.”

I would say that I’m team Camille on this one, but she had to go and let Allison DuBois give a quote and now I’m reminded of the dinner party from hell episode. My personal investment in the outcome of this custody battle is pretty low. Still, if you just look at the circumstances and ignore Camille’s personality, it looks really vindictive on Kelsey’s part.

Rumor had it that Camille was out of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and that she’d quit after a difficult first season. However reports since have claimed that that the entire cast will be back, with the addition of Brandi Glanville, Eddie Cibrian’s ex wife.

Header picture is from 2/13/11. Kelsey and his new wife Kayte are shown out on 3/13/11. Credit: Fame. They’re also shown on 3/30/11. Credit: That beard is hideous. (That can definitely have a double meaning here.) Camille is shown on 3/30/11.





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31 Responses to “Kelsey Grammer files for sole custody of his children, Camille will ‘fight like hell’”

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  1. Hautie says:

    Maybe the new wife feels that Kelsey needs to save money. Starting with those hefty child support checks.

    The only way to cut off Camille’s child support, is to have sole physical custody of the children.

    I just don’t believe this is a fight Kelsey should get into with Camille.

    I suspect Camille will hire one scary ass attorney, who will have a pile of devastating evidence of Kelsey’s past behavior.

    Starting with abandoning his family for a new gold digger.

    Plus, I thought Camille had offer 50/50 custody in the beginning. And he didn’t even want it.

    So why does Kelsey now feel the need to start this fight?

  2. Waldemar says:

    “…and could be filing for custody in order to create some sort of plot for his reality show.”

    He has a reality show??? That is sad. Once the highest paid actor on television and now a reality star.

    He has the biggest feet ever.

    He must have some serious dirt on Camille if he feels confident enough to go for sole custody.

  3. brin says:

    Poor kids, they are the pawns in the battle of these egomaniacs.
    Love that Brandi is joining RHOBH…she’s the only reason I’ll watch the show.

  4. Maddie says:

    Team KIDS !!!!

  5. garvels says:

    Maybe the kids would prefer to live with their father instead of being tended to by round the clock nannies.

  6. Amy says:

    Camille is so crazy that I *would* side with Kelsey, had he not run off and abandoned the kids with her in the first place. She is so out of her mind that I wonder if she has some sort of addiction (not that he’s one to talk).

    Ick. Just let the best nanny adopt the poor kids.

  7. e says:

    Team no one. I honestly can’t imagine being their child.

  8. snappyfish says:

    It’s too bad the children can’t be placed with another family. The mother is self absorbed and has 4 nannies for 2 children? Really. That speaks volumes as to her involvement in her childrens’s lives.

    The father leaves to perform a play, cheats on wife (not that she isn’t a monster, but still) marries younger version and now wants to have custody of kids he left behind.

    Good thing there is a lot of money in this family as these children will need it in order to afford the therapy necessary to overcome their childhood.

  9. Grace says:

    Camille seems like a terrbile Mom, but Kelsey seems like an even worse father. And it makes me sick when a person cheats on their spouse and then tries to push that person out of the kids lives. I’m also curious about the timing of this, he seemed to barely be involved in his children’s lives for the last year, and even referred to them as an obligation in an interview, and now all of a sudden he wants sole custody.

  10. Justaposter says:

    Oh gawd.. does this mean we will have to see Kelsey’s cross dressing pictures?!

    Somedays folks.. there just isn’t enough booze on the planet!

  11. Rhiley says:

    The new wife already looks miserable.

  12. Jezi says:

    I really never liked Camille and thought her parenting style was questionable but Kelsey never had an issue with her mothering skills prior to their divorce. He’s the one who abandoned his family for a newer and younger version so how dare he demand anything. She offered up 50/50 custody which is descent since most women will fight like hell for primary custody and that wasn’t enough for him? If he was concerned about stability then he should’ve kept his family together. He’s an a-hole. I hope Camille gets a great lawyer and a fair judge to put Kelsey in his place.

  13. Zoya says:

    They are both pathetic excuses for parents that couldn’t care less about their kids. sadly, it only matters to THEM who ends up having custody because of the money, but their kids will be hideously ignored and raised by strangers either way.

  14. Dorothy says:

    Why is he being an A$$?

  15. Krissy says:

    I’ve got to say after watching her show, Camille is so crazy I am starting to think that Kelsey had told her it was over years ago, but they still stayed married for the kids and their images and businesses, etc. SHe probably knew he was dating other people (she probably was too!) but played up the whole “he left me suddenly” for TV and to play the poor me role.

    I think Kelsey probably has a very different version of the story…

  16. RHONYC says:

    he’s in for the fight of his life.

    not for nothin’, but let’s not forget…for all of her Hollywood ‘airs’, Camille is an Italian broad from New Jersey.

    i can see the table flipping and ‘Prostitution Whore’ comments flyin’ a mile away!


  17. Bren says:

    His wife looks like she could be his daughter. Although he looks like he is not growing old gracefully I wonder how long she will stick around when his jowels start hitting the floor.

  18. Ellie says:


  19. LindaR says:

    No. 18. I thought you had written when his “jewels” hit the floor. Ha ha. Both are funny. By the look of those shorts he is wearing, his jewels are on their way.

  20. the original bellaluna says:

    Sterilize him. None of his trophy-twinkies should have children. Period.

  21. Catherine says:

    What sucks is the kids are going to be the ones to suffer if they aren’t already. Kelsey is incapable of keeping a relationship with anyone, let alone his kids and Camille is hiring people to raise her kids. I say the nanny gets custody.

  22. sapphire says:

    Team kids. The usual recommendation-let the Jolie/Pitts have custody, or maybe Sedgewick/Bacon or any of the successful parenting teams.

  23. your mama says:

    Whatever is best for the children. Do the courts assess that properly or do they go by hear-say? It would be great if they could monitor the kids with both parents just to see how they are with them… but not in a false way… Not educated in these matters, but please just don’t eff up the kids. We need stable adults!

  24. PiePie says:

    His new wife looks like she’s his daughter. That’s too weird!

  25. Faye says:

    I bet those poor kids wish they’d get an owl tapping on the window with a letter saying they’d been accepted to Hogwarts. How painful all this must be for them.

  26. Fulana says:

    Poor kids, torn between an insecure porn bad actress full of fillers and an insecure old actor who cheats and lies and collects wives.

  27. Kim says:

    Why would he bother? He is obviously just trying to make Camille’s life hell. She isnt mother of the year but he certainly isnt father of the year. I lost any respect i had for him when he married yet another girl half his age.

  28. Kim says:

    Original bellaluna – exactly! He is way to old to be having more kids. He doesnt even spend time with the ones he has he is off busy cheating & marrying repeatedly. If he has more kids with his new wife he is just proving what a self absorbed moron he is.

  29. jemshoes says:

    You know, I liked this guy better when he was just Frasier to me.

    The way some of these Hollywood celebrities carry on – you know the child / children’s needs are never put first.

  30. jh says:

    I can’t imagine the courts awarding him sole custody, since his new marriage is barely established and ‘unproven’, so to speak and the kids could barely know the new wife. Sometimes it’s better the synthetic-BHH-you-know than the unknown.

    It seems like Kelsey’s allergic to plastic – his new wife looks all genuine.