Botox mom may have lied about giving daughter Botox to get famous (update)

First of all, I saw the poor eight year-old with this stupid whackjob of a mother trying to speak in an interview. She couldn’t move anything but her mouth so I believe that her mom did give her Botox for whatever reason. According to Radar, it probably wasn’t for beauty pageants though, because no one can find any record of the daughter competing in anything. What’s more is that her idiot mom has also been lying about her name, where she lives and trying to hide the fact that she has another daughter.

As we heard on Monday, the woman has had her daughter removed from her home by child welfare services. Radar has the detail that the little girl is being cared for by relatives, so that’s good news in this otherwise sad story about a grifter exploiting her daughter:


In a bizarre turn of events, Kerry Campbell may have lied about giving her 8-year-old daughter Botox in a desperate attempt to get publicity.

Campbell became an instant lightning rod when she went on national television recently and said she injected her young daughter to give her an edge in pageant competitions.

“It’s beginning to look like Kerry’s claims about giving her daughter Botox injections looks like a hoax, and that Kerry is making the entire thing up for publicity. Kerry is obsessed with reality television, and wants to become famous. Child Protective Services are conducting an investigation about the Botox claims, and at this point, there is absolutely no evidence that Kerry injected Britney with Botox,” our insider tells

Britney was removed from Kerry’s house over the weekend, as previously reported. Kerry said she was injecting Britney with Botox to help with her pageant career. “Investigators and social workers have been unable to prove that Britney has ever been in any beauty pageants. Britney is now being cared for by relatives, and is doing well,” the source says.

If Kerry made up the entire story, “she will be in some serious trouble as far as custody goes of her daughter, Britney. If she didn’t actually inject Britney with Botox, that is going to open another element to the investigation. If the mom is so obsessed with becoming famous, and putting her daughter out there like that, her motives and intentions are going to be very closely examined,” the informant stated.

There is a possibility that Kerry doesn’t live in San Francisco, but in Southern California and goes by a different name, and could have another daughter.

“CPS is trying to just establish basic facts about the case, where does Kerry live, and it appears that she has several other aliases, and she could have another younger child, another daughter. It’s very difficult to get a straight answer from her,” the source tells us.

[From Radar]

Well I hope this is true and that the Botox pictures are somehow faked, but I’m thinking that it’s hard to fake the frozen look that little child had on her face. Hopefully the creepy detail about the “virgin waxes” this creature also allegedly gives her daughter is false too.

What I want to know is how this woman can call herself an aesthetician when she has a mustache like that. She can score Botox without a problem but she can’t manage to wax her hairlip. (Surgiwax for the win!)

Update: According to a sworn declaration, this woman claims she was was paid by British tabloid The Sun to make up this whole story about giving her daughter Botox and “virgin waxes,” and when she was approached by American media she continued to lie in order to get paid for her photos and interviews. She claims that a medical source has certified that her daughter, who has never competed in any beauty pageants, is Botox free.

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  1. Steph says:

    If she lied, there should be some sort of punishment/scolding for that. She made not only herself look ridiculous but put her daughter through crap because of her wants.

  2. gee says:

    I don’t think she lied.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    @ steph
    If she lied, she showed she has no problem with mentally abusing her child for her own gain (“lie on TV,honey! Mommy needs the attention”). That makes it look like mom has some kind of mental illness that makes her incapable of really caring for her child. She’ll get more than a scolding – she’ll get a psych evaluation and court papers from children’s aid.

  4. Spanx says:

    That poor kid. I think a poster on this site called this out as another “Balloon Boy story” when this first hit the news.
    I hope she loses custody and serves jail time for this.

  5. Marie says:

    Bitch needs some serious psychological counseling.

  6. Roma says:

    CB: I have to say after another post (can’t remember which one) I went out and got Surgiwax. It’s amazing!!

    I still go to the salon every other month but I use it all the time for touch ups. I think I’ve convinced about half a dozen friends to go out an buy it.

  7. fabgrrl says:

    decent mama: Oh, h*ll no! You did NOT just put disposable diapering and formula feeding in the same category as exploiting one’s children in beauty pagents. I am a breastfeeding, occasional cloth diapering, mom who is sick to death of hearing self-righteous, better-mom-than-you types judging other moms for not having the time, ability, or funds to parent exactly the way you do. Try being “decent” to other people for a change.

  8. Kate says:

    Remove all children from this deluded woman.

  9. Celebitchy says:

    @Roma – thanks! A lady at my gym recommended Surgiwax to me like 10 years ago and there’s nothing like it. I remember our thread on that a few months ago. It is awesome stuff! I order it from (this is not a plug.)

    @fabgrrl – that comment was ridiculous and off topic and has been deleted.

  10. Alice says:

    I believe she’s never been in a pageant. I took one look at that ‘pageant’ photo of her and wondered how that makeup and hair could possibly win a pageant. It looks like she was playing dress up and did her own makeup and hair. Anyone who’s seen Toddlers & Tiaras knows that pageant girls look freaking SCARY when they have their hair and makeup done, they don’t look like they just got into mommy’s makeup.

  11. Masque says:

    Is that child wearing a medical alert bracelet? If she is and it’s legit then I hate her douchebag mother even more for putting her through all this.

  12. original kate says:

    1. if it wasn’t botox then what the hell did that woman inject into her kid’s face?! i shudder to think.

    2. kooky nutburgers needs to have all her kids taken away and get some pyschological help.

    3. i still think we should outlaw child beauty contests.

  13. embertine says:

    fabgrrl, I didn’t see the original revolting comment to which you replied, but I must say, even as a childless woman, that I actually cheered when I read your comment! Which may take some explaining in the office…

  14. Theuth says:

    All this story is beyond disgusting, but I’m shocked about all the deal of beauty pageant for kids. It’s already fu**ed up for adult women, but for CHILDREN?! Oh dear…how is it possible?

  15. MeriJaan says:

    Doesn’t she know who balloon boy is? Did he get any fame from lying? Pathetic..some people should never procreate.

  16. Blue says:

    Lying or not she should lose her kid(s) she clearly needs help. No child should have to be subjected to that pathetic excuse for a mother. Poor kid

  17. Annie says:

    Hmmm, not sure I believe she’s lying – the kid’s dimples did NOT look natural and facial expressions very pretty strange.

    She’s 100% batshit crazy either way.

  18. Hanh says:

    The pictures of the kid definitely look like something had been done to her face. I wouldn’t be surprised if her mom did the botox purely to get on TV and get some reality TV fame. I say take the kid away. Who knows what else she might do to get fame and the kid might not survive next time. Sounds like Munchausen by Proxy to me.

  19. GradStudentEatingHotPockets says:

    Agree with @Annie…certifiable, 100%, USDA Grade A bat shit crazy.

    Also, I think if I did botox ever in my life I would feel way more comfortable with a doctor injecting it than a woman that does it on her young child.

  20. Bellatrix says:

    This is just part of the second part of Joaquin Phoenix’s mockumentary…

    He’s trying to make us believe he’s gone back to normal while in fact he’s preparing a really big thing involving fake mothers lying about fake botox they injected into their fake daughters for fake pageants. Or something like that.

  21. gobo says:

    I think she did botox the kid. I saw a bit of video of the kid talking and trying to smile before i turned it off and she didn’t look like she could move her face properly.

  22. bokchoi says:

    so…..”i dont abuse her, I’m just a liar, and get my daughter to lie too?” Is this the deal?

    really? REALLY?

    A British tabloid approached a random American woman completely out of the blue, and had her make this sh*t up.

    Sorry I dont buy it. Because I HAVE A BRAIN.

  23. margaritachum says:

    i think she did do those things to her little girl.this story makes me so sick…
    i get really sick with these kind of people.
    i want to tie her to a tree, cover her up with honey and leave her in the forest.
    people who abuse children and animals deserve painful things.

    i’m sorry i’m so violent but i just can’t feel anything for these people but disdain and rage and disgust.

  24. Faye says:

    Either way it went down, botox or lying for fame, it’s all pretty sick. I hope that the investigation into all this gets all the facts quickly and lawfully so that the kids will be in a safe environment and this lady can get some freaking help.

  25. wtf? says:

    this just shows what a screwed up world we live in……….sad, truly sad.

  26. Kim says:

    This was first thing i said to my husband when i saw the story. I said i bet she doesnt really give her injections or did it just once to get on t.v. Either way shows she is unstable and not the best mom.

  27. Amanda G says:

    So she didn’t abuse her child…she’s just a fraud? That’s cool. All is forgiven! I’m sure the child will grow up stable, secure and happy with the worlds greatest mom.

  28. Annie says:

    The Sun now say she’s lying and they never paid her to make up a story. I actually believe the Sun in this case – not because I don’t think the Sun make up nonsense all the time but because they’d pay more than $200; they’re pretty damn wealthy.

  29. I don’t know what’s worse. . . physically and emotionally scarring your child to enter the pageant circuit, or pretending to physically and emotionally scar your child to get on TeeVee.

    Of course, being the cynic I am, I think it’s a little of column A, and a little of column B. This bitch definitely has a case of famewhoritis, but she’s already displayed a startling lack of regard for her child by pimping her on national television – so I don’t doubt this selfish pig sent her ‘toxed spawn out on the catwalk at kiddie pageants, as well. She’s totally the type. And totally the type to make her daughter perform under a stage name, too.

    Love it that now she thinks she’s smarter than the average American viewer – that she can spin a web of lies to get out of trouble. (And best case scenario, score prescription antipsychotics!)

    That some serious Lindsay Lohan shit, right there: Why be famous when you can be infamous?

  30. gg says:

    The little girl has on a MedicAlert bracelet!

    I think the crazy mother did inject her with something. Also, I wanna know why nobody called out the mother and kid for claiming she had “wrinkles” – anywhere, let alone all over her jaw and neck!

  31. Frenchie says:

    Can somedoby explain me what the bracelet is about ? Thank you

    I don’t think they know what they do or PRETEND to do because the black dots on the face are supposed to represent where you do the injections, and I really don’t see why you would inject against wrinkles on the tip of the nose !!!

  32. Dingles says:

    She should be stood against a wall and shot for putting her daughter through that.

  33. LindaR says:

    I agree Hahn. Manchausens for sure. The mom is a sick f**k.

  34. ol cranky says:

    how was the child proven to be BOTOX free? It’s not like you can do a blood test to test for it

  35. MorticiansDoItDeader says:

    @fabgirl, I don’t say this often but, I love you! I also didn’t see the comment to which you were responding. However, I have the displeasure of knowing two “earth mothers” who are anti-vaccine, anti-circumcision, pro-cloth diapering, anti-formula, pro-naturopathic medicine, natural birth only Nazis; who waste considerable amounts of everyone’s time telling them what bad mothers they are. I too breastfeed, but was made to feel like a monster for *gasp* giving birth in the hospital and receiving an epidural. I put those women in their place with a quickness, but it’s nice to see others stand up to these self-righteous bullies and let them know that there’s more than one way to be a good mother.

  36. Camille says:


  37. judyjudy says:

    Ummmmmmmmm…what? I mean….what????

  38. piedlourde says:

    WHAT IS THIS? Some strange new variant of Münchausen syndrome by proxy? Seriously?
    I bet the mum is “merely” narcissistic and uses her daughter as an instrument in her pathological strive for adulation and monetary gain.

    Either way: kid is screwed.

  39. eternalcanadian says:

    Is the girl wearing a Medic-Alert bracelet in the second-last picture? And there’s no way that can be faked. Look at the frozen and stunned look on the girl’s face plus thogs bee-stung lips.

    It’s parents like Kerry Campbell that need to be state-ordered to undergo psychological counselling. If Kerry wants attention she sure got it the wrong way. I agree with the posters that sugguest Kerry has Munchausen syndrome by proxy or some variant of it.

    So what does that make those parents that do the child beauty pageants ala Toddlers & Tiaras? 😮