Katy Perry’s mom says she’s lying about her upbringing


This week’s issue of Star includes some very anti-scandalous statements, which allege that Katy Perry’s childhood isn’t exactly how she presented it in her recent Vanity Fair cover story. Of course, Katy’s version of her own upbringing was that it was a very stifling one in which she had to overcome many obstacles to grow into the form of a very “accepting” adult (who has somehow made an entire career out of a faux-lesbian scandal song). While Star somewhat rehashes the claim that Katy’s mother, Mary Perry Hudson, was scandalized by her daughter’s boobs and also talks some more about Mary’s upcoming book, it also makes the point that Katy is pretty much full of crap when it comes to her childhood story:

Despite insisting on respect from her parents, an enraged Katy sat down with Vanity Fair and gave her most candid interview yet — and some of her comments about her parents were not kind.

Katy moaned about her religious upbringing, saying her parents allowed her to read only the Bible and even banned terms like deviled eggs. “I didn’t have a childhood,” Katy said, insisting she’s nothing like her parents. “I come from a very nonaccepting family, but I’m very accepting.” Katy also described how she was told that the women’s health organization Planned Parenthood was nothing more than an abortion clinic.

But it’s all lies, according to her parents. “Katy had a normal upbringing, and we’re proud of her,” Mary told worshippers at a California church. According to Mary, their relationship with katy is no different than that of Miley and Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus, “whose children have risen to fame and live contrary to their parents’ beliefs.”

[From Star, May 30, 2011]

While I think that Katy’s parents are definitely a little bit crazy, it’s also pretty clear that Katy’s opinion of them conveniently changes in different interviews. Sometimes, she talks about their great relationship, and other times, she needlessly whines about not being able to say “devilled eggs” for whatever reason. Overall, everything that comes out of Katy’s mouth is all part of her carefully choregraphed image, which seems to promote the good-girl-gone-bad in a highly unoriginal way. Of course, we’ve already seen (as Kaiser has already astutely pointed out in regard to Dita von Teese) that even Katy’s boobs copy entire looks in an attempt to hypnotize the masses.

In other Perry-related news, The Smoking Gun has uncovered Mrs. Russell Brand’s tour rider, and DListed provides an excellent summary of Katy’s 23-Point Order for drivers (which ends, oddly enough, with a capitalized “Thank you!”) and her demand for cream-colored egg chairs, a glass refrigerator, a Presidential suite, and absolutely no carnations whatsoever. That last bit is a bit strange because, to me, Katy seems quite like the carnation among today’s pop stars; that is, she’s an unimportant, short-lived filler flower that shall soon wilt and be duly discarded amongst the coffee grounds and empty toilet paper rolls of our pop culture lives.





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68 Responses to “Katy Perry’s mom says she’s lying about her upbringing”

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  1. Oi says:

    What’s so crazy about Katy’s parents? They’re church pastors. That doesn’t make them automatically crazy. And yeah, Katy’s a liar. Duh.

  2. the original bellaluna says:

    Katy’s ridiculous. That is all.

  3. serena says:

    she seems huge.

  4. kaity says:

    It’s pathetic when celebrities lie about their childhood and make it out to be so much worse than what it was. It’s extremely frustrating to those who actually grew up with a TRULY messed up child hood. She’s pathetic. And if her childhood was so horrible you would think she’d have some type of depression. We don’t see her talking about that or donating to any mental health charities. You know why? Because she probably doesn’t even know what depression is! She needs to stfu and stop being such an idiot.

  5. Blank says:

    Ke$ha pulled the same thing. Newsflash, parents also have mouths.

  6. Hautie says:

    I have decided that Katy must have cut her Mother’s allowance off.

    Because that woman will not shut up.

    And the only vibe I get off her Mother, is that she is jealous of the fame and money. Cause there is too many backhanded compliments.

    Plus I take issue with this whole book thing.

    If it was a book about religion I wouldn’t think twice about her talking about it. But the Mother is writing a book to discredit her daughter. In order to make money off of her.

    So that officially makes this Mother shady to me.

  7. lucy2 says:

    The truth is probably somewhere in between – a lot of kids and parents disagree over what was too strict or conservation. But I think she’s exaggerating, trying to sell a “woe is me and my boobs” childhood story.

    Love the cheap filler flower analogy.

    “their relationship with katy is no different than that of Miley and Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus”…I’m sorry, is that supposed to be a GOOD thing?

  8. Kristin says:

    @Hautie: I totally agree. Probably the same with The Situation’s dad xD

  9. Victoria says:

    Being Christian does not automatically make one “crazy” That is a crazy and conservative assumption. Why so closed minded? It may seem crazy to the world to live on Faith but let’s see.. how is the alternative REALLY working for ya!

  10. vanessa says:

    lmao at the comparison to a carnation. i like some of her songs, but I’m not a fan of her, personally, because she seems she took one piece of every pop star and copied it to make herself “original”

  11. daria says:

    My mild problem with Katy is she plays both sides. On one side she does this afterschool narrative where she’s overcome the crazy jesus freaks to be accepting. And then when it’s convenient she pulls some jesus freak juice out of her azz to criticize like Lady Gaga for that Alejandro video. I think she’s clever to sorta use the naughty church girl thing, it helps with the sexy image, but it gets boring.

  12. Quest says:

    I thought Katy was channelling her inner Sasquatch in the fur wearing pic was awful….then I scrolled down

  13. EarthWindFire82 says:

    All of them embellish…that’s why I just listen to the songs I like and go on about my business. We never know who they really are unless we grew up with them personally.

  14. original kate says:

    those pink tutu photos look like she’s sitting on the toilet.

  15. RobN says:

    I always side with the parents when the kid turns out to be an attention whore who’s built their entire career out of having breasts.

  16. HotPockets says:

    Lying about how horrible your childhood was is the new trend and claim to fame. Who didn’t have a rough upbringing?

  17. dread pirate cuervo says:

    I take offense at the carnation comment. Cheap, yes, but cut carnations will last for about 2 weeks! That’s long for cut flowers. Katy’s more like a spray-painted gas station rose.

  18. bluhare says:

    Katy and carnations? Best dis EVER!!!

  19. Annaloo says:

    Katy looks like a Party City store exploded. Not in a good way.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    @ Kaity
    ITA – if a person had a great childhood, he/she was blessed. But you are right – lying about it makes it even more difficult for people who actually have something to overcome. I suffered from undiagnosed depression for a long time and its a bitch until you get it under control.

  21. 4Real says:

    She sux…period.

  22. mike says:

    I always side with the kids when the parents are no-talent famewhores who try to pimp their kids for quick cash. In this context, the Cyrus analogy the mom brings up is so darn appropriate…

  23. cutesygoose says:

    @daria…now was that really necessary? Just because someone lives a life according to their (Christian) faith, they’re branded as “crazy Jesus freaks”? Why not also throw out there “those crazy, freaky, religious Jews” or “those crazy, wacked-out Muslims” or “insane Buddhists” as well? With that ignorant statement, you appear to be just as closed-minded and freaky as those you described…

  24. Liana says:

    Lying about how horrible your childhood was is the new trend and claim to fame. Who didn’t have a rough upbringing?
    * * * *

    Only the first 10 years of my life sucked. The rest of my childhood and teen-hood ROCKED. But those first 10 years… damn, they sucked.

  25. Trillion says:

    @#9: Being Christian might not mean you’re “crazy” in a clinical sense, but it is a giant mess of nutty. How would you react to a person who said God told them the murder their son to “test” them, or a pregnant girl who insisted she was a virgin, or someone who said they were dead but just came back to life because some guy touched them. You’d say they were crazy to believe it. And you’d be right.

  26. cutesygoose says:

    @Trillion — why not also say the same about *any* religion then? Is it not equally nutty to claim God handed down a list of commandments on stone tablets to a bunch of Jews in the desert? Or that God passed along a “correct” version of the Old/New Testament to Muhammed via an angel Gabriel? Or that when we die, our souls are continuously reincarnated into other beings?

    You’re so full of it. Say what you want about your own personal beliefs, or lack thereof, but to highlight the apparent craziness in only one set of beliefs that centers around supernatural elements is absurd and just pandering to how easy it is to bash Christianity (and Christians) but to never point out that many other sets of beliefs have very similar tenets. Even Muslims believe in a virgin birth, so by your logic they’re just as crazy/stupid/ignorant/closed-minded…right?

    Grow up.

  27. pixiegirl says:

    Is she wearing a purple diaper?

  28. DGO says:

    @ Trillion – Unless what they said was true and really happened. There were actual eyewitnesses to Jesus Christ’s resurrection. That’s why He’s counted as an historical figure even by those who don’t believe He is the Son of God.

    And on topic? I think Katy Perry is a terrible singer and probably didn’t have the rough childhood she claims to have had. Most celebs lie or exaggerate to make themselves a little less white bread.

  29. daria says:

    @cutesygoose: Katy Perry indeed portrays her parents not as Christians but religious extremists. Her portrayal, not mine. I’m Christian, obviously I don’t have a problem with the religion, nor do I have a problem realizing there are Christians out there who are freaks. YOu need to read a little more closely and not be so sensitive.

  30. fancyamazon says:

    @dread pirate cuervo:

    Just what I was thinking, about the carnations. I would say that Katy is like them in that they are both brightly coloured and yet easily overlooked.

    As for the Christian thing, being a Christian does not make you crazy, as others have said. I also don’t think that Katy’s childhood was any worse than average, which means that her parents may have been a bit more strict than some (but I sort of doubt) but she was loved and I’m sure had great times which she conveniently leaves out. I also don’t think that her parents are the wing-nut fundamentalist book-burning Phelp’s type.

    And I think it’s cheap to use Christianity to promote yourself when you dress like any other tarted-up pop star, and sing lyrics like she does.

  31. sluggo says:

    fancyamazon (#28) Agreed. And it’s even cheaper to use Christianity to sell records (as Katy Hudson) and, when that doesn’t bring in the bux, dress like any other tarted-up pop star and sing lyrics like she does.

    Here’s our girl shaking it for Jesus in the good old days. I suppose her parents forced her to make a Christian-music album, too?


  32. Juan Haco says:

    Someone just needs to simply come right out & say it, so I will: Katy Perry is famous because she has large breasts. If she didn’t have large breasts, no one would give half a damn about her or her pitiful toy music. Disagree? OK, let’s see her perform in a baggy sweater and some mom jeans and let’s see how many tickets she can move.

  33. kwoww says:

    as the beautiful adele said, katy makes music for the eyes. and im not a lesbian so she does nothing for me.

  34. Kimbob says:

    BEDHEAD…thank you so very much for your apt, on-target wrap up description of Katy Perry in this write-up! Katy Perry needs to STFU and go ahead and hang up her “career hat.” She’s a no-talent in my estimation, & she has to dress over-the-top, sing about scandalous things, & catch the attention, & hand in marriage of Russell Brand….all just TO GET NOTICED. The above-described is basically her ONLY claim to fame. She’s a nobody that feels compelled to do “outrageous things” to keep herself pertinent in the media, and public eye. I just don’t like her, and fervently wish she’d just go away.

    One more thing…someone ought to slap the shit out of her for talking smack her parents to the media. She’s DISGUSTING. It is AWFUL to disrespect one’s parents for absolutely nothing.

  35. GeekChic says:

    @Victoria, living a life of logic, reason, kindness, and charity is working out quite nicely for me, thank you. No faith required.

  36. kasper says:

    Ok, I was with her mom until she said something about Miley not living in accordance with Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus’ beliefs. I am pretty sure they both believe in child prostitution.

  37. Trillion says:

    What WON’T you believe, DGO? I mean, really. Let’s put our thinking caps on. The fact that JC is counted as a historical figure has nothing to do with the fact people illogically believe he rose from the dead. People can’t do that, you know. You can’t believe stuff because it came out of a book. That’s a terrible criteria.
    Agree with commenter about her fame being totally dependent on her amazing breasts. At least she’s got those.

  38. Tee says:

    She is so fantastic, I love her! I watched her live two weeks ago and she really is entertaining. She as been in the spotlight for over 4 years now and her world tour is unlikely to diminish her fame. She played here and two weeks later a song that was relatively unknown on her last album is now on our charts a year after the release! I am not saying shes a musical genius because she isn’t, she is just fun to watch and easy to listen. There really isn’t a need to predict her expiry date because who cares.

  39. sarah says:

    lol,I usually think she’s pretty, but she’s straight tranny in that last picture where she looks like she’s squatting to take a dump.

  40. Madison says:

    Give it a rest Christians and atheists your never going to agree on anything or be able to prove one is wrong and the other is not.

    As for Katy Perry, bitch please! just because your parents made you read the bible and go to church on sundays does not mean you didn’t have a childhood. Children CPS removes everyday from homes where parents have mental health, drug and alcohol problems they are the the ones who don’t get to have a childhood.

  41. normades says:

    lol what her mom says about the Cyrus family. Team Katy

  42. Kim says:

    Katy is who she is because of her parents. SOOOOO disrespectful of her to criticize them! I feel bad for them. Even if she doesnt agree with her upbringing keep it to yourself – no one cares and its so rude to her parents.

    She is a moron who started doing Christian music BUT when that didnt wield her the fame & money she so desperately craved she completely threw away all her morals and who she was (a Christian artist) and adopted the Katy Perry I kissed a Girl personna because she knew it would be “shocking” and garner her attention.

    She didnt do it for the art of it or because she really felt that song- she did it because she knew it would bring her attention. She is just another very untalented girl who has to use costumes, shocking, albiet stupid lyrics, plastic boobs constantly in your face, tons of makeup – basically anything to distract from the fact that she has zero vocal talent. She is a novelty act period. and she is a TOTAL hypocrite.

  43. Kelly says:

    Sluggo, great find! I love seeing celebs before they got famous.

  44. poodlemom says:

    She has nice eyebrows!

  45. Mamabear says:

    I was going to say she was the Walmart version of GaGa but that would be an insult to the entire Walmart chain. Maybe the Dollar Tree version?

  46. Trillion says:

    Madison: Not true. I’m a former Christian and am eternally grateful to people who helped me learn to use critical thinking by communicating honestly with me. I have just as much a right to speak my opinion as anyone else.
    Katy Perry’s voice is like nails on chalkboard but I get the sex appeal. Limited run for this one.

  47. sarah says:

    Look, everyone picks something to put faith in. For many who aren’t religious, they have traded in religion for psychology for instance.

    Some believe Jesus lived and died and raised from the dead. Some believe that because mommy didn’t give them enough attention, they are the way they are now.

    Katy Perry just happens to believe in both sets of systems, using Jesus and her mommy for financial gain simultaneously. lol

  48. Sara says:

    Maybe she has mixed feelings about her parents.

    Sometimes she loves them and sometimes she feels like they’re closed minded and opressive.

  49. ZZ says:

    If this is true, then I’m not surprised at all. Musicians and actors lie about there childhood all the time to gain sympathy, publicity, whatever reasons.

    I’m not saying it’s right. In fact, I think it’s REALLY wrong to lie about how your parents raised you and make them look bad. But it’s not very uncommon either. Which is kind of sad.

    That being said, I think Katy’s mom is looking for some publicity and fame for herself too.

  50. lease says:

    Unless your mother beat you and locked you in basements, STFU because she brought you into this world and she can take you right out, Katy! In her own way, her mother was trying to instill values and self respect. I mean, she failed, but you can’t say she didn’t try.

    This ho kills me!

  51. gobo says:

    They say her upbringing was normal. Perhaps it was according to their standards but if what she says about planned parenthood and devilled eggs is true I’d say they’re a bit mental by my standards.

  52. kazoo says:

    @kasper, lmao!

    yeah…when the parents are attempting to make money off their famous kids with a tell all book, i kinda side with the kid.

    i used to strongly dislike KP, but she’s grown on me…like a fungus. LOL. her music is very infectious, even though you know her voice is non-existent. sorta reminds me of britney in her hey day.

  53. KatyFan says:

    I don’t think Katy Perry is lying about her childhood. She isn’t estranged from her parents and her interviews could just reflect her relationship with them that day or that week. I mean sometimes siblings have different accounts that make you wonder if they come from the same family or the things that happen are so outlandish that you feel like you ARE making them up but you’re not.

    Besides, wasn’t her Mom a Jimi Hendrix groupie? And her Dad was part of Timothy Leary’s LSD crowd? It’s possible they become born again Christians and reactive once they started their family and thought about all that they saw and did and didn’t want that for their kids. Stinks for the kids because they aren’t necessarily going to be like their parents.

  54. Hakura says:

    While I’m sure Katy is probably exaggerating a *bit* sometimes, after coming across an interview her parents (alone) gave to christian magazine/blog… I could believe most of what she’s said. It’s like they were intentionally trying to express how ashamed of her (for the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ song, as that “Promotes homosexuality, which is disgusting.“) they are. But then turn around & contradict themselves when interviewed by someone else.

    I have a grandfather & 2 uncles that are pastors… & while they’re nowhere near as bad as Katy’s parents, they still drive me crazy. (All the constant judgment, unattainably high moral standards, knit picking, & constant disapproval.) Actually, some of the issues I have with my family, Katy describes. (Such as my fully supporting gay marriage. Or even just that I don’t believe homosexuality is a *choice* someone makes, but how they’re born.)

    Not that there’s any excuse for dressing like Strawberry Shortcake as a Vegas showgirl working the stripper pole. But I can empathize with what she’s had to deal wih, at least a little.

  55. Hakura says:

    @Kaity“It’s pathetic when celebrities lie about their childhood and make it out to be so much worse than what it was. It’s extremely frustrating to those who actually grew up with a TRULY messed up child hood.”

    I agree… Like Shania Twain. x_x I do believe Katy is *exaggerating* a bit, but her parents really seem like religious zealots, if I’m basing my opinion off their interviews (alone, not with Katy) to Christian magazines, blogs, & even shows. Especially now that the mother is promoting a Christian book. They seem to be ‘ashamed of Katy’ when it suits their purposes (to keep up appearances). I wouldn’t pull my punches talking about them, either.

    @Blank“Ke$ha pulled the same thing. Newsflash, parents also have mouths.

    Was that Kesha? I thought it was Taylor Momsen who ran her mouth about her mother dragging her to auditions as a kid when she didn’t want to go. I just hadn’t heard anything about Kesha.

  56. Liana says:

    It’s not Christianity or a belief in a higher power that’s the bad guy… it’s what one does in the name of said diety that is right or wrong, good or bad, sane or crazy.

  57. Annie_Grey says:

    I like her, but she’s still got a lot of growing up to do when it comes to what she’s says. Girl’s a serial talker.

  58. karma says:

    She seems like a horrible person, and is probably pulling one over on all of us.

  59. tvcon says:

    How old is she? 24 or 25? She is still at the age where she wants to impress people. Everyone in Hollywood lies about their childhood. I don’t like her, I think she’s a no talent hack

  60. Hakura says:

    @Liana“It’s not Christianity or a belief in a higher power that’s the bad guy… it’s what one does in the name of said diety that is right or wrong, good or bad, sane or crazy.”

    I agree. I hope my comment didn’t come across ‘downing’ Christianity. >.< Definitely not my intention (my entire family on both sides are prodestant, for the most part). Besides the fact that I disagree with a lot of what Katy’s parents said, they definitely contradict themselves, depending on who they happen to be speaking to at the time. I can’t stand people like that, so fake & dishonest.

  61. kasper says:

    in the pic with the tootoo Perry looks like she is trying to evict something from her behind. people pay for this? parents let their kids watch this?

  62. fabgrrl says:

    @DGO – The man we know as Jesus of Nazareth is “counted as a historical figure” because he lived in the past. Everyone knows that. He is well documented. The “Christ” part is a title that has been applied because some see him as their Messiah.

    About Katy Perry, remember when celebrities used to lie about how WONDERFUL and NORMAL their childhood/past was? When did that change?

  63. Hakura says:

    @fabgrrl“About Katy Perry, remember when celebrities used to lie about how WONDERFUL and NORMAL their childhood/past was? When did that change?”

    My guess would be when someone realized that not only could they glean sympathy from their audience… But also admiration for ‘getting through such a rough time in their lives, to then become a ‘strong, well adjusted, normal person.’) Since then, everyone has jumped on the bandwagon. *coughagainSHANIAcoughcough*

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