Karl Lagerfeld helps Vanessa Paradis shun Angelina Jolie


At first I thought this little report in Star Magazine was just some tabloid editor staring at a calendar, realizing that Vanessa Paradis and Angelina Jolie missed each other at the Cannes Film Festival by a matter of days, and building a small story around it. But as it turns out, Star Magazine wasn’t the only outlet to get this small scoop. More on that in a second. First, the backstory. According to the tabloids, Johnny Depp’s lover Vanessa Paradis hates Angelina Jolie’s guts. I doubt they actually hate each other or are jealous of one another or anything like that in reality, but if you told me that they perhaps rub each other the wrong way, I would buy that. Despite what they might have in common, I doubt Vanessa and Angelina would really have all that much to say to each other. But I digress. So, Vanessa and Angie, hatred, etc. Vanessa was scheduled to an event for Karl Lagerfeld, seeing as how she’s one of the “faces” of Chanel. According to Star Magazine, Lagerfeld scheduled the event so as to limit the possibility that Angelina Jolie would show up. Karl Lagerfeld HATES La Jolie!!!

Vanessa Paradis escaped her own mini drama in Cannes. There is no love lost between Vanessa and her partner Johnny Depp’s Tourist costar, Angelina Jolie. So with Vanessa set to be honored by Chanel at local hotspot Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, designer Karl Lagerfeld purposely held the event on May 9 – two days before a spotlight-grabbing Angie arrived to plug Kung Fu Panda 2!

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Now, as I said, it turns out this isn’t just some random report. The Mail had a similar story several days ago too!

It’s only just begun but already there’s been some cleverly orchestrated scheduling to avoid any red carpet awkwardness at this year’s festival.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld deliberately organised a party to honour his muse Vanessa Paradis – before limelight-lover Angelina Jolie arrived in town.

She rubbed Vanessa up the wrong way when she was filming The Tourist alongside the French chanteuse’s partner Johnny Depp.

Vanessa, 38, was guest of honour at the Chanel Collection Croisiere party at the Hôtel du Cap on the Cap d’Antibes on Monday, two days before Angelina, 35, arrived for her first public appearance at Cannes.

‘Organisers were trying to avoid awkward situations between them,’ said a Cannes mole. ‘Suffice to say, Angelina was not on the invitation list.’

[From The Mail]

Considering Angelina never wears Chanel, doesn’t represent Chanel and isn’t desperately trying to get in Karl Lagerfeld’s good graces, why in the world would she even be invited to a Chanel event, even if Vanessa and Karl didn’t HATE her so very much? But this brings up a question I don’t even want to ask myself: In a battle royale, Lagerfeld versus The Jolie, who would I choose? And who would win that battle? I think I would choose Jolie, but I think Karl would win. He’s like the crypt keeper. He’ll outlive us all. And if anyone can take down Angelina, it’s Karl. He is a worthy opponent!

By the way, even though I’ll buy that Karl hates Angelina, I bet he’d love to dress Empress Zahara. Imagine her all decked out in Chanel! So cute.






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  1. mln76 says:

    Tee-hee as much as this is very possibly B.S. I do think that Vanessa is a coquettish and jealous person. I read something somewhere (Lainey???) that her and Johnny have a stormier relationship than the Brange in reality. I think there was definite tension during the Tourist promotion very possibly to appease Vanessa… OK now my loonie card’s going to get revoked.

  2. Canuck says:

    Hmm, did someone go looking for only bad pix of Vanessa?

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there was something to Vanessa not liking AJ. Depp definitely “de-hotted” himself for The Tourist and I can’t help but think that was on purpose. He made a point of not touching AJ during the photocalls as well.

  3. Rose says:

    I don’t believe this at all, more pot stiring.

  4. Bubbling says:

    I call it BS and only because they all seem too cool to be bothered with each other. Tho in a matter Angie Vs. Karl it’s tight! I wouldn’t know where to put my money

  5. carrie says:

    i think Paradis doesn’t care about Jolie,Jolie doesn’t care about Paradis/Chanel/Lagerfeld and Lagerfeld is crazy of jealousy because he’s Karl

  6. capepopsie says:

    Love Lagerfeld, he´s so COOL. Judging from these pic´s Jolie is defenitely the most beautiful of the two. Paradis not so much.

  7. Nanea says:

    Even the huge grounds at the Hotel Du Parc/Eden Roc can only play host to so many people, and during the festival there’s hardly any breathing room, as the place is booked to full capacity.

    So if Karl wanted to host something there, he had to do it either in advance or afterwards, because the parties there take place every year at a fixed date, in addition to the presentations and press junkets for the really big movies.

  8. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Not that I know much about JD’s partner, I doubt she is all that petty. I can’t imagine he would have done anything to upset Vanessa, Johnny is hopelessly in love with her. If for any reason she was unhappy about Angelina being around Johnny, he would have fixed it. However he went to every press event with Angie. So I doubt Vanessa dislikes Angelina at all. I don’t buy that part.

    Karl is an old man and his thoughts on things are either nice or rude but they never make sense, they are just mean…or nice. If there is a fight between him and Angie there would be no winner because Angie wouldn’t argue with an old man, who has no idea what he is talking about. Not really buying he dislikes her though.

    What I will buy is that they purposely scheduled the event so that media would have time to focus on them before the media shifted there focus to Brad and Angie, which lets face it…Brad and Angie bump any and everybody. If I had an event planned and I knew Brad and Angie would be making a appearance at some point I would do what I could to get the focus on me before they arrived.

  9. MsGoblin says:

    I initially thought the photo was Madeline Kahn.

  10. jacq says:

    Vanessa is one of the ugliest women I’ve ever laid eyes on. Lauren Hutton’s gap is sexy, hers is just… you could park a Buick in there. Must be a high-fashion European thing that peasants like myself can’t understand.

  11. flourpot says:

    I remember reading something about all 4 of them getting together for dinner with the kids. And video games were involved. I think, if anything, Karl is trying to stir up the pot and Vanessa is probably fairly clueless.

    Neither of them – Angie or Vanessa – make it a habit to browse gossip sights or read the mags. And good for them.

  12. Praise St. Angie! says:

    hmm…I’m gonna float an idea here and say maybe Lagerfeld doesn’t like Jolie BECAUSE she doesn’t fawn all over him and (as you pointed out) she isn’t trying to get into his good graces or fighting to become one of the faces of Chanel. (like Lohan or Lively)

    I’d bet he’d love to have her represent his clothes but “hates” her because she won’t.

    far-fetched? maybe, but he seems so bitchy and petty that it might be true.

    Paradis is like that woman on Seinfeld…sometimes I see a pic of her and think she’s gorgeous and some of her pictures make me cringe.

  13. foozy says:

    can’t stand paradis and her stupid voice, the pathetic way she ruined The Tourist which could have been a great movie. and as for karl. he can go eff himself! vive la jolie!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Kloops says:

    I agree with the poster above. This non-story originated from KL’s camp. He’s jealous that Jolie isn’t interested in his clothing line and is attempting to stir the pot. I’m sure both Jolie and Paradis are pretty happy with their ability to snag hot men and are not even remotely threatened with one another. Good friends, probably not, but not awkward enemies either.

  15. anonymous says:

    This story is non sense, it doesn’t add up. Have you seen Vanessa and Jonnny together on the red carpet for Pirates of the Caribbean with Penelope Cruise, No? But when she didn’t appear with Johnny when he was promoting “The Tourist” everyone was saying Vanessa did not show up because she hated Jolie, now there is not a peep from anyone with her hating Penelope Cruise when she didn’t come to his promotion of the Pirates with Cuise. There is a certain element of people mag,gossip sites who is trying to ruin and discredit Jolie for some reason. What is the reason for Vanessa not showing up with Johnny and Penelope for Pirates of the Carribean. When was the last time you have seen Johnny, Vanessa and his kids in th same place, it seems they have decided to conduct their Hollywood lives in their own way, but even that don’t stop the paps from using them to antagonize and bring down another star.

  16. WhiteNoise says:

    I love Karl Lagerfeld. He’s such an irredeemable unapologetic bitch.

    Meh re Vanessa and Angie feuding, I’m quite sure they have better things to do with their time.

  17. jinni says:

    The tabloids really need to stop trying to make a Paradis-Depp, Jolie-Pitt love/hate square happening.

    I swear the tabloids act like if a person isn’t slobbering all over the Brange, than they must absolutely hate the Brange. Every woman is not jealous of Joile. Every woman is not trying to sex Brad. Jolie is not trying to have sex with every dude she sees and they are not trying to get with her.

    If I didn’t know any better I would think all of these stories are coming from someone that wants everyone to believe that the Brange are irresistible. Someone trying to keep their sex symbol image alive.

    Also, Vanessa was filming a movie while Johnny was promoting The Tourist.

  18. resp says:

    You are right- the element trying to discredit Jolie certainly includes the entire PR industry and the entertainment media that marches to their orders. They very angry and threatened by the fact that Brad and Angelina continue to be this successful WITHOUT use of a publicist. If more stars follow suit, that would be disasterous. Fortunately for the PR industry, many of these celebrities could NEVER operate without a publicist because they are too insecure or have too much to hide.

  19. Eve says:

    I agree with Praise St. Angie (I mean, in case there’s any turth to this story).

    About Paradis: I understand she’s a confident woman and sticks with her “unusual” characteristics, but the gap between her teeth is getting wider as she ages. I can even see a little bit of gum dangling from her two front teeth. She could wear braces (just to make the gap look like it used to). Or maybe Depp likes it that way — I bet she can give him a BJ without even opening her mouth.

  20. mln76 says:

    I don’t think there was any affair or even sexual tension. But I do think Vanessa was threatened by Angie, there were similar stories out there when Johnny did a film with Marion Cotillard. Vanessa is quite a big star in France but not internationally I think she has an ego just like many other actresses and has a flair for the dramatique.

  21. Jen34 says:

    I’m not buying this. Vanessa is rarely seen with Johnny. It makes me think she is either not the jealous type or else he is as loyal as he claims to be. Plus, the two families socialized during the filming of The Tourist. If Vanessa hated AJ, she could have come up with a thousand excuses to not hang out with the Jolie-Pitts.

    Off topic, Vanessa should really look more like Marion Cotillard. I have yet to see an attractive photo of her.

  22. Kimbob says:

    I tend to believe @Praise St. Angie’s comments as to why Lagerfield may be indifferent toward Angelina Jolie. I see comments comparing Vanessa & Angeliena’s “beauty.”

    It is impossible not to agree that Angelina Jolie is a beautiful woman. I must point out, though, that Angelina Jolie has had SEVERAL surgeries: chin, nose, lip augmentation (I seriously believe she’s had reduction on her upper lip and in various pics her lips seem “different,” so I truly believe that she has some type of filler or whatever so that her upper/lower lips are more symmetrical).

    Anyone can look online & see pics of Angelina when she was younger & easily see that she’s had these procedures done. Also, notice from time to time, the fullness of her lips varies (and I do not believe it’s due to the appearance of makeup or camera angles…it’s too obvious).

    Again, Angelina Jolie is undoubtedly beautiful, but so is Vanessa Paradis. However, it’s unfair to “compare” them, as when I see pics of Vanessa, it is obvious to me she is very natural and untouched.

  23. Jen34 says:

    @ #20

    “Or maybe Depp likes it that way — I bet she can give him a BJ without even opening her mouth.”

    Bwahaahaa I think you may be on to something here!

  24. Crash2GO2 says:

    It would certainly explain Depp and Jolie’s very odd chemistry during the Tourist promotion. I mean come on. The woman does have a history.

  25. RHONYC says:

    oh, the smugness of pic #5 vs. the troll-essence of pic #6.

    hilarious. :lol:

  26. albeli says:

    Every time I see her, I am shocked that VP is a model. Fug.

  27. Juju says:

    I really don’t think Vanessa gives a hoot about Jolie. This story is just more BS. I think ANgie prob wanted to seduce Johnny but he didn’t bite which is why they were always so awkward looking on the red carpet.
    I love Johnny & Vanessa together as much as I love Brnage together. cool couples who don’t care what the world thinks about them. Carry on.

  28. lucy2 says:

    I would think this is blown out of proportion or there’s some other explanation. Though Karl does seem like the jealous bitch type!
    I doubt Vanessa hates Angelina or anything, but that doesn’t mean they must be BFFs either.
    Vanessa and JD seem happy and solid.

    (Cue the Angelina surgery/no surgery debate…) :D

  29. NayNay says:

    Am I the only one who does not find Vanessa attractive, at all???

  30. Sue says:

    flourpot@ I read the same thing about this too (All 4 of them getting together for dinner with the kids. And video games were involved) Johnny said this in some interview were he Maddox, Pax and his son would play video games and there are picture of Angelina, Brad and the kids at Vanessa house when Johnny was out of town doing something for pictures pirates of the caribbean 4.

    I’m surprised that Vanessa is hanging around Karl because he a bitter old man who loves drama and Vanessa doesn’t seem like the type to play games.

    Crash2GO2@ There was no odd chemistry between Depp and Jolie’s have you seen the Tourist outtakes they seem to get along just fine.


  31. WhiteNoise says:

    @jinni – well said, couldn’t agree more.

    This idea that Jolie has only to get within touching distance of any man and he’s slobbering at her feet is just plain irritating and extemely insulting to the men concerned and their wives/girlfriends to boot. If Vanessa P had any reason to be annoyed, it’s this, the idea that the Brange are all things irresistable to all people and therefore she must of course worry about her man’s loyalty. Same with Pitt and whatever attractive woman he happens to be working with at any given time. There are countless far more attractive and interesting men than Pitt out there, and just as many beautiful, interesting women as Jolie, so this myth that they are king & queen of the irresistable is just that, a stupid tabloid myth.

  32. ffdgdgdsh says:

    Do you not realize that STAR could have simply taken their story from the daily mail?????? Just because two places have the same story does not make it true. ugh.

    Also Angelina & Brad have gone to no events in Cannes other than their own events for their own movies. They are not just showing up at random Cannes events to be photographed!
    I have never seen Angelina in Chanel and I doubt she cares about this.

  33. mln76 says:

    @White Noise equally ridiculous is the idea that she’s chasing every man she looks at…. Angelina has been with Brad for a long time now and has a whole mess of kids and she even topped Johnny on Forbes 100 celeb lists why the f–k would she bother.
    I think this has to do with Vanessa and her ego and insecurity-nothing to do with Angie. She doesn’t need Karl, Johnny, or Vanessa’s approval.

  34. Melissa says:

    VP looks really white-trashy to me. If you forget for a minute who she is and take a fresh look at her, she looks like she just left the trailer park.

  35. isabelle says:

    Vanessa is starting to look like a dude.

  36. guesty says:

    mln76…LOL. for some reason I believe this too AND I’m not a loonie by any stretch of the imagination either!

  37. Iggles says:

    Vanessa needs to get her teeth fixed! Seriously, it’s not attractive! And her face is boney.

    Team Jolie FTW!

  38. WhiteNoise says:

    @min76 – “equally ridiculous is the idea that she’s chasing every man she looks at…. I think this has to do with Vanessa and her ego and insecurity-nothing to do with Angie…”

    Yes, agree, I’m not saying otherwise, just responding to a point that does really irritate me where we are somehow expected to see the Brange as the gold standard. Look, I really like Angie, I think she and Pitt have a great relationship, totally solid, but jeez, sometimes on here, it’s like we have to take it as a given that every man wants Jolie and every woman wants Pitt and would dump their wives/gfs in a second without a backward glance if the opportunity arose.

    Don’t get your point re Vanessa, what’s the basis for it? Neither one imo has reason for any insecurity since both their men are wild for them and never stop saying it and showing it.

  39. Crash2GO2 says:

    Hi Sue. I’m sure they got along just fine. I’m referring to how they stayed about a foot apart in all photos, whereas normally he has his arm around the waist of his women co-stars.

  40. Maritza says:

    I know exactly what Angelina had to say about this, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful”.

  41. Solveig says:

    The only thing that I know for sure is that the director of The Tourist told to an Italian journalist of a cinema magazine that he shoot a sex scene between the two (JD & AJ), but some months after, during the photocall in Rome, he denied this story to the very same journalist. Mah…
    I would so love to see what kind of outfit is the blue one Vanessa is wearing in some of those pics.
    And please, for the sake of Johnny, don’t always post ugly pictures of this little cute woman.

  42. Hanh says:

    You’re kidding right? Vanessa looks like she hits the knife pretty often. Just has a good surgeon. And her face looks slightly botoxy, but not terribly so. Her forehead is strangely overly smooth.

  43. Canuck says:

    It could be that VP has a different history with AJ. Wasn’t she living with or dating Lenny Kravitz at about the time that AJ was in one of is videos and was rumoured to have boinked him?

  44. LOVE ANGELINA says:

    Oooooo @Sue I never saw The Tourist outtakes. I love them. Love her laugh. Thank you. Have you seen the Mr and Mrs Smith ones? They are even cuter.

    @Crash I thought we had all established that Johnny and Angie wanted to keep a kinda distance as to avoid troublesome tabloid stories with those ridiculous pictures paired with an more ridiculous headline. Not because they actually didn’t like being around each other or there was kinda tension.

    Also I wanna add I am disturbed, I assumed most of us are women here, why are you being so harsh on Vanessa’s looks. She looks fine. So has a gap, big deal.

  45. really says:

    Vanessa Paradis hates Angelina Jolie’s guts = ENVY. Vanessa did not age well, she used to be so cute, thus all that hatred…… so sad, such a waste of time… because Angie would eat her for breakfast let alone lunch! with Empress Zahara slam dunking dinner…

  46. joe says:

    karl is making me hate chanel

  47. mln76 says:

    @ White Noise my feeling about Vanessa is based like I said from similar gossip written when Johnny starred with Marion and just my personal OP of her, especially since there was something way off during the Tourist promotion. I think she is beautiful and her and Johnny make a great pair but I also believe she could be jealous of Angie. Although she acts and sings she is mainly known as a model abroad and I would be shocked if her Chanel contract is half that of Angie’s Louis Vuitton. In this case I tend to believe there was something to the gossip and according to an interview Angie said she met Vanessa once very briefly.

  48. jinni says:

    About the Marion and Johnny rumors during Public Enemies: Marion is considerd the Angelina Jolie of France because she is believed to have “stolen” Guillaume Canet from his wife Diane Kruger. So, just like the tabs are trying to act like Angie is falling back on her “old habits of man stealing” with Johnny, they tried to act like Marion was trying to “steal” Johnny from Vanessa. Basically, the same story but different “homewrecker”.

    Love Angelina,
    I’ve noticed that any woman/or person that is said to not find Angie the most amazing, interesting, gorgeous person on the planet is automatically hated and put down by Brange fans. Even when the story comes from a source that is known to lie and put out false stories. I mean I an Angie fan, I just don’t feel like everyone has to like her as much as I do or fawn over her all the time.

  49. Eve says:

    @ Solveig:

    The only thing that I know for sure is that the director of The Tourist told to an Italian journalist of a cinema magazine that he shoot a sex scene between the two (JD & AJ), but some months after, during the photocall in Rome, he denied this story to the very same journalist. Mah…

    GAH!!! I’d sooooo want to see that!

  50. Kim123 says:

    I find it amazing that every costar/ associate/stranger that has contact with AJ or their kids- that has a positive experience, is a liar according to the tabloids and critics.To them she is Evil personified.She is evil for talking about Brad/kids.She is evil for visiting refugee camps. She is evil for donating money to charity.As for Vanessa I don’t think she is the jealous type, she seems to be very secure with her looks and her relationship.She mentioned in an interview that all the time she spends away from JD(when he is on location) helps their relationship.To each his own IMO

  51. skibunny says:

    I like the gap between her teeth. These are not her most flattering pictures but she is a beautiful woman. It’s nice to see someone who looks like a real human versus these waxy, skinny, plastic looking dolls that come out of Hollywood. Angie is pretty but looks like the walking dead. Don’t kid yourselves, she’s had plenty of work done. Just like everyone else.

  52. bluhare says:

    Wow. VP is actually very pretty but you’d never know it from those photos! She looks like the Bride of Lagerstein in the header shot.

  53. Eve says:

    Angie is pretty but looks like the walking dead.

    She can eat my brains then.

    Jombie: “Braains…braaaaaaaains…”

    Me: “Ok, dear. Would you like some ketchup with them? Here.”

  54. Canuck says:

    Vanessa Paradis might be small and tiny, but I’m pretty sure she’d be the one eating Jolie for breakfast. As for her being jealous of AJ’s career, I think you’re overestimating her desire to be a movie star anywhere else than in Europe. If she were that career driven, she’d be on every single one of Depp’s red carpets, with perfectly aligned teeth, fillers galore and fake boobs.

    As to her Chanel contract, she’s been one of their faces for at least 10 years, if not longer. This one is from 1992 http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxuv0_1992-coco-chanel-vanessa-paradis_shortfilms

    Also, Marion Cotillard is not known as the “AJ of France”, that would be Beatrice Dalle. Canet and Kruger filed for divorce at the beginning of 2006, he didn’t start dating Cotillard until the end of 2007.

  55. gonzo says:

    hey kimbob, i dont for sure about angie’s supposed surgeries, but i do know that as you age, your face and lips tend to thin out over time…whenever people try to point out how much ‘work’ she’s had done, i really dont see any difference except for how much more gaunt her face is…she definitely no longer has the baby fat of her 20s…and if you look at her parents, she was the spitting image of her dad in her youth, but now that she’s getting older is taking much more after her mother marcheline.

  56. jazz says:

    If you put a large top hat on Vanessa in the bottom pic, she would look just like Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland…you should do a side by side.

  57. RHONYC says:

    @ beth

    LMFAO @ ‘hooverface’


  58. jinni says:


    Marion is said to be considered the Angie of France not because they resemble each other or because they have similar personas, but because of the rumor that she was one of the causes for Diane and Canet to divorce.

    Plus, just because Marion and Canet came out officially in 2007 doesn’t mean that they might not have gotten together earlier in private. They wouldn’t be the first to wait until the cheater is officially free to come out to the public with their relationship.

  59. Jess says:

    Sometimes when I see Paradis, I think it’s Depp’s Mad Hatter character for a second.

  60. nnn says:


    Paradis and Jolie have had the same badgirl image in their respective country before being mums and both vocally happy to be one.

    Vanessa wild image was even more than Jolie.

    1) Vanessa was villified in France for appaering starck nude at barely 16, showing her buttocks and genitals in a crude sexual scene in ‘Noces Blanches’ where she played a teen in love with her teacher played by a fat old actor who was …57 !!! Even in France, it was shocking and Vanessa was hated to boot and villified for what people perceived as trying to put a burgeonning career into orbit too fast too soon while showing a disturbing aspect of teen versus old man sexuality.

    2) She was hated also by yourg girls at school who spat on her, insulted her and had to quit school. She talked about how people called her ‘salope’, ‘garce’…’pute’…meaning, ho, bitch, stank, ect…

    3) the hatred went even further when at the same age she quitted her parents home to move in with her 29 year old lover, french singer Laurent Pagny.

    4) She was young beautiful, a rebel and often appeared in lists of most hated. Mothers thought that she showed a bad example of young girls (hence sometimes people made reference that she was like a young Brigitte Bardot), young girls were jealous of her saying that she has no voice but uses her juvenile sexuality, youth and luck without caring about her rep.

    5) at 18, she collaborated with Serge Gainsbourg who often did controversial texts (e.g. Lemon Incest with his daughter) and made a song showing girls dancing with their naked breasts all over the place.

    6) At 19, she went to the US and said that because noone knew her there, for the first time she felt happy. Shemet Kravitz, dated him and collaborated with him.

    7) she was into drugs and alcohool and never hided nor cared about what the media thought.

    8-) at 24, when she met Johnny, i immediately thought that she met her masculine double, a controversial figure, a rebel, a druggie who just escaped all the nastiness controversies around the Viper’s club alleged drugcirculation and the death of River Phoenix.

    Anyway, if you think Jolie was a badgirl, vanessa was even more and according french standards who are even less prude !

    That’s why i don’t beleive that story AT ALL. Jolie, Depp and Paradis have the same past, have the same type of temper and attitude very similar personality wise. They are of the same breed, they live in their own terms and don’t let the media or anyone else dictate how they should live. They are free spirits . It’s like they could be brothers and sisters.

  61. 4Real says:

    She is SO FUG I weep for Johnny Depp! How she can be the face of anything except faces of METH is just beyond me….

  62. Joe's Mom says:

    I really like both Paradis and Jolie, but I just wish Paradis would get that gap fixed! She looks like a pirate out of one of Johnny’s movies when she smiles. It’s a SHOCK! Anyway, I can see Paradis attracting lots of attention at Lagerfeld’s event in her own right, but they were wise to do it before AJ arrived. When AJ is around, the paparazzi goes nuts, it’s not her fault, it’s just a fact.

  63. N.D. says:

    @jinni. Marion Cotillard and G.Canet began dating year and a half after Kruger failed for divorce. There was never a triangle there and there are no such rumors and never were.

    Re Angelina’s “history”. It’s a partly (mostly) a fictional one and by now definitely ancient. If anything she’s a retired homewrecker. And really how can she top homewrecking Brad Pitt’s marriage?

  64. Julie says:

    Vanessa 2: Karl 2: Angelina 6 – the clear winner of course!!!

  65. jello says:

    Love nnn’s comment on Depp, Jolie, and Paradis all originating from the same free spirit tribe. I think you’re right on.

    But yikes! CB you sure picked the fuggliest pictures of Vanessa possible. Not sure why. She can photograph like a true beauty.


  66. Stacy says:

    Agree wit nnn’s analysis.
    Agree also with White Noise. Brangelina are NOT the be all and end all and they are not irresistable. I for one wouldn’t give Brad Pitt a second look if I passed him on the street. And Angelina is pretty, but so are many actresses and I think Penelope Cruise and Rachel Weiz are prettier than Angelina.

  67. Canuck says:

    Yes, France was so shocked and she was so vilified by her role in “Noce Blanche” that they gave her the equivalent of a French Oscar.

    She was bullied at school because she had an international hit song at 14 and the other girls were jealous of her.

    Her ex is “Florent Pagny”, not Laurent, and he probably should have been thrown in jail given her age and his. One has to wonder about her parents as well, truth be told.

    France doesn’t make up lists of “most hated” and Paradis is adored in France. For info, Catherine Deneuve was quoted saying that (sic) “Paradis is someone you want to protect, she seems so vulnerable” after having done a film with her. She’s done films with pretty much everyone who counts in French cinema. Depp is (to quote my French MIL) “that American actor who’s with OUR Vanessa”. You’ve been misled if you think that the French dislike this woman.

  68. Anon73 says:

    @jacq: Amen to that !! agreed, Paradis is FUG-LY. she looks like some medieval troll.

    compared to Paradis looks-wise, Angie wins that hands down — and then some.

    in terms of personality, Paradis seems about as deep as a nail polish bottle. whereas Angie has some brains behind her.

  69. Cheyenne says:

    I don’t think Jolie or Paradis give two hoots about each other. As for Lagerfeld, he impresses me as a bitchy little creep who’s pissed off because Jolie wouldn’t give him or his clothes the time of day.

  70. Twez says:

    Maybe she’ll feel insecure enough to get those fucking teeth fixed.

  71. N.D. says:

    @Canuck: Her ex is “Florent Pagny”, not Laurent, and he probably should have been thrown in jail given her age and his.

    No, he shouldn’t because the age of consent in France is 15.

  72. Jeannified says:

    I will never know what Johnny Depp sees in Vanessa Paradis

  73. wifeyskarsgard says:

    I had forgot how ugly Vanessa Paradis really is, and this post just reminded me!

  74. Canuck says:

    @ND : Does that make it any less creepy that at 26 year old man is with a 15 year old? I don’t think so.

  75. jill says:

    so it’s true that Johnny wasn’t allowed to properly promote “The Tourist” because of Vanessa’s insecurity? that sucks.

  76. L. says:

    Nnn’s comment is very accurate. VP only became famous because she exploited her own “underage lolita” image, which is absolutely repulsive.
    She’s an ugly woman who looks like she seriously abused drugs; it’s not about the gap between her teeth, her skin and hair look dead, and she’s not even forty!

  77. Louise says:

    Do people think or just want to believe Angelina is satan? Nothing about this story makes sense or logical. Both Angelina and Johnny said the couples hung out together all of the time. So Vanessa hating Angelina is extremely unlikely. If you want to believe that Angelina is a liar why would Johnny make stories up? He could have left it a professional relationshp. There’s no reason to lie since he popular and powerful in Hollywood. Brad and Angelina have been to Cannes for the past 4 or 5 years. I don’t think they have ever been to any of the events or parties. Why would they start now?

    @Kaiser: Just because 2 tabloids have the same story doesn’t make it true. Usually one steals from the other and reports it as their story. I also don’t understand the logic that Karl hates Angelina. If he wanted to make Vanessa happy of course he wouldn’t invite Angelina if this was true.

  78. N.D. says:

    @Canuck : Does that make it any less creepy that at 26 year old man is with a 15 year old? I don’t think so.

    Well, but French people certainly do. Too bad you don’t agree with them, I guess, but the fact remains – there was nothing unlawful in their relationship. She was a young woman and she had a right to love whoever she wanted.

  79. John Wayne Lives says:

    all the weirdness with the Tourist movie in general, makes me think there could be something to this…

  80. Matt says:

    Photoshop works wonders for Vanessa, I guess I’d be jealous too if my looks were slipping and my partner was having love scenes with one of the most beautiful people in the world.

  81. tmbg says:

    When her lips are closed, she’s beautiful. Her ads for the Chanel lipstick are very elegant. But holy crow is that a busted grill. She smokes, so there’s probably nothing to do about the color of them, but my gosh, get some Invisalign or something! O_O

  82. sweden says:

    Vanessa Paradis is NOT ugly, i find her incredible beautiful in a non conventional way, also so what if she has gap, americans are obsessed with capped super white teeth, none of which is natural, yeah file down your teeth and glue porcelain caps on there then bleach the crap out of them which hurts the enamel sounds great.

  83. tmbg says:

    Sweden, not me. My teeth are slightly yellow by nature and also from coffee, but I don’t bleach them because it hurts like the devil. I’m also not interested in caps (I’d get braces if they were as crooked as Vanessa’s).

    That’s mostly Hollywood where you see that. The average American has average teeth, although many kids here get braces when their teeth start growing in crooked.

  84. lisa says:

    Would this thread have gotten 80+ comments if Angelina was not mentioned.. NOPE.

    Why in the world would this story be believed. We didn’t see any shots of she or Brad out and about in Cannes outside the Promotion for their movies. They were out to dinner and that was it. Angie has never been photographed at any Fashion show or at any movie premier other than her own or a close friend. And then she nor Brad ever walk the RC.

    But taking all those facts in we are to believe that she is HATED by two people she doesn’t really spend time with. She/Brad and Johnny/Vanessa had dinner a couple of times. Have said they would like to get together when in France.. which I find interesting because Johnny is not in France as much as the media reports.

    Whatever. I guess it is news to prints someone not liking her then the many, many reports of the people that like her a great deal (but that doesn’t feed the none fans)

  85. Shay says:

    Chanel could do well with a face like Angelina, instead of the bag-lady look that Vanessa sports. Then again, what am I saying? Gabrielle Chanel was not the world’s most attractive woman and perhaps Vanessa reflects that very well.
    Vanessa Paradis is one of those women who does not age well. She was fabulous in her younger years, and by younger, I mean when she had filmed adverts on a trapeze for the first series of Coco perfume endorsements.
    All I know is that I laugh each time I see a huge bus stop poster of Vanessa endorsing cosmetics, thinking ‘you can wear all the makeup you want honey it’s still not going to improve the fact that the bottom half of your face caves in because of your mouth.’
    Sorry, but that’s how it is.
    As for fashion endorsments.
    I think out of all the female celebrities, Angelina is one of the few who doesn’t care about Karl Lagerfeld’s ego – Heidi Klum is another . Every other celebrity, including tartlets like Rihanna, suck up to Karl and he laps it up. But I’ve noticed that Karl avoids those who don’t pander to his ego.

    As far as I’m concerned, Karl Lagerfeld is a has-been. He is no fashion innovator. Resurrecting fingerless gloves from the Eighties isn’t innovation. It’s necromancy!
    Way back when, it was Yves St Laurent who won the fashion award competitions as a young man, Lagerfeld always came second. Now that YSL is dead, Karl seems to think he reigns. His Chanel lines have not changed since the Nineties and no ‘average’ female celebrity is going to change that.

    And it really peeves me off when people ask what Johnny Depp is doing with Vanessa. He isn’t something special either. Jeez Louise! He is one of those people who, when not acting, the moment he opens his mouth, ever ideal you hold about him (including his ability to rub two brain cells together) falls apart.

  86. HotLatino says:

    I’ve always thought that this Vanessa is so UGLY, like really really ugly, what does Johnny see in her? YUCK! He should get a spicy hot Latina.

  87. Ophelie says:

    American sites always choose terrible pics of Vanessa. I just saw her in concert and she is stunning. Watch the movie L’arnacoeur (Heartbreakers) from last year then you’ll see have gorgeous she is. She has some wrinkles now but I prefer those who choose to age gracefully.

  88. BabyCakes says:

    She’s not bow wow wow ugly. She’s a few thousand yipes! How in the world was she a model? She’s probably just jealous of Angie. She must be amazing in the sack or something. YUK.

  89. ZenB!tch says:

    I don’t know much about Vanessa Paradis other than she has aged very, very, very badly. Other than the gap in the teeth she really was quite beautiful once.

    I do think that Angelina is not the type to make friends with other women, so I can see how she would rub another woman the wrong way.

    OK I’m going to ask since I dislike all of Brangeston – does Angelina even have friends?

  90. beth says:

    well, yaaah! :D
    Johnny must be a very happy man
    *dies laughing…

  91. cara says:

    I Highly doubt Paradis gives two sh*ts about AJ. She’s been a HUGE star for eons, and really, must have an insane amount of self-esteem to have done all she has, especially from such a young age. If anything, I’d say, MAybe, AJ is insecure around Paradis. For just b/c AJ gorg, doesn’t mean she has high self esteem. Whats that line Slick Rick sings, “the most beautiful bitches have the craziest shit in ‘em.”

  92. Raven Sparrow says:

    “I’ve always thought that this Vanessa is so UGLY, like really really ugly, what does Johnny see in her?”

    Right, because outer beauty is all that matters.

    Maybe Johnny was kidding himself and going for inner beauty too but after more than 11 years, the idiot still doesn’t know that outer beauty is what matters the most!

  93. Indigo says:

    I agree that Jolie is lovely but has had surgical and other ‘hollywood’ help that it looks like Paradis has shunned. She could certainly go fake and be more conventionally attractive but I admire her for holding out…

  94. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Love Angelina: “@Crash I thought we had all established that Johnny and Angie wanted to keep a kinda distance as to avoid troublesome tabloid stories with those ridiculous pictures paired with an more ridiculous headline.”

    Well, I suppose as much as we can establish anything as true from gossip. :D

    @Minty: “And just what “history” is it that Angelina has, Crash2GO2?”

    The fact that she and Brad costarred in a movie together while he was married, fell in love, and he subsequently left his wife for her. I left Brad out here originally because this post is about AJ.

  95. blasted1 says:

    I don’t think any woman would want to stand side-by-side with Angelina Jolie if she has any pride at all! I’m a very pretty lady, but I wouldn’t want to be caught in the frame with Angelina! Vanessa is thin-lipped and homely and is getting more so with age and is perhaps a bit insecure. I think she better lay-0ff how she tells Johnny to do his sex scenes, however. I felt he resented it and I think the film shows it. Paradis needs to shut-up and act right…or else she’ll run Johnny off.

  96. Canuck says:

    @ND: So, if a man in Yemen or Afghanistan marries a 10 year old girl and has sex with her, that’s ok because their law says so? Or female circumcision happens because “custom dictates” and there in no law against it, that makes it ok? Don’t think so either…

  97. Raven Sparrow says:

    @ Beth

    Wow, for someone who claims herself to be an above average beauty that silences a room with her presence and who commented on how judging people by looks is harsh – I must say, calling Vanessa a hooverface is just…wow! No comment.

  98. Crash2GO2 says:

    All of this talk about Vanessa not being good looking is utterly ridiculous. Even in her most unflattering photos, you can see the woman has AMAZING bone structure.

    Good call there @Raven Sparrow.

  99. Hunny says:

    I think angie looks sophisticated and more beautiful than Vanessa. Vanessa hair, make up and her dress looks like she’s about to punch someone in the face and the hair does make her look old.

  100. seVen says:

    i refuse to read through 100+ comments im just gonna say that Mr. Depp can do so much better then this… thing of a woman. Shes McDonalds , Angie is Fliet mignon.

  101. Celestine says:


    Johnny & Penelope Cruz are wonderful together.

    The stories about Depp & Jolie’s families spending time together during The Tourist have never been proven. The truth seems to be Jolie was over-the-top aggressive towards Depp, which pissed off Depp & Paradis. The stories that they had pleasant dinners & kids played together were a front (lies) on the promo tour to make it look like everything was hunky-dorey. Why did Tim Burton (Depp’s close buddy) just drop out of directing Jolie in Maleficent? Conversely, why did Burton just cast Jolie’s old flame, Johnny Lee Miller, in Dark Shadows, currently filming with Depp?

    If we’re going by gossip, while filming Public Enemies, Depp actually left VP for Cotillard but later ended it after having regrets (probably about the effect on the kids, IMO).

  102. lisa says:

    Look at pictures of Angelina at 16.. same face just older. All the surgery talk is silly. She has always been beautiful. Before anyone knew who she was.

    Vanessa is an attractive woman. She has a very sexy quality. All the talk of her being insecure and jealous is just that TALK.. Angelina didn’t want Johnny and Johnny didn’t want Angie. They both have the persons they want and why is it always the woman that is jealous and self doubting. OH wait.. Gossip is written for women. It feeds women and their bitchy nature.

    Regarding Angelina’s history. She and Brad got together a year after the movie wrapped. She didn’t steal him. He wanted out of HIS marriage and left it. End of story. He just found and kept a relationship before and longer than his ex.

    So sick of all this Angie will steal you man. The woman has the man she wanted. She didn’t steal him. He was standing..no running towards her. Can’t steal what wants to leave.

    Since we are heading towards 7 years. Some people need to get a new script

  103. margaritachum says:

    @ cara
    i agree with you.

    vanessa is beautiful and she doesn’t care about angelina.
    vanessa has self esteem and that’s what makes her beautiful and even sexy. she knows she can trust her man.
    i think they are truly happy and love what they got together. it doesn’t sound fake at all.

  104. Liana says:

    @Raven Sparrow: Beth is, at heart, a mean girl. Whatever, you know? Like I said, I, too, can stop all conversation when I enter a room – usually because I tripped over something in the doorway and made a loud ungraceful entrance.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Totally, and truthfully. What I find beautiful, someone else most certainly would not. And everyone has his/her own beauty, whether it be superficial, exterior, interior, or what have you.

  105. Raven Sparrow says:

    @Liana ,
    I know what you mean! I’m a tripper too! Those awkard silences :D

    I totally agree with what you said. Beauty is different for everyone and thank goodness it is so.

    I’m finding that, these last few days, there’s been alot of harsh and mean comments on here: Aniston and Pippa and now Vanessa…it used to be fun around here.

  106. theresa says:

    Neither AJ nor VP strike me as women who want to be friends with other beautiful women, but I don’t see any real drama here. The two couples socialized superficially, as happens when people work together on a project, then just went their separate ways.

    I have admired the beauty and style of different types of women from all over the world. However, I have never been able to understand why even the young Paradis was considered remotely attractive. I’ve seen a few interviews with her on Youtube and she always sounded ditzy, shallow and kind of stupid to me. She also had a very fake, annoyingly immature, way of behaving. Depp has always preferred a certain type of woman. I think that he likes them to be tiny, child-like, boho-semi-chic and not too obviously intelligent, but that he also wants them to be professionally successful independent of him. I think that he likes that Tim Burton character look/vibe, too. Paradis meets all of his criteria so I’m not surprised that their relationship still works.

    Karl is one of The UnDead. He can only be beaten by a vampire with stronger powers or a human with garlic and holy water.

  107. mln76 says:

    @ ZenB!tch On the question of whether or not Angelina has friends a really good friend of hers is the reporter Marianne Pearl(she specifically asked her to portray her in A Mighty Heart) who has described Angelina on more than one occasion as a sister, even in recent interviews…And I don’t think Marianne would bullshit about that.

  108. Minty says:

    CrashtoGO2, but you see, it is NOT fact. You are repeating lies, not fact. Nowhere is there any evidence that they fell in love on set nor that he left Jen for her. In fact, on the contrary.

  109. Minty says:

    Lies and rumor is not ‘history’.

  110. Beth says:

    Raven Sparrow, for chrissakes, she’s doing a hooverface sucking her cheeks in like that – henceforth, ‘hooverface’. Why is this even offensive – tell me you’ve never once in your whole life made fun of someone for making a face that resembles something, and the association between the two is just funny if only for the moment, or been made fun of, and laughed it off. It’s not even derogatory.

  111. Cheyenne says:

    Minty: Nowhere is there any evidence that they fell in love on set

    Well, Jolie herself said they fell in love while making the film and I would assume that Brad left his wife because he wanted to make a new life with Angie. Bottom line is it happened almost seven years ago and people need to stop obsessing over it as if it happened the day before yesterday. What’s done is done.

  112. Katherine M. says:

    For a second there I thought that was Lauren Bacall up there with Vanessa.

    Karl, dahling, time for a rehab.

  113. Danni says:

    Oh, gimme a break….I doubt that Vanessa blinks an eye at ALL of the American actresses her partner works with so often. Big deal.

  114. Eleonor says:

    Empress Zahara and Anger Bear together! Love at first sight!

  115. Bethy says:

    Brad Pitt has said several times that his favorite film was Mr. & Mrs. Smith, because his life has changed. And Jennifer Aniston has never criticized him, in fact always cheer ….
    It is obvious that they fell in love in this movie, after all where they met? in a restaurant? Party? In a meeting organized by his agents as well as Brad and Jeniifer.

    It is so obvious, but even her friends talking in the interview that Jennifer knew Brad was having feelings for Jolie, that he was very sincere to tell her and then she has been comment that what Angelina said was not cool, because something she did not know at that time …. kkkk

  116. Beth says:

    @Liana: Oops, I just saw your comment… Sure, I’m mean… Mean for calling Vanessa ‘hooverface’ WHEN she is actually making one there for the whole world to see. Somehow, I think all this has less to do with my comment on Vanessa and more to do with my earlier post where I made an unapologetic admission of my beauty, and it’s effect on people. There was an important point attached to it yet somehow some of you only saw the part where I said I was beautiful, and resented me for saying it. Apparently, I’ve committed a social faux pas, and I should be reminded of it until I apologise. And the way to it is to hold me to a higher standard: I’m not allowed to make fun of people making faces. I have to be super nice and politically correct from now on, to make up for the fact I dare to even talk about being beautiful and the effect me and my sisters have on people. Well, you know what, I think you lot are just jealous.

  117. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Minty: Well, as Cheyenne said, this all came from AJ herself when speaking of her children some day seeing Mr and Mrs Smith. “Not a lot of people get to see a movie where their parents fell in love.”

    If you think she is lying perhaps you could take it up with her?

    Moving on is one thing. But a person would have to be stupid not to learn from the past. I still think Vanessa may have been less than happy that Johnny was working with a woman who fell in love with her current partner while working with him on a movie.

  118. Cheyenne says:

    @Crash: Apples and oranges, hon. Depp and Paradis have a solid relationship, as far as I’m aware. Pitt and Aniston were on life support before he ever met Jolie. If he hadn’t left her for Jolie, sooner or later he would have left her for someone else.

  119. kasper says:

    She looks awful. Another waif superstar from the 90s, who like Kate Moss, did not hold up well.

  120. Verity says:

    Crash2GO2, she also said and kill each other eg Mr and Mrs Smith the characters. It was more than clear to anyone that she was referring to the characters. She has never said anything about her and Brad Pitt falling in love. Period.

  121. Verity says:

    CrashtoGO2, she was referring to their characters who fell in love, got MARRIED, and then tried to KILL each other. Not them themselves.

  122. Crash2GO2 says:

    @Verty: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-1078679/Angelina-Jolie-admits-Brad-Pitt-fell-love-married-Jennifer-Aniston.html

    Here are her quotes. Pretty hard to argue. Whatever.

    It happened, it was in the past. It was ‘there’. Humans learn from the past (part of what makes us human), Vanessa is not stupid, and neither is Johnny. Not that I think AJ made any moves on Johnny, I just think Johnny was respecting Vanessa.

  123. lana says:

    There has NEVER been any proof of Angelina having any surgery on her face. And when you look at a picture of Angelina in her youth, her face is exactly as it is now without the baby fat of youth. Angelina is a naturally beautiful woman. It is so sad so many women resent her natural beauty.

    And why would anyone require proof about the visits between Brad, Angie, Vanessa, Johnny and their kids when Johhny Depp is the one who told about the families getting together many times during the Tourists filming. Why would he lie?

    He told of several meetings with Brad and Angie and Vanessa on LIVE TV. He said how well they all got along and about them going out to dinner and how he felt he was the ugly one in the whole bunch. He also said, Angelina is Stunning, and she is crazy in love with Brad and worships him. All Johnny’s words. And no one coerced him into saying any of that.

    By the way, John Aniston has shot down all the lies of the Tabloids about supposed secret meetings between his daughter and Brad. John Aniston said “They do not keep in touch!”

  124. chloe13 says:

    I personally think that Angelina Jolie is a sexual predator of the worst kind(yes women can be as bad as men in this.) I think she makes a point of trying to get off with all her leading men, just to see if she can, look at her track record, any woman would be worried to have her round their man, as it does not seem to matter to AJ whether they are married or in a relationship, I think it’s like a sort of game to her.

  125. lana says:

    What track record? She was married twice and she has six children with her husband Brad in almost seven years.
    Let’s not bring up the tired and untrue story about Laura Dern, the woman who stole Billy Bob from his wife as some record of Angelina stealing someone’s husband. Laura Dern took BB from his wife, not Angelina. Just as Laura took Ben Harper from his wife while she (his wife) was pregnant. Let us be honest for once.
    Just because a lie is told over and over about a lady who wisely does not waste time defending herself against lies, does not make it true.
    Whatever a person “thinks” about another person is their personal opinion based on their own biases. Opinions are not truth.

  126. Pat says:

    Thank goodness Johnny Depp isnt stupid!

  127. Fran says:

    She looks like Gollum. Can’t really see what’s so special about her!

  128. MamaShel says:

    While I think Angelina Jolie is probably the most beautiful woman in the world, Vanessa Paradis is absolutely STUNNING! She is so interesting looking & not lanky like Jolie. She also appears more down-to-earth than Jolie, although I do have a lot of respect for Jolie’s philanthropic efforts. I’m sure Johnny Depp didn’t give a damn about Angelina.

    Question: Why are all the above pictures of Vanessa so awkward & unattractive & the pics of Angelina are absolutely perfect? Google “images of Vanessa Paradis” & see what true beauty is.