Pippa Middleton is probably going to hire a PR firm to handle her new fame


Another day, another Pippa Middleton paparazzi-friendly jaunt. I have to say – this chick is loving the attention. This is where she’s wanted to be the whole time. Single, rich, with the world focused on HER, rather than her sister. While Kate is probably laying low in Wales (I think, whatever), Pippa has been partying in Madrid with an ex, and now she’s back in London, doing her daily fashion shows for the paparazzi. By the way, I guess all of the Middleton women have zero hips, right? Little boobs, good hair and no hips. If anything, Pippa’s hips are even more non-existent than her sister’s. I think Pippa is more petite in general than Kate, who used to have a much healthier, more robust, athletic figure (which she wasted away).

Anyway, the current reports are still claiming that Pippa is close to being engaged to her boyfriend of record, Alex Loudon. Why isn’t Alex ever photographed with Pippa these days, I wonder? Is it because she’s trying to upgrade so she can be an duchess too? Beyond that, Pippa has been getting tons of business offers. There was a gross one from a porn producer that I don’t even want to discuss. She’s also been offered speaking gigs and endorsement deals from various clothing, perfume and travel companies. That should show you how there really are slim pickings for even nominally cute girls in or around the royal family. The sister of the wife of the second in line to the throne is getting endorsement deals. Crazy. But… there are also reports that Pippa is thinking about taking some of the deals. She might be in the process of hiring her own public relations team to represent her. She’s been talking to Prince Edward’s wife, who used to work in PR.

What else? Pippa doesn’t do carbs, say sources. According to The Mail’s source, “Her idea of a hearty meal is a few salad leaves washed down with green tea…‘No carbs’ is her mantra.” Her favorite meal is a “bread-free” sandwich. Sure.

One last thing – Gaga approves of Pippa. Gaga says Pippa “oozed style” at the wedding. When Gaga is on you side, you know that…?




Photos courtesy of Pacific Coast News.

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  1. duh says:


  2. HotPockets says:

    Yeah, her dress was fabulous at the wedding, but why all the hype?

    I also have no hips and booty, so I sympathize with her. It is hard to make a pair of jeans look good when you’re lacking in that department.

  3. irena NL says:

    like her look and energy…clean, unpretentious and pleasantly attractive

  4. Aria says:

    I say this again: manly face and body. not pretty at all. All the attention towards her is because her sister married Williams. She will always be known as the sister of… She is the other Middleton Girl and not even the pretty or sexy one.

  5. hairball says:

    What is the hype over her about?? She’s on magazine covers for being so gorgeous etc. I think she is average, her sister is a lot better looking, and I thought her ‘fabulous’ dress at the wedding was too plain.

    I do NOT get this hype over her at all. Now we have to have her shoved down our throats for the next 20 years because her sister married a prince. !

  6. Krissy says:

    I guess I just don’t get the hype.

    Does she have a job or anything?

  7. HAHAHAHAH! says:

    She is “about to hire a PR firm”???

    Honey, she’s already hired it. What else explains the way these tabloids are trying make this average chick happen? It’s being pushed hard. Sorry, Pippa. FAIL.

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Bang on correct about there being a lack of sort of cute girls in the royals. You have Beatrice, Eugenie … nice girls apparently but somewhat “plain” as they say in Britain. So yeah, Pippa fills a gap!

  9. Lisa Turtle says:

    The name “Pippa” is going to make it into the top 100 babynames this year. I guarantee it.

    Other than her cute name, I don’t see how she could endorse anything without being scolded by the Queen for profiteering of her royal connections. Sooooo common!

    But this chick loves the spotlight. She’s so proud right now.

  10. EbonyShiksa says:

    I wondering, did she take off her purse and give it to a pap so they could get the full effect of her outfit?

    Ps, I want those boots.

  11. mary jones says:

    I don’t like her but she looks of normal weight not too skinny. Still ugly though with man face.

  12. piratesgal says:

    meaty forearms.

  13. Mia says:

    Definitely overhyped. I thought she looked fab at the wedding, but that was as far as my interest in the Other Middleton went. This continued hype is ridiculous. Before Kate married William, she was a nobody to the American press. Can we returned to those days of blissful ignorance?

  14. aquarius64 says:

    Kim, Khloe & Kourtney’s British Kardashian cousin. Like them, Pippa’s famous for nothing.

  15. Anastasia says:

    She has a bit of a manly body/vibe to her, doesn’t she?

  16. z says:

    creepy man hips.

  17. Ria says:

    I really don’t understand why she is papped? why? how is she significant?

  18. Isa says:

    I love the boots she is wearing!!!!

  19. E.C. says:

    She should forget the P.R. and sit tight and wait for her sister to fix her up with someone. Staying under the radar and being discreet clearly served Catherine well so Pippa might take a lesson.

  20. katiemarie says:

    @HAHAHAHA Totally co-sign. I work in PR and would not be surprised at all if she already had representation in place that is behind the scenes working to get all this media coverage. If she’s looking to become famous, now is the time to make it happen – kind of a “strike while the iron’s hot” mentality.

  21. cailinos says:

    Strange times…weird people doing anything it takes for a blast of fame, or even infamy; and contrariwise, the hypemeisters bending over backwards to create new, famous persons out of thin air.

  22. Nanea says:

    No carbs? When the brain needs ~ 250 grams a day for it to function?

    If I ran a business, e.g. fashion, I wouldn’t want her near my products, unless as a customer who pays in full. No swag for her.

  23. KC says:

    Just like goopy poop: fug and famous and worst of all – being shoved down our throats. Hyped to death yes, but these tabloid trolls are here to stay. Oversaturation is what it’s all about, but it’s not making me change my mind about these Trollywood types (male OR female).

  24. Faye says:

    Like others on this thread have said, don’t get it the hype.

  25. buckley says:

    Enough of Pappy Pippa!

  26. Meg says:

    she is not cute.

  27. garvels says:

    I think if Pippa visited New York City and lived amongst the hundreds of striking,glamazons that rep the fashion industry, she would quickly realize that it is not her beauty but her connections that attracts the paps. I would be surprised if big sis will let her capitalize on those connections. It would appear Fergiesque.

  28. kasper says:

    Oh she’s just the girl next door… if you live next to a fugly, entitled, fame-whoring b!tch

  29. Randiriel says:

    Please call her Philippa… you don’t wanna know what Pippa means in Italian.
    Plus Philippa is such a beautiful name, isn’t it? 😉 x

  30. fallen says:

    She is soo manly.

  31. Jenny Woo says:

    BEYOND SICK OF PIPPA. We do not care. UGH i cannot stand her she is not even pretty and has a boyish body

  32. azurea says:

    What is with the way she trudges around with her man hands hanging in the air in front of her like slabs of head cheese?

  33. Elizabeth I says:

    I don’t get her. She’s so meh!

  34. normades says:

    Love the boots and blouse.

  35. Ivy says:

    So, does she have representation? I have clients in LA who’d like to know.

  36. Kelly says:

    @ E.C. – Waiting to be fixed up by Kate is a great idea. I believe Diana fixed Fergie up with Andrew.

  37. Hillshmill says:

    I think it’s refreshing to see a girl who isn’t all T&A in our faces. Sure she’s famous for nothing, but I think she’s a relatively cute, harmless chick who is a much better fashion role model for girls than those Kardashians. And I agree – love the boots!

  38. poodlemom says:

    Does she really need a P.R. firm to tell her not to wear toilet paper dresses any more?

  39. CooCooCatchoo says:

    fat forearms!!! I kid, I kid…
    Her booty was great in her b’maids dress. I kep thinking, that byatch isn’t wearing any underwear! Which, of course, Harry also noticed. I hope they got it on in a broom closet during the reception. Seriously.

  40. Vesper says:

    She is beyond ordinary, and looks old for her age. I don’t even think she looks particularly healthy, no radiance. I hope she typically dresses better than this. The top is fugly, and the colour…beige for a bland, boring girl.

  41. jc126 says:

    Remind me again why she’s supposedly interesting?

  42. Hazel says:

    She has no personal style.

  43. Kisha says:

    I think she’s cute and has a nice figure but her only claim to fame is that her sis married a royal. It is not that she has anything else to offer besides being in a certain social hierarchy.

  44. gossip_ho says:

    can’t believe the hype this girl is getting..she is plain…end of!

  45. really says:

    Pippa needs hips! Her man-body thing is not working the camera well!

    After she is done getting PIMPED, her name will be: Pimppa!

  46. kazoo says:

    i’m confused…if she has a PR team, which i wouldn’t be surprised if she does, what is the end goal? idgi. i mean, with the famewhores of now, they usually try to spin the attention into reality shows, endorsements, jobs, etc. but i can’t see this girl being “allowed” to do any of that by the royal family. so again, i don’t get it. what’s her goal?

  47. MeriJaan says:

    Boring as hell.

  48. GLORIA GOODMAN says:

    The press is sick. they are not in love with pippa as a person. they are in love with her name. if her name was martha or alice, they wouldn’t even pay attention.

  49. Angel says:

    lol. they REALLY need to stop trying to make Pippa happen. Pippa is not going to happen.

  50. Hunny says:

    Come on, like the media doesn’t have anyone better than her to focus on. I don’t understand why her? she’s not pretty, she’s too plain. Better focus on her sister.

  51. originalgracie says:

    @ Everyone: stop being so bitchy about this chick! Jeez, it’s not like you know her. Ease up.

    @CooCooCatchoo: “I hope they got it on in a broom closet during the reception. Seriously.” Me too!

  52. originalgracie says:

    And it’s really rude to think that you are insulting someone by saying they have “boyish hips”. I mean, what you do want her to do about her bone structure? Get it fixed?

    I have “boyish hips”. Some guys like them.

  53. Eleonor says:

    Boring, and I still get the attentionwhore vibe from her.

  54. Mouse says:

    Give her a hair cut and she could pass as Jeffrey Donovan’s little brother. Why is everyone calling her hot? I don’t get it. I see a very plain, hipless, boobless girl.

  55. Dani says:

    I like this girl. She has a great figure (so envious of her figure in those yacht pics), a cute face, nice hair, and a cool nickname. I don’t see where she looks old for her age at all. How is a 27/28 year old supposed to look?

    Also, I bet she and Alex won’t be a couple for much longer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re reading about their breakup within a couple months.

  56. Oh the Humanity says:

    wow…you’re right; she doesnt have any hips! and yeah, I think Kate is prettier.

  57. LuckyLilGem says:

    Pippa isn’t as interesting as Waity. How about some rivalry stories about that other love interest of Prince Willy-Isabella Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe. Read somewhere that she and her beau recently broke up.

  58. louise says:

    Please, stop hyping up this social climber.

  59. kasper says:

    one last word on pippa: moo

  60. sophie says:

    The british press is suggesting she is going to marry a duke-in-waiting, the eldest son of the Duke of Northumberland, he’s an ex and they are still close plus she has supposedly got a job in his enviromental firm.

  61. eternalcanadian says:

    Will we ever stop hearing about Philippa Middleton? Frankly I’d prefer to hear about James Middleton. Now that’s one sexy guy!

    As I said before, someone pass along Alex’s number. Philippa definitely is going to dump him. She wants the fame and limelight.

    I would be very surprised if she did not make several plays for William behind her Catherine’s back (remember that naked tatas picture and William is right next to her?).

    So either Philippa is lousy in the sack or Catherine caught them and gave William an ultimatium and that’s why William is with Catherine? Or he married Catherine so he can have Philippa on the side? Ya know, keep it in the family and all, even James. 😉

    @LuckyLilGem: You are right. It is quite interesting how all of William’s ex-lovers seem to be single now. I think one is married though, but the rest are single. That’s why William stayed friends with them. He needs a whole whack of people to cheat on Catherine with. 😮

  62. CeeCee says:

    hire stylist while your at it

  63. LC says:

    You people are all so mean. She’s not unattractive or manly. She’s no raving beauty, but she’s a cute girl next door type and has a cute little body, along with a good energy about her. I don’t get the hype at all either, but it’s not her fault the tabloids are stalking her. I’m sure she LOVES the attention, but she didn’t do anything for everyone to be bashing her this way. I don’t recall her saying or doing anything stupid…as for the racey photos, that was a few years back before anyone knew who she was, and it’s really no big deal. If you don’t care about her and you don’t like her, then ignore her and don’t blog about her.

  64. Susan says:

    I also do not get the hype about her, but apparently she was voted most eligible woman by some British magazine BEFORE the wedding…about 3 years ago. She was also very popular at her London school and ONLY hangs out with wealthy men. Personally, I think she should write a book on how an ordinary looking woman gets in with the super rich crowd especially when her family is not wealthy, at least in comparison with the men she hangs with.
    Her, and Kate for that matter, were able to penetrate that very wealthy, royal crowd while they came from a very ordinary family. Now THAT is impressive.

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