Did Kirsten Dunst call Gerard Butler “a total jerk”?


For a few months now, we’ve been noting time and time again that Kirsten Dunst seems to be doing a lot better. She’s been professional while promoting her latest films. She’s looked cognizant and sober, and there haven’t been many recent reports of her drunken shenanigans (although there is one which I’ll get to in a moment). Her style has even changed for the better (IMO) lately – she’s been going for a more professional, more pulled-together look, as opposed to her previous “throw everything together in the worst possible granola-vintage way” style. My point? It looked like Kiki was ready for a comeback. And this story, from the Daily Mail, isn’t helping matters. Kiki thinks Gerard Butler was hitting on her. And she TURNED HIM DOWN. Bitch.

Actor Gerard Butler’s charm may work with most Hollywood starlets – but it doesn’t impress Kirsten Dunst.

In Cannes to promote her new film Melancholia, Kirsten was joking with friends about how she rebuffed Butler’s advances when the 41-year-old Scot met her in Los Angeles.

‘He came up to me and said, “Wow, you look delicious,” ’ Kirsten told her pals at the Hotel du Cap, where she is staying during the festival.

‘I just turned to him and said, “You’re a total jerk. I mean what a stupid chat-up line.” ’

Kirsten is dating drummer Jason Boesel of band Rilo Kiley.

‘They are very loved-up and Kirsten is really happy,’ says a friend. ‘They have been dating for two years and, for the first time, Kirsten says she feels she has met someone she can settle down with.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Yeah… is it a stupid chat-up line? If Gerard came up to you, with that Scottish accent and his Scottish self, in a leather jacket and made an allusion to going to town on your biscuits, what would reaction be? Mine would be to spontaneously combust. Melt into a puddle. Or perhaps I would just start humping his leg. My point? Kiki is a moron and she has crap taste in dudes, so I don’t want to hear her denigrate My Butler. What’s wrong, Kiks? Afraid you’ll get a straight one? Besides all of that, why would Butler try for Kiki? He almost always goes for the dark, exotic girls, not blondes with bad posture.

Meanwhile, there were some reports out of Cannes that Kiki was back to drunken shenanigan ways at some of the parties. Kiki was at the Eden Roc Hotel with “a group of A-listers” including Jon Hamm, and they were all being loud bitches. The staff tried to tell them to quiet down because they’re partying was disturbing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, who were staying in a nearby villa.





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  1. Ria says:

    I can understand her. imagine she doesn’t like Butler. now imagine a guy you hate. now imagine he comes up to you, gives you that greasy look and says ‘wow, you look delicious’. that’s right. I’d throw up too. for the record: me personally, I’d probably let it slip if Gerard Butler looking all dashy said that to me :D

  2. Cy Fort says:

    at least he’s better looking than her. She’s a muncher.

  3. Hautie says:

    Well if anything Kirsten Dunst just move a notch in my opinion. haha!

    I think Butler is as sketchy as they come. But so is most of the men in LA.

    Sadly, Kirsten had probably dated enough sketchy looking dudes and knows one when she see’s it up close.

    So good for her… for basically dismissing him.

  4. GQ says:

    ew, he just ew
    i understand her

  5. mln76 says:

    Go Kiki! she would probably have ended up contaminated the guy hooked up with Lindsay Lohan for godsakes….He IS A JERK….Sorry Kaiser.
    Oh and I don’t think the party story was accurate .

  6. Jez says:

    Good for her, Gerard is hideous.

    And she does still get drunk. She got kicked out of some bar in Sweden while filming “Melancholia” for being too wasted. She’s just better at it not effecting her work these days.

  7. carrie says:

    and i understand her!

  8. lisa says:

    Doubt that the story is true.. “chat up line”.. who says that.

    Butler has been around the block too many times and seems to pick up anything whether it is on the street or not. Nothing HOT about a man that does that. Why women find it sexy is (shaking head)

    Every woman does not find him attractive. I actually like him sometimes and others not.

    Good for her.. she has a right to turn him or anyone else around.

  9. zesty says:

    What do you want to bet they took liberties with what she really said, if she indeed said anything at all? She’s American, highly doubtful she used the phrase “chat-up line.”

  10. Kate says:

    I don’t believe for a hot second that a fine man like Butler ever even SPOKE to her! LOL…seriously she is delusional!

  11. I RUN NEW YORK says:

    Gerard Butler’s hideous and in his 40′s I don’t get it.

  12. Ann says:

    Dude’s too old to be hitting on her.

  13. launicaangelina says:

    i like her and never understood why she was talked about so badly. she’s always had a rep as a hard drinker but i never saw her in pap pics like lindsey lohan or other starlets.

    i also would turn aways an over-confident, skeezy guy who thinks he can makes any woman’s panties drop in an instant. it’s always been a huge turn off for me.

  14. Fabianne says:

    If this is true, then I applaud Kiki. Gerard Gerard is a handsome jerk, but still a jerk. He seems to hit and bed anything with a skirt. She probably knew who he was and was aware of his reputation.

    The “Cannes shenanigans” just seem to be a complete rumor. If there is no evidence, then it didn’t happen.

  15. garvels says:

    Personally, I think if she did say this she was just trying to make herself look relevant and desirable. I have never seen Kirsten’s appeal or talent. Besides bearding for Jakey, I think her career as an actress,if you can call her that, has been unremarkable at best.

  16. anait says:

    If a man says something nice to a woman that doesn’t mean that he feels the irresistible need to sleep with her… sometime it is only a way to be kind nothing more, but some girls take it “too seriosly” and take themselves too seriously. Maybe the word “delicious” is not the right one to be nice… but Gerard Butler is like many men, you have to take them as they are, no way to change them. The only thing to do is answer “Thank you”, smile coldly and go away.

  17. Liana says:

    I doubt she said that. You tend to at least make your turn-downs of other actors polite (if the line isn’t disgusting and demeaning at least)because you never know when your “dream role” might be opposite that person. Kiki knows the game. I could see her saying “that’s the best you can do? No thanks.”

  18. futureperfect says:

    Let me get this straight, Kaiser. Kirsten’s in a relationship with someone else so when Butler makes an advance and she blows him off — SHE’s in the wrong? Do you have your moral compass tied to his nutsack?

    It sounds like Kirsten finally found some self esteem.

  19. ... says:


  20. the original bellaluna says:

    If he said that to me, I’d say “Wanna taste?” ;)

    And she’s totally not his type – he likes long, dark hair and big boobs. That’s why he likes me!

  21. brin says:

    She is out of her looney mind.

  22. Jackson says:

    Good for her if it’s true. That guy is a d-bag. More women should shut down fools like him.

  23. Crash2GO2 says:

    @lisa: ‘chat up’ is a British expression, and this story came from The Daily Mail. Obviously they weren’t quoting her directly, and were probably making up the whole thing anyway, who knows.

    At any rate, if a guy comes up to you and says you look delicious, what is wrong with just saying “thank you” and moving on?

  24. kasper says:

    It sounds like Butler has earned himself a rep as the kind of guy who would bang a hole in the wall. Other than juicing with the other meatheads at the gym, I don’t see what he has to recommend him. I really don’t get why Kirsten is supposed to say yes to this Scottish Schwarzenneger, when she is in a relationship, or even if she wasn’t in one. The road to recovery does not go through this d-bag’s pants.

  25. The Truth Fairy says:

    Gerard Butler (and others like Adrien Brody, Jared Leto, etc.) totally lose all of their hotness when they make it clear that they will sleep with any female with a pulse.

    A condom does not protect 100% from all STDs, and as we’ve seen lately (Benicio, Arnold, Jude) no one seems to be wearing them in Hollywood anyway.

    Instead of being handsome Hollywood actors, these guys come off as desperate, skeevy STD factories who should be avoided at all costs.

  26. John Wayne Lives says:

    @ Haute. Cosign

    But don’t say all the men in LA :(
    Its all the bs hollywood sh!t men. It gets thrown at LA, but isn’t it interesting how many stars, actors, actresses, starlettes, and wannabes come from somewhere in middle america. They almost all do, and they want to make it big and the choices they make for it to happen and the people they “become” when it does, is a reflection of themself.
    You wanna find some good men in LA? Try the San Gabriel Valley ;)

  27. Findley says:

    Ew–he is greasy spitty.

  28. DreamyK says:

    Butler is a walking PSA for STD’s. Team Kiki.

  29. chris says:

    I find Gerard Butler gross so I’m in complete agreement with her. It doesn’t make her a bitch because some skeezy old man (he’s 41!) came on to her. Ewww.

  30. MourningTheDeathofMusic says:

    Is that Kirsten’s ‘go-to’ smirk in both photos? Not a flattering face to pull for the camera.

    Knowing how many women Gerald has probably plowed over all the years has me turned off from him. I’ve no doubt he’s a man-whore.

    But if she did say that, there was no need to pull that bitch card. She could have graciously accepted his compliment (regardless of the tone he used to say it) and politely dismiss him. Play the graceful-lady card, not the snotty-bitch card, and you’ll always come out looking the better one for it.

  31. Gwen says:

    Sorry Kaiser, but I’m with Kirsten on this one. Butler can be very hot but for some reason he chooses to look cheesy and slimey most of the time. A big shame!

  32. jinni says:

    I believe this story only because I don’t believe he really has a type other than anyone that’s warm and has a p*ssy.

    Maybe I’m alone in this belief, but I think he really is desparate and not sauve at all. His behavior with that random street performer, how convient for a pap to be right there to capture it. This is why whenever I hear a story about some actress desperately trying to get with him, I usually believe that it’s his people behind it. Because really why would anyone really want to get with him, he’s not that famous, he’s never opened a number one movie on his own, and I doubt he has any clout, so why would these chicks think getting with him will upgrade their image? He’s no Leo D.

    Kirsten may have been out of the game for a while, but she still has more face and name recognition than him, so why would she need to use him to be relevent? Plus, she in a movie by a controversial director, if anything her name is getting more press right now because of that association. What was the last relevent thing Butler’s been in?

  33. truetalk says:

    so were those d only pictures of kiki u could find?!lol. that 1st dress is really bad.

  34. Crys says:

    I think I’m with Kiki on this one.I probably would not have phrased it the way she did though…

  35. Karin (from BRAZIL) says:

    Oh, I doubt that Gerard*sigh*Butler would come up to a woman and spread this talk. I mean, he´s a stud, but this is way too beggy. I think it was Kirsten who let this line skip out of her mouth just by looking at such gorgeous specimen GB is – or, this is what she dreams might happen “someday”, which I doubt ´cause she´s not his kind AT ALL!!

  36. Nikki says:

    I don’t buy this story. Kirsten Dunst has a decent body, but her face is blah and dumpy, and she has snaggle-teeth.

  37. whitedaisy says:

    Right on, Kieks. He is dirty and unkempt and the age difference puts him into the skeezy category.
    Hair needs coloring, dandruff on the shoulders, shave that neck, for goodness sakes and take a freakin’ shower.
    Yuck on Gerard Butler.

  38. serena says:

    I totally believe it. I mean, Gerald could be a gentleman but is a douche who’ll go for anything with two legs (and femminine btw)..if you say it isn’t like this I shall remember you when Gerald was photographed with Linnocent.


    Anyway if he’s a douche, and she has already a boyfriend what’s the matter? She did right. Not everyone likes him.
    And I like her dress too.

  39. Lisa Turtle says:

    Ew is that dandruff on Butler’s shoulders?

    I like Kiki. I think her boyfriend is cute too.

  40. jackie says:

    Umm… he is really gross, and you have to be the only person that advocates for this slime ball, Kaiser.

    As for Kristin, good for her comeback, and good for her for sticking to her man, and deflecting nasty guys.

  41. Aqua says:

    I kind of wondered what ever happened to her.I really like her and I hope she’s able to get and keep her career back on track.

  42. e.non says:

    he looks like he smells; what a skanky man

  43. Rose says:

    Good for her and she’s probably right, when he was filming ‘PS I Love You’ I heard from plenty of folk on set that he was a drunken mess of boorish behaviour.
    By the way Tree of Life won the Palme d’Or in Cannes.

  44. Linda says:

    I can’t believe you actually believe the things printed about Butler or any other Hollywood actor. These magazine print this stuff up to sell magazines. Anyone that know Butler personally know that he is not like this. He is European and they are more direct and honest, but he is no sleezeball. I can’t imagine anyone coming up to her and telling her she is delicious. Also, Butler has not been in Los Angeles in two months since he has been in Shreveport making a movie. Bogus article.What is so bad is most of you believe this crap. Celebitchy, you seem to be the only one with any sense.

  45. Tracy says:

    While The Butler is one of my favorites too, I think he’s full of himself and kind of icky at this point. Good for her.

  46. Annie_Grey says:

    Gerard was probably just complimenting her, and she took it wrong.

  47. nnn says:

    She just won the award for best actress for her portrayal of a depressed woman at the end of the world in Lars von Trier’s Melancholia in Cannes.

    Malick’s Tree of Life won the Palme d’Or.

  48. MarySue says:

    Congratulations to Kirsten for winning the Best Actress award at Cannes.

  49. rkintn says:

    Whatever. I don’t believe it happened.

  50. kasper says:

    My respect for Kirsten has gone up as well. There is nothing wrong with saying no to trash, especially when you are with someone.

  51. Marytere says:

    Good for her, I love Kirsten and the guy seems is a big DB

  52. kasper says:

    This got stuck in moderation, for unknown reasons: It sounds like Butler has earned himself a rep as the kind of guy who would bang a hole in the wall. Other than juicing with the other meatheads at the gym, I don’t see what he has to recommend him. I really don’t get why Kirsten is supposed to say yes to this Scottish Schwarzenneger, when she is in a relationship, or even if she wasn’t in one.

  53. futureperfect says:

    Either my comment has been eaten by some virus or spam filter, or for some reason, this is offensive? I think it’s relatively inoffensive to propose Kirsten’s self-esteem trumps Butler’s gonads.

    Let me get this straight, Kaiser. Kirsten’s in a relationship with someone else so when Butler makes an advance and she blows him off — SHE’s in the wrong? Do you have your moral compass tied to his nutsack?

    It sounds like Kirsten finally found some self esteem.

  54. gloaming says:

    The more I hear about Gerard Butler, the more I’m convinced he’s a complete tool.

  55. Louise says:

    Kaiser if you want people to think that Gerard is a sex god, posting the crazy eyes photo was a mistake. He’s a sleazebag. I wouldn’t be turned on if he said the same thing to me. Especially if he still looks puffy and bloated.

  56. Aria says:

    Congrats, Kiki!Love her for turning butler dong down.

  57. Quercus says:

    Dubious. And he isn’t her type anyway; doesn’t she alwasy go for slender musician types? Or am I confusing her with Mischa Barton?

  58. Solveig says:

    Ahahahah! Although I think that GB is a doable penis carrier, if I was her I’d have told him something more colourful than what she said.

  59. wtf? says:

    team gerard and kaiser here, the only one it seems…

    if Butler said i looked delicious… i’d say “wanna a taste?”

  60. londonLady says:

    oh who cares about the noise. Let em’ live young and be free

  61. kate says:

    she looks gorgeous in that creamy dress! the green is almost a winner but too padded in the bust

  62. Camille says:

    Cosign: Hautie and mln76.

    Sorry Kaiser, but not all woman find Butler attractive. He does nothing for me. His nickname in my household is Spittle Butts as he looks like he would spit all over you when he talks.

  63. kasper says:

    @ jinni – exactly.

    Kirsten has far more name recognition than Butler – and she can act, unlike meathead there. What is his main and only claim to fame – being CGI’d to death in 300? Being Aniston’s 301st fake boyfriend? Being the 302nd man, woman or beast to catch v.d. from Lohan in the same week? He has been trying to nab Russell Crowe’s rejected roles for almost a decade now, not even the small brains in Hollywood are buying it.

  64. journey says:

    gerry probably said the same thing to the waitress who served him breakfast, the front desk clerk at his hotel, and fifteen or twenty other random women who crossed his path that morning, and they all laughed and merrily went on their way, much cheered by the roguish scot with the cute accent who paid them a compliment. then came kiki, all offended and full of herself.

  65. S says:

    Good on her (if this is true, which it probably isn’t). I find him repulsive. Love Kiki though!

  66. mookie says:

    No one plays white trash better than Dunst. Love her!

  67. Rhiley says:

    I know it’s the Hollyhood, but I find it a little psycho that she is dating the drummer from Rilo Kiley (which I did not know) given that one of Jake’s BFFs is Jenny Lewis, lead singer of Rilo Kiley, and we all know how she obsessed over Jake for years.

  68. apanama says:

    I second Kiki.

    Lame ass pick up line is a lame ass pick up line.

  69. futureperfect says:

    Wow, happy to hear she won for best actress… don’t know what crazy shit went down with LvT in Cannes, but I’ll see it to believe it.

  70. REN says:

    Has anyone considered that it his way of complimenting her? And not a come on??

    IF this was even said at all.

  71. Snowpea says:

    Butler sounds like a typical middle aged douche who hits on chicks too young for him. Go Kiki!

  72. KateNonymous says:

    Seriously, Linda? Because you know him so personally, and so well?

    It’s not one instance, it’s a pattern–and Butler’s pattern is not that appealing. I don’t get what’s so great about him; based on what I’ve seen of him, he’s best when behind a mask.

  73. jenni says:

    Gerard Butler is NOT classy. I saw this casual pic of him posing with his hand practically up J. Aniston’s ass. She was flanked by him and another dude actor. Who does he think he is Larry Flynt? Nasty. I believe Dunst. I bet her time away from the limelite has been good for her self esteem and she’s able to tell A-holes from gentlemen now.

  74. CeeCee says:

    take a compliment lady. What an ego assuming he was hitting on her. Even if he was she should mind her manners while she builds her reputation back up.

  75. Shay says:

    She did right too. Butler reminds me of a Sydney backpacker; all drink and partying and nothing upstairs.

  76. Kisha says:

    Talk about sour grapes! If a man like Butler came up and said that to me, I’d melt! If I had a boyfriend at very least I wouldn’t be rude. I’d say, “I’m delicious and taken!” Walk away and give him a flirty wink.

  77. coral says:

    Gerard Butler was hot at one time, but there’s been one too many accounts of him acting either like a total pig or a male chauvinist cow. And her reaction is smart, keep his STD vapor at a distance!

  78. coral says:

    and kirsten is a beautiful girl, but damn, she looks very mature in some of these pictures for her age.

  79. HotLatino says:

    Oh man I used to think that Gerard was hot NOT ANYMORE! He looks awful in that pic you posted! ewwwwwwww! Go Kirsten!

  80. geekychic says:

    i’d turn down g. butler if he was the last man on earth. sleazy, sleazy, sleazy.
    this actually brings her plus points in my book. ;)

  81. really says:

    dont forget his gayness!

  82. Micki says:

    Gerard Butler may/may not have lost his hotness but he’s getting short-sighted for sure.I won’t describe Kirsten Dunst as “delicious”

  83. Kim says:

    She wishes! He has reputation as a cad but she is sooooo fugly he wouldnt touch her with 10 ft pole.

  84. Jaxx says:

    I fell in love with his body in 300 but then I saw him interviewed a few times and all the hotness just fell away when I saw what a jerk he is. Now I don’t even see the hotness anymore.

  85. Mary Jane says:

    Kiki actually cleans up nice… she looks, dare I say it, beautiful. I can’t wait to see what MichaelK says about her look…
    The lace gown could have used a 2nd-tier but otherwise I really like it.
    Good job, Kirsten(‘s stylists)!

  86. Nneie says:

    Any thing out of Gerard’s mouth is deemed “flirt” “come-ons”. Give me a break.

    Next time when he meets a girl as fugly as Kirsten he should just tell it like it is: “Gosh Kirsten, you look down right awful”. Happy now?

  87. the original bellaluna says:

    @ wtf? – THAT’S WHAT I SAID!

  88. Melissa says:

    “Wow, you look delicious”? Sounds like someone’s been watching too many vampire movies lately.

  89. Christine says:

    I’m torn. I don’t understand why she would turn him down, even if he is skeevy.
    Also, I can’t actually believe he hit on her. Really???? I doubt it.

  90. xianneh says:

    I don’t believe Gerard will hit on Kirsten. I mean she is not his type. As for his dating record, he likes slim, tall, dark hair, darn skin beauties — totally Kirsten’s opposite. Kirsten is just a bitch. Gerard is known for being a joker.

  91. b anonymous says:

    Thats all right Gerard if she doesn’t want you,I’ll take you.She must be nuts.Your the handsomest man in the world.How could she?I can’t believe that that is the truth.I dought since you grew up that any woman has turned you down.If you approached me and gave me the keys to your apartment,I would beat you to the door and be already waiting inside for uou.lol